TOP 20 Sourcing Agent Company in China

When a small-and-medium-sized company looking to source products from China for the first time, there is a wide variety of things about the Chinese market you have to fully take into account. A deep understanding of these things will give you an edge when sourcing products from China.

Lots of business startups are flooding into China to source their products for the advantage it has. As the main manufacturer of industrial products, China always produces good products at relatively low costs. The prices are cheap, while the quality is quite good. They want to take these advantages and maximize their profits for the huge discrepancy. 

New players in the Chinese market need help when sourcing products from China, this is due to the diversity of products in the market, language and culture barrier, and the business practices. They constitute a major stumbling block for new foreign buyers.

It is important for a  buyer to create a good relationship with the suppliers. But as a new buyer in the market, with no experience whatsoever of the Chinese business culture, the most effective way is to resort to a reliable sourcing company.

Get yourself a good sourcing agent, or company in China to handle your sourcing process.

What are a sourcing company and a sourcing agent?

TOP 20 Sourcing Agent Company In China

A sourcing agent is an individual either working freelance or with a company, that help companies abroad import products from China. As a new player in the Chinese importation business, a sourcing agent can be a vital tool in your product procurement process.

There are numerous ways a purchasing agent can help you in your product procurement process from China, they are:

• Finding products and suppliers:   A good sourcing agent will help you find suppliers for any product you desire to import from China. They will help you locate new suppliers, and look for the best manufacturers to manufacture your products.

• Audit existing suppliers: Before handing over your production contract to any manufacturer, you need to know if they are financially stable enough to handle the project. If you’re not in China the best person to do that for you or your company is a sourcing agent located in China.

• Manage negotiations and draft agreements:  A sourcing agent will be your legs on the ground during contract negotiations. They will help in the contract negotiation with the suppliers and help draft agreements when the terms have been agreed upon.

• Perform factory inspection and quality control:  A sourcing agent will help you in the factory inspection process, to help you check if the factory has the capacity to produce, and after the production process they will help check the quality of the manufactured products.

• Manage shipping and logistics:  Managing the importation process requires your time and attention. The sourcing agent on the ground will help you manage the whole shipping and logistics process.

A sourcing company, on the other hand, will do what a sourcing agent will do, but their own service is in a more efficient and effective scale.

They help you source products and handle all the issues that come with the overall sourcing process, from logistics to quality control, products testing, negotiation, and the importation to your home country. Make sure you can source from China successfully.

When you employ the services of a sourcing company, you’re sure they will manage the supply chain process effectively, so all you need to do is relax.

The benefits of working with a sourcing agent

TOP 20 Sourcing Agent Company In China


The benefits of working with a good sourcing agent or company include:

• They help you save time: A good sourcing agent will help you save time on your overall production experience.

Sending emails to your supplier frequently will reduce your working efficiency. But your sourcing agent will help you in the communication process with the supplier and take you less time to settle an order.

Avoid problems: You can avoid a lot of problems and mitigate risk when you work with a China-based sourcing agent.

You will avoid problems like scams, getting low-quality products, or getting overall defective products. A sourcing agent will help reduce all these risks.

• Help in price negotiations: A good sourcing company or agent is already familiar with the price of manufacturing for most products, so during negotiations, your agent will help you beat down the price, and supplier have no option than to bring the price down.

Quality inspection: Your sourcing agent will help you with product inspection, send you pictures for verification that it is what you really want, and if the products are defective, they will help you handle the suppliers.

Market trends: Your sourcing company will provide you with new market trends in your product price, price list of different suppliers, and even give you new design trends on that particular product you’re interested in, making you choose the best design in the market.

Top 20 sourcing companies in China are listed below in no particular order of relevance.

TOP 20 Sourcing Agent Company In China


A sourcing company is an important partner in your China sourcing process. Some sourcing companies will also leave a bad experience in your head and wish you never thought about China in the first place.

This section of the article will list the top sourcing companies in China you can work with, they will help smoothen your sourcing experience.

• This company is based in the Tiwu international trade center. They are great for companies that are just starting up with Amazon selling or e-commerce business.

• Imex sourcing services: They offer a full range of sourcing service, anything that a sourcing company offers. This sourcing company specializes in sourcing for large companies, engineering firms, and e-commerce stores. Our company is involved in different sourcing business that will help your company grow, and make your international business better.

No matter how big or small your orders are, we will help you source quality and affordable products, and we will ship them directly to you.

• Product Sourcing:  With over 10 years of experience in this field, our team will keep your mind at peace, and you will be sure that the products are supplied through a responsible supply chain.

• Amazon FBA sourcing service: We offer you Amazon seller services, from product procurement, to brand labeling, quality inspection, packaging services, product photographing and also shipping of products to FBA warehouses. Just tell us what you need, and we will help ship your products to your warehouse at lightning speed.

• Business and sourcing ideas: If you walk into our office, we will share business and sourcing ideas with you, even if you are importing yourself, our ideas will help you avoid mistakes that will be costly to your business. Our advice will surely help your business turn out better.

• It is located in Shenzhen China, and it is recommended for medium electronic product retailers.

• Dragonsourcing: They offer sourcing services in China and Vietnam. Recommended for small and medium companies. This sourcing company offers services to small and medium companies.

• Guided They offer great sourcing services, and they are recommended for e-commerce stores and Amazon sellers.

• LINC Sourcing: Based in Europe, but with branch offices in China and other countries. This company is recommended for small and medium scale European companies who want to source products from China.

• Easy Imex: An international sourcing company owned by Adam Gilbour. Easy Imex heps Australian, UK and US business source cheaper products from China. Recommended for medium and small business from Australia.

• ec4ultd.can: This sourcing company started in the Netherlands in 2000. It sources and produces non-consumer goods for brand owners. Recommended for brand owners. 

• They help small companies source cheap products from China. They offer you the full services a sourcing company provides. Product testing, quality control, price negotiations, etc. Recommended for newbie Amazon sellers, and small businesses.

• They have lots of experience with sourcing, preparing and shipping the final products to Amazon FBA warehouses. Great for quality control, and logistics. Recommended for new Amazon sellers.

• This company is based in Shenzhen. They help in sourcing products, and quality control.  Recommended for medium and large scale companies.

• This sourcing company is unique. They help provide solutions in the development chain of your products. British owned sourcing company, with headquarters in China. Recommended for large scale companies.

• They are purchasing agents who specialize in sourcing for any product you need in China. Whatever product you want, be sure they will get it for you.  Recommended for Amazon sellers, and big retailers.

• Importdojo is owned by the massively experienced sourcing agent Manuel Bevcar, an Australian. Their head office is in Hong Kong, and they will source almost any product.

With a supplier network of over 250 suppliers, Importdojo is a major player in this industry.  Recommended for medium and large-scale companies, Amazon sellers, and retailers.

• 80/20 sourcing: A sourcing company owned by an American Gary Huang. He is based in Shanghai, he offers sourcing services, and also provides mentorship for newbie sourcing agents. Helps newbie e-commerce owners and Amazon sellers source products from China.   Great options for Amazon sellers, and e-commerce stores.

• Baysource Global: Baysource Global is a China sourcing company based in the Florida United States. They help mostly US companies source products from China. Recommended for small and medium-sized companies based in the US looking for trustworthy sourcing companies. Free sourcing service for small and medium services, and a service fee of 5% for the last order. They will also help with quality control, warehousing, and shipping.  Great for Amazon sellers.

• A great sourcing company, offers lots of services, from quality inspection to logistics.  Great for medium scale companies.

• With over 10 years of experience in the sourcing business,  Recommended for building material importers. They will help in the whole sourcing process, from quality inspection to shipping.

They help you source your orders, no matter the quantity, they are there to help you.

We will keep updating new resources about hot selling item in China, if you are planning to open your online shop and don’t know what kind of products to choose, welcome to subscribe our articles, we will give you our best tips to source from China successfully. 

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