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Shenzhen Electronic Market Guide 2021

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Shenzhen Electronic Market Guide For Importing From China

Due to low taxes, low production costs and a lot of other incentives introduced by the Government of China. China has emerged as one of the top countries with a huge electronics production that contributes towards a part of their enormously growing GDP.
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Shenzhen Electronic market is one of the top markets in the world known for selling electronic products. While starting an electronic business, you must think if it is worth to visit China, or are the Chinese manufactured products are of good quality?

The answer to your question is, Yes.

Today, most top brands like Apple, Samsung, Sony, and Microsoft have their manufacturing units in China that are manufacturing more than half of their products being sold in the world.

The reason is cheap labor, less expensive raw materials, electricity incentives and a lot more that China has to offer.

Huaqingbei Shenzhen is known worldwide for the wide range of products it has to offer and tons of suppliers to make it possible for you.

There are a variety of qualities for each product and of course, there is negotiation with these suppliers.

If you are in the electronics business or looking to start one. Shenzhen electronic market is a must-visit place for you as the products you can find here in bulk quantities at the right price is not possible in any other part of the world.

Shenzhen Electronics Market

What can I buy in Shenzhen Electronics Market? 

The answer to this question would be, anything you can think of that falls under the category of Electronics.

From mobile phones to their accessories, spare parts of the mobiles, LCDs, Computers, IC chips, motherboards, gaming consoles, lights, storage parts, keyboards, mouse, laptops, Tablet PCs and more.

There are no limitations to the market and you can virtually find every imaginable niche of electronic products in Shenzhen Electronic Market.

Top 12 Shenzhen Electronic Wholesale Markets

Like any other Chinese wholesale Cities, there are the most famous and significant markets in Shenzhen as well, that are specified to the products being sold there.

You can visit any of these markets conveniently to find the type of electronic products you are looking for the sake of reselling and making your business grow.

There are lots of shopping malls and electronic stores in the Huaqiang Bei commercial area, and they all offer different electronics products.

Like the Seg electronics plaza, Huaqiang electronics world, the Zhong Qiang mall, Sai bo store, Du Hui store, or the Yuanwang digital mall.

12 of the most famous electronics wholesale markets in Shenzhen are:

Seg Electronics Market

Seg electronics plaza was built in 1888 and has gone on to the most popular electronic market in the Huaqiangbei commercial area. The building is the most recognizable in the Huaqiangbei skyline.

Seg Electronic building is 71 floors high and spread over good, 48,000 Square meters. This is the first high-tech building in China.

The building has been divided into two phases, segregating the types of products that are being sold in this market.

The products in Seg electronics plaza is of the best quality, compared to other shopping malls in the commercial area, as the quality is guaranteed. The first to ninth floors are used for selling electronic products like phones and computers.

Address:Seg Plaza, Huaqiang North Road, Shenzhen, Guangdong

Open hours:9 AM – 6 PM

Products What you can buy

The market has a versatile range of products to offer. You can buy a diverse variety of Computer peripherals, computer DIY products, networking products, security-related products, and software. Some exclusive boutique computer outlets are also located in this market.

Seg Electronics Market

Tong Tian Di Telecommunication Market

Tong Tiang market is renowned for all the spare parts and mobile repairing products. The market supplies the needs for all China and almost half of the world for mobile phone repairing products.

Address:Shennan Middle Road, Huaqiang North, Shenzhen Guangdong

Open hours:9 AM- 6 PM

Products What you can buy

You can buy a diverse range of products like mobile boards, chips, batteries, LCDs, or other repairing components required to be replaced in mobile phones.

Long Sheng Communications Market

Long Sheng Communication market is also well known for the spare parts that can be used for mobile repairing.

This is the second-largest market selling mobile phone spare parts and if you own a mobile repairing business, or want to resell such products. You must pay this market a visit.

Address:Shennan Middle Road, Huaqiang, Shenzhen, Guangdong

Open hours:9 AM – 6 PM

Products What you can buy

The market allows you to buy a wide range of mobile phone spare parts and other products that you might need for mobile phone repairing business.

Feiyang Times Communication Market (Second-hand cellphone)

There are a lot of people who do not trust used mobile phones and for good reasons.

Yet, if you are looking for some good quality and rightly priced used cell phones. This is the market for you. The market features a whoopingly large variety of used and refurbished mobile phones.

However, you need professional knowledge of such phones to avoid being scammed and buy the right products in this market.

Address:6, Hua FA Nan Road, Futian District, Shenzhen

Open hours:9 AM – 6 PM

Products What you can buy

You can buy all sorts of cheap and used mobile phones here. The market has used mobiles of all brands. There are also some suppliers in this market selling refurbished mobile phones.

Second-hand cellphone

Shenzhen Electronic Science and Technology Building

While there is so much being offered by technology, why limit yourself to just a few products. This building is diverse and once you step-in, you just cannot yourself to be impressed by the diversity and impressive products that are being sold here.

Address:2070, Shennan Middle Road, Futian District, Shenzhen

Open hours:9 AM – 6 PM

Products What you can buy

This market has to offer a lot more than you can imagine. There is a wide range of smartphones, laptops, tablets, mobile accessories, Bluetooth speakers, power banks, headphones, earphones, USB and much more.

Huaqiang Electronics Market

Huaqiang Electronics market is the second-largest electronics market in the district that is selling wholesale electronic products in the region.

The market has four floors dedicated to a similar type of product so you can get an idea of the diversity and quality of the products being sold in this market.

The first floor is used for the electronics component sales market,

The second floor for computer assembly and sales of its accessories.

The third flow is where you can repair computers,  and buy second-hand accessories.

The fourth floor is for second-hand desktop sales, and also for a notebook trading center.

You will find mostly spare parts and second-hand electronics products, and second-hand computer products in this electronic market.

Address:1013, Shennan North Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong

Open hours:9 AM – 6 PM

Products What you can buy

This market is particularly famous for Second-hand computers and accessories. You can easily find electronic components, computer assembly and accessories, computer maintenance and second-hand accessories, and second-hand notebooks and desktop here.

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Huaqiang market

SEG Communication Market

This market combines 3 important and large wholesale markets building to find a one-stop-shop for virtually anything you can imagine relating to mobile phones and accessories.

Address:near Kangle Building, Huaqiang North Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong

Open hours:9 AM – 6 PM

Products What you can buy

Anything you can think of regarding your mobile phone, you can buy it here. From new mobile phones to used cell phones, protective covers, screen protectors, mobile accessories, headphones, speakers, earphones, and handsfree, everything is easily available in this market and you can make bulk purchases.

Pacific Security Protection Market

According to surveys, up to 80% of surveillance equipment in china is sold by this market and you can find anything related to security products in this market featuring a 6-store building.

Address:3rdBuilding, JingHua Compound, 175 Zhen Zhong Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdon

Open hours:9 AM – 6 PM

Products What you can buy

The market offers a wide range of security-related products like CCTV cameras, their equipment, security alarms, burglar traps and much more.

Yuan Wang Digital Market

The market is well-known for selling brand phones at cheap prices that came to china through unofficial means. You can find mobile phones like Samsung and Motorolla at half the price here.

This is also one of the largest electronic markets in Shenzhen for refurbished or smuggled mobile phones. This mall is widely known for selling well-known brands produced in the domestic or foreign market. The brands sold there are in four categories:

1. Different types of mobile phones, and spare parts, you can also get walkie-talkies here. Program-controlled switches, cordless phones, visual telephones, fax machine and also copiers.

2.   You can also get a variety of electronic anti-theft security monitoring products here.

3.  Consumer electronics digital audio-visual products are also sold in this mall. Here you can get products like digital cameras, video cameras, electronic notebook, digital TV, home theaters, DVD, stereo, voice recorders, MP3 players, etc

4.   You will also get computer and application products in the Yuanwang digital mall. The products in this section include laptops, computers, network application products like printers, scanners, memory, multimedia, and computer monitors.

Address:Hualian Building, 2006, Huaqiang North Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong

Open hours:9 AM – 6 PM

Products What you can buy

You can buy a diverse variety of brand cell-phones, mobile phone accessories, new Chinese cell phones like Xiaomi and Meizu and much more in this market.

Yuan Wang Digital Market

Ming Tong Digital Market

The market is famous across the world for its wide range of clone cell phones. Think of any flagship phone and you can find its clone in this market with features that are slightly close to the original version.

Address:414-415, China HUAFA North Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong

Open hours:9 AM – 6 PM

Products What you can buy

You can buy a wide range of Chinese clones of the most major brands here.  The market also sells locally made phones with basic features as simple as making and receiving calls and high-end Chinese lo-brand phones with premium features.

Sang Da Electronic Market (Tablet PC)

The market is famous for its wide range of tablet PCs and computer accessories. There are 3 floors in this market dedicated to similar types of products that are being sold here.

Address:44 HUAFA North Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong.

Open hours:9 AM – 6 PM

Products What you can buy

In this market, you can buy a wide range of tablet computers ranging from Apple to cheap copies and other mobile phone and computer accessories.

Wan Shang Computer Center

The center was first opened in 1997 and covers over 26,000 square feet. The name suggests as computer center. However, it is renowned for its huge variety of video games and their accessories.

Address:3002 Huaqiang North Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong

Open hours:9 AM – 6 PM

Products What you can buy

In this widely spread market, you can easily find a wide range of gaming consoles, their accessories, game saucers, video games, and audio supplies like speakers, headphones, mics and more.

Can You Use Sourcing Agents when Importing Electronics from Shenzhen?

Yes, you can use sourcing agents to import your electronic purchases from Shenzhen to your country.

This is the smoothest way to have your products imported as Sourcing agents will handle negotiation of prices, import licenses, quality inspections, warehousing, port clearance and a number of other important processes for you.

Which Documents Do You Need to Import Electronics from Shenzhen?

You will definitely require the legal paperwork to import electronics or any type of goods from Shenzhen Market. The documents that are must be required to import any products from Shenzhen are:

  • Inspection Certificate
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Import License
  • Country of Origin Certificate
  • International Import Certificate
  • Import Declaration
  • Sales Contract
  • Packing List
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Bill of Landing
  • Delivery verification certificate


Is Shenzhen the Biggest Electronics Market in the World?

Yes, Shenzhen is undoubtedly the biggest electronics wholesale market in the world.

If you own an electronics business and want to increase your profitability, or are looking to start a new electronics business of any kind.

Shenzhen will serve to be the best place for you and you must visit Shenzhen at least once to see what the market beholds.

Where to Get Shenzhen Electronic Market Map

The map of Shenzhen Electronic Market is available over Google maps easily. However, China has blocked most major social sites like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and google.

Hence, either you will need to download a VPN to access such websites or you can get the city map from your hotel or some guide shop.

How to Ship your Electronic Orders from Shenzhen

Shenzhen being the biggest electronics market in the whole world enjoys some exclusive perks like its close proximity to airport, port and most major train stations in the city.

The shipping method you choose to have your products shipped out of Shenzhen depends on your budget and timeframe.

Express shipping by air just like Fedex , UPS , DHL is the fastest and most reliable method, and of course the most expensive one.

You can also use freight shipping methods using a train or ship to have your products shipped to your country.

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Cutting Off Shipping Expense

Do You Need Product Quality Inspection to Import Electronics in Shenzhen?

Yes, Quality inspection is mandatory for importing any electronics products to most of the countries in the world.

You can have it done on your own or ask LeelineSourcing to have it taken care of on your behalf.

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Quality control inspections

Why the Shenzhen electronics market gained so much popularity?

Shenzhen electronic market is undoubtedly the largest market in the world that is known for selling electronic products.

The market has virtually no limits and you can buy every imaginable electronic product from this market. Some exclusive perks this market has to offer are:

  • Cheap prices
    Due to high competition and low production costs, this market offers the best prices across the world.
  • Marvelous variety
    Hundreds of thousands of sellers make it possible that you get the right choice by providing you with a marvelous variety of products being sold here.
  • Original quality
    There are OEMs and other brand manufacturers that are providing top-notch quality products at wholesale prices.
  • Automation and smart logistics
    Being the oldest and largest electronics market in China, Shenzhen enjoys the perks of automation and smart logistics. Making it possible for you to conveniently transport your purchases.
  • Enormously wide inventory
    With thousands of shops and options, you are able to make purchases in large quantities.
  • Warehousing options
    Shenzhen has a state-of-the-art warehousing system and you can find the right warehouse for you within walking distance of the port or where you purchase from so you can keep your goods secure while they await being shipped to your country.

Can I rely on goods from the Shenzhen electronics market?

It is actually complicated. The products being sold in the Shenzhen market are of good quality.

Yet, you might need professional analysis and knowledge of the products to avoid any scams or substandard products.

It is better to be safe than sorry, and you can either take a professional with you to assess the quality of products or let it be handled by your sourcing agent.

Where can I find the latest prices for electronics in Shenzhen?

The prices for the Shenzhen electronics market are ever-changing due to high competition rates and they also depend on your negotiation skills and the number of products you are planning to buy.

There are no fixed rates and if you want to get an actual idea of prices, you will need to request them directly from the suppliers.

How to choose an original brand smartphone in Shenzhen?

Today, most major brands are manufacturing their phones or components in China. If you are looking to buy original brands smartphones in China, you must look for the OEMs that can sell you the authentic smartphones.

There are also official distributors of such brands in the Shenzhen market and you can find them easily in these markets to buy original brand smartphones.

What is the difference between the Shenzhen electronics market and Hong Kong electronics markets?

There is a mere 10km distance between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Hong Kong being the capital of China, the question must arise in your mind as to what is better to choose for your purchasing in wholesale.

The comparison between these two can be based on these important factors like:

  • Market size
    The markets in Huaqianbei cover a vast area of 2.9 square kilometers collectively and there are high rising buildings with multiple floors selling the electronic markets. However, Hong Kong has a flea market based on tents and stalls and most of the products are originally being sourced from the Shenzhen market.
  • Product categories
    The product categories being sold in the Shenzhen market are virtually limitless and anything you can think of under the electronics category can easily be found in this market. While on the other hand, if you look at Hong Kong market, it is only limited to a certain type of products like mobile phones, accessories, and computer peripherals.
  • Manufacturing capacity
    Shenzhen market enjoys the luxury of being located conveniently close to the most major manufacturing facilities and the latest gadgets can be found first-handedly in this market. These factories make it possible for you to buy in large quantities directly from the manufacturers or their suppliers.
  • Prices and negotiation politics
    Shenzhen is a wholesale market, and suppliers are more focused on selling more products than raisin large profits. Hence, they cut on their profit margins to sell more products.
    While the Hong Kong market is all about retailers who are selling in smaller quantities and they want to make as much profit as they can from a single deal.
  • Conclusion
    If you are looking for the right quality of products and want to make bulk purchases for your business or reselling purposes. Shenzhen wholesale market should be your first choice as it is unmatched in terms of diverse options, good quality products, bulk availability of the items, best purchases, a number of shipping options and 1000s of china sourcing agents located in close proximity to the market. What else could you possibly ask for? Everything you need to purchase wholesale products is readily available in this market.

Is it safe to travel to Shenzhen?

Yes, it is safe to travel to Shenzhen and enjoy a wonderous experience of shopping here.

Despite small criminal activities like pickpocketing and purse snatching, the number of violent crimes in Shenzhen is extremely low.

The economy of Shenzhen is widely dependent on the revenue generated by its markets and special attention is being paid towards the well-being and safety of international businessmen.

Are there scammers in the Shenzhen electronics market? What can I do to avoid them?

Yes, there are some scammers in the Shenzhen electronics market and you should do your best to avoid them. These scammers have multiple fraudulent ways and to conduct business with any supplier in Shenzhen, you should take care of proper steps so you can avoid any possible scams.

  • Require the license from the supplier
    The suppliers in Shenzhen hold a license from the government to conduct business. An authentic supplier should always produce the license for you upon request and you should ask for a copy before making any business transaction with the suppliers in the market.
  • Check the seller’s references
    Every seller has references from the past purchases they have made. You should ask them for the references and have a detailed look into them to conduct business safely with these sellers.
  • Require sample goods
    An authentic seller will never refuse sample goods for bulk purchases. You should ask for sample goods from these sellers for quality inspection so you can check beforehand, what you are going to buy. Sample goods also are a great way to compare the quality and prices of different suppliers.
  • Check the flexibility of the supplier
    A real supplier will be able to go to possible limits to develop a good business relation with you. You can ask for cash on delivery deals with the suppliers for the first time and a scammer will never agree to that.
    Also, you can try with flexible payment options with your supplier, and an authentic seller will agree to the reasonable terms. While a scammer will stick to the most convenient way for them.
  • Order supplier’s manufacturing site audit
    You can ask them to have a quality inspection done before any transaction or have the audit for their manufacturing site before making a purchase. The scammers will abruptly refuse to the possibility.
    Authentic sellers are not afraid of such things and they allow you to do the quality inspections or arrange the site audit for you.
  • Check your supplier through different databases
    China has several databases that have a complete record of the seller histories. If any seller was liable for any fraudulent activities, you can easily check them through these databases. However, to get a professional opinion. It is recommended to get the help of sourcing agents who know these things better and can do the screening of your seller for you more efficiently.
  • Use analytical company services
    There are many analytical company services of china that you can get help from when it comes to running a background check on your seller. These companies gather all the needed info regarding your seller and you can efficiently check if the seller is reliable and safe to conduct any sort of business with. Such information also helps you to gather all the data for your seller you might need and strike the right deal with them.
  • Visit the company or factory in person
    Another way to check the authenticity of a supplier or seller is to visit their company or factory in person. A scammer will not have a factory or will be hesitant to invite you to their operation. However, authentic sellers are more than happy to invite and host you at their companies or factories. This way, you can get a better idea of the quality and standards beheld by your seller and make your decision accordingly.


Can LeelineSourcing help me to find qualitative electronics in Shenzhen?

Yes, Leelinesourcing is one of the top agent sourcing company in China that is providing state-of-the-art sourcing services for you.

They provide a number of sourcing services like free-warehousing, handling the negotiations, finding the right suppliers and shipment of your products.

Leelinesourcing can also help you find qualitative electronics in the Shenzhen Electronics wholesale market and make you a deal with the right suppliers and sellers that are selling their products in the market.


Best 5 Shenzhen electronics market online

If you cannot afford to visit Shenzhen market in person, or running a small business that does not require very large quantities of products to resell, you must consider some of these great Chinese websites that are selling the products online from Shenzhen wholesale electronics market.

These websites have hundreds of sellers selling their products online. While buying from such websites, you need to check the reviews and references of a seller carefully.

The products being sold on such websites have minimum order quantities, while some of the products can be bought alone as well.

Some top websites that you can order from Shenzhen wholesale market online while sitting at your home are:

Chinabrands.com is the best place to buy electronics and other products online if you do not require to buy in large quantities.

There are suppliers on the website that sell as low as one item to bulk items and you can communicate and order safely through the website.

Sunsky is another website that is dedicated to electronics and you can find a wide range of products from protective cases to motherboards and other hardware components at bulk prices.

The website supports a number of payment methods and have a secured payment gateway.


  • Chinavasion 

Chinavision is the best site for you if you are looking for deals and sales on electronics. There are regular sales ongoing on the website and you can find hot deals on latest electronics here.

  • Gearbest 

Gearbest is a diverse website that sells a lot of product categories. The prices are minimal and they have right support for you as well. So, if you only want to buy a handful of electronics, gearbest would be the best option for you.

  • DX
    DealExtreme is all about flash deals and discounts. You can find some irresistible deals on the website that are offering lowest prices and quality products.


 FAQ About Shenzhen Electronic Market

Shenzhen, a beautiful, rapidly developing tourist city in southeastern China, closely links Hong Kong and China’s mainland.

Since the reform and opening up, Shenzhen has emerged as the first-tier city together with Shanghai and Beijing in China given its fast-growing economy.

The rising number of companies and factories started to spring up like mushrooms in the city, especially the electronics factories.

Due to the massive availability of electronics factories in Shenzhen, the city is renowned for its large electronic shopping centers, where you can buy electronic products at very cheap prices, like the Huangqiangbei shopping centers.

This electronics shopping complex gets a lot of attention is Huaqiangbei, the most popular electronic market in the area.  It is a recommended go-to place if you want to get cheap and quality electronic products, either in large or small quantities.

Traveling to Shenzhen from the US or European countries, you most likely will not get a direct flight. There are direct flights to Hong Kong, and you can take a ferry or train to Shenzhen.

Before traveling to Shenzhen, you should get your visa from your country, as Visa can’t be obtained in Hong Kong.

You can get to the electronic market using the city metro from Huaqianglu station. Also can get to the electronic market by bus, try the bus line by any bus station, or if you can speak a little Chinese, ask the locals for direction.

How to get quality and affordable products in the Shenzhen electronic market

The very first thing electronic product consumers and customers consider before visiting the Shenzhen electronics market is the low price of electronic products sold there.

As a customer, you will like to know if the cheap products you are getting are of good quality and if you can negotiate with the suppliers, plus other mind-boggling questions.

I will be giving you answers to your most pertinent questions.

Can I find the same components for popular brands like the iPhone and Samsung?

The components you can get from this electronic market is in two categories:

1. Original Parts:  These original parts are either smuggled from a Chinese factory or gotten from a used or refurbished phone. These parts are technically in great condition, but you should handle them with care.

2. Copies:   You can find cheap copies of popular brands with almost comparable quality in this electronic market. But before purchasing quality, be sure to know how what is acceptable and what is not.

If you’re buying LCD screen, for example, there is a test to confirm the quality of the touchscreen, if you skip that test you might get low-quality copies of that product.

Are the prices really affordable?

Shenzhen electronic market is renowned for its very affordable electronics products. This is due to the large presence of electronic product factories in the city.

And also lots of large western electronics companies, and even startups come to this area to speed up the development of their products. So you will surely get very affordable electronic products here.

 Can I get cheap, quality products?

The Shenzhen electronic market, although filled with quality products, also parades low-quality products that are basically scams.

But if you know how to navigate the market, or if you get help from someone like me who is experienced in navigating the market, you will get exceptionally great products at very cheap prices.

Can I negotiate the price of products?

If you already have an idea for the price and quality of the products you need, you are allowed to negotiate the price with suppliers. You can ask for a discount and get it. Some suppliers offer discounts, while some don’t.

Is the market useful for developing new electronic products?

You can get components and ideas for developing your project just by working around different electronic stores in the market?

For product prototyping, this electronic market is extremely useful.
Everything you need can be found locally, and you can get manufacturers who will help you assemble your products if it is in a substantial quantity.

 Is the electronic market very well organized?

No, it is not organized. There are designated buildings for specific products in the market, but store owners virtually sell anything they lay their hand on, making the electronic market really disorganized.

I can help you soft through electronic market disorganization, and help you get whatever you really want in no time, and it will be affordable and of top quality.

Here you can’t go to a particular building just for a specific product, you can get anything anywhere!

 Can I do a fantastic business if I can’t speak Chinese?

Surely you can do great business if you can’t speak Chinese, as some of the store owners are probably foreigners, and most store owners speak a little English.

But speaking Chinese is an added advantage, as you can communicate with a higher proportion of traders. This is where you will need help, I can help you talk directly to the suppliers, and make your business experience a fantastic one.


Best Selling Electronics Products Import From China in The Shenzhen Electronic Market

The Shenzhen electronic market is a regular center for the exhibition of the newest electronic products 21st-century technology can offer.

You will find the latest products with the best quality and cutting-edge technology to match the need of any region of the world. Some of these products include:

Wireless Charging Pad

This Qi-enabled wireless charging pad is created by Shenzhen Funxim, was launched March 15, 2018. This charging pad supports quick charge 2.0 and 3.0 and also supports 5VDC/2A lightning fast charging.

USB Charger (Includes type A, -C ports)

This product created by Shenzhen soy was launched on February 15, 2018. It is a blend of one type – c and four type – a charging ports.

Mp3 sunglasses with a replaceable lens

Launched March 8, 2018, by Jinjiang Jianxing. It is anM8S model of Mp3 sunglasses with a replaceable lens.

Wall Charger with USB type port – C

This product created by Estar and launched in February 2018 is a model JHD-AP045U-PD-Cà B wall charger that comes with a USB type- c port.

 9H tempered glass privacy screen protector

Launched February 22, 2018, by The Hagee, has undergone physical and chemical tampering to help it withstand high impact.

Smartwatch with dynamic heart rate sensor

This is a digilink product and was launched in January 2018. This model DW-028 includes a dynamic heart rate sensor and activity tracker.

4G smartphone with 0.05mm thick bezel

Also launched January 5, 2018, by Shenzhen Gotron. Is a model S8 pro-4G smartphone with 0.05mm thick bezel.

Solar panel enabled charging station

Launched on December 28, 2017, by its creator, Shenzhen Jinyingfenga. It is a model JYF-3SL01charging station equipped with a solar panel.

The rugged 4G smartphone that can withstand dust and water

This amazingly rugged 4G smartphone built by Shenzhen Gotron was launched December 20th, 2017. It is an s model Smartphone, with dust, water and impact resistance.

Leelinesourcing Help you Import Electronics From China

If you are a new customer to the Shenzhen electronic market, and probably can’t speak the local language, you will need help in different areas of your business endeavor in Shenzhen. Like negotiations, identifying quality products, avoiding scams, and getting really affordable products. Leeline sourcing services are experts in sourcing and importing products from Shenzhen, China.

With over 10 years experiencing sourcing products from China, we will sourcing and importing of goods from China easier than ever for you.

Small businesses find it difficult getting the right suppliers from China for their product sourcing needs, they face lots of barriers, from language to cultural, and even economical. But working with the right sourcing services like Leeline sourcing, all these difficulties will be taken away from you and they will become our problem.

We are the best Chinese sourcing services around, and we will help you meet your business objectives easily.

We have been in this field for over 10 years, we have worked with hundreds of clients and always get excellent reviews from our clients, who keep on coming back to us for their sourcing needs.

No matter how big or small your orders are, we will help you source quality and affordable products, and we will ship them directly to you.

Leeline sourcing company is involved in different sourcing business that will help your company’s growth, and make your international business better.

• Product Sourcing: With over 10 years of experience in this field, our team will keep your mind at peace, and you will be sure that the products are supplied through a responsible supply chain.

We conduct our business professionally, helping you reduce risk, and maintaining or standard and value, giving you an experience that will turn us into long-term partners.

• Amazon FBA sourcing service: We offer you Amazon seller services, from product procurement, to brand labeling, quality inspection, packaging services, product photographing and also shipping of products to FBA warehouses. Just tell us what you need, and we will help ship your products to your warehouse at lightning speed.

• Business and sourcing ideas: If you walk into our office, we will share business and sourcing ideas with you, even if you are importing yourself, our ideas will help you avoid mistakes that will be costly to your business. Our advice will surely help your business turn out better.

So from personal experience, getting products from the Shenzhen electronics market is a fascinating experience. You get to interact with different cultures as you get your electronic needs, at an affordable price.

Quality products are also in large quantities, and you can choose from a variety of products, from well known international brands to quality local products.

The Shenzhen electronic market offers you everything you need to satisfy your electronic products needs.


Shenzhen wholesale electronics market being the oldest and largest wholesale electronics market in the world is the best place and should be your first choice to buy electronics products in wholesale.

Shenzhen is considered heaven for hardware manufacturers and with the right research and assistance, you will be able to source top quality products at the right prices from this market.

The market is located conveniently close to Hong Kong, has its own port and Airport. Hence, you don’t need to worry about shipment or importing the products to your country.

There are also a number of OEMs situated amongst the markets of Shenzhen and you can source the right quality products in bulk orders.

Hundreds of thousands of suppliers make it easier for you to compare the products and prices conveniently and you can choose what would suit your needs best.

Shenzhen wholesale market is the best choice for you if you are looking to make bulk purchases for electronics products and have them shipped to your country conveniently.

Leelinesourcing offers world-class agent sourcing services for Shenzhen wholesale electronics market. We do not charge you any sourcing fee and handle all the purchase, quality inspection, import documentation, freight forwarding and provide you with free warehousing services for you.

All we charge is a minimal 5-10% of the actual value of the goods being sourced by us.

All you need to do is give us a call for a free no-obligatory quote and leave all the hassle and work to us while you enjoy your shopping experience in the number 1 wholesale electronics market in the world.

We got you covered with all your agent sourcing needs you might have and will also be able to negotiate the best prices for you.

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LeelineSourcing will always help you buy cheap and good quality goods from China.

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Sharline is the founder of LeelineSourcing.com. With 10 years of experience sourcing in China, She loves to share knowledge and ideas in sourcing bussiness.She writes only the truths which others are normally not willing to tell. This makes her posts distinguishable from other import & export articles.
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    Greetings Arline,

    I am having a problem with some smart watches I recently purchased. The bluetooth feature is stronger on some watches than others. I require that I receive only watches with good performing bluetooth. Is it possible to have the quality checked on products before they are sent to us in America?

    Victor Gold
    President, Elkcip, Inc.
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