The Amazon Promotion Holiday In The Next Half Year


Although Prime Day has passed, the amazing sales during the promotion period have made many sellers quite envious. Many sellers did miss out on the big promotion. They missed catching the car that leads to riches. But don’t panic! After August, we get to holidays and Amazon promotion days. Sellers can stock up accordingly and seize the opportunity to make … Read more

Amazon Outlet Deals are not known to 99% of sellers


There are so many sellers on Amazon that have no idea on Outlet Deals. Today, we at Leeline Sourcing write this post to introduce you to the Outlet Deals promotion activity. I hope it will be helpful in your Amazon business. I. What is Outlet Deals? Outlet Deals is a time-limited seckill promotion like LD and BD. To be … Read more

The Best Bargaining Skills that Every Foreign Trader Must Master

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Sometimes it is easier to reject a supplier’s first offer. However, if the buyer and supplier have been negotiating for several months, there are high chances that the suppliers will suddenly make a reasonable offer when you’re about to give up. At this time, it gets difficult for the buyer to reject the supplier’s offer. … Read more