How to wholesale earrings from China?

First of all, it is better to understand the purpose of this article.

In this article, you will be looking at some of the basic concepts of Wholesale Earrings from China.

In this guide, you will learn about the various types of earrings as well as various sellers in today’s market.  

We will try and deliver the answers to most questions that you may want to ask about the whole process.

wholesale earrings

China has always been one of the most accomplished suppliers of wholesale goods. For different businesses, people like to order their items in bulk.

The wholesalers in China offer them good prices and offer them top quality products that they can sell under a private label.

This concept of purchasing wholesale and selling at a profit is quite popular, simple, and lucrative.

When it comes to earrings, the whole idea is quite famous as well. Jewelry is worn by people all around the world. It is part of everyday apparel.

Thus, people tend to give a lot of attention to what they wear as a part of jewelry.

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Why Wholesale Earrings from China Online?

As a seller, it is important that you know where you are buying your products from. The products that you buy and then sell at a profit have to be brought in the right way. This means that you must pay attention to the quality and to the price you are being offered. When purchasing in bulk, the price is lessened by the seller as a sign of goodwill. So which place is that which provides good quality products as well as decent prices? The answer is China.

I have tried purchasing earrings from China in bulk. Then I was able to obtain lower prices and quality products.

China Markets offer affordable prices for earrings ordered

As you saw, the prices play a big part in your buy. To make your business lucrative, you have to be careful not to fall prey to overpriced products that may cause you to lose money. Instead, you must adopt simplicity in this manner and go for the decent priced products.

China Markets can help you out in this. China is home to the world’s best wholesalers. Thus, they know what to present to their customers. With good quality, they also provide ease in buy. They offer moderate and reasonable prices. Once summed up with all the processes that you have to go through, the total expense is less. How do low price products help you? With moderate prices, you can buy in bulk and make a hefty exchange in one go.

There’s a big opportunity in the earrings niche

Making your business clean and lucrative is a primary goal. Thus, you need to select a market that has a promise of monetary gain. One cannot be certain of success or failure in any field. The norm suggests that everyday products (such as jewelry) are more sold than other items. Thus, you can say that there is a big opportunity in the earrings niche.

Common Types of Earrings to wholesale from China

After learning about the scope of earrings in today’s market, you should also know about the varieties that can be stocked and sold.

· Leather Earrings

Earrings don’t have to be sparkly or glittery. Leather earrings are quite popular and for some people, they are prettier than other earrings. Leather earrings are earrings that don’t have gems or precious metals in them. Rather, the attachment is made of beautiful leather. The leather can be designed with intricacy and made to look very sophisticated. After the leather has been colored and processed, the end product is very beautiful. Leather earrings are also quite popular and are a good option for potential sellers.

Leather Earrings

· Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings are more geared towards expensive jewelry. Compared to other earrings, pearl earrings are more pricey, beautiful, and valuable. There are different types when it comes to pearl earrings. Some pearl earrings only feature the pearl itself. These types of earrings are simple yet majestic. Some pearl earrings have other precious metals as well as the pearl. This also increases the beauty. Pearl Earrings are also a good option for sellers.

Pearl Earrings

· DIY earrings

Nowadays, DIY is quite popular. People like to make their own things. They can be utensils, tools etcetera. In a similar manner, earrings can also be made or modified by the person themselves. People can buy sets that contain items that can be used to create DIY earrings. There are other options as well.

DIY earrings

· Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings are like pearl earrings. They contain a precious stone and this increases their value and beauty. In the same way, diamond earrings can also be of two types. One type is that which only contains the diamond and the sole focus is the stone itself. This is simple and elegant. The other is the amalgamation of other minerals/metals in the earrings such as gold, silver etcetera. The diamond is featured but not in totality. This is also very popular and appealing.

Diamond Earrings

· Gold Plated Earrings

Next, there is the option of selling gold plated earrings. Gold earrings are one thing but gold plated are another thing altogether. Gold plated earrings consist only of the minor covering of gold on the metal. Gold plated earrings are less costly than solid gold earrings. With gold plated earrings, you can change your target market and target the consumers that have a lesser buying power.

Gold Plated Earrings

· Amber Earrings

Amber is a very attractive material. The fossilized resin can appear very pretty when processed in a proper way. Among the different materials that are used in making earrings, amber is also one of the most popular ones. Amber earrings can be stocked and sold as well.

Amber Earrings

· Crystal Earrings

Crystal earrings are also a popular category when it comes to earrings. Crystal earrings can be priced in a moderate way if they are made from simple metals. They are quite popular in spite of this. Crystal earrings are a good option for you to buy wholesale from China.

Crystal Earrings
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8 Best Wholesale Earrings Websites in China

· LeelineSourcing

Leeline Sourcing is the website where I source earrings the most. I can find a wide range of products there, including all types of beauty accessories. 

LeelineSourcing is a versatile platform regarding the services it provides. LeelineSourcing helps businesses buy wholesale from China. They help by providing services so that you don’t have to worry. This includes inspecting, transporting etcetera. By acquiring their services, you can shift all your responsibilities to the purchasing agent. The agent finds you the best seller and undergoes all the processes while keeping your best interests at heart.

· Chinabrands

Chinabrands is also one of the major platforms where you can get wholesale products.

· Alibaba

Alibaba is among the top names in e-procurement. Business-to-business buys such as purchasing wholesale and selling for a profit are done. They are done on Alibaba with ease. It was established in 1999 and is thus from the beginning of the times of the internet. This historical value adds to its already huge reputation. Thus, Alibaba is also one of the best places for buying earrings wholesale from China.

My favorite part about this website is that they offer trendy women’s jewelry. I often receive discounts from time to time.


· AliExpress

AliExpress is a smaller platform. AliExpress contains small businesses who sell to international buyers. This is a different method than most. But, it is very effective and lucrative. It is different because it is small sellers in the majority. Other platforms such as Amazon and Alibaba have big brands as well. Big sellers can dominate the platform and establish a certain form of oligopoly. But in AliExpress, there are only small businesses. The benefit of this is that small businesses want to grow more. That is why they are more sincere and dedicated. When online buyers want to buy in bulk, the small businesses conduct the whole affair in a proper manner. This is done so that there is nothing lacking in the experience. When a business is dedicated, it can grow. Thus, AliExpress is also a good option for buyers to buy wholesale.

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· Gets

In every platform we have discussed, Gets is the most remarkable. Gets began in 2000 and it has developed very much in the years. It is a manufacturer with an established brand name. It produces beads, jewelry, and similar goods. They deal with complete jewelry sets too. They have given a complete catalog on their site. Their collection is remarkable and filled with variety.

Gets provides wholesale goods to buyers. It is a recognized manufacturer and has six different production departments. They have a sound network compared to most. They can provide buyers with ease and comfort in the whole process. Smaller businesses can struggle with this. Gets has the experience and is more developed. They do production as well as export. This also minimizes costs and expenses.

· Veryselection

Veryselection is different from these other platforms. This is so because the noticeable thing about this is that it started in the UK. It moved its business to China later on. But it has its roots in the UK and it served the European population as the main purpose. After attaining massive success, they moved to China in 2014 after only being active for two years.

Veryselection is one of the top sellers of wholesale products. It specializes in jewelry. Thus, we can say that you can look to buy wholesale earrings at Veryselection.

I find this website’s prices are higher compared to other websites. I wouldn’t suggest using this as your main wholesale source. 

· Nihaojewelry

NihaoJewelry is a commendable service. Unlike other platforms, NihaoJewelry has its own production unit i.e. a factory. They create and produce specific products for their patrons. You should learn about the process so that you can become familiar.

Because of having its factory, the various fees, inspections, and processes are lessened. They produce their own goods and they provide good quality products. Keeping their quality in view, their prices are quite decent and considerable.

NihaoJewelry can provide specific services and products. This means that you can provide specific instructions and they can buy the raw material in accordance. This helps buyers to meet specific needs and to wholesale unique goods. This helps cut down on designing cost. Costs relating to transporting and shifting goods are also lessened. You are getting your goods manufactured, shipped, and buy from a single place.

· JewelryBund

Like Gets, JewelryBund is a properly established manufacturer. It produces and sells jewelry and accessories of great variety. The special thing about JewelryBund is constant growth. JewelryBund researches new ways to create products. They also look for new designs to provide. This brings innovation to the market.

JewelryBund also keeps its items updated. This helps customers know what new products have arrived. JewelryBund has 3 factories in China and is one of the best options for buyers.


How to find wholesale earrings suppliers?

When it comes to wholesale jewelry in China, there can be some confusion. Buyers may face difficulty in getting in touch with a proper seller. You must know how you can find proper sellers and how you can conduct your business.

When you buy wholesale and sell for profit, the transaction is B2B. This is so because your business is buying from another business. Now, when we talk about consumer markets, it is very simple and easy. Consumers can find what they are looking for with ease. Everything is available in a simple manner. But in the business market, it is not as easy. Each business has its own business buying behavior and process. Thus, it can be hard to find a decent and reliable supplier. But there are some ways to do so.

· Sourcing agents 

Your first option is sourcing agents. The function of the sourcing agent is simple. The agent acts as an intermediary between you and your seller. It is the job of the sourcing agent to help you find the best seller. The agent also helps to conduct the whole process. They help with the price management and everything that is done by the buyer himself in most cases.

The sourcing agent acts on behalf of the buyer and conducts the business. An example of sourcing agents is LeelineSourcing. As we saw earlier, this company helps you find the best buyer and also helps to reduce fees and finalize deals. In essence, that is what sourcing agents are all about. Taking matters out of the buyer’s hands and taking charge is the prime purpose of sourcing agents.

· Online B2B marketplace

Next is the online B2B marketplace. Online shopping platforms connect consumers and businesses. B2B marketplace does the same for businesses. That means that in an online B2B marketplace, various businesses can interact with each other. It is a major part of e-procurement.

Using the B2B marketplace is very efficient since you can find a suitable seller for yourself with ease. Having a specified platform gives a huge advantage. You don’t have to search for sellers with manual means. You can go to the online platform and look for whichever seller you want. Online B2B marketplaces are not frequented by normal consumers. They are for only businesses that want to deal with other businesses. Thus, you can avoid a lot of hustle-bustle and online traffic.

Using such a platform is a good way to get wholesale jewelry China.

· Linkedin

LinkedIn is a platform used by individuals and businesses to connect with others. Individuals can connect with other individuals while businesses can connect with other businesses. This platform cannot be categorized as a B2B marketplace because it is used by individuals as well. But for businesses, it can more or less serve the purpose.

· Search on Google

This is the most simple and best method to adopt. Why worry yourself too much when you can go to Google and search for suppliers online? If you want to find suppliers, search for them on Google. This is also useful as it can determine the suitability of the suppliers according to your entered keywords. SEO can work in your favor. Thus, you can find suppliers that deal with your required goods.

· Trade fairs of the wholesale earrings

If you want to buy wholesale goods in China, you should know about trade fairs. In simple words, trade fairs are where businesses showcase their goods. In most cases, the goods are wholesale. Businesses want to target other businesses. The other businesses can come to these fairs and look at all the merchandise. Then they can decide what they want. There are some cities where fairs are held more than other cities. Guangzhou is one of these cities. The Canton fair or the ‘China export and import fair’ is one of the largest trade fairs in China. There are many other examples. We will discuss these in more detail further on.

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Top 4 Earrings Wholesale Markets in China

Yiwu Market

· Yiwu International Trade City

Located in Yiwu, Zheijiang, China, this marketplace is one of the most popular wholesale markets in China. Even on an international scale, it has been branded as the largest ‘small-commodity’ market by the World Bank.  In essence, it is a wholesale goods market. This market is spread over 4 million square meters and has 75000 booths. You can imagine the type of goods one would see there.  The trade city is broken down into 5 districts. Each district has been developed in sequence.  It is a prime spot for buyers to check for wholesale sellers.

I would advise you to take the local purchasing team to guide you on purchasing in Yiwu Market.

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Yiwu Market

GZ Market

· Guangzhou Xijao Building

This is another spot for buyers to look for wholesale sellers. As mentioned before, Guangzhou is the center of such a business. Among the many avenues, there is Guangzhou Xijao Building. It is similar to other wholesale/trade markets in China. Different buyers can look for wholesale jewelry such as earrings.

Guangzhou Xijao Building2

· Guangzhou Taikang Jewelry City

Guangzhou Taikang Jewelry City is also one of the markets located in the city. Several floors are dedicated to wholesale jewelry. You can easily find wholesale earrings for your business. The products are sold by jewelry manufacturers in China. Their quality is quite commendable.

I usually recommend this place to my clients. Most of them found reputable sellers in this market. 

Guangzhou Taikang Jewelry City

· Guangzhou Liwan Plaza

Liwan Plaza is another addition to the city’s wholesale markets. Liwan Plaza is spread over seven floors. Buyers can get all sorts of jewelry to buy wholesale. There are around 2000 stores in this plaza.

I suggest you look at Liwan Plaza if you mainly sell gemstone products. 

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Guangzhou Liwan Plaza

3 Ways to promote your wholesale earring business

Buying wholesale jewelry is very important. Getting good quality goods for your business is also imperative. But afterward, you must curate your business. You must also advertise and promote your business as well. Some ways to promote your wholesale earring business are as follows.

· Create your own online store

First off, you have to have an online presence. In this age, having a website is important. If you don’t have a website, your customers will not be able to reach you. Nowadays, virtual connectivity has taken the main stage. Thus, you have to create your own online store. You must create a unique store and you can feature your products there.

· Social Media Strategies

You can create a social media account and advertise your business. You don’t have to put a lot of images or media up. You can simply create awareness about new products. You can also spread the word about your online store using social media.

· Publicity/Advertising

Publicity and advertising are of course the main method of promotion. Publicity is where your brand name gains popularity through word of mouth. Publicity is called the unpaid form of advertising/promotion. You don’t have to spend money on publicity. Publicity is passive and can be gained with mere quality. Wholesale Earrings China is a big market. You can easily create awareness if your products are top-quality and have decent prices.

How LeelineSourcing Help You Wholesale Earrings from China Smoothly

1.Leeline has a good connection in all wholesale earrings factories in China

Having connections is very important in the wholesale business. This is so because having connections reduces the chance of getting scammed. If you know who to go to, you can discuss and finalize the deals with ease. LeelineSourcing has been working in the wholesale business for a long time. One of the major services of LeelineSourcing is to reduce costs and find the best-priced seller. They are able to do this because they know who to go to. Thus, using their connections, they can find the best earring supplier for you with ease. The chosen supplier can provide top-level products as well as decent prices. LeelineSourcing is one of the best sourcing agents you can find for businesses in China. They have worked hard to get to the top. Their awesome services and range of benefits show this.

2. Leeline helps a lot of wholesale earrings manufacturer and ship their container from China

This point shows that LeelineSourcing also helps the seller with their services. The buyer is benefitted because they can buy wholesale with ease. But LeelineSourcing also considers the seller and it helps them find good buyers. So, this way, both parties are benefitted.

LeelineSourcing connects buyers to sellers. In doing so, they act as an agent for the buyers. They rid the buyers of all the responsibilities and this makes it easy for them. LeelineSourcing also provides storage services to its clients. This shows that they offer a full-fledged service. They can find low-cost products, reliable suppliers, quality checks, and even storage for the buyers.

In a similar way, they also help the sellers in China by connecting them to the buyers and helping them move their containers of goods. Moving and shipping also have many procedures. These procedures can be supervised by the seller in most cases. Even in simple online shopping, we see that the buyer only had to place an order and wait for it to arrive. The seller had to take care of shipping and courier services.

But, LeelineSourcing helps in this as well. They create easiness for both parties.

3. Leeline is a leading sourcing agent who knows most Chinese wholesale Earrings factory

Among the different china sourcing agents , LeelineSourcing is at the top

. Due to its experience and expertise, it knows about the various wholesale factories located in China. Having a sound idea of factories can be very beneficial.  When you know where to go and where to find the best products, you can ensure that you get good-quality merchandise for your business.

In a similar manner, LeelineSourcing knows about the various wholesale factories. They can guide you to the best producer according to your need. As we discussed, there are some manufacturers that take special requests and produce according to them. Some platforms don’t offer this service. Hence, according to your need,  LeelineSourcing will provide the best alternative.

4. Leeline is familiar with the reliable wholesale earrings suppliers in China

Like LeelineSourcing knows about the factories in China, it also knows where you can find the best wholesale suppliers. As we saw above, platforms like Alibaba and AliExpress were also included in the suppliers. These platforms are neither manufacturer nor supplier. But they are platforms that act as intermediaries between buyer and supplier. A supplier does not need to be a manufacturer. Some companies do both: manufacture and supply e.g. ‘Gets’.

LeelineSourcing can help you find these best suppliers as well. After considering your need and your requirements, they can help you find the best supplier. If you want to buy non-specific items in bulk, they will recommend a certain supplier. If you want a certain type of item and you want to give special instructions, then they will guide you to a suitable manufacturer.

5. Leeline is your logistic solution in wholesale earrings from China

Even after all these services, LeelineSourcing also helps you manage your logistics. Logistics can refer to the movement of your goods and the shipping process. Every detail has to be noted with care and monitored. This can be a difficult task for the buyer. LeelineSourcing covers this as well.

Final Thoughts on wholesale earrings from China

The final thoughts can be summed up quite briefly. Wholesale Earrings are a lucrative option. You can buy them easily from China for wholesale prices. You can sell them for a decent profit. You can sell them in real-time or you can sell them virtually. Creating an online store is important in this day and age.

Furthermore, LeelineSourcing can help you during your shipping and purchasing. They are a sourcing agent which means they can help you get reduced prices. They can also help you maintain quality by inspecting and checking your ordered goods. Wholesale Earrings from China is a good business and in this guide, you can become familiar with some common aspects.

FAQ for Wholesale Earrings from China

· Is selling earrings online profitable?

Yes, it can be very profitable. The success of any business relies on the owner’s attitude. If you are serious about your business, then you will work hard. You will try to find decent quality sellers. Furthermore, you will try to get the help of sourcing agents. Good sellers, intermediaries and positive attitudes can hopefully illicit good results.

· How do I contact wholesale suppliers?

In our guide above, we listed some ways to contact wholesale suppliers. Among them were methods such as:

These are some methods that you can use. Other than that, there are other ways as well.

· How do you make printed earrings?

Printed Earrings are a certain type of earrings. As discussed above, manufacturers in China can sometimes take special instructions. You can instruct them on certain types of earrings. Furthermore, printed earrings can also be obtained from sellers. Some sellers can sell printed earrings directly. You can also request your sourcing agents to help you purchase printed earrings. Any method can be suitable for you and your business.

· What is the jewelry trend for 2021?

Jewelry has been popular for a long time. From ages ago to today’s time, jewelry has remained relevant. Nowadays, trends for jewelry have changed to become more flashy and multi-colored. Crystal earrings and diamond earrings are made to look more extravagant. In old times, earrings were made simple and majestic. Nowadays, they are made differently. But we can say that nowadays, all sorts of earrings can be suitable but the ones discussed above will be more in touch with time.

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