How to Get Cheap Products from China? Comprehensive Guide

How to get Cheap products from China? Oh, alright, I already have some experience with the Chinese industry. (BEST INDUSTRY EVER!) 

I was not a CHEAP product hunter from the Mother’s Womb. I was a NOOB just like you(Confused totally at the start). But my first deal with a Chinese supplier was a TOTAL BARGAIN. 

Interested? Listen up then with all ears! 

“Supplier provided me with $2 per hands-free. But I bargained by asking him to deliver 100 pieces. And guess the final price? It was $1.5. Above all, I got warehousing and shipping in this.”

That is why I love the Chinese industry. Even Our LEELINE SOURCING experts are highly professional. No compromise on quality. Open the doors of cheap but quality products. A wave of NEVER-ENDING customers becomes your fortune. 

But how to do it all? Want to know? 

Let’s talk about this in detail. 

How to Get Cheap Products from China

 Why Are Products Cheap from China? 

Why Are Products Cheap from China

You are not the FIRST one wondering about the cheaper prices. For a long time, I thought maybe the Quality is subpar. But that is not true at all. China PRODUCTS are more affordable but still qualitative. But how is it EVEN POSSIBLE? 

Here are some reasons I have evaluated my research. 

  • Low material cost

The material cost could be a lot. But all thanks to government policies and bulk production of the raw materials. Moreover, they are less likely to import items. Locally manufactured equipment and raw materials come out without TAXES. 

Oh, I forgot to mention. How does it even affect the overall product cost? It is no rocket science, to be honest. 

No taxes. No more overhead costs. Lower raw material costs. And cheap products available to buyers and business owners globally.

  • Reduced Labor Costs

In production setup, there are several costs. For example: 

  • Raw material cost
  • Labor cost
  • Equipment Cost
  • Production costs
  • Other charges include electricity consumption, packaging, etc. 

And the labor force is quite essential. For example, you own an 18000 square meter drink production factory. It will have at least 100 employees working at a time. 

Overall, it increases the products, but in China. Why? All is possible due to Reduced LABOR costs. You DON’T have to worry about rising prices. 

  • Excessive Labor

When it is a competition, I am often pickier. Preferring price over QUALITY is not my ideal type. 

But… I chose a combo of both. 

There are hundreds of laborers waiting for you. And almost every single person is waiting for you to hire. (Thinking… )

Don’t overthink. It reduces the costs because there is EXCESSIVE SKILLED LABOR. They agree to work at a low price in the factory. 

This does what?? …. Should I tell you? Probably not. 

Cheap products from China. 

  • Flexible Government Laws

The Chinese government supports its industries. It is a BIG turning point. If you are in the US, you have to pay tons of taxes. It even costs a fortune to become more prosperous. (Hell No, I would say that)

But it is different in China. 

The Chinese government gives the VAT refund. No more extra taxes are applied to the manufacturers. So, cheap products are available. 

And the rest is the HISTORY…… China is the World’s manufacturing factory. 

  • Established Supply chain Mechanism
Why Are Products Cheap from China

Sourcing, shipping, warehousing. All are the HEADACHES. But China has made it humble. 

The Chinese companies don’t only manufacture. Instead, they store products for you. And ships.

This supply chain system is SO POWERFUL; buyers are out of their TENSION box. Sit and relax. Reduce their COSTS due to pre-planned mechanisms. And enjoy cheap products from China. 

That is why China is so victorious in shipping and selling products globally. 

  • Bulk production

Producing one product is HELL different from the bulk. You need to IMPLEMENT all the resources, machines, etc. Invest in the labor. All these factors do one THING— SKYROCKET the price. 

However, China has tackled this ISSUE with large-scale production. 

Producing LARGE quantities reduces the overall costs. More often, you reduce the SHIPPING costs as well. It’s time to make some PROFITS by grabbing cheap products. 

  • Diversity of Chinese Suppliers

Not one. Not two. Not three. I have OBSERVED hundreds of Chinese manufacturers. And in the single category. Unbelievable! 

You get a massive diversity of suppliers with different rates. And the RESULTS are there. Wholesale cheap products. 

You make sure to leave all STONE unturned to get a REDUCED price. Quite incredible for your business, my friend. 

Looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

Leeline Sourcing helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

What Factors to Consider for Cheap Products from China?

What Factors to Consider for Cheap Products from China

Don’t worry, my friend. I’m here to PASS you with flying COLORS of cheap products. 

Take a look at the TIPS when buying cheap products from China. 


I do not compromise on the COST and Quality. Always keep a balance. Wait a minute. Why balance? 

Let me give you an example. 

You are selling the earbuds in your store for $5 per earbud. But there is one problem. Quality is low. Buyers will buy but give a negative review. And new buyers will never move to your earbuds. What will happen? Oh, sorry, you failed. 

To succeed, the balance between QUALITY and PRICING is BLOOD and thunder. My friend, Nike, is Successful. Chanel is making hundreds of sales even at EXPENSIVE prices. Why? 

The Trust! And low prices yet qualitative inventory through caution to the WIND. 

Shipping Costs

I live in the US. And still wanted to buy from China. What should I do? 

Remember. Low prices can only give you PARTIAL relief until SHIPPING costs are standard, too. 

Suppose I ship 100 necklaces at the price of $1/piece. The shipping cost is $60. Total cost will be $100+$60= $160. That is a LOT of money to put in the shipping. Sorry, again, shipping has EATEN up your profits in retail. 

Choose the RIGHT SHIPPING option– Air shipping or sea freight. Check the RATES. And work with trusted shipping companies. 

I guarantee you’ll be the NEXT ELON Musk in your industry. 

Profit margins

A business works on the profit. Many COMPANIES have gone bankrupt. Why? Huge debt. Less profits. And totally failed BUSINESS MODELS. 

Refrain from repeating the MISTAKES. I am saying again, don’t do it.

Always keep a CLEAR CRYSTAL difference between the buying and selling price. And China is the LIBRARY of Congress. 

I purchase cheap products. Calculate the margins. And make 20-30% or even 100% per PRODUCT. 

The result? 

I’m a MILLIONAIRE at the age of 25. That is ASTONISHING. 

Is the product in demand? 

I remember a MONTH ago when I launched a SUMMER cloth collection at the end of summer. And hardly I made 5-10 sales. The problem was the LESS demand. So, the outcome is a ticking time bomb! 

How will you even SELL if a product is not even in demand? 

Wrong timings and wrong products are nothing but a FAILURE of your business. Whenever you are considering a product, know its sales. 

How many sales have other top sellers made in a specified duration? And how these HIGH-QUALITY products are going to be your COMPETITION winners. 

Keep an eye on all the FACTORS. Measure the data. And work wisely. You surely will succeed. 

Easy to use

What Factors to Consider for Cheap Products from China

I bought the product. And use it. Sometimes, the products are difficult to operate. 

For example, I purchased a SMARTPHONE last year. It was looking externally but was DIFFICULT to operate. I can’t even GRASP how to do my work on it. 

What happened next? Any guesses? 

I promised myself never to BUY it again. And that is going to happen with your BUYERS, too. Make a SPICY recipe that intensifies their APPETITE, not reduce it. 

And easy-to-use products are those RECIPE I have tried. And got success. Your online store STARTS booming in the target market. 

Standardized regulations of the Chinese market

I am warning you already. It can be a BIG TROUBLE if you do not pay heed to standard regulations. As a US buyer, it is not the US. You need to work according to China. 

Therefore, think before you buy. Read before you WORK. And research before you start selling. 

Keep a GRIP over all the LEGAL MATTERS you might face. Have smooth transactions. Try to work with RELIABLE freight companies. And settle a LEGAL agreement for your SAFETY. 

You’ll enjoy a SEAMLESS experience. No delays or unnecessary pauses in BUSINESS. The successful BUSINESS route ahead. 

How to Get Cheap Products from China?

How to Get Cheap Products from China111

So, you are finally at the BUYing process. Is it true? Let me tell you how you’ll get the CHEAP GOODS at the lowest prices. But with quality. 

Step 1: First of All Product Research

Don’t waste my friend. You are SHORT of time. Work on product research. 

Here is how I do. 

  • I explore the whole market. 
  • Get a list of top-selling items. 
  • Check whether their competition. 

And you know my SUCCESS RATE—99%. You’ll never FAIL if you follow what I do. 

Step 2: Take a Look around to find suppliers

Once I have done the RESEARCH, real hassle comes out. It is to find the relevant resource(I mean supplier). 

China is the best. Visit TRADE FAIRS. Or go to Alibaba to attend the TOP-NOTCH SUPPLIERS. Be sure of one thing— Online websites can be a Scam. Filter out manually. 

Step 3: Communicate with Suppliers

Let’s have a BRIEF talk to the supplier. And I do this in every SINGLE DEAL—no exceptions. 

It evaluates many things. 

  • Is the supplier reliable? 
  • Does the supplier guarantee product quality? 
  • Do I get affordable prices? 

A brief chat is MAKER AND SHAKER for me. 

Step 4: Ask for samples

Ask for samples

It is time to Go one step ahead of me. And it is ASKING for samples. I do not move with a supplier without a SAMPLE. 

I repeat it. My priority is to get the FREE sample. If not free, at least I pay a small fee for that. 

Step 5: Test Quality

Suppose I have the sample; WTH am I going to do with it? It is a secret I am going to tell. 

Test the QUALITY. If it is a Good quality at a LOW-COST, marvelous! Otherwise, I make a REQUEST to redefine quality control. 

Step 6: Agreed? Go to the bulk order

If the quality is good, it is time to TURN your FLIGHT to the moon. Time for a small quantity is OVER. Let’s do something big. 

I go for the BIG ORDER of 100 or 200 pieces. Get the LEAD time.

Step 7: Hire inspection team

Yet, it is not done. I still have to do SOME work. And it is to hire an inspection service like Leeline. They check the Chinese products’ quality for me. Test it in their LABS. And boost up my confidence in the BUSINESS. 

The upshot is 100% success. 

Step 8: Finally Ship! 

Everything has been done– The manufacturing process and storage. It is time to get the products. 

I work with reliable freight services. Choose different SHIPPING METHODS. And finally, I get cheap goods at my DOORSTEP. 

Looking to find a reliable Chinese supplier?

As the best China sourcing agent, we help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

Where to Find Cheap Products from China?

It is not EASY. A bed of THORNE is waiting for you. At every point, you might get scammed. Fold your clothes and go carefully through the SCAMMERS. 

Here are some ways to find cheap products. 

Trade fairs

Trade fairs

The name is the all for its definition. It is the PLACE where suppliers show up. Disclose what magic they have in their Boxes. And give a CHANCE to buy their inventory. 

I went to the CANTON Fair in China. And it is easy on the eyes. Finding a cheap product is NO BRAINER!! 


Have some business friends? When will they be yours until this time? Contact them. Get their RECOMMENDATIONS. 

Their experience will be a Huge TURNOUT. No risks of scams. Pure deals. Drop-dead business opportunity with quality products from China. 

What I like is the WORD-OF-MOUTH. It is less than a 1% chance of a scam. 

Wholesale markets in China 

China has many wholesale marketplaces. For instance, last year, I visited the Yiwu Wholesale market. There is so much RUSH from the people. I haven’t seen it even at the BURJ Khalifa or other famous places. 

It also has no risks of scams. Manual CHECKUP of the China cheap products is the BEST thing you do. And it is here. 

Find a Sourcing Company

Sourcing Company

I have worked with Leeline sourcing. They are AMAZING. 

But what exactly is a sourcing company? 

A sourcing company has RELEVANT experts ready to get you TAILORED solutions. They know how to find RELIABLE suppliers. Test their China cheap products’ QUALITY. And ship in an INTERNATIONAL trade. 

It is a TRUE win-win situation for your business. High-Quality. Accessible business for ONLINE sellers. 

Online Marketplaces

Do you know Alibaba? It is not the only marketplace. Instead, you can access the Dhgate or Made-in-China. 

They have hundreds of suppliers—you get diversity. Hundreds of products— cheaper rates are there. 

What else do you even expect? 

AliexpressGeneralWholesale and Small orders
Dhgate.comLimited CategoryWholesale
Global SourcesGeneralDirectory
Made-in-ChinaMachinery, ElectronicsDirectory
LightInTheBoxLimited categoryWholesale

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Top 20 Cheap Products from China

Confused about what to choose and what not to? Get a deep sigh. I promise I have listed the top wholesale products you should buy. Take a look! 

  1. Cutlery Set for Children
Cutlery Set for Children

I have picked it as the NUMBER 1. Why? It is one of the very CHEAP products from China. It is accessible to MAKEUP 100%+ profit by selling this item. 

Cream of the crop?

It is in HIGH DEMAND. You’ll make more SALES. And obviously, more bucks. 

  1. Portable USB Desk Lamp

It suits the students because I have used it in my school period. It is a QUITE flexible lamp with a high demand. 

A WHOLESALE price from multiple suppliers is a SUPERHIT option. And rack up higher PROFIT margins. 

  1. Pet Diapers 

Not BABY DIAPERS but pet diapers. People want to SAVE their pets from creating a mess on the FLOOR. And it is the TURNING point for your business. 

Buy pet diapers at wholesale prices from Chinese manufacturers. And POLISH your business with GOOD product quality. 

  1. False Eyelashes 

Here is the beauty item with HIGH product Quality. I have TESTED this product. And it is MARVELOUS. 

It is available at wholesale prices from China. And the GOOD thing is the high-profit margin. Make yourself into the LIST of WEALTHY sellers. 

  1. Sunglasses 

I love sunglasses. They are one of the CHEAP products available in China. 

On Alibaba, you can grab them for up to $10. And sell on sites up to $100 or more. A straight 1000% profit. Won’t you still choose them for yours? 

  1. Toys

Toys are one of my ALL-TIME favorite items. Why so? A HIGH PROFIT margin. Better deal. And the BEST PART? I have made thousands of BUCKS by selling toys. 

You don’t believe it, right? But it is 100% TRUE. Double your WEALTH with toys. 

  1. Phones

Phones are everyday objects. Harness this FACT to turn it into your business. Wireless phone chargers and smartphones are all part of the phone category. 

It is one of the TOP CHEAP products from China suppliers. You’ll make up to 50% profit by selling on Amazon or Shopify. A HIGHLY profitable deal! 

  1. Travel Bags

Don’t forget TOP quality travel bags when thinking about Chinese products. They give STRAIGHT products of 150%+. Good-quality bags can kick off the COMPETITION. And help you raise business standards. 

Waiting for what? Start selling quality bags on ONLINE platforms. 

  1. Kitchen Supplies

Working in the kitchen is shared. Many tools are part of the KITCHEN supplies. From cooking tools to an OVEN, this one category is a TREASURE. 

RELIABLE suppliers give you kitchen supplies at wholesale prices. And you print money by selling them. 

  1. Light and Related Accessories

I have made $10K by selling LED lights. You can do the same. But make sure you get the TOP QUALITY LED lights. And spread light on the BRIGHTNESS of your business. 

It gives you almost a 100-150% profit margin when you buy from a Chinese supplier. 

  1. Computers

I often use the COMPUTERS. Computers are the 21st CENTURY winner. Rapid demand has risen for computers. 

China has many suppliers that offer the BEST PRICE. Grab them. And make more profits by selling the computers.

  1. Home gym products

HOT SELLING product? Home gym products are the right one. Everyone is running for GOOD FITNESS. And you must run for the excellent business. 

China offers low-price. Creates a CLEAR-CUT price margin. And helps sell under your brand name in the RETAIL market. 

  1. Clothing

Most clothing items are available at low prices. It is one of the MOST DEMAND inventory and has higher sales. 

Due to low production costs, you buy them at a REASONABLE price. And step into the fashion industry to make some bucks. 

  1. Headphones and speakers

Who does not use the headphones and speakers? These are hot-selling items having GLOBAL REACH. 

GRAB good quality headphones at a low cost. And generate NON-STOP sales to attain a successful business journey. 

  1. Facial rollers 

Facial rollers are very successful. I have checked their POPULARITY. And they are in the TOP 10 beauty items for the face. 

Due to bulk production, Chinese manufacturers offer at a WHOLESALE price. And get you a smooth business deal. 

  1. Ring lights 
Ring lights

Ah, the TIKTOKERS! They have purchased many ring lights from me. Not only Tiktokers but also Youtubers and video makers. 

It is one of the VERY cheap products with good product quality. You change your FATE by selling it in your store. 

  1. Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers are the GAME-CHANGING tools. I am still selling them in my store. It is quite a cheap product.

I have made hundreds of SALES by selling them through an online business. Buy it now to be one of the TOP sellers. 

  1. Office products

From binding papers to clipping the pages, all products used in the OFFICE are top-selling. No exceptions!! 

Verified suppliers from CHINA offer a WHOLESALE price. Give a significant profit margin. And help speed up business growth. 

  1. Socks

Tell me, One of the most demanded products? Who can it be other than the SOCKS? 

Different varieties and fabrics make it a CHEAPER option. You buy such cheap wholesale products from CHINA. And make your BUSINESS a superstar by generating money. 

  1. Water/beach shoes

Shoes are always in HIGH DEMAND. But water/beach shoes generate more sales than other types. 

The BEST fact about them is their FLAWLESS quality. And exceptional profits. Skyrocket your SALES now! 

We can Made Drop Shipping from China Easy

Leeline Sourcing is to help Shopify & small businesses sourcing products from China and build your branded business.

People Also Ask about How to Get Cheap Products from China

1. How can China manufacture everything very cheaply?

Many reasons. First of all, reduced LABOR costs. (key reason.) The government also implements less taxes, urging the industry to grow better. Bulk production also provides cheap products. 

2. Do you need an import license to buy from Alibaba?

Nope. You don’t have to be an official importer. International buyers purchase products from Reliable Chinese suppliers through Alibaba. No restrictions!! 

3. How can I successfully get cheap products from China that have been delivered to me in Nigeria?

For that, you need to talk to sourcing agents like Leeline Sourcing. We’ll help find suitable Chinese suppliers. Disclose the merits of the deal. And ship it to your location—a total Hassle-free value. 

4. Can we get cheap products from China for our e-commerce business in Saudi Arabia?

Yep. You can easily find suppliers from China. Get the lower prices for your business. And start a company to get the ultimate profits from it. 

5. What is the cheapest and fastest way to ship from China to Nigeria?

It depends on the shipping services you use. If you choose air freight, that will be a costly deal. But sea freight is the most economical option you’ll get. Try it out!

What’s Next

It is not ALWAYS you find LUCRATIVE products. Sometimes, you need to get a UPPER EDGE over your competitors. And the GAME CHANGER enters— QUALITY. 

Do you know how to get the QUALITY? 

If not, no problem, we bring your trusty GUIDE. Our Leeline Sourcing experts have 10+ years in their EXPERIENCE belt. And know how to grab the BEST products. It is time to MAKE an enormous fortune. And an EVER SHINING business. 

Call our experts to get the QUOTE

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