How To Buy From China

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In the old days, buying from another country was quite a task. It costs humongous investment, time, and efforts.

But, now thanks to the internet and e-commerce, a lot has changed. You can buy it from anywhere around the world.

Even you can sell it wherever you want, without your physical presence.

China has significantly grown in the e-commerce sector. According to the WEF, China has become known as The World’s Factory.  It is the production superpower now.

So, if you want to earn high-profits, buy from China. Buying from China is quite easy now.

All you need is a little guidance. And this is what we are going to tell you today. Let us navigate you through all the process and make it easy for you.

buy from china

Why Buying From China?

In the e-commerce business, the nearer you are to the source, the higher will be profits. Many items available in the market seem to be high-end products. But in reality, the manufacturing cost is low, while the profit margins are high. That is because many mediators get involved in this game. So, buying from China exempts you from all these hurdles. Thus, you will have more profit as compared to the bricks-and-mortars buying.

When you will buy from China, you will have higher profit margins. As manufacturing and labor are cheap, the product cost is low compared to any other country. Further, they have a low tax ratio and the compliance process is quite easy. Owing to this, many technological Giants have shifted their production units to China. Almost every day-to-day products are produced in China. And the logistic service providers are available as well to deliver in any part of the world.

How Can I Buy Direct From China and Earn Big Money?

Buying goods from China, and selling them online is a very simple business framework. All you need is to clear your mind. And streamline your work to start importing.

earn big money

If you want to buy from China, you have to research your potential product very carefully. Brainstorming is the key part because all your business depends on this. You should keep one thing in mind that never buy a product that you think will be viable. Rather you should dig out what trends and statistics are telling about the product. For this, you need to use assessment tools to seek trends. After this, you need to find out a reliable supplier, then negotiate on the terms and conditions. Further, ask to ship the samples before buying in bulk for physical inspection.  Look for the shipment that suits you. Test your sample and then lock your deal. Finally, you are ready to launch the very first product from China.

Now, Let’s check all these steps with a bit of detail.

Step 1 — Find a Good Product to Import & Sell

Finding the best product is the only place new sellers get stuck. If you don’t know what you are up to, it is easy to get lost into the dungeons of product research. But don’t lose faith, we are here to help you with this.

Keep the following things in mind while selecting a product to import and Sell:

  1. Look for the products that are small-sized and lightweight. Such products will have lower shipping costs.
  2. Try to avoid delicate and fragile products. Prefer simple products that you think will not have the size and damaging issues.
  3. Avoid high-ticket items for start. Try to sell the product between $10 to $200 per piece. Two-digit will be the ideal one for the starters. The low-ticket items have high selling frequency.
  4. Don’t buy frequently selling items. As there is very high competition in those categories, Niche down in these categories. Try to get as unique as possible.
  5. Go for the products that people use all around the year. Do not go for seasonal products because you will have a very small range of time to sell those.

For more detail visit the ultimate guide that tells you what to sell online.

Step 2 — Find Chinese Suppliers

Once you have selected a product, you’ll have to source that product from a supplier. Alibaba is the best and safest place for you to find Chinese suppliers. There are certain steps you need to follow to find the right supplier and avoid scams. Following are some important steps you need to be aware of:

  1. Review the profile of the supplier.
  2. Check whether the supplier has the trade assurance badge along with gold plus supplier.
  3. See how other buyers have rated the supplier in the review section.
  4. Check the payment methods they offer.
  5. Company information and response time.
China Wholesale Suppliers

After assessment contact your supplier and talk to them what you need. Ask as many questions as you can to get an insight into your product.

If you have difficulty finding your supplier you can also contact us here, and we can help you with that.

Step 3 — Request a Sample and confirm

Sample or Small test orders are a must for gaining confidence in your supplier. So, this will help you verify the quality of the product.

Now there are two ways to verify the quality. Either you can ask them for the sample to send it to you or you can have a factory audit with the help of your sourcing agent.

Do not work with suppliers who only ask for large orders only. Do not despair as there are plenty of suppliers out there if one is not complying.

Step 4 — Place the order and Negotiate Payment Terms

After verifying the test product, the next thing that you need is to place the order. Besides, you should also negotiate on the final price and payment terms. If the supplier does not accept the payment terms you are most comfortable with, you can move on. That is, find a new supplier.

LeeLine Sourcing can also assist you to buy direct from the China factory and better prices.

Step 5 — Preparing For Your Shipment

After finalizing the order and payment process. Now, you have to prepare your product for the shipment process. The easiest and most viable way is to contact a sourcing agent. A sourcing agent will provide you the information about their collection point. Besides, all the relevant information is also provided.

Ask your supplier to send your product to your sourcing agent. A sourcing agent will prepare your product according to your need after receiving it.

LeeLine Sourcing also offers the service for preparing your product. If you want to send your product to your Amazon store, they can also provide you the prep service. When your consignment is ready. They will let you know and you can take further steps needed.

Step 6 — Shipping your goods from China

Some suppliers provide shipping services to your country when you buy from China. But, you have to perform customs clearance of your product at the port. There is a process you can pursue to receive products right at your doorsteps. Find a logistic service provider that suits your area of shipment.

Find a suitable logistic service provider. They will carry through your order. LeeLine sourcing agent can help you to ship your goods from China to your preferred location.

Best Top 6 Websites to Buy From China


Alibaba is one of the topmost world’s popular B2B and B2C suppliers platform. It was founded in 1999 and had grown at a very high pace. This is a platform where manufacturers and suppliers showcase their products.

And you can find suppliers for any products you can think about. Almost every category of products that you need is available. This platform is serving millions of suppliers and buyers around the globe.

The major suppliers are from China but not limited to China only. It has suppliers from more than 190 countries. It is quite simple and is becoming more and more user-friendly since its start.

The unique thing about is there is no fixed price. You can negotiate with the manufacturers as much as you can.

Made in China

Made-in-China is also a B2B platform that was established in 1998. It aims to transform trade in the whole world. Everything here is original and high quality, nothing counterfeit.

Made-in-China has 27 categories and 3600 subcategories. You can visit the website in 11 different languages for better user experience. It contains any product that you can think of. From vehicles to manufacturing plants, Made-in-China has all that you need.

Global Sources

Global Sources is another equal B2B supplier in China. The clear & concise supplier and products catalogs make it easy to search for and find, the type of “qualified” manufacturer you want to use. The company has more than 49 years in the industry. It has acquired trust with 1.5 million active buyers worldwide. It is generating leads for retailers and can lead you to get buyers from over 240 countries.

There is professionalism in all proceedings. And even if something occurs and you need a refund, it is quite easy. All you need is to follow the process in accordance and meet the terms. You will be comfortable buying at Global Sources.


DHgate is another one of the best suppliers in China. It is a business to the business global marketplace. It connects manufacturers from the whole of China with the rest of the world. According to DHgate, they have more than 30 million products from all the categories.

The prices change as you increase the amount of order. The shipping duration is quite easy. You will have your order delivered right to your warehouse, but the prices are a little high. The shopping experience is safe.

If you face any issue during order placement, contact their sales agent. They will have your issues resolved. The sales team can also help you with the refunds. Yet, some terms and conditions may apply. Eventually, you will get a refund if you deserve it.


AliExpress is another online retail owned by Alibaba group in China. It started in 2010.  Keeping in mind the platform for small businesses in China and other countries. It is the most visited e-commerce website in Russia.

AliExpress started as a B2B but now it supports all business models like B2C, C2C, etc as well. AliExpress is currently available in 17 different languages.

It is famous among the user that uses a dropship business model. It was ingeniously designed for international buyers. AliExpress does not allow customers in mainland China to buy from the platform. The affiliate-marketing-program is also available where a commission is rewarded for sending visitors.


1688 is a subsidiary of Alibaba in China. 1688 is available in the Chinese language only. Also, offers service for China’s domestic market.  It supports the B2B, B2C, and wholesale products model. Many Chinese businessmen prefer 1688 to find products. Other business owners are also showing interest because of the lower prices.

For buying products in 1688 you need the complete help of a sourcing agent. These sourcing agents will help you through the process. As 1688 is in Chinese so the help will help you save a lot of time.

LeeLine could help you find & deliver quality products at a very competitive price. LeeLine offers you 1688 agent services. For details visit here.

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​Best websites

How to Find China Wholesale Suppliers?

Finding a wholesale-supplier that you can trust and have a long term business relationship is very crucial. Every Wholesale supplier has a different business model when you buy from China. For example, some offers free shipping, and others offer low MOQ prices. So, you need to check the prices by assessing the price of the product from the supplier to your destination.

Another the best place to find a Wholesale supplier is the different expo and trade shows in China. There you can meet up with 100s of the supplier in one single day under one roof. The major barrier you will feel there would be the language. Most of the Chinese people don’t understand spoken English. They do not feel it polite to ask you again and again that they have not understood what you said. So, there are three ways: Write it down what you want to ask your supplier during the meetup. Or try to learn the basic related words needed to ask for the product you want to buy from China. Or find an interpreter.

Now let’s find out places where you can find your Wholesale Supplier.

Canton Fair

One of the topmost methods to find your Chinese wholesale Supplier is to visit Canton Fair. Since 1957, the Canton Import and Export fair is one of the best trade shows. It usually happens twice a year at the end of May and the start of November. Do not miss the bandwagon this year. Ongoing pandemic-19 has delayed the Canton Fair this year. 127th Canton Fair will be going to start online for the first time from June 15-24, 2020. You can preregister yourself to join it by simply clicking here.

Canton fair is usually divided into three phases to manage and contain the wholesale suppliers. The first phase covers Electronics. The second phase covers consumer goods, gifts, and home decor. While the third phase covers textiles, garments, shoes, and office supplies.

This fair is too big to be imagined. We guarantee you would have never seen a trade show that big.

Most of the representatives know basic English. You can also hire an interpreter for the whole day at quite a cheap price. Moreover, it is free to visit the Canton Fair, they don’t charge you a buck. The living cost is very low, so, it’s easy to visit China.

Global Sources Trade show

The Global Sources Trade show is another humongous fair. Here factory owners worldwide assemble twice a year. It takes place before the Canton Fair in Hong Kong so you can strike both shows during the same visit.

The Global Sources show is not as heavy as the Canton Fair. Yet, some key qualities make this show a must-attend event. It has a broad variety of electronics and fashion products. You should visit this fair if you are planning to start a business related to these categories.

At Global Sources Trade Show puts a great focus on educating people about e-commerce. Certain conferences are running to teach you how to run a successful online business. Top entrepreneurs worldwide tell you about their experience and methodologies to get success.

Yiwu Wholesale Market

The Yiwu wholesale market is one of the largest marketplaces in China that is open all around the year. It is also famous as Yiwu International Trade City.  Yiwu international trade city is divided into 5 districts. Every district has a variety of products Many of the products are off the ledge and ready for sale. Beware of the counterfeit product. Most of the sellers are not manufacturers or factory owners. Yet, the prices are very low. You can find your possible niche product while walking through the Yiwu market.

Shenzhen Wholesale Market

The City of Shenzhen is the technological hub of China. It is home to many technological giants. Shenzhen Wholesale Market is unquestionably the biggest electronics wholesale market in the world.

Shenzhen Wholesale Market is the best place to visit if you own an electronics business. Electronics good is very cheap. It will increase your profitability. You can buy any kind of electronics from Shenzhen, China. Shenzhen is the best place for you to buy electronics from China. You must-visit Shenzhen at least once to see what the market beholds. If you want anything to buy from China, it is quite simple. Every city has its product. Likewise, Shenzhen is a city of electronics either related to home or industry.

Guangzhou wholesale Market

Guangzhou Wholesale Market is quite different from the other Wholesale Markets in China. The markets are not concentrated in one region. So, do your homework before visiting Guangzhou. As it will save your time, money, and effort. Following are different categories of products available in Guangzhou wholesale market:

  1. Clothing Wholesale Market
  2. Watch Wholesale Market
  3. Electronics Wholesale Market
  4. Replica Lady’s Handbags Market
  5. Second-hand Electronics Market
  6. Shoes Wholesale Market


China Wholesale Directories — Alibaba And Global Sources

If you feel it difficult to travel to China to take part in the trade shows, then find the Chinese suppliers using an online directory.  Alibaba and Global Sources are directories of the manufacturers and suppliers. You find hundreds of thousands of suppliers to buy from China in bulk. These are search-engines for the manufacturers and suppliers.

Type what you need and you will be able to find all related items and suppliers online.

Do I Need a License to Buy From China?

There is no license required to buy from China. Unless you are importing any hazardous chemical or restricted materials. You will need to pay import and customs duties depending on the types of products you sell. Yet, it is better to hire a logistic service provider. The provider will clear your all taxes and duties and send the products at your doorstep.

Import Taxes,Tariffs,Duties When Buying From China

You should not have to despair about import duty if you have bought a product worth less than $800. So, the value of your shipment decides how many duties or taxes they will charge on your shipment. In general, to calculate duties and Value Added Taxes, it is the percentage of the customs value. If there are any tariffs involved with your HS codes, they will be directly added to your duties.

4 Main Methods For Shipping From China

Letting the supplier handle the shipment is common among inexperienced buyers. As it is very simple and convenient as you just have to tell them to ship it as FOB, CIF, etc. They will do the rest. Yet, there are 4 main methods for Shipping from China. Let’s discuss one after the other.

shipping from china

Air shipping

With air shipping from China, the cost of your product will be lower than with courier companies. For example, 500 Kg air shipment would be the best option.

Air shipment is the best option when your product is not very heavy and you want your products fast. Transit time may differ based on the timetable of airlines. But, in general, it ranges between 2-10 days.

Using air shipping you have some extra responsibility.  That is, you have to handle documentation and customs clearance. For newbies, it might a difficult task. Although, you can always outsource it as well.

LeeLine Sourcing can help you with the air shipping process as well. Lately, when you got the experience and your sales volume has grown then you can do-it-yourself. As we said earlier, the lesser the middlemen higher will be the profits.

Sea Shipping

Sea Shipping is the cheapest in the world for transport. Yet, it consumes a lot of time. 98% of the world import and export is carried out through sea shipping. Moreover, there is no limit on weight. You can bring as much as you want via sea shipping.

Despite the long delivery time, if you plan forward, the sea shipment will be your top choice.

Same as air freight, you will have to take care of the documentation, and customs clearance. Also, the delivery of goods from the port to your destination will be your liability. But, if you choose ‘to-Door services’, which is popular in many countries, all you have to do is pay the freight charges. And wait for your cargo sent to your specified address.

When you buy from China in bulk, it is the best way to handle it.

Rail Shipping

Rail is more expensive than sea shipping but cheaper than air freight. This is suitable for high-ticket products, such as vehicles, electronics, and computer equipment.

Rail is also viable for promotional and seasonal products that must reach its final destination fast. If you are from Russia, Europe, etc, when you buy from China, you can avail of the rail service. Example of the transit time of rail freight are:

  • China — France, Lyon 14-17 days
  • China — Belgium 12-14 days
  • China — UK 18-20 days

Door to Door Shipping

Door-to-Door shipping means to ship from your supplier’s door to your destination’s door. Suppliers, sourcing agents, and logistic service providers usually offer Door-to-Door shipment of goods.

You can carry out  Door-to-door service on any medium rail, air, ship, and other transport.

They provide the service according to your demand.

Things to You Need to Know When Buying From China

When you are  going to buy from China keep following things in mind:

  1.  When buying online, choose a reliable website where you are planning to buy.
  2. Be skeptical about the sale and discounted products. Being a wholesaler never buy them, as they may have some fault that can hamper your business later.
  3. Ask for a discount from the supplier. Negotiate on the price as much as you can because every single penny is your profit.
  4.  Always pay through reliable payment tools like a credit card, PayPal, Alipay, etc… Payment methods like these can help you with the disputes if encountered.
  5.  Keep a track record of everything with your supplier. This will help in resolving any dispute and will help when someone reneges from the deal.

The Best Profitable Products to Import From China

Following are some of the best profitable products to import from China:

Pet supplies

Pet supplies are high in demand products around the world. This niche has a lot of potentials. Before buying these products to sell in your area, check for the rules regulations. Because some countries have certain rules, to sell pet supplies. In China there as a huge variety of pet products. Items like pet diapers and pet clothes are high in demand with less competition.

Clothing and fashion accessories

Clothes and fashion accessories are extremely cheap to buy from China.  Yet, make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. Only get clothes tailored if you know what fabric you want.  Or you have either an example of what you want to be copied. Or you have a solid impression in your head that you can trace out on the paper.

China is the perfect place to pick up fashion accessories.  Most markets will have shops selling everything from lipstick to jewelry.

Electronic gadgets

Remember to check for voltage difference for AC equipment. If your home country’s voltages are the same as those in China, then you should be fine. If not, you may find your electronic goods to be out of order upon your return home. Start selling electronic gadgets like smartwatches, trimmers, wireless chargers, and other consumer electronics.

Computer and office

Computer and office is another category of products that is a profitable option. The need for computers and computer-related products will continue to increase. COVID-19 has significantly increased sales in this domain. So, many people have started working from home. Many businesses that weren’t digitized are now using technology to keep them moving. So this domain is trending high.

Kitchen supplies

One of the things that you will always find in a home is the kitchen. This makes kitchen supplies high on demand. And it is for sure never-ending. China is one of the countries that offer low-cost kitchen supplies. Making it a great spot for buyers searching for cheap kitchen supplies to buy from China. There is a variety of kitchen equipment, and different suppliers out there. So, it is important that you buy the products from the right place that guarantees you a high level of quality.

Outdoor and travel products

Outdoor and travel products demand decreased due to the current unprecedented situation. But, this is will be high in demand after the end of this ongoing pandemic. As there are no outdoor and travel activities, but people will shoot out when this ends. So, these products have potential but you have to wait for the timing.

Hire A China Sourcing Agent to Buy From China

If you do not have time to visit the China market to buy products, we have a solution for you. To remove all your anxieties and worries, you should hire a Sourcing Agent. This is the ultimate solution. The Sourcing Agent will take care of all the procedures in which physical presence is needed. They will be your eyes in China. If you want to buy from China they will help you with that. They can inspect, audit, negotiate, prepare, and supply your product at your location.

Hire a china sourcing agent

FAQ about Buying From China

Can you buy direct from China?

Yes, You can buy direct from China without any hurdle. All you need is to streamline your order that you want to buy from China. Sourcing companies will help you in the buying process if your physical presence is not possible. For details visit our services section or contact directly.

Is it safe to buy from China?

Yes, it is very safe to buy from China. Before buying from any part of the world, you have to confirm the authenticity of the supplier. Likewise, the background check is very important in China as well.

Is it legal to buy products from China and resell?

Yes, it is completely legal to buy products from China and Resell. But, products like hazardous chemical and toxic items, need proper licensing.

Can I buy from China and sell it on Amazon or eBay?

Most of the sellers on Amazon and eBay are doing this for decades now. Almost 76% of the products available on Amazon and eBay are manufactured in China. You can even buy from China and sell it to any part of the world without physical presence. For details contact us.

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How long does delivery from China take?

The time varies depending upon the medium used to send the product. Generally, air freight takes 2-10 days. Sea freight takes 30–90 days. It all depends on availability and distance. The delivery from China can be confirmed from the LeeLine Sourcing agents.

How Leelinesourcing Help You Buy From China?

LeeLine Sourcing is one of the best Sourcing Agents of China. It offers product sourcing services cheaper than any other service you can think about. There is no least order concept. You need one product we will provide you that. You need 100 FCL containers, we can provide that as well. LeeLine also offers Amazon prep-service for Amazon sellers. It also offers inspection and Factory audits on demand. LeeLine is the best service if you need any kind of help with your products. They will serve you by going out of the box.

Final Thoughts about Buying From China

In this article, we had tried to uncover all the aspects related to buy from China. After considering all these steps, we ensure that you can buy from China without any hurdle. If you are a new seller and planning to start a wholesale business from scratch. Simply contact us and let us know. We will guide you through the rest. We can suggest you the best solution for your wholesale business.

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