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Wholesale Tiles From China

LeelineSourcing Find The Best Tiles Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
  • Leeline connects you with the best tile suppliers from China
  • Leeline provides you with wholesale tiles at a very genuine price from manufacturers
  • Leeline negotiates with the wholesale tile distributors on your behalf to add value to your investment
  • Leeline takes pictures of the tiles before shipping to ensure quality
  • Leeline precisely checks the quality of tiles with the Chinese tiles suppliers

Leeline doesn’t charge any hidden fee for sourcing the wholesale tiles


Best 10 Tiles To Sell Online

1. Ceramic Tiles

Importing Ceramic Tiles From China

Ceramic tiles are tiles that are manufactured from clay and other natural materials. These materials include sand, quartz, and water. These tiles are predominantly used in houses, offices, restaurants, kitchens, bathroom walls, and various other places. They offer a great range of variety and color choices to the users. 

According to the latest trend, the ceramic tile industry is expected to increase up to USD 230 billion. It will mark an overall 8.5% spike in overall CAGR by 2030. Foshan of Guangdong province of China is the world’s largest producer of wholesale ceramic tiles

2. Porcelain Tiles

Wholesale Porcelain Tiles  From China

Porcelain tiles can be considered as an enhanced version of ceramic tiles. They have a great water absorption rate, i.e. less than 0.5 per cent, making them very unique and durable. They are primarily for flooring purposes because of their great strength and resistance to bear tremendous pressure.

The porcelain tile is seeking a promising future with an increase of USD 79 billion by the end of 2027. China produces great quality porcelain tiles for the entire globe. Sichuan is one of the leading bases that make high-quality porcelain tiles. 

3. Glass Tiles

Buy Glass Tiles From China

Glass tiles are those tiles that are made with consistent shapes using glass. These tiles are made with thin glass pieces. They are primarily used in the bathrooms and kitchens. They offer an excellent designing range and helps to beautify the place. Glass tiles are translucent, stain-resistant, and durable. They are easy to clean, which adds value to their utility.

The glass tiles market is expected to achieve a high mark in CAGR of 6.7% during the 2020-2027 period. You can get the best glass tiles from the Fujian province of China. They manufacture the latest designs and patterns to satisfy the customer’s expectations. 

4. Cement Tiles

Wholesale Cement Tiles in Bulk From China

Cement tiles are beautifully handcrafted tiles that are used for floor and wall tiling. They are made from materials like sand, cement, color pigment, and marble powder. These materials are poured into the molds to get the desired shapes and designs for tiles. All these materials contribute to making these tiles highly durable. 

Recent research has witnessed that cement tiles’ demand will increase by a CAGR of 4.12 % by 2023. Kumning is one of the leading producers of wholesale cement tiles in China. They provide the best quality material for the tiles. 

5. Marble Tiles

Wholesale From China Marble Tiles Suppliers

Marble tiles are one of the most prominent choices for slabs. They are made with a heavier material that makes their quality optimum. These tiles are manufactured with limestone’s metamorphic crystallization. This material makes them highly durable and a loving choice for the customers. 

The marble tiles are expected to witness growth in the industry by marking a CAGR growth of 4% by 2026. Fujian is the leading producer of marble tiles, contributing to approx. 35% of overall market share. China tiles manufacturers offer low prices so that you can benefit from them.

6. Mosaic Tiles

Wholesale From China Mosaic Tiles Manufacturers

Mosaic tiles are unique tiles made from small pieces of tiles and put together to get an image or design. They are made with the materials like glass, metal, stone, porcelain, etc. They are very expensive because of their installation costs. 

The mosaic wholesale tiles industry is expected to reach great heights in the coming future. You can get the best mosaic designs from China’s suppliers. Homee Foshan is a prominent mosaic tiles suppliers. 

7. Granite Tiles

Importing Granite Tiles From China

Granite tiles are one of the most authentic tiles used to serve the purpose of tiling buildings, bridges, paving, etc. Granite is a natural rock that takes its shape after cooling molten rock. They contain a profound proportion of quartz that makes it very slippery wet conditions. 

Various reports have shown that the granite tiles will seek an increase of 3.5% of CAGR by 2027. Xiamen quality store is one of the oldest China tile factories that are responsible for supplying granite tiles. They offer excellent quality and price for the tiles. 

8. Sandstone Tiles

Wholesale Sandstone Tiles From China

Sandstone tiles are made from sandstone and give color variations according to the color of the sandstone. They are mainly using for flooring purposes to provide a better look and feel. These tiles are so beautiful that they add extra value to your place. It has a decent amount of durability that can withstand various decades. 

According to recent reports, the sandstone tiles will expect growth of USD 62.58 billion. This prediction is expected to witness an increase of 7.57% of CAGR by 2027. Guangdong in China offers superior quality sandstone tiles that can put the customers awestruck. 

9. Roofing Tiles

Buy Roofing Tiles  From China

Roofing tiles are used to serve the purpose of protecting your place under rainy conditions. These tiles are designed from materials like concrete, metal, plastic, or slate. These tiles come conglomerated with incredible longevity and durability. 

Predictions have shown that roofing tiles will mark an increase of 4.2% CAGR. By the end of 2030, its value is expected to reach USD 46.97 billion. Zhejiang Rongping Building Materials Technology is one of the prominent wholesale roofing tiles suppliers in China. 

10. Floor Tiles

Wholesale Floor Tiles in Bulk From China

Floor tiles are the tiles that can be used for flooring precisely. They are used for flooring in places like the kitchen, parking lots, bathroom, rooftops, etc. These tiles are made from materials that are not slippery. They are very safe and easy to maintain in the long run. 

The market scope of floor tiles is very bright, and it can achieve great heights in the coming future. Foshan in China will offer you the best quality of wholesale floor tiles. These tiles are not only durable but also fit perfectly in your business budget needs. 

You Need Leeline To Help Buy Tiles From China

Product Sourcing

Tiles Product Sourcing

Leeline connects you with the wholesale tile suppliers in the minimum possible time. Furthermore, they pack the tiles fast so they can be delivered to you in the shortest time possible.

Factory Audit

Tiles Factory Audit

Leeline conducts a proper factory audit for the wholesale tiles to ensure that the quality of tiles is maintained. They keep a good eye on the processing of the package so that the quality is not compromised. 

Product Inspection

Tiles Product Inspection

Leeline takes utmost pain in thoroughly inspecting the tiles’ quality supplied by the tiles manufacturers. They take good photographs and videos of the tiles so that you can always rely on them. 

Amazon FBA Prep

Tiles Amazon FBA Prep

Leeline concentrates on the repacking and labeling of the packages so that you remain focused on growing your business. They communicate your customized needs to the top tile manufacturers to get the services of your choice. 

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Tiles Shipping To Amazon FBA

Leeline takes proper care that your package is delivered to Amazon at a reasonable price. They use their best logistic solutions to provide wholesale tiles to Amazon. 


Tiles DropShopping

Leeline takes the whole responsibility of delivering your package to the final destination. They get your tiles from wholesale tile suppliers and deliver them to you without any botheration.

Why Choose Leeline To Import Tiles From China

    • Leeline employs an experienced agent for your assistance to connect you with top tile manufacturers.
    • Leeline provides you with the best prices from China tile suppliers from Alibaba
    • With Leeline, you get the opportunity to safeguard wholesale tiles in their warehouse for one month without paying a single penny for it.
    • Leeline conducts proper quality inspection from wholesale tile manufacturers to assure the best customer experience.
    • Leeline takes adequate care of contact and production with tile suppliers for the best quality.
    • With Leeline, you remain updated with the weekly status of your wholesale tiles package.

    Leeline offers you 120 days money-back guarantee for your wholesale tiles if you are not satisfied with the services.

Leelines is the Best Choice to Ship Tiles from China

Tiles Sea Freight Shipping from China

Tiles Sea Freight From Shipping

With sea freight services, Leeline makes sure that the transportation cost of wholesale tiles should reduce substantially. Their sea freight shipping ensures that you get the best profit margins. 

Tiles Air Freight Shipping from China

Tiles Air Freight From Shipping

Leeline cooperates with the globe’s most extensive air express services to ensure that your package gets delivered in minimum time. They make use of air freight shipping services to provide you with wholesale ceramic tiles.

Tiles Rail Freight Shipping from China

Tiles Supplies Rail Freight From Shipping

Leeline cares for your investments and therefore offers you rail freight shipping services. They take your package from Chinese tiles manufacturers and deliver it to you with minimal logistic costs. 

Tiles Door to Door Shipping from China

Tiles Door to Door From Shipping

You need not worry about how the tile suppliers will deliver your package to your place. With the Leeline door-to-door shipping services, your parcel will be delivered to your home without any hassle. 

Best 10 China Tiles Manufacturers

1. Foshan Grand Ceramic Co., Ltd.

1. Foshan Grand Ceramic Co., Ltd.

Foshan Grand Ceramic Co., Ltd. is a well-known tile manufacturer based in Guangdong, China. Since then, it was established in 2014 and had been supplying durable and stylish tiles to its local and international customers. 11-50 employees work hard to meet the customers’ demands and make the company proud. This supplier has more than six years of industrial experience and is trusted by its clients.

Main Products

They offer trendy designs and fashion patterns of tiles having stable physical and chemical properties. Their main products include rustic tiles, wall tiles, wood tiles, and many more. Moreover, you can also get bathroom tiles from their collection. Except for the domestic market, this supplier also exports the tiles to Africa and South America.

Why Choose it?

They are committed to the quality of their tiles. Their tiles have good smoothness, a low water absorption rate, and bright lustre. Despite its good reputation in the market, the company receives reorders from many regular customers. Their response rate is 85.05%, and they try to respond to all the messages within 9 hours. Moreover, they have a 5/5-star rating with good reviews from their clients. 

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2. Foshan Jiasheng Trade Co., Ltd.

2. Foshan Jiasheng Trade Co., Ltd.

Foshan Jiasheng Trade Co., Ltd. is a Chinese tiles supplier that was founded in 2008. With more than 20 years of wholesale experience, this supplier is highly regarded in various international markets. Their warehouse is located in Guangdong, China. Over 50 hardworking and passionate professionals provide their best services to clients.

Main Products

They combine the local culture with stylish products. Their vast collection of tiles include various designs and pattern of big sized tiles. Moreover, you can get polished tiles and ceramic wall tiles from their catalog. Their wooden tiles and marble tiles are also famous. The main markets of this supplier are located in Southeast Asia, North America, and Oceania.

Why Choose it?

It has a talented and dynamic team, always available for assisting the customers. They try to respond to every message within 6 hours and have a response rate of 91.03%. Their products are products keeping in mind the international quality standards. Welcoming the new clients, they try to make a friendly business relationship with them. 

Contact Tiles Manufacturers Now!Contact Tiles Suppliers Now!

3. Zibo Honor Ceramic Co., Ltd.

3. Zibo Honor Ceramic Co., Ltd.


With 16 years of experience producing high-quality tiles, Zibo Honor Ceramic Co., Ltd. is a trusted top producer. It was established in 2003 and has gained a good reputation among various retailers worldwide. It has also won the SGS product certification. Over 100 employees work together to fulfill the requirements of the clients and manage the orders efficiently. 

Main Products

They offer a wide range of tiles with trendy designs and patterns. Their collection includes whole polished floor tiles, glaze matt floor tiles, and many more. Moreover, you can get big-sized polished porcelain tiles from them. Their primary markets are Southeast Asia and South America.

Why Choose it?

This supplier follows the main principle of ‘customer first’ and ‘honesty is the best policy. They have earned a good name in the wholesale market by dealing honestly and professionally with their buyers. They have an excellent response rate of 99.21%, and the staff tries to respond within a short time of 2 hours. 

Contact Tiles Factory Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

4. Foshan Hanse Industrial Co., Ltd.

4. Foshan Hanse Industrial Co., Ltd.

Foshan Hanse Industrial Co., Ltd. has been supplying modernized wholesale tiles to significant distributors since 2011. Based in Guangdong province of China, this supplier has 12 years of industrial experience. Their factory covers a vast area of 8000 square meters where more than 100 employees work hard to meet their needs. 

Main Products

They are engaged in supplying high-quality tiles and wooden products to their customers. Their extensive collection of products in various colors, designs, and patterns are equally famous in the local and international market. The markets supplied by this supplier are North America, Northern Europe, and Africa.

Why Choose it?

They provide outstanding customer service to their buyers with efficient pre-sale and after-sale services. Their customers trust them with their product quality and designs and leave positive feedback whenever they shop. Within eight hours, team members are always available for assistance and complete responses. 

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5. Qingdao Century Import & Export Co., Ltd.

5. Qingdao Century Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Century Imports & Export Co., Ltd. is a china tile factory that was established in 2009. Based in China’s Shandong province, it has been working in the wholesale industry for over nine years. More than 200 professional employees are dedicated to providing their honest services to clients. Their artistic and unique designs satisfy the picky choices of their customers. 

Main Products

This supplier has everything you need for the interior design of your house. From glass tiles to trendy wooden tiles, their collection includes every possible design and color. You can also get water jet mosaic designs from them. Their delicate and gorgeous marble collection is also pervasive. They export their products to North America, Oceania, and Western Europe. 

Why Choose it?

They have a large stock and always ensure timely delivery of every order. Moreover, they guarantee 100% quality of their products as every item goes through three inspection processes. Their high buyer response shows that the clients are satisfied with their services.

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6. Foshan Sunvin Ceramics Co., Ltd.

6. Foshan Sunvin Ceramics Co., Ltd.

Foshan Sunvin Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a reputable tiles manufacturer and distributor based in Guangdong, China. Founded in 2007, it has been providing unrivaled services to its discerning customers. Having 20 years of export experience, they are dedicated to offering a one-stop service to major retailers worldwide. Their staff consists of over 50 experienced and talented employees.

Main Products

Their selection includes polished porcelain tiles, polished glazed tiles, and wall tiles in various designs. Besides their elegant rustic tiles, they also sell mosaic tiles at affordable prices. They export their tiles to Central America, Western Europe, and Mid East.

Why Choose it?

This supplier has been in the industry for a very long time and ensures professional quality control. In addition to the excellent product quality and design, they offer affordable wholesale prices. Their staff is friendly and responds to any query within 4 hours. Moreover, they have a 5-star high rating and positive feedback on their online store. 

Contact China Tiles Factory Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

7. Xiamen Dalei Stone Co., Ltd.

7. Xiamen Dalei Stone Co., Ltd.

It has been supplying top-quality stone and tiles to the distributors since 2009. Based in China’s Fujian province, Xiamen Dalei Stone Co., Ltd. enjoys a good reputation in both domestic and overseas markets. Over 200 professional employees make a vigilant product team and a sales team. They have an industrial experience of more than eight years.

Main Products

They have a vast collection of tiles and stones. You can get high-quality granite and marble stones from them. Moreover, their tiles are available in an extensive range of patterns and designs. You can visit their catalog for more details. Their primary markets are located in Eastern Europe, Oceania, and Western Europe. 

Why Choose it?

This supplier provides top-quality tiles under various market requirements and at an affordable range of prices. They equally welcome both new and regular clients and try to provide them with their best services. Moreover, they strive to create a win-win business relationship with their customers. Their response rate is 91.78%, and response time is less than 6 hours.

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8. Foshan Tileeasy Building Materials Co., Ltd.

8. Foshan Tileeasy Building Materials Co., Ltd.

Foshan Tileeasy Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a leading swimming pool tiles supplier since 2008. This Chinese tile supplier is located in Guangdong and offers a wide range of stylish tiles. More than 200 people work honestly to fulfill every order with care and honesty and never let their customers down. They export their products to more than 150 countries.

Main Products

You can get their commercial pool tiles and pool coping tiles in various patterns and designs. Also, they provide pool anti-slip porcelain tiles and residential pool tiles at affordable prices. Except for the domestic market, they also export their tiles to Eastern Europe and Oceania.

Why Choose it?

They provide the best customer service to their potential buyers. Their professional sales team is dedicated to making your shopping experience even better. They have a response rate of 88.1% and respond to messages within 7 hours. They are reliable and can be trusted for bulk orders and safe delivery.

Contact China Tiles Suppliers Now!Contact Tiles Suppliers Now!

9. Foshan Oceanland Ceramics Ci., Ltd.

9. Foshan Oceanland Ceramics Ci., Ltd.

Since 2007, this supplier has been dedicated to providing ceramic tiles to its customers. They are located in the state of Guangdong in China and produce high-quality products that comply with European directives. Its experience of more than 15 years has enabled it to gain knowledge about the trade laws of different countries. Almost 100 employees work there and manage everything efficiently.

Main Products

Oceanland has developed various kinds of products giving different art styles to meet the customers’ requirements. They are one of the leading roof tile suppliers in the wholesale industry. You can also get carpet tiles and polished porcelain tiles from them. Moreover, their main markets are located in South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. 

Why Choose it?

Oceanland respects its clients’ benefits and focuses on its customer service. They guarantee good quality products at an elastic and comfortable range of prices. They try to deliver the orders within the scheduled time. They have an excellent response rate of 96.56% and respond to messages within 4 hours.

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10. Foshan Guci Industry Co., Ltd.

10. Foshan Guci Industry Co., Ltd.

Foshan Guci Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 and supplying high-quality tiles since then. Its warehouse is based in China’s Guangdong province and has gained a reputable place in the wholesale market. There are more than 150 employees in the factory, and it covers over 30,000 square meters. 

Main Products

They have every type of tile with beautiful and trendy patterns. You can get mosaic and carpet tiles from their collection. Moreover, their wooden tiles and rustic tiles are also famous. Their white & black tiles and 3D tiles are a hot sale nowadays. The markets supplied by this trading company are located in Africa, North America, and Oceania.

Why Choose it?

They follow the main principle of ‘no service, no business; no quality, no life’. They aim to be the reliable partner of their customers are create a winning situation for both parties. Their clients leave positive feedback on their online site with good ratings. Moreover, their response time is less than 3 hours, and the response rate is 98.83%. 

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Best 5 US Tiles Manufacturers


1. Tiles Direct

11. Tiles Direct

Tiles Direct is a renowned go-to online source of ceramic tiles. Since 2011, it has been supplying top-quality tiles to its customers. The staff is dedicated to its work, having an industrial experience of over half a century. Their stylish tiles enhance the functionality and beauty of the room. 

Main Products

They offer an enormous selection of tiles with trendy patterns. Tiles Direct offers tiles in a variety of looks, colors, materials, shapes, and brands. There is a catalogue available for additional information.

Why Choose it?

They have long-lasting and strong relationships with the world’s most popular tile manufacturing companies. This allows them to supply premium-quality tiles to their clients. Besides their friendly customer service, they enable the clients to order up to 6 sample tiles for free. They are reliable among all of their regular clients. 

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2. California Wholesale Tile and Stone

12. California Wholesale Tile and Stone

California Wholesale Tile and Stone is one of the largest wholesale tile distributors and importers in the USA. The company has won a loyal customer base that is independent national and international. It was founded in 1977 and had been striving to provide the highest level of possible services.

Main Products

Their tiles are durable and trendy. You can get porcelain tiles and pool tiles in different designs and colors. Moreover, their subway tiles and glass tiles are also famous. They also have a wide variety of quarry tiles that all buyers equally like. 

Why Choose it?

Their products have excellent quality and sell them at affordable wholesale prices. They appreciate your business and pledge you to never disappoint in terms of their product quality. The professional staff is always available to guide and assist the dealers and contractors. 

Contact Tiles Manufacturers Now!Contact Tiles Suppliers Now!

3. Wholesale Tile Supply

13. Wholesale Tile Supply

Wholesale Tile Supply was established in 1987, and it is a family-owned and operated business. They have a warehouse where professional and talented staff members offer their honest services. However, they provide services to their general contractors, retail partners, and builders by their designated outside sales team.

Main Products

They have a large selection of in-stock tiles, including Talavera tiles, Mexican tiles, porcelain tiles, and ceramic tiles. Their tiles are elegant and enhance the beauty of the room.

Why Choose it?

This is a well-known wholesale tile supplier having its fleet of company-owned trucks. This allows them to deliver the orders the exact next day of placing the order. They have been in the industry for a very long time and are trusted by their buyers. 

Contact Tiles Factory Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

4. The Tile Shop

14. The Tile Shop

The Tile Shop has the most extensive and unique collection of tiles. It has committed itself to create beauty through its unique tiles both indoors and outdoors since 1985. They have a vast network of more than 100 stores through which they offer exclusive designs of tiles. They have an expert staff always providing honest services to make the company proud.

Main Products

They have tiles for every possible project in their collection. A selection of more than 6000 items is available to customers. They provide virtually endless options of tiles in their extensive catalog. 

Why Choose it?

Besides their high-quality products, they provide expert consultation without any obligations. They consider their customers as business partners and develop trustworthy relationships with them. Moreover, they offer a best-in-class return policy if the clients do not like the received items. 

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5. Wall & Tile

15. Wall & Tile

Wall & Tiles is a well-known nationwide wholesale tile importer and distributor. Having 40 years of experience, Wall & Tile has made many long-term partnerships with successful tile manufactures and distributors. They have a network of over 18 warehouses. Moreover, their staff is highly trained and knowledgeable who provide the appropriate information to every customer.

Main Products

Their products range from bathroom flooring, backsplash mosaic, pool tiles to gorgeous kitchen tiles. You can get marble tiles, granite tiles, glass pebbles, and many more items from them. 

Why Choose it?

They aim to maintain the lowest possible prices, but they never compromise in terms of product quality. They take comparatively less time to deliver the order to the doorstep of their customers. Moreover, they have an excellent professional reputation in the wholesale market. All of their buyers leave good reviews on their online store. Their all clients equally like their exceptional customer service. 

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Best 5 UK Tiles Manufacturers


1. Tiles Direct

16.Tiles Direct

Based in Leeds, Yorkshire, Tiles-Direct is an independent wholesale tile distributor and retailer. It is the largest and the most experienced tile stockiest of the United Kingdom. They pride themselves on providing the best quality products at reasonable prices. They have experience of more than 31 years of supplying tiles to retailers and developers.

Main Products

They have a diverse and extensive range of floor tiles and wall tiles. Their unique tiles make an ideal solution for a modern household. Their tiles are imported from Europe’s leading manufacturers. Visit their vast catalog for further details.

Why Choose it?

Tiles Direct has won a second-to-none reputation by providing unbeatable customer service. The staff members deal with every customer in a friendly way. Moreover, this supplier offers free shipping on bulk orders. Their shipping process is exceptionally fast, and you will receive your package sooner than you think. 

Contact China Tiles Factory Now!Get Best Shipping Price

2. Distribution Supplies

17.Distribution Supplies

Distribution Supplies is a specialized importer of premium-quality tiles from the leading tile manufacturers around the globe. They have a warehouse based in Peterborough covering a vast area. Their vigilant and experienced staff is always ready to help the clients in every possible way.

Main Products

Distribution Supplies holds over 5000 pallets of tiles. They offer excellent continuity of supply as they have a large stock available to dispatch quickly. Their floor tiles are available in various kinds of smooth and durable stones. 

Why Choose it?

As they buy in bulk quantities from their manufacturers, their customers benefit from the low prices they offer. Moreover, their clients do not have to worry about the importation costs and other complications and get their order at the doorstep. They provide products and services that are satisfactory to all of their clients. 

Contact China Tiles Manufacturers Now!Contact Tiles Suppliers Now!

3. Tiles UK

18.Tiles UK

Tiles UK is the leading wall and floor wholesale tile supplier with famous branches in Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, and Warrington. They have highly professional and trained staff, always ready to assist the clients. It is a family-owned business and is trusted among all of its clients. Founded in 1947 in Manchester, it has a warehouse covering an area of 8000 sq. ft. 

Main Products

They offer real finished articles and tiles with the finest quality. You can visit their comprehensive collection to see the large variety of tiles. Their products are always ready for dispatch since they have a vast stock backup. 

Why Choose it?

Tiles UK provides tiles of unmatched quality to a wide range of customers satisfying their requirements to the highest standards. They also offer free samples to test before ordering in bulk. They have been in the wholesale market for a long time, so they have developed extensive knowledge about the general requirements of the industry. 

Contact China Tiles Suppliers Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

4. Home Tiles

19.Home Tiles

Home Tiles is a well-known leading tile supplier based in the United Kingdom. It is considered the fastest-growing tile retailer in the wholesale market. Having 11 stores nationwide, they are indeed a name of excellence. They allow online ordering without requiring a physical visit to their store. 

Main Products

Home Tiles provides an unbeatable blend of quality and value. They have a vast stock of wall and floor tiles made of glass, marble, porcelain, and ceramic. Their items show beautiful designs and finishes. Their designs suit every taste and budget of the customers. 

Why Choose it?

They offer unbeatable prices and exceptional customer service. Besides the low prices, they also provide the highest quality of their items. You will not regret buying tiles from them. Their customer service team is highly professional and expert; you can have a good consultation on styling and get practical advice. Moreover, they send free samples before making a deal.

Contact This Suppliers Now!Get Best Shipping Price

5. Walls and Floor

20.Walls and Floor

Walls and floor were founded in 1987 and has become a leading tile specialist in the long run. During the last decade, the company has focused on expanding its tile selection and experience. They have a friendly and professional team and knowledgeable staff, having plenty of industrial experience. 

Main Products

They have a wide selection of tiles having elegant patterns and designs. Their catalog has tiles from the bedroom to the kitchen and wall tiles to the roof or floor tiles. They have different materials and colors of tiles. 

Why Choose it?

Walls and floor provide standard customer service to its customers. The team members happily suggest the appropriate tile design for your room. They aim to provide an enriched shopping experience to every customer. Moreover, they also welcome their clients to visit the store and select the tiles physically.

Contact This Manufacturers Now!Ask A Shipping Quote


How To Import Tiles From China: Super Guide



China is the leading country to suffice the needs of the globe with its unique tiles. The tile suppliers of China pay proper heed to the need of the customers. They offer them a high range of color, size, shape, and price to choose from. The Chinese tile industry is expected to bloom by 2027, leaving an indispensable mark on the market. The type of quality and authenticity are seen in the tiles manufactured in China is incomparable. 

If you are also planning to import the wholesale tiles from China and don’t know how to proceed, this guide can assist you. It will help you find the key factors that you should look at in the tiles before importing them:

  • Be sure about the type of tiles that are in demand in your region
  • Make sure that you import the tiles as per the designs and colors liked by the customers
  • Have a deep background check about the tile supplier with who you will be dealing

What materials are used to make tiles?

Tiles are typically made with materials that have excellent durability and reliability. Most prominently, the tiles are made with the assistance of ceramic, baked clay, glass, metal, and stones. These are some of the heavy materials that are used for making tiles. Nowadays, lightweight alternatives are also available to make tiles, including perlite, wood, and mineral wool. 

Materials for tiles vary according to their intended use. If you want tiles for flooring, then they must be made with ceramic or porcelain. In contrast, if you want the tiles for decoration purposes or only to add value to your place, then you can go for glass tiles as well.

 Tiles 1

How can I improve my tile business?

Tile business is one of the most profitable businesses that have a very bright future. But, to keep growing in this business and have faith in the customers, in the long run, is quite a tedious task. If you want to improve your tile business, then these set of steps can help you achieve your goal:

  • Make a rapport with the local businesses in your area and offer them great offers to buy bulk tiles from you
  • Make your business accessible by listing it on Google Maps or web directories
  • Conduct some free workshops regarding your company to promote it 
  • Get a professional website so that customers can look at the products from any corner of the globe
  • Design professional business cards and brochure to improve your business presence in the market

How big is the tile industry?

The tile industry is booming at a rapid pace. This industry has a great scope in the future and has a large room for investments. This industry is expected to witness a growth of USD 19.7 billion by the end of 2027. This will mark an overall increase in CAGR of 9.8%. The manufacturers of China are highly proficient in their work, and they provide the best quality tiles at reasonable prices. 

Are tiles good business?

Yes, the tiles business is fantastic. The tiles always remain in constant demand, be it for construction purposes or home décor purposes. The types of tiles vary according to the scenario for which they are intended. But, the constant growth and constant demand for tiles are seeking a good scope for the coming future. Tiles play an integral part in construction, and their use as decorative pieces in the home is also increasing. As a wholesaler, you are still able to earn a handsome profit for your business if you sell these tiles to local shops. So, this is undoubtedly a good business option.

What is the profit margin in the tiles business?

The profit margin for the tiles business depends upon the type of business plan you are following. Various business plans follow multiple approaches, and their profit margin varies. If you own the sample-based tile business, then you can expect a profit in the range of 7%-10%. This business deals with the low-risk model, so according to that approach, the profit margin is quite reasonable. 

On the other hand, for the stock-based business, the profit margin comes in 12%-18%. This business directly approaches the end customers resulting in higher profit margins. The wholesale business can expect a profit margin of 3%-7% as they deal with the bulk products. This helps them to generate significant revenue for the business needs. 

 Tiles 2

How do I start my own tile business?

You can start your own tile business by having a proper business plan. In this plan, you should have all the calculated costs and investments for your business. Once you are precisely done with the planning, you can register your business as per the lawsuit of your country. When you have successfully registered your business, you should open a business bank account. Get all the necessary certifications and licenses. Once done, with this, define your brand and have your online presence to promote your business. These basic steps can help you set up your own tile business with authenticity at your place. 

Which country makes the best tiles?

China is the leading country to manufacture the best tiles in the entire globe. It has a significant share in the overall market to produce the best and high-quality tiles in the world as a whole. China has a large amount of labor force that helps to produce the tiles at a genuine price. The China tiles manufacturers are skilled in their work. They give a variety of options in color, price, and size of the tiles. Shipping the wholesale tiles from China has become easier with Leeline Services if you want to get the best tiles. 

How can I sell my tiles online?

You can effortlessly sell the tiles online. Firstly, you need to choose an online platform where you want to sell the tiles. You can go for any free platform or get a subscription to some verified platform. Signup with your account on the platform and set your account. Choose one gateway for payment for your business. Once you create your account, you can add your products. You can embed this with your website, and this will help to quickly sell the tiles online

Is tile made in China any good?

The tiles made in China are of supreme quality. People think that their prices are low that will hamper its quality. But, the low prices have nothing to do with the quality. China has invested a lot in the manufacturing sector. This is the reason that the prices are low as compared to the other countries.

Moreover, China produces wholesale tiles in bulk that anyone can go for. China’s tiles manufacturers provide a wide range of designs and colors to choose from to meet the needs of their customers. They manufacture the tiles in bulk so that the needs of the user are sufficed prolifically. 

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Are tiles imported from China?

China is the hub for supplying the best quality of tiles to the entire globe. If you want to import the tiles from China, you can contact the wholesale tile suppliers from China. But, directly talking with the suppliers is quite cumbersome due to various barriers. In this type of situation, you can avail of the benefits of Leeline Services. Leeline helps you with the smooth shipping process of the tiles from China at a very reasonable price. They will deliver the tiles to your doorsteps without much trouble. This will help you easily import tiles from China without worrying about the whole process. 

What are the disadvantages of ceramic tiles?

Ceramic tiles are one of the most loved tiles by everyone. But, it has a significantly harder surface, and due to its more rigid surface, it becomes very tedious to stand upon it. This single disadvantage can be ignored compared to all the advantages that it has to offer to the customers. 

Which is more expensive, porcelain or ceramic tile?

Ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles are not very expensive. But, if we compare the prices of both of them, then porcelain tiles are costly compared to ceramic tiles. These are expensive due to the density differences. These tiles can be used at various places, and they come in different designs and colors.

What is better, porcelain or ceramic tiles?

Porcelain tiles have greater density and durability as compared to ceramic tiles. They absorb less amount of water that makes them an ideal choice over ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles are also good at their place and utility. But, when comparing both, you can choose porcelain tiles over ceramic. 

Final Thoughts on Wholesale Tiles from China

China is the hotspot to offer you the best tiles. The tiles manufactured in China provide great versatility and flexibility to the customers. The Chinese tile manufacturers can even customize them according to your choices. China has invested a lot in its tiles industry to make them remarkable. 

If you want to import wholesale tiles from China, the Leeline is your friend in disguise. Leeline will assist you with the best supplier and best prices for your tiles. You can rely on their services, and the quality of the tiles delivered will be assured by them. They will give you the best return for your investment in tiles. 

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