How To Import Cosmetics From China


China is unquestionably the best leading cosmetic supplier. Many brands have been increasing by outsourcing cosmetics from china manufacturers.

Even though it is a profitable business, it cannot be straightforward, especially when you start.

Importing from here starts with getting the right wholesale manufacturer for your products.

Safe to say, there can be tons of them; they offer competitive price ranges.

On top of that, most of their cosmetic products are of high quality. The market being big, you have a variety to choose from cosmetics goods.

Thus, be sure to present your specification to a cosmetics supplier.

2. How to Grow Your Business by Importing Cosmetics From China?

I. What Is the Cosmetics Business?

Cosmetics business refers to manufacturing and selling cosmetics products. The trade occurs across the world, with some firms being responsible for manufacturing the products, others product sourcing for their brands and selling. Thus, cosmetics is one of the largest online businesses across the world.

Cosmetics 1

Cosmetics does not only include beauty products such as foundations, highlighters, eye shadows, and eyeliners. It also constitutes skincare products such as lotions, hair care products like shampoos and toiletries. The distributors in this industry are a lot, and it attracts so many clients.

II. What Are the Benefits of Importing Cosmetics From China?

  • Products There Are Cheap

When importing wholesale cosmetics in bulk, be sure to save some coins. Generally, the products here are cheap, and on top of this, you can negotiate for a price reduction with the manufacturer. Buying products from here assures you unanimous profit for your business.

  • You Can Make Excellent Profits

In connection to the low prices are high profits. You will get your products cheaply, and in turn, setting an excellent price will be easy. Besides, you may realize over 100% profit without hurting your customers’ pockets. At the same time, you won’t worry about making losses; importing from here best assures you of profits any time you sell.

  • You Get Guaranteed Quality

Unless you fail to do your research well, most companies here ride on quality. Their cosmetics products are excellent and durable.

  • Goods Are Distinctive 

China cosmetics manufacturers work with the new technology. What’s more, they use creative designs to give you the best products. They are always on the top to ensure that the products are rare and attract customers.

III. Who Uses Cosmetics?

Whether male or female, you will find yourself using cosmetics even though females make up the largest percentage. Technology has been a significant component in cosmetics manufacturing and usage.

Cosmetics 2

Everyone wants to look good, not all crusty and smelly. Females are mostly attached to beauty cosmetics and general skincare. Males also use skin care products, and of course, almost everyone uses toiletries. They are also part of cosmetics. Technically, the cosmetics market consists of different products, all gearing towards making our bodies better.

IV. How Do You Choose the Best Cosmetics Manufacturer?

  • Know What You Want

Think about that great idea of the products you want. It will be much easier to conceptualize it and understand everything about that venture before looking for a manufacturer.

  • Research

Start doing thorough research on different cosmetics manufacturers. Familiarizing yourself with multiple of them will help you access each and know the one that suits you best.

  • Check Expertise

Ensure the manufacturer has the necessary expertise to deliver what you want. Also, they should have the raw materials you need in your products.

  • Experience

The manufacturer needs to be familiar enough with this industry. The more experience in manufacturing cosmetics, the better they will handle any task given.

  • Assess the Quality

Strive on ensuring that you get the best quality products. Top-notch products start with fine ingredients, ensure your manufacturer has the best raw materials.

V. How to Negotiate With China Cosmetics Suppliers?

  • Research about the supplier thoroughly before signing the contract.
  • Consult with other customers who have engaged with the manufacturers and find out more about the company.
  • Do more research on the quality of the products the company produces.
  • If possible, visit the premises, have a one-on-one inspection, and talk to the pricing persons.
  • Ensure that your prices are realistic and you have a range that you want to sell your products.
  • Specify the quality you want your products to have.
  • Be vigilant on the costs of raw materials to ensure there is no harm in ordering cosmetics.
  • Do the manufacturers fail to listen to you? Be ready to walk away.

VI. How to Ship Cosmetics From China?

Shipping cosmetics can eat your head up. You can ship using rail, air, sea, or door to door services. Anyway, before shipping, ensure here are some tips you should follow:

Cosmetics 3
  • Different products have different shipping costs. The cost for cosmetics isn’t the same as that of clothes, do research on the price.
  • Ensure that no product you are carrying is illegal in your country; otherwise, it will cost you a lot.
  • Determine the amount you need to pay once the items land in your destination.
  • Once you place an order with your manufacturer, look into the shipping terms they have.
  • If the company does not have shipping arrangements, look for a reliable shipping company.

VII. How to Sell Cosmetics Online and Earn Money?

Now that you have your products, how do you make money? Before anything, ensure that what you have at hand will please people.

Start by creating pages on online platforms like Instagram and Facebook to target the online audience. Be consistent in your posting, and you can advertise on various online platforms. Tell people why they should buy your products. Also, if possible, show them examples of how great your cosmetics are, among others. A reliable dropshipping company can also help in marketing your goods.

3. Frequently Asked Questions on Wholesale Cosmetics From China

I. Which Is the Best Way to Ship Wholesale Cosmetics From China?

The best way to ship depends on how urgent your order is. But, it also depends on your pocket size. If you want the cosmetics products to reach you faster, consider using air shipping, the method is, however, expensive. Rail and ship are other cheaper but slow options. If you can find a reliable shipping company, they will make it easy for you.

II. How Can I Start a Cosmetics Business?

The formula is simple. Research and consult may be from other people with cosmetics brands, or even contact a manufacturing company to guide you on how to go about the process. More importantly, have a plan in mind. What is it would you like your eye shadow to look like after makeup? Once you know this and have a plan, look for the right manufacturer.

III. How Do I Ensure That the Cosmetics Supplier I Am Dealing With Is Legit?

You will find most cosmetics manufacturing companies on shopping sites such as Other legit ones may be operating independently. So, verify if they have the right certifications and licenses. Moreover, you can enquire from people who have used them before.

IV. How Can I Select the Wholesale Cosmetics Manufacturer?

Is the manufacturer marked as a verified supplier at Alibaba? If yes, go ahead and use them. If not, you may need to dig deeper into their operations for some and verify their authenticity. You can also verify them at Global Sources.

Suggested reading: Is Alibaba safe and legit?

V. How Much Profit Can I Make From Importing and Reselling Cosmetics From China?

There is no specific profit that you can make, but the bottom line is that you can make as possible. You can buy products in China at a low price, and depending on how you price your products, you can profits can range from 100% to 1000% of the original price. To boost the chances of making more profits, you can negotiate the price with the manufacturer.

Final Thoughts on Wholesale Cosmetics From China

The cosmetics industry is growing fast, especially in beauty products for women. There are many manufacturers and suppliers of these products from China. What’s more, there are thousands of brands that depend on these manufacturers. Even so, the market has space for more. Accurate to say, this business will give you so many profits especially if you get a good manufacturer from china.

This guide gives you almost all the information you need on starting up this venture. It will help if you spare some hours to study the china market and do in-depth research. Leeline is here to help you where you are stuck, whether it’s shipping or quality control checking.

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