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Top 10 China Manufacturing Companies


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Product Sourcing

best products and manufactures

We find the most popular Chinese goods for you, confirm the high-quality factories, obtain the best prices, and reduce your procurement costs.

Factory Audit

Factory Audit of Security

Chinese factories will always exaggerate their production and company strength. Factory audit can directly understand the factory’s true production capacity and quality level to ensure product quality and production delivery.

Product Inspection

Inspection Services for Goods & Retail

The product quality of the factory is not necessarily as he promised. Product quality inspection can avoid being deceived by the factory and suffering losses.

Amazon FBA Prep

Amazon FBA Prep Services

Reasonable FBA prep can reduce Amazon FBA expenses. Leeline’s FBA Prep service is committed to providing customers with the best FBA Prep experience, greatly reducing the cost of FBA Prep for customers.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

ship the goods directly from the factory to the Amazon warehouse

New products are suitable for delivery to Amazon warehouses by air or express, which can quickly increase product sales. Stable sales volume suitable for shipping by sea, can reduce logistics costs


dropshipping requirements

Our order processing center can send 100,000 orders per day, you no longer have to worry about order delivery. The transportation cost is the lowest, and the time limit is guaranteed.

Need Leeline to Handle Your Shipping Plan from China?

Sea Freight Shipping from China

stransport products from China by sea

Shipping goods from China by sea generally takes 30-60 days to arrive at the destination. The freight cost is also very cost-effective. Let Leeline help you arrange the shipping plan for the goods.

Air Freight Shipping from China

Air transportation is a very efficient logistics method for transporting commodities. The transportation cost will be higher than that of sea transportation, but it can greatly improve the efficiency of commodity inventory turnover.

Rail Freight Shipping from China

Flashlight Rail Freight Shipping from China

Railway is slower than air transportation, but it is faster than sea transportation, and the timeliness and transportation cost are middle. It is also a good logistics transportation method.

Door to Door Shipping from China

Transport Products from China

We can provide you with door-to-door transportation services that transport goods directly from the factory to your warehouse, with flexible transportation methods and optimal logistics costs.

Top 10 China Manufacturing Companies


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Are you looking to import goods from China? If so, we are here to assist you. This article will show you the best China manufacturing companies that you can look up to.

Keep reading the article to learn about the best sources available for your business.

Importing goods from China could be an excellent investment. China has an enormous market. It attracts a lot of foreign customers each year.

The yearly goods export from China is worth billions of US dollars. You can find manufacturers either through the internet or directly by visiting China.

Both methods have their pros and cons to them. In this article, we will show you the best China manufacturing companies.

After reading this article, you will come to know about the best Chinese marketplaces. We will show you where you can find Chinese manufacturers.

You will understand the types of manufacturers in China. We will also guide you about the sourcing agents and related tips.

China Manufacturing Companies

Advantages of Dealing with a China Manufacturer Directly

By working with manufacturers directly, you can expect many benefits. You can frequently look for the product yourself.

The buyer gets better control of the circumstances. In general, you can look upon cost, quality, and timing. You get a chance to choose from a wide range of products.

Dealing directly with a China manufacturer allows you to save your budget and take quality goods. You can find a lot of manufacturers in the market while you go forward.

Most manufacturers give product security in the shape of a warranty when you deal with them. In short, direct dealing helps to save your pocket and choose the best manufacturer.

Advantages of Dealing with a China Manufacturer Directly

Types of China Manufacturers

You can find the following major types of manufacturers in China:

Original Design Manufacturer (ODM)

In this type, the provider gives the plan and has the necessary tooling to make that plan. This is still a particular case in China.

If you ever need to purchase the least volume and need an MOQ of 500-1000pcs, go for an ODM. The following are the pros of working with an ODM:

  • They have a shorter time in the market.
  • The introduction price is lower (since there are no R&D costs).
  • Such manufacturers have strong expertise in technology and market space.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

In dealing with such types of manufacturers, the purchaser requests that the provider build up another item.

The new product is made in light of the purchaser’s plan. If you purchase higher volumes, you may go for an OEM.

The higher volume generally means an MOQ of 2000 to 5000 pieces. The following are the pros of working with an OEM:

  • The time to market is usually not remarkably long.
  • Low R&D cost (for a similar explanation, the improvement must not be troublesome)
  • They have built a graceful chain (where to purchase the materials and components).
  • They realize the principle dangers to look out for, just as the testing methodology.

Contract Manufacturer (CM)

CM is like OEM, but the provider is open to assembling a more extensive scope of items. If you are purchasing more than 10000 pieces, working with a Contract Manufacturer will be the ideal approach.

They let you ideally control your expenses and quality. It is a better alternative to an OEM. While working with a CM, the following things need to be kept in mind:

  • The purchaser is required to have the idea and to pay (and own) the likely tools.
  • Better control of the circumstances in general – cost, quality, and timing
  • Change from one manufacturer then onto the next is a standard cycle.

Trading Company (TC)

A Trading Company is a firm that associates purchasers and dealers. Trading companies can be alluded to as mediators among manufacturers and discount providers.

Trading companies are specialists in import and fare rules. They provide guidelines and methodology.

To boost its business, they manage many manufacturing organizations. They build up their promoting networks by distinguishing items. The following are the pros of working with a trading company:

  • Trading Companies understand customers better than the manufactures. TC is more likely to sell more suitable products for that region.
  • They have better customer service compared to manufacturers.
  • Most of the manufacturers’ products are usually low priced, and the advantage directly passes to you.
  • Trading companies promote the items that they supply.

Where Can I Find China Manufacturing Companies?

Finding a manufacturer in China is a ground-breaking part of your business. You have many options if you are looking to find a manufacturer in China. China manufacturing industry is enormous and worth billions of dollars.

One can easily search for a great source of goods suppliers there. You can choose among the following methods to find the best manufacturers in China:


Using a sourcing agent to find the right manufacturer for you can be relieving. They divide your efforts and find the best suppliers for you in China.

Sourcing agents allow you to choose among the top manufacturers’ list. LeelineSourcing is one of the best sourcing agents in China. It guides you to locate the best wholesale suppliers in China.

LeelineSourcing helps you and diminishes your efforts and money. LeelineSourcing associates you to the leading China manufacturing companies list.

They bargain from your side to locate the best item at the most reasonable cost. LeelineSourcing guarantees that you will get the correct item. Thus, it is a definitive friend in need.

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Alibaba.com is one of the world’s leading marketplaces, with an expected 279 million dynamic buyers. It is a notable web-based purchasing site all around the globe.

Alibaba.com has providers from around the world. It has clients from pretty much every nation on the planet because of its incredible reaction rate. A tremendous number of messages are traded day by day at this stage.

Alibaba.com is set-up as a B2B marketplace. Whatever your specialty or item is, you can discover a supplier here.

Most producers on Alibaba have a MOQ, which implies you need to purchase in mass. This is acceptable regarding getting the best cost, yet can be stretched financially at the start.

You can discover providers and makers by looking through your item and the words ‘private label’ or ‘manufacturer’ in the inquiry bar.

It permits you to look for experienced suppliers, see their exchange records, a part of their primary clients, and other data.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are exhibitions that take place every year. In trade shows, companies and manufacturers exhibit their items trying to pull in new clients.

They are incredible spots to meet the supplier’s eye to eye. At trade shows, merchants can pose inquiries while looking at the producer without flinching. Before the web, trade shows were the primary source of connections between them.

China is the world’s biggest wholesale supplier. It is likewise one of the most well-known spots that online buyers want to secure a place in.

There are a lot of special trade shows to browse for you. You can make an excursion to China to meet makers face to face. Probably the most notable trade shows in China are:

  • The Canton Fair in Guangzhou
  • The Yiwu Commodities Fair in Zhejiang
  • The East China Import and Export Commodity Fair in Shanghai.

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​How China Trade Shows work

Online Trade Site ETradeAsia.Com

ETradeAsia.com is a chief worldwide business data and web innovation organization. It gives a B2B exchange gateway and commercial center to unite the world’s manufacturers and buyers. ETradeAsia.com is a worldwide trade gateway encouraging cross fringe trades of exchange data.

ETradeAsia.com is the leader among various affiliate destinations of AsianNet Inc. Currently, eTradeAsia.com is one of the five main trade destinations of the world, as indicated by Alexa traffic positioning.

It is, likewise, a great online commercial center. It has more than 700,000 individuals and nearly 1,000,000 items. It’s an excellent spot for China product sourcing. Regardless of what your specialty is, you can discover appropriate sellers on this site.

Global Manufacturing Marketplace MFG.Com

MFG.com is also known as “The eBay of manufacturing.” It is a global service for manufacturers from all around the world.

MFG is a commercial center that makes it simple for purchasers to find manufacturers. Their commercial center gives unusual incentives to its customers.

MFG.com has unquestionably served over 9,000 buyers and suppliers. It focuses on constructing a bridge between buyers and manufacturers. The platform makes the discovery of each other more efficient and beneficial to all parties.

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Made in China Products List

The Best 10 China Manufacturing Companies List

The following is the list of top 10 manufacturing companies in China:

1. Dongguan Wiseally Industrial Co., Ltd

Address: Chang’an district, Dongguan city

The “Wiseally” market mainly focuses on PCBAs, multifunctional modules, and finished electronic products. It has a total of 1800 employees.

The market offers Mechanical product assembly. It also has electronic product assembly. Wiseally’s central business is electronic components.

You can find any sort of electronic appliances there. Here, you will meet several manufacturers that sell the products in bulk.

2. Shandong Jining RuyiWoolen Textile Co., Ltd

Address: Ruyi Industrial Park, Hi-Tech Zone272073, Jining, Shandong 272073 CN

Shandong Jining RuyiWoolen Textile Co., Ltd. is mainly occupied with assembling and appropriating woolen material items.

It was founded in 2001. The vast majority of its business can be observed in the modern clothing chain. The market manufactures these products under the brand name of Ruyi.

As of 2017, Ruyi Group was the biggest textile manufacturer in China. The Company’s main items are the summit series, harmony series, and creative energy series, among others.

The Company’s objects are utilized for suit fabricating. It disperses its items inside the homegrown market and abroad business sectors.

Shandong Jining RuyiWoolen Textile Co., Ltd

3. Shenzhen HyteraEms Co., Ltd

Address: Hytera Hi-tech Park, No 3 Baolong 4th Rd., Badlong Industrial Area, Longgang District, Shenzhen 518116 China

Hytera is an Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) supplier. The Company is a trustworthy EMS provider for high-quality, durable electronic products.

It produces complex electronic equipment like robots, marine electronics, AI products, and drones. It has a total of 3000 employees.

The Company has both mechanical and electrical product assembly available. But the central market of Hytera is consumer electronics.

It provides full service from manufacture to equipment. The Company deals with high-end engineering and electrical products.

HyteraEMS has more than 2,000 individuals working. The Company has a 114,000 square-meter national hi-tech industrial park.

4. Seveco Global Limited

Address: Tuen Mun, Hong Kong (Near the port of Hong Kong)

The Seveco was established in 1982. Its establishment was based on a lot of fundamental beliefs that stand firm even today.

Seveco has a long-standing customer base and a group of extraordinary workers. It has a total of 680 employees.

The company deals in mechanical as well as electronic products assembly. The central market of Seveco is dedicated to Electronics.

The Company has provided accommodation for families as well as single workers. In China, they provide flexible, cost-effective, and high-quality EMS solutions.

The production facilities of the Company are set in Dong Guan, China. Seveco is working in a strategically ideal location.

Seveco Global Limited

5. Jiangsu Sunshine Co., Ltd

Address: 18 Taoxin Middle Rd, Xinqiao, Jiangyin, Jiangyin, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

Jiangsu Sunshine Co., Ltd. is a China-based company that produces and deals in woolen materials and fabrics. It is a part of the Textile Manufacturing Industry. Jiangsu Sunshine Co., Ltd. has 5425 individuals working across all of its locations.

There are a total of 9 companies in the Jiangsu Sunshine Co., Ltd. corporate family. Jiangsu Sunshine Co., Ltd. produces fabric items. The Company makes worsted fleece fabrics, yarns, and clothing items.

6. Shenzhen Epower Hardware Industrial Co., Ltd

Address:  302, building 6, Hesheng industrial park, FuHai Sub-district, Baoan, Shenzhen, PRC

Epower produces consumer gadgets and has a wide range of machining choices in-house. They have worked with thousands of suppliers for more than 15 years.

The total number of employees working there is 260. It owns a 160,000 square foot manufacturing area in China. The market has a mechanical and electronic product assembly.

The central market is of varied consumer electronics and other goods. It has a vast experience in manufacturing processes and tooling for metals, plastics, and full assembly.

The Company offers high-quality services at competitive pricing. You can leverage their resources and services to improve and bring their products to life.

7. Dongguan Tutamen Metal Work Co., Ltd

Address: No.3 Huang Guo Tang Rd, Shahu, Tang Xia Town Dong Guan City, China

Tutamen provides metal manufacturing, CNC machining, and produces items from metal and plastic. The Company has a total of 200 members working in it. It gives mechanical as well as electronic products and assembly.

The central market consists of metal and plastic goods. Tutamen has excellent engineering support.

It provides a faster delivery time. Tutamen has high-end raw materials at low costs. This makes it one of the best China manufacturing industries.

Dongguan Tutamen Metal Work Co., Ltd

8. UNI Precision Industrial Ltd

Address: Hengli district, Dongguan city, PRC

UNI Precision attempts to surpass client desires. Their corporation is committed to providing excellent production and agreement building services.

You can frequently pick the UNI Precision for their administration and backing. The Company provides dependable client care. They comprehend the Chinese culture, language, and legitimate framework.

The Company will attempt to guarantee the quality, consistency, and unparalleled worth. The Company has more than 300 employees working in it.

It provides mechanical and electronic products and assembly. The central market consists of electronic goods. It is one of the top manufacturing industries in China. You can buy goods in bulk from there.

9. RSP Technology Co., Ltd

Address: Longgang District, Shenzhen City, PRC

RSP technology is a Shenzhen-based industrial facility that opened in 2005. Their goods include rubber molding, plastic molding, screen printing, and assembly factory. RSP maintains long term relationships with its clients.

Their products enjoy tight controls over quality, improved lead times, and competitive pricing.

They make turn-key assembling, plastic infusion items, silicone keypad, and film switches. The Company has a 15000 square foot factory set up in Shenzhen.

It has a total of 85 employees working in it. This firm provides electrical and mechanical product assembly. The central market includes electronic goods.

10. SUGA Technology Hong Kong

Address: Qingxi district, Dongguan city, PRC

SUGA is a top electronics total solutions provider. SUGA is a Dongguan based factory which offers many electric product types.

Its products include telecommunication, professional audio, home appliances, IoT, and industrial products.

SUGA Technology has practical experience in delivering proficient sound items. The Company has a total of 2000 employees.

It offers assembly of mechanical and electronic products. The central market consists of various products. It is one of the top industries in China.

SUGA Technology Hong Kong

How LeelineSourcing Help You Find the Best China Manufacturing Companies?

Are you still wondering how to find the best manufacturing company in China? Don’t worry, contact LeelineSourcing right away.

Their licensed team will handle your complete order. LeelineSourcing provides the following services to its customers:

Background Checks

LeelineSourcing guides and helps you to find the best suppliers in China. They do background checks for each Company.

Their experts have a great experience with all of the producers available. LeelineSourcing only suggests reliable sources for you. The Company works to give you ease and cut down your efforts.

It is a great sourcing agent to start working with. You can enjoy a fruitful session while getting their services. You can boost your business and sales by working with them.

Manufacturing Capabilities

LeelineSourcing chooses the service provider based on their work. Their agents analyze the previous work of all the producers.

They then suggest a manufacturer based on their capabilities. It strives to find you the best possible Company.

The Company has a well-experienced staff in that regard. They have experience with clients from around the globe. LeelineSourcing ensures that you meet the right manufacturer.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Quality System Auditing

LeelineSourcing explores the quality of your item. Their specialists treat your request as their own to ensure the quality.

In short, you can depend on its quality control team. They try to do a quality check of the item before you import them.

The main goal of the Company is to provide you the best services. Due to the above-stated facts, LeelineSourcing is a must-go-to before buying from China.

Engineering Resources

LeelineSourcing makes use of engineering resources to follow up on your order. It ensures no defect is disregarded in your order.

LeelineSourcing selects a company for you after a lot of research. They do so by making use of engineering resources.

LeelineSourcing strives for excellence and quality in your product. Their team of experts makes sure you choose the best products available.

Best Product Price

LeelineSourcing makes deals from your side to find the best product for you. Its ultimate purpose is to find the best products at affordable rates.

The Company works hard to save your pocket while you get the best possible items. It has vast experience in Chinese markets.

LeelineSourcing is the need of time. Their experts bargain from your side so that you do not run out of money. LeelineSourcing takes comprehensive care of its customers in every aspect.

Best Product Price

Negotiation & Contracts

LeelineSourcing not only finds the best manufacturers but also negotiates with them. Their dealing experts barter from your side to make the best pricing possible.

The principal purpose of doing so is to encourage its customers. LeelineSourcing cares about its customers and works to lessen their efforts.

LeelineSourcing covers all the necessary paperwork and leaves no work behind for the buyers. It is the best solution for dealers from around the globe.

The Company also deals in making contacts with the suppliers. It carries out the demands of its customers in the best possible ways.

Safe Payment Method

LeelineSourcing is the most reliable source to be trusted. One can entrust them with their products as well as money.

You can safely transfer your payments to them without the fear of getting scammed. The Company has been a licensed corporate working for many years now and is trusted worldwide.

LeelineSourcing is the safest source to complete your payments with the manufacturers in China. Since most of the people can’t visit China easily, LeelineSourcing may be the best alternative. The Company also holds a renowned reputation around the world and especially in China.

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Safe Payment Method

Best Logistics Solution

LeelineSourcing is devoted to helping you. It cares for your requests from start to end. LeelineSourcing deals with desk work, order status, bundling, and delivery.

It covers all parts of your order. LeelineSourcing wants to offer solace to its clients. It ensures the purchasers get an excellent experience of buying from China.

They deal with your order in the best possible ways and do not let you suffer. Try completing your next order using LeelineSourcing.

3 Useful Tips on Buying Wholesale from China Manufacturing Companies

There are many benefits to doing business in China, but there can be some odds. You may face scams or frauds in your journey. The following three tips need to be kept in mind while doing business in China:

  1. Don’t pay via money transfers. By doing so, you are putting your money at risk. Many online scammers cheat online buyers and steal their money. Instead, use safer methods such as credit cards or Paypal. Since credit cards are covered under the law, they are safer for online transactions. It is also essential to keep an eye on your credit report from time to time. Using LeelineSourcing can also be a great option.
  2. Insist on getting a tracking number. Once you place an order and your shipment is booked, the courier company will give you a tracking number. This unique code can be attributed to your package, enabling you to view its status and location on the way.
  3. Watch out for scammers when dealing with people or businesses. Using any source, always consider the possibility that the approach may be a scam. In such situations, using a sourcing agent can be fruitful. LeelineSourcing rules out the possibility of getting scammed.

Final Thoughts on China Manufacturing Companies

China manufacturing industry is enormous. Wholesaling from China could be very beneficial to your business.

It can boost your sales and profits. Chinese goods are cheaper compared to others. So, it can be a great source of income.

You can choose from hundreds of suppliers in China. This allows selecting the best products among a wide range of varieties.

China has a large, easily accessible online marketplace. China holds trade fairs every year that promotes local trade. There are a lot of great opportunities that one can look for while wholesaling from China.

FAQs for China Manufacturing Companies

The following are the frequently asked questions and their answers:

What Brands Are From China?

China has made leading brands in the world recently. The more prominent brands are worth millions of US Dollars. These companies play a significant role in China’s economic growth. The following famous brands are from China:

  • Alibaba
  • Tencent
  • ICBC
  • Huawei
  • Xiaomi
  • DJI
  • ZTE, etc.

What Does China Mainly Manufacture?

China makes and sells more goods than any other nation on the globe. Chinese merchandise incorporates iron, steel, aluminum, concrete, toys, hardware, rail vehicles, and boats.

China is a world chief in numerous kinds of products. Mining and ore processing is one of the major industries of China. China makes about 20 percent of the world’s manufacturing output.

Where Are Chinese Factories Located?

China is among the fastest-developing countries in the world. In terms of manufacturing, China rules as the largest supplier in the world. The top five spots where China’s influential factories are located are:

  • Shanghai

It is one of the most important economic, financial, trade, and shipping sites in China. Shanghai produces electronics, cars, steel products, etc.

  • Beijing

This city of China is centered on making medicine and electronics mainly.

  • Tianjin

The city itself is another supplying giant. It is a leader in the production of aviation, mobile phones, cars, and energy products.

  • Guangzhou

It is one of China’s most prominent urban cities. There are thousands of factories located there. This city produces everything from even toothpicks to automobile parts.

  • Shenzhen

It is known worldwide to be the electronics hub of China and the world. It produces all types of electronic appliances. It is an influential economic spot in China.

Is It Cheaper To Manufacture In China?

Yes, it is cheaper to produce in China because of the high volume of materials there. Secondly, there are the wages for the workers involved in making the parts. China is almost 10-20% cheaper than the major European countries.

Is China the Biggest Manufacturer?

Yes, one can easily say that China is the biggest manufacturer in the world. One of the reasons companies prefer producing in China is because of the plenty of low-wage workers available there.

Where to Find Low MOQ Manufacturers in China?

China has an enormous online marketplace. You can find low MOQ manufacturers easily by searching through the top Chinese B2B sites. One can also use a sourcing agent to cover their needs. The following are the top Chinese B2B sites:

  • com
  • com
  • com, etc.

Final Thoughts on China Manufacturing Companies

The above article will help you find the best China manufacturing companies. You will be able to choose among the leading suppliers in China for your next project.

It covers everything that you require to know. Alongside that, LeelineSourcing will help you in doing so.

It is a trusted sourcing accomplice in China. LeelineSourcing is the most solid sourcing accessible on the web.

Join our sourcing network and begin wholesaling from China today. We hope you take advantage of your business with our guide.

So, what are you waiting for? You have all the knowledge about top China manufacturing companies now. This is the time to implement. Start importing goods from China and earn handsome profits. Goodbye!

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