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Wholesale Cosmetics

LeelineSourcing Find The Best Cosmetics Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
  • Leeline will connect you with the best cosmetics supplier for you. They do not compromise on quality.
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  • Furthermore, Leeline delivers your cosmetics products fast. Expect no delay when using them.
  • Leeline will do an audit on cosmetic factories for you; they will ensure that you are dealing with the best.
  • Leeline will ease all the shipment process for you.
  • What’s more, Leeline will access the products’ quality and inspect the goods. We do it on your behalf before shipping.

Best 10 Cosmetics To Sell Online


Importing Eyeshadow From China

Is your makeup even complete without adding some eyeshadow? Whether you want neutral or popping colors, china cosmetics manufacturers got you covered!

Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shanghai, and Henan provinces have high-quality eyeshadow manufacturers at throwaway prices.  They are keen on details, ensuring that you get the best products.

2.Lip balm

Wholesale Lip balm From China

China’s lip balm industry is the most leading worldwide. Chinese cosmetics manufacturers come up with a wide range of high-quality lip balms. Thanks to the use of high technology and creativity

Guangdong province has well-established lip balm brands. They make great market sales, and you have no time doubting their products.


Buy Eyeliner From China

Eyeliners will give you an excellent finish on your eyes. Do you want the waterproof gel, liquid, or matte eyeliner? China’s cosmetics suppliers will ensure you get it.

The cosmetics industry in China also leads in manufacturing good quality eyeliner. You can get them at wholesale cosmetics rates. So, expect a reasonable price from Guangdong province.

4.Lip gloss

Wholesale Lip gloss in Bulk From China

The lip gloss industry in China beats other suppliers by more than 80%. This excellence also reflects on the quality, diversity, and price. In short, this is what attracts many potential buyers.

 Do you have a brand? Private label cosmetics manufacturers give you an array of good quality lip glosses. They will also deliver lip gloss products for you on time.


Wholesale From China Blush Suppliers

Is your makeup complete without some bits of blush? Get yourself a cosmetics supplier from china and change that bit of your life.

China tops producing face blush, from cheap to costly. Thus, you have more than enough to choose from different blush products. A private label cosmetics manufacturer will make things easier.


Wholesale From China Highlighter Manufacturers

Cosmetics manufacturers in china produce and supply the most highlighters in the world.  Over the years, this market has continuously improved in making better quality.

The private label cosmetics suppliers have great deals on highlighters. You have quite a lot of cosmetics to choose from, depending on your price or specifications.

7. Eyebrow products

Importing Eyebrow products From China

Whether you want an eyebrow gel, pencil, or conditioner, china has them. The eyebrow products market here is immense. Hence, it is easy to find wholesale cosmetics for resale. 

Other than being large, be sure that you get what you pay for cosmetic products. Through diverse technology, cosmetics manufacturers in china produce excellent goods.


Wholesale Brushes From China

Brushes are essential when doing makeup. Besides, brushes come in different sizes and specifications. Cosmetics manufacturers in China produce other models of these brushes.

China leads in producing brushes, and their sales are many. They focus on consumer satisfaction. Thus, they offer high-quality brushes at a competitive price range.

9.Makeup bag

Buy Makeup bag From China

As you do your makeup, a great organization is critical. Cosmetics manufacturers in China make high-quality bags at a fair price.

You can get high-quality makeup bags from the Chinese market. That’s because it is leading in manufacturing cosmetics. Besides, the industry is growing so fast and attracting so many customers.

10.Face Brush

Wholesale Face Brush in Bulk From China

China’s market is the largest in producing and supplying face brushes. It has primarily grown its novelty and creativity, which boost its manufacturing.

Do you want to make significant sales? You can easily do this by outsourcing wholesale cosmetics bulk suppliers. You are sure to get great face brushes at affordable prices.

You Need Leeline To Help Buy Cosmetics From China

Product Sourcing

Cosmetics Product Sourcing

When product sourcing with Leeline, you enjoy low costs running your business. What’s more, you can still meet your customers’ demand. Also, you can beat other competitors in your line of business.

Factory Audit

Cosmetics Factory Audit

It would help if you had a factory that will give you high-quality products. Leeline will connect you with the best. We will also fact check your goods before dispatching and solve any issue on your behalf.

Product Inspection

Cosmetics Product Inspection

Leeline will inspect your products one by one and even do the factory inspection for you. We will ensure that you get what you order.

Amazon FBA Prep

Cosmetics Amazon FBA Prep

Leeline will ease the collection of your products from our amazon warehouse. You also get the help of solving quality issues with the manufacturers. What’s more, you can also consider our Amazon Private Label service.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Cosmetics Shipping To Amazon FBA

Are you importing your wholesale cosmetics in bulk? Tell Leeline your needs; they will handle the rest of the shipping to FBA stores.


Cosmetics DropShopping

We connect you to the best cosmetics suppliers in China. Besides, we will also find you a great Dropshipping Agent.

Why Choose Leeline To Import Cosmetics From China

  • We will ensure to check the quality of each cosmetic product before approving it for shipping.
  • We will connect you with different, top-notch cosmetics manufacturers.
  • Leeline will ensure you get your high-quality products and at low prices hence saving so much. 
  • In case of any issues with your products, Leeline is there to do the talking on your behalf. Thus, we will assist you in solving any disputes with your manufacturer.
  • If you sell your things on Amazon, Leeline will help you do it, increasing your sales.
  • You will get your cosmetic product in good time.

Best 10 China Cosmetics Manufacturers

1.Guangdong Leiqi Cosmetics Co.Ltd

1. Guangdong Leiqi Cosmetics Co.Ltd

The company has over twenty years of experience in the cosmetics industry. Thus, it has mastered its cosmetics manufacturing art. Besides, the company includes advanced technology, better production tools, and hires top-notch professionals. 


Consequently, the company has been reaping good fruits. The company has over thirty production lines and employs scientific management to propel. Its management control system is excellent, hence achieving great quality test results.


Main Products

The company excels in high-quality manufacturing lipsticks, eyeliner, and eye shadow makeup bags. They will also package the products and deliver them to buyers. Besides, their customer base is significant and continues to grow; it’s a great company!


Why Choose Guangdong Leiqi Cosmetics Co. Ltd.?

Guangdong Leiqi provides excellent R&D. One can find their services with ease from their diverse branches. Customer satisfaction is their pride. Moreover, they use selective technology only to bring quality and well thought-off products. And before they release their products, they first go through a strict inspection.

2.Shenzhen Yiermei Cosmetics Co.Ltd

2. Shenzhen Yiermei Cosmetics Co.Ltd

Founded in 2017, this company has gained a reputation for selling cosmetics products. The company has been focusing on the latest technology to manufacture cosmetics. So, its top-notch management system has made it possible to give quality services.


They don’t stop there! They continue to upgrade their management. Thus, it helps ensure that they have a long-term relationship with you.


Main Products

Mainly the company specializes in makeup tools, such as brushes. Besides, they take time and exercise the right technology to give buyers the best tool. Be sure to get quality with them, which is one of their top operating mission.


Why Choose Shenzhen Yiermei Cosmetics Products Co. Ltd?

Shenzhen operates under three main concepts which include, service, reputation, and quality. They improve their ways of management to give buyers quality in everything. One can see it from their products to services. In short, this company aims to ensure a good rapport between them and their customers.

3.Yiwu Dongdong International Trading Company Limited

3. Yiwu Dongdong International Trading Company Limited

This cosmetics company is in operation for over fifteen years. Thus, it dominates the European and US markets. Their focus is more on the quality of the cosmetics products they offer in the market. Hence, they can gather many clients through their excellent service. The company is improving its services and continues to gain a broad customer base.


Main Products

Every seller wants their customers to play around with their eye shadow looks. Thus, this company produces many pallets to choose from an array. They come in different outstanding colors and designs. What’s more, the company also manufactures different lipstick shades.


Why Choose Yiwu Dongdong International Trading Company Limited?

The company ensures that they give you quality products. They have gained the trust of many cosmetics buyers. The company is confident in what it will be offering you. They diversify their products. Thus, one can get wholesale cosmetics for resale depending on requirements.

4.Shenzhen Panni E-Business Co.LTD

4. Shenzhen Panni E-Business Co.LTD

Located in Guangdong Province, this company has over ten years of experience. What’s more, the company ranks among the top cosmetics manufacturers in China. Their customer base is broad, targeting many countries worldwide.


They use the latest skills and technology to ensure their customers get the best. The company owns a new ISO GMPC and a cosmetics license. Thus, one can trust that their products are genuine.


Main Products

Their products include eye shadow pallets, lip glosses, lipsticks, and highlighters. They will manufacture and supply the products according to needs at affordable rates.


Why Choose Shenzhen Panni E-Business Co.LTD? 

Whether a domestic or an oversee customer, this company will supply customers’ needs. It offers competitive prices on its cosmetics products. They have a good reputation and the trust of many customers. Thus, one can be sure of getting outstanding quality. Besides, one can expect excellent services and timely delivery of orders with them.

5.Shenzhen Maybe Cosmetics Company

5. Shenzhen Maybe Cosmetics Company

This company manufactures and supplies cosmetics products and makeup tools. It rides along with quality production. Besides, the company still ensures that it gives the best prices to its customers. Whether OEM or ODM dealings, the company will cater to buyer’s needs.


Main Products

If the buyer is looking to source wholesale cosmetics in China for a brand, this company is the ultimate plug. They specialize in lip glosses, highlighters, eye shadows, makeup tools, and powders. Do you have a brand? Buyers can surely save some coins with this company. That’s because they will package products according to customer’s specification and add a private label, too. 


Why Choose Shenzhen Maybe Cosmetics Company?

They do specialized research on the products and use the latest technology before manufacturing. Quality is their priority, which has built an excellent reputation for them.

6.Shenzhen Mola Cosmetics Co. Ltd

6. Shenzhen Mola Cosmetics Co. Ltd

From Longhua Shenzhen, Mola manufactures and sells cosmetics and makeup equipment. It is a vast industry that employs advanced technology in its production. What’s more, it has excellent quality control systems. Its production lines are ultra-modern. 

Moreover, the company has an R&D center that facilitates the whole production process. This company works with well-known cosmetics factories that apply up-to-date technology to give you exceptional products.

Main Products

Mola deals with eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, blush, highlight, lip gloss, lip balm, and makeup bags. They have an excellent reputation, having sold their OEM and ODM products to many countries. Many customers give their products specification to this company. After that, the company customizes the products to details. 

Why Choose Shenzhen Mola Cosmetics Co.Ltd? 

Mola company integrates with other industries that specialize in production. This diversification of skills ensures that the quality is superior.

Mola will follow product details to key and ensure their customers get what they pay for products. They offer not only great quality to customers but also excellent services.

7.Shenzhen Hongfa Dressing Products Co. Ltd

7. Shenzhen Hongfa Dressing Products Co. Ltd

Customers looking for high-quality makeup brushes can find this supplier helpful. This company has been specializing in this niche for over ten years. It has a good reputation in manufacturing and selling cosmetics products. They have an extensive customer base in over 30 countries. Moreover, their diversification gives their buyers so much to choose from products. They do not forget the high-quality standards. They ensure quality through the use of up to date technology and innovative skills.


Main Products

Their primary focus is makeup brushes. The company sells powder brushes, lip brush, concealer brush, face brush. Moreover, the company can hook up customers with any makeup brush they want. They can sell cosmetics in bulk or even as low as two pieces.


Why Choose Shenzhen Hongfa Dressing Products Co. Ltd? 

Diversification! Customers get over 110 makeup brushes models to choose from products. Leave this alone; they don’t compromise on quality, and on top of this, what they produce is eco-friendly. The company strives to ensure that customers get a great experience with them. True to their word, many customers live by their products.

8.Shantou Qifeng Cosmetics Co.LTD

8. Shantou Qifeng Cosmetics Co.LTD

The company is operating in this industry since 2006. Thus, it has excellent exposure to cosmetics manufacturing. It uses computerized technology in its production and management systems to ensure that they produce quality. 


The company is selective on what it will make. From raw materials to how they package their goods, their zeal is extra. To ensure product quality, the company works closely with other industries to pool all the necessary resources.


Main Products

This company is famous for cosmetics production in china. They manufacture eyeliners and highlighters of high standards. Moreover, they also produce long-lasting dye powders, private label foundations, concealer, mascara, and beauty creams.


Why Choose Shantou Qifeng Cosmetics Co.LTD?

Qifeng ensures that they conduct a quality control check on their products. This inspection is crucial, whether raw materials or finished goods for resale. Moreover, the company produces many different products. Thus, one cannot lack something that fits the budget. Customers are also sure to get excellent services from them.

9.Shenzhen Micronet Technology Co. Ltd

9. Shenzhen Micronet Technology Co. Ltd

This company is famous for its specialized manufacturing. Besides, its primary focus is on beauty and other personal care products. Through new technology and Innovation, Shenzhen Micront produces 15 to 20 products each year. Their ten R&D staff members also make this possible.


Main Products

Their variety of products includes cosmetics lip glosses, lipsticks, eyebrow enhancers, and more. They also specialize in personal care and household products.


Why Choose Shenzhen Micronet Technology Co.Ltd? 

Micronet manufactures products wholesale. They will help you save costs if you want products for your brand. Customers can have a variety of goods to choose from the collection. It includes makeup products, household or skincare products. What’s more, they also play along with the different shades. Hence, it’s easy for customers to select from the available options.

10.Shantou Baodi Cosmetics Co.Ltd

10. Shantou Baodi Cosmetics Co.Ltd

This company also tops in manufacturing and selling cosmetics products in China. They have gained significant recognition from their customers who swear by their products. Besides, the company doesn’t disappoint when it comes to quality. Their prices are also fair, and they offer timely delivery.


Main Products

This company takes pride in the production of a variety of cosmetics. The company manufactures high-quality eye shadow, lipsticks, and mascara. They also diversify their skills to produce face creams, concealer, lip balm, and different foundations. 


Why Choose Shantou Baodi Cosmetics Co. Ltd?

Here one can get everything from them under one store. This company ensures that they do a comprehensive quality inspection. They do this inspection on products before releasing them for sale. What’s more, they have over twelve years of experience. Thus, it helps them build a strong connection and trust with their customers. With them, be sure to enjoy custom manufacturing, and after-sale services are significant.

Best 5 US Cosmetics Manufacturers

11. Radical Cosmetics Manufacturing company

1. Radical Cosmetics Manufacturing company

Radical is widely known for manufacturing cosmetics products across the USA. No matter where you are in the world, give this company your specifications, and they will manufacture that. Other than toping in manufacturing pressed powders, this company also produces other cosmetics products in bulk. They ensure that they employ the best manufacturing techniques, from the nature of ingredients they use to the technology.


Main Products

This company excels in manufacturing pressed powders mostly. They are widely known for that. They also don’t go wrong in manufacturing other makeup products such as lip balm, lip glosses, blush, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow, and lipsticks. 


Why Choose Radical Cosmetics Manufacturing Company? 

Through their comprehensive research, radical settles on specializing in mineral-based makeup products that comprise natural elements. It has a great team that guides you o customizing mineral makeups so that your products appeal to your customers. On the side, they will fill and package your products according to your requirements.

12. Cosmetics Group the USA

2. Cosmetics Group the USA

They have been active since the year 1986 and have worked with many brands to bring their vision to life. It adheres to Innovation and skilled expertise to push the beauty industry a bit higher. Their industry operates from California under their 200,000 square-foot campus. 


Main Products

The company staff puts in the effort to bring you perfect blush and highlighters, each with different shimmers. For the lips, they got you! Place an order of lipsticks or lip glosses, and they will deliver. They will also come up with any creative form. What’s more, the company manufactures foundations, powders, eye products, and skincare products too.


Why Choose Cosmetics Group the USA? 

They will ensure that they give you modern quality control in what they offer. The company also inspects the products from when they are still under manufacturing until the product is complete. Come with what seems complex idea or design of your brand’s products; the company will make you realize that complex idea. 

13. Columbia Cosmetics

3. Columbia Cosmetics

Columbia Cosmetics has been manufacturing cosmetic products since 1978. The manufacturing of cosmetics takes place in North America. They can offer custom cosmetics formulation upon request. What’s more, the company holds an inventory of color cosmetics. 


Main Products

Columbia Cosmetics produces a large variety of cosmetics. It includes cleansers, face creams, scrubbing, moisturizers, etc. They also have a vast collection of men’s care and makeup goods.


Why Choose Columbia Cosmetics? 

The company works with the intent of creating high-quality color cosmetics. Their skincare products are quite good. They also have a separate section that can handle your custom specifications and needs.

14. Taiki USA Company

4. Taiki USA Company

With over thirteen years of a glorious experience, the company is a famous cosmetics supplier in the USA. Their main aim is to work alongside brands to create and give them products of their choice. For a long time, this company has significant expertise and has been updating its operations to match the current technology.


Main Products

By integrating science and technology, the company comes up with unique beauty tools. They specialize in makeup brushes, each with a unique design based on the specifications you give them. They also manufacture beauty sponges, applicators, masks, and wipes.


Why Choose Taiki USA Company?

They will fully support your brand and ensure that it comes to life. They will ensure that you save coins by giving you designing, project management, manufacturing, and delivery services all under one roof. Taiki focuses on providing sustainable beauty solutions to its customers.

15. Audrey Morris Cosmetics

5. Audrey Morris Cosmetics

Audrey Morris Cosmetics is another excellent option for those who want cosmetics made in the US. This company offers an array of cosmetics that are available in both regular and mineral formulas. What’s more, the company also provides custom packaging. It allows customers to pack their products according to their specifications.


Main Products


The company produces a range of cosmetics – from cleansers, moisturizers to scrubs! Their toners are quite popular among customers.


Why Choose Audrey Morris Cosmetics?


One can choose Audrey Morris Cosmetics for many reasons. They have a unique collection of cosmetics. Besides, their skincare products are reasonable.

Best 5 UK Cosmetics Suppliers

16.Wormser UK

1. Wormser UK

The first cosmetic manufacturer name in our list is Wormser UK. The company helps you develop top-selling cosmetic products. They work very closely with the customers. Thus, it ensures the production of high-class beauty products based on individual needs.


Main Products

Wormser UK produces a vast collection of cosmetics. It includes all cosmetic accessories, skincare, and makeup products. What’s more, the company also manufactures fragrance and male grooming goods.


Why Choose Wormser UK? 

The company has a solid 30 years’ experience in the cosmetics industry. Thus, it guarantees the production of high-quality beauty products. What’s more, the company has friendly, supportive team members.


2. Badgequo

Badgequo is a famous cosmetics supplier from the UK. The company has been developing a range of cosmetics for the past 30 years. What’s more, the company updates its product catalog more often. Thus, customers can get a steady supply of cosmetics both in small and bulk quantities.


Main Products

Badgequo manufactures a range of cosmetic products. Their catalog includes makeup tools, lashes, etc. Moreover, they can produce goods according to demands.


Why choose Badgequo?

Badgequo prides itself on offering unbeatable customer support. Above all, customers can expect high-quality and fresh products.

18. Surefil Company

3.  Surefil Company

This company came to life in 1980 and has grown in cosmetics manufacturing and supply. The company’s name is widely known as a top cosmetic supplier in the world. It looks in producing high-end cosmetics products following their up to date technology, research, and development. With over four decades of vast expertise in the cosmetics field, the company is widely spread and delivers high-quality items at affordable rates.


Main products

This company has professional expertise in manufacturing lip glosses, lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip balm.


Why Choose Surefil Company?

Based on the quality of their beauty products, it is safe to say that Surefil takes time to ensure that they give you the best. They are super professional, and you can always contact them in case of any product issues. Moreover, they pass their products, raw material, and finished goods in quality control inspection to ensure they are right. They have a lot of positive feedbacks from their clients.

19.Creative Cosmetics Ltd

4. Creative Cosmetics Ltd

For the last thirty years, Creative Cosmetics has been building a great customer base through selling quality products. They are rank among the best cosmetics suppliers in the UK, giving complete or part production for personalized brands. They play around with different designs and best production techniques on cosmetics products. Their expertise helps in guiding their customers in designing and coming up with unique products.


Main Products

They manufacture eyebrow products, blushes, powders, foundations, and mascaras. Besides beauty products, they also deal with general body care products such as lotions, moisturizers, and gels.


Why Choose Creative Cosmetics Company?

They create an excellent rapport with their customers. They work hand in hand with them to help their designs come to life without compromising on quality. The company functions under integrity, honesty, compassion, and responsibility in meeting its clients’ demands. For the products, you have an array of colors and effects to choose from the available collection.

20.Star Colour Laboratories

5. Star Colour  Laboratories

It has been an active cosmetics manufacturer for over 12 years employing skilled expertise in creating great products. Most of its employees have more than a decade of experience in this sector. The company develops new products in bulk for resale with its team and advanced manufacturing technology.


Main Products 

They specialize in color cosmetic products such as lipsticks, liquid eyeliners, mascaras, lip glosses, lip balms, concealer, foundations, and primers. They also top in manufacturing skincare and toiletries, bath and body products, and fragrances.


Why Choose Star Colour Laboratories? 

After manufacturing quality products, they don’t stop there; they go over and beyond to give you perfect packaging. They keenly listen to their clients’ specifications to make sure that they produce innovative and effective products.

Leelines is the Best Choice to Ship Cosmetics from China

Cosmetics Sea Freight Shipping from China

Cosmetics Sea Freight From Shipping

This method will help save you a significant amount of transportation costs when transporting cosmetics in bulk.

Cosmetics Air Freight Shipping from China

Cosmetics Air Freight From Shipping

Leeline will ship your urgent cosmetics orders here, which is also super economical and time-saving.

Cosmetics Rail Freight Shipping from China

Cosmetics Rail Freight From Shipping

This service works well when the destination is far. So, it is perfect for transporting large cosmetics volumes.

Cosmetics Door to Door Shipping from China

Cosmetics Door to Door From Shipping

For start-ups, this is the best method to start with cosmetics shipping. It requires a shorter time and less effort.

How To Import Cosmetics From China: Super Guide


1. Introduction About Importing Cosmetics From China

China is unquestionably the best leading cosmetic supplier. Many brands have been increasing by outsourcing cosmetics from china manufacturers. Even though it is a profitable business, it cannot be straightforward, especially when you start.

Importing from here starts with getting the right wholesale manufacturer for your products. Safe to say, there can be tons of them; they offer competitive price ranges. On top of that, most of their cosmetic products are of high quality. The market being big, you have a variety to choose from cosmetics goods. Thus, be sure to present your specification to a cosmetics supplier.

2. How to Grow Your Business by Importing Cosmetics From China?

I. What Is the Cosmetics Business?

Cosmetics business refers to manufacturing and selling cosmetics products. The trade occurs across the world, with some firms being responsible for manufacturing the products, others product sourcing for their brands and selling. Thus, cosmetics is one of the largest online businesses across the world.

Cosmetics 1

Cosmetics does not only include beauty products such as foundations, highlighters, eye shadows, and eyeliners. It also constitutes skincare products such as lotions, hair care products like shampoos and toiletries. The distributors in this industry are a lot, and it attracts so many clients.

II. What Are the Benefits of Importing Cosmetics From China?

  • Products There Are Cheap

When importing wholesale cosmetics in bulk, be sure to save some coins. Generally, the products here are cheap, and on top of this, you can negotiate for a price reduction with the manufacturer. Buying products from here assures you unanimous profit for your business.

  • You Can Make Excellent Profits

In connection to the low prices are high profits. You will get your products cheaply, and in turn, setting an excellent price will be easy. Besides, you may realize over 100% profit without hurting your customers’ pockets. At the same time, you won’t worry about making losses; importing from here best assures you of profits any time you sell.

  • You Get Guaranteed Quality

Unless you fail to do your research well, most companies here ride on quality. Their cosmetics products are excellent and durable.

  • Goods Are Distinctive 

China cosmetics manufacturers work with the new technology. What’s more, they use creative designs to give you the best products. They are always on the top to ensure that the products are rare and attract customers.

III. Who Uses Cosmetics?

Whether male or female, you will find yourself using cosmetics even though females make up the largest percentage. Technology has been a significant component in cosmetics manufacturing and usage.

Cosmetics 2

Everyone wants to look good, not all crusty and smelly. Females are mostly attached to beauty cosmetics and general skincare. Males also use skin care products, and of course, almost everyone uses toiletries. They are also part of cosmetics. Technically, the cosmetics market consists of different products, all gearing towards making our bodies better.

IV. How Do You Choose the Best Cosmetics Manufacturer?

  • Know What You Want

Think about that great idea of the products you want. It will be much easier to conceptualize it and understand everything about that venture before looking for a manufacturer.

  • Research

Start doing thorough research on different cosmetics manufacturers. Familiarizing yourself with multiple of them will help you access each and know the one that suits you best.

  • Check Expertise

Ensure the manufacturer has the necessary expertise to deliver what you want. Also, they should have the raw materials you need in your products.

  • Experience

The manufacturer needs to be familiar enough with this industry. The more experience in manufacturing cosmetics, the better they will handle any task given.

  • Assess the Quality

Strive on ensuring that you get the best quality products. Top-notch products start with fine ingredients, ensure your manufacturer has the best raw materials.

V. How to Negotiate With China Cosmetics Suppliers?

  • Research about the supplier thoroughly before signing the contract.
  • Consult with other customers who have engaged with the manufacturers and find out more about the company.
  • Do more research on the quality of the products the company produces.
  • If possible, visit the premises, have a one-on-one inspection, and talk to the pricing persons.
  • Ensure that your prices are realistic and you have a range that you want to sell your products.
  • Specify the quality you want your products to have.
  • Be vigilant on the costs of raw materials to ensure there is no harm in ordering cosmetics.
  • Do the manufacturers fail to listen to you? Be ready to walk away.

VI. How to Ship Cosmetics From China?

Shipping cosmetics can eat your head up. You can ship using rail, air, sea, or door to door services. Anyway, before shipping, ensure here are some tips you should follow:

Cosmetics 3

  • Different products have different shipping costs. The cost for cosmetics isn’t the same as that of clothes, do research on the price.
  • Ensure that no product you are carrying is illegal in your country; otherwise, it will cost you a lot.
  • Determine the amount you need to pay once the items land in your destination.
  • Once you place an order with your manufacturer, look into the shipping terms they have.
  • If the company does not have shipping arrangements, look for a reliable shipping company.

VII. How to Sell Cosmetics Online and Earn Money?

Now that you have your products, how do you make money? Before anything, ensure that what you have at hand will please people.

Start by creating pages on online platforms like Instagram and Facebook to target the online audience. Be consistent in your posting, and you can advertise on various online platforms. Tell people why they should buy your products. Also, if possible, show them examples of how great your cosmetics are, among others. A reliable dropshipping company can also help in marketing your goods.

3. Frequently Asked Questions on Wholesale Cosmetics From China

I. Which Is the Best Way to Ship Wholesale Cosmetics From China?

The best way to ship depends on how urgent your order is. But, it also depends on your pocket size. If you want the cosmetics products to reach you faster, consider using air shipping, the method is, however, expensive. Rail and ship are other cheaper but slow options. If you can find a reliable shipping company, they will make it easy for you.

II. How Can I Start a Cosmetics Business?

The formula is simple. Research and consult may be from other people with cosmetics brands, or even contact a manufacturing company to guide you on how to go about the process. More importantly, have a plan in mind. What is it would you like your eye shadow to look like after makeup? Once you know this and have a plan, look for the right manufacturer.

III. How Do I Ensure That the Cosmetics Supplier I Am Dealing With Is Legit?

You will find most cosmetics manufacturing companies on shopping sites such as alibaba.com. Other legit ones may be operating independently. So, verify if they have the right certifications and licenses. Moreover, you can enquire from people who have used them before.

IV. How Can I Select the Wholesale Cosmetics Manufacturer?

Is the manufacturer marked as a verified supplier at Alibaba? If yes, go ahead and use them. If not, you may need to dig deeper into their operations for some and verify their authenticity. You can also verify them at Global Sources.

V. How Much Profit Can I Make From Importing and Reselling Cosmetics From China?

There is no specific profit that you can make, but the bottom line is that you can make as possible. You can buy products in China at a low price, and depending on how you price your products, you can profits can range from 100% to 1000% of the original price. To boost the chances of making more profits, you can negotiate the price with the manufacturer.

Final Thoughts on Wholesale Cosmetics From China

The cosmetics industry is growing fast, especially in beauty products for women. There are many manufacturers and suppliers of these products from China. What’s more, there are thousands of brands that depend on these manufacturers. Even so, the market has space for more. Accurate to say, this business will give you so many profits especially if you get a good manufacturer from china.

This guide gives you almost all the information you need on starting up this venture. It will help if you spare some hours to study the china market and do in-depth research. Leeline is here to help you where you are stuck, whether it’s shipping or quality control checking.

Import From China

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