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Consumer Electronics Suppliers

LeelineSourcing Find The Best Consumer Electronics Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
  • Leeline can provide packaging and bundling services.
  • Leeline can ship your goods from China to Amazon FBA Warehouse.
  • Along with conventional shipping methods, we also provide a variety of logistics solutions.
  • Leeline assists in completing the complicated purchase process, including consumer electronics.
  • Leeline provides FBA prep services. It means before you start selling your products, it helps you better prepare for it.
  • Based on your needs, Leeline provides you with quality inspection services.
Consumer Electronics

Top 10 Hot Selling Consumer Electronics From China


Importing Mobile Phone From China

With consumer electronics, China’s mobile phone factory has potential growth. China’s consumer electronics industry provides the best deals or the best-customized products.

China Mobile phone factory has growing trade and innovation capacity. Chinese suppliers provide the best deals so you can maximize your profit potential.


Wholesale Drone From China

Chinese drone makers are developing in consumer electronics. China’s DJI technology is a combination of advanced technology and competitive costs.

With this technology, China has become the world’s biggest manufacturer of drones. Many Chinese manufacturers export drones in the wholesale market.


Buy Digital Cameras From China

Growing trade and innovation is there in the China Compact Digital Cameras factory. They have the potential for growth in retail sales of consumer electronics.

There are many suitable experienced exporters of this wholesale Consumer Electronics industry. They provide the best deals and the best customized Digital cameras and products.


Wholesale Electronic Cigarettes in Bulk From China

Most of the production of E-cigarettes is in Shenzhen. It is a city bordering Hong Kong. You can contact the desired suppliers/wholesalers for exporting purposes. Experienced Consumer Electronics suppliers can help you get great deals.


Wholesale From China Wireless Earbuds Suppliers

Wireless Earbuds are one of the categories with the potential for growth in consumer electronics. Consumer Electronics manufacturers and wholesale electronics suppliers can provide you with great deals. They also offer great discounts and promotions for these earbuds.


Wholesale From China Computer Manufacturers

The availability and technological advancement of the computer are increasing. Do you want to source computers from Chinese electronics companies? If yes, you can contact wholesale electronics suppliers.

Additionally, you can contact reliable China manufacturers or wholesalers. They will help you find a Desktop Computer or laptop with low wholesale prices.


Importing Smart Remote Control From China

You can import electrical products from various verified China suppliers at discounts and great deals. There are many manufacturers and online sourcing companies in China. These include Leeline, Alibaba, and many others that provide exporting services.


Wholesale Smart Watches From China

China’s Smartwatches factory has an innovative and growing trade capacity. This industry provides watches of innovative design and technology.

If you want to export these watches, you can meet or contact Watch manufacturers, wholesalers, or exporters. They can help you grab the opportunity to get these devices.


Buy Smart Home From China

Smart Home is on the list of top products in China. Smart home manufacturers and exporters can help you in getting it at great deals.

This technology and growing trade have the potential for growth in retail sales of consumer electronics. You can find opportunities to get these devices at great deals from online sourcing companies.


Wholesale Walkie Talkie in Bulk From China

Walkie Talkie is one of the products of top Chinese electronics companies. You can get this product by contacting online sourcing companies like Leeline and others. Experienced exporters can provide you with the best deals and great products at lesser prices.

Leeline Help You Import Consumer Electronics From China

Product Sourcing

Consumer Electronics Sourcing

Product sourcing is another service that Leeline delivers to customers. We help you in finding the best and tested products and manufacturers at competitive prices.

Factory Audit

Consumer Electronics Factory Audit

With the factory audit service provided by Leeline, we can help you ascertain the best-chosen product manufacturer. We will do this on your behalf to save you money and time.

Product Inspection

Consumer Electronics Product Inspection

Leeline will ensure to do a product inspection to provide you with the best one. We will ensure that the product is of quality standards and will get delivered on time.

Amazon FBA Prep

Consumer Electronics Amazon FBA Prep

Per your request, we do customize your product brand packaging, print, and stick FNSKU labeling. As per your request, we can also bundle the same or different products into one package.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Consumer Electronics Shipping To Amazon FBA

Leeline helps you in saving cost and time. We choose the best method to ship your product safely from China to Amazon FBA at the lowest rates.


Consumer Electronics DropShopping

Leeline will act as your drop shipping agent and order fulfillment center. We will ship your product directly from our warehouse to our customers.

Why Choose Leeline To Import Consumer Electronics From China

  • If you’re with Leeline Sourcing, you will not face any problems.
  • Leeline will verify all the products. After that, they will provide you with everything according to the conditions listed in the advertisement.
  • You will get consistent quality control.
  • They provide quality inspection services to check the quality of all the products according to their standards.
  • You will be aware of the situation with your order as they do have open communication. In this way, you will feel comfortable working.

Best 20 Consumer Electronics Manufacturers In China

1.Dongguan Caicheng Printing Factory

1.Dongguan Caicheng Printing Factory

The Cai Cheng Color Printing Factory was established in 1996. This manufacturing company has a specialization in final product printing and product design. They provide services like stickers and wash labels, printing on paper boxes, and cartons. They also offer services like paper handbags, etc.

This company has the machinery for doing all the work relevant to these services. They strictly implement quality standards so that they can provide high-quality printing.

2.Shen Zhen Pkcell Battery Co., Ltd

2.Shen Zhen Pkcell Battery Co., Ltd.

The year of the establishment of Shen Zhen Pkcell Battery is 2006. The main products they offer include Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries and Li-SOCI2 batteries. Others include cordless phone batteries, chargers, power banks, alkaline batteries, and heavy-duty batteries.

The company has 20 high-speed automatic production lines. These production lines enable the company to extend production capacity and timely delivery. They have overseas distribution agents. They can export products to more than 30 countries.

3.Shenzhen Ricom Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

3.Shenzhen Ricom Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

2006 was the year in which Shenzhen Ricom Electronic Technology was established. Their specialization is in Bluetooth Earphones and Computer Mouse Keyboard. They also produce top quality Wireless Chargers and Bluetooth Speakers.

For large-scale production, they have the most advanced technology. Shenzhen Ricom Electronic Technology exports to overseas markets. They export to South America, the Middle East, Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia.

Their success is because of the well-organized management system and customer-oriented strategy. Additionally, their well-trained working staff also contributed. Also, their strict quality control system is excellent. They supply high quality and low priced goods to the clients.

4.Shanxi Jakcom Technology Co., Ltd

4.Shanxi Jakcom Technology Co., Ltd.

The establishment year for Jakcom Technology is 2014. They are one of the earliest manufacturers and designers for the Internet of Things. This company provides core values of convenience, experience, change, and sharing.

They produce the most cost-effective products for the Internet of Things. The products of this company have their trademark of “JAKCOM.” They have certifications for domestic and overseas authorities, including CE, CB, UL, CCC, FCC, and ROSH.

The company has many special honors. These include:
• Enterprise of Excellent Credit and Consumer Protection
• Patents for Utility Models
• Appearance Patents

5.Shenzhen Viewtec Technology Co., Ltd

5.Shenzhen Viewtec Technology Co., Ltd.

The establishment year for VIEWTEC GROUP is 2005. The company is a professional in the production of proprietary intellectual property products. They produce consumer electronic items such as Wireless chargers and special ODM.

They also manufacture Bluetooth Speakers, Bluetooth Headsets, and OEM items. The principle of this company is on-time delivery and good after-sale services.

The company always offers high quality and competitive prices. They are the most professional company that supplies Bluetooth Speakers and quality Headsets.

6.Shenzhen BIZX Technology Co., Ltd

6.Shenzhen BIZX Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen BIZX Technology Co.Ltd is the most recent one. It got established in 2017. The company focuses on Audio-Visual and Electronic Health products. The main focus is on the field of Human-Computer Interaction.

The Excellent Design Company that won RedDot and IF award is in co-operation with them. They have six modernized production lines and automatic SMT lines. The company enterprises with the integration of R&D, production, marketing, and services.

7.Shenzhen Aoolif Technology Co., Ltd

7.Shenzhen Aoolif Technology Co., Ltd.

The Shenzhen AOOLIF Technology group is in Shenzhen, China. It was established in the year 2010. The company produces USB phone charging cables and a USB mini fan. USB Handwarmer Power Bank and Mini portable speakers are other products they offer.

This company has a complete QA and QC system and machines to provide products of high quality. They are over 4000 square meters. They have engineers working that have ten years of experience in the relevant field. The company serves many customers worldwide on OEM and ODM orders.

8.Shenzhen Zhenghaixin Technology Co., Ltd

8.Shenzhen Zhenghaixin Technology Co., Ltd.

The establishment year of Shenzhen Zheng Haixin Technology group is 2015. They are professional manufacturers and exporters. This company has a specialization in the design, development, and production of products.

They produce wireless chargers, power cables, and power banks. They have around six years of experience in factory production of such devices.

This company manufactures products according to international quality standards. Their products pass the certification of ROHS, UL, CE, FCC, and MFI. They guarantee total customer satisfaction with excellent quality control throughout the production.

9.Shenzhen Musttrue Technology Co., Ltd

9.Shenzhen Musttrue Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Musttrue Technology group was established in the year 2015. They are experts in the development and production of things relevant to mobile. This company is in Shenzhen, Guangdong province.

All the products of this company pass the test and certification of MFI, CE, FCC, ROHS, and UL. They have a global sales network in countries like Asia, Europe, America, and such others.

The products of the company are appreciated in different markets of the world. Their products include a USB wall charge, wireless charging, and power cables.

10.Shenzhen Heqiao Technology Co., Ltd

10.Shenzhen Heqiao Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Heqiao Technology was established in the year 2006. The company is a leading exporter of accessories. Their accessories include Kindle 4, Kindle Fire, Amazon Kindle 3G, and other models.

The manufacturer of this company is in Dongguang city. They produce USB cable, OEM/ODM, and power cables. They export in countries, including the UK, France, Italy, America, and other countries.

The company is a reliable Chinese exporter. They have experience in exporting games and MP4 accessories. They have 100+ varieties of products at present related to such accessories.

11.Shenzhen Universal Through Technology Co., Ltd

11.Shenzhen Universal Through Technology Co., Ltd.

The year of the establishment of Shenzhen Universal Through Technology is 2015. After many years of development, they have over 300 employees. They have service teams of experienced people in sales and after-sales.

The company has a culture that represents and defines loyalty to the customer, personality, and products. They hope to get markets with their company through this culture. This company works as a manufacturer, distributor, and wholesaler.

The products they manufacture and export include a PD20W power adapter, solar panel, and wireless power bank. Additionally, they produce mirror surface power banks, 3 in 1 USB cable, and a portable magnetic power bank.

12.Shenzhen Youshengshi Technology Co., Ltd

12.Shenzhen Youshengshi Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Youshengshi Technology has a head office in Shenzhen. It was founded in 2009 and established in 2017 in this area. This company has specialization in things related to fashion and creative 3C accessories.

They work to provide satisfaction to the employees, customers, and partners. The core values of this company are Magnanimous, Integrity, Responsibility, and Excellence.

They are among the most influential companies in the industry and are rapidly growing. The company works as a manufacturer, trading company, distributor, and wholesaler.

13.Shenzhen E-Maker Technology Co., Ltd

13.Shenzhen E-Maker Technology Co., Ltd.

The establishment year of Shenzhen E-Maker Technology is 2017. They are in Guangdong, China. The company works as a manufacturer, trading company, distributor, and wholesaler.

The main products this company manufactures include Modules, Digital Products, and Integrated Circuits. They also produce Diode and Computer Accessories.

With experienced sourcing specialists, they improve time to market and maintain production. They can help you in sourcing the parts that are difficult to find.

The products of this company are always appreciated all around the world. Their primary markets are North America, South America, and Northern Europe.

14.Shenzhen Rvtop Technology Co., Ltd

14.Shenzhen Rvtop Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Rvtop Technology was established in 2010. It has years of smart product factory experience. They have a large Stock They have over 10000 units in stock and provide quick delivery. This is one of the top Chinese electronics companies that are in Shenzhen, China.

They are a professional, smart products manufacturer. The products they form are of quality and meet the quality requirements of the customers. They provide steady product quality and strict quality control.

They produce products like makeup, Eyeshadow palette, lip gloss, makeup sponge, and Lipstick.


15. Shenzhen Tesida Textile Goods Co., Ltd.

xinbaoyuan was set up in 2008 , located in gongming ,Shenzhen . next to bus station. we are specialized in the design of computer weaving.jacquard ribbon,printed label ,embroidery and similar products .

our company has advanced production equipment, high competence professional production technicists and top ranking team members , we can provide custom service ,including OEM/ODM . Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit .

16.Shenzhen Kadun Electronics Co., Ltd

16.Shenzhen Kadun Electronics Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Kadun Electronics has a head office in Shenzhen. It was established in the year 2016 in this area. The specialization of this company is in things that relate to technology.

The items they produce include Bluetooth Wireless Headphones and Bluetooth Wireless Headsets. They also manufacture Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds and Bluetooth Wireless Earhook. The company is a manufacturer and has a trademark of Bluetooth.

They have the main markets in Western Europe, Southern Asia, and Southern Europe. This company has 101-200 employees. They provide quality products and have product certifications of CE.

17.Shenzhen Moko Technology Ltd

17.Shenzhen Moko Technology Ltd.

Shenzhen Moko Technology was established in 2011. The main product they manufacture includes smart wristbands. It covers 8,000 square meters and has 250 employees, 20 engineers, and 30 overseas sales.

The product goes through a complete material inspection and an on-machine patch. Also, the product goes through SMD PCBA full inspection. Heart rate functions full inspection and waterproof testing are other inspections.
Bluetooth connection, battery aging, and touch sensitivity are also part of the inspections.

They provide the highest quality products. The company has certifications from CE, FCC, FCC, RoHS, UL, Test Report.

18.Shenzhen Youmi Times Communications Co., Ltd

18.Shenzhen Youmi Times Communications Co., Ltd.

The Shenzhen Youmi Times Communication group is in Shenzhen, China. It was established in the year 2015. The main product this company produces is TWS earbuds. They provide quality products and have certification from CE and others.

This company is a professional manufacturing and trading company. The main markets of this company are Domestic Market, Eastern Asia, and Western Europe. They have a total of 11-50 people for the company and have private ownership.

19.Shenzhen Pujianda Electronic Co., Ltd

19.Shenzhen Pujianda Electronic Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Pujianda Electronic was founded and established in the year 2014. Chinese electronics companies focus on the production of electronic gifts.

They also produce mobile phones, Bluetooth audio systems, and Bluetooth headsets. They accept orders of OEM and ODM types from famous companies.

This company has perfect testing and advanced development equipment for testing of products. They have a professional packaging team that designs the packaging of the products. This company has ROHS, CE, and FCC certification for all the products.

20.Shenzhen Wireless Cloud Image Electronics Co., Ltd

20.Shenzhen Wireless Cloud Image Electronics Co., Ltd.

The establishment year of the WXYT Shenzhen Wireless Could Image Electronics group is 2013. They are wholesale electronics suppliers who manufacture electronics products. The products this company produces include TWS Bluetooth earphones and ANC earphones.

They have 500 workers, 35 shielding rooms, 30 engineers, and 60 test equipment. The company ships products to customers and covers markets in more than 20 provinces. They can take OEM ODM orders.

Need Leeline to Handle Your Shipping Consumer Electronics From China

Consumer Electronics Sea Freight Shipping from China

Consumer Electronics Sea Freight Shipping from china

If the order is not urgent or massive, then Leeline recommends shipping via sea freight.

Consumer Electronics Air Freight Shipping from China

Consumer Electronics Air Freight Shipping from China

If the order is a little urgent and you want it in less time, Leeline recommends shipping by air freight. It is because it’s the fastest method.

Consumer Electronics Rail Freight Shipping from China

Consumer Electronics Rail Freight Shipping from China

If the order is in large volume and is over a greater distance from China, then Leeline recommends shipping by Rail freight.

Consumer Electronics Door to Door Shipping from China

Consumer Electronics Door to Door Shipping from China

If you don’t know about others, door to door shipping can be a good option for you.

Import Consumer Electronics from China Ultimate Guide



Ecommerce stores mostly need a reliable wholesaler to buy Chinese products in bulk and import them from China. China is among the largest exporters of many products, including consumer electronics.

Are you looking for websites or companies to do business with for importing consumer electronics from China? If yes, then you can go for the existing wide variety of Chinese wholesale websites.

Many manufacturers in China manufacture the product and also export them to different countries. You can contact them to import consumer electronics from China.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s have a look at some frequently asked questions about wholesale consumer electronics:

1.Where in China are electronics made?

There is a zone in China named Hangzhou Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. This zone has fame with the name of China’s Silicon Valley.

There is another central manufacturing hub in China known as Shenzhen, which is in the South. This hub is one of the largest and most famous manufacturing bases for consumer electronics.

2.How do I import electronics from China?

You can import consumer electronics or other products from China through the given steps:

1 – Consumer Electronics FAQ 2

  • First, you have to identify your import rights.
  • After importing rights, find the goods you want to import, like consumer electronics.
  • Check whether the goods you selected have permission to import into your country or not.
  • After that, calculate the land cost by classifying the goods.
  • Place the order after finding the supplier in China.
  • Arrange cargo transport for importing and then track your cargo till arrival.

3.What is the cheapest way to import from China?

You can import many ways from China like air, train, sea, and door to door. All methods include additional import fees. It consists of the best and cheapest way or shipping method for importing from China is Sea Freight.

If your order is huge, then it can be cost-effective or affordable for you. Otherwise, go to other ones.

4.What electronics are made in China?

There are many consumer electronics manufacturing and exporting companies in China. Top Chinese electronics companies producing consumer electronic products include Huawei, Konka, and Lenovo.

Others include Panda Electronics, BOE, Changhong, Haier, Hisense, and many others. Almost everything relevant to electronics gets produced in China.

How to Grow Your Business by Importing Consumer Electronics from China?

What is the consumer electronics business?


Consumer electronics business means the business of devices of entertainment, communications, and recreation. There are many types of stores like online, retail, or a combination of both who do this business. Many people do the online business of consumer electronics by importing them from other countries like China.

What are the benefits of importing consumer electronics from China?

There are many benefits of importing consumer electronics from China. Some of them are as follows:

Who uses consumer electronics?

The analog and digital devices for home and other use are part of consumer electronics. These devices have many benefits in everyday life, mostly in homes.

Devices for entertainment, recreation, and communications are part of consumer electronics. These are the devices that most people use in daily life. Mobiles, Earbuds, hand frees, refrigerators, and many other such things are an essential part of everyday life.

How to choose the best consumer electronics manufacturer?

There are many options available for consumer electronics manufacturers in the electronics industry. It can be challenging to select the perfect one for your business or project. Here are some ways that can help you find the right one:


  • Before choosing one, you should interview more than one manufacturer. It would help to have an idea about what can be useful for you.
  • You should not be afraid to ask the manufacturer questions to select the right one.
  • While selecting, you should see whether they’ll provide quality work or not on your price.
  • You should check the credentials and quality accreditations of the manufacturer. Check the manufacturer’s on-time-in-full performance to know about the manufacturer.

How to negotiate with China consumer electronics suppliers?

If you fail to negotiate with the suppliers successfully, then it can cause terrible quality issues. The steps to negotiate are as follows:


  • Before the negotiation, you should set a realistic target price.
  • You should keep in mind and accept that the supplier must make some decent profit from the price.
  • Before you start negotiating, be clear about the quality requirements.
  • You should negotiate the price before making any commitments with the suppliers.
  • If the supplier tries to raise the price after placing it, you should be ready to walk away.

How to ship consumer electronics from China?

There are four ways of shipping consumer electronics from China that include:

  • Sea Freight Shipping of consumer electronics from China
  • Air Freight Shipping of consumer electronics from China
  • Rail Freight Shipping of consumer electronics from China
  • Door to Door Shipping of consumer electronics from China

How to sell consumer electronics online to earn money?

The guide for selling consumer electronics online is as follows:

  • First, create an online store by choosing and customizing free e-commerce website templates. You can also select a graphic designer to make you a good profile.
  • With advanced in-store apps, you can sell and promote your consumer electronics online.
  • Always keep the return policy and list of warranty details clear.
  • Take good and professional photos of what you’ll ship to the buyer.
  • You need to keep long listing times on your website like someone can cancel in 7-10 days. It helps in getting maximum traffic.


Final Thoughts on Wholesale Consumer Electronics from China

China is among the largest consumer electronics manufacturers and exporters. You can import a wide variety of wholesale consumer electronics products from China.

You need to consider many factors while dealing with wholesalers. This will help you avoid scammers or receiving low-quality goods.

Chinese wholesale websites can help you do business the right way. You can go to the manufacturers mentioned above for your business. We hope this article will be quite informative for you.

Import From China

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