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Wholesale Gloves

LeelineSourcing Find The Best Gloves Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
  • Leeline can get you in contact with the best glove suppliers in different countries.
  • Besides, Leeline can find the best gloves manufacturers in China for you.
  • Leeline can help you do a pre-shipment inspection for your wholesale gloves bulk.
  • Most glove manufacturers in China use Leeline to ship their containers from China. We ship their gloves to various parts of the globe.
  • Leeline can help you reduce the cost of shipping wholesale gloves from china.

Best 10 Gloves To Sell Online

1.Women Gloves

Importing Women Gloves From China

China is one of the pre-eminent countries when it comes to the production of women’s gloves. They are among the best in producing high-quality women’s gloves. What’s more, they dominate the international market with gloves of various diversity.

Many of the gloves manufacturers in China make use of high standard materials. With this, they make beautiful gloves for women from different parts of the world.

2.Men Gloves

Wholesale Men Gloves From China

Most gloves suppliers get their products from China, including men’s gloves. Men’s gloves made in China are of the best quality. They are among the most affordable, especially if purchased in bulk by wholesalers.

One can wear these gloves alongside various attires with diverse color combinations. What’s more, some gloves have unique features like touch screens.

3.Leather Gloves

Buy Leather Gloves From China

You can find many worldwide recognized leather companies in China. For years, China has provided the world with durable gloves. 

There is a lengthy list of Chinese factories that make wholesale gloves. Besides, these companies export them to various parts of the world. Most of these gloves are of diverse price ranges depending on the quality of the leather used.

4.Nitrile Gloves

Wholesale Nitrile Gloves in Bulk From China

The value of the global nitrile glove market was 2.12 billion USD in 2019. Moreover, experts believe it to increase in the coming years. Nitrile gloves are obtainable in varieties of colors and styles.

The Chinese nitrile glove manufacturers include the acrylonitrile monomer. It withstands mineral and vegetable oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, and various acids.

5.Latex Gloves

Wholesale From China Latex Gloves Suppliers

Latex gloves manufacturers in China make high-quality gloves. They export latex gloves all over the world at competitive prices. Some of the largest manufacturers in China both produce and distribute gloves. Thus, it cuts down expenses from wholesale glove suppliers. 

Latex gloves are necessary. That’s because users need them in medical practice, and as such, the demand is always high.

6. Rubber Gloves

Wholesale From China Rubber Gloves Manufacturers

Like other gloves, rubber gloves made by Chinese manufacturers are among the best. It comes in several attractive colors that you can outsource to other parts of the world at an affordable price.

Rubber glove suppliers allow you to access varieties of rubber gloves. You can browse different price ranges of rubber gloves from anywhere in the world.

7.Disposable Gloves

Importing Disposable Gloves products From China

Many China gloves factories manufacture disposable gloves. The Chinese market is famous for producing and outsourcing disposable gloves. What’s more, they do it at low prices.

Remember, the gloves market is very competitive. China is still among the best places to get quality disposable gloves.

8. Winter Work Gloves

Wholesale Winter Work Gloves From China

Chinese companies also produce different types of winter gloves. The Shanghai area has many recognized gloves manufacturers. So, you can buy winter work gloves by either wholesale or retail methods.

Some of these gloves are double-layered. Likewise, many others feature insulation and waterproof properties. So, you get the most affordable winter gloves available in the international market.

9. Waterproof Gloves

Buy Waterproof Gloves From China

Waterproof gloves protect you from any form of moisture. These gloves do their job even if your hands are beneath the water surface. 

Waterproof gloves manufacturers in China make their gloves to be 100% water-resistant. It reduces the effect of weather conditions in both China and other countries.

10.Safety Work Gloves

Wholesale Safety Work Gloves in Bulk From China

There is a need for safety gloves for every worker who carries out heavy duties. With the potential risk factor, workers must use the right type of gloves that fall under protective equipment.

Many reputable safety work gloves suppliers are available in China. Besides, most of the work gloves made in China are both cut and impact-resistant. What’s more, you can get these gloves at a cheaper rate compared to suppliers from other countries.

You Need Leeline To Help Buy Gloves From China

Product Sourcing

Gloves Product Sourcing

Leeline can search for the best quality and affordable gloves products. We do it alongside their manufacturers and make them available for you.

Factory Audit

Gloves Factory Audit

We also verify the gloves manufacturers you select as it falls under our factory audit service. This way, Leeline reduces the expenses of time-sensitive verification processes.

Product Inspection

Gloves Product Inspection

Leeline ensures that the gloves product you buy meets the quality you envisioned. Besides, we also affirm a standard delivery in the best conditions. It is a quality assurance measure that helps you reduce costs.

Amazon FBA Prep

Gloves Amazon FBA Prep

Leeline can customize and package your products in the arrangement you deem best. What’s more, we prepare them in the most favorable shipping conditions.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Gloves Shipping To Amazon FBA

We choose the best shipping conditions available to save you energy, money, and time. It turns convenient when shipping your gloves products to Amazon FBA.


Gloves DropShopping

By shipping gloves products right to your customers, Leeline saves you time and money. Thus, our service helps you increase your profit margin. It also satisfies your customers.

Why Choose Leeline To Import Gloves From China

  • Leeline does a personal gloves product inspection before shipping the product to you.
  • What’s more, Leeline finds the best glove suppliers for you. What’s more, we go further to do manufacturer and product verification.
  • The gloves product goes right to your customers. Thus, the cost of the warehouse infrastructure reduces.
  • Want to bring top-quality gloves from the manufacturers in China? Leeline allows you to exhaust all your products on time.
  • Besides, Leeline offers you the best Dropshipping suppliers and wholesalers of gloves products.
  • When it comes to purchasing wholesale gloves, Leeline saves you stress, money, and time.

Best 10 China Gloves Manufacturers

1. Tianjin Zhong Jian Guokang Technology INC., Ltd.

1. Tianjin Zhong Jian Guokang Technology INC., Ltd.

This company is among the recent technological enterprises that carry out advanced scientific research and development. It has scientific researchers and professors from reputable institutions. They deal in advanced techniques. They also work to develop various safety and health care materials like gloves since its establishment in 2008.


Main Products


The primary products of this company include tourmaline function materials. Moreover, they also produce far-infrared and fiber textile products. The company also deals with safety products like gloves. It also provides technical support, sample processing, and service provisioning.


Why Choose Tianjin Zhong Jian Guokang Technology INC., Ltd.?


The company thinks about safety and environmental protection. So, they produce different health care products. The staff is professionals with a high level of reliability. They have excellent business relationships with other countries.

2. Shandong Xingyu Gloves Co., Ltd.

2. Shandong Xingyu Gloves Co., Ltd.

It is a famous company that works in the research and development of gloves. Founded in 1992, this enterprise is in Weifang City, Shandong. This glove manufacturing company has over 3600 staff members. They concentrate on making the best quality gloves in the international market.


Main Products


They make use of the best raw materials available to produce different gloves. It includes nitrile gloves, latex gloves, disposable gloves, and other kinds of gloves. What’s more, they use over a hundred automatic production lines to support manufacturing needs. 


Why Choose Shandong Xingyu Gloves Co., Ltd.?


It manufactures different types of gloves in different styles. What’s more, this company has a daily capacity of about 2.2 million pairs. Excellence is the company’s utmost priority. Also, they export to more than thirty countries in various regions of the globe.

3. Nano-Metre Industrial Limited

3. Nano-Metre Industrial Limited

It is one of the prominent, leading manufacturers of safety equipment like gloves and shoes in China. The headquarter is in Shanghai, and some factories are in the Jiangxi province. Since 2008, this company is employing hundreds of staff members. What’s more, they have about 600 sets of knitting machines for gloves. It also includes about 12 modern product lines for shoes and gloves.


Main Products


They specialize in safety products like gloves, nitrile gloves, latex gloves, safety shoes, and boots. They provide one of the best quality gloves that one can export to various countries. What’s more, they have been in cooperation with the CTC group for over seven years.


Why Choose Nano-Metre Industrial Limited?


The company has enthusiastic employees that are motivated and experienced. Moreover, the company adheres to customer’s request is adhered and think about customer satisfaction. They make quick delivery of glove products at competitive pricing. What’s more, buyers can get favorable customer discounts.

4. Rudong Zhisheng Safety Products Co., Ltd.

4. Rudong Zhisheng Safety Products Co., Ltd.

It is a China-based gloves company working since 2006 and has about two hundred employees. It is a gloves manufacturing and selling company that specializes in producing advanced gloves.  Their gloves undergo varieties of tests in their advanced testing facilities. Thus, it makes the quality of the glove products nothing short of perfect.


Main Products


They specialize in the production of PU gloves and other types of safety gloves. Many companies and other work sectors use their gloves. 


Why Choose Rudong Rizhisheng Safety Products Co., Ltd?


This unique company has a reliable and robust workforce that makes gloves. They produce gloves using the best quality materials and the most recent innovative processes. Moreover, their glove products come in a lot of designs and styles. One can buy their gloves at a very reasonable price. 

5. Dandong Jinyang Knitting Co., Ltd

5. Dandong Jinyang Knitting Co., Ltd

Located beside the Yalu River in the City of Dandong, this company is the best gloves manufacturer in China. It deals in different kinds of gloves, cleaning cloths, and bathing products. 


After its establishment in 2008, the company has over three hundred employees. The research and development team is entirely independent. What’s more, their team comes up with new and enhanced glove products for customers.


Main Products


They provide you with top-quality exfoliating gloves, cleaning cloths, and bathing products. Moreover, they send about 70% of their products to the domestic market. They deliver over 2.5 million products each year.


Why Choose Dandong Jinyang Knitting Co., Ltd?


They are famous for having powerful manufacturing and processing capabilities. Moreover, their products have unique features like self-cleaning, antibiosis, and bacteriostasis. Thus, the company becomes the manufacturer of choice for the majority of buyers.

6. Top Glove SDN. BH

6. Top Glove SDN. BH

It is one of the world’s leading gloves manufacturers operating across many continents. Besides, this manufacturer has an annual output value of over 100 million USD. They have been manufacturing gloves products since 1991, where it started as a small business with one production line. The company has been on the mainboard of exchange in places like Singapore since 2016. 


Main Products


They are famous for manufacturing products like latex exam gloves, nitrile exam gloves, sterile latex surgical gloves, latex household gloves, and CPE gloves. All their main products distribute to over 195 countries.


Why Choose Top Glove SDN. BH?


They keep customer satisfaction and pleasure as their utmost priorities. Besides, they make the highest quality gloves and distribute them at a low price. The company makes up about 25% of the glove world market share. That’s because they meet both medical and non-medical demands of gloves products globally.

7. Secure (Ningbo) Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.

7. Secure (Ningbo) Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.

It is a trading company in the Zhejiang region of China. Besides, it specializes in the manufacture of security products. They are gloves manufacturers and suppliers to the local and international market. What’s more, they have over 3500 gloves styles.


Main Products


They deal mainly in security products like gloves, socks, shoes, machines, and hats. Besides, they use standard materials universally available.


Why Choose Secure Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.?


Despite being a recent company, they take pride in pleasing customer’s need for reliable safety materials. Their products help prevent workplace and industrial injuries. They can manufacture products based explicitly on a customer’s requests and expectations.

8. Hangzhou Dongdi Imp And Exp Co., Ltd.

8. Hangzhou Dongdi Imp And Exp Co., Ltd.

It is a gloves manufacturing and trading company operating out of China. Besides, they have market structures in North America, South America, and Western Europe. It is one of the foremost gloves manufacturers in China.


Main Products


They make different types of gloves, all of which are produced in the best quality attainable. They are masters in products like work gloves, safety gloves, latex gloves, nitrile gloves, gloves for men and women, and other glove products. Upon demand, they can redesign your gloves with logos and features. What’s more, they can deliver gloves to you anywhere in the world.


Why Choose Hangzhou Dongdi Imp and Exp Co., Ltd.?


The company has a way of meeting all your expectations and more. Besides, this company has experienced employees to deliver bulk purchases on short notice.

9. Suqian Green Glove Co., Ltd.

9. Suqian Green Glove Co., Ltd.

Located in Jiangsu province of China, this company was founded in 2005 and began production in 2006. It is a trading and manufacturing company that produces and supplies gloves to both local and international markets. Besides, they use over ten production lines in over ten countries.


Main Products


They produce glove products like blue vinyl gloves. Besides, their product catalog also includes clear vinyl gloves and PVC gloves. Moreover, they have an annual gloves production capacity of about one billion products. Also, they use the recommended materials to satisfy customers fully.


Why Choose Suqian Green Glove Co., Ltd?


The equipment and technology at Suqian Green Glove Co., Ltd are both of modern quality. There is a standard quality control system to ensure all products are in their expected quality before distributing to customers and wholesalers. Customer satisfaction is the end goal of this company. As a result, it has become one of the best quality gloves manufacturers in china.

10. Zhengzhou Wecare Glove Company Ltd.

10. Zhengzhou Wecare Glove Company Ltd.

Zhengzhou Wecare Glove Company Ltd. is a world-leading glove manufacturer located in Zhengzhou, China. This glove manufacturer has been working in the industry since 2017. They produce and export diverse categories of gloves to over 200 countries on various continents. All their products have unique features which are among the best in the glove category.


Main Products


They primarily deal with glove products such as cut-resistant and heat-resistant gloves. Moreover, the company also deals in nitrile coated, latex coated, and garden gloves. They produce up to one million sets of gloves per month. Besides, they make sure that all products are in their right state and quality.


Why Choose Zhengzhou Wecare Glove Company Ltd.?


The company manufactures all glove products carefully using the latest technologies. Besides, the company ensures your products arrive at the right destination in the stipulated time. They provide the best quality glove products at a moderately low and reasonable price.

Best 5 US Gloves Manufacturers

11. Carolina Glove & Safety Company

1. Carolina Glove & Safety Company

Firstly, it is a gloves manufacturing company from the United States. The company also works as a distributor and importer of hand safety items. Since its start in 1946, the company is securing its place among the largest glove suppliers in the United States. It produces glove products of diverse functions and features to please all customers. Their gloves are of the best quality available.


Main Products


They specialize in industrial work gloves, consumer and retail gloves, safety wears protective apparel, woven and Knit fabric, cut resistant gloves, heat, abrasion-resistant gloves, cotton work gloves for the oil industry.


Why Choose Carolina Glove & Safety Company?


It is among the only full-line domestic manufacturers left in the United States. Also, most of the glove products are handcrafted. It has about four functioning manufacturing glove plants. Thus, they can deliver goods in the best quality obtainable.

12. Global Glove and Safety Manufacturing Inc

2. Global Glove and Safety Manufacturing Inc

One must include this company among the best glove manufacturers and suppliers in the United States. It specializes in the production of safety equipment ranging from gloves and face protection to other protective clothing forms. They manufacture and distribute stylish gloves to customers from different countries.


Main Products


It deals in glove products like abrasion-resistant gloves, anti-static (ESD) gloves, and anti-vibration gloves. One can also buy chemical handling gloves, cold protection gloves, cotton gloves, cut-resistant gloves, and disposable gloves.


Why Choose Global Glove and Safety Manufacturing Inc.?


They have organized and well-experienced staff members that take customer happiness very acutely. They often adjust to the latest technologies and, as a result, give buyers the best of glove products.

13. Advanced Gloves

3. Advanced Gloves

This company is in Salt Lake City, UT, United States. It specializes in the making and distribution of top-quality gloves to both local and international wholesalers. What’s more, it has networks and distributors across several continents.


Main Products


The glove manufacturing company deals majorly in general work gloves, cut-resistant gloves, featured gloves (touchscreen technology), and leather work gloves. One can also buy synthetic work gloves and other multi-functions gloves from them. One can buy their gloves products online via e-commerce platforms.


Why Choose Advanced Gloves?


They make pickup easy by sending products to distributors closest to you. They produce and distribute high-quality glove products at a significantly reduced cost. Besides, they offer excellent discounts if purchased in large quantities. Thus, it gives retailers a high-profit margin.

14. United Glove Inc

4. United Glove Inc

The company works in the glove manufacturing and distribution business. United Glove offers protection for industrial workers and different persons’ categories. They do so by making quality gloves that meet the expected description. They are among the best glove manufacturers in the states and have operated out of Newton, North Carolina, since its establishment in 1984.


Main Products


They deal in arm protection sleeves. It includes cut-resistant sleeves, general duty sleeves, heat-resistant sleeves, and high-performance sleeves. They also make hand protection equipment like chemical-resistant gloves, high-performance gloves, and mechanic gloves. One can also buy personal protective equipment from them. It includes safety glasses, a form-fitting mask with copper, P-mask, and clothing.


Why Choose Unite Glove Inc?


They make quality products that keep you safe at all times. Moreover, they have flexible manufacturing capabilities. It enables them to be among the best glove dealers in the United States of America.

15. Superior Glove Works Ltd.

5. Superior Glove Works Ltd.

It is one of America’s renowned and leading manufacturers of different varieties of gloves. Since its establishment in 1910, it has supplied both the local and the international market with high-quality glove products. Lastly, this company has thousands of clients worldwide, with about 3500 glove styles that are the most innovative.


Main Products


They specialize in work gloves like abrasion-resistant gloves, chemical resistant gloves, cleanroom gloves, cotton and string knit gloves, high dexterity gloves. They also provide gloves like industry gloves, arm protection, head protection, face protection, and body protection.


Why Choose Superior Glove Works Ltd.?


They are experts in the production of safety equipment. Moreover, this company has other bases of operation and diverse product lines. They consider the body as precious. Thus, they do all they can to make sure all forms of body protection tools are available.

Best 5 UK Gloves Suppliers

16.1. Unigloves

1. Unigloves

Unigloves is a Gillingham-based gloves manufacturing company in the United Kingdom. They have been in the gloves industry for over a decade and a half. Thus, they specialize in the manufacturing of different varieties of glove products. Besides, they make reliable, high-quality gloves for distributors and customers in and out of the United Kingdom.


Main Products


Unigloves manufactures different products based on the different sectors that need them. They have the right quality products for the automotive sector. What’s more, they also serve other sectors. It includes food, dentistry, healthcare, etc.


Why Choose Unigloves?


Being relatively new in the business sector, Unigloves uses the recent advanced technologies and innovations to stay ahead of the game. They provide quality glove products for customers and make them accessible and affordable.

17.2. Tornado Safety Gloves

2. Tornado Safety Gloves

It is a hand protection specialist company specializing in manufacturing gloves and other equipment in Colwick, United Kingdom. They create designs of safety gloves for specific tasks. Thus, it maximizes the use of gloves in that particular task. Since its establishment in 2001, it has gathered enough knowledge through research and development. It helps their team to come up with one of the best safety gloves in the country.


Main Products


One can categorize the gloves made by Tornado Safety Gloves into industry, range, and technology. The company is very innovative and uses the newest technologies to ensure you get the best quality product.


Why Choose Tornado Safety Gloves?


They have professionals with a high level of expertise in technologies that relate to the manufacturing of gloves. Thus, it places them among the best glove suppliers in the European region. Above all, they use high-quality materials to produce each work sector’s gloves that make it the best in that sector.

18.3. Just Gloves

3. Just Gloves

Just Gloves is a good quality glove dealer based in the United Kingdom. It specializes in making different categories of gloves available to distributors and customers in the United Kingdom and its neighboring countries. It has a fast delivery service that places it among the most reliable gloves dealers in the region.


Main Products


Just Gloves company deals on nitrile gloves, Vinyl gloves, polythene gloves, paper disposables, and protective clothing. What’s more, they also provide household rubber gloves, cotton gloves, synthetic gloves, and other safety materials.


Why Choose Just Gloves?


They make gloves available at a reduced and affordable rate. Besides, they have a fast and reliable delivery service. Thus, the company brings your product to your doorstep within 24 hours of the sale. They also make customers happy by reducing the cost of delivery for bulk purchases.

19.4. Safety Gloves

4. Safety Gloves

It is a London-based gloves and personal protective equipment distribution company in the United Kingdom. It started in the year 2008 by Health and Care (UK) Ltd. They specialize in keeping your hands and other parts of your body as safe as possible while doing your regular daily routine.

Main Products


They deal in different gloves like general handling gloves, cut-resistant gloves, chemical-resistant gloves, heat-resistant gloves, and other types of gloves.


Why Choose Safety Gloves?


They are different from other protective equipment dealers. That’s because they emphasize gloves and, as such, have one of the best quality gloves available. Their gloves perform varieties of functions. It includes handling chemicals and disposals, medical surgeries, and food preparation. They always source gloves with the best features and bring them to you at a cheaper rate. 

20.5. Glove Club Ltd.

5. Glove Club Ltd.

Since 1994, this company is a famous personal protective equipment and glove supplier. The company operates out of the Greenford area of the United Kingdom. After their foundation, they have made glove products accessible to end consumers. What’s more, the products come at low rates while reducing stress on the customers’ side. 


Main Products


They specialize in a variety of personal protective equipment. It includes gloves, medical-grade surgical ear-loop masks, visors, gowns, shoe covers, and others. Besides, they produce products used in infection control. It includes hand sanitizers, antibacterial wipes, amongst others.


Why Choose Glove Club Ltd.?


They have a fast delivery service that most items reach to customer’s place in 1 and 2 working days. They also give a free delivery service to mainland areas for reasonable bulk purchases. What’s more, buyers can expect discounts on their next orders.

Leelines is the Best Choice to Ship Gloves from China

Gloves Sea Freight Shipping from China

Gloves Sea Freight From Shipping

It is a cost-effective method of transporting large quantities of glove products. This shipping seems convenient when it is not an emergency. Thus, it is best for wholesale gloves deals.

Gloves Air Freight Shipping from China

Gloves Air Freight From Shipping

The air freight shipping delivers your gloves product faster during urgent cases. What’s more, it ships your products to locations that are far from the seaports.

Gloves Rail Freight Shipping from China

Gloves Rail Freight From Shipping

It is a convenient option for the transportation of wholesale gloves bulk orders. It seems comfortable when shipping to distant locations from China.

Gloves Door to Door Shipping from China

Gloves Door to Door From Shipping

It is suitable for individuals that are new to the shipping work. That’s because it saves you much of the time and energy you put on picking up glove products from stations. It is also favorable because you can send some of the gloves directly to customers.

How To Import Gloves From China: Super Guide

1. Introduction About Importing Gloves From China

Are you hunting for an easy way to import gloves from China? Do you plan to start a business and need a way to import large quantities of gloves from China?

If yes to the above questions, then it’s fortunate as this guide covers everything.

It is no news that China has the most gloves manufacturing companies. This country has been a significant gloves exporter to diverse parts of the globe. Moreover, this place is famous for producing large numbers of gloves products in a given time. It means that your demands, no matter how large they may be, are met on time. Moreover, at a much cheaper rate when compared to other gloves manufacturers.

Gloves 1

Of course, these are some great features of Chinese manufacturers. But, consider some essential steps before you can begin importing from China. These steps are essential to prevent you from falling victim to scammers. Gloves are an excellent product for importation. You can check the demands from medical and industrial facilities are always high.

2. How to Grow Your Business With Importing Gloves From China?

I. What Is Gloves Business?

It is the importation or exportation of gloves in bulk. Buyers get them from manufacturers and large distributors from places like China.

This place has a high production rate of gloves to resell in other regions for a profit.

The gloves business is a steady, growing business. That’s because the demand for glove products keeps increasing over the years. It is a result of workers and individuals intending to protect themselves from harm.

II. What Are the Benefits of Importing Gloves From China?

There are many known benefits of importing glove products from China. Some of these benefits include;

III. Who Uses Gloves?

In recent times, gloves are not only used in medical facilities to stop the spread of infection. Almost all industries and facilities use gloves in one way or the other. It is useful in medical facilities for various purposes, depending on their type.

Gloves 2

What’s more, gloves are useful in many other professions. Be it factory workers, electricians, engineers, chemists, chefs, athletes, or other professions. It also serves domestic use, like cleaning or carrying hot objects.

Moreover, you can use them as supportive attire during harsh weather conditions. Besides, one can also use gloves in a fashion sense.

IV. How to Choose the Best Gloves Manufacturers?

Below are the most helpful suggestions on how to choose the best glove manufacturers. Thus, you can now obtain the best quality gloves products available.

  • Make relevant inquiries on gloves and do relevant research before choosing a manufacturer.
  • Always ask for manufacturers’ records and certifications.
  • If it is a long-term business plan, try to check out the manufacturing facilities yourself.
  • Have discussions with customers that buy gloves from the intended manufacturer.
  • Take a look at the choice of shipping and how quality checks will perform.

V. How to Negotiate With China Gloves Suppliers?

Consider some negotiations that will be favorable to both parties. But do it before sealing a deal with a glove supplier. Some negotiating tips are as follows:

  • The quality of the product cannot be meddled with while doing negotiations. So, it should be a point of concentration. If customers are to find out that there is a reduction in the product’s quality, they leave forever.
  • Discuss the time taken for a complete business cycle. Also, make proposals that will be favorable to your customers.
  • Take note of extra expenses that the supplier of the gloves may neglect.
  • Always have the latest information about gloves at your disposal. Thus, you can use it during negotiations, so they don’t think of cheating you.

VI. How to Ship Gloves From China?

While shipping gloves from China, the shipping method depends on quantity, urgency, and cost. You may use any of these methods.

Gloves 3

  • Sea Freight Shipping of gloves
  • Air Freight Shipping of gloves
  • Rail Freight Shipping of gloves
  • Door to Door Shipping of gloves

VII. How to Sell Gloves Online to Earn Money?

Do you have plans of selling gloves online for-profits? If so, some of these suggestions may be useful.

  • Make use of online e-commerce platforms.
  • Connect with platforms that can bring potential buyers like Amazon, eBay, and others.
  • Get a website to showcase your products at all times.
  • Use diverse marketing strategies to attract your target audience.
  • Besides, use a reliable drop shipping service to ship goods to your customers and retailers.
  • Use search engine optimization to maximize online searches about glove products.

Importing Gloves From China – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Disposable Gloves Made in China?

Almost all disposable non-medical gloves companies are in China. There are about 41 manufacturers of non-medical disposable gloves.

What’s more, most of them are from China. Only one gloves manufacturer is from the United Kingdom. Let’s check out global trade data of gloves. About 32 distributors from the United States import gloves from abroad.

2. Are Wholesale Gloves Made in China?

There are many glove manufacturers present in China. They are in Guangdong, Zhejiang Shandon, and Jiangsu provinces. The largest sector in the world that manufactures rubber gloves is in China.

Their gloves are of high-quality materials and are durable. Most of the best gloves companies are available in China.

3. How Do I Import Bulk Gloves From China?

To import gloves from China in large quantities, follow these steps.

Step 1: Recognize your import privileges. It helps you know if gloves trading is permissible in your area.

Step 2: Categorize the gloves type you want to trade-in.

Step 3: Ensure the gloves you want to trade in have the necessary permissions in your country. It is a must to have permission.

Step 4: Categorize your gloves and their types. Then analyze the final cost.

Step 5: Find your gloves dealer in China. After that, place your gloves order.

Step 6: Set up your goods transport

Step 7: Track your gloves’ shipping status and get ready for their arrival.

4. What Is the Cheapest Way to Import Gloves From China?

Despite the added fees, the best way to import gloves from China is by sea freight. It saves cost, especially if your buying is large. But, it takes more time when compared to other shipping methods like air freight.

5. How Do You Buy Wholesale Gloves From China?

Do you want to start a wholesale gloves importation business? Then follow the process below.

Step 1: Find your gloves supplier and do extensive research on them. If it sounds like a challenging task, ask Leeline to source gloves on your behalf. You will get top-quality gloves with our product sourcing service.

Step 2: Visit gloves factories. You can also attend the gloves trade shows.

Step 3: Find wholesale gloves companies and record price location and other services.

6. Do I Need a License to Buy Gloves Wholesale?

For you to start buying items like gloves wholesale, you have to obtain a wholesale license. It depends on factors, like your location. It has other names like seller’s certificate, wholesale permit, resale credentials, and reseller’s license.

Final Thoughts on Wholesale Gloves From China!

Well, gloves manufacturers from China will continue their gloves production in large quantities. Thus, they will also contribute to the world’s production economy.

There are many manufacturing companies in China, all competing amongst themselves. As a result, there is no other better place to get high-quality and affordable gloves in bulk. Once you order, gloves ship to your doorstep anywhere in the world.

All categories of people from different professional backgrounds use gloves. Thus, there is a large target audience for the business. Because it is not fragile, there is less risk of loss due to breakage or malformation.

What’s more, wholesale gloves products are non-perishable goods. It means there is no fear of loss if you can’t sell all your goods in a specific time frame.

The larger the goods, the lesser the shipping cost. This rule also applies to wholesale gloves bought in bulk.

Most Chinese manufacturing companies do a proper inspection of the products. Thus, it eliminates the cost of external inspection. In all, wholesale gloves from China is an excellent business idea to consider.

Start importing the best glove products from China. Let Leeline handle all other responsibilities, be it factory audit, quality control, or pre-shipment inspection! You can contact the Leeline support team for more details.

Import From China

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