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Wholesale bags

LeelineSourcing Find The Best bags Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
  • Leeline is the most trusted sourcing agent in China.
  • Leeline can get the best prices for bags directly from the factories in China.
  • Leeline helps most bag suppliers with goods storage for two years for free.
  • Leeline performs an inspection to ensure the quality of the manufactured product.
  • Leeline guarantees a refund of their service fee within 120 days if their services are not satisfactory.  
  • Leeline offers Amazon FBA prep and other services tailored according to your need.

Best 10 bags To Sell Online


Importing Handbag From China

A handbag is a statement accessory for every woman out there in the world. Handbags are to hold items like currency, cards, health, cosmetic products, and several other personal items. 

China bags factory have earned big names when it comes to the production of the handbag. They have great shipment rates with more significant delivery time and excellent quality measurement for all goods.  

2.Tote bag

Wholesale Tote bag From China

Tote bags are reusable bags made up of fabric. They are big with parallel handles to grab the bag. The use of tote bags is for shopping purposes, generally. They have unfastened handles that make them easy to carry.

Bags manufacturers in china have a large variety of tote bags. With a mindset to cut down the use of plastic bags from the world’s total population, tote bags are in greater demand than ever before. Leeline as a sourcing agent makes it a lot easier to import wholesale bags from china

3.Duffle bag

Buy Duffle bag From China

Duffle bags are a cylindrical bag with fastened handles carried on the shoulder. They are small in size with greater capacity to hold items of personal use. Duffle bags are unisex and are under use by sports persons or military personnel. 

China has been one of the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of duffle bags. They have wholesale bags for resale that are all of the excellent quality and a large variety to choose from.


Wholesale Backpack in Bulk From China

Backpacks are the most versatile bags used by both genders for various purposes like school and college bags or even as a fashion statement by many. They come in every size and design.

Wholesale bags USA offers sound quality production, but the import of bulk and outsourcing backpacks can be very costly. Bags manufacturers in China produce gears of every color, theme, and design that attracts people of every age.


Wholesale From China Satchel Suppliers

A satchel is a bag that comes in use to carry books around. Unlike backpacks, they are smaller in size and have a long strap to wear across the body. Satchel is usually preferred by college going students or working people. 

China bags manufacturers produce a large number of satchels. They manufacture them in various designs, including features like leather belts and baggy pockets preferred by their targeted audience.   

6.Laptop Bag

Wholesale From China Laptop Bag Manufacturers

Laptop bags are a fundamental need for everyone that owns a laptop, and that is everyone in the current times. Laptop bags are customized in a particular way that protects the computer from any sudden shock.

Even though bags manufacturers UK supply laptop bags across the globe that produce high-end laptop bags but China bags suppliers have captured the market due to their best quality under economical rates for bulk orders. 

7.Bucket Bag

Importing Bucket Bag From China

Bucket bags are deep, bucket-shaped bags, usually closed by strings. They have a long thin strap. They are mostly carried as a fashion statement with their outfits.

If you need wholesale handbags for the resale, nothing can prove more beneficial than the Chinese manufacturers. They manufacture bucket bags in larger quantities with a competitive price range.

8.Bowler Bag

Wholesale Bowler Bag From China

 A woman carries a bowler bag to work or shopping every day. It is a medium-sized bag consisting of multiple partitions within. They have small parallel handles that fix near the elbow.

The world’s top bowler bags are manufactured in China and then supplied across the globe. Individuals, high-end brands, and wholesale markets look forward to importing wholesale bags in bulk.

9.Shoulder bag

Buy Shoulder bag From China

Shoulder bags are just like handbags, worn on the shoulder. They have small handles that are carried together. 

Shoulder bags are carried by a woman every day, and they are most likely to spend their money on them. Bags suppliers China has kept the world captured for the production and distribution of shoulder bags due to their acceptable quality and best rates.

10.Beach Bag

Wholesale Beach Bag in Bulk From China

Beach bags are more oversized, handbag-like structures with multiple compartments to carry items necessary to take to the beach along. They are big so that they can hold items of volume. 

With the rising demand for beach bags in summers, it can prove an excellent investment if you wish to take advantage of it for your resale business.

You Need Leeline To Help Buy bags From China

Product Sourcing

bags Product Sourcing

Leeline outsourcing agents dig and verify the best bags. It inspects different bags against quality and prices and helps to choose a manufacturer. 

Factory Audit

bags Factory Audit

Leeline experts’ team can perform bag manufacturers’ audits, saving them time and cost for the importing party.

Product Inspection

bags Product Inspection

Leeline offers a complete and thorough inspection of the manufactured products before the item is shipped. It is done to reduce the chances of loss.

Amazon FBA Prep

bags Amazon FBA Prep

Leeline provides Amazon FBA prep to make sure the product is suitable to deliver. It takes care of product photography, labeling, and packaging of the product.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

bags Shipping To Amazon FBA

Leeline services provide you an efficient way to deliver your bags. Leeline experts make sure that the product is being shipped from China to Amazon FBA safely and promptly. 


bags DropShopping

The drop shipping service offered by Leeline makes sure that packaging starts right when the products are receiving from the manufacturers. And are shipped timely and accurately to the destination.

Why Choose Leeline To Import bags From China

  • Leeline makes sure you find the best manufacturers and suppliers for bags of good quality.
  • With over ten years of experience, Leeline agents make sure your bag shipments are packaged and labeled as desired. 
  • Leeline can inspect bags with total honesty and meet your manufacturer and suppliers on your behalf for further business. 
  • Through Leeline, you can get maximum negotiated prices for your purchase and get ultimate excellence out of your invested business budget. 
  • Leeline provides commendable services concerning delivery time.

Best 10 China bags Manufacturers

1.Quanzhou Tianqin Bags Co., Ltd.

1. Quanzhou Tianqin Bags Co., Ltd.

Quanzhou Tianqin Bags Co., Ltd is a bag manufacturing company based in the Fujian province of China. Verified onsite from the SGS group, this company has over 13 years of experience in bag manufacturing. They have a vast trade capacity in countries in Europe, America, and Asia. Their products are exported everywhere around the world.


 Main Products

The company has years of experience in manufacturing and shipping various kinds of bags across the globe. Their end clients are Mercedes Benz and Hyundai Motors. They deal in products like handbags, cosmetic bags, Laptop bags, and many other bags that attract people of every gender and every field from everywhere in the world. 

Why Choose Quanzhou Tianqin Bags Co., Ltd

Quanzhou Tianqin Bags Co., Ltd. is old manufacturers and has been in the market for a more extended period of 13 years. Products delivered by this company covers a broad range of designs and styles. They not only have well-trained teams that work more efficiently, but they also have heavy machinery equipped to get the order done as soon as possible and get it shipped to their clients.

2.Yiwu Zhi Ao Trading Co., Ltd

2. Yiwu Zhi Ao Trading Co., Ltd

Yiwu Zhi Ao Trading Co., Ltd is a three-year-old company that was founded back in 2016. Located in Jiang Province of China, this company produces bags for every variety. They are well known for their customized orders. Due to their vast knowledge and skills they have earned over time, they provide various designs and types according to the customer’s needs. Fast delivery time is also an advantage of trading with them. 

Main Products

They have a wide variety of products and also push a dozen products into the market every year. Yiwu Zhi Ao is one of the esteemed professional bag manufacturers in the country. They have many coin purses, handbags, backpacks, sports bags, and, most importantly, hand-woven purses. 

Why Choose Yiwu Zhi Ao Trading Co., Ltd

With a motive of quality above quantity, Yiwu Zhi Ao Trading Co., Ltd is always focused on what they are delivering to the client. They have been changing their product design and samples with the evolving market trend. They employ over a hundred personal at their factory. They provide various designs and types according to the customer’s needs and provide them right on time.

3.Yiwu Gorgeous Accessory Co., Ltd

3. Yiwu Gorgeous Accessory Co., Ltd

Yiwu Gorgeous Accessory Co., Ltd. is a trading company of series of fashion accessories located in Zhejiang, China. With over 100 companies as their support, Yiwu Gorgeous Accessory Co., Ltd provides wholesale deliveries. With an in house production of their own, they can produce 1000 pieces of bags per day. 

Main Products

Yiwu Gorgeous Accessory Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer dealing with a wide variety of bags. They produce many fashion accessories, including fashion bags, scarves, handmade jewelry, hats, belts, wallets, and eyewear, to most countries worldwide.  

Why Choose Yiwu Gorgeous Accessory Co., Ltd

Yiwu Gorgeous Accessory Co., Ltd is quality driven. They produce bags of every type in bulk quantity and also take customized orders. They have a team of experts that mainly focuses on high quality, best services, and innovation.  They have well-equipped workshops and a strong labor force. Their response to the buyer and timely delivered quality products makes them one of China’s best manufacturers and suppliers.


4. Baoding Baigou Tianshangxing Bag Leather Goods Co., Ltd

Baoding Baigou Tianshangxing Bag Leather Goods Co., Ltd is a trading and manufacturing company that deals in leather goods. It is located in Bayou Town. Because of its geographical position, it has convenient transportation. 

Being functional for the last 16 years, Baoding Baigou Tianshangxing Bag Leather Goods Co., Ltd has taken its customer’s request very seriously and has used them for guidance to provide even better services. 

Main Products

Being one of the most reputable traders in the market, they produce the vastest range of bags. Baoding Baigou Tianshangxing Bag Leather Goods Co., Ltd produces, Ladies Bag, Backpack, handbag, women bags, and diaper bags all made from pure leather.

Why Choose Baoding Baigou Tianshangxing Bag Leather Goods Co., Ltd

They have earned clients through their professional behavior. They have developed a good business relationship with almost all clients that they have worked with. Not only this, but they also provide satisfactory work for customized orders. Their statistics are proof of their high-quality products and excellent customer care services.

5.Shanghai Honwee Packing Co., Ltd.

5. Shanghai Honwee Packing Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Honwee Packing Co., Ltd is based in Shanghai; China is a manufacturer and a trading company. With being in business for more than ten successful years, the company has been verified by SGS. They have gained the reputation as one of the largest bags exporters. They design and manufacture bags and sell them across multiple countries.

Main Products

Shanghai Honwee Packing Co., Ltd is one of the country’s leading companies. They are professional manufacturers, dealing with a wide variety of bags. They hold a good reputation for their main products that include Cosmetic Bags, Canvas Bag, Cooler Bag, Backpack Bag, and handbag. 

Why Choose Shanghai Honwee Packing Co., Ltd

Shanghai Honwee Packing Co., Ltd is a verified supplier and manufacturer that provides OEM & ODM services. Their team provides excellent customer service. They offer reasonable prices to meet the customer’s requirements. Over the years, the company has crossed an annual revenue of over a million US dollars. They are probably one of the best companies to have a deal with.

6.Guangzhou Edmana Leather Products Co., Ltd

6. Guangzhou Edmana Leather Products Co., Ltd

Established in 2007, Guangzhou Edmana leather Products Co., LTD specializes in the design and manufacture of leather goods. Their brand Cecilia Herrera is quite known for its quality and design. 

Main Products

Guangzhou Edmana Leather Products Co., Ltd.’s main products include leather accessories, leather bags for women, handbags, leather backpacks, clutch bags, and much more. Their leather and products made from it are good in quality and represent quite an applaud-able craftsmanship.

Why Choose Guangzhou Edmana Leather Products Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Edmana Leather Products Co., Ltd has a separate maintenance department that stays in touch with the buyers to whom they have delivered their goods. They ensure that the customer satisfaction criteria have been met. 

7.Qingdao Beauty Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd

7. Qingdao Beauty Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd

Qingdao Beauty Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd is a trading company with trading experience for over 20 years. They have constantly worked hard towards building a trustworthy relationship and expanding their business worldwide. They mainly focus on high quality and best customer services.

Main Products

Qingdao Beauty Arts And Crafts Co., Ltd have had crafts as their specialization, but their main products include Foldable square storage boxes, canvas storage bins, oxford storage box, fabric storage basket, and bags. 

Why Choose Qingdao Beauty Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd

Qingdao Beauty Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd provide comfortable and genuine customer service to all their clients. They focus on maintaining a long-term, trustworthy relationship with their customers. Apart from an outclass customer service, their batches of products go through strict inspection against quality. Both these qualities make them one of the best available options to trade with.

8.Quanzhou Xinsheng Bags Co., Ltd

8. Quanzhou Xinsheng Bags Co., Ltd

Quanzhou Xinsheng Bags Co., Ltd. is a TÜV Rheinland verified trading company. With over 18 years of export business, this company situated in Fujian, China, provides OEM and ODM services. They are mainly bags suppliers and are fueled by the motive of the best product with the lowest rates.

Main Products

With never-ending inventory, the company is a large producer of products like shopping bags, tote bags, backpack, sports bag, duffle bag, some other special-purpose packages. They are the most competitive suppliers in China due to their high work efficiency.

Why Choose Quanzhou Xinsheng Bags Co., Ltd

Quanzhou Xinsheng Bags Co., Ltd holds a good reputation for the fastest delivery globally with good quality and competitive prices. The company provides excellent pre-sale and after-sales service. The company has grabbed the market with their features and have established a long-term relationship with customers.

9.Shenzhen Charming Luggage Co., Ltd

9. Shenzhen Charming Luggage Co., Ltd

With an experience of 15 years, a China-based company, namely Shenzhen Charming Luggage Co., Ltd, falls under the top 10 companies of China that have a production house for bags. Shenzhen Charming Luggage Co., Ltd has become a specialist in designing and producing bags of every variety available.

Main Products

Shenzhen Charming Luggage Co., Ltd. mainly focuses on the production of bags, irrespective of the type. Over the last 15 years, they have created various Cooler Bags, Backpack, Garment Bags, Storage Bags, Travel Bags, and Delivery Bags.

Why Choose Shenzhen Charming Luggage Co., Ltd

ISO 9001 certified, Shenzhen Charming Luggage Co., Ltd has a reputation for being in China’s top 10 companies. Their bags are not only of good design and quality but also eco-friendly. They offer good prices and bring in a new design with innovations. 

10.Yiwu Yusa E-Commerce Co., Ltd

10. Yiwu Yusa E-Commerce Co., Ltd

With a trading experience of over six years, Yiwu Yusa E-Commerce Co., Ltd trades in watches, bags, jewelry, and other lifestyle accessories. Yusra’s products are widely used and recognized by users for their economic prices.  

Main Products

Yusra provides satisfactory customer services. They deal in Handbags, Led party products, Jewelry, Gift products, and watches. Quality control and reasonable prices make them favorite among buyers. 

Why Choose Yiwu Yusa E-Commerce Co., Ltd

CE and EMC verified Yusra deals in day-to-day lifestyle products. They state that it “can meet continuously changing economic and social needs.” That makes them stand out among competitors within the Chinese market. 

Best 5 US bags Manufacturers

11.Wholesale accessory market, Inc.

1. Wholesale accessory market, Inc.

Operational since 2000, they deal with everything, ranging from bags to other fashion accessories. At Wholesale Accessory Market, the company supplies a vast line of wholesale bags, pocketbooks, and purses for resale purposes. They focus on providing products of the latest fashion and designer styles at the lowest possible rates. 

Main Products

Since 2000, the Wholesale accessory market has served thousands of small retailers across America. Their main products include bags, jewelry, apparel, accessories, and they deal wholesale. They also continuously change their catalog so that their customers have access to the most current styles and prices.

Why Choose Wholesale Accessory Market, Inc. 

They promise shipments within five working days for the USA and a little longer for other states. The least amount you can spend on placing the order is fifty US Dollars. The company has some of the best bags available in the market. 


2. RoseWholesale

Rose wholesale has been functional since 2013 and is one of the leading wholesalers in the US market. They deal with affordable fashion apparel. They update their stocks every week and bring in the latest high-quality fashion accessories. The company claims to have the cheapest rates for resellers and provide wholesale products in bulk.

 Main Products

RoseWholesale has numerous product lines, and they provide affordable factory rates. They are leading manufacturers of Women’s Clothing, Intimate Lingerie, Bags, Jewelry, other accessories, Women’s Shoes, Wigs, Fashion Jewelry, Bags, and Accessories Men’s Fashion Clothing, and many more fantastic items.

Why Choose RoseWholesale

Their marketing staff researches the most popular fashion clothing and accessories to satisfy the demands of their global customers. They have the most updated stocks to choose from. And they claim to deliver within the shortest period of time. They are one of the most reputable wholesalers to work with, as they keep records from pre-sales to after-sales with end-customer satisfaction.

13. Choice Handbag

3. Choice Handbag

Choice Handbag is the most reliable, online-based, wholesale dealer of handbags. They have their own designs and their own production lines that make their design unique and super affordable. At their site, you can find the trendiest fashion bags, all their own production. 

Main Products:

Choice Handbag mainly deals in bags.  Their main products include handbags and purses. They also manufacture jewelry, fashion accessories, beauty products, and essential items. They are the leading traders of clothing lines across the country too.

Why Choose Choice Handbag

Choice Handbag offers super discounts for wholesale. On placing an order for 500 Us dollars, there is a high possibility of getting a 5% discount. And on the shopping of above 1000 US Dollars on wholesale, you can get a 10% discount. 

14.Handbag fashion

4. Handbag fashion

With their motive of ‘Inexpensive but quality,’ they have been one of the leading wholesalers in the US international market. They offer the hottest deals for women fashion. Handbag Fashion is mainly known for its lowest rates and fastest delivery. They also provide a return policy without any hidden charges deduction. 

Main Products

Being one of the most trustworthy traders in the market, Handbag Fashion produces the vastest range of bags. They deal in wholesale handbags, fashion handbags, designer’s inspired handbags, knockoff styles, evening bags, clutches, belts, and much more. 

Why Choose Handbag Fashion

Choice Handbag excels in producing and developing all kinds of bags. They have well-equipped workshops and fast labor. Their response to the buyer and timely delivered quality products makes them one the best US manufacturers and suppliers.

15.Mezon Handbags

5. Mezon Handbags

Located in Los Angeles, Mezon bag is the largest wholesale supplier and manufacturers of ladies’ fashion handbags in the markets of the USA. They are manufacturers of high-quality branded handbags. They also claim to have super affordable rates. They have evolved into a powerful production source, equipped with unbeatable technologies. 

Main Products 

Mezon Handbags provide handbags and accessories at wholesale rates. They manufacture a wide variety of bags, such as hobo and satchel. They also trade in messenger, wallets, jewelry, and much more. Their handbags are of very high quality.

Why Choose Mezon Handbag. 

They sell celebrity handbags and much more at prices that are competitive in the market. They manufacture their own designs. Their talented and hard-working staff has made it possible to generate a good amount of annual avenue. The Mezon Handbags is your go-to solution for the best collection of bags. 

Best 5 UK bags Suppliers

16.Wholesale Bags Online

1. Wholesale Bags Online 

This company deals in wholesale bag UK and supply than 700 boutiques and retailers. They are one-stop retailers of bags and fashion apparel. They bring out the best of British style for their customers. They have established a successful business relationship with retailers across UK and Europe. 

Main Products

Wholesale Bags online have designs that are unique and intricate. Innovation is their specialty. Other than this, they also manufacture a range of different products. They have a vast collection of high-quality bags, handbags, school bags, travel bags, wallets, and other accessories in the UK.

Why Choose Wholesale Bags Online

Providing high-quality products with great service is their forte. Wholesale Bags Online have years of experience in the manufacturing industry. Their machines are up-to-date and well equipped.  They have a collection of Bags that are exported throughout the world. Good customer service and reasonable prices make the company approvable.

17. Jamie Bags

2. Jamie Bags

With about an experience of 20 years, Jamie Bags are the wholesalers of the widest variety of bags. Starting from a small company of manufacturers, they have made them accepted into the International market. Their years of experience makes them the most reliable in the market. 

Main Products

Jamie Bags is a big name in wholesale traders of bags. They manufacture and supply all fashion handbags, and apart from these, they also deal in vogue handbags, purses, and wallets.   They manufacture their leather bags that are made up of Italian leather that is imported specifically from Italy. 

Why choose Jamie Bags

They have an amazing customer service that doesn’t let go of any customer until they have satisfied them. Jamie bags update their collection with changing trends, and that is what makes them customers’ favorite. They believe that everybody has the right to good fashion accessories. They offer super affordable rates so that everyone can have access to good quality products without spending half of what they earn.  


3. Bagzone

Bagzone understands that the bags are not just for functional use but also a fashion statement that has to be ideal for everyday use with an everyday dressing of both men and women. 

Main Products

Bagzone deals in fashion and handbags made up of leather, clutch bags, sports bags, school bags, backpacks, ladies purses, wallets, Laptop Bags, and Shopping bags.

Why Choose Bag zone

Bagzone provides the lowest possible prices to the business that are looking for bags collection in order to resale. They provide unbeatable prices that are starting from as low as $1 and onwards. 

19.L&S Wholesale Suppliers and Manufacturers

4. L&S Wholesale Suppliers and Manufacturers

With a range of diverse designs and simplicity in dealing with clients, L&S has a huge customer line. They evolve their designs with time and provided affordable bargains to their customers. LS Wholesale Bags can be your one-stop shop for buying inexpensive bags of good quality in bulk. 

Main Products

The company deals with a wide range of bags. Their catalogs are filled with designer handbags, purses, clutch bags, wallets, tote bags, shoulder bags, jewelry, fashion accessories, and much more. 

Why Choose L&S Wholesale

They claim that they have the most attractive designs, and with their price list, they have the edge over their competitors. They use the most leading quality leather for their products. If you are a budding business or retailer looking to buy leather handbags online in bulk, without spending a fortune, you can rely on L&S.

20.JC Unique

5. JC Unique

Established in 2009, JC Unique are the wholesalers of bags of all kind. Starting from a manufacturing company with an aesthetic sense of fashion bags, they have evolved into wholesalers. 

Main Products

They import large volumes of their self-manufactured handbags, bucket bags, tote bags, purses, backpacks, evening bags, canvas bags, and much more.

Why Choose JCUnique

JCUnique has great importance for the customer that they do business with. JCUnique understands that customer satisfaction is really necessary, and no compromise on quality can ever be accepted under any circumstance. 

Leelines is the Best Choice to Ship bags from China

bags Sea Freight Shipping from China

bags Sea Freight From Shipping

Sea freight is well suitable for the shipment of goods that are in bulk. The items that are of the greater volume are shipped through sea lines.

bags Air Freight Shipping from China

bags Air Freight From Shipping

Since air routes are all over the world, Air shipping is the fastest and most effective way of shipping products. Air routes extend all over the world. This particular shipping method is safe and time-saving.

bags Rail Freight Shipping from China

bags Rail Freight From Shipping

Rail shipping is the best option for goods traders. It provides easy and economic convenience and can reach any city that has railway tracks.

bags Door to Door Shipping from China

bags Door to Door From Shipping

Door to door shipping is a convenient and quick method for shipping products if items are not in bulk.

How To Import bags From China: Super Guide


Introduction About Importing Bags from China

Do you plan on investing in a wholesale bags business anytime soon? Do you want to start importing bags from China but are too confused about where to start from? If so, no need to worry; Leeline has all the answers for you!

Any Type of Bags are super useful and a part of everyday life. They are widely used by people everywhere across the globe. The popularity of the trendiest and yet affordable bags rise by the day. If you are looking to start a bag business, importing from China can be way too beneficial.

The Chinese trade market has grown to unbelievable heights in recent years. China now has a firm hold on the world’s trade goods. Moreover, China has the most versatile manufacturers of bags and other products with the most reasonable rates.

How to Grow your business by importing bags from china? 

1. What is bags business?

Bags Business is basically importing bags of various types in bulk and at competitive rates and then reselling them at a price slightly higher to keep a profit margin.

Importing bags from China has great benefits. The Chinese market has some of the finest work of handbags at such acceptable rates that give you a good margin of profit in the business.

bags 1

Buying and selling of bags can prove immensely beneficial. The business contains a range of opportunities. Various types of bags are available that can help you boost your business.

2. What are the benefits of importing bags from china?

China has proven its place in the wholesale market and has been dealing with bulk products for quite some years. The biggest benefit is that they provide good quality at wholesale rates. Other benefits include;

You can obtain durable and high-quality bags from China. You can import bags in bulk for your business without having to worry about the quality. Chinese manufacturers go to lengths to assure you get what you desire.

Another amazing benefit is instant delivery. Leeline sourcing services can assure you the promised timely delivery just when you ask them to.

3. Who uses bags?

There is no confinement of gender or age group when it comes to using bags. Any gender and any age use a different type of bags for various different purposes.

There are various categories of bags available, including handbags, school/college bags, backpacks, laptop bags, and sports bags. Different types of bags are used by different genders. Handbags, cosmetic bags, are generally for women, and the rest of the mentioned are for men. Whereas laptops and sports bags are unisex.

Cute stuffed backpacks of animal and amazing characters are available for children that are under 10. That proves that ‘bags’ are used by everyone, irrespective of differences.

4.  How to choose the best bag manufacturer?

  • Firstly, you surf the internet to have an idea about the markets in China and what they are offering.
  • Once you pick bags of your choice and suitable rates, you can leave the inspection and negotiation on Leeline.
  • Leeline makes sure the quality is up to mark and signs a deal on your behalf.

5.  How to negotiate with china bag suppliers?

Negotiation is one of the most challenging at the same time, immensely essential for your business. While negotiating;

bags 2

  • Ensure that you understand the shipment delivery time.
  • Ensure that the quality of the products that are choosing is good.
  • Do not offer a price that you know won’t suffice the supplier’s profit margin.
  • Know what it is that you are ordering.

6.  How to Shipping Bags from China?

There are several ways of shipping bags from China. Shipments can be via:

  • Rail freight
  • Airfreight
  • Sea freight
  • Door to door shipping

Any of these methods can opt for shipments of bags and other products.

7. How to Sell bags online to earn money?

When you get a hand on the products you wanted from China, all you have to do is to get your products photographed and labeled. You can use social media platforms for marketing them and generating income.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I buy wholesale bags?

China, the USA, and the UK are the biggest suppliers of bags. You can search Alibaba express for the wholesale market of bags. Similarly, Fashion World and Jamie Bags can be searched for the import of bags from the USA and the UK, respectively.

bags 3

2. Where can I buy wholesale bags in China?

Chinabrands, Alibaba, and Ali Express are some of the main sources for buying wholesale bags in China. You can search for your desired product on their website, compare the rates for yourself and let Leeline inspect the product for you before placing an order.

3. What steps are to be followed while importing bags from China?

If you are importing bags from China, you should;

  • Inquire if your home state allows you to import items from China.
  • Do not fall for the low prices; always go for the quality.
  • Calculate the total cost of the bags and how much would it charge you for your goods to reach their destination, including the cost of shipping, applicable duties, and taxes.
  • Pick your supplier and place the order for your selected stock.
  • Choose your mean of transportation. You can use China’s regular post, air freight, or ship freight.

4.Is a License Required to Import bags from China?

Generally, you do not need a trading silence. However, there are certain rules and regulations that each state/country has on what its citizens can import. It is always important to have your embassy’s permission letter with you if some agencies interrogate you for a license.

5. What is the cheapest way to import from China?

There are various ways of importing shipments from China, like Air Freight, Sea Freight, Rail Freight, and others. Each way has some advantages and disadvantages.

However, Sea freight is the cheapest for importing wholesale bags from China, even if they charge additional charges. If your shipment is big enough, it will be really cost-effective for you.

Final Thoughts on Wholesale Bags from China

The markets in China have proved themselves in the international markets. They are the leading manufacturers of all types of goods, including a wide variety of bags.

China can provide multiple options for manufacturers and suppliers of bags who will be able to provide the best completive rates and wholesale bags of high quality within your desirable timeline.

However, choosing a reliable manufacturer is always a difficult task but not impossible. Never go for the lowest prices. And never negotiate below the profit margin of the supplier.

Another suitable option is to hand over the charge to Leeline and ask them to sign the deal on your behalf. And you will have to pay for their service charges and have your shipments inspected and delivered to your doorstep.

Import From China

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