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LeelineSourcing Find The Best Pen Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
  • The Leeline sourcing can help you source your desired wholesale pen.
  • Leeline can help you with hunting down the best pen manufacturers in China.
  • Leeline experts can perform the factory audit for you.
  • Leeline negotiates and initiates a deal on your behalf.
  • Leeline inspects all your sourced products one by one. 
  • Leeline manages secure and prompt delivery services for your shipment.

Best 10 Pen To Sell Online

1.Ballpoint Pens

Importing Ballpoint Pens From China

Ballpoint pens, otherwise known as biro, are an ink pen that dissipates ink through a metal ball at its nip point when strikes against any surface for writing. They were incepted in 1888 as a tidier version of dip ink pens. 

Shanghai, China, holds the reputation as a hub for the manufacturing and trading of ballpoints to some of the world’s leading markets.

2. Rollerball Pen

Wholesale Rollerball Pen From China

Rollerball Pens or also widely known as roller pens work as the bettered version of ballpoints. Unlikely ballpoint pens, the rollerball pens utilize water-based inks. They have much neater and wet pigmented stains when hit against a paper. 

These pens are available in the broader color pallet. Guangdong is the major supplier of Rollerball pens in the market of pen suppliers in China.

3. Fountain Pens

Buy Fountain Pens From China

Fountain pens are famous for their built—in reservoirs for ink. They have a long rubber tube that generally comes with a steel case. The steel cases help the user press the squeeze the reservoirs to create a vacuum so that the water-based ink is sucked in. 

Fountain pens come in a variety of ink reservoirs and designs. Shanghai has the best pen manufacturers in China.

4. Marker Pens

Wholesale Marker Pens in Bulk From China

Markers pens are of various kinds. Some of them are permanent, erasable, highlighters, and even sketch markers. However, they have the same built. Marker pens have a nib made up of hard felt material with an airtight cap, an ink reservoir made up of absorbent material, and a container to prevent the absorbent from drying out. 

Marker pens are widely used by several people, irrespective of their jobs. Zhejiang has the markets’ best wholesale pen.

5. Gel Pens

Wholesale From China Gel Pens Suppliers

Gel pens were invented in 1984. They are similar to marker pens when it comes to ink reservoirs.  Gel pens have a gel ink supply denser in nature that makes them the most pigmented within the range of other pens available. 

Gel Pens have a soft rubber grip slightly before the nib for a perfect grip. China pen factory produces most of the gel pens available in the local markets.

6. Stylus Pens

Wholesale From China Stylus Pens Manufacturers

A stylus pen, or general stylus, otherwise also gone by the name computing pen, is a type of pen used for selecting and drawing objects on the computer, just like any ordinary pen on paper. Stylus pens can let you make all the selections you used to using fingers previously and attempt them more accurately now. 

Stylus pens are better alternatives to a mouse and touchpad when working on touchscreen devices. Guangdong, China, leads in wholesale pen manufacturing.

7. Skin Pens

Importing Skin Pens From China

Skin pens are the kind that is used to draw anything for measurements or pinpoints on human skin. They are not common among ordinary people. Skin Pens are only used by professional cosmetic surgeons or by artists that cast tattoos on human bodies. 

Beijing is known for its tremendous skin pens production. Skin Pen manufacturers in China have highly professional skin pens.

8. Multi-Functional Pens

Wholesale Multi-Functional Pens From China

The multi-functional pens are used for a range of unique purposes but have the same built design. Usually used for promotional purposes, multi-functional pens have more than one colored ink reservoir within. They can either be ballpoint pens or highlighter marker pens. 

Any local markets can print on the prior manufactured multi-functional pens. They are generally manufactured in Zhejiang, China, pen factory.

9. Soft-Grip Pens

Buy Soft-Grip Pens From China

Soft grip pens come in various pen types, including gel pens and ballpoint pens. They have a rubber piece wrapped on the pen before the nib to have a more comfortable grip. The soft-grip pens ensure that less stress is required to write to prevent extra effort that goes into writing. 

Pen suppliers in China generally have a soft-grip installed on all their pens for a better comfortable writing experience.

10. Technical Pen

Wholesale Technical Pen in Bulk From China

Technical pens are used by professionals in the engineering and architectural fields. Their nibs range from 0.1 to 2.0mm, used to draw lines of constant equal width. They have ink cartridges that are either refillable or replaceable. 

Professional sets of technical pens are available in their diverse forms. Most of the technical pens are manufactured in the Zhejiang province of China.

You Need Leeline To Help Buy Pen From China

Product Sourcing

Pen Product Sourcing

Leeline agents can help you find your desired product, track the manufacturer down, sign a deal and get yourself those sourced.

Factory Audit

Pen Factory Audit

Factory audits can be a pretty drastic experience. Owing to Leeline, their agents audit the factory and negotiate profitable deals in your absolute absence.

Product Inspection

Pen Product Inspection

Their agents inspect the products on your behalf.

Amazon FBA Prep

Pen Amazon FBA Prep

Leeline also offers Amazon Prep services, where your sourced products are first labeled and photographed by Leeline.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Pen Shipping To Amazon FBA

To ensure our products safe and secure delivery, the Leeline ships to Amazon FBA, where they are kept secure and ready for shipping overseas to you. 


Pen DropShopping

Dropshipping was the primary concern of anyone sourcing from some other countries. But Leeline agents make it look way too easy with their professional work behavior.

Why Choose Leeline To Import Pen From China

  • Leeline sourcing company has some of the finest and experienced people working for them who help you source your desired products from China.
  • Leeline understands that every investment you make is important; therefore, their agents negotiate the prices beforehand. 
  • Leeline also provides an inspection report to be satisfied with the quality of the products you are sourcing. 
  • Leeline’s services save you from the hustle and time wastage of shipping.  
  • Leeline can help you cut down your shipping costs by up to 50%.

Best 10 China Pen Manufacturers

1.Tonglu Lisen Stationery Gift Co., Ltd.

1. Tonglu Lisen Stationery Gift Co., Ltd.

Lisen Stationery Gift‘s foundation dates back to 2015. Being in the industry for about a good time of 6 years, the company got the privilege of being on-site verified by one of the leading inspection companies, Intertek. The company has its headquarters based in Zhejiang, China.

Main Products

The company has a unique sense of design when it comes to its products. The material that they use for their pens usually includes plastic and metal. They mainly produce ballpoint pen, gel pen, highlighter pen, multi-function pen, multicolor pen, and recycle pen.

Why Choose Lisen Stationery Gift?

The company has just launched but has shown tremendous results within this short time. They have around 50 people working for them, all highly experienced individuals. They alone push 15,000,000 pieces of ballpoint into the market annually. Their services make them stand out in the pen suppliers China.

2.Easebon Products Co., Ltd.

2. Easebon Products Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2010, Easebon has been in the trade market for almost 11 years. They are highly professional when it comes to design and sales. They have their production houses located in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. The company has its marketing headquarters located in Shanghai.

Main Products

Mainly, the company is a trading company. But apparently, it does manufacture some of its own designs too. Their production lines help them produce anodized ballpoint pen, pencil, roller pen, fountain pen, light up pen, eco pen, and gift boxes. 

Why Choose Easebon

The company makes a turnover of 100 million US dollars annually. The company has quite a grip on the markets of North America, Western Europe, and China. They have a production capacity of 5 million pieces of pens and cater to all your business requirements of pens.  

3.Dongguan Tianyi Stationery Co., Ltd.

3. Dongguan Tianyi Stationery Co., Ltd.

Established in 2009 in Guangdong, China, the company Tianyi Stationery has gotten itself renowned as a major manufacturing company. They have also been verified by SGS groups and have product certification from RoHS and CE. The company also reserves the rights of 4 trademarks TIANYI, BIGTHUMBIOO, TIANYI, and YHG.

Main Products

This ISO9001 certified company is mainly involved in the manufacturing of pens. Their specialties lie in the manufacturing of marker pen, gel pen, ball pen, whiteboard pen, highlighter, auto vanishing pen, and water erasable pen

Why Choose Tianyi Stationery

The company holds a reputable position within the industry. They are quite renowned for their high-tech warehouses. The quality pens manufactured by them are of excellent quality. They offer exceptional services when it comes to the satisfaction of their customers. They have the most constructive reviews by the customer they have served. 

4.Ningbo FTZ First Stationery & Gift Co., Ltd.

4. Ningbo FTZ First Stationery & Gift Co., Ltd.

FTZ First Stationery & Gift is on-site verified by TÜV Rheinland, one of the world’s leading inspection companies. Established in 2014, the company has its head office located in Zhejiang, a province of China. The company exports 80% of its total production to America and Europe.


Main Products

The company produces 12 item lines, twice a year. The FTZ First Stationery & Gift produces the main products, including Promotional Pens, Ball Pens, pencils, Pen Package Boxes, Notebook, and Keychain. 


Why Choose FTZ First Stationery & Gift

The company extends commendable services towards its clients. They have highly equipped when it comes to production houses. They use the latest technology to produce about 4,000,000 Pieces of pens a month. Their work and commendable services make them famous among customers. 

5.Tonglu Logo Pen Co., Ltd

5. Tonglu Logo Pen Co., Ltd

Founded 7 years before as a trading company, the Logo Pen has stood tall since 2010 in the industry. The company has persisted when it comes to quick growth. Quality and improved development are their primary values. The company has its headquarters in the Zhejiang province. 


Main Products

They have devoted themselves to the company that produces some of the finest quality of pens. They produce writing instruments for promotional purposes too. The raw material used for their products is hard plastic and metal. Their main products include Ballpen and Eco pen.


Why Choose Logo Pen

The company maintains a good reputation as it exports to the main markets of Eastern Europe and North and East of America. The management of this company ensures that the customer’s requirements are met. That makes them a good choice to buys wholesale pens.  

6.Tonglu Rongsheng Pen Co., Ltd.

6. Tonglu Rongsheng Pen Co., Ltd.

The Rongsheng Pen is located in the Fengshui Town that is widely known for its pen production. The company was founded back in 2004 as a pen manufacturer. The company has dedicated its services to provide excellent quality pens to its customers. They also own above 10 production lines of their own. 


Main Products

The Rongsheng has all kinds of ballpoint pens, gift pens, gel ink pens, and advertisement pens. With above 10 production lines of their own, the company holds the power of manufacturing 1,500,000 Pieces of ballpoint pens a month.  They claim to have unbeatable prices in the market.

Why Choose Rongsheng Pen

The company under mention has years of experience in the trade market and has manufactured tons of batches within the given period. Having already traded in Southeast Asia, Oceania, and Europe, it holds an excellent reputation. They have succeeded in 101 transactions with a review rate of 5/5. 

7.Jinxian Huahao Writing Instrument Co., Ltd

7. Jinxian Huahao Writing Instrument Co., Ltd

Being verified on-site by one of the most renowned and influential inspection company SGS group, the company was established in 1995 as a manufacturing and trading company. It has been signing off trades ever since then. They have been producing certified by CE and own a trademark, Hua.

Main Products

With the above 10 production lines, the company has the production power of manufacturing 10,000,000 Pcs of pen annually. They manufacture all kinds of pens. Metal pens, metal ballpoint pens, roller pens, gift pens, metal touch pens, crystal pens, promotion pens, info pens, and pen gift sets are their specialty. 

Why Choose Huahao Writing Instrument

Having completed 554 transactions, they have accurate and prompt services and an excellent communication level with their clients. They keep expanding on new designs, take good care of their customers, and ensure they are satisfied with the end delivery and services. 

8.Guangzhou Jer Education Technology Co., Limited

8. Guangzhou Jer Education Technology Co., Limited

The company was established in the early months of 2010. Jer Education Technology is a No1 language laboratory pen manufacturing company in China. The company has been so involved in technological discoveries, starting from 3D pens and ranging all the way up to the 4th generation.


Main Products

With annual revenue of US$2.5 Million – US$5 Million, the Jer Education Technology is the biggest producers of 3D Pen, Language Laboratory Systems,  and 3D Printers. They, too, offer services of OEM and design services to their clients.

Why Choose Jer Education Technology

The company has praise-worthy delivery across the globe, products of quality, and competitive prices. The company has a significant impact on its clients, and they have long-term relationships with them. Their transactions and reviews within 5 years online are already showing results of their great services. 

9.Ningbo Wisdom Office Co., Ltd.

9. Ningbo Wisdom Office Co., Ltd.

This corporation was formed in 2014 as a manufacturing and trading company. They are taking a large part of China’s pen export business and leading the field. They also have a trademark that goes by Office Wisdom.

Main Product

The main products of Wisdom Office include Sticky Note, Notebook, Pen, Schoolbag, Folder File. All the products are certified by RoHS and CE. The company heavily relies on its efficiency and wisdom when it comes to the manufacturing of its products.

Why Choose Wisdom Office 

Office wisdom writes years of experience in the manufacturing business and equally on the trading side. They deliver premium quality products. The company possesses come to a diverse range of products that customers can choose from for sourcing. They certainly make them a good choice if you are looking to sign trade with China pen manufacturers.

10.Nanchang Xinghaopen Company Limited

10. Nanchang Xinghaopen Company Limited

Established in 1995, this 10th company has a wide range of pens that it manufactures. The company has its headquarters in Jiangxi, China. They hold certification by SGS, and they have firsthand inspected all the products. 

Main Products

With over 10 production lines, the company produces metal pens, metal ballpoint pens, roller pens, gift pens, metal touch pens, crystal pens, promotion pens, info pens, pen gift sets, etc. They also offer buyer labeled and design services to customized batches. 

Why Choose Xinghaopen Company

The company is so ancient when it comes to the manufacturing of pens. They have employees of about 50-100 worker force. They own a 3,000 sq. metered large production house. All their products are of commendable quality. They usually take less than 15 hours to respond to a query. 

Best 5 US Pen Manufacturers



Established in the early months of 2010, the Pound wholesale has increased in popularity across the globe. They are one of the oldest and reliable wholesalers in the UK. That source comes from the best pens from all the world’s leading brands and provides them further at comparatively lower prices and commendable quality. 

Main Products

Pound Wholesale has stocked a varied selection of pens from numerous international manufacturers. Their extensive pens collection includes ballpoint pens, marker pens, gel pens, permanent marker pens, jumbo marker pens, gel pens, fountain pens, and multi-functional ballpoint pens and highlighters. 

Why Choose Pound Wholesale? 

Pound Wholesale acquired 500 product lines within its initial year of launch and has more than 5000 product lines. They dramatically grew for their varied selection of best products and competitive rates in the market. They easily make it to the toper’s list of pen suppliers in the UK.

12.The Pen Warehouse

2. The Pen Warehouse

Started in late 1970, The Pen Warehouse was solely known as a wholesale supplier of promotional gifts. Shortly after, 1980, ten years later, the company raised to great heights due to their praiseworthy services in the supply chain and their in-house tremendous designs. 


Main Products

The Pen Warehouse still manages the reputation of being one of the leading suppliers of promotional writing equipment, pens. With a 400 plus product category to choose from, their pens range includes ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, fountain pens, gel pens and, mechanical pens.

Why Choose the Pen Warehouse?

Even though the products sourced by The Pen Warehouse are numerous in number, but the company has an in-house quality inspection team that inspects the sourced product to check if the quality is well suited to be added to their collection for other releasers. Their services make them highly professional wholesalers and reliable business traders.



Derived from a Japanese word, the name AJOTO represents the high-end-class. Grounding its position on the ground in 2011, the company still works on its core principle of manufacturing high-end writing instruments. The duo that founded the company roams worldwide to have their designs manufactured by some of the best manufacturers worldwide. 

Main Products

They have a unique line of pens made up of their raw material and left in their core appearances. The raw material is aluminum, brass, sterling silver and stainless steel. They also have very fancy editions of the pen, including start dust effects, gold plate, and classic designs. 

Why Choose AJOTO?

AJOTO manufactures and supplies its pens throughout the world. They utilize some of the best production houses for their production and then push them into the market once satisfied by the quality. They are probably among those few companies that are so dedicatedly working so that their customers receive an absolute quality product to resale. 

14.The Pen Company

4. The Pen Company

The Pen Company is the largest wholesaler of all the branded pens from some internationally renowned brands. The company was founded a few years back and ever since has drastically improved its services. The Pen Company is a family business and has its root in the UK. 


Main Products

The pens that the pen company sources are fountain pens, roller pens, ballpoint pens, multi-functional pens, and calligraphy pens. They source them directly from some of the well-known companies include Bentley pens, Caran de Ache, Faber Castle pens, Ferrari pens, and many similar others. 

Why Choose the Pen Company?

The Pen Company clearly states all the sourcing information and ensures that all the products are sourced from their original manufacturers. In case of any changes in the product appearance and product design variation, the company is held accountable. 

15.The Pen Shop

5. The Pen Shop

The Pen Shop has its name engraved from late 1858. They are one of the oldest manufacturers of writing equipment. Allan Family initially owned the company, and for about owning it 10 years, now the company is under The McClymont. They provide their services online and through their stores located in the UK. 

Main Products 

The Pen Shop has been manufacturing luxury pens for the longest time. Their production line includes ballpoint pens, fountain pens, rollerball pens, engraved pens, and pen sets. You can also find some pens from their collection and get them customized accordingly. 

Why Choose the Pen Shop?

Being one of the ancients in the manufacturing line makes them the center of importance in the UK. They have some sophisticated pen quality that remains unbeatable. Their services for over 163 years speaks volume about their work and why they are so commendable. 

Best 5 UK Pen Suppliers

16.A.T Cross Luxury Pens

1. A.T Cross Luxury Pens

The A.T Cross Luxury Pens is a USA-based manufacturing and trading company that has been in existence since 1846. They have shops throughout the state, and they also have associated brands that keep their products at their shops or selling points. The company glories their designs that still surpass all other brands. 

Main Products

Their writing equipment range from ballpoints, rollerball pens, fountain pens, pens and pencil sets, pencils, multi-functional pen sets, and gift sets of luxurious writing instruments.  

Why Choose A.T Cross?

The company still hails its founder Mr. Richard Cross and continues with his legacy to provide their customers with the best pens. The company focuses on quality more than the batches that they have to manufacture. That makes them the best companies in the USA to sign a trade.

17.Parker Pen

2. Parker Pen

Founded in 1888 by Mr. George Parker, the company remains unsurpassed in the manufacturing of writing instruments. The company had its headquarters in East Sussex, but later in 2011 was moved to France.  Long before, when some of the major pens, including our very famous ballpoint pens, were not even founded, the parker still had their fountain pen and ruled in the pen manufacturing industry. 

Main Products

Parker has a record of launching some of the most ancient and unique writing instruments into the market. Their main products include the famous Jointless, Jack Knife Saftey, Duo Fold, Vacumatic, Parker 51, Jotter, Parker 61, 45, 74, and many sophisticating designs. 

Why Choose Parker Pen?

Parker Pen is the most trusted and widely known brand with numerous outlets and resellers across the UK and USA, and other states. Their service years are unbeatable. That makes them one of the reliable manufacturers to trade with. 


3. Sharpie

Sharpie is a trademark of Newell brands. Even though Sharpie isn’t so old in the marker pen manufacturing industry, Newell has its route back from 1903. The company started by pushing a single marker set into the market but now is quite the known brand for their pens collection. 

Main Products

Sharpie is well known in the market for its first fiber tip colored pointers. Shortly after that getting a big hit in the market, Sharpie introduced marker pens and now has extended to pens. Sharpie produces gel pens with bleed-proof technology, high-performance roller pens, and their ever-hit, Felt tip pens. 

Why Choose Sharpie?

Sharpie comes from a group of industries under the banner of Newell brands. They are well trusted and among the oldest of USA’s finest manufacturing companies. Sharpie has pushed a few products but of the finest quality. Their products are affordable, and they make a good addition to your reselling business.


4. Sheaffer

Sheaffer is a USA-based pen and art supply company that has been operational since 1912. The company has its headquarters in Shelton, USA. They are among the renowned brands that produce luxury writing instruments. 

Main Products

Sheaffer is widely known for its graceful, luxurious pens for gifting purposes for self-use. They are also traditional ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, fountain pens, and their refills. 

Why Choose Sheaffer?

The company has been loyal to its core principles of ‘respecting the past and inventing future.’ They are the producers of some finest pieces of pens used by some of the very creative minds of that era. They continue their great work so the aspiring generation that is evolving into something better can utilize them. 

20.Dollar Days

5. Dollar Days

Dollar Days is the ideal wholesale company catering to the needs of writing instruments for deserving people. The company has been associated with a few renowned brands globally and has connected many nonprofit organizations that reach the Dollar Days for their caterings. 

Main Products

The company sources a bulk range of felt tip pens, novelty pens, gel pens, pen and pencil sets, retractable pens, and stick pens.

Why Choose Dollar Days?

Dollar days are the best to choose when sourcing pens and other writing instruments for business as charities supplier. They offer you super reasonable prices that make it easy for you to have your hands on the stock and further send it to nonprofit organizations in a process that does not disturb your investment. 

Leelines is the Best Choice to Ship Pen from China

Pen Sea Freight Shipping from China

Pen Sea Freight From Shipping

Sea Freight Shipping is the method where the consignments are shipped through sea routes. Leeline offers sea freights because they can easily move bigger consignments of pens that you might have sourced.

Pen Air Freight Shipping from China

Pen Air Freight From Shipping

Air Freight is the most urgent form where you cannot afford delay in your pens consignment shipments. The Leeline air freight shipping is comparatively expensive than another form of freights.   

Pen Rail Freight Shipping from China

Pen Supplies Rail Freight From Shipping

If your pen shipment is to arrive in a city, it is better to avail the rail freight offered by Leeline as shipping means.

Pen Door to Door Shipping from China

Pen Door to Door From Shipping

Door-to-door shipping is the best method for people that want the consignments delivered to their doorsteps.

How To Import Pen From China: Super Guide

Introduction About Importing Pens from China.

Have you recently been thinking much about starting a venture related to pens? Do you want to try your luck in the resale game because people quote they have profits? Has importing from China been on your search lists? If yes, continue to read, will you?

Pens are the widely used writing instruments that have been there since forever. Even though the designs and built quality have differed from each other throughout the time period, their procedures are the same.

China has the most flexible payment ways and a diverse collection of pens to choose from. Because importing pens from China can not only be of good quality, but they also have flexible rates.

How to Grow Business with Importing Pens from China?

Pen 1

What is Pens Business?

The Pen Wholesale business is one of the most booming businesses across the globe. The statistics showed us a proper graphical representation of how much the company had grown and profited.

The procedure to source any sort of pens or any other material from anywhere can be quite challenging work. But proper expertise and guidance regarding importing pen from anywhere in the world can prove to be a lot beneficial for you.

A business that is dependent on pens can prove to be extremely profitable for you. The world has a wide range of pens that differ from each other on every level. They also have various price ranges. Pens are used by almost everyone, irrespective of the area of life.

What are the Benefits of Importing Pens from China?

There are various benefits associated with importing pens from pen manufacturers in china.

The most prominent benefit of importing pens from China is that they have unsurpassed designs from very basic everyday use pens to luxurious writing instruments. They remain unbeatable in their quality and product durability.

The one fact that still weighs down a lot of other benefits is their affordable prices. That leaves an enormous gap of profit margin for you in this business while importing in bulk. When you can source products at a comparatively lower price range, you can further sell them at your desired rates.

Who Uses Pens?

If it is to be wrapped up in a one-line answer, it must be ‘Everyone does.’ Because the pen is the writing instrument used by everyone, ranging from school students to every single adult in the whole wide world.

Almost every other individual uses the basic ballpoints and rollerball point pens. Artists use marker pens. Technical pens have engineering and technical personnel using them. You can use light pens on every touch surface that reacts to light.

How to Choose the Best Pen Manufacturer?

Importing pens from across the globe can be dubious and risky. It is essential to have your homework done before signing a trade. There a few steps that you can take to ensure about the manufacturers to some extent.

  1. Check for the years of experience. Not that you can not trust recently established, but old companies do have the reliability factor.
  2. Check The reviews. Reviews play a crucial role in the selection of a pen manufacturer. Check the negative reviews and the reason behind them.
  3. Go through their company profiles. Check if the information provided looks dubious.
  4. Ensure your product availability. Always check if the product that you require is available in their product lists.

Pen 2

How to Negotiate with China Pens Supplier?

Here are a few steps that are to be taken while negotiating for a fruitful deal.

    • Do the digging. If you are sourcing a product, look into the market and know what you are dealing for.
    • Offer first. Do not ask for random prices. Go for a strategic approach. Offer your deal and wait for the reply.
    • The supplier holds an immense position. If he insists on something, do not force him.
    • Have a back loop. If you have done the homework and know about your product, and realize the price you offered cannot be fixed, try to loop back and agree to the supplier on a certain mid-ground.

If the supplier has rigid grounds, leave. Negotiation takes both parties to have a ground for profit. But If the supplier is too firm on the fact, choose another. There are many pen manufacturers in China.

How to Ship Pens from China?

You can source pens in many ways. They can be shipped via:

  • Rail freight
  • Airfreight
  • Sea freight
  • Door to door shipping

How to Sell Pens Online to Earn Money?

For the last few years, reselling imported items has played a vital role in people’s constructive growth as a business owner. It is not easy, but once gotten in a flow, the business can open gates for so many possibilities.

You can sell pens that you have sourced from across seas online. All that you have to do is have them shipped in bulk. Get creative and have them photographed and labeled. And then upload to any forum that you think can prove to be beneficial. You can get them uploaded on a social media platform and share them among groups used for selling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Importing Pens in Wholesale Profitable? Very much so! Pens are the most widely used writing instrument. There is no single person on the face of the earth that has not once used a pen or does not use it every day. Therefore, sourcing equipment or a chain of equipment that is so widely used can benefit you enormously.

Pen 3

On another note, importing generally used pens like roller and ballpoints has a good market grab. You can import pens in bulk and have them resell from your shelves and keep the profit. Or you can also import unique luxurious pens that too attract people.

To sum up, importing a pen wholesale is very profitable.

Is China a Good Place to Import Pens from?

China has actually ‘earned’ its place in the trade market. For the longest time now, the markets of China have been trusted by billions of people in the business that turn towards them for sourcing any product that they want to add to their business.

China offers two greatest advantages that no other trade market in the world offers; affordable prices and quality products. There is no doubt that Chinese pen suppliers cannot cater to your needs if you want to import pens from China.

What Documents do You Need to Import Pens from China?

Many countries in the world look up to China for trade. Every country has set up some rules and regulations for their citizens to trade with Chinese suppliers. If you are importing, you might want to have a set of documents with you.

  • An invoice of your purchased goods from the exporter himself.
  • Bills of Sourcing companies, if used any.
  • Invoices of charges you paid for the shipment.
  • Trade declaration that verifies your legal trade
  • Import license

However, the document requirement can differ from region to region. It is better to visit your embassy for insights.

What is the Best Way to Import Pens from China?

There are a few options that generally are used to import items from China. The most common among them are air freight, rail, and sea.

Since pens, comparative, hold a smaller space even when importing in bulk. You can use rail freights if the sourcing parties require economical delivery. However, the best suitable way can be through air freight. It can be expensive, but the delivery would be pretty quick with no fear of damaging fragile items.

How to Source and Contact Pens Suppliers from China?

The Alibaba suppliers list can provide you with all the details you might require about a certain supplier when sourcing products from them. Search for your product on Alibaba and choose the supplier that best interests you.

If even not sure, you can ask Leeline agents to connect you to some of China’s most reliable companies that can supply pens in bulk.

How to Import Pens from China?

To have pens imported from China, here are a few steps that you might want to register.

  • Prepare your documentation for importing from China.
  • Search for your desired product online and know about the range their process lies.
  • Search for a supplier or manufacturer.
  • Let your supplier know your wants and then propose a deal.
  • Have your production and delivery timeline discussed?
  • Select your shipment method.

Final Thoughts on Wholesale Pens from China

Pens are undoubtedly the most basic of the writing instrument and used by almost the total population. Pens are economical if too basic and can cost up to some hundred dollars if expensive.

When you source an economical product in bulk through wholesale, the prices stoop unbelievably low. And that factor alone gives you an enormous gap for profit. So if you have a certain amount that you want to invest in something that will turn out to be fruitful really quickly, sourcing pen at wholesale rates would just be it.

Find yourself a supplier or a manufacturer that is reliable enough to hold on to the end of the bargain and provide you products of good quality; you are all set for your import and reselling business.

Import From China

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