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Sourcing Product Suppliers

We deliver the most extensive and efficient product sourcing services to its potential customers. You can choose the most suitable wholesale supplier depending on your budget, quantity, and time.

Our team is adept at dealing with product suppliers and getting the best for your eCommerce. You can boost your business progress with our product sourcing skills.

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LeeLineSourcing has a team of professionals who inspect the products in pre-production, during production, and post-production to assess the quality of wholesale products. As per ISO standards, you will get a durable inventory that matches your needs.

Our inspection services ensure quality standards by inspecting the material and final products. With us, you can grab quality inventory.

Product Quality Control

dropshipping fulfillment

Dropshipping Fulfillment

Our order fulfillment services enable fast and efficient order shipping to your customers. You can get an excellent opportunity to hire our flawless services and gain business benefits at hand. 

You can get reliable and fast dropshipping service from LeeLine Sourcing.

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We offer the first choice of private label and white label services to reach new heights in your business. With customized products, you can enjoy interactive sessions with suppliers and sell products under your brand name with IP rights. 

With our private label services, you can get ultimate business exposure and recognition among potential customers.

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Best 20 China Wholesale Websites

Do you want to buy products at very low prices? Sites like Alibaba or Aliexpress are big Chinese wholesale websites that offer quality merchandise at the best price.

Our experts have ten years of experience and know-how to get quality control. Buy wholesale from China is always the best option for many reasons; get cheap prices, and get quality items due to the largest wholesale markets.

In this article, we will explore the top 20 Chinese wholesale websites.

1. Alibaba


This world-famous wholesale platform is the brainchild of Jack Ma.

Founded in 1999, Alibaba has become a leading portal that helps credible suppliers sell their goods and buyers find suitable products for their business. I still remember that I sourced from Alibaba for the very first time for my business. You may have the same experience as me! 

The website boasts an endless variety of products, from electronics and fashion accessories to Furniture items, Vehicles and other industrial supplies!

Another key difference between using catalogs like Alibaba and participating in trade shows is that services like Alibaba often involve many middlemen or trade companies.

Is Alibaba safe and legit?

Yes. Alibaba is a safe and legit site with Chinese wholesale suppliers to get wholesale products. With the development of global business, there are more and more suppliers from other countries selling on Alibaba and foreign buyers. You can explore the products in categories like electronic products and fashion accessories and discuss them with your wholesale buyers.

However, Alibaba offers complete buyer safety in multiple ways discussed as

  • Buyer Safety

Alibaba has a buyer protection service called Trade assurance service to protect the customers.

Apart from that, there are many ways to keep yourself safe from scams.

trade assurance

Alibaba trade assurance provides essential security to the buyers. It is an escrow service that protects your order. You can get your funds back through trade assurance if you get troubled with the suppliers. To return the inventory through the trade assurance program, there are two criteria. Here are these:

  • When the product arrives late
  • The product quality is low than expected or described.

Requesting samples can be an excellent choice when buying from China wholesale suppliers. You can discuss the item quality, ask for a factory sample, assess the quality, and move ahead with the order. My client-first check sample and then place shipment orders to have a better idea about quality. 

Sometimes, a supplier does not agree to a free sample. You can convince such suppliers and ensure their business benefits. With negotiations, they might decide on your proposal and send you the models to assess the overall quality of products.

Alibaba gold suppliers have premium membership on Alibaba and have identity verified. These Alibaba verified suppliers pay Alibaba monthly or yearly fees and undergo factory inspections. If they qualify for the required standards by Alibaba, they get a verification badge.

 So, you can rely on such China wholesale suppliers and order your inventory. The number of Alibaba’s China wholesale suppliers list is much higher than other sites.

Alibaba refund

Alibaba has a return & refund policy that allows you to receive the product and return them if such goods have low quality or if their quality differs from the description.

As per policy, you get 30 days after the delivery of the wholesale products. You need to create the dispute, provide the evidence, and return the item. The Alibaba dispute team will help you get the refund once you win the case against your China wholesale suppliers.

Multiple suppliers on Alibaba vend inventory and accept payment terms to facilitate the buyers. For this reason, you can find the payment options like:

  • Wire Transfers
  • Credit Card
  • Online Transfer
  • Western Union
  • Telegraphic transfer
  • PayPal

You can choose any of these methods and pay your China wholesale supplier without any trouble. I recommend dealing only via Alibaba due to their trade assurance security. 

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Like other Chinese wholesale websites, Alibaba has several shipping methods with different shipping costs. You need to decide on these and get the shipping done for your products.

  • Express Shipping
  • Air Freight
  • Ocean Freight

Express shipping is a relatively fast option with high costs. Airfreight and ocean freight are cheaper options for bulk buyers at lower prices.

Do you want to dropship products from Chinese wholesale suppliers? If yes, Alibaba website can be a good choice as a Chinese wholesale website.

Alibaba dropshipping allows different shipping methods to ship the inventory to your customers at a competitive price. You can receive orders on your Shopify store, channel them to your Alibaba supplier, and send the product to your customers at the lowest price. Aliexpress is my first for dropshipping rather than Alibaba due to its variety. 

If you are looking to start Dropshipping after getting your China Based Supplier,

Look at this guide that teaches you step-by-step the basics of Dropshipping.

What is Alibaba RFQ

Alibaba RFQ refers to a request for a quote option from your Chinese suppliers on Alibaba.

There are different types of Alibaba RFQ.

  1. Invited Bid— buyer invites the vendors to submit the product quote.
  2. Open Bid— The China suppliers can submit the bid.
  3. Sealed Bid— The buyer sets a fixed price.
  4. Reverse Auction — The lowest price bidder will win the project.

Out of nearly 12,000 reviews, 86% have rated Alibaba as “Excellent” on “Trustpilot.”

Therefore, Alibaba is the perfect and one of the safest platforms for conducting wholesale business.

How to buy wholesale from Alibaba safely?

When you buy from Alibaba, you must check

  • Product Reviews
  • Product samples
  • Number of satisfied customers
  • Whether the seller is verified or not

You can get suitable Chinese suppliers by assessing their quality features.

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2. Dhgate


It is, without a doubt, the go-to website for buyers who are new to the wholesale business.

It offers a fast, easy and reliable shopping experience and is well-capable of supporting small and large wholesale orders.

Users can choose from over 30 million products.

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dhgate refund

To assure Buyer Safety, DHgate releases the payout to the supplier only when the buyer confirms that they have received the ordered products. Dhagte allows seven days to return the item to your trading company. 

Buyers can also check beforehand if the sellers deal in authentic Chinese products and whether they have the reputation of delivering goods on time.

Buyers can also request a full refund if they don’t receive the products or the goods are poor quality. You should follow DHgate instructions, my seller tried to convince me I only follow DHgate. 

A partial refund can also be sought if buyers decide to keep products of unsatisfactory quality. However, as you’re probably well aware, most DHgate products are replicas and fake brands.

There are different payment methods available to the buyers on the Dhgate. These might include:

  • Bank transfer
  • Western Union
  • PayPal
  • Credit cards
  • Apple pay (only for selected countries)

You can pay your Chinese sellers with these payment options. It depends on the payment method you prefer. Whenever buying wholesale from China wholesale websites, you need to determine the payment method for a safe trading experience.

Chinese wholesale websites like Dhgate offer the facilities to dropshippers.

You can contact the Chinese manufacturers, get their product list, upload them to your dropshipping store, and boom! Let the Chinese companies ship the products to your customers’ addresses. DHgate also has MOQ, so I try Chinese B2C platforms for dropshipping. 

There is no drop shipping fee when you start dropshipping. All you have to do is to find Chinese suppliers.

3. Shipping Options Comparison

ePacket, FedEx, China Post and DHL are among the most trusted international shipping associates of DHgate. Moreover, there is another method called “DH Storage” that guarantees fast shipping for buyers and customers residing in the US.

The method can only be applied to products with a DH Storage badge on their page.

Out of more than 21K reviews, 72% have rated DHgate as “Excellent” on “Trustpilot.”

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3. Aliexpress

aliexpress products

This website doesn’t need any introduction at all.

At a time when other wholesale giants strive to achieve perfection regarding high-end wholesale orders. AliExpress is perfecting its craft in small wholesale orders and customer satisfaction. No doubt, Alibaba is my first choice when it comes to dropshipping. My customers enjoy good quality products at low prices. 

Type of Suppliers Aliexpress has main 2 types of suppliers. It includes individual sellers and trade companies.

Buyers can choose from a wide variety of rich goods in terms of quality. Fast and secure delivery of the goods is also guaranteed by AliExpress, making it an ideal destination for shopping. It’s an easy to navigate website.

AliExpress follows a tiered pricing structure. That means as you increase the quantity, the unit price of the product drops accordingly. But AliExpress sellers generally do not support custom services, such as custom packaging, or branding on products unless your order is very large.

aliexpress refund

Do you want to return the products to the same suppliers on Aliexpress? One great thing is there. Refund guarantee you have 15 days to return the products to your China wholesale vendors.

There are two fundamental ways.

  • Return on your own. You need to pay the shipment fee for sending the products to your China wholesale vendor.
  • Free return. You don’t have to pay the shipping fee for the product return.

Multiple payment methods can be utilized while shopping from AliExpress, such as Credit Card, PayPal, Western Union, Cash Payment, etc.

The payment process is relatively straightforward and barely causes any inconvenience to the buyers.

Additionally, the “3D Secure” feature can be used for further safeguarding card payments.

Aliexpress has multiple shipping options to return the item or ship the products to your address. The shipping method determines the shipping time for your office supplies. I found them to be slow so it affects your customers’ experience. 

Here are multiple shipping options available at Aliexpress.

Some methods offer competitive prices, while others offer lower prices depending on your choice.

how to dropship from aliexpress

Aliexpress is a popular dropshipping channel working for dropshippers around the world. You get:

  • Aliexpress dropshipping App
  • Wholesale price
  • Access to China wholesale marketplaces
  • Quality merchandise for your serious customer

You can directly import best hot selling products to your online store and start selling online. The overall dropshipping process becomes more accessible with the automated dropshipping app from this Alibaba group China wholesale site, Aliexpress.

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aliexpress taxes

Aliexpress taxes apply only if you import the products to foreign countries.

These are some points to know about the Aliexpress taxes.

The product price doesn’t include the taxes.

You need to pay the import taxes when importing the inventory from China wholesale sites to the US, UK, or European countries.

Sometimes, you need to pay the VAT and other taxes depending on local regulations implemented by the country.

Out of nearly 95K reviews on Trustpilot,” 87% have rated AliExpress as “Excellent.”

So, what’s stopping you from doing business with this highly regarded china wholesale website?

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4. Shein

websites like Shein

Founded in 2012, Shein mainly focuses on Women’s clothing and provides apparel for men and children.

Their primary focus is consumers in the Middle East, Europe, America, and Australia. It’s a niche-specific platform that helped me give high-quality products to my customers. 

Return Policy from the best China wholesale website allows you to get 30 days for the product return.

Whenever you send the product back to Shein, you must attach the labels and send it in intact original packaging. Once you have returned the inventory to your suppliers on Shein, the next step is to get a refund. Within 48 hours, you will get the price back into your account. Is that difficult? Not at all.

China wholesale market is diverse and offers you multiple opportunities. You can buy the products at reasonable price from the Shein and ship them to your address in the following three ways:

  • Express Shipping
  • Economy Shipping
  • Standard Shipping

Express shipping is a fast method but expensive one. You can select the economy Shipping or standard shipping for the products, which take some time but are a good choice at wholesale price. In my opinion, if you are dealing in high-end products, then you should not deal with standard shipping. 

  • Payment Methods

Shein is one of the top Chinese wholesale websites that gets you quality inventory and provides different payment methods.

These methods include:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • AfterPay
  • Klarna
  • Zip Payment

Remember, one thing. The payment options also change when you buy wholesale from Shein in countries like India, the US, the UK, etc. Local payment methods are available in these countries for your next purchase.

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Is Shein Clothes Toxic?

Reportedly, we have heard that the Shein clothes contain toxic chemicals. It has been reported that the toxic chemicals are more than 20% in the Shein clothes. 

Do you want safe products? If yes, to grab the high quality products, you can implement the quality check and get safe clothes. 

  • Customer Reviews

Out of 36k reviews on “Trustpilot,” 38% rated Shein excellent. However, on  “Sitejabber,” the score is 2.88, indicating customer dissatisfaction.

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buy from 1688 is the Chinese subsidiary of Alibaba and one of the most popular wholesale markets in China. offers an endless variety of good-quality products at convenient rates; it is also the go-to shopping destination for other online wholesale websites in China. provides a safe and smooth buying experience to shoppers. Most trading companies buy products from and then sell them to customers worldwide. In fact, the entire website is in Chinese language, and you have to use Google Translate or find someone who can read Chinese to help you find wholesalers on their website. 1688 is targeted more at local buyers. I choose to hire a local sourcing agent that helps me in negotiation and inspection. 

  • Return & refund

You can return the item if you are not satisfied with the quality of products from this China wholesale website. For this reason, 1688 suppliers offer 7 days return and exchange policy, it takes at least 1 month for the shipping of the goods from China and returned by the clients from overseas.

  • Payment Methods

There are several payment methods that buyers can use to purchase goods.

However, it should be noted that most of the sellers on the platform sell only to Chinese clients, and many of the payment methods are only supported locally.

So buyers are recommended to hire 1688 buying agents to purchase for them as well since 1688 has restricted payment methods. The most effective payment methods are:

  • Union Pay
  • Bank Transfer
  • Alipay
  • Shipping Methods allows multiple shipping methods to ship the inventory to your address. Here are sending methods available:

  • Air Freight
  • Express delivery
  • Ocean Freight
  • DHL, FedEx

Delivery time is usually 1-2 weeks at your location from this China wholesale website.

Do you want to start the dropshipping business on China wholesale websites like 1688? If it is true, great! You don’t have to pay a single penny for your dropshipping.

It is like the top China wholesale sites where you need to import the products to your online store, buy products at wholesale prices, and ask the suppliers to transport the inventory to your customer’s address. 

  • Customer Reviews

With an overall score of 4.5/5 on “Sitejabber,” it isn’t hard to determine that customers are very high on 1688. com.

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6. Made in China

Made in China

Introduced in 1998, Made in China has aced the test of time and has become a trusted online wholesale market for linking international buyers with Chinese suppliers. You can find a quality Chinese supplier , such as traders or manufacturers, familiar with international trade on this wholesale market. Made in China focuses on B2B transactions and bulk orders.

  • Buyer Safety

To assure buyer safety, Made in China has several robust buyer safety measures. For starters, most manufacturers registered on the platform are verified (have a verification symbol next to their name) by the website itself.

Moreover, the payment is only provided to the seller after the buyer confirms.

  •  Return & refund

Made in China has a return policy. If you think the product integrity is low, you can contact customer service and let them know your issue. You can return the item and get the refund within 1-2 days after the product is returned.

  • Payment Methods

Like other China wholesale websites, you get the payment options like:

  • Credit Cards
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Other payment methods like Western Union, Wire Transfer, etc.

You can prefer methods like PayPal or Wire Transfer.

  • Shipping Methods

The shipping method can either be recommended by the supplier, or the buyer can pick the most suitable method from Made in China’s logistics marketplace, including DHL, UPS, or FedEx.

  • Customer Reviews

Up to 51 people have reviewed Made in China on “Trustpilot,” and only 16% have rated its services as “Excellent.”

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7. Global Sources

Global Source

Unlike other online wholesalers, Global Sources marketplace also promotes forthcoming trade shows and is a highly trusted china wholesale website like other China wholesale markets.

It has millions of products for buyers to choose from, providing excellent business opportunities to suppliers and buyers. I get a variety of choices in different categories and it’s amazing to browse through them. 

  • Buyer Safety

Global Sources sellers are allotted different badges that speak for their authenticity.

From verification badges to verified products and company badges, buyers can learn about the suppliers in several ways before finalizing a business deal with them.

So, buyer safety is a sure shot priority of the wholesaler in question.

  • return & refund

Global Sources is one of the popular websites in the largest China wholesale markets. You have 14 days to return the item to your trading companies. After the product is returned, you can get your money back.

  • Payment Methods

Like minimum order quantity, the Global Sources payment method is also determined by the supplier. However, the most recommended and secure channel is PayPal.

  • Shipping Methods

You have three fundamental shipping methods to get products for your online store.

  • Ocean Freight
  • Express Delivery
  • Air Freight

The shipping costs and time varies in all these methods depending on your choice.

  • Customer Reviews

Global Sources maintains a 4-star rating on “Web retailer.” If you somehow take care of the shipping mode and payment, it is undoubtedly the right site for you to get products for your online store.

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Honk Kong Trade Development Council or HKTDC is a credible Chinese wholesale website that possesses over 50 years of experience in linking sellers and buyers from around the world.

HKTDC is headquartered in Hong Kong. HKTDC is not only an online marketplace but also an organization dedicated to the economic growth of Hong Kong traders.

Also, it holds conferences and expos to educate aspiring and established entrepreneurs. I got not only Chinese or Hong Kong suppliers but also suppliers from other regions too. 

  • Buyer Safety and Quality Assurance

HKTDC has managed to stay relevant after all these years simply because of the exceptional quality and buyer safety assurance it provides.

Verified suppliers are referred as “Premium Advertisers” and buyers should try to buy wholesale from such sellers.

Moreover, a credible independent third party verification agency “Dun & Bradstreet” verifies the sellers every 2 years.

HKTDC also verifies the business licenses of suppliers itself and labels the verified parties as “Compliance Verified”.

These and other verification metrics make it easy for buyers to trust the suppliers they are dealing with.

  • Pricing

Since 1966, HKTDC has been featuring China’s most trusted sellers, so buyers can expect to receive fair quotes.

  • Minimum Order

For order in small quantities, buyers don’t have to worry about any sort of minimum order quantity.

The minimum order quantity for large orders can be negotiated between buyer and supplier.

  • Payment Methods

Like minimum order quantity, the payment method should be discussed with the supplier.

For small orders however, PayPal can be used.

  • Shipping Methods

Once again, small orders are at an advantage here. For small orders, HKTDC has a facility called “small order zone”, courtesy of which buyers can get their products shipped with DHL, FedEx and other reliable channels.

For large orders, on the other hand, the buyer needs to reach out to the wholesale supplier to discuss the shipping options.

  • Pros and Cons

HKTDC is a one-stop platform for online trading and sourcing. It boasts a wide variety of products and lists over 130K quality sellers.

This wholesale website is perfect for buyers who rely on small yet frequent orders.

The only downside for buyers ordering products in large quantities, there are no well-defined payment and shipping channels.

  • Customer Reviews

HKTDC holds a 2.9/5 rating on “Glassdoor”. The score is based on 32 reviews.


Chinabrands is a leading dropshipping wholesale website. Countless products can be looked up by buyers.

Unlike other similar platforms; the descriptions of most of the products are exceptionally well-written in order to give the buyers clarity regarding the chinese goods they are interested in.

  • Buyer Safety and Quality Assurance

Chinabrands has effective warranty and return policies in place to ensure that the buyers have no complaints with the quality of products they receive.

For chinese wholesale electronics products such as computers, phones, tablets, watches, hosts and consumer electronics or simply 3C products, if they are found damaged or unusable upon arrival, buyers can submit a return request within 30 days.

For other products, a return or replacement request needs to be placed within 15 days after delivery.

  • Pricing

Chinabrands features trusted and experienced Chinese wholesalers, so buyers can be assured of receiving the best deals. You can contact suppliers by chatting online or sending inquiries on the site. You can also contact suppliers by filling out a Bulk Price Consultation form.

  • Minimum Order

Chinabrands doesn’t impose a minimum order quantity requirement on buyers.

All they have to do is indulge in negotiation with the sellers and close a deal that benefits both parties.

  • Payment Methods

This website accepts payment: PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer and CB Wallet.

Wire Transfer
  • Shipping Methods

Chinabrands is known globally for its exceptional international shipping service.

For starters, it ships worldwide and also allows the buyers to purchase shipping insurance to ensure buyer protection of their goods.

Last but not the least, buyers can choose from 3 different shipping methods (Flat Rate, Standard and Expedite) and 27 carriers.

  • Pros and Cons

Chinabrands features over 10,000 suppliers and half a million Stock Keeping Units.

Moreover, this platform caters to a worldwide audience with product descriptions written in various languages.

Buyers can also expect a fast and secure delivery of their products by shopping from Chinabrands.

Despite of facilitating the customers in many ways, there are also a few disadvantages of using Chinabrands to buy china products online.

For starters, their customer service department can be improved. Also, the refund and return time can be shortened.

  • Customer Reviews

65 people so far have reviewed Chinabrands on “Trustpilot” and only 31% of those reviews fall in the “Excellent” Category.

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Chinavasion, for the last 15 years, has been connecting credible suppliers with the right buyers.

This leading online store is packed with premium quality products of different prices to ensure that buyers find exactly what they are looking for.

In addition, Chinavasion also has a helpful customer support service team.

Buyers should consider this wholesale website if they are planning to purchase China’s best electronics and gadgets.

  • Buyer Safety and Quality Assurance:

Chinavasion hasn’t amassed the recognition it has by not putting in the required work.

It is successful because users feel comfortable while shopping at Chinavasion.

It has a strict customer safety policy in place and guarantees buyers the successful delivery of their products. That’s not all however, since there is also an in-house quality control department.

The department in question inspects the quality of every batch of products received from the local factories.

Several factors are taken into account during the quality inspection process so buyers can be assured of receiving faultless goods along with a full-year warranty.

  • Pricing:

Chinavasion has been going strong since 2004 and part of the reason behind it is that the products listed on the platform can be bought at highly reasonable rates. My profit margins were improved a little bit through CHINAVASION. 

  • Minimum Order:

There is no minimum order requirement while ordering Chinese goods from Chinavasion, but great discounts on wholesale and bulk order.

A buyer knows best about how many units of something they need so this reliable wholesale website respects that and leaves the buyer to decide the quantity of the deliverables.

  • Payment Methods:

Goods can be purchased via Chinavasion easily and buyers can make the payment via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

  • Shipping Methods:

For small and medium sized orders, shipping service can be availed and the available channels include FedEx and DHL. Yet, I advise hiring a dedicated shipping agent for bulk shipping to save costs. 

For large orders, buyers should discuss about the shipping method with the supplier.

  • Pros and Cons:

Chinavasion has an excellent customer service department and supports a secure payment structure.

Moreover, the presence of an in-house quality control team is a relief as online shopping creates doubts in the minds of people.

The wholesaler in question doesn’t have well-defined shipping plans for large orders and this is something that needs to be improved if it wants established buyers on its platform.

  • Customer Reviews:

Over 260 people have reviewed Chinavasion so far on “Trustpilot” and majority of them (59%) have rated it as “Excellent”.

So, you can turn to this website without any hesitation if you are planning to make a bulk purchase of electronics and gadgets manufactured by China’s finest.


Banggood is an online shopping store that offers a huge variety of Chinese products at very competitive prices, like industrial tools, health products, mobile phones and wedding dresses.

Started in 2006, now the website has its warehouses even in the USA.

It provides a platform for multiple sellers to create their own online shops and sell their own products while giving buyers a varied list of options to choose from.

  • Buyer Safety: provides a 3-day guarantee for all buyers.

If it’s confirmed that the received product is faulty, buyer can immediately request a full refund within 3 days of the purchase once they submit the faulty product’s image or video to the customer service manager.

  • Quality Assurance:

The online marketplace, has strict policies regarding the quality of the products.

Sellers are not provided with their funds unless the client is completely satisfied with the quality as advertised.

  • Pricing:

There are different suppliers and manufacturers, offering diverse prices starting from as low as $0.3.

  • Minimum Order:

Buyers interested in the acquisition of goods from are required to order products worth at least $39.99 since they don’t allow anything less than that.

  • Payment Methods:

There are various methods that customers can use to pay for their products. These include Credit Cards, Paypal and Boleto.

A buyer can also create an account on BGpay and deposit the money directly into the BGpay account to purchase directly from

The best part about using BGpay to make online payments is that customers get as much as 200 points every time they get a refund on their BGpay account.

These points can later be utilized to purchase other products on the website.

  • Shipping Methods: offers multiple shipping methods for the convenience of buyers all over the world.

The common shipping methods include Standard Shipping, Air Parcel, Railway Direct Mail, Expedited Shipping Service, EMS Express Mail Service.

It even offers cash on-delivery service. In my opinion, you should choose Cash on delivery if you don’t have trust in the suppliers. 

While Standard Shipping does not provide a tracking service, Air Parcel provides prompt delivery and a specified tracking number for every parcel.

  • Pros and Cons:

One of the biggest pros when it comes to banggood is that it provides a quick 7-day delivery within the USA while also offering secure payment gateways.

It also offers a 3-day guarantee period for buyer protection and has a complete variety of products available.

When it comes to cons, banggood doesn’t have any except that some Chinese products come out to be of low quality, but then again buyerss can simply file for a refund in case that happens.

  • Customer Reviews: was rated “Excellent” by 13513 reviewers online on “Resellerratings”, which makes it one of the finest choices for online shopping and merchandising.

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Lightinthebox provides a diverse range of stock and good deals if you buy in bulk. They provide worldwide shipping. LightInTheBox doesn’t have the cheapest product prices, but they seem to enjoy great trust from their customers. I prefer Light in The Box for mostly white labeling. 

image 1
  • Buyer safety and Quality assurance:

According to reviews, buyer safety is not guaranteed with Lightinthebox.

However, some buyers give good feedback regarding quality. However, it is overshadowed by their ambiguous return policy.

Moreover, there is the limited customer support which makes it hard to request a refund.

  • Pricing and Minimum Order

The prices listed on Lightinthebox are very reasonable. Moreover, there is no restriction on minimum order quantity.

  • Shipping and Payment Methods

Lightinthebox provides several shipping methods with and without tracking.

It offers a postal service with tracking of parcels. It also offers Expedited express service for the United States.

It also aceept payment methods like Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Visa electron, American Express, JCB, etc.

  • Pros and Cons

Lightinthebox provides good deals on various clothing items, and you have multiple payment options. They provide worldwide shipping and parcel tracking.

However, some customers faced difficulty while returning their orders. They stated that returning cost them more than the parcel.

  • Customer Reviews

Lightinthebox was rated Excellent by more than 36k reviews on “Trustpilot.” The overall rating on “Trustpilot” is 3.9.

13. Gearbest

Gearbest focuses primarily on electronics and mobile devices and accessories. It works with multiple big brands in the game.

Gearbest Archives - Page 13 of 13 - Gizmochina
  • Buyer safety and Quality assurance:

Gearbest works with 5000+ Chinese brands and claims to ensure quality through strict selection and manufacturer rating.

They also provide tracking to update buyers in their parcels. Moreover, their team ensures quality by regular inspection of products.

  • Pricing and Minimum Order

Gearbest provides brand-specific discounts. They give lower rates and several coupons. As it mainly targets consumers, there is no limit on minimum orders.

  • Shipping and Payment Methods

Among several payment methods most used are Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, JCB.

Gearbest’s shipping methods include unregistered, registered, priority line, and expedited shipping.

Rates and available methods vary according to the country of delivery.

  • Pros and Cons

Gearbest brings several well-known Chinese products to its website. It also provides tons of options to choose from.

However, they have faced backlash during recent times because of missing orders and poor customer support service.

Their return policy is also a significant drawback, but their shipping fees are manageable.

  • Customer Reviews

The ratings on “Trustpilot” are 2.5. Customers have expressed dissatisfaction over the item quality.

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14. focuses mainly on small commodities and products. They are committed to providing services to the global marketplace.

image 2
  • Buyer safety and Quality assurance:

CCC Group, which runs, is a state-owned enterprise.

Therefore, the merchants are all reliable and meet a standard of online and offline quality. Thus, the quality of products and buyer safety is ensured.

The entire procedure from ordering to delivery is effortless and convenient.

  • Pricing and Minimum Order

The prices for individual products are meager. When ordered in bulk, it becomes advantageous for the buyer.

  • Shipping and Payment Methods

The payment and shipping method are decided between the buyer and seller.

After inquiring about the product then the payment method and shipping are chosen.

  • Pros and Cons

There are lots of options to choose from. The types of products available are pervasive.

You can decide from a list of merchants and decide which product suits you best and its pricing. It is always a good strategy of mine to keep some suppliers as a backup in case of issues with primary suppliers. 

However, there is a risk of low product quality. Since prices are meager, you may get a much lower rate as compared to the advertised quality.

  • Customer Reviews

There are minimal customer reviews which place on an average scale.


Tbdress provides a wide range of dresses for global buyers. They have more than 10 million product listings. They deliver to almost 200 countries and also offer the luxury of custom-made items.

image 3
  • Buyer safety and Quality assurance: provides a hassle-free process of ordering clothes and shipping internationally.

They have a dedicated customer service team. Their team ensures item quality through regular inspections.

  • Pricing and Minimum Order

Tbdress has reasonable rates, which are much lower as compared to other clothing brands. They also have sales and give regular gift coupons. One of my clients saved huge sourcing costs through coupons. 

  • Shipping and Payment Methods

Payment can be made through Paypal or a Credit card. Shipping methods include three types: Expedited Shipping, Super Savings, and Standard Shipping.

Their primary courier services are DHL, UPS, EMS, Aramex.

  • Pros and Cons

The main pros of are their extensive collection of clothing items to choose from and reasonable prices.

Their return and exchange policy are straightforward. You can also cancel your order and receive a refund.

However, some customers faced issues with size and said that products delivered were different from products displayed on the website.

  • Customer Reviews

The ratings on “Sitejabber” are 4.24, which indicates customer trust in The ratings on “Trustpilot” are 1.5 out of 5, which paints a different picture.


Dealextreme is an online marketplace that offers a wide variety of products. has more than 1000 product categories.

Moreover, It has over 3000 potential suppliers with over 1 million regular customers.

image 5
  • Buyer safety and Quality assurance: mainly focuses on customer satisfaction and quality. It has a dedicated team of customer support which helps the customer 24/7. They also conduct regular inspections of products for quality assurance.

Moreover, they offer a 90-days replacement warranty on defective products.

  • Pricing and Minimum Order:

The pricing of products at DX is minimal and according to market trends. They also offer huge discounts during other sales or campaigns.

There is no minimum order limit at You can order the products even if it costs $1.

But if you bulk order, you can get a discount by using the coupon BULKRATE at the checkout.

  • Shipping and Payment Methods offers shipping services in almost 220 countries. Also, their MVP products are dispatched within 24 hours of order.

They have multiple payment methods through which you can buy your favorite products.

These are Master Card, Visa Card, American Express, PayPal, McAfee Secure, etc.

  • Pros and Cons

The Pros of shopping from are that they have many categories to shop for, hassle-free payments, and discounts on bulk items.

The major Con of shopping from is that they have a bad delivery service.

  • Customer Reviews

The ratings on “Sitejabber” are 1.76 and on “Trustpilot” are 1.2 out of 5, indicating that most customers are not happy with services.

17. TomTop

TomTop is also an online marketplace that mainly deals in electronic gadgets and clothes. They have more than 1 million product listings. My customers really enjoyed good quality headphones after my sourcing from TOMTOP. 

It is included in Alibaba’s recommended merchants.

image 6
  • Buyer safety and Quality assurance:

Alibaba highly recommends TomTop. Paypal has marked them as legitimate.

With more than a million products, Tomtop provides a great choice. Each of the products is verified for quality and reliability.

  • Pricing and Minimum Order

Tomtop beats the market when it comes to prices. They have multiple daily deals. Moreover, there are no restrictions on minimum orders.

  • Shipping and Payment Methods

Payment can be made through Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, JCB, Wire transfer, or QIWI.

Some vendors will accept Paypal if you cover all the fees but don’t count on it. Yet, I say that a 3% fee is worth it if it gives you security. 

Tomtop offers three shipping methods: airmail and register airmail, EMS, and DHL for expedited service.

  • Pros and Cons

Desirable deals are available daily. The product range is vast, and there are multiple choices to choose from.

Once ordered, you can easily track your order.

However, you need to become a member to enjoy the best deals, and sometimes there are long delays in delivery time.

  • Customer Reviews

Tomtop bears a rating of 3.9 on “Trustpilot,” with 66% of customers giving it an excellent rating. On “Sitejabber,” it has a rating of 3.77.


Yiwugo has products mainly from Yiwugo International Trade City with 75,000+ stores and 3 million products in a wide range of types.

image 7
  • Buyer safety and Quality assurance:

Most suppliers on Yiwugo provide samples for quality assurance to buyers. You have to pay the charges for shipping samples.

After the inspection, you can ask for changes in the sample.

However, you face chances of fraud.

  • Pricing and Minimum Order

Prices are average if you compare them with other websites. Minimum order quantity depends on the product you are buying. It varies from product to product.

  • Shipping and Payment Methods

The payment method is decided between supplier and customer. Usually, suppliers support PayPal, MoneyGram, Western Union, and bank transfers.

Shipping methods include air shipping, ocean shipping, and express courier. Ocean shipping is the slowest.

  • Pros and Cons

The product range is extensive with more than 3 million products. There are general categories of products.

Electronic accessories are main. Prices are negotiable.

Cons are increased risk of fraud and theft. The quality of products can be cheap, and shipping delays are widespread.

  • Customer Reviews

Minimal reviews for Yiwugo are available online. Therefore, verification of suppliers before buying wholesale is vital.

Otherwise, you can face fraud.

19. Zaful

Zaful is a leading brand for edgy and elegant fashion apparel. Their design redefines trends in the fashion industry.

image 9
  • Buyer safety and Quality assurance:

Zaful tries to ensure a green manufacturing process while ensuring quality. I like their variety and fabric quality and it helps me to get more customers too. 

The quality of each product is checked before shipping to the buyer. Their return policy ensures the buyer can quickly return the product.

  • Pricing and Minimum Order

Zaful has slightly higher prices.

However, frequent sales make it easy to buy at a low cost with no restriction on the number of orders.

  • Shipping and Payment Methods

Zaful accepts Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners, Maestro, JCB, etc.

They provide standard and express shipping methods with different rates. The shipping method may vary depending on your country.

  • Pros and Cons

Zaful has a wide range of trendy outfits with thousands of options to choose from. They give out coupons and discount codes so you can save money.

However, their customer service is too slow, and refunds can take a lot of time. It is not suitable for wholesale given its price range.

  • Customer Reviews

The customer rating on  “Sitejabber: is 3.89, which shows buyers are satisfied with the service.

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20. DIYTrade

DIYTrade connects business owners with Chinese manufacturers. You can get replicas of famous brands and unlabeled products. 

In fact, they have fully established businesses, with their own websites, product catalogs, and customer support management system. It is slightly similar to Alibaba.

image 10
  • Buyer safety and Quality assurance:

As it is similar to Alibaba, there can be some scammers as well. Using proper strategies, you can easily spot a legitimate manufacturer.

Only buy once you verify the manufacturer’s credentials. This way, you can ensure buyer safety and quality.

  • Pricing and Minimum Order

Prices and minimum quantity are negotiated between buyer and seller.

Prices are a little higher on DIYTrade. The minimum quantity depends on the manufacturer.

  • Shipping and Payment Methods

Payment and shipping methods vary based on your country as well as the manufacturer.

Once you sign a contract with the manufacturer, you can then decide the payment method and shipping with the manufacturer.

  • Pros and Cons

DIYTrade provides both labelled and unlabeled products.

It has unique categories and a wide range of manufacturers and products.

Prices are slightly higher in comparison, and there is a possible chance of fraud.

DIYTrade has no direct buying mechanism; weak buyer safety and quality control measures.

  • Customer Reviews

You cannot judge much of the very few reviews available for DIYTrade.

It has only ten reviews on “Sitejabber,” making the overall rating 1.8, and only four reviews on “Trustpilot,” putting it on 2.55.

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Main questions you should ask the supplier

There are many questions you can ask the wholesale China suppliers. I have listed them to know more about them and get a brief description.

  • Can I get a copy of your business license?

Verified business licenses ensure whether your Wholesale china supplier is reliable or not. An excellent wholesale China supplier offers quality assurance.

  • What are the product details?

Product details might include the pricing, materials, and quality of products. It is a crucial question to ask from China wholesale vendors.

  • What is the sample price?

Product samples are another good thing to know. You can assess the product quality from the samples. For this purpose, you can contact your wholesale supplier.

  • What is the minimum order quantity of product?

Minimum order quantities determine how many minimum numbers of items you can purchase. Always know the minimum order quantities of your most suppliers.

  • What are shipping terms?

Shipping is essential to process, especially when we need to decide on the shipping methods and want to get a very reasonable price for product shipping.

  • What product categories do they have?

You can ask the supplier about the transaction history and product categories. 

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Looking for the Best Chinese Products?

Leelinesourcing helps you find the Hottest products Products Made in China with high quality at an attractive cost.

How to find the best China wholesale suppliers?

How to find the best China wholesale suppliers?

Tens of thousands of suppliers are working worldwide, whether there are Alibaba suppliers or Aliexpress vendors. The best common thing I liked is their quality and cheap prices. No doubt, these both have been helpful for me to scale.

The main question is how to find the best China wholesale website.

Here are multiple steps to find suppliers.

  • Step 1: Explore the top China wholesale website like Alibaba and Aliexpress. Suppliers list the products they want to wholesale, interact with buyers and finalize the sale of bulk goods. Buyers browse products, interact with Chinese suppliers and buy products.
  • Step 2: Find suppliers with positive reviews and a maximum number of transactions on their company profile. Determine the minimum order quantities available at the specific seller.
  • Step 3: Discuss the product price with the suppliers and ask questions about your Chinese factories and product production. My favorite question is about customization and negotiation. What’s yours? 
  • Step 4: Conduct the research, negotiate the price and shipment channels, and find suppliers online.

It is the best way to land at the best trade companies and get the best quality products from Chinese factories.

How to source Chinese products of good quality?

Everyone focuses on quality. You know, why? Because it is an important quality to get long-lasting products and start your supply chain dropshipping business 

So, here are many ways to find high-quality items from your trade companies.

1. Request for Samples

Requesting samples is crucial for product assessment. There are two important aspects here:

  • Some China wholesale websites allow the product sample for a regular fee or sometimes free.
  • Some Chinese trade companies don’t allow samples.

You purchase samples or buy the same products from different suppliers to compare the product quality between these suppliers. I test samples with different parameters and quality standards. 

If China wholesale websites don’t allow you to get a free or paid sample, you can convince them for the product sample.

If you get the samples, you will have the opportunity to monitor their quality.

2. Apply Quality Control

A quality inspection ensures the product quality you have on your list. There are three ways of assessment:

  • Pre-Shipment— The product is assessed for the required quality before being shipped to your location.
  • Pre-Production— The product analysis occurs before the mass production starts. It guarantees quality.
  • In-process— The product analysis occurs during mass production.

With quality checks, you can understand the quality of products provided by the appropriate China wholesale website. Fortunately, my customers only receive only good quality products due to my quality control. 

SAFE + EASY Importing from China

We do the hard work in China, so you don’t have to: Product sourcing, quality check, shipping, and more.

FAQ about Top 20 China Wholesale Websites

Here are a few FAQs that might help you make your mind and clear the doubts that you still might have to linger somewhere in the subconsciousness of your mind about importing China wholesale products.

Can I buy wholesale from China?

Yes, You can. China is counted as one of the leading trade markets of the world. Wholesale products are the most prominent feature of the Chinese market.
You can easily connect to some of the verified Chinese companies online, have your desired product selected. These Chinese wholesale companies have an enormous archive of designs and products. They can let you have an insight and let you decide what you want to import from them.
This is to be noted that all the traders and manufacturers of China hold great deals for anyone that want to sign trade for wholesale products.

What is the best website to buy wholesale from China?

Alibaba and AliExpress have almost all the websites enlisted that deal in wholesale from China for manufacturing and trading.
They have the world’s renowned inspection companies like Intertek, SGS groups, and TUV Rheinland inspect the companies registered on these sites to get verified.
After their verification by the inspection companies, the registered wholesale companies are verified on the website.
Further, they are allowed to sign off any trade anywhere in the world.

What items should I import from China in bulk?

You can import any everyday-use item in bulk from China and have them resold at your desired price.
It is always beneficial for any resale business to have those imported items with a huge targeted market.
Some of the most in-demand products that can be sourced from China include,
Electronics – Many people tend to turn towards made-in-China electronic products due to their low prices and unique designs.
Clothes – Clothes never go out of need. People keep searching for chic and trendy clothes. So if you plan on importing anything for reselling, opt for uniquely designed clothes.
Jewelry – Any person in this world in today’s era does have any piece of statement jewelry worn daily.
Sunglasses – People tend to get more attracted to unique colors and frames of imported sunglasses if they are also affordable.
Household supplies – You can also import cute and handy household supplies at wholesale prices and sell them here in the process that can attract customers.
Shoes – You can import shoes from China wholesale. They have the ideal variety of trendy, fashionable shoes.
Toys – China wholesale has some uniquely shaped and themed toys that can attract children and their parents. It would also let you stand out from your conventional traders.
All the daily use items can be best-selling items if imported at the right values and rightfully advertised.
You can get better profit margins since you’re getting better product prices, you’re automatically increasing your profit margins and get to keep more of your revenues.

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What is the cheapest way to import from China?

Depending upon how large your shipment is, it is better if you opt for sea freights. They are the most inexpensive way of importing anything from China.
You can also opt for rail freights.
This way will let you have the shipment dropped to the nearest goods railway drop station from you.
Shipping Methods Suppliers usually don’t arrange to ship. You may need a freight forwarder or china sourcing. The Freight forwarder generally provides shipping by sea, air, and courier. The mode of transport is determined by the volume and weight of the product. The cheapest shipping is by sea.

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How can I buy wholesale from china?

You can search for verified suppliers on Alibaba and search for your desired products. Once you find the product you demand, you can chat with the manufacturers and sign a deal.
If you are unsure about dealing with the China Wholesale manufacturers firsthand.
You can always opt for a sourcing company that has expert agents that can help you with choosing the right manufacturers, audit the company on your behalf, and have them shipped to you and still remain in contact till you are satisfied.
Leeline can make the best possible option under these scenarios.

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Why is Alibaba so cheap?

Alibaba is a platform that connects suppliers and manufacturers with their targeted resellers.
All the companies associated with Alibaba have their own warehouses and production in millions monthly.
It costs them comparatively less to produce in bulk than to produce a smaller batch.
That is why they produce in bulk batches of million pieces and sell them to resellers at prices that benefit both parties, enabling them to profit margin even if they sell it a slightly lower/higher prices.
This is the essence of China’s wholesale products.

Is it safe to buy off Alibaba?

Since the companies registered on Alibaba are first-hand, on-site verified by the inspection companies, and later allowed to have transactions. It is always better to choose a verified supplier that has good ratings and good positive reviews.
It would save you from any sour event.

How to calculate customs duties when buying from China wholesale website?

Your shipping value determines your shipping tax or tax amount. Generally speaking, customs duties and value-added taxes are calculated as a percentage of the payment of the goods.

Final Thoughts

All in all, buying wholesale is easy because it has become easier to find the best china wholesale website, but that doesn’t mean retailers shouldn’t conduct their research.

Products should only be bought once it is proven that the seller in question is reliable and has a proven track record of selling goods to different buyers. If you can find the same product that has the same quality at a lower price, you can gain a bigger advantage in your sales market so that you will be able to defeat your competitor.

This article aims to help you identify the most reliable wholesale websites in China, based on different factors. And please feel free to contact our free sourcing agent to increase your profit margins grow your business rapidly to the next level.

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