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TOP 70 Best China Sourcing Agent Company

TOP 20 Sourcing Agent Company In China

Are you a start-up business owner and want to boost online sales? You may meet a lot of issues such as low MOQ , high price, product quality or expensive shipping cost ? Hence, you need to hire a sourcing agent in China to make this process smooth and efficient. In this guide, we have … Read more

How To Find a Sourcing Agent in China?

How To Choose Your China Supplier And Sourcing Agent

Getting a reliable Chinese agent is a great idea to help your business. The sourcing business has been growing fast in China for the past few years. Due to the limited geographical factors and language, or so on.It’s crucial to find a reliable local sourcing agent for your Chinese business. To do so, you can … Read more

Is the price you offered more competitive than Alibaba supplier?

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Q: Is the price you offered more competitive than Alibaba supplier? A: 80% of the suppliers we are working can offer better prices than suppliers from Alibaba. But if customers still want to buy from suppliers they found from Alibaba, we can help to gather their goods together and do QC, then ship to FBA for them. … Read more

What if the price you offered is less competitive than the one I find on Alibaba?

Q: What if the price you offered is less competitive than the one I find on Alibaba? Or I want to buy from my own supplier but still want to use your service to coordinate between the supplier and me. A: There are two different situations for service fee: 1. For client buying products from … Read more

What savings can I expect from sourcing in China?

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What savings can I expect from sourcing in China? Savings usually depend on the product but generally savings are: – Production costs: 20% to 50% savings – Tooling costs: Over 50% savings – Every intermediary step: 10% to 15% savings per step For your reference, here are some resources relating to your situation: How Does … Read more

Sourcing Company

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Product Sourcing overseas for your business can be a time consuming and difficult task. Sourcing the goods from another country requires certain important steps that you must complete. Without proper research, you might have to compromise on quality and pricing. In such cases, a good Sourcing Company is your right chance of getting the best … Read more

Shenzhen Electronic Market Guide

The Fascinating Shenzhen Electronic Market You Should Go

Shenzhen is one of the top cities with a huge electronics industry that contributes to their rapidly growing GDP. Most of the world’s top brands, such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, and Microsoft, manufacture more than half of their electronics products in China. The reason selling in China wholesale market is cheap labor, less expensive raw … Read more

Which Bluetooth Headphone Is Selling Best on Amazon?

Which Bluetooth Headphone Is Selling Best on Amazon

If there is a innovative technology that everyone should embrace is the superiority offered by Bluetooth. Why should you always remove your phone from the pocket when you want to pick a call? A Bluetooth headphone can solve that problem. Bluetooth headsets do not only allow you to make conversation without holding your phone but it … Read more

How to Choose Ultra-capacity Storage Bag for Outdoor Use?

How to Choose Ultra capacity Storage Bag for Outdoor Use 1

Which bags should you choose when you leave your house? This is a big issue for people, especially for  girls.  Bags will help you hold a a number of different belongings such as lipsticks, perfumes, smartphones, and tablets. It’s a must for them to take a bag to hold their items. You would likely to … Read more

Which Plant Lights Is Better For Your Indoor Farming?

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Using the alternative of lighting to replace the sun, you bypass nature and become the source of information your plants depend on to tell which season it is. LED Plant Growth Lights are not just an uber design to accessorize your garden or spruce up your indoor farming, they are just as effective as they … Read more