How to Wholesale Jeans From China for Profit

Sharline Shaw

The Internet has made shopping hassle-free.

We have a lucrative clothing market on the internet and it is about time to invest in wholesale jeans from China for profit as jeans are the most modern piece of wardrobe nowadays.

Selling jeans will help you stay on top of the lucrative clothing market on the market.

While other fashion clothing comes and fades, jeans are practical, durable, and always fashionable. You can sell it in the winter season as well as in the summer season.

They are versatile and can be paired very well with fashion statement shirts and tops.

Nowadays, everyone wears jeans. It is considered as the best casual business clothing piece.

Therefore, it is worth for novice as well as expert wholesalers to get into the jeans-selling business.

There is a wide variety of jeans that you can import from China to earn a handsome profit and stay on top of the competition.

To begin with, we have the following types of wholesale jeans that you can import from China.

How to Import Wholesale Jeans from China for Profit

Common types of Jeans to Wholesale from China

Jeans come in all qualities of denim. However, all the wholesale jeans distributors deal in different kinds of jeans.

For instance, we have light denim jeans for summer and heavy denim for winters. We have dark-colored jeans for casual business dressing while ripped jeans for fashion.

Here are some of the most common types of jeans that you can import from jeans factory manufacturers and earn a good profit online:

Wholesale Infant Jeans from China

Are you looking for the best wholesale jeans vendors in China dealing in infant denim? The province of Guangdong has the most authentic and verified wholesale jeans distributors dealing in a wide variety of infant jeans.

Apart from the Guangdong province, some of the best jeans manufacturers in China are from Shanghai and Jiangsu provinces. All the wholesale jeans vendors provide you with top-notch services and guarantee you high-quality jeans and other products you are outsourcing.

However, it is always to play on the safe side. Do not forget to check for the wholesale jeans manufacturer’s certifications before closing the deal.

Finding the right vendor, who deals with high-quality products in bulk will help you save money, time, and effort. Once your connection becomes stronger with a reliable vendor, you’d be able to boost your sales.

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Wholesale Boys Kids Jeans from China

Several reliable wholesale jeans distributors reside in the Guangdong province of China. If your e-commerce store focuses on selling boys/kids’ clothing, these suppliers from China provide you with an incredible collection of boys’/kids’ jeans to meet your business standards and objectives.

They have a wide variety of unique boy’s jeans to add to your store catalog. They offer top-notch services and deal with top designer jeans brands.

You can find the best selections of kids’ jeans from these suppliers with a money-back guarantee.

Boys Kids Jeans

Wholesale Girls Kids Jeans from China

If you are selling clothing for little girls, your catalog is incomplete without a unique variety of kids’ jeans. You can easily find the ideal jeans collection for girls from the leading manufacturers in China.

Wholesale jeans vendors in China supply all kinds of wholesale products internationally. They manufacture, product, and export high-quality jeans to meet the quality standards of your e-commerce business.

You can order in bulk at the most competitive prices. Manufacturers dealing in jeans for little girls are mostly based in Guangdong province of China.

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Wholesale Loose Jeans from China

Wholesale jeans distributors from china export their jeans globally and until now, it has proven to be a successful tactic for novice sellers to sell china-imported jeans.

Apart from normal jeans, we are now observing loose and slouchy jeans making their way in the fast fashion industry.

If you wish to add a good collection of slouchy and loose jeans in your store, you can buy in bulk from wholesale jeans manufacturers in China.

A wide variety of slouchy jeans are available by reputable suppliers located in the Guangdong province of China.

To be a successful e-commerce business tycoon, you can buy from them in bulk and establish better business relationships with them.

Wholesale Skinny Jeans from China

Skinny jeans never get out of fashion. This is the reason why most of the sellers dealing in jeans contact reliable wholesale jeans suppliers from china so that they can provide quality jeans at the most competitive prices.

China is a country where everything is produced in bulk. By importing wholesale jeans from suppliers in China, you can save your time, money, and effort.

You won’t have to get into the hassle of checking certifications again and again while outsourcing the products.

Wholesale Skinny Jeans from China

Wholesale Slim Fit Jeans from China

Slim fit manufacturers and suppliers from the Zhejiang province are most reliable in the eyes of novice jeans sellers.

They provide good quality wholesale slim-fit jeans with efficient shipping and order tracking options. They also deal effectively with urgent wholesale jeans orders by international novice e-commerce store runners.

Before closing the deal, they provide adequate information and certifications about their wholesale products. Zhejiang province has the most reliable wholesale slim fit jeans suppliers in China-providing you with the best products at the most affordable prices.

Wholesale ripped jeans from China

Ripped jeans are the new fashion jeans for teenagers, young girls, and celebrities. If you deal with wholesale jeans, adding ripped jeans will get you more profit. You can find many reliable wholesale manufacturers and suppliers who deal in quality jeans from China.

Whether you are operating a large-scale e-commerce business or a small one, choosing a reliable manufacturer from Shandong and Zhejiang provinces will benefit you as the suppliers there handle all the shipping processes.

Wholesale High Waist Jeans from China

If you are looking to add fashionable high-waisted jeans from your e-commerce clothing store, wholesale jeans vendors from China will provide you with the best jeans. Most of the reliable jeans’ manufacturers are based in Guangdong province.

If your motive is to build strong ties with suppliers in China, you are on the right path as they would help your business grow into an enormous wholesale clothing store.

Wholesale Men Jeans from China

Men wear jeans a lot. They wear it every day, at meetings, at the hangout, and even at homes. Dealing in men jeans is a lucrative business but only if you are importing men jeans from a reliable wholesale supplier from China.

You can choose from a wide variety of men’s jeans and also ensure the product quality by asking for certifications.

However, you must only import from suppliers who have passed international certifications. But, wholesale jeans vendors from China are dealing with international sellers for many years now. They export nothing but quality jeans at competitive prices.

Wholesale Men Jeans from China

Wholesale White jeans from China

White denim is the new pair of jeans in town. A lot of novice wholesalers deal entirely in white jeans. One of the biggest wholesalers of white jeans in China is located in the province of Zhejiang.

It sells the highest quality of white jeans to international drop-shippers who’d like to add something unique to their catalog.

What are the best wholesale jeans websites in China?

The clothing and fashion industry is worth a staggering 3 trillion dollars. In context to this, the jeans account for 56.2 billion dollars globally.

Even though the purchasing of jeans is not as popular as purchasing t-shirts and tops, it is still on the rise. At the end of 2020, 71.5% of the people will shift to online purchasing of jeans and other fashion clothing.

If you are looking for the best wholesale jean websites to import jeans in bulk, here are some websites you should consider as a novice wholesaler:


Alibaba is a global and most probably the biggest drop shopping wholesaler website that originates from China. They have a global reach and serve at least 200 countries. It is my most used wholesale website after my sourcing agent. I get the latest variety and good quality. 

Even though you can drop ship anything from Alibaba- starting from jewelry to electronics, its clothing catalog offers a wide variety of quality products to choose from.

If you are looking for low-end jeans, this is the best website for you as a new wholesaler on the internet. The quality of the products by trusted and reliable suppliers is good and worth spending on.

You’d find thousands of jeans suppliers on Alibaba, looking to sell wholesale jeans at the most affordable prices. Most of the suppliers are international certifiers. It means that they have the pass to sale the products internationally.

One of the advantages of using Alibaba is that the suppliers handle all the shipping and order tracking processes. You won’t be burdened with any hassle as an e-commerce drop shipper.

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Wholesale7 is quite a suitable wholesale jeans distributor in China if your boutique sells unique and beautiful jeans for men, women, and kids. The suppliers on usually have the latest trending jeans featured in fashion shows and magazines.

They have knowledge of the fashion world. That is why they always follow magazines for fashion. They believe in fast fashion and due to this reason, their jeans are incredibly new and unique to the drop shippers. I try to avoid the Fast fashion trend unless it has durability and long-term benefits. 

The company, wholesale7 has been operating in the online fashion business for 5 years now.

Apart from dealing in the best and trendy jeans for kids, women, and men, they have one principle that they stick to provide the best wholesale offers to buyers.

They launch several discounts and offer plans for its loyal customers such as a flat 30% off on the shipping fee for newcomers. The regular and loyal customers always get a 10% off on the shipping fee while the new buyers get a 7% off.

Wholesale7 is best if you want urgent wholesale orders. Regardless of the quantity of the order, they send you the package within 24 hours.

They have built a good reputation for 5 years and they do not risk it by dealing with low-quality products.


With suppliers from more than 5 countries, Yaaku is a reputable online clothing store in China with the highest number of clothes including a wide variety of jeans.

They have flexible payment options for wholesalers including Bank Transfer, PayPal, Money Gram, Western Union, etc.

They are quite fast when it comes to delivering wholesale jeans orders. All of your wholesale orders will be delivered in less than 3 working days.

However, the shipping cost is dependent on the distance as well as the order’s weight.

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This online store in China is known for its cheat yet trendy clothing items. Zaful specializes in clothing items only. It only takes wholesale textile orders including that of jeans.

Other than that, they have a 30-day product return warranty. So, if you do not like the jeans from the supplier on Zaful, you can return and get a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

It saved me from many hassles in case of quality issues. My inspection agent also helps me to decide on quality.

If you have a wholesale bulk order and your amount exceeds $49, you qualify for the free shipment process. It means that you won’t pay the shipping costs.

They give 15% off to people signing up using Zaful and 8% off to students buying from your e-commerce store. Shipping costs and days depend on the location as well as the order’s weight.



The wholesale online store was found in the year 2006 and includes numerous catalogs. It was a wide range of products including jeans from all the international and local brands. It is known to give the best prices at wholesale orders. I first check samples of their products before making huge orders. 

The shipping cost differs and mostly depends on one location to another.

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Best 10 Wholesale Jeans Manufacturers in China

If you are looking for reliable yet affordable wholesale jeans vendors in china, here’s a list to help you start your online jeans store:

Guangzhou Shanghai Trade Co. Ltd

It is listed in Xintang town in the area of Zencheng. It is very near to Guangzhou. This company is working professionally for 15 years and has expertise in dealing with foreign clothing trade. I get good fabric quality every time as per international standards.

They have more than 400 skilled workers to manufacture clothing items in bulk using high tech equipment. The company produces more than 800,000 pieces of clothing annually.

Guangzhou Sunshiny

The company has 10 years of experience in women’s clothing. They specialize in manufacturing all kinds of women wear including jeans, tracksuits, sweaters, pants, cardigans, etc. My clients get a variety of products and it’s easy to expand with such a versatile collection. 

The company has the best personnel and use state of the art technology to produce 5 million pieces of clothing per year.

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Prosperity Textiles

It is in Shaoguan and was found in the year 1999. The big-scale business has 20 offices globally and more than 1300 employees to manufacture and ship products in more than 30 countries. The company has more than 3000 wholesaler clients.

Prosperity Textiles

Foshan Fly Jeans Garment Co. Ltd

It is sited in Guangdong, China. The company itself is located in a town that’s best known for its production of jeans. Also, the Guandong region has a variety of manufacturers so I also explore around for potential suppliers. 

It specializes in producing, developing, and manufacturing all kinds of jeans and apparel. It has 86 employees and produce around 0.7 million of clothing pieces annually.

Suntex (Xin Dajiang) Denim Garment Production Factory

Since the year 1998, this company has been manufacturing and importing excellent-quality jeans all across the globe. It has SGS certifications that most of the jeans production factories do not have.

It specializes in producing woven denim, cotton, knitting and casual apparel. It means I expand in these related categories too without looking for extra suppliers. This is one of the biggest factories that has taken the lead in international and domestic markets.

Wingfly Textile Co. Ltd

Wingfly specializes in special-quality denim. The company produced new products as per the customers’ requirements. With professionalism, knowledge, and high tech, the company is able to make a strong position in the international and domestic jeans markets.

Wingfly Textile Co. Ltd

Guangzhou Benxu Clothing Co, Ltd

Guangzhou Benxu clothing is serving wholesalers from more than 50 countries. The company is praised by its loyal customers for selling top-notch products with quick shipping services. Regardless of your locality, this company offers the same price and leads in the wholesale jeans industry. They gave me same pricing while asking online and offline.

Juxin Garment Group Limited

Juxin Garment was found in the year 2004 in Foshan. This clothing company produces clothing for kids (girls and boys) and sell them at wholesale price. With over 14 years of experience in the jeans industry, they are able to deliver good-quality products at competitive prices.

Sun Hoi Garments International Ltd

Sun Hui is a locally owned business that strongly believes in holding on to the traditions. It is involved in all areas of business including that of apparel. Their ground beliefs include customer satisfaction and high quality of the products. My customers always appreciate good quality after sourcing from them. 

The company is known for its excellent craftsmanship in the apparel industry. It adds a touch of luxury to its jeans, which is why it is famous in the denim industry.


Juaquin is a professional international supplier for denim garments. They specialize in women’s jeans, men’s jeans, kids’ jeans, skinny jeans, slouchy jeans, infant jeans, etc. More than 480 skilled employees work for them to produce high-quality yet trendy fashion clothing pieces.

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How much is tariff when importing jeans from China?

All Chinese clothing and footwear including jeans face 10% tariffs.

However, according to the Wallstreet Journal Analysis, the value of girls’ and women’s jeans and clothing from China is twice that of boys and men’s clothing.

What type of paperwork is involved when you import jeans from China?

Here are some documents/paperwork you would require while importing jeans from China:

Shipping and customs documents

Customs and shipping paperwork is required to transport your women’s jeans and men’s jeans from China to the destination country. It also ensures that you pay the right amount of import duties and various taxes.

However, not all the documents are provided by your supplier. So, the jeans can get stuck in custom. The shipping company handles these procedures so I enjoy a smooth clearance process. 

Bill of landing

The bill of landing is used by the freight forwarder. It is a receipt confirming that the shipping company has received the jeans package.

The receipt contains all the information about the shipping company, the consignee, and the type of product.

Product compliance documents

Product compliance paperwork is not exactly a significant part of the documents required for importing jeans from China. However, these documents ensure that the product is documented and lab-tested. It includes lab test results, product certification, technical documentation, and factory certification. It saves me time in acquiring certifications in my destination country before selling. 

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How to ship jeans order from China?

There are various ways to ship your wholesale jeans order from China to the destination country. Here are some ways to help you out as a seller:

Jeans sea shipping from China

Sea freight or sea shipping is the main method of shipping for global exporters. You can import large volumes of jeans at extremely low prices. My shipping agent packs them properly to have a safe sea journey. 

The low cost is the main reason why people prefer sea shipping. It takes about 30 to 40 days for the sea freight package to reach you.

Jeans air shipping from China

The standard air freight takes about 8 to 10 days from China to other countries like the US. The planes are not slower. However, air freight processes are more complex than express or ocean freight.

Jeans Rail Shipping from China

Jeans rail shipping time depends on the route. If the route is long, the rail might take 18 days to deliver your wholesale jeans order. These rail routes are limited, I choose sea shipping for international shipping. 

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Freight Forwarder

How LeeLine Sourcing Helps you to Wholesale Jeans from China Smoothly

  • Leeline has strong ties and connections with all the good and reputable wholesale jeans suppliers in China
  • It helps thousands of wholesale jeans distributors and helps to clear the customs formalities so that their contained can be shipped from China
  • It is a leading sourcing company that knows all the leading wholesale jeans vendors in China
  • Leeline has strong relationships with all the reliable wholesale jeans manufacturers in China
  • Leeline is your smart logistics solution when importing jeans from China

FAQs for wholesale jeans in China

Is selling jeans online profitable?

Selling jeans online is a lucrative business as the online apparel industry generates a revenue of 90 billion dollars annually. However, the online clothing market is competitive. So, your jeans must be unique and in-fashion.

Should I source wholesale jeans from China?

The best wholesale jeans distributors are listed in China. They provide quality jeans at competitive prices. You can choose from various men’s jeans and women’s jeans and ensure product quality by asking for certifications.

How much is a pair of jeans in China?

A pair of jeans costs anything between $8.80 to $19. The wholesale of jeans is generally a small payment, new user can communicate with the supplier about the payment method before placing the order.

How do I contact wholesale suppliers?

You can either contact them from drop shipping sites such as Alibaba or contact them directly through their websites.

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What is the most popular brand of jeans?

Levi’s is the most popular brand of jeans to date.

Final thoughts on wholesale jeans from China

If you are a novice seller who’s looking to take his jeans boutique to greater heights, then you must get things right and import the best-quality wholesale jeans from China.

You must search thoroughly about all the reliable yet reputed wholesale jeans distributors before placing your orders for your e-commerce store.

There are numerous wholesale jeans manufacturers in China. With a population of more than 2 billion, the main income source of the country is manufacturing and developing.

Because there are many reliable suppliers in the market, it might be difficult for a newcomer wholesaler to choose one.

To buy wholesale jeans from china, be sure to check the supplier’s certifications, the jeans’ quality, the shipping cost, and time. The main goal is to buy wholesale jeans in bulk and sell them with a good profit margin.

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