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Wholesale From china

best selling products in china

Wholesale Electronics From china

Wholesale Electronics from China

Electronics is a field that comprises physics and engineering, fused and infused into the device where electrons flow. We are surrounded by electronic equipment all around us. We have refrigerators for cold storage, air conditioners for a chill and relaxed environment, and gadgets. They all fall under the same category.

China is known for its electronics production. Guangdong is known as the hub for wholesale electronics from China.

Wholesale Clothes From China

Importing Clothes from China

Clothes are any type of fabric, animal skin, or plastic sheets, sewn together into a shape to fit any body type. Almost every entity in the world has some type of clothes on them. Clothes designs, fabric, and sizes vary from gender to gender, age to age, and type of entities.

China produces a large variety of wholesale clothes. Zhejiang and Jiangsu are two provinces that contribute to clothes manufacturers in China.

wholesale jewellery from china

Wholesale Jewellery in Bulk From China

Jewelry is the pieces of decorative items worn by a female, generally, to add to the adornment of their personalities and looks. Jewelry is available in different raw materials. Most of them are made up of silver and metal, embellished by emeralds. Otherwise, gold and platinum are also used for making jewelry.

Jewelry differs from culture to culture. You can find the best-customized jewelry at Zhejiang and Guangdong.

Wholesale Sunglasses From china

Wholesale From China Sunglasses Suppliers

Sunglasses, otherwise known as sunnies, goggles, or shades, are the type of optical glass frames tinted. They are so to avoid getting your eyes exposed to bright and dangerous sun raises. Sunlight and other obvious discomforts for short-range and damage them if exposed for a longer period.

Zhejiang has some finest quality sunglasses and an enormous range of colors and designs.

Wholesale Office supplies From China

Wholesale Office supplies From China

Office supplies include all the supplies that are required by the office staff to work. They include pens, correctors, highlighters, and other items like adhesives and staplers. Shanghai is the king of Alibaba china wholesale websites. All the best prices and quality office supplies are manufactured there.

Wholesale Household supplies From China

Buy Household supplies From China

Household supplies can be anything of need that is available at your homes. They can range from utensils and furniture to heavy pieces of machinery.  Like refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, and air-conditioners. Guangdong has all the household, made in china wholesale, supplies.

Wholesale Shoes From China

Wholesale Shoes From China

Shoes are footwear designed for the human foot. They are to protect from contact with anything distressful. They differ from type to type and come in a wide variety of designs and colors. Jiangsu is renowned for China’s wholesale market for shoes.

Buy Toys From China

Toys are a playful item that is designed or targeted to children to play with. Some of them resemble the world’s real items to let them get exposed to society long before encountering it. You can find a wide variety of toys for children at toys manufacturers of Zhejiang.

Wholesale Stationery From China

Wholesale Stationery Supplies From China

Stationary is a mass term sued to refer to the things that one might need to write. They can range from pencils, pens, paper, envelopes, and much more. Zhejiang has all the made in China wholesale supplies of Stationery.

Wholesale Outdoor Supplies From China

Wholesale Outdoor supplies From China

Household supplies can be anything of need that is available at your homes. They can range from utensils and

Outdoor supplies include all the supplies and equipment one might need to have a day out from the normal residing areas. They can include tents, camps, grills, chairs, and mini tanks for water storage.

Guangdong, China, has the most rated suppliers’ index. You can get your hands on the best quality outdoor supplies from China products wholesale.

Leeline Sourcing Service For Buying Wholesale From China

Product Sourcing

Product Sourcing

Leeline can help you source China wholesale products from the China wholesale websites.

Factory Audit

Factory Audit

Leeline agents can audit the China wholesale companies to inquire about your required products.

Product Inspection

Product Inspection

Leeline can perform an inspection of your selected China Wholesale products. They do so to check them against the international quality standards.

Amazon FBA Prep

Amazon FBA Prep

Leeline can prepare the batch of China Wholesale products as Amazon FBA Requirement.

Shipping to Amazon FBA

Shipping to Amazon FBA

Leeline provides an efficient way for suppliers to ship China Wholesale Products  to Amazon FBA and have them set out for delivery.

Dropshipping Service

Drop shipping Agent

Leeline offers dropshipping services through different freights to their clients. Clients are the ones who buy China Wholesale products through them.

Why Choose Leeline Help You Wholesale From China

  • Leeline can help you source the best China wholesale products for your business.
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  • Leeline has expert agents available for all your step-to-step procedures. They help you from selecting your manufacturer to the received shipment.
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Best 10 Chinese Wholesale Websites

Are you planning to launch an Ecommerce store and are therefore on the lookout for a reliable wholesaler to buy chinese products in bulk from?

If yes, we have got you covered!

It’s a known fact that China has been the largest manufacturer as well as exporter of products for quite some time now.

There exists a wide variety of Chinese wholesale websites that people can do business with.

However, there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration while dealing with a wholesaler.

For starters, the fear of getting scammed or receiving poor quality goods can be a discouraging factor.

Delivery time, minimum order quantity, pricing etc. are other important aspects that can affect your relationship with the wholesalers.

To help you find the best and most convenient Chinese Wholesale Websites for you to do business with, we have prepared a list of 10 of the most trusted and credible platforms.

Stay with us as we explain you why the websites listed below can be perfect for your venture.

Best 10 chinese wholesale websites

Best 10 China wholesale websites list

#1 Alibaba.com

This world-famous wholesale platform is the brainchild of Jack Ma.

Founded in 1999, Alibaba has gone on to become a leading portal that helps credible suppliers in selling their goods, and buyers in finding the right products for their business.

The website boasts an endless variety of products from Electronics and Apparels to Furniture items and Vehicles!


  • Buyer Safety:

One of the main reasons why Alibaba is many buyers’ go-to wholesale platform is because of the effective Buyer Safety policies it practices.

Before finalizing any deal, buyers can ensure the credibility of the suppliers by checking company profile metrics and availing the quality inspection service.

Also, buyers can opt for dealing only with “Gold Suppliers”, authorized by Alibaba’s own 3rd Party Inspectors. To make things even better, Alibaba’s Trade Assurance service is an absolute winner.

By utilizing this service, buyers are assured of receiving timely delivery of premium quality goods or else, they will be refunded their money.

Courtesy of remarkable Trade Assurance and Inspection services, buyers can be assured that the quality of products they receive will be as per their expectations.

The Secure Payment feature also helps in this case.

From this video you can know more about what is alibaba.com

  • Pricing:

Over the last 20 years, Alibaba has been endorsed by countless suppliers and buyers.

Because of this, a number of suppliers dealing in the same kind of products can be found on the platform and to ensure that they get chosen by the buyers, they tend to offer optimal rates.

Also, seasonal and other discounts remain available throughout the year.

  • Minimum Order:

A buyer should be ready to purchase at least 200 units of a product from any manufacturer, since it is the minimum order quantity acceptable on Alibaba.com.

  • Payment Methods:

There exists a Secure Payment feature on Alibaba.com that should be availed while purchasing goods from a supplier.

This feature lets buyer make the payment only after they provide the confirmation that the products have been received in great condition.

As for payment, multiple modes are supported such as Credit Card, Western Union, e-Checking and more!

  • Shipping Methods:

Alibaba has a vast variety of shipping methods available.

Buyers are recommended to negotiate with the supplier and choose the shipping channel that best suits both the parties.

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Why Do You Need Freight Forwarders

  • Pros and Cons:

While Alibaba boasts several perks for buyers such as offering a wide variety of good quality products at convenient rates and presenting them with several services to ensure quality, there are some areas that can be improved.

For starters, the user interface can be polished in order to give people a smooth shopping experience.

Also, a mechanism for updating prices in a timely fashion should be introduced.

  • Customer Reviews:

Out of nearly 12,000 reviews, 86% have rated Alibaba as “Excellent” on “Trustpilot”.

Therefore, Alibaba is the perfect as well as one of the safest platforms for conducting wholesale business.

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Alibaba Shipping Costs From China to US : Super Guide

How To Buy From Alibaba

 Buying From Alibaba Now

#2 1688.com:  

1688.com is perhaps one of the biggest ventures of Alibaba group.

Not only does this site offer an endless variety of good quality products at convenient rates, it is also the go-to shopping destination for other wholesale websites.

This platform provides a safe and smooth buying experience to the shoppers.


  • Buyer Safety:

All suppliers on the platform should first get their business license from the government and only then can they start selling on 1688.com Moreover, buyers can easily check the supplier’s information on the website.

Thus, buyers can be assured that they are dealing with a credible seller.

  • Quality Assurance:

Buyers can enlist the help of experienced buying “agents” from China, who can inspect the quality of products before they get shipped.

  • Pricing:

The products listed on 1688.com are priced quite fairly.

This is one of the many reasons why not only buyers but also other wholesale websites get their products from 1688.com.

  • Minimum Order:

Buyers interested in buying from suppliers via 1688.com should at least make a purchase of 1,000 CNY, since it is the minimum amount required by the wholesale website in question.

  • Payment Methods:

There are a number of payment methods that buyers can use to purchase goods.

However, it should be noted that majority of the sellers on the platform sell only to Chinese clients and many of the payment methods are only supported locally, so buyers are recommended to hire Chinese buying agents to make the purchase for them. The most effective payment methods are:


  • Shipping Methods:

A variety of shipping methods can be used by a buying agent to deliver the goods to buyers, provided that the former has been issued an export license.

  • Pros and Cons:

While 1688.com boasts an endless variety of products that buyers can purchase for everyday uses or special occasions and is the home to trusted suppliers who sell goods at convenient prices, the site mainly caters to the Chinese audience for now.

Many of the suppliers on the platform do not understand English and this language barrier makes conducting the business quite difficult.

Moreover, finding the right buying agents can be a chore.

  • Customer Reviews:

With an overall score of 4.5/5 on “sitejabber”, it isn’t hard to figure out that customers are very high on 1688.com.

Suggested reading: Best 1688 Agent Help You Bulk Buy From 1688.com China

1688 Dropshipping: Ultimate Guide

Buy From 1688 Now

#3 AliExpress.com

This website doesn’t need any introduction at all.

At a time when other wholesale giants are striving to achieve perfection in regards to high-end wholesale orders, AliExpress is perfecting its craft in small wholesale orders and customer satisfaction.

Buyers can choose from an extensive variety of goods that are rich in terms of quality.

A fast and secure delivery of the goods is also guaranteed by AliExpress, making it the most ideal destination for shopping.


  • Buyer Safety:

Buyer Safety is guaranteed while shopping from AliExpress.com.

In case the products aren’t delivered or their quality is not up to the promised standards, buyers can pursue a full refund.

Moreover, a dispute can also be opened in case the delivery is late. In short, the buyer safety and satisfaction are AliExpress’ topmost priorities.

  • Quality Assurance:

Before finalizing any deal with a supplier, buyers should do a thorough research about their quality of operations.

This process is made easier, thanks to AliExpress.

All buyers have to do is look up relevant details on top of the product page and retrieve important information about the suppliers.

  • Pricing:

AliExpress’ prices can’t be beat, especially when small wholesale orders are in the discussion.

Moreover, the price per unit of a product goes down as the buyer increases its quantity.

Icing on the cake is the fact that mouth-watering sales and deals constantly pop up.

  • Minimum Order:

The reason why many people prefer AliExpress.com for small wholesale orders is that the platform saves buyers from the struggle of fulfilling the minimum order quantity requirement.

A minimum order quantity can be negotiated between buyers and sellers and an agreement benefiting both parties can be reached.

From this video you can know more about how to use aliexpress.

  • Payment Methods:

Multiple payment methods can be utilized while shopping from AliExpress such as Credit Card, PayPal, Western Union, Cash Payment etc.

The payment process is quite straightforward and barely causes any inconvenience to the buyers. Additionally, the “3D Secure” feature can be used for further safeguarding card payments.

  • Shipping Methods:

AliExpress is known for its rapid delivery services.

It has been made possible only because of the effective shipping methods, mainly ePacket Delivery and AliExpress Standard Shipping.

  • Pros and Cons:

AliExpress boasts over 100 million products of varying categories.

Moreover, the shopping process is as easy and smooth as it can get. Additionally, customer support service is available round the clock to assist users with any queries and complaints.

The one downside of shopping at AliExpress is that the pricing for large wholesale orders can be a turnoff.

  • Customer Reviews:

Out of nearly 95K reviews on Trustpilot, 87% have rated AliExpress as “Excellent”.

So, what’s stopping you from doing business with this highly regarded china wholesale website?


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AliExpress data scraper 

Buy From Aliexpress Now

#4 DHgate.com:   

It is, without a doubt, the go-to website for buyers who are new to the world of china wholesale online.

It offers a fast, easy and reliable shopping experience and is well-capable of supporting small and large wholesale orders. Users can choose from over 30 million products.


  • Buyer Safety:

In order to assure Buyer Safety, DHgate releases the payout to supplier only when the buyer confirms that they have received the ordered products.

Buyers can also check beforehand if the sellers deal in authentic Chinese products and whether they have the reputation of delivering goods on-time.

Buyers can also request for a full refund if they don’t receive the products or the goods are poor in quality.

A partial refund can also be sought if buyers decide to keep products of unsatisfactory quality.

  • Quality Assurance:

DHgate has several effective techniques in place for assuring quality of goods.

Various badges are allocated to sellers based on their performances.

Apart from that, buyers can check the ratings and reviews of both china suppliers as well as the products they are selling.

  • Pricing:

Product cost is decided by the supplier.

However, in case a product is selected for purchase in bulk quantity, its unit price goes down.

Additionally, buyers can keep an eye out for discounts and coupons to help them buy in bulk from china.

  • Minimum Order:

Buyers can negotiate the minimum order quantity with the suppliers.

It can even go down to 1 unit per product, but it depends on what’s in it for the supplier to agree on such a low moq.

  • Payment Methods:

Buyers can pay via credit card, debit card, Skrill as well as Bank Transfer.

DHgate is known for having a smooth payment structure that buyers can easily get a hold of.

  • Shipping Methods:

ePacket, FedEx and DHL are among the most trusted international shipping associates of DHgate.

Moreover, there is another method called “DH Storage” that guarantees fast shipping for buyers and customers residing in US.

The method can only be applied for products that have a DH Storage badge on their page.

  • Pros and Cons:

The availability of ePacket and DH Storage are surely the strong points of DHgate.

Moreover, it is a go-to wholesale website for beginners where they can choose from millions of products.

The one thing that needs to be fixed is the search algorithm. Countless users have complained that they face difficulties in finding the right products.

  • Customer Reviews:

Out of more than 21K reviews, 72% have rated DHgate as “Excellent” on “Trustpilot”.

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Top DHgate Alternatives: Websites Like Dhgate

Wholesale From Dhgate Now


#5 GlobalSources.com

Unlike other online wholesalers, Global Sources also promotes the forthcoming trade shows in addition to being a highly trusted china wholesale website.

It has millions of products for buyers to choose from and it provides great business opportunities to suppliers and buyers.

  • Buyer Safety and Quality Assurance:

Global Sources sellers are allotted different badges that speak for their authenticity.

From verification badge to verified product and company badge, buyers can learn about the suppliers in a number of ways before finalizing a business deal with them.

So, buyer safety is a sure shot priority of the wholesaler in question. Dealing with O2O suppliers (reputable suppliers with regular participation in trade shows) and gauging the products and suppliers with the help of above-mentioned badges and certificates will ensure that buyers receive proper quality goods.


  • Pricing:

Buyers are guaranteed to come across the best rates for products they are interested in purchasing as the website houses some of the most trusted Chinese wholesalers, manufacturers as well as retailers.

  • Minimum Order:

The minimum order quantity is set by the suppliers and in many cases, can be negotiated to reach a number that is suitable for both buying and selling parties.

  • Payment Methods:

Like minimum order quantity, payment method is also determined by the supplier. However, the most recommended and safe channel is PayPal.

  • Shipping Methods:

Once again, GlobalSources doesn’t have a well-defined shipping channel. Buyers have to reach out to the suppliers and decide on a shipping method.

This video briefly explains the similarities and differences between Alibaba and Global Sources, two online selling platforms for different goods.

This video aims to shed light to sellers on how to choose the best supplier for their needs and preferences.

  • Pros and Cons:

Global Sources’ user-friendly website and its focus on trade shows and exhibitions are surely some of the factors that have contributed to its success. Moreover, the platform makes it seem quite easy to get a hold of credible suppliers.

However, the website mainly caters to the experienced and doesn’t have payment and shipping channels of its own (many buyers can consider these to be turn-off factors).

  • Customer Reviews:

Global Sources maintains a 4-star rating on “Webretailer”. If you somehow take care of the shipping mode and payment, then it is surely the right site for you to get products for your Ecommerce store.


Import From GlobalSources Now


#6 Made-in-China.com:  

Introduced in 1998, Made in China has aced the test of time and has managed to become a trusted online wholesale website for linking international buyers with Chinese suppliers.


  • Buyer Safety and Quality Assurance:

To assure buyer safety, Made in China has several methods in effect. For starters, most of the suppliers registered on the platform are verified (have a verification symbol next to their name) by the website itself.

Moreover, the payment is only provided to the seller after the buyer confirms that the goods have been received in the promised quality.

Buyers can also view Supplier Audit Report (prepared by Made in China itself). Additionally, online and offline meetings with the suppliers can be arranged.

Made in China can also issue business information reports of the suppliers from which the buyer is interested in buying products. Buyers are also recommended to keep an eye out for Manufacturing Excellence & Innovation award winning products.

  • Pricing:

Made in China has been operational since 1998, so it’s almost a guarantee that buyers will be able to purchase the required china products at convenient prices.

  • Minimum Order:

The website lists several trusted and experienced suppliers. Therefore, buyers can easily look up the sellers whose minimum order quantity requirement is in accordance with their demands.

  • Payment Methods:

Buyers can use Credit Cards to make payments for their orders.

  • Shipping Methods:

The shipping method can either be recommended by the supplier or the buyer can pick the most suitable method from Made in China’s logistics marketplace including DHL, UPS or FedEx.


  • Pros and Cons:

Made in China is the home to a variety of good quality products. The heavy emphasis on buyer safety is surely a plus.

However, the weird enforcement of buyer safety elements and the inconvenient buying process can cause people to choose other chinese wholesale suppliers over Made in China.

  • Customer Reviews:

Up to 51 people have reviewed Made in China so far on “Trustpilot” and only 16% have rated its services as “Excellent”.

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Wholesale From Made In China Now

#7 HKTDC.com

Honk Kong Trade Development Council or HKTDC is a credible chinese wholesale website that possesses over 50 years of experience in linking sellers and buyers from around the world.

HKTDC strives on improving Honk Kong’s trade structure to boost the overall economy of the said country. Also, it holds conferences and expos to educate both aspiring as well as established entrepreneurs.


  • Buyer Safety and Quality Assurance:

HKTDC has managed to stay relevant after all these years simply because of the exceptional quality and buyer safety assurance it provides.

Verified suppliers are referred as “Premium Advertisers” and buyers should try to buy from such sellers. Moreover, a credible independent third party verification agency “Dun & Bradstreet” verifies the sellers every 2 years.

HKTDC also verifies the business licenses of suppliers itself and labels the verified parties as “Compliance Verified”.

These and other verification metrics make it easy for buyers to trust the suppliers they are dealing with.

  • Pricing:

Since 1966, HKTDC has been featuring China’s most trusted sellers, so buyers can expect to receive fair quotes.

  • Minimum Order:

For small orders, buyers don’t have to worry about any sort of minimum order quantity.

The minimum order quantity for large orders can be negotiated between buyer and supplier.

  • Payment Methods:

Like minimum order quantity, the payment method should be discussed with the supplier. For small orders however, PayPal can be used.


  • Shipping Methods:

Once again, small orders are at an advantage here. For small orders, HKTDC has a facility called “small order zone”, courtesy of which buyers can get their products shipped with DHL, FedEx and other reliable channels.

For large orders, on the other hand, the buyer needs to reach out to the supplier to discuss the shipping options.

  • Pros and Cons:

HKTDC is a one-stop platform for online trading and sourcing. It boasts a wide variety of products and lists over 130K quality sellers.

This wholesale website is perfect for buyers who rely on small yet frequent orders. For buyers ordering products in large quantities, there are no well-defined payment and shipping channels.

  • Customer Reviews:

HKTDC holds a 2.9/5 rating on “Glassdoor”. The score is based on 32 reviews.

 Wholesale From HKTDC Now


#8 Chinabrands.com:  

Chinabrands is a leading dropshipping wholesale website. Countless products can be looked up by buyers.

Unlike other similar platforms; the descriptions of most of the products are exceptionally well-written in order to give the buyers clarity regarding the chinese goods they are interested in.


  • Buyer Safety and Quality Assurance:

Chinabrands has effective warranty and return policies in place to ensure that the buyers have no complaints with the quality of products they receive.

For chinese electronics products such as computers, phones, tablets, watches, hosts and consumer electronics or simply 3C products, if they are found damaged or unusable upon arrival, buyers can submit a return request within 30 days.

For other products, a return or replacement request needs to be placed within 15 days after delivery.

  • Pricing:

Chinabrands features trusted and experienced Chinese wholesalers, so buyers can be assured of receiving the best deals.

  • Minimum Order:

Chinabrands doesn’t impose a minimum order quantity requirement on buyers. All they have to do is indulge in negotiation with the sellers and close a deal that benefits both parties.

  • Payment Methods:

Payment can be made via PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer and CB Wallet.

Wire Transfer

  • Shipping Methods:

Chinabrands is known globally for its exceptional international shipping service.

For starters, it ships worldwide and also allows the buyers to purchase shipping insurance to ensure protection of their goods.

Last but not the least, buyers can choose from 3 different shipping methods (Flat Rate, Standard and Expedite) and 27 carriers.

  • Pros and Cons:

Chinabrands features over 10,000 suppliers and half a million Stock Keeping Units.

Moreover, this platform caters to a worldwide audience with product descriptions written in various languages.

Buyers can also expect a fast and secure delivery of their products by shopping from Chinabrands.

Despite of facilitating the customers in many ways, there are also a few disadvantages of using Chinabrands to buy china products online.

For starters, their customer service department can be improved. Also, the refund and return time can be shortened.

  • Customer Reviews:

65 people so far have reviewed Chinabrands on “Trustpilot” and only 31% of those reviews fall in the “Excellent” Category.

Wholesale From ChinaBrands Now


#9 Chinavasion.com:  

Chinavasion, for the last 15 years, has been connecting credible suppliers with the right buyers.

This online wholesale store is packed with premium quality products of different prices to ensure that buyers find exactly what they are looking for.

In addition, Chinavasion also has a helpful customer support service team. Buyers should consider this wholesale website if they are planning to purchase China’s best electronics and gadgets.


  • Buyer Safety and Quality Assurance:

Chinavasion hasn’t amassed the recognition it has by not putting in the required work. It is successful because users feel comfortable while shopping at Chinavasion.

It has a strict customer safety policy in place and guarantees buyers the successful delivery of their products. That’s not all however, since there is also an in-house quality control department.

The department in question inspects the quality of every batch of products received from the local factories. Several factors are taken into account during the quality inspection process so buyers can be assured of receiving faultless goods along with a full-year warranty.

  • Pricing:

Chinavasion has been going strong since 2004 and part of the reason behind it is that the products listed on the platform can be bought at highly reasonable rates.

  • Minimum Order:

There is no minimum order requirement while ordering chinese goods from Chinavision.

A buyer knows best about how many units of something they need so this reliable wholesale website respects that and leaves the buyer to decide the quantity of the deliverables.

  • Payment Methods:

Goods can be purchased via Chinavasion easily and buyers can make the payment via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

  • Shipping Methods:

For small and medium sized orders, shipping service can be availed and the available channels include FedEx and DHL. For large orders, buyers should discuss about the shipping method with the supplier.


  • Pros and Cons:

Chinavasion has an excellent customer service department and supports a secure payment structure. Moreover, the presence of an in-house quality control team is a relief as online shopping creates doubts in the minds of people.

The wholesaler in question doesn’t have well-defined shipping plans for large orders and this is something that needs to be improved if it wants established buyers on its platform.

  • Customer Reviews:

Over 260 people have reviewed Chinavasion so far on “Trustpilot” and majority of them (59%) have rated it as “Excellent”. So, you can turn to this website without any hesitation if you are planning to make a bulk purchase of electronics and gadgets manufactured by China’s finest.

Wholesale From Chinavasion Now


#10 Banggood.com

Banggood is an online shopping store that offers a huge variety of Chinese products at very competitive prices. Started in 2006, now the website has its warehouses even in the USA.

It provides a platform for multiple sellers to create their own online shops and sell their products while giving buyers a varied list of options to choose from.


  • Buyer Safety:

Banggood.com provides a 3-day guarantee for all buyers.

If it’s confirmed that the received product is faulty, buyer can immediately request a full refund within 3 days of the purchase once they submit the faulty product’s image or video to the customer service manager.

  • Quality Assurance:

The online marketplace, banggood.com has strict policies regarding the quality of the products. Sellers are not provided with their funds unless the client is completely satisfied with the quality as advertised.

  • Pricing:

There are different suppliers and manufacturers, offering diverse prices starting from as low as $0.3.

  • Minimum Order:

Buyers interested in the acquisition of goods from Banggoods.com are required to order products worth at least $39.99 since they don’t allow anything less than that.

  • Payment Methods:

There are various methods that customers can use to pay for their products. These include Credit Cards, Paypal and Boleto.

A buyer can also create an account on BGpay and deposit the money directly into the BGpay account to purchase an item directly from banggood.com.

The best part about using BGpay to make online payments is that customers get as much as 200 points every time they get a refund on their BGpay account. These points can later be utilized to purchase other products on the website.

  • Shipping Methods:

Banggood.com offers multiple shipping methods for the convenience of buyers all over the world. The common shipping methods include Standard Shipping, Air Parcel, Railway Direct Mail, Expedited Shipping Service, EMS Express Mail Service.

It even offers cash on delivery service. While Standard Shipping does not provide a tracking service, Air Parcel provides prompt delivery and a specified tracking number for every parcel.

  • Pros and Cons:

One of the biggest pros when it comes to banggood is that it provides a quick 7-day delivery within the USA while also offering secure payment gateways.

It also offers a 3 day guarantee period for buyer protection and has a complete variety of products available.

When it comes to cons, banggood doesn’t have any except that some Chinese products come out to be of poor quality, but then again buyer can simply file for a refund in case that happens.

  • Customer Reviews:

Banggood.com was rated “Excellent” by 13513 reviewers online on “Resellerratings”, which makes it one of the finest choices for online shopping and merchandising.

 Wholesale From Banggood Now



All in all, it should be understood that just because it has become easier to find a china wholesale website, that doesn’t mean retailers shouldn’t conduct their research.

Products should only be bought once it is proved that the seller in question is reliable and has a proven track record of selling goods to different buyers.

This article aims to help you identify the most reliable Chinese wholesale websites, based on different factors.

Of course, if you plan to visit China wholesale markets, We strongly recommend you read this article:The Complete Guide to Sourcing Products From Yiwu Market.In this article, you can learn more about Yiwu wholesale market.

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China Wholesale Ultimate Guide

If you have reached this article, that clearly would mean one of the two things;

If either of the two is true, you are exactly where you should be, the right place. So please, read on!

For a few last decades, the export industry of China has been elevated by levels. That is due to the unsurpassed quality and price ranges of Chinese manufacturers and suppliers. Undoubtedly, the industries of China have given tough competition to all the fellow wholesale trade markets.

If you are thinking of importing wholesale products for your resale business and are thinking of opting for China as the main market, get on with it. The benefit of importing from China is that you get a wide variety of designs to pick from. And secondly, you get the best possible rates for the products that you are trying to source.

Here are a few FAQs that might help you make your mind and clear the doubts that you still might have to linger somewhere in the subconsciousness of your mind about importing China wholesale products.

Can I buy wholesale from China?

Yes, You can. China is counted as one of the leading trade markets of the world. Wholesale products are the most prominent feature of the Chinese market. You can easily connect to some of the verified Chinese companies online, have your desired product selected.

These Chinese wholesale companies have an enormous archive of designs and products. They can let you have an insight and let you decide what you want to import from them.

This is to be noted that all the traders and manufacturers of China hold great deals for anyone that want to sign trade for wholesale products.

What is the best website to buy wholesale from China?

Alibaba and AliExpress have almost all the websites enlisted that deal in wholesale products from China for manufacturing and trading.

They have the world’s renowned inspection companies like Intertek, SGS groups, and TUV Rheinland inspect the companies registered on these sites to get verified. After their verification by the inspection companies, the registered wholesale companies are verified on the website. Further, they are allowed to sign off any trade anywhere in the world.

What items should I import from China in bulk?

You can import any everyday use item in bulk from China and have them resold at your desired price. It is always beneficial for any resale business to have those imported items with a huge targeted market.

Some of the most in-demand products that can be sourced from China includes,

  • Electronics – Many people tend to turn towards made-in-China electronic products due to their affordable prices and unique designs.
  • Clothes – Clothes never go out of need. People keep searching for chic and trendy clothes. So if you plan on importing anything for reselling, opt for uniquely designed clothes.
  • Jewelry – Any person in this world in today’s era does have any piece of statement jewelry worn daily.
  • Sunglasses – People tend to get more attracted towards unique colors and frames of imported sunglasses if they are also affordable.
  • Household supplies – You can also import cute and handy household supplies at wholesale prices and sell them here in the process that can attract customers.
  • Shoes – You can import shoes from China wholesale. They have the ideal variety of trendy, fashionable shoes.
  • Toys – China wholesale has some uniquely shaped and themed toys that can attract children and their parents. It would also let you stand out from your conventional traders.

All the daily use items can be best-selling items if imported at the right values and rightfully advertised.

What is the cheapest way to import from China?

Depending upon how large your shipment is, it is better if you opt for sea freights. They are the most inexpensive way of importing anything from China.

You can also opt for rail freights. This way will let you have the shipment dropped to the nearest goods railway drop station from you.

How can I buy goods from China?

You can search for verified suppliers on Alibaba and search for your desired products. Once you find the product you demand, you can chat with the manufacturers and sign down a deal.

If you are unsure of dealing with the China Wholesale manufacturers first hand, you can always opt for a sourcing company that has expert agents that can help you with choosing the right manufacturers, audit the company on your behalf, and have them shipped to you and still remain in contact till you are satisfied. Leeline can make the best possible option under these scenarios.

Why is Alibaba so cheap?

Alibaba is a platform that connects suppliers and manufacturers with their targeted resellers. All the companies associated with Alibaba have their own warehouses and productions in millions monthly. It costs them comparatively less to produce in bulk than to produce a smaller batch.

That is why they produce in bulk batches of million pieces and sell them to resellers at prices that benefit both parties, enabling them to profit margin even if they sell it a slightly lower/higher prices. This is the essence of China’s wholesale products.

Is it safe to buy off Alibaba?

Since the companies registered on Alibaba are first hand, on-site verified by the inspection companies, and later allowed to have transactions. It is always better to choose a verified supplier that has good ratings and good positive reviews. It would save you from any sour event.

Final Thoughts on Wholesale from China

For the longest time of about three to four decades, China has surprisingly evolved into this giant that it is now in the trade markets. There is no single item in the world that is not as well manufactured by the manufacturers and suppliers in China’s markets. You name the product, and the Chinese market has it.

If you are trying to invest in a business that can quickly elevate to unbelievable levels and become a solid source of income for you, better invest your money into purchasing China wholesale products.

Opt for a china sourcing company to avoid any incident and for a smooth trade experience. You can then have the products shipped to yourself. Once received, you can have them photographed and sold through shops, both physically and online. People will be attracted to your product designs that too on unbelievably low prices.

Reselling if imported China wholesale product is one of the fastest-growing businesses to have.

Best 5 China Electronics Manufacturers

Zhejiang Zhongke Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd

1. Zhejiang Zhongke Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd

They have headquarters based in Zhejiang.  Zhongke Magnetic Industry is an electronics manufacturer in China. The company has been functional since 2002. The company is verified on-site by TUV, Rheinland, which are known for their leading inspection. This magnetic Industry also holds a reputable position as wholesale traders.

Main Products

Zhongke Magnetic are quite well-known for their raw material for machinery. The company also offers customized magnets and helps buyers select reasonable magnets with its help.

Why Choose Zhongke Magnetic Industry

Having their products certified under more than 4 certifications, including the ISO14001. The company leads in its domain. They have over 20 years of experience as traders and manufacturers. The company employs a working force of about 500 people that make sure you get the best products.

Shenzhen Pango Medical Electronics Co., LTD

2. Shenzhen Pango Medical Electronics Co., LTD

Pango medical has a history of excellence in the production of wholesale electronics in bulk. Established in 2000, the company has been standing for over 2 good decades. They are a Guangdong, China, based company. Their export is to the of Europe and Asia.

Main Products

Pango holds specialization in manufacturing and exporting healthcare products. They have massagers as their niche. They have a list of main products that include machines for blood pressure detection. They have belts for weight loss, massagers, and other health care items.

Why Choose Pango Medical Electronics

This ISO 13485 and ISO 1384 certified company is holding a great reputation among electronics manufacturers in China. The company also extends OEM services, which means you can have them manufacture customized products for you. They own a warehouse that covers about 30,000 sq. meters. They are the best reliable choice among many other Chinese electronics manufacturers.

Zhejiang Tiansheng Electronic Co., Ltd.

3.Zhejiang Tiansheng Electronic Co., Ltd.

The company stands among China’s most influential industries for 10 years. Tiansheng Electronics is based in Zhejiang, which is one prime province of the state. The company also owns two trademarks of their own that are TSEC and Tiangsheng. The company contributes to the main market supply of electronics in China and America.

Main Products

This Chinese electronics factory has manufactured around 5,000 various kinds of products. The main products of the company include scales of a different kind. Like weight scales and luggage weight scales, etcetera.

Why Choose Tiangshen Electronics

Tiangshen Electronics turns over annual revenue of around 50 million US Dollars. They have 10 production lines and a decade of experience. They have various types of electronic products for various purposes. With the management of 500 people, they can cater to all your electronic supplies on the scale.

Shenzhen Huaxing PCBA Limited

4. Shenzhen Huaxing PCBA Limited

Huaxing PCBA was founded in 1998 as manufacturers of applicable electronic products. Being in production for so long, the company also is a lead trader of the country. These private-label electronics manufacturers have the best services.

Main Products

They source mold-making machinery, plastic injection, assembly, packaging, and shipment services. They have 6 production lines. They can produce 600,000 Pieces / Month of PCB and PCBA. Their raw materials are from world-renowned suppliers such as Sharp, Toshiba, and Samsung.

Why Choose Huaxing PCBA Limited

They bear a good response rate and transaction rate. They also have been reviewed over their course of service providence. They ensure that their products follow their international product certifications. They have a total revenue of US$5 Million – US$10 Million. Their statistics make them stand out in the China electronics manufacturers.

Shenzhen Jingbang Technology Co., Ltd

5. Shenzhen Jingbang Technology Co., Ltd.

Verified by Intertek, this company stands right in the heart of trade. This Guangdong-based company was established in 2007. This is a Chinese electronics supplier and manufacturers. The company holds a total revenue of 12000000 USD up till the early months of 2021. They have HK IBE Group as their parent company.

Main Products

They started with a small-scale printed circuit board company. The Jiangbeng Tech has grown into a manufacturer that could provide HDI service as one unit. They offer OEM services to their clients’ enterprises and companies. The products are known and appreciated for their quality.

Why Choose Jiangeng Tech

The company holds quite a prestigious position where it comes to the production of PCB and PCBA. They export to the world. They hold some good statistics when it comes to customer dealing and satisfaction. They also keep upgrading their technology. They have higher standards and strict quality requirements.

Best 5 Sunglasses Manufacturers in CHINA

Wenzhou Brightlook

1. Wenzhou Brightlook Optical Co., Ltd

Established in 2005, this company ranks first in the category of China sunglasses suppliers. The company is operating for a decade. Under the private ownership regime, the company has a great hold on America and Eastern Europe’s markets.

Main Products

They produce various types of sunglasses. The company also produces glasses for reading. They also produce sunglasses-related accessories like glass cases, pouches, and chains. They entertain services of customized wholesale sunglasses in bulk for their client business.

Why Choose Brightlook Optical

The company’s warehouse is spread on a wide area of 10,000 sq. meters in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. Their quality is unsurpassed, and prices are competitive. They can produce about 300,000 pieces of sunglasses. They also welcome OEM services.

Wenzhou Grand International Trade Co., Ltd

2.Wenzhou Grand International Trade Co., Ltd.

The company is around 19 years old. They have been ruling the markets of South Asia, Europe, America, and the Middle East. They are based in Zhejiang, China. The company has two trademarks, the SUNPOLY, and the POLAR BUND.

Main Product

The main products of the company include sunglasses. Other than that, they produce various accessories and frames. Grand international specializes in the trading of optical frames, sunglasses, and reading glasses. All the products are by international quality standards.

Why Choose Grand International Trade

Nearest from the Shanghai port, the company can have access to all sea freights. Owning a 7000 sq. meters workshop and a workforce of 700 personnel, the company can turn 5 million USD. Their ever best sellers include sunglasses that they prepare 3 million.

Shanghai Jheyewear Co., Ltd

3. Shanghai Jheyewear Co., Ltd.

Having a product certification by CE, this company has been verified on-site by TÜV Rheinland. Shanghai Jheyewear holds the position of oldest wholesale sunglasses manufacturers and traders. The company was established in 2015. The Jheyewear exports to the markets of North America, Western Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Main Products

The Jheyewear manufactures sunglasses, reading glasses, and optical glasses. The company is also reputed for its production of all related accessories such as cases, pouches, and display stands. This Chinese company produces wholesale sunglasses for resale businesses in bulk.

Why Choose Jheyewear

With total revenue of 7,000,000 USD, the Jheyewear has a great production capacity. They have market competitive prices and unbeatable quality. They have established long-term business relationships with many clients in Europe. They also have clients in America and other main markets in the world. They can be chosen as wholesalers when looking for wholesale sunglasses from China.

Yiwu Finewell Sunglasses Co., Ltd

4. Yiwu Finewell Sunglasses Co., Ltd.

Farewell Sunglasses are listed as the best Chinese sunglasses manufacturers. The company has been involved in producing sunglasses and other fashion statements for 15 years. The company holds a long-established relationship of export to foreign countries. They have Absumael, Vinamsel, OCALA, OCALA, Oticala as their trademarks.

Main Products

The Farewell is a sunglasses manufacturing company. Apart from wholesale sunglasses as their major, they have 15 years of experience in jewelry making. They produce necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, anklets, bangles, cufflinks, keychains, and other accessories.

Why Choose Finewell Sunglasses

Being in the heart of trade, the Zhejiang itself, this company has completed around 1222 transactions. They are private label sunglasses manufacturers and can entertain your orders. They give out a huge competition to their fellow private label sunglasses suppliers in the market. Their clients enjoy the services they provide.



The Chen Hung sunglasses was established in the early 90s. For the last 3 decades, they have been the most trusted China sunglasses manufacturers. Based in Taiwan, this company is known for its exceptional business trading methods. The company focuses on its singular production line. They also continue research and innovation in raising their equipment’ functionalities.

Main Products

They produce sunglasses, sports glasses, kids’ glasses, reading glasses, reading, and glasses frames. They also offer some exceptional services to their clients with OEM and ODM. And they also cater to wholesale sunglasses bulk supplies for their clients.

Why Choose Chen Hung

They have a rate of response that is even less than one day. They have completed many transactions over the course years of their services, both online and offline. The company has gained a reputation for its services. The company makes a total revenue of 1 million USD with a single production line. They make it to the top China sunglasses suppliers.

Top 5 China Clothes Suppliers

Xiamen Airport Clothing Co., Ltd

1.Xiamen Airport Clothing Co., Ltd

The Airport Clothing is a Fujian, stands as one of the leading Chinese clothes manufacturers. It was established back in 2007 and is operational ever since. They have a trademark, ‘Aibort.’  They trade with 3 main markets, including Oceania, Western Europe, and North America. They have also been verified by TUV Rheinland.

Main Products

The company deals in clothing. They have sportswear as their best sellers. The product list includes shirts, jackets, hoodies, pants, and much more. They also produce wholesale clothes for resale.

Why Choose Airport Clothing

The company has programs that support their customers with their designs and the varied quantity of orders. They offer services of OEM and cater to their customer suggestions. They offer services of samples and order to completion. 

Shaoxing City Yinsai Textile Co., Ltd.

2. Shaoxing City Yinsai Textile Co., Ltd.

The Yinsai Textile is located in Keqiao, Shaoxing, which is known as the city of textile. Their prime location has proven to be of great benefit for the company. Founded in 2013, the company has been standing tall for about 8 years, full of experience and success. All their products are certified by GRS. Their major exports are to the markets of South America, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Asia.

Main Products

The Yinsai Textile masters in garment fabric. They have all kinds of knitted and weaving fabric. . They work with fabrics like jacquard, chiffon, rayon voile, rayon twill, viscose, cotton voile, cotton twill, and cotton satin.

Why Choose Yinsai Textile

The company does not only state their quality but also represents them in the products they make. The company first produces samples and then proceeds for bulk orders. They also manufacture their own fabric for their products and also import the fabric of the highest quality.

Shaoxing Feimei Knitting Co., Ltd

3. Shaoxing Feimei Knitting Co., Ltd.

11 years of experience as one of the China clothes manufacturers are self-explanatory. The Feimei has been on-site verified by the SGS Group, which leads as an inspection company. Established in 2010, the company follows modern techniques of manufacturing and trade. They have a 10,000 sq. meters’ warehouse and 10 production lines of their own. They make a total revenue of 59 million USD.

Main Products

Their main products are fashion knitting fabrics. They include Knit Fabric, Cotton Fabric, Print Fabric, Jersey Fabric, and Clothing Fabric. They also provide services of OEM to their customers.

Why Choose Feimei

The company boasts of its fabric quality. The softness and durability of their fabrics make them the leading fabric manufacturers. They specialize in designs and producing a wide variety of knitting fabrics. The statistics show that the company outputs about 3000 metric tons of fabric. No company has parallel services of delivering quality products at competitive prices.

Guangzhou Transfortegy Clothing Co., Ltd

4. Guangzhou Transfortegy Clothing Co., Ltd.

Transfortegy Clothing is among those Chinese clothes factory that has direct sales. Established in 2015, the company has a scientific quality system that keeps a check of product quality. The company has been recognized in the markets of fabric production. Transfortegy is among companies that recognize plus-sized clothing lines.

Main Products

The company recognizes that one size does not fit all. They empower women of plus size by manufacturing a separate product line for them. Their products include dresses, jeans, sweaters, t-shirt, and skirts. All their products are for plus-size women ranging from 130 to 300 pounds.

Why Choose Transfortegy Clothing

There are no hidden secrets that a few companies are so working on the genre as Transfortegy. Their products are of great quality, and their designs are mesmerizing. They own 4 production lines and a factory that covers 10,000 sq. meters in size. Their task force of 200 people keeps a check of production and entertains various types of OEM services.

Xiamen Moen Global Trading Co., Ltd.

5. Xiamen Moen Global Trading Co., Ltd.

Established in 2010, Moen Global Trading has great experience in the manufacturing of clothes for her. The company pushes 5-6 designs into the markets every week. They have been on-site verified by the SGS group. They are based in Fujian.

Main Products

The main products of Moen Global are Women’s Clothing, Plus Size Women’s Clothing, Bag, Shoes, and Underwear. They produce 120,000 Pcs / Month of women’s clothing. They also provide services of wholesale clothes in bulk.

Why Choose Moen Global Trading

The company supports its customers with its individual designs and varied quantity. They offer services of OEM too. They bear and a response time even less than 4h that is considered huge from trade. If you are looking to buy wholesale clothes from China, the Moen should go to the company.

Best 5 Toys Manufacturers In China

Shantou Chenghai Hexiangxing Toys Co., Ltd

1. Shantou Chenghai Hexiangxing Toys Co., Ltd.

Hexiangxing Toys is a wholesale toys suppliers and manufacturers from China. They have their headquarters based in Guangdong, China. They are widely known for their educational toy production in the city of toys, Chenghai. Established in 1999, the company has gained quite the reputation among the Chinese toys factory.

Main Products

The company has a production of great quality educational toys. They have musical blankets and fabric educational books. They produce their products, bearing in mind that the toys are being manufactured for children and should be hazard-free.

Why Choose Hexiangxing Toys

The company produces nontoxic and hazard-free toys. Their toys help children have fun and learn at the same time. They make sure that their toys are recyclable, washable, and made up of comfortable plastic and nylon. It does not clash with the child’s safety. If you are looking for an addition of education safe toys for your business shelf, this company has the solution.

Sam Toys Industrial Co., Ltd

2. Sam Toys Industrial Co., Ltd.

Verified by one of the leading inspection companies, TUV Rheinland, Sam Toys are quite the popular entity as China toy suppliers. Established on the 30th of July in 2008, the company, soon after its establishment, was approved for trade and manufacturing. The company holds test reports certification for all their products. They have SamToyCn and RCsam as their trademarks.   

Main Products

The company deals in the production and trade of toys. They include Education, Baby toys, Pretend Play, Musical Instruments, and general-purpose Toys. They also offer services of OEM. And entertain ODM orders. They own a factory in Meihu and can push 390,000 Pcs Per Month of toys in the market.

Why Choose Sam Toys Industrial

As verified suppliers by TUV, the company has completed over 93 transactions all across the main markets of North America, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia. They have a total revenue of about 10,000,800 USD up till 2021. They have a 95% response rate and bear good ratings and reviews. Their services have made them get listed among the top toy manufacturers in China.

Shantou Yuxin Science And Educational Toys Co., Ltd

3. Shantou Yuxin Science And Educational Toys Co., Ltd.

Established in 2013, the company reserves the highest spot in manufacturing plastic products in the state. The company was established as a core producer of toys for children. They have a team of experienced and skilled engineers.  They also pay serious attention to the queries of their customers.

Main Products

They are known for the production and design of toys. Their products include various types of Toys, Promotional gifts, Cubes, Sliding puzzles, and Frisbees. Their magic cubes and education toys include many series. They are available in various shapes and sizes, including round cubes, oblong cubes, Rubik’s cubes, and magic balls.

Why Choose Yuxin Science And Educational Toys

The company is capable of preparing your OEM and ODM and other required services and does them. They have an in-house inspection team that ensures all the products being manufactured for you are of high quality. They can manufacture wholesale toys in bulk for your business.

Shenzhen Dakeai Toy Co., Ltd

4. Shenzhen Dakeai Toy Co., Ltd.

Specializing in the production of toys, the Dakeai Toy was established in 2005. The company is based in Guangdong, China. Over the course of its establishment, the company has raised the standards of production of toys at their warehouses. They are well equipped with heavy machinery. With over 200 people working, they are proving to be elevating the statistics.

Main Products

With the certification of CPSIA, the company is quite known for its batch production of a stress ball, squishy ball, squishy toys, squeeze toys, and plastic toys. They can also cater to your customized orders of wholesale toys for resale of your own designs.

Why Choose Dakeai Toy

They have a rate of response that less than even a tetra. They have a 2 diamond supplier index that makes them quite reliable for trade. They have completed 70 transactions over the course years of their services. The company has gained a reputation for its services.

Taishun Weifu Toy Co., Ltd

5. Taishun Weifu Toy Co., Ltd.

Established in 2002, The Weifu Toy is one of the China toy manufacturers. The company keeps a check and balance on the production of quality products for clients. They are widely known for their wooden, non-wearable toy production in the state. The company has a great history of successful transactions with North America, South America, and Western Europe.

Main Products

The main products of Weifu Toy include Toy Box, Table, and Chair, Coat Stand, Blackboard, Childbed, and Toys of various themes and designs.

Why Choose Weifu Toy

The enterprise covers a great space of around 10,000 square meters of land as their factory. They have over 70 workers and 70 technicians that take responsibility for product quality. Their worker keeps a check and balance of production services and quality.

Top 5 China Jewelry Manufacturers

Guangzhou Shining Star Jewelry Limited

1. Guangzhou Shining Star Jewelry Limited.

Established in 2015, in the MainLand, China, the Shining Star Jewelry is one of China’s leading jewelry manufacturers. They are located in the renowned Jewelry city – Guangzhou Pany. They also own two trademarks, xuansida and HipHopLion, that is on all their products.

Main Products

The Shining Star Jewelry specializes in fashionable jewelry. Their product lines include all the conventional pieces like neck sets and earrings. They have a good variety of stones. They have jewelry made up of gemstone, zirconia, sapphire, and many more.

Why Choose Shining Star Jewelry

The company has skilled labor to produce fine masterpieces and strict quality control procedures to ensure that the suggested steps have a perfect outcome. They have in-house designers to provide the latest fashion statements every month for providing a diverse range of choices to the customers.

Yiwu Shenghui Jewelry Co., Ltd.

2. Yiwu Shenghui Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Shenghui Jewelry is Trading and manufacturing a great range of jewelry for the last 10 years. The company pushes new designs into the markets every now and then. They have been on-site verified by the SGS group. They have their head office located in Zhejiang, China.

Main Products

The company specializes in accessories such as chains, beads, clasps, earrings, and charms. They have a Necklace, earrings, Bracelet, Pendant, Ring, beads, Chain, and Earring Component.

Why Choose Shenghui Jewelry

These Chinese jewelry manufacturers state their quality and represent them in the products they make. The company first produces samples and then proceeds for bulk orders.  They have an aim is work with clients to reach mutual benefits.

Wuzhou Provence Jewelry Co., Ltd

3. Wuzhou Provence Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2003, The Provence Jewelry is in the World Capital of Synthetic Gems. With about 50 employees, they produce over 100,000,00 pcs of Jewelry each month. Provence has been standing with all might for about good 17 years of experience and success.

Main Products

This company is capable of managing gem wholesale jewelry for resale. They produce K Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Gold Jewelry, Cubic Zirconia, Lab Emerald, and Lab Diamond jewelry.

Why Choose Provence

The company is one among many esteemed manufacturers of wholesale jewelry bulk. They produce products of excellent quality and designs. Their excellent services and customer care enables entrepreneurs to earn high margined profits.

Guangdong Xuping Jewelry Co., Ltd

4. Guangdong Xuping Jewelry Co., Ltd.

The Xuping Jewelry is quite famous in the state as potential Chinese jewelry suppliers. The company bears a trademark authorization certificate and has been on site verified by SGS groups.

Main Products

Their products include rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, bangles, and jewelry sets. The material of the products is copper Alloy with rhodium or gold plated. They also provide services of OEM to their customers.

Why Choose Xuping Jewelry

This company offers solutions for all your jewelry needs for your business. They have a collection of unique jewelry and push them into the markets worldwide. You can connect with them if you are up for the purchase of wholesale jewelry in bulk.

Guangzhou Peishang Jewelry Co., Ltd

5. Guangzhou Peishang Jewelry Co., Ltd.

The company holds eleven years of experience in the exports of fashion jewelry. They keep a check and balance on the production of quality products for clients. They are known for exclusive designs.  The company has a great history of successful transactions with North America, Eastern Europe, and Western Europe.

Main Products

The Pershing Jewelry deals in jewelry made up of sterling silver. They also make brass jewelry. Their designs also incorporate religious architecture. Apart from these, the product lines include rings, bracelets, anklets, and everything you need to have added to your business’s design catalog. 

Why Choose Peishang Jewelry

They have a huge line of products that are all at super affordable rates. Their craftsmanship is undoubtedly glorious. Above all, their delivery services are commendable. If you are interested in any of their products or wish to place a customized order, all you have to do is talk to their representatives.

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