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Candles Manufacturers

LeelineSourcing Find The Best Bracelets Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
  • Leeline sourcing helps you source your desired wholesale candles worldwide.
  • Leeline helps you with your search for the best wholesaler candle suppliers and manufacturers in China.
  • Leeline experts also perform the factory audit for you to save your time.
  • Leeline negotiates with the wholesalers and sets a deal on your behalf to help your business grow.
  • Leeline inspects all the ordered products by customers one by one, to check their quality or replace any broken product.
  • Leeline controls the reliable delivery management for sourcing your ordered products worldwide.

Top 10 Trending Candles To Sell

1.Tea Light

Importing Tea Light From China

These candles have a cute petite size, and they come in small different-shaped containers. Because of their small size, they may not last long, but these candles are a beautiful addition to your space. Your guests will enjoy looking at these tiny and beautiful candles on the dining table.

2.Floating Candles

Wholesale Floating Candles From China

Floating candles create an attractive environment that everybody enjoys. They come in tiny shapes, and you can put them in glass jars or long-necked containers having some water to give these candles a floating effect. These candles give mesmerizing effect to your events.

3.Birthday Candles

Buy Birthday Candles From China

Birthday candles are the most important things to be recognized on the cake. They are as crucial as the birthday boy. Birthday candles come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Everyone loves them as they create a sparkling impact on the whole night.

4.Candle Pot

Wholesale Candle Pot in Bulk From China

Having a candle pot relieves significant stress out of your life. Suppose you have a candle pot with you; no need to worry about running out of candles in your home or office. They also don’t need to keep an eye on the hot wax.

5.Votive Candles

Wholesale From China Votive Candles Suppliers

Votive candles have also got a cute tiny size with perfect shapes. The significant benefit of using a Votive candle is, it doesn’t produce smoke plus, they are long-lasting as well. These are eco-friendly candles, safe for the pets at the same time. These candles are widely used in houses for decorations and lighting purposes.


Wholesale From China Pillar Manufacturers

Their size is relatively large, so these candles don’t need a candle holder. They look charming and don’t require to lighten them up again and again. These candles come in different widths, heights, and scents. These candles give an elegant look to your table.


Importing Taper From China

These candles also have a large size, but these are classic candles with an elegant touch. They give your space an instant transformation. Taper candles are also long-lasting. They require stand which appears very decorative on the dinners and other family occasions.

8.Decorative Candles

Wholesale Decorative Candles From China

These candles are specifically for decorative purposes. These candles are available in different shapes, sizes, colors, and scents. All the candles may not be fragrant, but their beautiful and attractive body makes your space stylish. These decorative candles look very beautiful in events like any marriage or birthday ceremonies. Everyone likes these kind od candles.

Wholesale Candles From China and Save You Cost Up To 50%

Product Sourcing

Candles Product Sourcing

Leeline offers its services, including buying, checking the quality of products, order consolidation, and warehouse storage with repacking and global shipping at reasonable prices. You can avail of all these essential services at a minimal cost.

Factory Audit

Candles Factory Audit

Factory audit is a pretty drastic experience for business owners. Considering Leeline and its services, their services are best as their agents help their customers to audit the factory and try to fix successful deals in their absence.

Product Inspection

Candles Product Inspection

Leeline agents inspect the products on your behalf and replace the defective products if they find such.

Amazon FBA Prep

Candles Amazon FBA Prep

Leeline offers reliable Amazon Prep services, where they label your products and then photographed by Leeline agents.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Candles Shipping To Amazon FBA

To ensure the safe delivery of the products, the Leeline ships them to Amazon FBA, where it keep those products safe and secure to make them ready for sending oversea to you.


Candles DropShopping

Dropshipping is the primary concern of every business owner who is importing products from other countries. But Leeline agents have made overseas sourcing easy through their professional working attitude.

Why Choose Leeline To Wholesale Candles From China

  • Leeline Sourcing is the most reliable and famous shipping company in the China section. Leeline sourcing company has some of the most experienced persons and agents working for them with loyalty. These agents will help you in sourcing your desired products from China easily.
  • Leeline Sourcing is not only fixing deals for the established importers but also small and medium businesses. Leeline understands that every investment that you make is essential, so Leeline agents negotiate with the wholesalers and suppliers for the prices that you can easily afford.
  • The import services they offer are sourcing, shipment, direct factory audit, and quality inspection. Leeline also provides an inspection report to their customers for their with the quality of the products.
  • Leeline, save your time and extra effort that you put in for sourcing products from China.
  • Leeline sourcing also helps you cut down your shipment costing up to 50%.

Wholesale Candles and Shipping From China

Candles Sea Freight Shipping from China

Candles Sea Freight Shipping from china

Sea Freight Shipping is a required method where the consignments and sourced products are shipped through the sea routes. Leeline offers reliable sea freights because this method can easily export goods and significant consignments of wholesale candles.

Candles Air Freight Shipping from China

Candles Air Freight From Shipping

Air Freight is an urgent way of sourcing the products where you cannot afford delay in your candle consignment shipments. The Leeline air freight shipping is quite expensive than another form of freights.

Candles Rail Freight Shipping from China

Candles Rail Freight Shipping from China

If your candle shipment is going to arrive in a city, it is better to avail the method of rail freight offered by Leeline as shipping means.

Candles Door to Door Shipping from China

Candles Door to Door From Shipping

Door-to-door shipping is the best shipping way for the people who want their consignments delivered to their doorsteps. It is best for the ones who are natives.

Best 10 Candles Suppliers In China

1. Litbright Candle (Shijiazhuang) Co., Ltd

1.Litbright Candle (Shijiazhuang) Co., Ltd


Litbright Candle (Shijiazhuang) Co., Ltd dates back to 2000. Being in the industry for about 21 years, the company got the mark of China’s best candle production and suppliers’ company. It has got the privilege of specialization in production, researching, and sourcing of candles worldwide.

Main Products

The company has a unique sense of designing candles for decorations or household use. The wax that they use for their candles is of high quality and purity. They manufacture household candles, tea light candles, pillar candles, pressed or poured container (jar) candles, Jewish candles, floating candles, ball candles, art candles, taper candles, LED candles with various appearance patterns.

Why Choose Litbright Candle (Shijiazhuang) Co., Ltd:

They have around 500 employees working for them and 40 well-experienced technicians. They have three factories cover an area of 60000 square meters. Their daily production is three to four 20-foot containers and source to more than 80 countries worldwide. Their services make them stand out in the candle manufacturers and suppliers in China.

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2. Dalian Talent Gift Co., Ltd

2.Dalian Talent Gift Co., Ltd

Founded in 1997, Dalian Talent Gift Co., Ltd, located in Dalian, China, has been in the trade market for almost 24 years. They seem professional if we consider their designs and sales of household items and covering candles. They have their production houses located in Dalian, China, and import their products worldwide.

Main Products:

The company is one of the best candle manufacturing companies in China. Their production lines help them to produce high-end house fragrance products and internationally renowned candles at large scale.

Why Choose Dalian Talent Gift Co., Ltd:

They are best in manufacturing and marketing candles and other household accessories. The company has quite a grip on the marketing of candles worldwide. They have a very high production capacity and over 1,000 workers in Dalian Talent Home.

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3. Wuxi Jht Homewares Co., Ltd

3.Wuxi Jht Homewares Co., Ltd

Established in 1995, China, the Wuxi Jht Homewares Co., Ltd. has become a significant candle manufacturing company. They have also been verified and have product certification as well.

Main Products:

This ISO9001, ISO9001 certified company is mainly involved for manufacturing candles and household textiles. Their specialties lie in the manufacturing of different types of decorative candles for different occasions.

Why Choose Wuxi Jht Homewares Co., Ltd:

The company holds a reputable position within the industry of candle manufacturers. They are pretty renowned for their high-quality candles and other household wares. The quality candles manufactured by them are of excellent quality. They offer exceptional services when it comes to the satisfaction of their customers. They have the most constructive reviews by the customer they have served.

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4. Suzhou M&Scent Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

4.Wuxi Jht Homewares Co., Ltd

Suzhou M&Scent Arts & Crafts FTZ is on-site verified by Bureau Veritas, one of the world’s leading inspection companies. The company is located in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province of China. The company exports its manufactured products worldwide.


Main Products:

The company’s main products include scented candles, reed diffusers, room sprays, gift sets, and other home fragrance products. This company is the best in candle production in China.

Why Choose Suzhou M&Scent Arts & Crafts FTZ:

The company extends its commendable services of high-quality candle manufacturing and sourcing towards its clients. They have highly equipped factories and professional technicians. They use the latest technology to produce a high number of candles every day. Their work and commendable services make them famous among their customers.

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Founded ten years before as a trading company, QING DAO BO RUI HENG TRADE has stood tall since 2011 in the industry. The company has persisted in the production of glassware, for the integrated development and production together with the rapid growth. Products’ quality and timely development are their primary values. Their company is located in Qingdao, a beautiful seashore city, with many developed factory areas.

Main Products:

They have devoted themselves to the company that produces some of the finest quality candles. The main products of this company include glass candle holders, glass jars, glass vases, cups, and related products. The raw material, i.e., the wax used for their products, is pure and high quality.


The company maintains a good reputation in manufacturing and exporting high-quality candles. Their glassware and candle products have been well accepted by their customers worldwide, with advanced production equipment, outstanding transportation, strict management, and efficient service. The management of this company ensures that the customer’s requirements are met. That makes them an excellent choice to buys wholesale candles.

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6. Changzhou Matti Houseware Co. Ltd

6.Changzhou Matti Houseware Co. Ltd

The Changzhou Matti Houseware company is specialized in producing all kinds of flameless LED candles with more than 18 years of experience in the candle producion field. So they are widely known for their candle production. The company was founded 18 years back as a candle manufacturer, and it is verified by TÜV Rheinland. The company has dedicated its services to provide excellent quality candles to its customers.


Main Products:

The Changzhou Matti Houseware is recognized for continuous inventing machines and resources to become the leading manufacturer in this flameless LED candle field. 

Why Choose Changzhou Matti Houseware:

The Changzhou Matti Houseware company has years of experience in producing candles in the China section. They have hired experienced and hardworking employees to make sure the average production capacity is 10000 pcs per day. Even this number is growing day by day to improve growth rate and source their products worldwide.

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7. Xuzhou Yongshine International Trading Co., Ltd

7.Xuzhou Yongshine International Trading Co., Ltd

Being verified on-site by one of the most influential inspection companies globally, TÜV Rheinland, the Xuzhou Yongshine International Trading Co., Ltd was established in 2002 as a manufacturing and trading company. It has been working as a renowned trading company since then.

Main Products:

They produce high-quality candles, aromatic bottles, perfume bottles, cosmetic jars, drinking bottles, glass jars, fruit plates, cups, and many other accessories. They manufacture candles with high-quality wax and other materials.

Why Choose Xuzhou Yongshine International Trading Co., Ltd:

Xuzhou Yongshine International Tradin provides accurate and prompt services to their clients with excellent communication facilities. They keep expanding on new candle designs, take good care of their customers, and ensure they are satisfied with the end delivery and services.

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8. Baoding Be-Ladies Home Products Co., Ltd

8.Baoding Be-Ladies Home Products Co., Ltd

The Baoding Be-Ladies Home Products company is located in Baoding City of Hebei province of China, which is verified by SGS Group. This company is specialized in candle production and sourcing to other countries in bulk.

Main Products:

Baoding Be-Ladies Home Products is specialized in the candle’s raw material supply, candle manufacturing point, handling candle’s quality standard, and candle packing works. They manufacture their products in bulk and source them worldwide.

Why Choose Baoding Be-Ladies:

The company has praise-worthy production of high-quality products, delivery across the globe, and competitive prices. The company has a remarkable impact on its clients, and they have long-term healthy relationships with them. Their customers always leave good reviews for them.

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9. Anhui Select Crafts Co. Ltd

9.Anhui Select Crafts Co. Ltd

Anhui Select Crafts is located in Anhui province, China, which is a professional candle manufacturing company in the country. It is also verified by SGS Group. This corporation was formed in 2004 as a manufacturing and trading company engaged in the research, development, production, and foreign trading of high-quality candles. It is an SGS Group-approved company.

Main Product:

Anhui Select Crafts is specialized in producing different kinds of handmade candles ( glass candles, tin candles, craft candles, votive candles, scented candles, decorative candles, Christmas candles, Wedding candles, etc.) and gift packaging products. They use high-quality raw materials to produce their products in bulk for wholesale marketing of candles. The company heavily relies on the efficiency and wisdom of its employees and technicians when it comes to the manufacturing of its high-quality candles.

Why Choose Anhui Select Crafts Co. Ltd:

The company provides the unique style, best quality, high-quality services to their customers at any time. Anhui Select Crafts have years of experience in the manufacturing business and equally on the trading side. They deliver premium quality products with warranty and competitive prices. They certainly make a good choice for you if you are looking to sign wholesale candle manufacturers from China

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10. Hebei Huaming Laye Limited Company

10.Hebei Huaming Laye Limited Company

Established in 2000, their company has developed into a modern enterprise. Hebei Huaming Laye Limited Company has a wide range of candles that it manufactures. They export their products to the USA, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and other countries and regions around the globe.

Main Products:

Their main products of this company include white candles, T-light candles, Spiral candles, Tapered candles, pillar candles, and some other artistic candles. They use high-quality raw materials and good manufacturing processes.

Why Choose Hebei Huaming Laye:

Hebei Huaming Laye covers 10000 square meters of area, with 500 machines and 300 existing staff members, due to which their monthly productivity has reached over 50 pieces. All their products are of admirable quality at affordable prices.

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Best 5 UK Candles Factory


1. Yankee Candle Company, Belfast

11.Yankee Candle Company, Belfast

The Yankee Candle Company, Belfast is a UK-based manufacturing and trading company that has been in existence since 1969. They are associated brands that manufacture stylish printed candles and also keep their products at their shops or source them worldwide. The company glorifies their candle designs that still surpass all the other brands in each respect. 

Main Products:

Yankee Candle Company claims to manufacture multi-tasking candles, from home-friendly to party candles, stylish to pet-friendly candles. They make Candle jars, printed candles, tea light candles, home décor candles. Their products are famous in the UK among wholesale buyers who trust Yankee Candle Company for the candles’ quality and warranty assurance.

Why Choose Yankee Candle Company, Belfast:

The company manufactures almost 80 million candles per year. The company focuses on quality more than the batches that they have to manufacture, making it the best candle company in the UK to sign a trade at reasonable prices.

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2. Cande Belle, Ballymena

12.Cande Belle, Ballymena

Founded in 2012, the company remains unsurpassed in the manufacturing of candles. They are best known for manufacturing aromatic candles with different beautiful and creative designs and shapes; they give the candles a personal touch and long-lasting fragrance.

Main Products:

Cande Belle, Ballymena makes authentic candles with attractive designs. They manufacture Non-toxic, design-led candles. Some of them are single wick candles, glass jar candles, fragrant candles, and many more.

Why Choose Cande Belle, Ballymena:

Cande Belle, Ballymena is the most trusted and widely known brand with numerous outlets and resellers across the UK and other states. Their services of producing high-quality candles are unbeatable. That makes them one of the reliable wholesale candle manufacturers to trade with on a monthly subscription.

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3. The Kent Candle Company, Sitting Bourne

13.The Kent Candle Company, Sitting Bourne

The Kent Candle Company is a trademark of luxury candle manufacturing in the UK. It is an England-based company that manufactures wholesale candles and exports them worldwide. The company started by pushing a single marker set into the market but now is quite the known brand for their luxury candle collection.

Main Products:

Kent Candle Company is well known in the market for its candles and authentic raw materials. Kent Candle Company Shortly after that getting a big hit in the market, introduced different designs of candles. The Kent Candle Company wax is socially responsible, pollution-free, bio-degradable, and thus eco-friendly. They believe that candles are a part of love and enthusiasm.

Why Choose Kent Candle Company:

Kent Candle Company is well trusted among the oldest of the UK’s finest candle manufacturing companies. This company has pushed a few products but of the finest quality. Their products are affordable, and they can make an excellent addition to your reselling business—they import to multiple stores across the United Kingdom with express delivery and an easy return policy. There are special offers and discounts also available on rates of wholesale products.

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4. Charles Farris, London

14.Charles Farris, London

Charles Farris, London is a UK-based candle manufacturing and supplying company that has been operational since 1845. The company was founded in London in 1845 by Charles Farris. The company has its headquarters in London. They are among the renowned brands that produce luxury wholesale candles with safe and testing methods.

Main Products:

Charles Farris, London is widely known for its graceful, luxurious wholesale candles for household uses and decorative purposes. They are also traditional church candles, which are sourced from many countries.

Why Choose Charles Farris, London:

The company has been loyal to its core principles of manufacturing high-quality church candles with wholesale buying services and warranty. They are the producers of some most exemplary pieces of church candles used by the UK’s churches and exported to other countries. They have expanded their range of various candles to make them available for the decoration of houses. Their candles are also available to be purchased online.

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5. Imbue Apothecary, United Kingdom

15.Imbue Apothecary, United Kingdom

Imbue Apothecary, the United Kingdom is the ideal candle wholesale company catering to the needs of buyers and importers. The company has been associated with a few renowned brands globally and has connected many nonprofit organizations that reach the Dollar Days for their caterings. 

Main Products:

They manufacture non-toxic, design-led candles in bulk for shipping worldwide. Imbue Apothecary does not compromise in quality. Their candles are made with the finest quality of essential oils mixed with wax to make it burn longer and same sweet fragrance throughout the way.

Why Choose Imbue Apothecary, United Kingdom:

Imbue Apothecary is the best choice when sourcing candles in bulk from the UK to anywhere in the world. They offer you super reasonable prices that make it easy for you to have your hands on the stock and send it to nonprofit organizations in a process that does not disturb your investment. They source their products to the EU, NZ, and Canada.

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Best 5 US Candles Factory


1. Root Candles, Ohio

16.Root Candles, Ohio

Root Candles, Ohio, has gained so much popularity worldwide since the day it was launched in 1869. They are one of the oldest and reliable wholesalers in the USA. They manufacture and high-quality source candles from all the world’s leading brands and provide them further at the comparatively reliable quality and lower prices.

Main Products:

The best-manufactured candles by Root Candles are beeswax candles with a sweet smell of honey. Their root candles have gained popularity because of the beeswax inside them, without hurting bees or their honeycomb. They have also upgraded to hand-rolled beeswax with absolute innovation. The candles are a perfect blend of the creative idea with aesthetic fragrances. Their wholesale rates are pretty affordable, and they stock a varied selection of candles from numerous other international manufacturers to increase their shipping business. 

Why Choose Root Candles, Ohio:

They produce candles with creative and artistic craftsmanship along with brand loyalty. Their products are also available to be purchased online. They dramatically grew for their varied selection of best candles manufacturing natural products and competitive rates in the market. They quickly make it to the toper’s list of candles’ manufacturing and supplying in the USA.

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2. Seawicks Candle Company, Maine

17.Seawicks Candle Company, Maine

In late 1920, Seawicks Candle Company, Maine, was solely known as a wholesale supplier of decorative vegetarian candles. Shortly after its launch, the company raised to great heights of glory in the wholesale candle market in the USA due to their praiseworthy services in the supply chain and their tremendous in-house candle manufacturing reliable processes.

Main Products:

They make unique candles for giving your dark houses bright light with a sensation of a sweet smell. They make Seawicks candles having coastal smell prevailed throughout. They are made of 100% vegetable ingredients with essential soybean oil. The candles are available in different shapes, sizes, and fragrances.

Why Choose Seawicks Candle Company, Maine:

This company is highly reputable when it comes to coastal smell candles. They make travel-friendly candles for travelers or campers to illuminate their ways while traveling and get a sweet smell. Their services make them highly professional wholesalers and reliable business traders.

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3. Mountain Cat Candle, Colorado

18.Mountain Cat Candle, Colorado

Mountain Cat Candle, Colorado is a reputable name in the industry of organic and scented candles. The company still works on its core principle of manufacturing high-quality scented candles. They source their products worldwide and hire the company roams worldwide to have their designs manufactured by some of the best manufacturers worldwide. 

Main Products:

Mountain Cat Candle, Colorado manufacture 100% natural and organic candles, and the raw materials they use are of high quality and without any kind of toxics. They have a unique line of candles manufacture to meet the wholesale demand in the market. 

Why Choose Mountain Cat Candle, Colorado:

Mountain Cat Candle, Colorado manufactures and supplies its organic and scented candles throughout the world. They utilize some of the best production houses for production of natural candle and then push them into the market once they are satisfied by the quality. They are probably among those few companies that are so dedicatedly working so that their customers receive an absolute quality of products to resale.

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4. Apron and Hare, New York

19.Apron and Hare, New York

The Apron and Hare, New York, is one the best candle companies in the world. This Company is the largest candle wholesaler in the USA. Also, internationally renowned brands acknowledge them. They supply their products wholesale in the USA as well as internationally.

Main Products:

Apron and Hare, New York, is the most iconic company in New York for manufacturing plain and scented candles for different purposes. Their candles have got a look of North European designs and carrying them from the beginning. Apron and Hare candles are natural and organic candles with a sweet scent in some of them.

Why Choose the Apron and Hare, New York:

The Apron and Hare, New York, company ensure that all the sourcing products are exported in original and intact form. They replace defective pieces with new ones and an extra warranty. Their plain and scented candles are both supplied worldwide to retailers and customers on monthly subscription plans.

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5. Kringle Candle

20.Kringle Candle

The Kringle Candle company has its name engraved since 2009. They are one of the oldest manufacturers of wholesale candles in the USA. They provide extraordinary services for manufacturing high-quality candles for decorations and dinners.

Main Products:

The Kringle Candle company has been manufacturing luxury candles for a long time now. Their production line includes plain or scented candles, decorative or church candles which they source worldwide. You can also find some candles from their collection and get them customized accordingly. 

Why Choose Kringle Candle Company:

Being one of the ancients in the manufacturing line of wholesale candles and their shipping makes them the center of importance in the USA. They have some sophisticated candle quality that remains unbeatable.

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Wholesale Candles From China: Ultimate Guide

  • Introduction About Importing Candles From China:

China is well-known for its manufacturing companies and meetings the demands of wholesale products in the market. Are you an entrepreneur or a business owner and want to import wholesale products from China at good rates, then this ultimate guide section is for you.

Candles have been widely used for centuries for lightning purposes. Even though the designs and built quality have been different throughout the period, their procedures are almost the same.

China has the easiest payment ways and a variety of manufacturers to set a deal. So sourcing your products from China gives you two significant benefits, one is the excellent quality of the products, while the other one is the flexibility in their rates. You can negotiate with them and earn huge discounts.

  • How To Establish And Grow Your Business By Importing Candles From China? 

What The Candle Business Is:

Candle business is a successful business around the globe. Their manufacturers, resellers, and traders earn a good amount of profit which statistics clearly show each year.

The process of sourcing candles from one country to another safely can be a challenging task for shippers. But, experts can do these problematic tasks quite easily with their expertise and professionalism.

Candles 1

A business that is dependent on candles can be beneficial for you. Candles are used on a large scale by ordinary people, irrespective of the area of the globe. Candles are used in churches, for lighting our homes, for enjoying candlelight dinners, and decorations for birthday parties. 

Who Uses The Candles?

Candles are used on a large scale by each country every year. So setting up a candle’s business is not a bad option. Candles are widely used in churches for spiritual value and lighting up the environment. Scented candles are also in demand to be used by churches and residents for house fragrance.

Many manufacturers are producing eco-friendly candles, so they don’t disturb your pets or home residents. Candles are used by hotels and restaurants for decorating their dining like a royal dining table. Candles enhance the attractiveness of dining setups.

How Importing Candles From China Benefit Me:

There are various benefits of sourcing candles from China in bulk from wholesale candle manufacturers.

The main reason is its evolution from the old and boring designs to new and decorative techniques that attract everyone. That is the reason candles are still used by people for many purposes. Some may find them luxurious addition to their room or dining setup, while others may find them useful for light-ups.

One fact that weighs out a lot of others is their affordable prices in the China section. Chinese manufacturers produce their goods at a large scale and source them to other countries in bulk, so negotiation is possible. Sometimes, they also offer discounts on their services. So you can entirely rely on importing candles from China as they provide pretty satisfactory services regarding quality, shipping, and pricing.

How to Ship Candle from China?

The primary and crucial methods of sourcing from China are the following.

  • Sea freight
  • Rail freight
  • Airfreight
  • Door to door shipping

How To Find The Best Candle Manufacturer In China?

  • Importing candles can be a little risky if we consider far-off places with extreme weather conditions. So it is necessary to choose such manufacturers and suppliers who are experts in this task and make you aware of each step in the process.
  • Check the experience level of your manufacturer before signing in a deal. It helps you build your trust and eventually a healthy relationship with them. 
  • Check reviews of the company. It plays a crucial role in building trust as most manufacturers don’t care about customer satisfaction. Also, check out negative reviews on their website.
  • Go through their company profiles thoroughly and check out their information carefully to understand their terms and conditions.
  • Ensure the availability of your desired product before signing a deal. It will lead to quick delivery of your consignment if you are in a great hurry.
  • How to Negotiate with Wholesale Chinese Candles’ Manufacturers?
  • Here are a few things to keep in mind while negotiating with your manufacturer for a successful and profitable deal.
  • If you are sourcing any kind of product, search for it in the market and know what you are dealing for.
  • Make the first move and ask for the price. Go for an authentic approach. Offer your deal and wait for the reply.
  • If you think that client is now offering a suitable price according to the market rates, then agree on the rates and set a deal.
  • If the supplier has substantial grounds, then leave and hunt for a new manufacturer. As wholesale trading is for the benefit of both parties, so go for such rates that benefit you in every aspect.

 Candles 2

3. Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Importing Wholesale Candles From China Profitable?

Yes, it is profitable. There is not even a single person on earth who has not used a candle in his life. It is an essential household item and used worldwide. So, sourcing any product which is used commonly by people can be proved very beneficial.

Importing all the types of candles, like the plain ones or maybe decorative, both have the same market value, and each of them is used for a specific purpose on different occasions. If you are a local reseller, then you can import candles from China in bulk at wholesale rates. It will save time and effort, plus the wholesale rate will be cheaper than average market rates. So, you’ll be able to enjoy all the specs of the deal.

Will Importing From China Be Beneficial For Me?

China is a destination for many traders and wholesalers to import and source their products to get reasonable rates. Chinese wholesale market is trusted by millions of customers for sourcing their ordered products at cheap rates with great convenience. If you want to grow your business, add Chinese sourcing to our list.

Entrepreneurs sourcing from China enjoy two significant benefits. The first one is the reliable quality and the second one is cheaper rates. Both these aspects make sourcing from the China section the best in the world.

What is the Best Way To Source Wholesale Candles From China?

There are generally four significant options of the methods to source candles from China. Air freight, sea freight, and rail freight are the most common and the best.

Since candles are delicate products to source, the above three methods are most convenient for the buyers. The reason is, products are well packaged in these methods, and they take them with great care to other countries.

 Candles 3

How to Find Candles’ Suppliers From China?

Alibaba.com provides you a list of suppliers on its website with complete details that you would need to proceed with the deal. Search for the product you want on alibaba.com and choose the supplier that seems suitable to you.

You can also hire agents through Leeline if you can’t handle direct sourcing from China. Leeline is the most reliable agent of alibaba.com for sourcing products from Chinese manufacturers.

How Can I Import Candles From China?

  • If you are planning to import candles or any product from China, you have to follow the following guidelines to register yourself.
  • Prepare all your documentation for the registration and getting the license for importing from China
  • Search your desired product, go to the manufacturers’ profile and read it out.
  • Contact the relevant supplier and negotiate with him for setting a deal eventually. 
  • Discuss all the specs beforehand, like production and delivery?
  • Select the shipping method according to your choice.

Final Thoughts On Sourcing Wholesale Candles From China:

Candles are a basic need of every human being. Everyone uses it daily in the churches and on different occasions accordingly. As they are very economical, people buy them every day. Such kind of product which is a part of people’s basic needs generates a handsome income.

If you source candles from China at wholesale rates, you will have a good deal in hand for cheaper rates and bulk amounts of wholesale purchase proves very beneficial for your businesses.

For availing this opportunity, find yourself a good manufacturer or supplier who is reliable and trustworthy, and you can also negotiate with him for the rates, which will eventually help you in growing your business.

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