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Import Export Company in China

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Factory Audit

Factory Audit A Definite Guide

In the process of cooperation with Chinese suppliers, factory audit is a very important part. It can help you confirm the factory’s production capacity and qualifications, and ensure that high-quality products are delivered on time.

Product Inspection

It is very necessary to do product inspection before shipment

In order to avoid quality problems with products sent directly from the factory to your warehouse, it is very necessary to do a quality check before shipment.

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When freight occupies a large profit of the product, the use of shipping can greatly reduce transportation costs and increase product profit margins.

Product Air Freight Shipping from China

Product Air Freight Shipping from China

Leeline will be your best air freight forwarder and help you arrange the best air freight delivery plan at the most competitive air freight price.

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For long-distance transportation by land, railway transportation is a more reasonable logistics transportation method, which can reduce shipping costs when ensuring effective results.

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How to Find the Best Import Export Company in China 2021


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If you are wondering to know the best import export company in China, this guide is for you. In this article, you will learn all about the best suppliers available for you in China.

For almost as long as there have been individuals, there has been trading. It is the way we are ready to sell food, drinks, furniture, garments, and almost everything else.

It makes us able to buy products from all around the globe today. Global trade is one of the hot ventures of the new thousand years.

Yet, it is not new. Business exists since one nation has some set of item or product that is popular by another. If you love cooperating with different societies, import export business is for you.

Imports mean any goods or items acquired starting with one nation then onto the next. In contrast, exports are merchandise and goods delivered to other countries.

This way, whether you are importing or exporting, relies upon your direction of trade. If you are starting a business, realize that there are many kinds of import/export business. You could zero in just on importing or only on exporting.

You could be the delegate of a supplier, represent considerable authority in a specific industry. There is a chance you could be an import/export vendor or operator, which is all the more an independent dealer.

With devotion and this guide, you can manufacture a flourishing business that will encourage trade the world over. Here, we have discussed the prominent import-export companies in China. You will learn about all the options available for you to import goods from China.

Best Import Export Company


Types of Import/Export Business

There are three essential kinds of import/export businesses. Beginning, it is a smart thought to seek after the one that intrigues you most. Following are the three types of import/export businesses:

Export Management Company (EMC)

An EMC handles all the details for the organization to import goods overseas. An EMC solely manages export activities for a domestic organization that needs to sell its item abroad.

Such companies do not have a clue how and maybe do not have any desire to know-how. Let us say a company in Australia wants to export its product. That is where an Export Management Company (EMC) comes into action and can help.

The EMC does everything – employing vendors, invoicing clients, traders, and agents. They take care of publicizing, showcasing, and advancements of your products.

EMC also does regulate, stamping and packing, organizing, and transporting your goods. Now and again, the EMC even gives title to the products, turning into its merchandise.

Export Management Company (EMC)

Export Trading Company (ETC)

An Export Trading Company (ETC) discovers what foreign buyers need and then finds domestic companies that can export the goods.

It recognizes what unfamiliar purchasers need to spend their cash on. They afterward chase down homegrown sources ready to export.

An ETC now and again takes title to the products and some of the time chips away at a commission premise.

Import/Export Agent

Import/export agents buy stock from a supplier and exchange that merchandise throughout the world. This global business visionary is such a free operator.

He has no particular customer base. He does not have practical experience in any one industry or line of items.

The agent buys products from a domestic or foreign supplier. Then he packs, dispatches, and exchanges the things all alone.

That implies that not at all like the EMC, he expects all the dangers (just as all the benefits). There is more substantial danger engaged with being a free agent. But with fewer individuals, there is a potential for a higher profit.

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Import Export Agent


How to Start an Import/Export Business?

In case you are keen on beginning an import/export business, there are many decisions you have to make.

For an import/export business, it is useful to know about business, foreign relations, or the world economy. That should give you an upper hand to start your business.

It will make you able to make better trade with foreign suppliers. The following things are necessary before starting an import/export business:

1. Startup Costs

You can begin your own import/export business with minimal startup expenses. At least, you need a telephone and dependable Internet availability.

You will likewise need to put resources into business cards, a site, and a fax machine. Also, it does not damage to use someone for your branding, including an appealing business logo.

These costs go from under $5,000 to more than $25,000 for the import/export business. You can begin home-based, which implies you will not have to stress over renting an office space. You do not have to buy a ton of stock, and you presumably will not need workers.

Your necessities will be a PC, printer, fax machine, and modem. If you, as of now, have these things, at that point, you are making excellent progress so far. A few of the importers we conversed with began from ground zero.

Many amusing aspects of an import/export business are that its startup costs are low. You have the benefit of home-based capacity, which chops office rent costs down to nothing. Let us take a look at all the items that you will need to get up and running:

  • Computer (along with a modem and printer)
  • Fax machine
  • Internet and email services
  • Software for your business
  • Market Research
  • Mobile phone and Telephone
  • Stationery and office supplies
  • Postage
  • Travel expenses for conducting market research

Startup Costs

2. Registering Your Business

To enlist your import/export business, you have to round out the US Department of State, SNAP-R company enrolment.

After you present your data, the Department of State will send you an email about how to get a Company Identification Number (CIN). A CIN is utilized for charge purposes and for enrolling with the US Department of Commerce.

Import and Export Licenses

Commonly, the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) do not need a permit to China import products. Also, they don’t need export merchandise from the United States. Other government offices or nearby governments may require them.

In case you are exporting products, you can discover which licenses might be required by soliciting your nearby port from the section.

Incorporating and Forming an LLC

You do not need to consolidate to begin an import/export business. In any case, joining or making an LLC can give principal advantages, including:

Separation of Personal and Business Assets

Making a partnership or a Limited Liability Company (LLC) can assist you in securing your benefits. For instance, you will have less close to home risk for business obligations.

Cost Deduction

Through an LLC, you can deduct operational expenses before payment is given to you.

Enhanced Reliability

Customers incline toward working with them, as they seem to be more genuine.

3. Pick a Product to Import or Export

The following stage, at the start of import-export business, is to discover an item or industry you are energetic on. Select a product that you think could sell in worldwide business sectors.

When you find your item, you likewise need to distinguish the correct market for it. All things thought; you need somebody to offer it over.

That is the place your pattern spotting aptitudes become an integral factor. The best items for an import/export business are items that are beginning to get famous or give some guarantee to being so later on.

You can look for the Department of Commerce International Trade Administration Data. You can discover writes about the condition of the import and export industry with the Census Bureau Foreign Trade.

After detailed research, select an item that you want to import from China. Since China has a tremendous market, you can choose among hundreds of suppliers there.

From that point, it is ideal to begin gradually. Try not to accept that what you think will sell since you love it will burst into flames in the market.

What bursts into flames in the market is something beyond how it tastes. It is who you know, and the packaging and good fortune, and the entirety of the delicate stuff that affects.

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Pick a Product to Import or Export

4. Source Your Suppliers

When you have an item, you would prefer to trade it globally. You have to locate a nearby supplier or other suppliers that make your item and can prompt a reliable organization. A decent connection with a provider is urgent to a long-running business.

By and large, you can discover providers through websites like Alibaba, Global Sources, and Thomas Register. You should persuade the provider of the advantages of entering the market, and make sense of the coordination of taking their item. In that way, you can export products easily and earn a great deal from it.

5. Price your Product

You recognize what item you need to work with, and you have distinguished your objective market. Next up, make sense of the amount to charge. The plan of action on an imports/exports business incorporates two important understandings:

  • The volume of units sold
  • The commission made on that volume.

Make sure to value your item with the end goal that your markup on the item does not surpass what a client is happy to pay.

However, you would prefer not to make it too low with the end goal that you are not going to make a benefit.

In the import-export industry, importers and exporters take a 10% to 15% markup above what the producer charges you when you buy the crude item.

6. Find your Customers

Next up on the best way to begin an import/export business is to discover clients to offer. Your objective client will be somebody who needs to exchange around the world.

They will either need to sell products abroad or buy products from worldwide sources. Past that, you can pick any sort of client you wish.

If you can distinguish a need, you can focus on a group of organizations as clients. It is a smart thought to recognize the nations you need to work along. Your inclinations can guide you toward target nations and restricted your pursuit.

Choosing a market is not equivalent to finding your clients. You can not only send your items to the Port of New York and begin selling your products on the docks to whoever strolls by.

You generally need to discover sellers who will take on your item and offer to other people. Check with any nearby reaches you have in the zone, contact the territory trade departments, consulates, and so on.

These elements may have the option to give you a nearby contact list. Doing so could be imperative assistance in beginning an import/export business.

7. Shipping the goods: Get the Logistics Down

The intricate part of the import and export business is the logistics of taking an item made at someplace and selling it elsewhere.

Hiring a global cargo forwarder is a smart thought for all imports/export organizations. They will fill in as a cargo specialist for moving freight—sparing you a great deal of time and stress. It helps you over getting your items from the production plant to a distribution center.

You will give data about your business and your aims for the goods. They will afterward follow the delivery arrangements and protection.

They also cover the licenses, grants, levies, and standards of working inside another country. That can cut a ton of the efforts related to an import/export business in a global trade market.

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Best Amazon Freight Forwarder For Shipping To Amazon FBA

8. International Billing and Payments

Your new business will expect you to make and get global installments. It implies that you will make exchanges among currencies and across borders.

As a worldwide trader, you are a go-between in the purchasing and selling or importing and exporting. In this way, you need to decide the cost of the item, yet the value of your services also. These two figures are discrete yet intelligent.

Since you are in the trade channel, the cost of your administrations must be included in the item cost. Such activity can influence its intensity in the commercial center.

You would prefer not to charge your customers the least with the goal that you can’t cover your costs and make a benefit. You also need to make sure not to cheat and diminish the seriousness of your company.


What Other Factors Should I Consider When Choosing a Niche?

To run and determine your startup charges, it is an ideal opportunity to limit your market center. By niching down, you can concentrate on a market you can serve best. Consider:

  • Customers you want to serve.
  • Areas of the world you will target Types of goods you will offer.
  • Take as much time as is needed to be done with your exploration. The more time you spend finding profitable niches will pay off over the long haul.

Your target customer should be someone who is looking to trade throughout the world. Beyond that, you can work with any type of buyer.

You also must target some specific countries to make the trade. It would be best to choose a region based on your personal experience with them.

Picking a commission model for your business is an important task. You should negotiate the amount you will buy and then figure out how to benefit from the industry.


China’s Top 6 Exports

The following are the top 6 export items of China:

1. Automobile Parts/Accessories

As the economy of the working class steadily increases the individual vehicles also improve. The upkeep for these vehicles has prompted a colossal development of China automobile parts market.

China’s auto parts industry has been performing well despite its slight decline in growth rate in the year 2013. The Chinese automobile industry grew steadily in the years 2011 to 2018.

Automobile Parts Accessories

2. Models, Puzzles, Miscellaneous Toys

The Chinese Toys and Games segment generated an amount of US $62.798m in 2020. The toy market is seemed to grow annually by 6.1%. In global comparison, it is the highest amount of revenue generated by a country in 2020 in this market.

It sums up to around the US $43.40 per person. The toys and games business had the fastest growth rate in China from 2018 to 2019. China exports its toys all around the globe at affordable rates. Thus, the Chinese toy industry is ever-growing.

3. Furniture, Bedding, Lighting

Importing furniture from China is advantageous. China is the most significant furniture exporter that has a primary market.

There are around 50,000 furniture makers in China. One can import furniture in mass from there. There is a whole city that lone exports furniture.

In the USA, furniture products produce a ton of income. Furniture worth Billions of Dollars is shipped each year.

The significant suppliers of furniture are from China. Chinese furniture has a developing demand all over the place. It is a direct result of their best quality and competitive prices.

4. Plastics, Plastic Articles

The Plastic manufacturing industry has grown consistently lately. The Chinese Plastic markets worth $44 Billion. China is the world’s biggest importer of waste plastics.

The potential impacts of this trade are clear, and the needed issues are recognized. The large increment in demand for plastics will make markets great (for both the importers and exporters). There are a total of 18,863 businesses of such a niche in China.

Plastics, Plastic Articles

5. Knit or Crochet Clothing, Accessories

China is the largest exporter of knit materials representing half of the world fiber production. Additionally, it is a possible buyer and importer, sponsored by a developing business sector.

China is involved with practically all exercises in the knit clothing industry. It exports material items running from crude materials, fiber, and prints to prepared-to-wear.

With a populace of 1.3 billion and active development, China offers the world the largest clothing market.

6. Phone System Devices Including Smartphones

Chinese cell phone industry has a high development rate, raising its offer on the worldwide market. In 2007, 600 million cell phones were made in China, making it more than 25 percent of global production. China is the biggest market as far as cell phone users.

Industry income for mobile phone manufacturing is the figure to increment at an annual rate of 2.7% over the five years through 2020.

The industry adds up to $230.9 billion in 2020. Chinese products are usually popular that allow them to gain a large sum of market share.


China’s Top 3 Major Export Companies Help You Efficiently Complete Procurement

The following are the top 3 major export companies in China that help you best import from China:


LeelineSourcing is a China sourcing company that helps you complete your deals in the best possible way. LeelineSourcing finds the best suppliers available in China.

They try to find you the products that you can export at the most affordable rates. Their team of experts makes sure that the desired product meets you at your doorstep.

They have a profound experience in the import-export business from China. The company deals with your stock from the start to the end. They bargain from your side to get the best price, then pack, and deliver your goods.


Alibaba.com is the main stage for global wholesale import. It is quite renowned around the globe for its B2B services. It has been in use for just about 20 years. Alibaba.com is a large platform that offers a vast number of items from more than 40 distinct assortments.

It extends its services to every corner of the world. Alibaba has clients from pretty much every nation on the planet. It has an incredible reaction rate. Along with that, it is an efficient commercial center for goods import.

Their foundation is effectively open to the layman. Their website has an easy to use interface that can be handily perceived. You can find thousands of suppliers online on this platform. It is a great source to start your import export business besides.

SAIC Motor

SAIC Motor Corporation Limited (SAIC) is a Chinese state-claimed car industry settled in Shanghai. It is one of the Fortune Global 100 companies and one of the Enormous Four state-claimed Chinese automakers.

The company had the highest creation volume of any Chinese company in 2014, with more than 4.5 million vehicles.

SAIC cooperates automakers from abroad that see the results of large worldwide organizations. It includes General Motors, Volkswagen (made and sold in China).

SAIC has various production offices in China at multiple destinations such as:

  • Chongqing
  • Liuzhou
  • Qingdao
  • Shanghai
  • Shenyang

It additionally had a plant in the United Kingdom, the Longbridge plant. It likewise has a plant in Chonburi, Thailand, and in Halol, India.

SAIC Motor Corporation


How LeelineSourcing Help You Import and Ship Products from China Smoothly

Are you yet not secure with how to import and ship from China? Contact LeelineSourcing immediately. Our authorized group will handle your import process. LeelineSourcing offers the following to its clients:

Guides You to Find the Right Manufacturer

LeelineSourcing helps you locate the best service providers in China. They associate you with the central China wholesale exporters.

They help your import business grow by ensuring the quality of the products you sell. It makes bargains from your side to pick the quality items at the cheapest costs available.

They make sure to come up to your demands and save your bank. Such a China sourcing agent is the need of your business plan.

Private Label Solutions

Private label items are the ones made for the offer of another organization. LeelineSourcing enables your organization to have its label on your products.

It stamps your label before they transport your goods. They lessen your efforts of hiring a separate private label for your import business. They make sure to deliver the right product according to your needs.

Confirm and Follow-up your Order

LeelineSourcing also ensures the status of your request. It regulates the process of your order from beginning to end.

They watch and take a gander at the early shipment of your items. It lessens your concerns about arranging with the Chinese sellers. LeelineSourcing makes sure your goods reach you as soon as possible.

Quality Control and Inspection

LeelineSourcing looks to ensure the correct items reach for your import business. Their group of specialists assures the importers of the product quality after they examine it.

The experts there treat your goods as their own to guarantee the quality. It has the best inspection team for your upcoming business plan. Make sure to source your products using their services.

Expert in Paperwork to Clear Customs

LeelineSourcing clears the custom obligations and gives you data about it. It does so without letting you make any efforts. Some wholesale trade needs a few accreditations.

Lumber/Wood items need USDA or CITES approval. Since wood items can let the pests along these lines, it needs USDA approval. In the same manner, different goods require their custom clearances. Several countries can have their paperwork solutions for the goods to be imported.

LeelineSourcing does all the vital desk work. Their company clears the basic needs for bringing goods to a country.

They will handle/tackle all the accreditation issues. In that manner, your item will contact you with no endeavors.

Best Logistics Solution for Your Orders

LeelineSourcing takes care of your order from start to end. They deal with your order until it ships to your area. It covers all the essential needs of your import.

LeelineSourcing wants to offer solace to its clients. It ensures the purchasers get a fruitful encounter of ordering from China.



Final Thoughts about Import Export Company

The import export business has an unusual framework that adjusts both passionate and financial needs.

With the best possible research and arrangement, you can dispatch a fruitful import export business of your own.

It is for people who love building connections throughout the world. Such trade also requires an organized mind that can deal with logistics. If you are up to such a standard, take a step further and start your import export business.

It is the best way to cover your financial needs and make a great asset. Doing an import/export business promotes different cultures. It is the best way to sell your products to buyers from several nations.


FAQs for Import Export Company

The following are the frequently asked queries and their answers:

1.Which product is best for Import Export?

There are a lot of great products available to be imported. In our view, the best-selling products are electrical appliances. In 2019, electrical appliances worth 2.7 Trillion were exported.

2.Which Country is best for import-export business?

China, having the largest industry, is the best country for import/export business. China has a large population that requires large enterprises. Chinese products are cheaper as compared to other major exporters. Due to that reason, it is the best place for you to choose from.

3.Which bank is best for the import-export business?

One should choose a bank according to the area he lives in. Your bank must be reliable and noteworthy. One should choose a trustworthy bank for this purpose. You can research before choosing a bank for you.

4.How do import/exports make money?

An import/export business makes a profit by selling products at a higher rate than you paid for them from the source. This money is taken as a reward for the service that companies provide.

5.Which type of import/export business should I choose?

There is no best sort of import/export business. Each can be productive whenever oversaw appropriately. Pick the one that intrigues you most, and afterward research it all together before beginning a business.


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