The Fascinating Shenzhen Electronic Market You Should Go

Shenzhen Electronic Market

Shenzhen, a beautiful, rapidly developing tourist city in southeastern China, closely links Hong Kong and China’s mainland. Since the reform and opening up, Shenzhen has emerged as the first-tier city together with Shanghai and Beijing in China given its fast-growing economy. The rising number of companies and factories started to spring up like mushrooms in the city, especially the electronics factories.

Due to the massive availability of electronics factories in Shenzhen, the city is renowned for its large electronic shopping centers, where you can buy electronic products at very cheap prices, like the Huangqiangbei shopping centers.

This electronics shopping complex gets a lot of attention is Huaqiangbei, the most popular electronic market in the area.  It is a recommended go-to place if you want to get cheap and quality electronic products, either in large or small quantities.

Traveling to Shenzhen from the US or European countries, you most likely will not get a direct flight. There are direct flights to Hong Kong, and you can take a ferry or train to Shenzhen.

Before traveling to Shenzhen, you should get your visa from your country, as Visa can’t be obtained in Hong Kong. You can get to the electronic market using the city metro from Huaqianglu station. Also can get to the electronic market by bus, try the bus line by any bus station, or if you can speak a little Chinese, ask the locals for direction.

Famous Electronic Market

There are lots of shopping malls and electronic stores in the Huaqiang Bei commercial area, and they all offer different electronics products. Like the Seg electronics plaza, Huaqiang electronics world, the Zhong Qiang mall, Sai bo store, Du Hui store, or the Yuanwang digital mall.

• Seg Electronics Plaza:

Seg electronics plaza was built in 1888 and has gone on to the most popular electronic market in the Huaqiangbei commercial area. The building is the most recognizable in the Huaqiangbei skyline.

The products in Seg electronics plaza is of the best quality, compared to other shopping malls in the commercial area, as the quality is guaranteed. The first to ninth floors are used for selling electronic products like phones and computers.

shenzhen electronic market

 • Huaqiang Electronics World:

This is the second largest and also the second most popular electronic market in Shenzhen. You will find mostly spare parts and second-hand electronics products, and second-hand computer products in this electronic market.

The first floor is used for the electronics component sales market,

The second floor for computer assembly and sales of its accessories.

The third flow is where you can repair computers,  and buy second-hand accessories.

The fourth floor is for second-hand desktop sales, and also for a notebook trading center.

shenzhen electronic market

  • Yuanwang Digital Mall:

This is one of the largest electronic markets in Shenzhen for refurbished or smuggled mobile phones. This mall is widely known for selling well-known brands produced in the domestic or foreign market. The brands sold there are in four categories:

1. Different types of mobile phones, and spare parts, you can also get walkie-talkies here. Program-controlled switches, cordless phones, visual telephones, fax machine and also copiers.

2.   You can also get a variety of electronic anti-theft security monitoring products here.

3.  Consumer electronics digital audio-visual products are also sold in this mall. Here you can get products like digital cameras, video cameras, electronic notebook, digital TV, home theaters, DVD, stereo, voice recorders, MP3 players, etc

4.   You will also get computer and application products in the Yuanwang digital mall. The products in this section include laptops, computers, network application products like printers, scanners, memory, multimedia, and computer monitors.

How to get quality and affordable products in the Shenzhen electronic market

The very first thing electronic product consumers and customers consider before visiting the Shenzhen electronics market is the low price of electronic products sold there.

As a customer, you will like to know if the cheap products you are getting are of good quality and if you can negotiate with the suppliers, plus other mind-boggling questions.

I will be giving you answers to your most pertinent questions.

• Are the prices really affordable?

Shenzhen electronic market is renowned for its very affordable electronics products. This is due to the large presence of electronic product factories in the city.

And also lots of large western electronics companies, and even startups come to this area to speed up the development of their products. So you will surely get very affordable electronic products here.

 • Can I get cheap, quality products?

The Shenzhen electronic market, although filled with quality products, also parades low-quality products that are basically scams. But if you know how to navigate the market, or if you get help from someone like me who is experienced in navigating the market, you will get exceptionally great products at very cheap prices.

• Can I negotiate the price of products?

If you already have an idea for the price and quality of the products you need, you are allowed to negotiate the price with suppliers. You can ask for a discount and get it. Some suppliers offer discounts, while some don’t.

• Is the market useful for developing new electronic products?

You can get components and ideas for developing your project just by working around different electronic stores in the market? For product prototyping, this electronic market is extremely useful.
Everything you need can be found locally, and you can get manufacturers who will help you assemble your products if it is in a substantial quantity.

• Is the electronic market very well organized?

No, it is not organized. There are designated buildings for specific products in the market, but store owners virtually sell anything they lay their hand on, making the electronic market really disorganized.

I can help you soft through electronic market disorganization, and help you get whatever you really want in no time, and it will be affordable and of top quality.

Here you can’t go to a particular building just for a specific product, you can get anything anywhere!

• Can I do a fantastic business if I can’t speak Chinese?

 Surely you can do great business if you can’t speak Chinese, as some of the store owners are probably foreigners, and most store owners speak a little English.

But speaking Chinese is an added advantage, as you can communicate with a higher proportion of traders. This is where you will need help, I can help you talk directly to the suppliers, and make your business experience a fantastic one.

• Can I find the same components for popular brands like the iPhone and Samsung?

The components you can get from this electronic market is in two categories:

1. Original Parts:  These original parts are either smuggled from a Chinese factory or gotten from a used or refurbished phone. These parts are technically in great condition, but you should handle them with care.

2. Copies:   You can find cheap copies of popular brands with almost comparable quality in this electronic market. But before purchasing quality, be sure to know how what is acceptable and what is not.

If you’re buying LCD screen, for example, there is a test to confirm the quality of the touchscreen, if you skip that test you might get low-quality copies of that product.

New Electronics Products You Can Find In The Shenzhen electronic Market

The Shenzhen electronic market is a regular center for the exhibition of the newest electronic products 21st-century technology can offer. You will find the latest products with the best quality and cutting-edge technology to match the need of any region of the world. Some of these products include:

• Wireless Charging Pad: This Qi-enabled wireless charging pad is created by Shenzhen Funxim, was launched March 15, 2018. This charging pad supports quick charge 2.0 and 3.0 and also supports 5VDC/2A lightning fast charging.

• USB Charger (Includes type A, -C ports):   This product created by Shenzhen soy was launched on February 15, 2018. It is a blend of one type – c and four type – a charging ports.

• Mp3 sunglasses with a replaceable lens:  Launched March 8, 2018, by Jinjiang Jianxing. It is anM8S model of Mp3 sunglasses with a replaceable lens.

• Wall Charger with USB type port – C:  This product created by Estar and launched in February 2018 is a model JHD-AP045U-PD-Cà B wall charger that comes with a USB type- c port.

• 9H tempered glass privacy screen protector:   Launched February 22, 2018, by The Hagee, has undergone physical and chemical tampering to help it withstand high impact.

• Smartwatch with dynamic heart rate sensor:   This is a digilink product and was launched in January 2018. This model DW-028 includes a dynamic heart rate sensor and activity tracker.

• 4G smartphone with 0.05mm thick bezel:   Also launched January 5, 2018, by Shenzhen Gotron. Is a model S8 pro-4G smartphone with 0.05mm thick bezel.

• Solar panel enabled charging station:   Launched on December 28, 2017, by its creator, Shenzhen Jinyingfenga. It is a model JYF-3SL01charging station equipped with a solar panel.

The rugged 4G smartphone that can withstand dust and water:   This amazingly rugged 4G smartphone built by Shenzhen Gotron was launched December 20th, 2017. It is an s model Smartphone, with dust, water and impact resistance.

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So from personal experience, getting products from the Shenzhen electronics market is a fascinating experience. You get to interact with different cultures as you get your electronic needs, at an affordable price.

Quality products are also in large quantities, and you can choose from a variety of products, from well known international brands to quality local products. The Shenzhen electronic market offers you everything you need to satisfy your electronic products needs.

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