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Hat Manufacturers

LeelineSourcing Find The Best Hat Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
    • China has an intelligent business network. According to the Bureau of Statistics, the retail sales volumes of hats reached 3154.2 billion Yuan which translates to 486.2 billion USD. China has a year-after-year nominal growth of 9.0%. So, Importing from China can affect your business module and give it a boost. Leeline can help you with that.

      • Leeline can find the best hats for you in China.
      • Leeline can do a hats factory Audit for you.
      • Leeline can provide you with a great quality control agent.
      • Leeline can do your product pre-shipment inspection.
      • Leeline helps most hats factories ship their products from china.

      Trust Leeline to find the best hat manufacturers for you


10 Most Profitable Hat In China

1.Women Hats

Importing Women Hats From China

There is an excellent market for hats in China, with a lot of manufacturers. Women Hats are essential items of Female Chinese Garment. They make them be smart, efficient, and sustainable parts of clothing. Yiwu Hats and Caps Market is the most famous wholesale market for women’s hats in China.

2.Men Hats

Wholesale Men Hats From China

The symbol of the social status of Chinese men is their hat/cap. It is an essential part of a man’s clothing code. CNCAPS is a great china hat manufacturer of men hats in Hangzhou, China. They also make custom hats for custom orders. As always, The best wholesale hat market and one of the best hat suppliers is Yiwu Hats and Caps.

3.Baseball Cap

Buy Baseball Cap From China

The baseball Cap industry might seem easy to the naked eye, but it is not. Hat factory managers have to coordinate all the raw materials that they use in making these caps. For them to get the same Pantone color or shape that the customers request. Hangpai Boutique Costume Market is a great china hat wholesale market for baseball caps.

4.Boater Hat

Wholesale Boater Hat in Bulk From China

Straw Boater Hats were firstborn in the 20th century, first by women, then adopted to men’s fashion wear later on. People use it as a summer hat for everyday use. One of the best Boater Hat manufacturers is Yantai Hanyi Clothing Co., Ltd., located in Yantai, China. Their annual turnover for selling Boater Hats is 2 million USD.

5.Sun Hat

Wholesale From China Sun Hat Suppliers

Designed for activities like Hiking, Backpacking, Kayaking, or anything when you’ll be out for an extended period. These hats protect from the sun’s rays. Hence its name. Aung Crown Caps and Hats Industrial Ltd is a high-quality Sun Hat supplier in China. Guangzhou Shahe Clothing Market is considered one of the best hat wholesale markets for sun hats in China.

6.Cowboy Hat

Wholesale From China Cowboy Hat Manufacturers

The round, curved brim and the pinched crown have made the cowboy hat the West’s most recognized piece. Zhejiang Shunpu Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd, was founded in Wenling, one of Cowboy’s best hat manufacturers in China. You can find great deals for Cowboy Hats in Guangzhou Thirteen Hongs of Canton hat wholesale market.

7.Floppy Hat

Importing Floppy Hat From China

A wide-brimmed hat that gives you grace from another time. It’s a feminine hat that women use as a protection tool before becoming a fashion accessory. Hangzhou Evergreen Clothing Market is a great hat wholesale market to look for a floppy hat.

8.Beret Hat

Wholesale Beret Hat From China

Made of cotton, wool, angora, fleece, knit, and basque. Beret Hats are great head accessories for women and even kids. Yangzhou YiHe Caps Co., Ltd is considered one of the most famous  hat manufacturers, specialized in Beret Hats. Xinhangpai Leisure Fushicheng is a great hat wholesale market to get beret hats.

9.Top Hat

Buy Top Hat From China

Also called a Topper, A top hat is a tall, flat-crowned Hat for men. It is associated with Formal Wear and Western Dress Code. Putian Jizhi Trade Co., Ltd is a great manufacturer for the Top Hat. You can find great deals for Top Hats in Huanbei Small Commodity Market.

10.Cocktail Hat

Wholesale Cocktail Hat in Bulk From China

Small, Extravagant, and typically brimless hats for women. Cocktail Hats are components of evening wear intended as an alternative to large-brimmed hats. Yiwu LongfaShijia Industry and Trade Co, Ltd. It is considered an outstanding hat manufacturer of Cocktail Hats in China. Xinhangpai Leisure Fushicheng is a hat wholesale market, which you can get Cocktail Hats.

Wholesale Hat From China and Save You Cost Up To 50%

Product Sourcing

Hat Product Sourcing

Leeline’s professional product sourcing services can sources products that are cheaper and of high-quality, which surely will make you have higher profit margins.

Factory Audit

Hat Factory Audit

 It is very necessary to have a further understanding of the cooperating factories, which can greatly solve our time and later communication costs and avoid some hidden product quality risks.Leeline can help you understand the cooperating factories more deeply.

Product Inspection

Hat Product Inspection

 Leeline can perform one-to-one product quality testing before the product is shipped.

Amazon FBA Prep

Hat Amazon FBA Prep

Leeline ships all of your products to the warehouse that they have with Amazon as the first step. They then start implementing the quality tests on each product. They can even send photographs or video inspections of your products.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Hat Shipping To Amazon FBA

Leeline helps you ship goods from China to your address in any country or Amazon warehouses and handle all import & export processes.


Hat DropShopping

You will get the best drop-shipping service with high-quality products and low prices. 

Why Choose Leeline To Wholesale Hat From China

  • Leeline assists you by relieving you from the complex purchasing process.
  • Leeline will inspect your products for you. We have various product quality inspection services that will ensure that they are top-quality products before being shipped to your doorstep.
  • Leeline offers FBA Prep Service to help you prepare yourself and your products before starting to sell them.
  • Leeline also has various logistics solutions, in addition to great conventional shipping methods.
  • Leeline provides One-to-one product quality testing before the product is shipped.
  • Passing Leeline’s factory audit can guarantee you to do business with high-quality Chinese suppliers.

Best 10 China Hat Manufacturers



Company Overview

Yiwu Evergrowing Cap Co., LTD, with over seven years of experience in the manufacturing industry, is excellent, trusted, verified by the SGS inspection group, and obtains the CE and SEDEX certifications. Overall an ideal place to get your hats. It resides in Zhejiang, China.


Main Products

This manufacturer provides you with one of the best quality, Baseball caps, Snapback Caps, Bucket Hats, Truck Caps, Military Caps, and even Ivy Caps. You name it; they produce it.


Why choose Yiwu Evergrowing Cap Co., LTD?

As mentioned before, this manufacturer has over seven years of experience in this industry. They also produce high-quality hats. You can find it all here.

2.Zaoqiang County Beimei Fur Co., LTD

2. Zaoqiang County Beimei Fur Co., LTD

Company Overview

Zaoqiang County Beimei Fur Co., LTD is a great manufacturer that produces, inspects, and exports fur garments. They are responsible for importing/exporting their products. They have over five years of experience. Located in Hebei, China.


Main Products

This manufacturer makes anything related to fur, including:

  • Fur Men’s Hats
  • Fur Women’s Hats
  • Fur Snapback Hats
  • Fur Ivy Hats
  • Fur Berets


Why Choose Zaoqiang County Beimei Fur Co., LTD?

Because they make top quality fur products, and their main markets are all over the world. They have markets in North America, Middle East, Oceania, Africa, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America. So the trade capabilities are excellent.

3.Xiongxian Haixing Headwear Co., LTD

3. Xiongxian Haixing Headwear Co., LTD

Company Overview

 Xiaongxian Haixing Headwear Co., LTD, located in Hebei, is an experienced manufacturer infamous small merchandise base. They make custom hats according to customers’ requirements.


Main Products

They make anything related to hats, from baseball caps, to fashion caps, to children caps, to berets, to snapback caps, to top hats, to cowboy hats, In top quality.


Why Choose Xiongxian Haixing Headwear Co., LTD?

As a manufacturer with over 11 years of experience in this industry, Xiongxian Haixing Headwear CO., LTD is a famous, trusted, top-quality providing manufacturer recommended by many people.

4.Dongguan Ying Zhong Garments Company Limited

4. Dongguan Ying Zhong Garments Company Limited

Company Overview


Dongguan Ying Zhong Garments Company Limited, with over six years of experience, is one of the best manufacturers for caps, hats, Headwear in general, and other clothes. The headquarters resides in Guangdong, China.


Main Products

The company specializes in manufacturing men’s hats, women’s hats, berets, cowboy hats, snapback hats, and trucker hats. They deliver high-quality products.


Why Choose Dongguan Ying Zhong Garments Company Limited?

With over six years of experience and more than ten production lines, This company produces excellent Headwear and clothes. Their markets are around Western Europe, Southern Europe, Nothern America, South America, Middle East, and Africa.

5.Tongxiang JS Fur Co., LTD

5. Tongxiang JS Fur Co., LTD

Company Overview

Tongxiang JS Fur Co., LTD is a fur hats factory with more than six years of experience in the industry. They have a total of 50 employees. Their primary markets are North America (70%) and Western Europe(30%).


Main Products

This factory specializes in making fur products out of real raccoon fur, fox fur, and fake fur if requested. They make anything from Knit Hats to Caps, Bucket Hats, Top Hats, and Cowboy Hats.


Why Choose Tongxiang JS Fur Co., LTD?


Tongxiang JS Fur Co., LTD is a quality-driven manufacturer, delivering top-quality products made of real fur. They can also custom-make your hats however you choose to have them. Their products are quite a lot, and there is a variety to choose from them.

6.Shenzhen Aung Crown Industrial LTD.

6. Shenzhen Aung Crown Industrial LTD.

Company Overview

Shenzhen Aung Crown Industrial LTD, designing, manufacturing, and selling caps around the world. The company has over 21 years of experience (Established in 1999) in Guangdong; This manufacturer specializes in making various hats and Headwear overall.


Main Products

A great manufacturer with 200 employees, making a variety of products for you to buy. They make everything from Snapback Caps, to Baseball Hats, to Beanies, to Cowboy Hats. They can also make your design and artwork at your request.


Why Choose Shenzhen Aung Crown Industrial LTD?

Shenzhen Aung Crown Industrial LTD is a manufacturer with more than 21 years of experience, as mentioned. They offer a variety of products, and can also make your design at your request. They control quality from material selection to printing, sewing, packing, and final shipment. 

7.Shenzhen Hexing Hatter Co., LTD.

7. Shenzhen Hexing Hatter Co., LTD.

Company Overview

Shenzhen Hexing Hatter Co., LTD, is a headwear manufacturer with over 12 years of experience. They are residing in Guangdong, China. They opened up in 2008, with 50 employees. They work in Domestic Market(20%), Oceania(17%), and South America(17%). They specialize in making and marketing their caps.


Main Products

With 15 million pieces as their product capacity, they offer a variety of Headwear. They sell Snapbacks, Dad Hats, Trucker Caps, Sports Caps, and Baseball Caps as well. They can also make custom products at your request. 


Why Choose Shenzhen Hexing Hatter Co., LTD?

The company has over 12 years of experience making Headwear. This manufacturer provides top-quality products. They specialize in sewing, molding, finishing, and ironing their products. They also have high technology facilities that they use in making their products.

8.Hengxing Caps & Garments Co., LTD.

8. Hengxing Caps & Garments Co., LTD.

Company Overview

Hengxing Caps and Garments Co., LTD is a well-experienced headwear manufacturer residing in Hebei, China. With more than 23 years of caps-making experience. They are excellent in this field. 


Main Products

With over 23 years of experience, this manufacturer makes various caps, including, Baseball Caps, Snapback Caps, Five Panel Caps, Knitted Caps, Cowboy Hats, and Top Hats. 


Why Choose Hengxing Caps & Garments Co., LTD?

The manufacturer is very experienced in this field, having a 23-year experience time. They make high-quality products, and they supply famous brands like BOY from England, Grand Schene from Australia, Young Wild EURL from France. They also do strict tests on their products before leaving the factory, ensuring that you get your top-quality hats and caps.

9.Xiongxian Kaixin Cap Co., LTD.

9. Xiongxian Kaixin Cap Co., LTD.   

Company Overview

Xiongxian Kaixing Cap Co., LTD is a hat manufacturer with eight years of experience in the industry. Their main headquarter is in Hebei, China. Its primary markets are North America with 53% of sales, Western Europe with 15% of sales, and Oceania with 10% sales.


Main Products

This hat-making manufacturer specializes in top-quality caps, having a variety to choose from them. They make from Beanies to Trucker Caps, to Baseball Caps, to Bucket Hats, to Snapback Caps, to Cowboy Hats, to Cowboy Hats, and so on.


Why Choose Xiongxian Kaixing Cap Co., LTD?

Xiongxian Kaixing Cap Co., LTD is one of China’s best headwear makers and exporters, making many hats. They deliver top-quality hats and caps to your doorstep. They inspect their products strictly before leaving the factory to be distributed. They always offer competitive prices as well.

10.Zhenjiang To Beauty Co., LTD.

10. Zhenjiang To Beauty Co., LTD.

Company Overview

Zhenjiang To Beauty Co., LTD is a headwear manufacturer, making and exporting them to the outside world. They reside in Jiangsu, China, with 200 employees. Their three main markets are Central America with 40% sales, Western Europe with 30 % of sales, and Eastern Europe with 20 % sales.


Main Products

The company specializes in making Headwear in available accessories but specializes in Headwear like Snapback Caps, Top Hats, Cowboy Hats, Berets, Head Bandanas, Gold Caps, and Baseball Caps. 


Why Choose Zhenjiang To Beauty Co., LTD?

Zhenjiang To Beauty Co., LTD is a great manufacturer, producing top-quality headwear. They can make custom-designed hats and caps as well, at your request. They can also earn free samples for you to try with your design on them.

Best 5 Hat Manufacturers In US


1. Pitbull

Company Overview

Pitbull Cap Company, established 20 years ago, in 2000. They produce high-quality Headwear for their customers. Their headquarters are in Houston, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Their stores cover these three cities as they are their birthplace.


Main Products

Pitbull Cap Company has various Headwear that they produce with quality, such as Trucker Mesh, Snapback, Unstructured, Fitted, Strapback, Hoop and Loop, Knit, Bucket, Visor, and Cadet Hats.


Why Choose Pitbull Cap Company?

The company has over 21 years of experience; Customers trust Pitbull Cap Co with its top-quality products. They are well known in the headwear industry and adored by customers. You are guaranteed to have an excellent effect that you will surely love if you buy from Pitbull Cap Company.

12.Cap America

2. Cap America

Company Overview

 Located in Fredericktown, MO, United States, Cap America has 160 total employees. The manufacturer specializes in making top-quality headwear, with over 35 years of experience, since 1985. 


Main Products

 The manufacturer offers a wide variety of top-quality caps and hats, ranging from Snapback Caps, Cowboy Hats, Knits, Berets, Baseball Caps, and Top Hats.


Why Choose Cap America?

Cap America has over 35 years of experience in making top-quality hats and caps. It is also one of the best hat manufacturers and suppliers in the area of the United States of America. They also have a wide variety of hats that you can choose from them. They make custom headwear at your request as well.

13.Wisconsin Knitwear USA

3. Wisconsin Knitwear USA

Company Overview

Wisconsin Knitwear USA originated in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and then moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It has over 75 years of experience as The owners established it in the 1940s. It is now one of the leading original and custom-made knit hats in the United States of America.


Main Products

 As the company’s name already says, they specialize in making original and custom-made, top-quality Knits. 


Why Choose Wisconsin Knitwear USA?

One of the biggest reasons to choose your manufacturer is their time of experience in this industry. And this manufacturers’ age shows how experienced they are, with over 75 years of experience in the industry. They produce top quality products, which proves over the years. They make your Knits as you request them to be, any color and any shape.

14.Unionwear (Union made in the USA)

4. Unionwear (Union made in the USA)

Company Overview 

Unionwear is one of the leading manufacturers of hats and caps in the United States of America. Established in 1992, with over 28 years of experience, this company makes some of the best custom-made hats and caps for you to buy.


Main Products

The company focuses on the customer’s requests. That means as you order, they create. They make everything from Baseball Caps, to Trucker Mesh Hats, to Dad Hats, to Winter Knits, to 5 Panel Hats.


Why Choose Unionwear?

Unionwear has one goal in sight: to see the words “Made in the USA” on most of the clothes one more time. They provide quality along with value to the customers. When you buy from Unionwear, you will be supporting a good cause, Because the company uses some of its revenue to help families and recycle dollars. 

15.American Hat Company

5. American Hat Company

Company Overview

American Hat Company, which was first a hat store on Main Street in Houston, Texas, in 1915, was and still is the best and only waterproof straw hats manufacturer in the United States of America. Having over 105 years of experience in the industry, in Bowie, Texas, resides the best Cowboy Hat manufacturer in the United States of America.


Main Products

American Hat Company specializes in making Cowboy Hats; they do every type of Cowboy Hats that ever existed. From Minnick to A-Cattleman, to CHL, to Gus, to Open, to Quarter Horse, to Telescope, and so on.


Why Choose American Hat Company?

As one of the oldest hat companies ever in the United States of America, and the only manufacturer that makes waterproof straw hats, they provide customers with great quality products. They make every single Cowboy Hat ever invented.

Best 5 Hat Manufacturers In UK

16.SSP Hats & Accessories

1. SSP Hats & Accessories

Company Overview

SSP Hats & Accessories, established in 1987, with over 33 years of experience, is a great manufacturer of Headwear, caps, and hats in the United Kingdom, resided in Heath Road, Skegness, Lincolnshire. They produce hats of high quality, at great and competitive prices. They have the widest variety of hats in the United Kingdom, with speedy next-day delivery.


Main Products

As mentioned before, SSP Hats & Accessories offers a wide variety of Headwear, such as Flat Caps, Baseball Caps, Sun Hats, Ski Hats, Berets, Country Hats, and Straw Hats.


Why Choose SSP Hats?

SSP Hats & Accessories offers a wide variety of products, as mentioned before. They produce top-quality products at a great and competitive price. They even make custom hats at your request. And They have a next-day delivery.


2. Michael

Company Overview

Michael is a great hat manufacturer residing in London, United Kingdom. They have been making top-quality hats for over 24 years. They have great wholesale bargains as well.


Main Products

They specialize in producing accessories, mainly hats. They offer various hats, like, Beanies, Russian Hats, Cowboy Hats, Sun Hats, Floppy Hats, and even Pork Pie Hats.


Why Choose Macahel?

Macahel is a great manufacturer for Retail Customers, Market Traders, and Bulk Buyers who own Shops or Online Stores. They provide quality products at a great, competitive price. They also make custom orders to please their customers.

18.Xpose Limited

3. Xpose Limited

Company Overview

Xpose Limited is one of the leading manufacturers of hats in the United Kingdom. Located in Manchester, with over 90 years of experience in the industry, Xpose Limited makes excellent quality products and sells them at a very competitive price.


Main Products

The company specializes in making winter headwear, like Beanies, Berets, Head Bandanas, Headbands, and top hats.


Why Choose Xpose Limited?

Xpose Limited has over 90 years of experience in the industry of producing hats. That makes them one of the leading companies, delivering top-quality headwear for customers. They also offer competitive prices, which is always a plus.

19.SL Black Label

4. SL Black Label

Company Overview

Established in 1947, SL Black Label is the United Kingdom’s leading headwear supplier, producing quality products for promotional and leading global retailers. The companies main headquarter is located in Essex, UK.


Main Products

SL Black Label makes everything from Snapback Hats, to Melton Hats, to Mesh Trucker Hats, to Suede Hats, to Tactile Hats, to Sun Hats, to even Pigment Hats.


Why Choose SL Black Label?

SL Black Label delivers their orders precisely as specified. They are never late on deliveries, which people proved by testimonials. They provide top-quality headwear at a low and competitive price. They offer a one-stop-shop for all the Headwear you need.

20.FAILSWORTH Hats Limited

5. FAILSWORTH Hats Limited

Company Overview

The company was founded in 1875 under ‘Maypole Hat Works ‘and moved to Claremont Street, Failsworth, Manchester, in 1881. Then they changed the name to Failsworth Hats Limited in 1940.



Main Products

Failsworth Hats Limited has a wide variety of hats, such as Ascot Caps, Akubra Hats, Balmoral Bonnet, Beanies, Baseball Caps, Berets, Boater Hats, Bowler Hats, and Bucket Hats.


Why Choose Failsworth Hats Limited?

Failsworth Hats Limited makes the best quality hats and Headwear overall in the United Kingdom. They offer great deals for Wholesalers and Bulk Buyers. Their delivery time is always on point and might even come earlier than requested. Overall, Failsworth Hats Limited is one of the leading hat companies in the U.K. and is trusted to buy from them.

Leelines is the Best Choice to Ship Hat from China

Hat Sea Freight Shipping from China

Hat Sea Freight From Shipping

Sea freight is well suited for the shipment of goods in bulk. The items that are of the more significant volume ship through sea lines.

Hat Air Freight Shipping from China

Hat Air Freight From Shipping

Since air routes are all over the world, Air shipping is the fastest and most effective way of shipping products. This particular shipping method is safe and time-saving.

Hat Rail Freight Shipping from China

Hat Rail Freight From Shipping

Rail shipping is the best option for goods traders. It provides easy and economic convenience and can reach any city that has railway tracks. 

Hat Door to Door Shipping from China

Hat Door to Door From Shipping

Door-to-door shipping is a convenient and quick method for shipping products if items are not in bulk.

How To Buy Hat From China: Super Guide


Do you plan on investing in a wholesale hats business any time soon? 

Do you want to start importing hats from China?

If so, no need to worry. Leeline has all the answers for you. These are some things that you need to keep in mind.

  • Any type of Hat is beneficial and a part of our everyday life.
  • People use these hats and Headwear everywhere across the globe.
  • The popularity of the trendiest and yet affordable caps rise by the day.
  • If you would like to start a hat business, importing from China can be way too
  • beneficial.
  • The Chinese trade market has grown to unbelievable heights.
  • China has the most versatile manufacturers of hats and other products with the most reasonable prices.
  • Why Import Hats from China?

If you are starting a new wholesale business, Importing products from china is the way to go, for a variety of reasons of course,

Hat 1

  • The prices of hats in China are pretty much the lowest, so you will be making a great profit margin, which leads your business to success.
  • Importing hats from china is very easy, whether you will import on your own, or even outsource the services to a sourcing company, Like Leeline.
  • There are manufacturers for every single hat you can imagine in China. These are also good manufacturers and wholesalers. They provide top-quality hats as mentioned before. And all of this for really low price rates, which you can make a great profit out of.
  • How to ship hats from China to your doorstep?

There are four forms of product shipping from China to anywhere in the whole wide world. These forms are:

  • Sea Freight Shipping

This is the most common way of shipping products in and out of China. If you are looking for an affordable and efficient way to import your products, Sea Freight is the way to go.

  • Air Freight Shipping

This method of shipping products from China is also quite popular. It is a great way to use if you are shipping high-value, small shipments. It is also known to be quite fast in delivery, so if you are looking for less time to wait, this is the method that we recommend you choose.

  • Rail Freight Shipping

Rail Freight Shipping is often used for bulk products and goods. It is used if your shipment is large and heavy. You can avoid the long shipping times from the Sea Freight Shipping, or the very high cost of the Air Freight Shipping by using the Rail Freight method, it is quite efficient.

  • China Courier Services

If you want to avoid a long time of shipping with Sea Freight, a high cost of Air Freight, and you will not import products in bulk. This is the way to go. It is used to ship products that are fragile and delicate, on time without any hiccups.

  • Can you import hats that you purchased from different suppliers in one shipment?

Yes, you can! You will just need to inform the forwarder of your shipment about this, providing him with each suppliers’ information, including the shipment type and the supplier’s address. The best way to go on with importing products that were purchased from different manufacturers or suppliers is by booking pick and delivery services. This will help you get all of your products without any of them being lost or forgotten.

  • What is the best way to pay for shipping products from China?

There are two great methods to pay for the shipment charges of importing products from China, you can choose any method of:

  1. Paypal – This is the most common way to pay for products or services in China, It is also very safe and known around the world.
  2. Bank Wire Transfer – This is also a very popular way of paying for products or shipments from China.
  • Do you have to pay duties or taxes if you drop ship from China?

No, you do not. In drop-shipping, you are not the one who is responsible for the goods. You do not even get access to these goods. They get imported directly to the buyer or importer. The buyer is the person who is responsible for paying duties and taxes for the product that is purchased.

Hat 2

  • How to make sure that you get the best prices for products that are imported from China?


There are several things that you will need to do, in order to get products for lower prices.

  • Do not give too high of an order volume to the factory or manufacturer.
  • Do not fall for the sweet talk or nice hospitality of the manufacturers and factories, they will do anything to secure your business deal with them and their products.
  • You need to have decent communication skills to be able to negotiate the prices with the manufacturer or factory.
  • Generally, ask for the quantity-based pricing that the factory or manufacturer has, so you can work your way into negotiating from there.
  • Include in your contract that there will be no price changes whatsoever.
  • Ask them to send you samples of the products and act according to their reaction.
  • How to choose the right supplier to import from China?

There are two ways to choose suppliers and import products from China.

If you will go about this on your own, there are five main websites you will need to be looking at which are,

There are tons of china sourcing companies that can help you choose the right manufacturer, the right products, all the way till they ship them to your doorstep, or even to Amazon FBA

. Try Leeline Sourcing for this method.

  • What is the cheapest way to import Hats from China?

If you would like to import hats from China for cheaper prices, there are some steps we recommend you to follow. And these steps are:

  • Find a manufacturer or a wholesaler that you would like to buy your hats from.
  • Reach out to that manufacturer or wholesaler, and negotiate your way into buying and importing for lower prices.
  • Do not buy in bulk if it’s your first time working with this type of business.
  • Do not let suppliers talk you into buying large quantities of their product, saying that they can’t ship small samples.
  • Is it possible to obtain 30% profits through wholesale hats from China?

What makes you gain profit in the first place? 

Sale channels, an effective process, or low cost.

Out of the three, the most important are the two points – improved sales and low operating costs. Streamlining your business is critically essential for shortening the process of fulfillment and taking charge of the best prices. This will help you to become more competent.


The most appropriate method of finding Chinese hats and headwear manufacturers is through a sourcing company. The company you choose should have a professional website, online presence, a valid internet domain, email I.D., mobile number, and qualified employees.

It is also critically essential to find a business that has a stable network linkage to multiple producers and distributors in China. They must also utilize tools like WhatsApp, Skype, and Google Drive, and video sharing. This critical matter will ensure that you are updated with your business throughout.

  •  What is Yiwu Wholesale Market?

  • Yiwu wholesale market is considered to be one of the biggest, most variable wholesale markets in all of China.
  • You can pretty much find anything and everything in this wholesale market.
  • This wholesale market is open on every single day of the year, except for some Chinese holidays. Unlike the tradeshows which are only open twice a year.
  • You have the ability to just go in there and buy products that are ready to be sold if you are a retailer.
  • Yiwu wholesale market also has a shipping service, to your doorstep.
  • Yiwu wholesale market does not have any products related to well-known brands. This makes it easier if you are getting products to re-sell.
  •  Why is China considered the best place to import products to start a wholesale business?

For various reasons, China is considered the best place to import products to start a wholesale business.

Hat 3

Some of these reasons are:

  • Cheap Prices

China offers products at very low price rates. That makes you able to set prices a lot higher than they are sold in the market. You can also make great profit margins if you import from China.


  • Easily Customized Products

You can request custom products at anytime from pretty much all the manufacturers or suppliers in China. Just make sure that you have established a good relationship with them, given them your brand and logo, then it is so easy to make high profit margins from there.

  • Better Customer Service

Gathering the experience of most wholesale markets which import their products from China, we came to the conclusion that Chinese vendors have the best customer service agents, compared to the domestic manufacturers.

  •  What is the basic plan to use when importing from China for the first time?

There are some steps that you will need to follow in order to start a successful wholesale business, and these steps include:

  • Finding a good product

The first thing that you will need to do is find a product that you know is already selling in the market, you will find this as a hard step which you will need to brainstorm and do a lot of research in order to get through it. Most people in this very early stage of their business opening find this step really frustrating and overwhelming, but with focus and research you will get through it.

  • Finding a good supplier

This is the second step after you find a great, already-selling product. You will now need to find a good supplier to source your product from. You can find these suppliers and manufacturers on various sites like Alibaba and Made-in-china.com , or use a company like Leeline to sort this out for you.

  • Sell your first samples

Your first order of that winning product should be small, like 15 or 20 products maximum, now you will do some advertisements for this particular product and see if it sells well.

  • Scale your business

Assuming that you have validated your product and it sells well for the first samle that you have imported. Now you need to start importing this particular product in bulk or large quantities. Then what you would want to do is make a brand name for yourself, start labeling your brand.

Make sure to find a trustworthy sourcing agent like Leeline Sourcing.

Final Thoughts on wholesale Hats from China.

  1. Leelinesourcing.com
  2. Alibaba.com
  3. Made-in-china.com

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