Medical Gloves Wholesale From China

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Medical Gloves are a necessity for medical practitioners and students alike.

It is a widely used commodity being used across the world. A reason for its wide demand is that medical gloves are disposable.

After every use, medical gloves are disposed of properly and a new set is required for the next use. Medical gloves are used for surgical operations.

They help with diagnosis and handling samples. There are multiple production options available across the world for Medical Gloves.

However, China is one of the most major suppliers for these gloves.

Numerous industrialist units in China are manufacturing these medical gloves. These gloves are being exported to several countries across the world. China covers a huge demand for Medical Gloves across the globe.

If you are looking to import gloves from china to your country, this guide is a must-read for you.

The guide contains an account of how you can import medical gloves from China to your country. It also highlights important factors involved in the process.

Wholesale medical gloves from china

Wholesale medical gloves from china

China has a fair share of trade across the world. It covers most major manufacturing and supply needs for the world.

There is no imaginable commodity that is not being manufactured and sold from China. Wholesale Medical Gloves from china is a great way to get the best grade medical gloves.

China produces a wide range of Medical Gloves that can be used for various purposes. You can import these gloves at the best possible price.

And that too, without having to compromise on the quality. Top features that attract worldwide buyers to import wholesale medical gloves from China.

What are medical grade gloves?

In the Medical Field, you need to come across various situations. These situations might include getting involved with harmful viruses or bacteria.

This increases the chances of risk. You need to ensure that you are safe at all times. Hence, the need for medical gloves arise.

Medical Grade gloves are those that are certified to resist any form of viruses or bacteria. These gloves keep you safe from getting in touch with any type of harm while treating such patients. If you are examining some samples, you will need these gloves.

Or while treating an infected patient, these gloves prove to be the right protection. Medical Grade gloves need to be specially certified. Only specialized materials are used for their manufacturing. They have a high-level manufacturing process.

This ensures that they do not have any harmful materials that can worsen the condition of a patient. There are several types of medical gloves that are being used in the field.

These types depend on their application and the kind of disease/patient is being treated. If you are looking to have a deeper insight into the types of medical gloves and their applications. You should have a look at the following.

What type of medical-grade gloves

 There are several types of medical gloves being manufactured in China. These medical gloves are being sourced across the world for varying applications. If you are looking to wholesale medical gloves from China, this guide will be a great help for you.

These medical gloves are not only cheaper than most of the world but also of high-quality. Several types of medical gloves that you can source in wholesale from China are:

Wholesale Exam Gloves from china

China manufactures and supplies a wide range of Exam Gloves across the world. These exam gloves are needed by those medical practitioners or students that are more related to the examination process.

Also, those practitioners in the pre-diagnosis field require these exam gloves.

Exam gloves are mostly manufactured using Latex o Vinyl. It is of utmost importance that exam gloves are free of any contamination. They must have higher resistance against wear and tears.

Most of these gloves are disposable. Medical facilities require them in large quantity.  Hence, if you are looking to import wholesale exam gloves from China, the following might be considerable options for you in this regard:

Shenzhen Ruge Exhibition Co. Ltd

Shanghai Fangzheng Medical Equipment

Wholesale Surgical Gloves from china

Wholesale medical grade gloves from China have a great market overall in the world. If you are looking to increase your profitability, China is your first preference.

China has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and industry-friendly policies from the government. These allow you to source the best quality medical grade gloves at the best possible prices.

Surgical Gloves are considered to be the highest quality in medical grade gloves. Since surgical gloves are required by medical practitioners, these gloves are in demand.

Surgical gloves are preferred by surgeons and other health professionals. They are mostly dealing with blood, infections, or sharp tools being used in the surgery.

Hence, they need to have gloves that are not only of the highest quality but also to be free of any contamination. These gloves should also be durable and puncture-resistant.

Mostly Surgical Gloves are made of Nitrile. Nitrile is a substance that is well-known for being Protein and Latex free. It has the optimal level of durability. If you are looking to have the best surgical gloves imported from China, you must consider:

Guangzhou Hetian Medical Equipment Co, Ltd.

Surgical Gloves

Wholesale Latex Gloves from china

Latex Gloves are widely used in the medical field for several purposes. These gloves are probably the most commonly used gloves. They are popular among all the people that are working in the medical field. These Latex Gloves are necessary for everyone that is working in the medical field. They might be handling the patients, infections, medical samples or chemicals.

The most common reasons to use Latex gloves in the field are their sensitivity to touch and they are a great fit. These latex gloves are highly flexible and can be fitted to any size.

These are not optimal for dealing with patients, as these gloves can cause allergies. These gloves are also not recommended for surgeons. The best options for sourcing wholesale latex gloves from China would be:

Shenzhen Ruge Exhibition CO., Ltd.

Wholesale Vinyl Gloves from china

Vinyl Gloves are another type of medical gloves that provide moderate protection. These gloves are used for the professionals in the medical field who have interactions with the patients.

Vinyl Gloves are considered a moderate way to have protection against any bacteria. These are not as durable as Latex gloves but they are highly resistant to the chemicals. These Vinyl gloves are also soft and comfortable and you can use them for the long term.

These gloves are sensitive to the touch. Vinyl Gloves are usually made from PVC material for extended durability. To wholesale Vinyl Gloves from china, you should consider:

Hangzhou Xinrui Medical Device Co., Ltd.

Chiapack Ningbo Import & export Co., Ltd.

Latex Gloves

Wholesale Nitrile Gloves from china

Most surgical gloves are made from Nitrile. The reason for using Nitrile for surgical glove is that this material is highly durable. Also, it provides optimal protection while handling any type of sharp instrument.

Nitrile gloves are considered top-quality in the medical field. Nitrile gloves are protein, latex, and allergy-free. They are also resistant to any type of chemicals and punctures. If you are looking to source nitrile gloves from China, you must consider:

Energyco LTD.

Wholesale disposable medical gloves from china

Most medical gloves are disposable. Due to the nature of the work, these gloves are disposable. You should consider only disposable gloves for medical. Some materials are hard to dispose-off and may cause allergies.

China makes some top-quality medical gloves and distributes them across the globe. Due to higher demand, you might need to source wholesale disposable gloves from China. Hence, you must consider these suppliers:

Weifang Weyea Plastic Products Co., LTD.

Medical gloves certification

You might require certain certifications for medical gloves. Since these involve direct interaction with patients, there are high-standards of sanitary involved. To wholesale gloves from China, you need these certifications.

The certifications required may vary. They base on the regulations of each country. You should know about the regulations of country you want to import to. You must make sure that you are aware of these certifications’ requirements in advance. There are certain standards from ISO, and FDA that you must consider.

You should ask your supplier/manufacturer if their facility is capable of meeting the certifications.Some medical facilities might also ask for these certifications from you.

Medical Glove Selection Guide

While looking for wholesale medical gloves from China, you must know the market that you are targeting. The needs are different for each market and depend on the application these gloves are being utilized for.

Hence, you must be aware of all the factors involved. There are certain aspects that you can rely on to know which gloves to select while sourcing wholesale medical gloves from China.
These points will depend on:

Laboratories: Laboratories have direct interaction with patients and their samples. Hence, there are versatile applications for the medical gloves in laboratories. If you are looking to wholesale medical gloves for laboratories, you must consider Vinyl and Latex These gloves are of moderate build quality and comparatively cheaper.

Hospitals: There are different departments in a hospital and they might need more than one type of medical gloves. Hence, you need to communicate the needs effectively before making any decision. To wholesale medical gloves to the hospitals, you need all types. These include Vinyl, Latex and Nitrile.

How do you Verify Surgical Gloves Suppliers?

If you are looking to source wholesale surgical gloves from China, you should be aware of the possible scams. There are thousands of authentic manufacturers across China. They can help you source top-quality surgical gloves at the best prices. Also, there are some suppliers/manufacturers that pose to be authentic. However, they might not be.

If you are looking to verify the suppliers from China for wholesale surgical gloves, you must take care of a few things. The process might take some time but will save you from any inconveniences, or frauds in the future transactions. Some top ways to verify a supplier would be:

Factory Audit

If you can visit the manufacturing facility in person, you must do that. It will ensure that you are certain on the hygiene standards being followed to manufacture these gloves. Factory Audit will also enable you to have a better idea of the manufacturing ability of the company you are working with.


You should always conduct business with a company that has experience in the field. It is of high importance that you read the testimonials on their website. You also need to ask for feedback from organizations that they have worked within the past.

Quality Inspection

Quality inspection of the samples and products is highly important. You can hire your inspection specialist for this or get the services from a sourcing company. Sourcing companies such as Leelinesourcing can provide you with the quality inspection services.

Inspection Report

What is the Import Duty for medical gloves from China?

Import Duties are implied by the country you are importing any type of goods to. These duties may also vary based on the local state rules and other aspects.

To conduct wholesale gloves business from China, you must calculate all the import duties. Also, you might be able to get subsidized import duty rates, if you can prove these to be supplied for medical facilities.

To smooth the process, it is highly recommended for you to hire the services of a trusted sourcing such as Leelinesourcing. They will be able to advise you with the best solution to cut down on these costs.

To give you an example, these gloves come under HS CODE 401519 in the USA. Many states do not charge import duty on medical gloves that are used for medical facilities. However, there might be some state taxes for other applications of these gloves.

Which Documents do you need When Importing medical gloves from China?

You must require some documentation while importing medical gloves from China. These documents ensure that these gloves follow the required hygienic standards. These documents are also the right way to prove purchase of these products.

The documents required for Import may vary, depending on the country you are looking to have these medical gloves imported to. However, you might require some of the following documents to import medical gloves to China:

Factory Audit Certificate

You might require a factory audit certificate for the hygiene and other requirements. You should hire a sourcing company such as Leelinesourcing to get the factory audit certificate smoothly.

Proof of Purchase

Some countries might require you to produce proof of purchase while importing medical gloves to the country. If you are sourcing wholesale medical gloves from China, you must ask for the transaction receipt from the manufacturer.

Quality certifications

Quality certifications are the most important document that you will need to import these medical gloves to a country. Almost all countries have strict quality standards on the products being imported to the country. These quality certifications are provided to you by the manufacturer.

Quality certifications must be from an authentic and renowned body and have a complete account of the product. This includes a complete detail of products being used for manufacturing. Also, you might need quality inspection certificates.  


Which are the Top Medical Gloves Markets in China?

Several suppliers conduct their business online and you can easily source products from them while sitting at home. However, if you are looking to visit yourself and want to visit these markets in person, there are certain markets that you should consider.

These markets are filled with medical gloves suppliers/manufacturers and there are high chances that you can get these gloves at best prices. Some of the markets that you can visit in person to buy medical gloves in China are:

Yiwu Gloves and Mitten Market

Yiwu is one of the largest trading centers in China. It not only sources most of the small commodities to the world but is also well known for industries. These industries are located in the proximity. This ensures that you get the lowest prices across China on all the products including medical gloves.

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Yiwu Gloves and Mitten Market

Guangzhou Medical Gloves market

Guangzhou markets are also well known for sourcing medical gloves from China. If you want to source the best quality wholesale medical gloves from China, you must visit Guangzhou gloves markets.

These markets may have a slightly higher rate, but you can expect the top-quality products being available from these markets.

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How do you get Best Prices when Importing Surgical Gloves from China?

There is a high chance of profit margin while importing surgical gloves from China. Like any other product, china has an industry-friendly policy towards medical glove manufacturers as well. That allows you to source these gloves at the lowest possible prices across the world.

If you are looking to wholesale surgical gloves from China and want to get the best prices, you must consider these factors. The price you will get directly depends on these factors and you should keep them in mind before making any purchase decision:

Order Quantity

While dealing with the manufacturers/suppliers in China, you should always keep this in mind. The order quantity is inversely proportional to the price you will get.

Hence, you should consider asking your manufacturer or supplier for different order quantities. You can then settle the best price.


Manufacturers and suppliers are abundant in China. Hence, that gives you a lot of room to compare prices and quality. You should ask multiple suppliers and manufacturers for a quote and compare their prices to get the best possible price for you.


Nothing is fixed in Chinese markets, and certainly not the price. You can ask for the least possible prices from these suppliers and manufacturers.

Also, bargain the prices by comparing these prices with other vendors and suppliers. You never know what you may get, and there is no harm in bargaining. Try to bargain the price at least 35% before making any purchase decision.

Best Prices

What you should know when importing medical gloves from china

There are several things that you should be aware of before making any purchase decision. These Chinese manufacturers and suppliers are not all the same. There are several complexities involved while working with the Chinese suppliers. You need to take care of the following while importing medical gloves from china.

Conduct a Factory Audit

A factory audit is a must for all the important decisions. You might require a factory audit certification for importing these goods to your country. These certifications make sure that the right quality materials are being used for manufacturing.

Not all the suppliers are the same

If you are working with some suppliers in China for sourcing wholesale medical gloves to your country, you might have to reconsider. Some suppliers do not have a certain manufacturer. They work with several manufacturers. This way, you will have to give them a cut on your purchase that will ultimately hurt your profitability margin.

Deal with a trusted manufacturer

Not all the gloves that claim to be medical grade gloves are of high quality. You should always work with a trusted manufacturer that has good reviews. This will ensure that you are sourcing high-quality gloves that can be used in medical facilities.

Get help from a sourcing agent

You might not realize it, or are not aware of the fact but there are sourcing agents that can help you with the whole process. You can get help from a trusted sourcing agent such as Leelinesourcing. They will ensure that the whole process goes smoothly for you and you can source wholesale medical gloves from China.

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sourcing agent China 1

Can medical gloves Manufacturers offer Free Samples?

The answer to this question is variable and it depends on your manufacturer. If you are working with a trusted manufacturer, they will be happy to share a sample with you.

A trusted and authentic manufacturer will never refuse to provide you with a sample.

This is a safe practice and you should always ask for a sample from the manufacturer while sourcing medical gloves from China.

By asking a sample, you can not only check the authenticity of the manufacturer but also run a quick quality inspection.

How do you check the Quality of medical gloves from China?

There are several ways to check the quality of medical gloves from China. You can opt for any of these methods according to your convenience.

However, we recommend that you practice them all for the safest possible business. These quality checks might include:

Factory Audit

Factory audits are the best way to check the quality of a manufacturing facility. You should ask for a factory audit and an authentic supplier will be happy to let you visit. This will ensure that you can see what measures are being considered to make sure the optimal quality of the products.

Ask for Samples

You should ask for the samples of any product before making a purchase decision. Samples will ensure that you can run quality inspection and know what kind of quality you can expect from a manufacturer.

Quality Inspection

Before receiving the products, you should conduct a quality inspection. It is better if you hire a reputable third-party organization. This is the right way to ensure the quality of products.

Also, this way you can also save on the transit expense in case of any dispute and return the product before importing them.


While dealing with the medical gloves, you should ask your manufacturer for appropriate certifications. This way, you can have proper documentation prepared before importing these products to your country.

Management Certification

Top 10 medical gloves Suppliers in china 

If you want to source medical gloves from China, you are not short on options. You can find hundreds of suppliers across China that supply quality medical gloves in wholesale.

However, it is always better to compare and choose the company that will suit your needs best. Some of the top companies that can help you with sourcing wholesale medical gloves from China are:

1.EnergyCO., LTD.

EnergyCO., LTD is a leading manufacturer for most industrial and commercial products.

They are well known for their non-dangerous chemicals that are being used as raw materials and can help you with larger orders as well. They support several products including medical gloves, surgical masks and more.

2.Weifang WeYea Plastic Products Co., LTD.

Weifang WeYea plastic products are well known for their plastic packing bags and hygienic products. They follow leading industry standards.

They produce top quality gloves that can be used for surgical procedures and other medical applications. Being in business since 2000 allows them to manufacture large orders in a short span.

3.Hangzhou XInrui Medical Device Co., LTD.

They are another mass manufacturer for several medical supplies. Hangzhou Xinrui Medical Device co manufactures top-quality apparel and gear for medical purposes.

They can manufacture protective lab gowns, complete protective dresses, and surgical dresses. They also manufacture top-quality medical and surgical gloves.

Hangzhou XInrui Medical Device

4.Chinapack Ningbo Import & Export Cp., LTD.

Chinapack Ningbo is one of the oldest manufacturers for packing and other plastic products. They can manufacture top-quality medical gloves in China that comply with ISO standards.

If you are looking for a company with transparent processing, and the best quality, they are the one for you.

5.Wuhan Woohoo Co., LTD.

Wuhan Woohoo Co is the largest manufacturing plant in Wuhan Industrial area. They are capable of manufacturing huge order quantities within 15—30 working days.

The product range is really wide comprising Surgical face masks, gloves, and other protective gear.

6.Anhui Easyway Medical Supplies Co., LTD.

Anhui Easyway is a trusted name for medical supplies from China. They have a huge manufacturing unit with whooping capacity.

They provide a wide range of products including all kinds of medical-grade gloves for various applications.

Anhui Easyway

7.Guangzhou Pidegree Medical Technology Co., LTD.

They are the top manufacturer for medical equipment in Guangzhou industrial region. They can process large orders for any type of medical equipment including gloves.

8.Advance International Corp.

Advance International Corp is a dedicated manufacturing unit. They manufacture medical equipment and protective gear.

They have a wide range of options available to choose from including Latex Examination gloves, clear vinyl gloves and more.

9.Suqian Green Glove Col., LTD.

With most certifications and accreditations at their hand, they are one of the best choices if you are looking for quality medical gloves.

They are certified from most major bodies and provide organic medical gloves that are unmatched in quality across the world.

10.FLF GroupLimited.

FLF group is well known for handling a wide range of raw materials according to your needs. They can help you with any type of medical gloves. They are proficient with Vinyl, Latex, Nitrile and more.

FLF group

How leelinesourcing help you wholesale medical gloves from china

Leelinesourcing is the top sourcing company to help you with all your sourcing needs. If you are looking to import medical gloves from China and have no clue where to start from, we got your back. They will help you with the whole process from scratch.

The best part is about using Leelinesourcing is that there are no sourcing fees included. That means you can avail of the best sourcing services across China. You only need to pay some percentage of the actual value of goods.

They help you with locating the supplier and quality inspections. They can also help with warehousing, import and export documentation. Leelinesourcing is the best option for transportation as well.


China has the most industry-friendly policy in the whole world. If you want to source products from China, that is a wise choice.

However, you need to carefully go through this elaborative guide. It will help you to understand the depth of sourcing products from China. This guide contains all the information that you require while sourcing medical gloves.

You can wholesale medical gloves from China easily. You can also take help from the experts such as leelinesourcing to ease the burden for you.

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