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Wholesale Earphone In Bulk

LeelineSourcing Find The Best Earphone Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
  • Leeline Sourcing can help you to find the best and reliable earphone suppliers in China.
  • Leeline Can assist you with finding suitable suppliers of earphones.
  • Leeline can help you to perform the earphone factory audit in China.
  • Leeline ensures that you get the best quality. We will perform a pre-shipping inspection for you.
  • Leeline can help you to ship your earphone container from China.
  • If you want to start an Amazon FBA business of earphones, then Leeline can make it possible for you.

10 High Demand Earphone In China


Wholesale From China Wireless Earphones Manufacturers

Wireless earphones are based on new-age technology. They are used to connect them to your smartphones and other devices using Bluetooth. China is currently the leading manufacturer of wireless headphones. The shipments of wireless headsets in China reached 42.56 million this year. The industry is increasing, and we have seen up to 49% growth this year.

2. Bluetooth Earphone

Wholesale From China Bluetooth Earphone Suppliers

Bluetooth earphones are a type of wireless earphones. They are most popular among wireless earphone users. The demand for Bluetooth earphones is currently very high across the globe. To buy Bluetooth earphone, you can check the Chinese market.


Wholesale Microphone in Bulk From China

Having a good microphone is not less than a blessing. A microphone is a need of today for everyone. If you need to record a video on your mobile or camera, a microphone is a must. When it comes to purchasing a headphone, there is a wide variety available in the markets. China is the top manufacturer of microphones. You can start a business to import microphones from China and resale them in your country.

4. Noise Cancelling Earphone

Importing Noise Cancelling Earphone From China

Noise-canceling earphones are a particular type of earphone that reduces unwanted sound. With noise-canceling earphones, you can listen to audio content without increasing its volume. They end the noise of your surroundings. They are popular among the young generation. A massive quantity of these earphones is currently being manufactured in China. You can also import these earphones and sell them in your own country.

5. Portable earphone

Wholesale Portable earphone From China

Portable earphones are a pair of small speakers that you can wear around your neck and carry with you. Most people find them convenient as they are easy to wear and carry. In China, many factories are manufacturing only portable earphones. They manufacture thousands of units every day and also supply them in the world. Chinese manufactured earphones are affordable and rich in quality.

6. Waterproof Earphones

Buy Waterproof Earphones From China

Suppose your earphones stop working due to moisture. You can consider buying waterproof earphones. These earphones are designed to prevent water from getting inside their speakers. They will keep working even if you throw them in a tub of water. Their popularity is increasing. You can start a successful business by importing waterproof earphones from China.

7.Foldable Earphone

Wholesale Foldable Earphone in Bulk From China

Foldable earphones are also known as foldable headphones. You can wear them over your head. If you are not using these headphones, you can fold them and store them. It also maxis them easy to carry as they take very little space. Many brands sell foldable earphones, but 70-80% of them are manufactured in china. Many earphone manufacturers in China can provide you with foldable earphones.

8.Ear Buds

Wholesale From China Ear Buds Manufacturers

If you are a technology freak, you must be familiar with earbuds. These are small wireless rechargeable earphones. They can be used with all devices like computers, mobile phones, tables. They are instrumental when you are driving or traveling. Almost all popular brands manufacture their earbuds in China. Still, they get excellent quality.

9.In-Ear Earphones

Importing In-Ear Earphones From China

In-ear earphones are very portable and useful. They have a small tip that fits inside the canal of your ear. Most mobile users prefer to use in-ear earphones as they are much easier to carry, and you can fit them in your pocket. This is the only difference between in-ear and over-ear earphones. It also depends upon the choice and preference of a user.

10.Neckband Earphone

Buy Neckband Earphone From China

Neckband earphones are stylish earphones. Their shape is just like a neckband. Their need is growing day by day as more and more brands try to embrace neckband earphones. They provide many benefits like a better battery backup, less tangling cables. You can start a business by importing neckband earphones from China.

Leeline Ensures that You Can Buy Earphone from China Smoothly

Product Sourcing

Earphone Product Sourcing

Leeline can help you with your product, Sourcing. We can help you find suitable suppliers and manufacturers for your products. We are here to assist you in importing your desired products from China at a very affordable cost.

Factory Audit

Earphone Factory Audit

If you want to start sourcing from China but cannot visit China for a factory audit, there is no need to worry. We will provide you with a trained professional that will do the factory audit on your behalf.

Product Inspection

Earphone Product Inspection

Most people are worried about product quality when they are sourcing from China. Do not worry. We will perform a product quality inspection on your behalf. We ensure that you get the desired product with the right quality. 

Amazon FBA Prep

Earphone Amazon FBA Prep

If you are planning to sell on Amazon, Leeline sourcing can help you prepare for Amazon FBA. We have qualified staff for this purpose. From packaging to your branding, we can take care of everything.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Earphone Shipping To Amazon FBA

We will determine the best ways to ship and deliver your goods to Amazon FBA at a very affordable cost.


Earphone DropShopping

If you plan to start a dropshipping business, then we can be your dropshipping agent. We will take complete responsibility for your order fulfillment.

Why Choose Leeline To Buy Earphone From China

  • We take complete responsibility for quality assurance. We perform a detailed inspection to reduce the defect rate in your products.
  • Our primary focus is to help our clients to get reasonable prices for all types of products.
  • We charge a low service fee to our clients without any hidden charges.
  • We always take the needs and demands of our clients. We aim to develop a long-term relationship with our clients.
  • We have a team of professionals in China that have years of experience in this field. Even if you don’t understand the Chinese language, we will do the work for you. We will make you know everything.
  • Our services are very versatile and can help your business to grow and reach new heights of success.

Best 20 China Earphone Suppliers

1.Shenzhen Vivistar Technology Co., Ltd.

1. Shenzhen Vivistar Technology Co., Ltd.

Established in 2013, Shenzhen Vivistar Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of earphones, smartwatches, smartwatch phones, kids’ watches, and smart bracelets.Intelligent wear industries use their products. With stylish designs and timely advancement, they meet economic changes.

With all quality traits, customers trust them. Having strong testing facilities and technical forces, their products are widely recognized. They handle customers from all walks of life for mutual success and business growth.

2.Dongguan Manha Power Technology Co., Ltd.

2. Dongguan Manha Power Technology Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Manha Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional Bluetooth headset designer and manufacturer. It was established in 2016, Dongguan Manha Power Technology Co., Ltd. has a production capacity of 300,000pcs output per month. They make Bluetooth headband headsets, wireless earphones, and ANC headphones.

All of their products are compliant with US standards, and they come at affordable prices. They never compromise on the quality of their supplies. Taking care of customer needs, they provide their customers with the best services.

3.Guangzhou Uideal Technology Co., Ltd.

3. Guangzhou Uideal Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Uideal Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 and is located in Henan Province and Guanxi province. They are leading manufacturers of earphones for more than ten years. Guangzhou Uideal Technology aims to develop new earphone designs every month. Their factory has more than 300 employees and has obtained CE and ROHS certificates.

They provide ODM and OEM services to many well-known companies around the globe. Their reasonable prices, quick follow-up services, and quality assurance make them excellent in their field. They are very confident about their capabilities, and they assure a better future.

4.Shenzhen WinJin Technology Co., Ltd.

4. Shenzhen WinJin Technology Co., Ltd.

Established in 2019, Shenzhen WinJin Technology Co., Ltd. manufactures electronic products. They have gained a good reputation with excellent production and premium quality. They have 10-20 trading offices across China and a factory space of 1500 square meters. With more than 200 employees, they focus on producing high-quality electronic products.

All their products are CE certified, ROHS certified, and FCC approved. Paying great attention to quality, they apply ISO14000 standards to all their products. With premium quality and price advantages, they have gained a high reputation among the customers.

5.Guangzhou Plextone Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

5. Guangzhou Plextone Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Since 2013, Guangzhou Plextone Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is known as endurance gaming gear. They work with the world’s leading manufacturers to design their lightweight products. They can make almost everything possible with gaming earphones.

Plextone is known as the name of quality. Their products are fit to purpose with their lightweight gaming gear designs. They provide 24/7 service with the aim of mutual benefit. Their products can be used in the gaming range as well as the health range. In short, they can be fit in any corner.

6.Shenzhen Chenyu Industrial Co., Ltd.

6. Shenzhen Chenyu Industrial Co., Ltd.

Established in 2016, it is an electronic company. Shenzhen Chenyu manufactures and sells electronic products. Shenzhen Chenyu Industrial Co., Ltd. They provide worldwide services in producing earphones, Bluetooth headphones, speakers, and USB cables. With more than 200 skilled employees, they provide safe and cheap services like CFR, FCA, FOB.

With a factory space of 600-meter square, they are well experienced at providing ODM and OEM services to customers worldwide. They also have the honor of being an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company. With more than 200 human workforces and quality assurance, they provide better leading time and safe deliveries.

7.Guangzhou Yixi Technology Co., Ltd.

7. Guangzhou Yixi Technology Co., Ltd.

YiXi is a professional electronic manufacturing and consumer company. It aims to produce premium quality Bluetooth headphones, wireless earphones, and wireless earbuds. Guangzhou Yixi Technology Co., Ltd is a well-known manufacturing company. Their brand believes in honest and hard work. YiXi focuses on providing the right product and after-sale services to customers.

Providing customized logos and packaging, they are the trend-following Bluetooth, earphones, and smart accessories. Focusing on good quality and small profits, YiXi has grown fast during the past years. They deal with thousands of customers from America, the Middle East, and Africa.

8.Guangzhou Liqisheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

8. Guangzhou Liqisheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Liqisheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010 and is specialized in high-end headphones. They focus on developing high-quality styles and products. They have well-equipped modern production houses to provide the best professional service.

With over eight years of experience, they have established three factories. Their factories are located in Dongguan, Huizhou, and Shantou. These factories are equipped with modern production facilities and strong testing facilities. They accept both OEM and ODM orders from different parts of China and the world. Liqishend is dedicated to providing its customers with quality services.

9.Shenzhen Wxhbest Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

9. Shenzhen Wxhbest Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Established in 2015, Shenzhen Wxhbest Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was a small company that created molds and silicone phone cases. With technological advancements, they formed a professional working team for OEM and ODM. They established more factories and focused on headphones. Now, they have import and export rights.

They follow non-compromisable rules to ensure high-quality. They also have multiple production houses in Shenzhen. Wxhbest is one of the leading manufacturers of phone cases and earphones across China. All of their products are top quality and come from qualifies OEM factories. Competitive prices and quick deliveries are their traits that no one can match.

10.Shenzhen Hopora Electronics Co., Ltd.

10. Shenzhen Hopora Electronics Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Hopora Electronics Co., Ltd. is a company that specialized in gaming, PC, mobile phone, and tablet accessories. They make power banks, headphones, earphones, chargers, and phone cases. Founded in 2013, this business has been producing high-end goods with less than a 1% return rate. They have customizable designs according to the customer’s liking and requirements. How amazing is that!

Hopora is its own brand, which exports products all over the world. They provide OEM and ODM services with a lifetime guarantee. They are customer-friendly and are eager to move forward with them in the long run. Mutual benefit is their key desire.

11.Shenzhen Shouhui Chaopai Technology Co., Ltd.

11. Shenzhen Shouhui Chaopai Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Shouhui Chaopai Technology Co., Ltd. has more than ten years of experience producing earphones and headphones. They have maintained an excellent repute in the field since 2019. With a strong R&D team, they develop modern and high-quality accessories. Their key traits are on-time delivery and after-sale services.

They also take OEM and ODM orders. They are devoted to providing their universal customers with quality products and reliable digital peripherals. They focus on being innovative to make a unique and perfect earphone experience for customers.

12.Shenzhen Xing Xing Sports Technology Co., Ltd.

12. Shenzhen Xing Xing Sports Technology Co., Ltd.

They established in 2013 Shenzhen Xing Xing Sports Technology Co. Ltd is a professional manufacturer and designer of Bluetooth earphones and headphones. They offer excellent quality supplies, materials, packaging, and products.

Their specialized packaging suppliers and operations meet the ODM and OEM requirements of the consumers. Xing Xing has an aim to make their products affordable for the whole world. Providing their customers with excellent quality earphones of the modern enterprise, they have won the hearts of many! Shenzhen Xing Xing insists on mutual success and sincere cooperation with its customers.

14. Shenzhen Robotlinking Technology Co., Ltd.

13. Shenzhen Robotlinking Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Robotlinking Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016. It manufactures consumer electronics like charger, wireless charger, power bank, headphones, earphones. They have their team for customized products and designs. They provide competitive quality, fast and on-time deliveries, and patient services.

Robotcube is determined to design and sample products for their customers until they gain their trust. Their R&D department is so active that they launch 5-10 new products every month and are always ready to accept ODM and OEM orders.

13.Shenzhen Robotlinking Technology Co., Ltd.

14. Shenzhen Juehong Chuangtong Electronics Co., Ltd.

Since 2013, Shenzhen Juehong Chuangtong Electronics Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to R&D. Their manufacturing area resides around electronic accessories. With more than 80 employees, they are enriched with experience. They are friendly and offer a customizable price-plan to their customers.

They have established long term relationships with many reputable brands. They are always open to accepting orders. With the help of more than 80 qualified employees and 1500 square meter area, they are enriched with R&D experience. They aim at making their customers succeed through products and services.

15.Shenzhen Riyao Technology Co., Ltd

15. Shenzhen Riyao Technology Co., Ltd

They established in 2009 Shenzhen Riyao Technology Co. Ltd has ten years’ experience producing cables and earphones. They are specialized in manufacturing trade exports. They also provide neutral wires, power adapters, and glass screen protectors. They have a strong R&D team to maintain sales and designs; they also help companies have their logo on the products.

They make the company’s logo and packaging at lower rates. They have gained a high reputation in prices, on-time delivery, and quality. Riyao can also supply to your Amazon store. They aim at delivering the order within three days. Performance-price ratio and quality products make them competitive because they are the real source.

16. Shenzhen Yuxin Cheng Electronics Co., Ltd.

Established in 2016, Shenzhen Yuxin Cheng Electronics Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of mobile phone accessories. They produce chargers, headphones, Bluetooth, headsets, cables. They have maintained long-term relationships with worldwide brands. They aim at providing excellent products to every customer.

They have an experienced team of engineers, quality controllers, and dedicated employees. Their sincerity brings quality products to the market because they focus on quality. They test every single item before dispatching; that’s why they are reputable. Yuxin’s main aim is to meet the diverse needs of the clients by delivering valuable products. Their company has a quality assurance system, which plays a vital role in its growth.

17.Dongguan Youkechengpin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

17. Dongguan Youkechengpin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Dongguan Youkechengpin Electronic Technology Co. Ltd was founded in 2004 and was established in 2014. Since then, it has owned three factories. They are enriched with the experience of manufacturing digital products, including earphones. They have gained a good reputation worldwide.

Their primary markets are Russia, Poland, Germany, and the Middle East. They believe that GOD rewards the best quality providers and a passionate team. Thus, they have adopted this as their motto. Their ODM and OEM services are the way to make them connected with long term clients. They are flexible enough to adopt technological changes to become market leaders.

18. Shenzhen Vidhon Technology Co., Ltd.

18. Shenzhen Vidhon Technology Co., Ltd.

Located in Shenzhen, established in 2018, Shenzhen Vidhon Technology Co., Ltd. is a smart electronics manufacturer such as smartwatches, stylish bracelets, and TWS earphones. They have an R&D team that manages the designs and sales. Shenzhen Vidhon Technology Co., Ltd. is reputable in Asia, the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

Also, they have good relationships with raw material suppliers. They have a wide range of products, half the prices, and strong production capacity. They believe in the motto, “Customer Satisfaction is the primary goal.”By providing cost-effective services combined with modern, efficient management, they have earned customer’s never-ending love for them.

19. Shenzhen Huayi Technology Co., Ltd.

19. Shenzhen Huayi Technology Co., Ltd.

Huayi Technology Co., Ltd is a wholesaler, manufacturing, and trading company. It provides sales and services related to mobile phones, Bluetooth, headsets, and earphones. They know that quality is the source of development in the manufacturing market. They deal with the calls of Italy, Finland, the US, Asia, the South East, and Africa.

They are eager to find long-term relationships. That’s why they are always open to accept orders and develop the market with companies. They claim that they give importance to quality as a person gives importance to virtue.  They also provide ODM and OEM services to many well-known domestic brands.

20. Shenzhen Anjie E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

20. Shenzhen Anjie E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2001, Anjie E-Commerce Co. Ltd is a manufacturing and trading enterprise. Their main product line includes headphones, earphones, and smart accessories. Over the years, they have won the customer’s trust with guaranteed quality. They are customer-friendly and love to negotiate with customers and provide guidance.

Anjie has a complete scientific management system with quality products. They have a wide range of commodity information networks and partners around the world. They have a strong backbone system for product manufacturing. With reasonable prices and lower profits but high turnovers, they have won the trust of customers.

Leeline is Your Trusted Shipping Agent in China

Earphone Sea Freight Shipping from China

Earphone Sea Freight From Shipping

Leeline recommends shipping through sea freight in certain conditions. These conditions may occur if the order is not urgent or big.

Earphone Air Freight Shipping from China

Earphone Air Freight From Shipping

If you need the order in less time and it’s urgent then you can go for air freight shipping. Leeline recommends this one in this case as this one is the fastest method to ship from China.

Earphone Rail Freight Shipping from China

Earphone Rail Freight From Shipping

Leeline recommends choosing Rail freight as your shipping method if it is suitable. If the distance is too much, this should be your choice. Also, go for this one if the order is in large volume.

Earphone Door to Door Shipping from China

Earphone Door to Door From Shipping

If you have no idea about others then Door to Door shopping can be a good option. Leeline recommends this as a good shipping method for you in this case.

Buy Earphone From China: Ultimate Guide



Do you want to import earphones from China, but you do not know where and how to start? This article is meant for your ultimate guide!

If you are an earphone lover, you know that china imported earphones have no match in the market. Many wholesale suppliers and manufacturers make all kinds of earphones cheaper. You should have a complete understanding of imported earphones before starting a business.

People Also Ask

How Do I Import Earphones From China?

First, you must be aware of your import rights and the cost with which it comes to your doorstep. You have to ensure that the electronic product you are importing is permitted in your region. Classify the product, identify landed cost, and contact a supplier.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Import Earphones From China?

Earphone FAQ 1

Sea Freight comes with extra charges, but still, it is the cheapest way to import earphones from China. But, consider that Sea Freight is only reasonable if your order is not so small. But you are planning to do business then it’s the best choice.

Is It Safe To Import Earphones From China?

Yes, until your country permits importing a specific good, it is safe to import from China. Freight forward will handle everything in the whole procedure, and you do not have to worry at all!

Do I Need A License To Import Earphones From China?

Different goods have different import controls. It might be possible that you may need a license to import earphones from China to the UK or any other country.

What Is The Custom Fee For Importing Earphones From China?

The custom fee or Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF) depends upon the price of the product. Earphones that are less than $2500 may cost you $2, $6, or $9 per shipment. Earphones whose value is more than $2500 may cost you 0.346% of the product’s value. It depends!

Is Importing Earphones From China Profitable?

Yes, China is becoming a superpower, which provides goods to the whole world at cheap rates. There are plenty of success stories of people who started a business with China imports.

How To Grow Your Business With Importing Earphones From China?

How To Grow Your Business With Importing Earphones From China?

China is a supplier and manufacturer of various electronics, including earphones. China offers a variety of earphones, from lower quality to high-quality. It’s a great idea to start an earphone business in your country by importing from China. We assure you that you can build a profitable business with imported earphones. You can get them at wholesale rates from China and sell them with a massive profit in your country. All you need is to make a start with a profitable marketing strategy.

Earphone FAQ 3

To grow your business, you first have to set up one. You have to find suppliers who are available online. Alibaba, Global sources and made in China, have hundreds of suppliers. You have to visit these sites and find a supplier providing good quality earphones. Once you have found the supplier, contact them, fix the costs, and order in bulk. That’s it!

After seeing the supplier, you can tell them your desired customization. The supplier needs to have FCC, CE, and ROHS certifications.

  • To start a business, you will need to have the following documents ready:
  • Business Registration
  • Bank Account with company name
  • STRN registration

If you have not completed the documentation, you won’t be able to grow your business.

What Is Earphone Business?

In this digital era, the information stream is via earphones. People need them. You have to take advantage of this need. You can become the seller of earphones. Buying from one place and selling at market place is business. People import earphones from china at cheaper rates and sell them at a profitable rate. People find broadened choices for earphones, and they seem to like it, which is beneficial for you. It may include earphones like; headphones, wireless earphones, Bluetooth earphones, and earbuds, etc.

What Are The Benefits Of Importing Earphones From China?

If you have a business mind, you better know how important it is to compete in the market.

You cannot compete without:

Good Quality

Advanced Products

Becoming a market leader

There could be different factors that affect these traits; one of them is importing.

Importing earphones from China has the following benefits:

Introducing New Products: In this digital world, everyone knows what’s in trend. But not everyone can afford those trending expensive gadgets. You can import earphones from china and become the trend introducer.

Reduced Costs: Producing earphones can cost much manufacturing cost. But, getting them imported from China is cheaper and affordable. The internet is full of an entrepreneur’s success stories. They found inexpensive earphones with good quality even with the Sea Freight fees.

Becoming The Leader In The Earphone Market. If you become the first to import new earphones to the market, you become the market leader. How amazing is that!

How To Choose the Best Earphone Manufacturer In China?

Alibaba.com and Globalsources.com are two of the largest supplier directories. Every earphone export maker is listed on these two websites. But how do we choose the best manufacturer?

Earphone FAQ 2

Following are the traits with which you can identify the best earphone manufacturer:

  • Product Scope
  • On-site Verification
  • ROHS certified
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • BSCI and Sedex certified
  • MFi license

By identifying these factors, you can reach the best earphone supplier from China.

How To Negotiate With Chinese Earphone Suppliers?

To negotiate with the supplier, you have to click on the contact supplier button, and you will be led to a chat room. Negotiate clearly about the product description, its price, packaging, discounts, and other customizations.

Suppliers want to sell more products; they offer discounts on more oversized orders. One tactic to get a deal is to tell them about your future projects to contact them. You can tell them about your past experiences with the suppliers.

Make bids competitive so that they know your offers are powerful. Try to be an ideal client, pay on time, negotiate, and not ask for endless samples without making a purchase.

Shipping Earphones From China

Once your deal is done, the shipping phase starts. If you are ordering in bulk, merge your orders, it will save you money. If the product is fragile, ask your supplier to take precautions in packaging it safely. Use HS codes to find shipments, as they are an effective way used worldwide.

How To Sell Earphones Online To Earn Money?

Once you have got the supplier, you can start earning through your online store. The world is becoming cloud day by day; everything is online. Why not you sell earphones online and make money?

You can import earphones from China, make your online store. You can list your product under your store name, and people will get to you. This way, you can earn more revenue than the physical business.

You can make targeting headlines for your variety of headphones, for example:

  • The best headphones for 3D gaming
  • Top headphones for stereo production

A quick tip is to learn from competitors and professionals. Set the right prices and expand your offers, and you are good!

Final Words

Importing earphones from China is very useful. The prices are low; you can get bulk orders at cheaper rates. You will have unique and rare goods that are only sold in more prominent countries. You will have a higher margin of profit, as you can sell a piece for $50, which you bought for $5. The payoff is yours!

Your business will grow faster as you become the leader. You may get orders from resellers and drop shippers for your goods. Your status will be of a supplier or vendor of China imported products. After all, China has got some class!

Import From China

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