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Private Label Manufacturers in USA

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Our Private Label Services Include:

Product Development

Product Development

Develop your product with our team. Increase the value of your product and address more pain points. Get CUSTOMERS who are loyal to an effective product.

We negotiate on your behalf with factory owners for Customization at a better price. Get returning Customers with your excellent PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT process.

Confirming Samples

Get video reports comparing the functionality and Quality of your product to competitors. SAVE TIME AND ENERGY!

Also, check the pricing of different suppliers’ samples. Give you a report about the sample’s valuation for money.

Confirming Samples
Following Up Production

Following Up Production

Receive production follow-ups on your smartphone. Our on-the-ground specialists examine the Quality and standards of industrial units. COMPARE the items in PRODUCTION to the SAMPLES.

We Inspect the materials and certification for a quality product. Also, check production speed for your on-time delivery. 

Quality Inspection

We inspect EACH PRODUCT in a bundle for Quality and functionality. We replace damaged products with functional items to ensure your customer’s happiness. Customers will only receive high-quality products.

Create a VIBRANT RELATIONSHIP with your customer.

Product Quality Service 9 1
Fulfillment and Shipping

Fulfillment and Shipping

Get branded packaging and fulfillment services from our WORLDWIDE network of WAREHOUSES. Save money with our one-month free fulfillment service. We also drop tags and combine various goods into a single pack.

Receive POSITIVE FEEDBACK for your gorgeous packing and prompt delivery.

Why Choose Us?

Control over Quality

Quality attracts customers. We help you to find quality products for your customers. Quality with BETTER PRICE. More room for profit but without compromising on Quality!

Easy Customization

EASY CUSTOMIZATION from our network of factory owners. CUSTOMIZE your own products with our design team to meet the demands of your customers. Customization distinguishes your product from the generic product.

More Profit

We NEGOTIATE with suppliers or manufacturers on your behalf. Get many QUOTATIONS from many suppliers. Decide the best price for your product. Earn more profit with negotiation specialists. 


Branding is a way to stand out from a niche market. We help you to build your own brand image. Get ELEGANT packaging and a BRAND image that is centered on your CUSTOMER. Win Customers’ trust with great branding.

Hear it from fellow Private Label Wholesaler

I was puzzled about sourcing locally. It wasn’t easy to find TRUSTWORTHY manufacturers for my own private label. Yet, LeelineSourcing assisted me in locating local manufacturers, and the Quality was excellent. Excellent value for money. It saved me time and money on a long cargo from abroad. I heartily RECOMMEND Leelinesourcing.

– Jenny, Georgia

Source Your Private Label Products and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality private label products to help you boost your business.

Top 7 Private Label Manufacturers in USA

Sourcing accounts for half of your PROFIT in the e-commerce business. But sourcing the best quality product at a low price is a hard nut to crack. 

Sourcing from local manufacturers can save you a lot of TIME & MONEY on private labels in the US. But it is hard to find private label manufacturers in the US.

Don’t be ANXIOUS. Our sourcing specialists created this ultra-guide after extensive investigation. By the end of this, you should be able to select the top private label manufacturers in the USA for you.

Keep reading! So you save money from wasting on the wrong third-party manufacturer or supplier in the US.

Top 7 Private Label Manufacturers in USA

1. Thomasnet


Thomasnet is an America-based platform. They have a large number of the best private label manufacturers. There are many SERVICES RELATED TO B2B, like sourcing and marketing services. 

The manufacturers are from AMERICA. So if you are only looking for a US-based manufacturing facility, it is for you. It saves shipping time and money from an overseas manufacturer. 


  • The information page of companies has everything you need to CHECK IT. you INSPECT QUALITY by yourself by visiting.
  • VARIETY OF MANUFACTURERS from the US and Canada. More options to choose from and get quotations and decide. EASY to request Customization with them. Easy to build a private label brand with Customization


  • You may not get a better price on small orders. Suppliers prefer to offer discounts on BULK ORDERS. 

2. MFG


MFG is another US-based B2B platform that connects MANUFACTURERS AND OTHER BUSINESSES. They have many private label manufacturers from the USA. Also, they have vendors from other parts of the world too. 

It is an easy-to-use platform. You REQUEST CUSTOMIZATION from the suppliers for a successful private label business. 

Also, they have community features too. You connect with other people on the activity feed and forums. Also can see classified listings in the community. It boosts your Networking and communications


  • You can compare COMPANIES AND PRODUCTS with comparable features. Decide better with facts and figures. Compare features makes decisions Easy and logical. 
  • Get the CLOSEST MANUFACTURERS with the search by-location feature. Visit them and can inspect their products and standards. Save money on inspection services.


  • Product quality is different because there are many suppliers and manufacturers. You read previous reviews to avoid this. 

3. Alibaba 


Alibaba is a Chinese B2B platform. Yet, they also have a limited number of US vendors. It is a well-known MANUFACTURER & VENDOR PLATFORM. They have many inspection services as well to control Quality.

Alibaba guarantees transactions, which means more security for you. The integrity certification is outstanding, as are the supporting services. 

They have minimum order quantity restrictions. Not suggested for SMALL BUSINESSES. But an ideal option if you want to outsource in bulk quantities. 

Suggested reading: Alibaba Private Label


  • It’s easy to REQUEST CUSTOMIZATION in collaboration with manufacturing owners. Customization leads to brand development. Increased consumer trust and brand authority
  • They have a SAFETY in Return and Refund infrastructure. If you have a problem with a seller, they protect you in return and refund procedures.
  • Better quality control with strong INSPECTION CAPABILITIES. This converts one-time customers into repeat customers.


  • Since it is a Chinese-based platform, they don’t have many US manufacturers, but you still use them as a backup. 

4. Maker’s Row 

Maker's Row

They have a NETWORK of hundreds of factories across the US. Small business is their prime buyers. Multiple retailers outsource their products from Maker’s Row. 

Maker’s Row has manufacturers in every niche. But they are perfect for clothing or apparel store brands. They also have learning resources related to sourcing for NEW BUSINESS OWNERS. So if you are new, then their learning resources help you!


  • Best CUSTOMIZATION and manufacturers in the clothing, apparel, and beauty industry. Best learning resources for clothing sellers on their blog too. Easy Customization on design to the target audience.
  • One on One  PROFESSIONAL SERVICE in manufacturing and other areas. Subscription-based guidance for manufacturers to improve their service. It helps you get a Quality product. 
  • Most manufacturers are from the US. Easy to locate manufacturers with BETTER PRICES. Save shipment time and money.


  • The QUALITY of the Product depends on individual vendors. So it can vary in price and MANUFACTURING STANDARDS.
  • More focus on manufacturers than buyers. SELLER-CENTRIC model and environment.

5. Kompass


Kompass is a global portal that connects buyers and sellers. You find SERVICES AND PRODUCTS both. Kompass operates in many countries, and the US is also included in its operations. Every private label seller in the US prefers them for ONLINE BUSINESS. 

You search by COMPANY OR PRODUCT. It also has filters for distributors, producers, and service providers. You can further look for certifications and states in the US. Perfect place to OUTSOURCE for different business models.


  • VARIETY of products with better prices. They got sellers and manufacturers from not only the US but from 60 countries. Variety with low prices is their combination. 
  • BEST FILTERS to find an ideal manufacturer. They have detailed filters for standards, shipping, status, and many others. Filter out more with a few clicks. 


  • They may have VARIETY, but Quality depends on individual manufacturers. So you may have to call the inspection service many times. 
  • Their marketing services for privately labeled products are not recommended. Its COMPLEX PROCESS deals with services. 

6. SaleHoo


SaleHoo is an online private label SUPPLIER DIRECTORY. They have a strong community of e-commerce sellers. 

They have small business owners and verified suppliers who offer PRIVATE LABELING. 

They provide market research tools to assist you in comparing product ideas. You identify the best product. They have a subscription model for users. You have to choose a lifetime or yearly plan to access their features.


  • MARKET RESEARCH TOOL is their prime feature. It helps you compare product ideas on many standards. Decide the best product for your business. 
  • They support Small businesses. If you start with a small number of orders, then it is the place to go. Best prices on small quantities. Easy to start as a beginner.


  • SUBSCRIPTION MODEL to access features, Yearly or lifetime. 

7. DHgate


DHgate is a big name from China but also operates in the US. They have many right private label manufacturers globally. As well as a SIGNIFICANT NUMBER from the United States. 

It is a simple platform that connects you with reliable private-label manufacturers. DHgate has GREAT CUSTOMER SUPPORT. They have extensive product catalogs. They also provide Customization. They accept various payment methods and provide buyers with a secure environment.

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  • AVAILABILITY of suppliers: Having a backup supplier is critical while procuring. A diverse set of vendors leads to various quotes and more options.
  • Strong refund and return security protocols. You get a refund If you do not receive the promised product. You also get a PARTIAL REFUND if you prefer to keep the item. 
  • There are several languages available. You interact in many languages to better comprehend the product.


  • It is not a US-based platform. They have less number of US manufacturers for your eCommerce business. 

How do you find a private label manufacturer in the USA?

You may have a question about why private-label products are DIFFICULT TO OUTSOURCE. 

Selling private-label products means They are not generic products. That’s why Finding a reliable private-label MANUFACTURER takes work. 

So here we have divided this process into two main parts. 

1)Searching in a right way

Searching on GOOGLE OR WHOLESALE PLATFORMS might help you find a reliable manufacturer. Examine the company’s information and evaluations on CONSUMER FORUMS and websites. 

Before entering into a partnership, always double-check. Ensure that you get reliable and accurate information. Information about the company and business owner both. 

Also, look for local industrial plants. It is simple to visit the facility. 

You can see the product in production in local plants before delivery. Long-term savings in TIME AND MONEY. Shortlist your manufacturers.

2)Samples and Negotiation 

Get samples. Compare price, Quality, material, and functionality with your competitor. Try Customization by targeting extra pain points. CUSTOMIZED PRODUCTS can be sold exclusively in niche markets. 

Also, check if there is any certification or license needed. Required in private label supplements industry or dietary supplements.

Sign your contract and try to pay with third-party apps. They have insurance features in case of a REFUND OR RETURN. 

Visit your private-label MANUFACTURING PLANT. Compare the product in production with the sample. Is he giving you the same promised Quality? 

After production, check every single product in the batch. 

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Looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

Leeline Sourcing helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

FAQs about Private Label Manufacturers in USA

How much does it cost to start a private label business?

It costs around 5000$ to 10,000$ latest. It is independent of how much CAPITAL you have but on the scale of your brand. You have to outsource your initial products. Also, have to invest in branding & MARKETING CAMPAIGNS. Also, calculate the cost of your local shipping. 

Where do you source private-label products in the USA?

Thomasnet and MFG are good options for finding private-label manufacturers in the USA. They have a large number of vendors and manufacturers. Easy to request Customization with the manufacturer and CONTROL THE QUALITY of products. They have good prices and a better profit margin. 

Does Amazon have a private label?

Yes. Amazon is a HUGE MARKET and has trendy private-label products. You must follow the same outsourcing process. The business model of your online store will be the same but with two processing models. FBA or FBM. In FBA, Amazon has AUTOMATED order processing, but in FBM, you must do all the order processing. 

Can you drop ship a private label?

Yes. You also SELL A PRODUCT with white labeling and do dropship under your sales channels. You must put your branding on the product if you have your BRAND NAME. You won’t have to manufacture or store products. You save many production costs.

What’s Next

Finding the right manufacturer for private labels is a problem for e-commerce sellers. Private labeling necessitates more CUSTOMIZATION and strong product development.

As a result, it is COMPLEX and needs back-and-forth effort. Also needs some bargaining abilities to rescue itself from conflict. Many private label sellers choose to OUTSOURCE low-quality products from overseas manufacturers.

Before dealing with a LOW-QUALITY SUPPLIER, consider outsourcing in the US. They have higher quality and save time and money on long-distance shipping.

Contact us to receive direct quotes from US MANUFACTURERS and save more money.

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