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Lighting Manufacturers

LeelineSourcing Find The Best Lighting Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
  • Leeline is a top sourcing center that helps you to track wholesale lighting products.
  • Leeline inspects lighting products before shipment.
  • Leeline helps in the delivery of wholesale lighting products from China.
  • Leeline provides FBA product services for lighting products on Amazon.
  • Leeline ensures an easy lighting importation process from Chinese lighting suppliers

Leeline also ensures door-to-door shipping of wholesale lighting.


10 Most Profitable Lighting In China

1.Wall Lighting

Importing Wall Lighting From China

Wall lighting acts as an artificial light source, and you can place them on the wall and ceiling. These lighting products are a significant constituent of energy consumption in buildings. Proper lighting can improve task performance, help in vision and find belongings. They weigh far less than conventional lightning and quick to fit and replace. 

The wall lighting market is gaining market growth for several years and increasing over time. If you are looking for high-quality wall lighting suppliers, Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces in China are famous for the best quality.

2. Recessed Lighting

Wholesale Recessed Lighting From China

Recessed light is fitted in a ceiling and seems to have shining light moving downward from a hole in the ceiling. It is remarkable and ideal in both modern and customary interiors. Recessed lighting provides efficient light; yet, they are permanent, and you can’t change the place. Guangdong province of China has large numbers of Recessed lighting industries. They produce different beautiful designs and also give the best quality services.

3. Pendant Lighting

Buy Pendant Lighting From China

Pendant lighting is a single light fitting hanging by a string, chain, or metal rod. Pendant’s lighting comes in a diversity of sizes and differs in materials from metal to plastic. A billiard or island light fixture in Pendant’s lighting has extended bright.

Guzhen of China is the professional discount market, having about 7,000 lighting suppliers. There are more than 110,000 workers and about 30 billion RMB yearly sales.

4. Ceiling Lighting

Wholesale Ceiling Lighting in Bulk From China

Ceiling lights fit inside the ceiling. Celling lighting adds sparkle to your room and house. Several styles of ceiling lightings are available in the market to give shapes, colors, and patterns to your room. The most important wholesale market for Lighting in China is in Guzhen town. From the Guzhen lighting factory, about 75% of celling lighting is purchased.

5. Track Lighting

Wholesale From China Track Lighting Suppliers

Track lighting was invented in 1961; it is the main architectural lighting design. Track lighting, attach with a continuous path containing electrical conductors. It is easy to install and provides flexibility. More than 60% of lightings are manufactured from the processing plant in Guzhen of China. These markets have the best-quality track lighting. You can purchase wholesale lightings from them for your brand growth.

6. Arm Lamp

Wholesale From China Arm Lamp Manufacturers

The arm lamp has an adjustable arm, can be moved in any direction. The arm lamp allows you to control your lighting and helps to work immediately. Arm lamps are not fixed, and you can move them from one place to another as spring maintains its position. Interior lighting like arm lamps is mainly produced in Guangdong. You can find verified and high-quality arm lamp suppliers in this province.

7. Cabinet Lighting

Importing Cabinet Lighting From China

Cabinet lighting is lighting on a work surface usually adjusted under a shelf or cabinet. During the night, its light can be doubled and makes working easy. In Xiamen of Fujian, Lighting has most of the lighting supplies. The Xiamen’s LED lighting industry output reached RMB39.73 billion, account for about 23.7% of the industry’s total.

8. Landscape Lighting

Wholesale Landscape Lighting From China

Landscape lighting is used for outdoor illumination, enhancement, and special events. They are used along with parks and walking paths and need the fixtures, transformer, electrical cable, and low-voltage. Besides, outdoor illumination lighting is also used for decoration purposes. China is the world’s most prominent landscape lighting supplier. They give inclusive varieties and styles of landscape lighting designs. Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Shanghai largely produce outdoor lightings like landscape lights in China.

9. LED Lighting

Buy Window LED Lighting From China

LED lightings are more energy-efficient than corresponding incandescent lamps. The LED lights have competencies of 200 lumens per watt (Lm/W). It varies from camera flashes to aviation lighting. In China lighting, Guzhen the famous lighting market. The worldwide LED lighting market is expected to reach USD 127.04 billion by 2027 due to many benefits.

10. Task Lighting

Wholesale Task Lighting in Bulk From China

Task lights are made with LED bulbs that have minor effects on your retinas. Task lighting helps you see small objects or objects of low contrast. The task lighting market is speedily gaining market growth with time. China has thousands of best-quality task lighting manufacturers. All have a wide variety of lighting to offer.

Wholesale Lighting From China and Save You Cost Up To 50%

Product Sourcing

Lighting Product Sourcing

Leeline assists you in buying the best wholesale lighting at a reasonable price. It helps you find reputable lighting suppliers to buy excellent products.

Factory Audit

Lighting Factory Audit

Leeline is a trustworthy company that follows all standard processes. They assist your lighting manufacturers examination and make sure the good quality of your product.

Product Inspection

Lighting Product Inspection

Leeline inspects your wholesale lighting products before shipping from a lighting supplier.

Amazon FBA Prep

Lighting Amazon FBA Prep

Leeline gets access to print labels and makes available the details of the packaging. They put forward the best shipping options using the Amazon FBA Prep before your lighting are being sent to Amazon.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Lighting Shipping To Amazon FBA

Leeline offers all the essential help necessary for your product from Chinese lighting suppliers. Leeline arranges affordable shipping to Amazon of all lighting manufacturers.


Lighting DropShopping

Leeline gathers lighting products from wholesale Chinese lighting suppliers. Then they examine the quality and ship lighting straight to your final destination.

Why Choose Leeline To Wholesale Lighting From China

  • Leeline, check the quality of your good before shipping, guarantee high-quality lighting supplies
  • Leeline not only provides you wholesale lighting products but provides other multiple services. It acts as an export agent and includes shipping and export wholesale lightings.
  • Leeline also makes its services in wholesale lighting shipping worldwide. 
  • The best advantage to you is that Leeline stores your wholesale lighting accessories for one month free of cost. 
  • Leeline provides you with wholesale lighting supplies at reasonable rates. They also ship directly from lighting manufacturers to your destination. 

At Leeline, you can return lighting or any other product within 120 days and take your money back for unsatisfied services.

Best 10 China Lighting Manufacturers

1. Dongguan Yuan Feng Lighting Co., Ltd.

1. Dongguan Yuan Feng Lighting Co., Ltd.

This is a verified lightning manufacturing and trading company established in 2009. They have 150 expert employees and 52 management and technical staff. Their plant area is broadly 5300 square meters. They are equipped with top R&D staff, which ensures they maintain the lead lightning trend. They are located at Pearl River Delta, Dongguan city, Guangdong province, China.

Main Product

The main product of Dongguan Yuan Feng Lighting Co., Ltd is a pendant light and floor lamp. More products include table lamps and lampshades. These products are created and produced with different types of raw materials. Their primary market includes the domestic market, North America, and western Europe.

Why Choose Dongguan Yuan Feng Lighting Co., Ltd?

They uphold the principle of “quality for survival, good faith for development, improving our professional level to meet the market and customer’s needs.” With this principle as a guide, they provide products of exquisite handcraft elegant style and high quality. They have a 5.0-star rating and a good customer review. Your buyer interaction is an 81.95% response rate and less than 8 hours response time.

2. Zhangshan Casaluce Lighting Co., Ltd.

2. Zhangshan Casaluce Lighting Co., Ltd.

Zhangshan Casaluce is a manufacturing and trading company known as China’s lightning capital. Established in 2009, this company has over 51-100 employees. Their annual revenue is 10 million dollars to 50 million dollars. They have located in Guzhen town Zhongshan city Guangdong province China.

Main Product

The main products of Zhangshan Casaluce Lighting are chandelier and pendant light. They also include wall light, LED light, and kitchen light. Zhangshan Primary export market in North America, Eastern Europe, and Africa.

Why Choose Zhangshan Casaluce Lighting Co., Ltd?

The company’s principle is “quality is vital, creation is life.” This company is CE and CCC-certified. They produce high-quality products with a sound control system and hard-working, unified workers. Their quality products are popular in the global market. They also pride themselves on being able to bring their customer’s imaginations to life. They have a 73.61% response rate and less than 13 hours response time.

3. Zhongshan Okeli Lighting Co., Ltd.

3. Zhongshan Okeli Lighting Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Okeli Lighting is a manufacturing and trading company established in 2011. They are a large Lighting Enterprise, currently working with 101 to 200 employees. Their total revenue is $1,238,305. Their plant occupies an area of 30000 square meters with a complete and up-to-date manufacturing chain. They are located in Guangdong, China.

Main Product

This company produce LED downlight, LED panel, light LED, track light, and LED footlight. Their area covers commercial, residential, and outdoor lighting. Their product capacity involves raw materials IQC, laser engraving, general assembling, and aging. Their primary export market includes Eastern Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia.

Why Choose Zhongshan Okeli Lighting Co., Ltd?

They are dedicated to an energy-saving low-carbon life. With their advanced management system and hardware facility, they can fulfill customers’ requirements. They have a 5.0-star rating and good customer reviews. Their buyer response is 90.3% response rate and less than 6 hours response time.

4. Huizhou Lucky Lighting Co., Limited

4. Huizhou Lucky Lighting Co., Limited

This is a manufacturing company established in 2012. It has over 201 to 300 employees, plus a total revenue of 10 million to 50 million dollars. They’ve developed a brand name called L4U, which means “lightning for you.” This brand name is highly popular with customers. 

Main Product

They produced LED pendant light, LED chandelier lights, and project lightning. They manufacture a comprehensive range portfolio of lamps. Their primary export market includes America, South East Asia, and Eastern Europe.

Why Choose Huizhou Lucky Lighting Co., Limited?

Besides the excellent designs of this company, they provide their customers with safe product usage. Their mission states, “light is the essence of life,” thanks to light, we continually developed to meet our customer’s diverse tastes.” Their buyer’s interaction is 86.05% response rate with 83.3 on-time delivery rate. They have a 5-star rating and an excellent customer review.

5. Foshan Shunde Aozhong Lighting Co., Ltd.

5. Foshan Shunde Aozhong Lighting Co., Ltd.

This is a manufacturing company established in 2005. They have about 101 to 200 employees. They are equipped with modernized machines for manufacturing. This company is located at Shunde District, Foshan road, Guandong province, China.

Main Product

Their products include LED bulbs, LED tubes, LED panel lights, LED linear. More products include lighting fixtures and electronic ballast. Their product capacity includes punching, filming, welding, and assembling. The primary export market is the mid-East, South America, and Eastern Europe.

Why Choose Foshan Shunde Aozhong Lighting Co., Ltd?

They are professionals, doing their best to meet their customer base. They have a 5-star rating and excellent customer reviews. Their buyer response is 92.28% response rate, and they have a 100% on-time delivery rate.

6. Shenzhen CXWON Technology Co., Ltd.

6. Shenzhen CXWON Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen CXWON Technology Co., Ltd is a manufacturing company established in 2012. They have about 51-100 expert workers familiar with foreign trade. This is a professional company for development, research, and manufacturing. They have a solid technical high-quality force and support for scientific purposes. Their annual revenue is 1 million to 2.5 million dollars. They are located in Guangdong, China.

Main Product

Their main products include LED solar wall lamps, solar light LED, and LED strip lights. Other products include LED modules, light, and LED outdoor lamps. These products have built-in power, small size, and wild Beam angle. Their product capacity includes quality assurance inspection before shipment. They are men market have South America, North America, and Mid East.

Why Choose Shenzhen CXWON Technology Co., Ltd 

They have advanced testing equipment which carries out prenatal and postnatal testing. The requirements of international standards do this. They’ve obtained a 4.8-star rating and a good customer review. The buyer response time is it 9.84% response rate and less than 6 hours response time.

7. Zhongshan Obals Lighting & Electric Co., Ltd

7. Zhongshan Obals Lighting & Electric Co., Ltd

Zhongshan Obals Lighting & Electric Co., Ltd is a manufacturing company established in 2010. This company is derived from the top brand company in Macao, Aobaosi lightening Energy, R&D co., Ltd. They have about 51-100 expert employees. They are professionals in LED lighting designs, production sales, and after-sales services. This company is located in Henglan town Zhongshan city Guangdong province China.


Main Product

They generally produce LED downlights, LED track lights, and LED panel lights. The major products are T8 T%5 fluorescent tubes, T5 fluorescent tubes, down lamps, and ceiling lamps. Their product capacity includes raw materials, laser printing, welding wire, and screwing. The primary export market includes Oceania, Western Europe, and the mid-East.

Why Choose Zhongshan Obals Lighting & Electric Co., Ltd?

They aim at providing customers with diversified styles, bright light novels, and services. This has led them to gain the winning praise and trust of their customers. Their buyer interaction is 99.25% response rate and less than one hour response time. They’ve also maintained an 84.5% on-time delivery rate and excellent customer review.

8. Rayconn Electronics Co., Ltd.

8. Rayconn Electronics Co., Ltd.

Rayconn Electronics Co., Ltd is a manufacturing and trading company established in 2007. They’ve employed over 51-100 experts. This company is focused on the development and manufacturing of technical LED lights for architects and retail areas. They are located in Guangdong, China.

Main Product

Their main products include LED track spotlight, LED ceiling spotlight, LED downlight, and LED linear light. The product capacity comprises raw materials, assembling, testing, packing, and more. Their primary market includes Western Europe, northern Europe, and Oceania.

Why Choose Rayconn Electronics Co., Ltd 

The aim at meeting their customers’ constant pursuit for a better light experience. They are innovative and continuously strive to be better than before. Their mission is focused on retail lighting and devoting to the best-LED lighting products. Their buyer interaction is 81.82% response rate and less than 8 hours response time. They’ve successfully maintained a 100% on-time delivery rate.

9. Shenzhen Kingunion Lighting Co., Ltd

9. Shenzhen Kingunion Lighting Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Kingunion Lighting Co., Ltd is a manufacturing company established in 2013. They have about 101 to 200 professional employees. They have a solid technical force and well-equipped testing facilities. More so, they continuously improve to meet the constant changes in social and economic needs.

Main Product

The major in LED neon flex, LED strip light, and LED cabinet light. These products come in wide ranges and stylish designs. Their product capacity is SMT mount, soldering, connecting, testing, and more. Their primary market includes North America, Western Europe, and Eastern Europe.

Why Choose Shenzhen Kingunion Lighting Co., Ltd?

Their products are of good quality and can be gotten at reasonable prices. They are primarily recognized and trusted by customers. Their buyer interaction is 90.32% response rate and 100% on-time delivery. They have a customer rating of 5.0 and a good customer review.

10. Jiangmen Xinbei Hardware And Lighting Co., Ltd.

10. Jiangmen Xinbei Hardware And Lighting Co., Ltd.

Jiangmen Xinbei Hardware And Lighting is a manufacturing company established in 2008. They have about 101-200 employees. Their annual revenue is USD 2,664,110. Through innovation and consistent development, they’ve created a professional team for different specialties. These include lighting products, production management, sales and marketing, customer services, and more.

Main Product

Their primary products include chandelier light, ceiling light, and all kinds of lamps. Their product capacity includes raw materials, cutting, capping, bending, shearing, and many more. Their primary export market includes North America and western Europe.

Why Choose Jiangmen Xinbei Hardware And Lighting Co., Ltd?

This company possesses a quality guarantee management system for raw materials. Their concept is “client first.” They give the best value at reasonable prices. Their buyer interaction is 96.70 4% response rate and 100 percent on-time delivery rate. They have a 5.0-star rating and good customer reviews.

Best 5 Lighting Manufacturers In US

11. Highline

1. Highline

Highline is a wholesale LED lighting distributor and supplier company. They are located in Midland, Texas county, USA. This company has an extensive range of indoor and outdoor LED lighting collections. They also provide LED lighting for residential and commercial purposes at a wholesale rate.

Main Product

Their main products include ceiling light LED, emergency lighting, flush Mount LED lights LED exhaust fans. More products include LED mirror lights, outdoor LED lighting, and a whole lot more. These products are made available and accessible in different parts of the country.

Why Choose Highline?

They successfully provided innovative lighting solutions for your hotel, motels, and resorts. They also offer architectural lighting solutions. They believe in meeting their customer’s needs at reasonable prices. The company is known as the lead lightning distributor in the USA.

12. Hansen Wholesale

2. Hansen Wholesale

Hanson wholesale is the number one home décor store present online since 1994. Here you can shop over 50000 outdoor and indoor lighting products. They are located in Los Alamitos, California. They make available their customer’s shopping tools and home improvement accessories.

Main Product

Their main products include bathroom lights, wall sconces, lamps, and Torchieres. More products include ceiling fans, pendant lighting, and bathroom vanity lighting. These products are distributed across all states in the USA.

Why Choose Hansen Wholesale

They provide quality lighting products, plus expert advice. Their products are guaranteed to be affordable. They make on-time delivery of goods in one piece without damage or dent. They provide optimum customer services for the best buying and selling experience.

13. Warehouse-Lighting

3. Warehouse-Lighting

This is the number one LED lighting for industrial and commercial purposes. With over 16 years of experience, they’ve grown to have the widest selection of top-quality items. The various products have secured experts who help their customers select the best.

Main Product

Their products include high bay LED, commercial LED, floodlights LED, and canopy lights. More of their products have LED wall pack light, troffer light, and dusk to dawn light. Their products are made available and can be accessed anywhere in the USA. It can as well begotten worldwide.

Why Choose Warehouse-Lighting? 

They have a selection of lighting resources that covers all their customer’s lighting needs. With this wholesale industry, finding the right products at affordable prices is assured. Not only that, they offer advisory services via their lighting specialists.

14. Factory LED Direct

4. Factory LED Direct

This is a wholesale lighting factory specialized in providing LED light products. With over 35 years of experience, they grew to become one of the top-trusted LED fair suppliers in the USA. They take both single and large orders at affordable prices. They have their corporate office in Denver, Colorado, and their regional office in Houston, Texas.

Main Product

Factory LED direct provide area/parking lot light, dusk to dawn, high bay/linear lights, recess cans, and tubes. They also make available lighting products such as canopy lights, exit/ emergency signs, and high bay/Ufo.

Why Choose Factory LED Direct?

This company is noted for fast services and dedicated account managers. They provide terrific prices on LED products without quality compromise. For shipping of products, they’ve provided a flat rate shipping fee for deliveries over $100. They have successfully maintained five-star customer ratings.

15. LED Lighting Wholesale Inc

5. LED Lighting Wholesale Inc

This is a wholesale lightning company located at 400 E. Cork Street. They are specialized in a wide range of commercial, industrial, and residential products. They provide services for both wholesale and retail outlets. They are open for business Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Main Product

LED lighting wholesale Inc makes available products such as T8 tubes, replacement bulbs, corn cob bulbs, and canopy lights. Their top sellers include flat panels, HD retrofit bulbs, wall packs. Popular products include outdoor lighting, canopy, area lighting, and floor lights.

Why Choose LED Lighting Wholesale

They provide products of different structures, sizes, colors, and styles. This is aimed at fitting into the desired needs of their customers. They make it possible for these products to go into any room size, be it big or small. They offer one of the best lighting experiences you could ever ask for.

Best 5 Lighting Manufacturers In UK

16.Wholesale LED Lights

1. Wholesale LED Lights

Wholesale LED lights were established in 2010. They are one of the leading UK lighting retailers. Mirror stone lighting Ltd manufactures their products. They provide products of the highest quality giving their customers the best value. They are open to both businesses and the public.

Main Product

This company has in stock LED strip lights, LED spotlight, LED light bulbs, and LED downlights. More products include indoor lights, outdoor lights, switches, and sockets. These products come in different watts, shapes, sizes, and colors.

Why Choose Wholesale LED Lights?

Asides from their quality products, they offer 14 days return services to their customers. Their products are available at affordable prices that are eco-friendly. They also give free shipments for orders over €40.

17.Light Supplier

2. Light Supplier

This is an established LED lighting stockiest in the UK. With over 15 years of experience, they’ve become one of the leading lighting suppliers in the UK. They specialize in the distribution of LED products to homes and businesses. They also provide their expert advisory services to customers unsure of what products to buy. They are located in a 16,000 square feet Warehouse in Merseyside UK.

Main Product

They offer a range of products for both businesses and homes. Some of them include decorative lighting, kitchen lighting, and outdoor lighting. They also provide under cabinet lighting, stylish LED pendant light, and many more.

Why Choose Light Supplier

Their products are energy-efficient, as they do not waste energy. They leave your homes and offices with a brighter light and less dense on your energy bills. The LED bulbs can last up to 50000 hours and are also much safer to use. They don’t get hot and are less likely to explode.  

18.Lighting Direct

3. Lighting Direct

Lighting direct is located at 24-26 Vincent avenue crown hill Milton Keynes. The company was established in 2000 and has rapidly grown to be regarded as one of the best websites. This company was purchased in 2010 by award-winning B2B experts Lyco Group.

Main Product

This company provides DIY lights to install yourself, easy guard light that transforms your gardens and outdoor. They also produce light security posts, and bollard lights, pendant lights, and much more.

Why Choose Lighting Direct?

This company is committed to providing its UK customers with quality, market-leading products. Even after Lyco’s Group’s purchase, they retained its value that has been provided for 15 years. They’re building above and beyond, ensuring the best product in its widest ranges for their customers.

19.LED Hero

4. LED Hero

This is Britain’s number one wholesale supplier of LED lights in the UK and Europe. They are also known as the “innovators in lighting.” This company is built on a rooted history of providing innovations in the LED light sector. They make these products available, accessible, and at affordable prices.

Main Product

Their products include LED lighting, LED bulbs, outdoor LED lighting. They also have commercial LED lighting, emergency LED lighting, and more. These products are supplied all of UK and Europe.

Why Choose LED Hero?

Their products are highly energy-efficient with excellent lighting conditions. They are environmentally friendly, economical, and cost-effective. Their products are manufactured in a facility mainly for these products alone to ensure the best output. Before dispatch and shipping of products, they are inspected and tested to provide quality products to consumers.

20.CP Lighting

5. CP Lighting

CP lighting is located in unit 25 Red Lion Road, Business Park, Surrey UK. They are suppliers of varied types of bulbs, lamps, or tubes. This company is known for the standard, portable and durable products. With years of experience, they have developed into one of the leading suppliers of lighting products.

Main Product

They have a wide range of products for various purposes. Some of them include LED candles, rounds and globes, decorative bulbs, low-voltage halogen. They also have streetlights, pygmies night-light, and oven lambs, miniature, discharge, and many more.

Why Choose CP Lighting

They aim at providing suitable bulbs, lamps, and chips for your homes and offices. They ensure that their products are long-lasting and durable. You can never go wrong with this company’s products and services.

Leelines is the Best Choice to Ship Lighting from China

Lighting Sea Freight Shipping from China

Lighting Sea Freight Shipping from china

Leeline can make every possible effort to make Sea freight shipping of your lighting from lighting suppliers in China

Lighting Air Freight Shipping from China

Lighting Air Freight From Shipping

For fast shipping of your wholesale lighting, Leeline provides air freight. It ensures the safety of your supplies from a Chinese lighting supplier and guarantees a 3 to 5 days delivery period.

Lighting Rail Freight Shipping from China

Lighting Rail Freight Shipping from China

Leeline ships your wholesale lighting goods through the rail freight system and guarantee a 16-20 days delivery period.

Lighting Door to Door Shipping from China

Lighting Door to Door From Shipping

Leeline ensures the door-to-door shipping of your lighting supplies from the point of origin to your final destination.

How To Buy Lighting From China: Super Guide


China is a famous manufacturer as well as the supplier of all types of high-quality lighting products. Chinese lighting manufacturers make a diversity of good-quality lighting products and provide them to you at reasonable rates. You can take benefit and import the best quality and stylish lighting products. If you want to import lighting products, you must read these guidelines and follow them:

  • Collect complete data of wholesale lighting supplier.
  • Estimate the number and price of lighting products.
  • Before choosing any product, you must go for its reviews and choose the right one.
  • Last but not least, go for Leelines services; it ships the best quality wholesale lighting products.
  1. How to grow your business by importing Lighting from China?

    Lighting 1

  2. What is the lighting business?

Lighting plays a significant role in interior decoration as well. Apart from decoration, lighting enhances our vision and helps us see objects in the absence of sunlight. Lighting is in high demand used in homes, offices, and also in open places. Hence, due to its high demand, starting a lighting business helps you make a significant profit and save a lot of money. You can also checkout the benefits of curtain business.

  1. What are the benefits of importing Lighting from China?

Lighting is one of the highly demanded products in the market. Importing Lighting from China maximizes the opportunity for you to make a good profit in the lighting business. China deals with high-quality wholesale lighting products and examines them before purchasing from lighting suppliers. Lighting products are offered at cheap rates by China wholesale manufacturers. Buying from Chinese lighting suppliers allows you to get the high demanded lighting. If you want to have both cheap and best quality products, buy from them and grow your business rapidly.

  1. Who uses lighting?

In ancient times torch was used for lighting. Now in the modern era variety of lighting products are used for illumination. Lighting is a need of all of us. We all need lighting to perform all our tasks like help in book reading, in the kitchen, and many other things you regularly do at home. Lighting is used in homes, offices, hotels, banks, parks, and decorations in many events.

Artificial light came into existence and is a vital part of our home and visible radiant energy. The dark environment is usually depressed and unattractive. It makes other family members avoid that area, while lighting reveals the world and improves your mood.

  1. How to choose the best lighting manufacturer?

If you want to start a lighting business, the main question is finding the best lighting manufacturer. Finding suitable lighting suppliers is not a difficult task.

  • First of all, find and make a list of the wholesale lighting manufacturers, then compare their services.
  • Search for online lighting wholesalers for the best manufacturers, and go through their product reviews.
  • Choose the lighting manufacturers who have the least negative reviews.
  1. How to negotiate with China lighting suppliers?

First of all, find out your lighting supplier, and then start the negotiation. In negotiation, your goal should be high-quality products at reasonable charges. Both the parties should agree on a single point to buy your lighting products from lighting suppliers.

  1. How to Ship Lighting from China?

Choose the best shipping option for your lighting supplies from China mainly depends on product quantity, shipping fee, and delivery time. Go for air freight shipping service if you want the super-fast delivery of your wholesale lighting. For many wholesale lighting supplies with affordable shipping charges, use rail and sea freight shipping. Door-to-door shipping is also a good option for you, which ensures the quality of the product.

Lighting 2

  1. How to sell lighting online to earn money?

To sell lighting online, create a professional website for your online lighting services. Then and add your contact information and accurate description of your product. Create social media pages to promote your lighting products and provide online services.


  1. How can I buy lighting products from China?

You can buy from China online by just finding the Chinese wholesaler suppliers, create a list of them. Go to their websites and check the reviews of lighting. The lighting manufacturer having the least negative reviews will be your supplier. Start negotiation and choose high-quality lighting product, discuss charges and share the location with them. Leeline can provide you with this service at an affordable price and ships to the provided location.

  1. What is the best shipping method of lighting products from China?

The best shipping method of wholesale lighting is sea freight and rail freight shipping, which guarantees 16-20 days. For rapid shipping of wholesale lighting, the air freight method is best but is more expensive than sea freight and rail freight shipping.

  1. How to start a lighting business with little investment?

If you want to start a lighting business must consider these points.

  • First of all, gain all the knowledge about lighting.
  • Choose a good location for your lighting business.
  • Estimate the cost to start your business.
  • Gather information on wholesale lighting supplies.
  • Start negotiation with the best wholesale lighting manufacturers, take some ideas from them and share your ideas.
  • Lastly, buy the best quality lightings at reasonable rates and sell them.
  1. How to promote lighting products?

For a successful business, you need to promote your lighting business.

  • Run different lighting contests according to your country’s events.
  • Start a #hashtag campaign for lighting on social media.
  • Show best of your lighting work on your website, Facebook and Instagram
  • Try to introduce your lighting products on YouTube and show off your lighting to attract others.
  1. Which Lighting is best for the eyes and causes the least damage?

LED Lighting is the best lighting for the eyes and is least damaging. LED Lighting is the least harmful of other lighting, including sunlight. You can use LED lights for reading purposes. Its effects are minimal and are cheap as well. According to research, about 12% of eye diseases are exposed to bright and cool fluorescent lights. UV rays hit the eyes, degenerates its muscles cause various eye-related problems.

Lighting 3

Secondly, LED lighting provides sufficient energy. It has significantly less mercury in it than other lighting. Lighting has a large amount of mercury damage your eyes with time.

  1. What are the types of lighting?

There are ten most popular types of lighting used for various purposes in homes, offices, hospitals.

  • Wall Lighting
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Pendant Lighting
  • Ceiling Lighting
  • Track Lighting
  • Arm Lamps
  • Cabinet Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting
  • LED Lighting
  • Task Lighting

These lightings can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities. For indoor activities, lighting helps to observe all the things and make the task easy for you. For outdoor activates, lighting helps to increase efficiency in different activities. At night it allows seeing all objects in the absence of the sun. Outdoor lighting is used for construction, transportation, and modification.

  1. Which wholesalers of China are famous for lighting products?

China has the world’s best wholesalers and is known for the products across the world. There are thousands of lighting factories in different provinces of China.

  • In China, Fujian is a well-known wholesaler for LED lighting.
  • Guzhen is the world’s largest wholesale lighting market; it has about 8,960 lighting enterprises. You can buy lighting products from Guzhen at affordable rates.
  • Guangdong of China manufactures interior lightings.
  • Zhejiang and Shanghai are the best-known wholesalers for outdoor lightings.
  • Major manufacturers of wholesale streetlights in China are Yuyao and Gaoyou.
  • Shanghai is famous for the best quality floodlights.
  • Inyun of China is known for tubes and car lights throughout the world.

Final Thoughts on Wholesale Lighting from China

China is the top lighting manufacturer in the globe. By importing wholesale Lighting from China, you can get more growth than other competitors and build customer trust. Secondly, you can make more money by buying from a Chinese manufacturer who supplies a vast range and different colored lighting. The wholesale sellers’ services are not only restricted to lighting, but you can buy any product from them.

If you are worried about the quality, contact Leeline. Leeline is the best-known company for its multiple services to import your wholesale Lighting from China. It handles everything and checks the product quality before final shipping to your destination. Leeline not only reinforces your brand but improves efficiency too. It also provides its services if you want to buy lighting manufacturers in the UK or lighting manufacturers in the USA.

Import From China

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