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Wholesale Sandals In Bulk

LeelineSourcing Find The Best Sandals Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
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  • If you plan to sell through Amazon FBA, Leeline can conduct the preparations. 



10 High Demand Sandals In China

1.Women's Sandals

Importing Women’s Sandals From China

Women’s sandals are open-toed shoes that are a never-changing trend for summer fashion. Suppliers of Women’s sandals are mostly found in the Chinese provinces of Fujian, Quanzhou, etc. All of the latest designs are offered by these manufacturers.

With designs like gladiators, crocs, wooden sandals, wedges – you name it; they have it all. Sales of women’s sandals are projected to reach USD 219535.6 million in 2027 at a CAGR of 4.2%.

2.Men Sandals

Wholesale Men Sandals From China

Men’s sandals include slip-on, sports sandals, flip flops, etc. You can find top quality and variety of men’s sandals being manufactured in the Chinese provinces of Fujian, Quanzhou, etc.

With average lead times of 15-20 days, you can place any quantity of orders above 1000 pairs of sandals. These manufacturers are reliable and quick and will deliver durable products.

3.Wood Sandals

Buy Wood Sandals From China

Traditional wooden sandals have a classy look with a typically flat wooden base. Chinese manufacturers are selling wooden sandals in the Americas, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, and Australia – practically the entire world.

With prices as low as $1-$4/piece and average lead times at a mere ten days, you will be impressed with what they have to offer. These include big names like Jinjiang Jiaxing Groups Co. Ltd, Ningbo Zeatle Import & Export Co. Ltd, etc.

4.Leather Sandals

Wholesale Leather Sandals in Bulk From China

Leather sandals are made of cow leather, pig leather, etc. Chinese manufacturers like PDS ASIA STAR CORPORATION LIMITED, Quanzhou Jinqiu Sports Products Co., Ltd., Quanzhou Hangseng Clothing Co., Ltd. sell top-notch quality products in a multitude of designs, ready to ship to any corner of the world.

The manufacturers come with a lead time of 15-20 days. These are available at around the $ 6 – 7 price range per item. 

Leather sandals will experience one of the fastest growths during 2019-2027. The CAGR is 6.3% during the forecast period.

5.Wedge Sandals

Wholesale From China Wedge Sandals Suppliers

Wedge sandals are platform heel shoes raised from the average floor level for women to wear, whether casually or formally. They can be a comfortable alternative to plain heels. Wedge sandals come in both open and strapped variants. 

The international wedge sandals market is estimated to rise quickly during 2020-2026

6.Strappy Sandals

Wholesale From China Strappy Sandals Manufacturers

Criss-cross straps are always in style for any classy woman. Chinese manufacturers have taken the lead on supplying these across the globe at very affordable prices.

Xiamen Xsmart Trading Co. Ltd, Xiamen Xsmart Trading Co. Ltd, Xiamen Biyate Imp. And Exp. Co., Ltd., etc., are a few prominent names from the Xiamen region.

7.Sports Sandals

Importing Sports Sandals From China

Sports sandals are a necessity across all ages of consumers regardless of gender, preference, etc., as it exceeds it all. They are comfortable for casual use as well. 

Leading manufacturers like China Artex Shoes Corporation Ltd., Fujian Waltz International Trading Co. Ltd, etc., are offering product customization and low prices for orders that are larger than an average of 800 pieces.

8. Dressy Flats

Wholesale Dressy Flats From China

Fancy flat sandals are a perfect twist to an otherwise simple outfit. Chinese manufacturers like Ningbo Zeatle Import & Export Co. Ltd, Quanzhou Ulrica Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Zhizhi Enterprises Co, Ltd are here to provide just that to the global community.

With average prices per item as low as $ 6 – 7, these Fujian province-based sellers are willing to deliver with a lead time of an average of 25-30 days.

9.Gladiator Sandals

Buy Gladiator Sandals From China

Gladiator sandals are inspired by Roman history and culture. These fashionable sandal designs are mass-produced and distributed to the world by Chinese manufacturers like the Xiamen Biyate Imp. And Exp. Co., Ltd., Chaozhou Rongshun Shoe Industrial Co. Ltd, Fuzhou Pengfeng International Co., Ltd, etc.

The minimum order requirement may be large, but these are offered in great variety and unique designs.

10.Crocs Sandals

Wholesale Crocs Sandals in Bulk From China

Crocs are quite the hype, and so investing in it would be quite a profitable business for you. 

Shenzhen Zhizhi Enterprises Co, Ltd, Jiangxi Soreca Household Products Co., Ltd., are the companies that have factories employed for producing such varieties of sandals. The minimum order limit is about 750-1000 pieces, and prices are reasonable, at an average of $1.5.

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Product Sourcing

Sandals Product Sourcing

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Sandals Factory Audit

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Product Inspection

Sandals Product Inspection

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Amazon FBA Prep

Sandals Amazon FBA Prep

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Shipping To Amazon FBA

Sandals Shipping To Amazon FBA

We can ship your chosen sandals for Amazon FBA with the best shipping method and rates from our experience.


Sandals products DropShopping

We can fulfill all your orders for sandals directly from our warehouses to your customer’s address.

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Best 10 China Sandals Manufacturers

1.1. Xiamen Jinyu Footwear & Garment Co., Ltd

1. Xiamen Jinyu Footwear & Garment Co., Ltd

Xiamen Jinyu is a modern enterprise that has become a mixture of both trade and industry. They have been in the field of both Footwear and Garments for over 30 years now. It can be seen with the development in their Trade, R&D and Sales & Services Department.

Main Products

All these products are available for men, women, and children and are made in their factories:

  • Sandals
  • Sports Shoes
  • Injection Shoes
  • Casual Shoes
  • Airflow EVA
  • PVC Slippers

Why Choose Xiamen Jinyu Footwear & Garment Co., Ltd

With choosing Xiamen Jinyu, you get a couple of advantages. These include, first of all, the fact that they come with 30 years of experience. 

And all that years of knowledge and information are bound to bring some tricks up their sleeve. Xiamen Jinyu’s R&D department also makes them stand out. They are bound to produce the best possible variation present for their products.

2. Jinjiang Hobibear Shoes & Clothing Co., Ltd

2. Jinjiang Hobibear Shoes & Clothing Co., Ltd

Jinjian Hobibear, over the years, has become one of the top suppliers in China’s market. With that, though, they haven’t stopped either as they have continued their success to over 20 other countries. Jinjiang Hobibear has expertise both in the areas of manufacturing and exporting.

Main Products

These products are available for men, women, and kids.

    • Sandals
    • Snow Boots
    • Sport Shoes


  • Kid’s Shoes


Why Choose Jinjiang Hobibear Shoes & Clothing Co., Ltd

Jinjiang Hobibear brings you the expertise that one would want. They have information on over 20 different countries and a manufacturing line of 50 workers that can produce up to 200,000 pairs of shoes each month. 

With both of these things, Jinjiang also offers products that are ready to stock. All of this is helped along with their design department and produce laboratory.

3. Yiwu Saichen Import and Export Co., Ltd

3. Yiwu Saichen Import and Export Co., Ltd

Yiwu Saichen Import and Export are one of the more recent companies on this list. They were established in 2018 and yet have quickly taken over the product market. 

They produce many different products and have gone from only being available in China to 8 other countries.

Main Products

The company primarily deals in:

    • Sandals
    • Apparel
    • Baby & Mom Products
    • Shoes
    • Luggage
    • Hanger

Why Choose Yiwu Saichen Import and Export Co., Ltd

One of the main advantages of Yiwu Saichen is its drive to innovate and to keep moving forward. Even though they have not been around for long, their inventory is fully stacked up. 

You do not only get Footwear options but a lot of other products too. Additionally, Yiwu Saichen excels in their customer service as they ensure to either give a refund or to replace products in the case of bad quality.

4. Jieyang Jinlaibao Plastic Company Limited

4. Jieyang Jinlaibao Plastic Company Limited

Jieyand Jinlaibao came into the market in 2018 and had since then spread, both in terms of their inventory and their countries’ exports. This company was found by a bunch of enthusiastic workers as well as skilled and trained technicians.

Main Products

The company deals in:

  • Home Slippers
  • Sandals
  • Custom Slippers
  • Children Shoes
  • Rain Boots 

Why Choose Jieyang Jinlaibao Plastic Company Limited

Like Yiwu Saichen, Jieyang Jinlaibao has a vast number of products in their inventory. This ensures that they will cater to the need of their client the best that they can. 

This is ensured with a staff that has 15 years of experience in the field of footwear.

5. Taizhou Zhibo E-Commerce Co., Ltd

5. Taizhou Zhibo E-Commerce Co., Ltd

Taizhou Zhibo is an E-Commerce company that was established in 2014. Since then, they have been producing footwear for markets such as China, Africa, Europe & South America. 

They provide state-of-the-art facilities that have been certified by world-leading inspection companies.

Main Products

The main products are:

  • Sandals
  • Sports Shoes
  • Kids Shoes
  • Lady Shoes
  • Men Shoes

Why Choose Taizhou Zhibo E-Commerce Co., Ltd

Taizhou Zhibo has been in the business of producing footwear for seven years. With their experience, they have ramped their production up to 200,000 units of shoes per month. 

This is combined with their state-of-the-art R&D department and their goal to produce high-quality products. Both of which ensure that Taizhou Zhibo ends up being one of the best manufacturers in China.

6. Fuzhou Gean Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd

6. Fuzhou Gean Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd

Fuzhou Gean Import & Export is one of the companies that solely have made trading in Footwear their specialty. They were formed in the year 2016 by a group of young, dynamic workers. 

Do not let that stray you away as the staff they have employed possess upwards of 15 years. And this relationship between experience and modern culture is much appreciated worldwide as they have annual revenue of 2.5 Million Dollars.

Main Products

    • Flip Flops
    • Slippers
    • Beach EVA Products
    • Sandals
    • Promotional Flip Flops
    • Lady Fashion Shoes

Why Choose Fuzhou Gean Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd

Fuzhou Gean has a vastly experienced staff and a business that is set up worldwide. This ensures that the products that they send out are of the utmost quality. This can also be seen because their Footwear has been Certified by Test Report. 

And if you want to see how successful they are, just look at these locations where their products go; North America, Northern Europe, South America, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Western Europe, Mid East.

7. Ningbo Yinzhou So-Show International Trading Co., Ltd

7. Ningbo Yinzhou So-Show International Trading Co., Ltd

Ningbo Yinzhou So-Show is an International Trading company that is a little different from some of the others. It’s because while other companies only focus on one product category or at the most two, Ningbo Yinzhou has more than just a few under their belt. 

This company was established in 2013, and even though they only have ten employees, their annual revenue is around 2.5 Million Dollars.

Main Products

  • Ballerina shoes
  • Sandals
  • Slippers
  • Lady shoes
  • Boots
  • Espadrille Canvas shoes
  • Rubber Rainboots
  • Flip Flops
  • Cork shoes
  • Cable Knit Warm Care Products
  • Kid’s Undergarments, Leggings, Shirts, Dresses

Why Choose Ningbo Yinzhou So-Show International Trading Co., Ltd

Ningbo Yinzhou specializes in all varieties and can make anything on a custom order, which is one of the most significant advantages this company has. 

You can see their desire and strive to keep continuing to grow. It shows in the enthusiasm that they share with you once you leave them a message.

8. Jieyang Rongcheng District Like Shoes Factory

8. Jieyang Rongcheng District Like Shoes Factory

Jieyang Rongcheng is located in the Jieyang, Guangdong province of China and was first established in 2000. 

Since then, they have been slowly building upon their success by adding products to their inventory and ensuring that before the Credit, the Quality of their products and the Customer comes first.

Main Products

    • Slippers
    • Footwear Accessories
    • Shoes
    • Plastic products

Why Choose Jieyang Rongcheng District Like Shoes Factory

Jieyang Rongcheng has made a name for themselves worldwide. And the reason why that has been possible is the strict quality control that they have. 

This is ensured because they have specific departments that keep their products and the production line-up in check. People seem to love their products as their annual revenue is USD 50 Million.

9. Jieyang Nanfeng Plastic Shoes Co., Ltd

9. Jieyang Nanfeng Plastic Shoes Co., Ltd

Jieyang Nanfeng Plastic Shoes is one of the oldest names in the game. They were first established in the year 1997 and are now located in the Guangdong province of China. They excel in the Footwear department around the world and have not branched out. 

They will stick to delivering the best possible product under the Footwear category that they can. With this, in 2008, they were certified by the ISO 9001 International Management System Certification too.

Main Products

These products are available for men, women, and children:

    • Sandals
    • Rain Boots
    • Plastic Shoes
    • Slippers
    • Shoes



Why Choose Jieyang Nanfeng Plastic Shoes Co., Ltd

Jieyang Nanfeng has been one of the oldest fish in the sea when it comes to being in the Footwear game. They have been slowly improving year after year in all the departments they head, such as Quality Control and R&D. 

It’s reflected in their annual sales figures of up to USD 5 Million. And last but not least, Jieyang Nanfeng has a reputable staff that knows what they are doing.

10. Shenzhen Rohorse Technology Co., Ltd

10.  Shenzhen Rohorse Technology Co., Ltd

At Shenzhen Rohorse Technology, they have been trying to make users’ lives and their experience better since the year 2010. 

They have a state-of-the-art website and a staff of 500, which is more than enough to keep everyone’s needs in check. Over the years, they have sold upwards of 3 million products which is an achievement in itself. 

Main Products

The company is specializing in these products:

  • Women’s Clothes, Handbags, Dresses
  • Men’s Bags, Dresses
  • Shoes
  • Slippers
  • Sandals

Why Choose Shenzhen Rohorse Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Rohorse is one of the few companies in the Footwear and Garments department that have tried to change with technology. And due to this, they have ended up making the life of all their customers very easy. 

They have a very intuitive website that is easy to use, making the placement of orders very easy. And most of all, over the years, Rohorse Technology has worked on gaining loyalty and keeping their customers satisfied as their number one priority.

Best 5 Sandals Suppliers In USA

11. ACI International

1. ACI International

ACI International came to the market over 40 years ago. It manufactures and markets men’s, women’s, and children’s athletic and casual footwear for retail distribution in the USA and Canada.

The company’s headquarters are in Los Angelos, USA. They have branches in New York, Charlotte, Toronto, Montebelluna, and Italy. This helps them maintain a global presence with wholesale sandals in the USA.

Main Products

ACI offers private labeling services. All these products are available:

  • Sandals
  • Sports Shoes
  • Children Sandals
  • Women Sandals
  • Sports Sandals
  • PVC Slippers

Why Choose ACI International

The company deals with recognized brands as a manufacturer. They supply branded footwear to Disney, High Sierra, LA Gear, Nickelodeon, and others. 

ACI’s mission is to provide customers with the right product, at the right price and at the right time. They deeply study their customers to figure out a thorough understanding. This way, they can predict what their customer wants. 

They study the market trends and combine the latest technologies in their manufacturing processes. ACI also puts customer service on high priority. 

12. American Shoe Factory Inc

2. American Shoe Factory Inc

American Shoe Factory Inc is one of the leading sandals manufacturers in the USA. It was formed in 2010, whose founding members offer a long-experienced history of international trade expertise. 

It offers custom orders and private label services, manufacturing, marketing, designing footwear, and other sports and outdoor products, including running shoes, sandals, flip flops, etc. 

The company is headquartered in Miami, USA. Their factory is well-equipped with a shoe setting machine, shoe injection molding machine, and a modern production line. 

Main Products

The following products are available for men and women.

    • Men Shoes
    • Loafer Drivers
    • Boots
    • Strappy Sandals
    • Women Sandals
    • Flip Flops 



Why Choose American Shoe Factory Inc

American Shoe Factory’s supply chain management is mostly based on an online procurement model, which allows for swift and timely orders and deliveries. It also has access to international trade services, factories, expert designers, products, raw materials, and components. 

American Shoe Factory’s affiliated factories, designers, and procurement team make shoes, accessories, and well beyond for custom orders to mass production for global distribution.

13. Mercury International Trading Corp

3. Mercury International Trading Corp

Mercury International Trading Corp is an end-to-end shoe manufacturing service for global brands and retailers, designing and developing shoes and footwear sourcing and fulfillment.

They produce different products and have gone from only being available in China to 8 other countries. Mercury International is based in Massachusetts, USA. 

Main Products

The company primarily deals in:

  • Sports Shoes
  • Joggers
  • Sandals
  • Running Shoes

They also have a selection of design prototypes that can be seen here

Why Choose Mercury International Trading Corp

It prides itself on its “worry-free fulfillment” model. The company keeps in constant communication with the wholesaler throughout the production process. So, there are no issues in the outcome of the manufacturing. 

It also offers Footwear Sourcing Solutions to its Business to Business (B2B) clients. With stringent quality control measures in place, they will ensure you are a satisfied customer at the end of the day. 

Mercury International hold themselves accountable with their custom accountability policy. Their customers can be sure of what they are going to get. This makes them the right choice for wholesale sandals in the USA.

14. Modern Vice

4. Modern Vice

Modern Vice is headquartered in New York City. It provides development and production services for women’s and men’s boots. This includes product consulting, design, sourcing, pre-development, and mold development for your line of shoes or sandals. 

Modern Vice is a trendy brand. They have talented designers who produced iconic shoe designs well-known in NYC. Their favorite designs are:

  • The Bolt
  • Jett
  • Santa Monica & Nikki

Main Products

The company deals in:

  • Women’s Boots
  • Fashion Shoes
  • Wedge Sandals
  • Rain Boots 
  • Leather Sandals

Why Choose Modern Vice

All their products are hand-made in their factory in New York City. They employ highly skilled shoemakers. They produce on order which helps them reduce the costs for their customers. 

Their specialty is in leather products sourced locally and from famous Italian tanneries. Additionally, they import hand-made leather soles from Italy. Modern Vice completes the final assembly in New York City. 

They even allow visits to their factory to help visitors get a better understanding of their production process. 

15. Clover & Cobbler

5. Clover & Cobbler

Clover & Cobbler is a shoemaking company in Southern California. It specializes in high-quality and ethical footwear production, offering smaller batches and shorter lead times. 

The company has a produce local approach to its business model, and they have high ethical standards like those of labor practices and workplace environment. 

Main Products

The main products are:

  • Wooden Sandals
  • Casual Shoes
  • Wedge Sandals
  • Lady Sandals
  • Strappy Sandals

Why Choose Clover & Cobbler

Working with Clover & Cobbler lets clients have shorter lead times and smaller minimum order requirements for the purchase. Feel free to order smaller test batches of products and slowly scale up to full-fledged production. 

They work with some of the most reputable local and global suppliers. They connect their clients with local material vendors so they can fully customize their sandal designs. 

Their monitoring teams at the factory ensure that no employee remains demotivated in his/her work and hence, avoid accidents and errors from occurring.

Clover & Cobbler’s main highlights are ethical production, smaller batches, shorter lead times, and quality control. 

Best 5 UK Sandals Manufacturers

16.1. Garrison Footwear

1. Garrison Footwear

Garrison Footwear is a design and supplier company from Manchester, UK. 

It was founded over seven years ago. The company manufactures and sells men’s, women’s, and children’s athletic and casual footwear for retail distribution worldwide.

Main Products

Garrison Footwear offers private labeling services. Some of the leading products are as follows:

  • Sneakers
  • Flip Flops
  • Joggers
  • Women Sandals
  • Slippers

Why Choose Garrison Footwear 

They do not operate as an agent between customers and the factory. Instead, they are like a footwear department covering all the product types in the footwear business. They are committed to the process from concept to delivery. 

They have a dedicated design team that can apply brand tones, cultural influences and creates design concepts. All the designs have all the details required to visualize the finished product properly. 

Garrison Footwear works with brands in the UK and Europe. They have already helped brands set up impressive portfolios in the design and quality of their products. 

Garrison Footwear’s quality control team works throughout the production process.

17.R&M Heys Footwear Manufacturers

2. R&M Heys Footwear Manufacturers

R&M Heys Footwear Manufacturers was formed in 1979 as a family business. The founding members offer a long history of international trade expertise to the business.

Over the years, the company grew from a traditional slipper manufacturer to a leading provider of footwear. They expanded their team with quality manufacturing.  

The company offers private label services, manufacturing, and footwear design services. They also offer some of the smaller manufacturing services in footwear like:

  • Cutting
  • Closing and sewing
  • Adhesive lamination
  • Remedial work

Main Products

These are the main products available:

    • Men Shoes
    • Loafers
    • Boots
    • Sandals
    • Women Sandals



Why Choose R&M Heys Footwear Manufacturers

R&M serves leading brands like Cosyfeet. They are flexible to adapt to the needs of their customers. For instance, R&M can source components and assemble them or work only on smaller aspects like product finishing. 

They do their best to meet their client’s budgets and expectations. All the materials and components they use are fully compliant with REACH standards and the RSL (Restricted Substance List). This makes them a suitable choice in buying wholesale sandals from the UK.

18.Mirza UK Ltd

3. Mirza UK Ltd

Mirza UK was founded in 1993. It is one of the largest suppliers of leather footwear in the UK. Well-equipped with an in-house design team, they can create tailored designs and make a finished product. Mirza deals in several countries like UK, Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

They even have their brands, Redtape and Oaktrak. Both brands have been successful in the UK and European markets. 

Main Products

The company primarily deals in:

  • Boots
  • Loafers
  • Leather Boots
  • Women Sandals
  • Heels

Why Choose Mirza UK Ltd

Mirza UK offers design, manufacturing, and quality. They have an extensive collection of custom styles. Their orders are fulfilled from the warehouse in Milton Keynes. The company keeps over 900,000 pairs of shoes in stock and available for dispatch.

Their central values are offering stylish leather footwear and comfort at competitive prices.

Mirza UK can quickly fulfill large orders. Their global supplier produces over 7 million pairs of high-quality leather shoes every year. 

19.Gardiners Footwear Specialists

4. Gardiners Footwear Specialists

Gardiners is a Footwear supplier and one of the leading distributors of global footwear to retail businesses. They have a rich experience extending back to 1860. That’s over 140 years of experience! 

As a result, they have perfected their processes and provide quality services in all the market sectors they work in. 

Main Products

The company deals in:

  • Children Shoes
  • Ladies Slippers
  • Men’s Slippers 
  • Women Sandals
  • Boots

Why Choose Gardiners Footwear Specialists

They work with renowned brands like CAT, Crocs, Blowfish, Base London, Hush Puppies, Jeep, and others. Gardiners have over 5,000 product lines and an 85,000 square feet warehouse. 

Their goal is to establish long-term relationships with clients and develop sales. Their primary focus is the retail sector. Gardeners developed a quick and robust distribution system. 

They are actively working on developing a Virtual Distribution system. This program is focused on eCommerce and drop shippers with easy management. 

They also offer a B2B account portal with real-time stock updates to buy wholesale sandals from the UK.

20. NT Wholesale Footwear

5. NT Wholesale Footwear

NT Wholesales entered the market in 1995. The company works in importing, exporting, and distributing a wide range of footwear. They are based in Birmingham, UK. They have a rich history of over 20 years. 

Main Products

The main products are for men, women, boys, and girls:

  • Ladies Flip Flops
  • Ladies Swimming Shoes
  • Ladies Pool Sliders
  • Men’s Flip Flops
  • Hiking Boots

Why Choose NT Wholesale Footwear

NT Wholesale works with recognized brands like Glensdale, CAT, Cofra, JCB Workwear, Dunlop, and others. They offer a wide variety at discounted prices. 

NT’s mission is to create unique products which satisfy their customer’s needs. They are passionate about offering a good selling experience. 

All this makes them the right choice for buying wholesale sandals from the UK.

Wholesale Sandals and Shipping From China

Sandals Sea Freight Shipping from China

Sandals Sea Freight From Shipping

  • Shipping sandals by sea is cost-effective but requires a long time.

Sandals Air Freight Shipping from China

Sandals Air Freight From Shipping

  • Shipping sandals by air is the fastest method available, but it is also costly.

Sandals Rail Freight Shipping from China

Sandals Rail Freight From Shipping

  • Shipping sandals through Rail Freight is a balanced mode. It is neither very costly nor very slow.

Sandals Door to Door Shipping from China

Sandals Door to Door From Shipping

  • In this mode, we deliver the product directly to your customer. You can save the cost of storing the sandals in warehouses.

Wholesale Sandals From China: Ultimate Guide

China is a hub of sandals manufacturers and suppliers. You can get wholesale sandals in bulk at affordable rates. As we discussed above, there are many reputable names in the sandals industry.

The sandals market is evergreen. Although sales drop in the winter season, most people replace their sandals every year. They are generally cheaper than shoes so that more people can afford them.

It is a light and tough product. The chances of the product damaging during shipping are minimal. You can be confident that the product will be delivered safely and sound. Most sellers prefer shipping through the sea by planning and restocking ahead of time.

How To Grow Your Business With Importing Sandals From China? 

What is the sandals business?

In the sandals business, you can sell or resell sandal footwear to consumers all around the world. The business involves sourcing sandals, maintain the supply chain, and setting up distribution channels.

Most of the businesspeople dealing in sandals prefer online distribution channels like Amazon. This way, they can sell sandals for profit by buying with margins from China. You can set up multiple distribution channels like setting up your dropshipping website.

You can focus on sandals for men, women, or both. Some businesses add their branding to sandals bought at wholesale rates from China. This way, their brand grows and with it their business.

What are the benefits of importing Sandals from China?

You can find a lot of suppliers and manufacturers of sandals from China. The sandals industry is competitive, so each manufacturer aims to provide the best products. With this healthy competition, the product quality and quantity have received a boost.

Sandals 1

Almost all the materials required for sandals are produced in China, so production costs are minimal. Even with affordable prices, the quality is maintained with strict standards and certifications.

Most of the manufacturers and suppliers are working in sandals with decades of experience. As a result, their processes are polished over the years. Moreover, the Chinese government made the overall import procedures easy.

Who uses Sandals?

Almost all genders and all age groups use sandals. They come in different styles and features for each sex and age range. For instance, women’s sandals may also have a heel.

Specialized sandals are used and bought for specific reasons. For example, outdoor enthusiasts prefer hiking sandals with firm grips. Similarly, women wear high-healed sandals with both wide and narrow heels.

Generally, people use sandals in warmer climates or warmer seasons. Sandals are more common in areas that experience a mild winter.

In business settings, men generally avoid using sandals. However, they prefer using it casually. They require less maintenance which encourages people to use them when time is limited.

How to choose the best Sandals manufacturer?

You can choose sandals manufacturer on various indicators. You can check for the supplier’s experience and reviews. Most of the information is readily available on Alibaba.

More important things to note are the product and quality certifications. You can also check the company size and gain an idea of the services they offer. For example, some manufacturers offer OEM only while others offer both.

If you are looking to ship the sandals via sea, you can save cost by choosing manufacturers close to harbors.

We have listed the best manufacturers from the US, UK, and China based on the factors above.

How to negotiate with China Sandals suppliers?

Most of the sandals suppliers are looking to form a long-term partnership. The best way is to prepare before the negotiations. Here are some points:

  • What are you selling, and what quality are you expecting.
  • How much you can spend on buying the product and shipping.
  • How long you will be potentially buying from the supplier.

It’s good to conduct a market survey and get rates, so you have an idea of the price range. With these points, you can negotiate with confidence.

While negotiating, make a note to:

  • Ask for prices for each quality of the product.
  • Portray yourself as more prominent than you are.
  • Order a test product.

How to Ship Sandals from China?

The first step is selecting a supplier or manufacturer. After you decide on some potential product sources, you can negotiate to set an attractive deal. There are four methods of shipping:

Sandals 2

  1. Shipping by the sea – slow but more affordable.
  2. Shipping by air – fast but more expensive.
  3. Shipping by rail – moderate speed and cost but inaccessible to some areas.
  4. Door to Door – direct shipping to customers usually by air and land transport.

You can arrange a warehouse for all the shipped products. If you are selling on   Amazon, the products can be stored there. You can do all this from the comfort of your home by reaching out to potential suppliers and setting up online meetings.

Learn more about shipping costs here.

How to Sell Sandals online to earn money?

There are multiple channels where you can sell online. You can set up your eCommerce website or sell on online marketplaces like Amazon.

On Amazon, you might want to prepare by checking if the sandals you have selected are highly competitive or not. You should switch to a different sandal design or type if the selected one is highly competitive.

For an eCommerce website, a large chunk of the budget is for marketing. You can set-up your online store, but you need to drive traffic to earn money from it. This can be done using paid ads or by optimizing for search engines.

Learn more about what to sell here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Where can I buy sandals?

You can buy wholesale sandals from China, the USA or UK. We have connections with experienced manufacturers. Most of these sellers are on the Alibaba platform, where you can view their details.

Additionally, you can read reviews to make an informed decision. Some other websites are Chinabrands and DHgate.

Where can I buy name-brand sandals wholesale?

Many online portals ease purchasing wholesale sandals. Some of the best websites are Alibaba, Lightinthebox, Makeupmania, and others. You can find a lot of suppliers for the same sandals with reviews and certifications. You can find the top 20 above organized by regions.

How do I start my own sandals company?

It all starts with a will. You have to take the first step. Of course, there is a risk involved. Choose your selling mode, online, physical, or hybrid. Afterward, choose the sandal types which are in high demand but have fewer seller.

Have a look at the legal requirements and start working on branding. Starting up an online store is low risk. Or you can start selling on other eCommerce platforms like Amazon.

Can I sell sandals with my branding?

Yes, you can. Most of the manufacturers offer the service of private labeling. You provide your branding to the manufacturer, and they produce the product with it.

Sandals 3

It makes your selected product distinctive. You can also gain brand awareness after some time in the market.

Where can I buy discounted sandals?

You can buy wholesale sandals in bulk and get a good discount. Most of the manufacturers and suppliers we listed above offer sandals in bulk where the discount is enough to make profits in reselling.

Final Thoughts on Wholesale Sandals From China

Whether you are looking for wholesale sandals in bulk or sandals manufacturers, we hope you got the whole idea from this article. You can use this information to start a business selling sandals. We are always ready to assist if you have any queries.

We have been helping business people globally in helping them source products from China. Ever since 2015, we are perfecting our sourcing to get the best deals for our clients.

Most people stop before taking action.

And that is what stops them from success. Don’t be like them if you want to do something.

If you are looking to import sandals from China, drop us a query, and we will get back as soon as possible.

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