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Q:How is everyone managing sales tax payments to Amazon in multiple states? A:There really are only 3 choices….Pull your data from Amazon and do it yourself, let Tar Jar or a similar service organize your data and file it yourself, or have a service or cpa do automated filings for you. The filing requirements for each...
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Q: Can somebody explain me, why my product shows in the front page when you choose “cords and supplies” but when I choose “all departments” doesn’t even show up, it’s the same keyword!! I don’t get it.. A: Keywords have a different ranking according to the department you do the search in. If you look...
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Q: Hope you all are killing it. Just a quick one, can we still use nationwide barcodes or do we have to go through gs1? Can someone please make it clear, it’s getting extremely confusing. A: GS1 is 100% safe, nationwide is not but it’s cheaper. You can choose btw pay less and maybe have an...
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Q: For instance, it’s a product sold in bulk and in the main photo they have way more than actually selling in that listing, it’s also deceptive. They put a lifestyle photo in the main image as well, with a small example of using that product on the side. What should I do? A: A...
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Q: Will you give the list of suppliers details to my clients and then they need to choose and contact the suppliers? Or you will send the final quote to my clients after you negotiate with the suppliers? A: We will try our best to source several different suppliers for 1 item, and select the best 1-2...
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How to import products from China to the United States? Keep reading.  In this guide, we explain that the US-based business must know the whole importing process from China including product selection preference, and how to find a qualified supplier, paying for goods, arranging shipping and final delivery.     1.  Import permit and familiarity of...
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Q: If my product is getting a lot of impressions in ads but not too many clicks and the ACOS is low what should I do? A: Optimize your main picture, title, price. _____________________________ If you have any more questions about Amazon, please do get in touch so we can assist you in getting the right...
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Q: I am thinking about putting my logo in the corner of each of my Amazon listing photos (except for the main image). It would be pretty small. Idea is to help get some brand recognition (it is the first product of this brand). Any thoughts on this? A: Well since people share pictures on...
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Q: I am the lowest prime seller on this product and still there is no buybox? Why does this happen? How can I get the buybox? A: That’s not how the buy box works. I’ve had buy box being the highest prices seller. Things that get taken into BB; seller performance, in stock rate. Droping...
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Q: Are there any other product tracking software other than the Jungle Scout product tracker? A: Xray from Helium 10 allows you to pin whatever products you want to track. You can also do this from Black Box also from Helium 10. _____________________________ If you have any more questions about Amazon, please do get in touch so...
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