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Wholesale T Shirt From China

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Wholesale T-shirts

Importing Advertising T-shirt From China

China is one of the prime wholesaler countries for Advertising T-shirt.

If you are looking for the best office Advertising T-shirt supplier and manufacturer, China is the right choice.

Women’s T-shirts

Importing Wholesale Children’s T-shirts From China

You can import high-quality Children’s T-shirts from wholesale websites or verified manufacturers.

Leeline can recommend to you a kind of supplier who can handle the whole process for your safe product delivery. Providing fast efficient shipping process. 

Theme T-shirt

Importing Theme T-shirts From China

Theme T-shirts, as the name defines, comes with different types of themes. You can get different theme T-shirts from China through verified manufacturers.

China manufacturers are supplying all types and brands Theme T-shirts. They manufactured high standard Theme T-shirts to meet the needs of your business.

Women’s T-shirts

Importing Women’s T-shirts From China

Women’s T-shirts are one of the popular clothing and have a huge profit margin.It includes styles such as printed, Embroidered, Sportwear, O-Neck, and character ones.

You will find many certified cothing manufacturers in China.

Men’s T-shirt

Importing Men’s T-shirts From China

Men’s T-shirts come in different printed designs and do include different patterns. You can get Men’s T-shirts in different colors and styles.

You will find many certified manufacturers in China,and get a vast range of Men’s T-shirts.

Leeline Can Help You Efficiently Complete Chinese Procurement

Product Sourcing

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Leeline matches a fully-qualified factory according to your requirements, discusses the appropriate product price, confirms the product duration, and delivers in time.

Factory Audit

the best Product inspection

Before hesitating to cooperate with the Chinese factory, we need to know more information about the factory to ensure that the cooperation will not cause problems. Leeline can help you with factory audit, inspect the factory on site, and verify the factory’s strength.

Product Inspection

Inspection Services for Retail

Check each of our products one by one to ensure that there are no inferior products, you can provide customers with a quality product experience.

Amazon FBA Prep

product packaging

Reasonable FBA prep can reduce Amazon FBA expenses. Leeline’s FBA Prep service is committed to providing customers with the best FBA Prep experience, greatly reducing the cost of FBA Prep for customers.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

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Best 10 T Shirt Factory In China

1.Kingson Clothing Factory

1. Kingson Clothing Factory

Are you tired in the search for some of the most acceptable quality T-shirts but got no luck? Kingson Clothing Factory might be of help to you. This company is in the t-shirt manufacturing field for a decade. Visited and Verified by one of the leading inspection companies, Kingson Clothing has a warehouse spread on 5,000 sq. meters of land. The markets that are associated with the company include North America, Eastern Europe, and Africa. 


Main Products

The core product that the company focuses on is the t-shirt. They have massive production of various kinds of t-shirts. The company also produces polo shirts, hoodies, leggings, fabric face masks, sportswear, and neckerchiefs. 


Why Choose Kingson Clothing

This particular company is one of the significant contributors of wholesale t-shirt from China. There are perks of having shirts imported by Kingson. This particular company has tremendous reviews from their customer they have served back. And the number  of their associated clients exponentially grows by year.

2.Wujiang Rainbow Textile Manufacturing Co., Ltd

2. Wujiang Rainbow Textile Manufacturing Co., Ltd


The company dates back to the late 90s’. It began as a manufacturer and a trader.  The company on a 2-hour drive from Shanghai, China, therefore holds an important place. The company turns over an amount of 5 Million USD every year. 


Main Products

Rainbow Textile is the owner of 10 production lines. They make an annual output of 2-5 Million USD for the production of textile. The company mainly manufactures items like t-shirts, hoodies & sweatshirts, pillowcases, cushions, underwear, yoga pant, and beach shorts.


Why Choose Rainbow Textile Manufacturing

The company has always persisted in the values of customer first and quality supremacy. The company has completed hundreds of transaction within the affiliated market. Rainbow textile manufacturing has a string inspection team in-house. Each of their products goes through a detailed inspection to avoid inconvenience. 

3.Hengxing Caps & Garments Co., Ltd.

3. Hengxing Caps & Garments Co., Ltd.


The mentioned company is located in the Gaobeidian City in the province Hebei of China. The company holds product certification from BSCI and ISO9001. The company is highly reliable, and SGS verifies it.  The company enjoys an important geographical location. It is in the center of Beijing and Tianjin City. 


Main Products

The company produces three main products, and each has a separate production line. The products include caps, t-shirts, and hoodies. They import raw material for their stocks. 


Why Choose Hengxing Caps & Garments Co., Ltd.

The company is one of the most highly equipped in terms of production power. They have machines from world-renowned companies like BROTHER. With over 400 transactions in a limited span of 9 years, the company will only grow by exponents. They have a response time of even less than 4 hours. 

4.Shenzhen Aung Crown Industrial Ltd

4. Shenzhen Aung Crown Industrial Ltd

The company marked its presence in late 90s. It is one of the brands in China. They have integrated design and manufacture within the house production. Aung Crown is a Guangdong-based company formed on the principles of quality t-shirt production. With a workforce of 200 people, all highly skilled and well trained. 


Main Products

With total revenue of about USD 5 263 157, the company produces products like snapback caps, baseball caps, beanies, T-shirts, and hoodies. They also extend their services of OEM and ODM for their clients.  


Why Choose Shenzhen Aung Crown

If you are searching for a custom t-shirt manufacturer that can fulfill your t-shirt production requirements, this company can be of good use. They can fulfill your requirements. Irrespective of how large your order is. 

5.Fuzhou Bingo Trading Co., Ltd.

5. Fuzhou Bingo Trading Co., Ltd.

The Fuzhou Bingo Trading Co., Ltd marked presence in 2012. The company is well-reputed as a trader, but they are also professional designers and manufacturers. Based in Fujian, China, the company owns a factory of unknown size in Fuzhou. They own sewing machines, numbered more than 50, and can cater to all your needs for t-shirts.  


Main Products

The Fuzhou Bingo Trading has massive production of T-shirts. Furthermore, they also manufacture other related textile products like caps, hats, t-shirt, hoodies, and pants. All the products of theirs are certified by AZO-Free. 


Why Choose Fuzhou Bingo Trading Co., Ltd

The company can push up to 60,000 pcs / month of apparel.  They have a quick relay service. Catering to your need is a matter of a few days for the company. They have recorded a revenue of USD 277 264 the last year. Many domestic and international companies reach out to them for the production of their t-shirts for their brands.  

6.Guangzhou Shanlai Trade Co., Ltd.

6. Guangzhou Shanlai Trade Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou is a professional textile manufacturing enterprise. Located in Guangdong, this company has employed around 500 skillful men for the accomplishment of its tasks. With a strong production team and a factory heavily infused with the latest technologies, the company pushes about 800 thousands of clothing pieces every year. Aren’t the statistics of this t-shirt manufacturer breathtaking?


Main Products

The company only produces apparel. They have a variety of designs. However, a few products that the catalog includes are jeans, polo shirts, business shirts, knitting, and T-shirts. This Guangdong-based company has eight production lines and 32 departments for trade. They also offer services of OEM and ODM.  


Why Choose Guangzhou Shanlai Trade Co., Ltd.

This company is a promising trade partner to many businesses in the whole wide world. They have a vast production capacity and bears good reviews. They are also the most significant contributor to the apparel market export of Western Europe, North America, and the market of Eastern Europe.

7.Hefei Partner Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

7. Hefei Partner Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2014, the company is a manufacturing and trade partner of many businesses across the globe. The company carefully drives through importing raw material, inspecting it, infusing the designs and the final product with post-processing. They are one step solution to all your requirements of textile manufacturing. The company is in Anhui, China.


Main Products

The primary production of this company depends upon the clothing items.  This company’s main product catalog includes t-shirt, men’s t-shirt, women’s t-shirt, polo shirts, and hoodies.


Why Choose Hefei Partner Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd

The company deals with different businesses on the front every day. The company ensures that all the requirements of all clients are being heard and worked upon. They have super-efficient services when it comes to delivery. All these years of successful trading have a secret of friendly and respectful behavior with their clientele. If you want to have a long-term, fruitful business with a company from China, you have your answer. 

8.Nanchang Far Mile Garment Co., Ltd.

8. Nanchang Far Mile Garment Co., Ltd.

Established in the year 2019 as an elevating trading company, the Far Mile Garment has proven to be quite a gem in trading. The products they provide are of high quality. The company is a Jiangxi-based t-shirt supplier in China. They can extensively use their constantly evolving designs f t-shirts. 


Main Products

The core product that the company focuses on is a t-shirt. They have massive production of various kinds of t-shirts. The catalog includes a t-shirt, men’s t-shirt, women’s t-shirt, polo shirt, and hoodies.


Why Choose Nanchang Far Mile Garment

The company has always persisted in the values of customer first and quality supremacy. Each of their products goes through a detailed inspection to avoid any circumstances on another front. 

9.Fuzhou Mingsen Clothing Co., Ltd.

9. Fuzhou Mingsen Clothing Co., Ltd.

The company is in the textile industry for successful 18 years. This Fujian-based company adds exponentially to the export of t-shirts to the markets of North America, South America, and Southern Europe. They are the most experienced trading companies within the industry. Their workforce consists of 100 workers. 


Main Product

The company produces revenue worth 1 million but the production of their main products. The main products of this t-shirt supplier in China include; shirts, t-shirt, polo shirts, sweatshirts. They also provide printing services.


Why Choose Fuzhou Mingsen Clothing

If you are searching for a company that can fulfill your t-shirt production requirements at super urgent delivery, this company can be a better option. They can fulfill your requirements. Irrespective of how large your order is within no time due to their workforce and production power. 

10.Guangzhou Huiyi Textile Technology Co., Ltd.

10. Guangzhou Huiyi Textile Technology Co., Ltd.

Huiyi Textile is a manufacturer of apparel in China. This company provides a competitive price with the best quality. They have exports to, Middle East and America. They are verified as sellers. The company bears two certificated as permission for their production, CE and ISO9001.  


Main Products

The services provided by the company are of customization. You can have anything printed of your own free will.  They prepare t-shirts and much other apparel, including caps for promotional and daily use. The company also caters ODM and OEM for a few clienteles. 


Why Choose Huiyi Textile

The company can offer efficient services to their clients. Their production power is vast, with a working force of a large body of experience men. They help the company to elevate their businesses along with their help. It greatly benefits the clients of this company as they offer supper lowered costs for everything. 

Best 5 T Shirt Factory In UK

11.Fire Label Merchandising

1. Fire Label Merchandising

Fire Label is a plain garment wholesale supplier. The company started its journey in 2009. They have now evolved into this giant of a company. For most of the times in past, this company has won appreciations and prizes for its outstanding services within the industry. They provide their services of plain garment providence across the globe. 


Main Products

The company’s main products include t-shirts, hoodies, kids’ clothing, headwear, bags, and other accessories. They also assist in the blank printing of t-shirts and other clothing. 


Why Choose Fire Label Merchandising

Every shirt that the company either sources or produces goes through inspection against quality standards. The company follows a vision of creating better and different opportunities for the betterment of the industry. 

12.October, England

2. October, England

The journey started two years ago when Paul, the founders, finished his studies and went to apply for a job. Paul grew upset for not getting the job and getting several refusals for his novel publication. Paul had a friend who owned a sewing machine. Paul started sewing shirts with different logos. Not for money. Just casually. It gave rise to this gem of a brand. 


Main Products

the company has an excellent variety for a choice. They produce streetwear, American Apparel, organic garments, headgears, gym wear, and bags. Under the category of streetwear lies a great collection of t-shirts for both genders. 


Why Choose Fire Label Merchandising

October, England has a goal of delivering high-end quality shirts and other apparel that are all funky styles. Their designs and series are what keeps them separate from other competitors. Their products are up to mark. The company bears a good reputation in the industry too. They can be your t-shirt manufacturer UK.

13.Paul James

3. Paul James

The Paul James is a luxurious clothing line. The company strives to produce 100% yarn apparel. They take raw yarn and knit it well. Their company claims to let you have an experience of royalty through their knitwear. The company owns some of the most extraordinary designs.


Main Products

The brand integrates two clothing lines under the brand name. Men’s line includes Breton, stripes, fisherman sweaters, knitwear, shooting jumpers, submariner jumpers, and t-shirts. The company produces lightweight knitwear, chunky knitwear, stripe jumpers, accessories, care products, face masks, and snoods for women.


Why Choose Fire Label Merchandising

Paul James is a royalty brand. It has preserved its status for the longest of time. Their products are of good material, and prices are comparatively more than what other companies are offering. If you plan on sourcing apparel and t-shirts of good designs and a touch of luxury, you know you have your wholesale t-shirts bulk supplier.

14.Teemill Factory

4. Teemill Factory

The Teemill factory is one of the most valuable companies for us. The company produces apparel made up of cotton and sells it at process far lower than most of the companies within the industry. All their packaging is plastic-free. Once the shirt is old, it comes back to them, and the company recycles it. The recycled product is refined and made into apparel, one again. 


Main Products

This company itself has a vast production of plain T-shirts. However, they do cater to the ODM and OEM request of their customers. You can have your supply of t-shirts designed anyway. 


Why Choose Fire Label Merchandising

The Teemill has a purpose of production. Unlike other brands, it heavily focuses on the later use of raw material. They are aware of the fact that waste material would only cause more destruction to the world. If you want to play your part and heavily want to save nature, you can choose Teemill for a trade of reusable t shirt wholesale.

15.Buy Shirts Online

5. Buy Shirts Online

Buy Shirts Online is a t-shirt manufacturer UK. A family leads the company, and it is their family business. They are heavily involved in the production procedures of shirts for various purposes. They manufacture them and sell them at an affordable price. However, it is not in the nature of company to settle for anything less than they have always offered. 


Main Products

This t-shirt supplier UK’s main products include hoodies, t-shirts, aprons, babywear, bags & luggage, footwear, gifting & accessories, headwear, and a never-ending list. 


Why Choose Fire Label Merchandising

The company offers the best and competitive prices. Their prices and quality yet remain unbeaten. They have a wide variety of products and are adding new lines every day. If you are looking for a brand that can cater to the superficial needs of day-to-day apparel, Buy Shirts online is your pick. 

Best 5 T Shirt Factory In US

16.Cotton Connection

1. Cotton Connection

The company began 30 years ago. The company was established on a mission to provide big-name brands at wholesale prices. The company operates as both manufacturer and retailer. The company has its production of everyday garments and also sells products by other brands. 


Main Products 

The main products of Cotton Connection include sportswear, t-shirts, fleece, sock, and outwears. They also source many brands inclusive of Alstyle First Quality, Alstyle Irregular, American Apparel, American Apparel Irregulars, Anvil First Quality, Anvil Irregular, and Champion. 


Why Choose Cotton Connection 

This particular company is one of the significant contributors of wholesale t-shirt from the USA. The perks of having shirts imported by them are endless. The company has tremendous reviews from their customer they have served back.


2. Gildan

The company has experience in the fabric industry for three decades. They are today known as one of the leading clothes manufacturers. Starting from 1946 to current, the company has come a long way. The president of the company, Glen, prides over the states where the company stands today. 


Main Products

The company heavily involves in plain product productions. Their main products include custom-made shirts and other outer apparel like hoodies, shrugs, coats, and jackets. 


Why Choose Gildan

Gildan has mainly persisted in the values of customer satisfaction. The company has successfully served all the customers that have ever made a transaction at theirs. Each of their products goes through a detailed inspection to experience firsthand if a product has defects. 

18.Royal Apparel

3. Royal Apparel

The company is a t-shirt manufacturer in the USA. Since its creation in 1992, the company has experienced exponential growth. It has now evolved into a leading pioneer of knitting. The founders of the company state that when everybody else left the country for better opportunities, they stayed with the company. The founding members have brought the company to great heights.


Main Products

The main products of Royal Apparel are t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, jeans, shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, onesies, and beanies. 


Why Choose Royal Apparel

Royal Apparel has always shown services of greater efficiency. Over the years, they have successfully traded. They bear friendly and respectful behavior toward their clients. If you want to have a long-term business signed in the USA, Royal Apparel can be of great advantage.  

19.Zegga Apparels

4. Zegga Apparels

If you want a custom t-shirt manufacturer from the USA, you cannot find any other suitable option as best as Zegga. The company is solely responsible for the production of a blank screen, plain garments. The company provides customization of almost all types of fabrics. The Zegga is in production for over a decade. They have served over 1000 customer business up till now. 


Main Products

Zegga Apparels deals in plain products. The catalog includes custom jogger pants, custom-made gloves, custom-made jackets, custom-made shirts, and much more. 


Why Choose Zegga Apparels

The Zegna is one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry. They have elevated the customization game to levels higher. Their product quality is bespeaking of their professionalism and diversity of minds in innovation and design. 

20.Oasis Shirts

5. Oasis Shirts

The Oasis Shirts are manufacturers of colored apparel and design the trendiest and funkiest clothing. The company has a production house in Beverly hills. These manufacturing and trading companies also have multiple offices all across Australia. 


Main Products

The Oasis Shirt is heaven for anyone that wants to pick a shirt but also requires an option. They have a large pool of bulk shirts of all kinds. 


Why Choose Oasis Shirts

Oasis has provided customers with exceptional services. The company commits itself to the betterment of both the parties, the buyer and providers. The company sticks to its motive of providing exceptional quality but a fair process with all innovations. 

Let Leeline Help You Transport T-shirts Order From China

Sea Freight Shipping from China

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Leeline will do its utmost to deal with your merchandise sea shipping logistics plan, to ensure that products arrive at your warehouse on time and efficiently, and increase product sales.

Air Freight Shipping from China

how to import goods from China by air

When you have requirements for logistics timeliness, air transportation is the fastest logistics solution, which can guarantee that your goods will be delivered to the warehouse within the specified time.

Rail Freight Shipping from China


Railway is slower than air transportation, but it is faster than sea transportation, and the timeliness and transportation cost are middle. It is also a good logistics transportation method.

Door to Door Shipping from China

Door-to-door transportation is a very flexible way

We can provide you with door-to-door transportation services that transport goods directly from the factory to your warehouse, with flexible transportation methods and optimal logistics costs.

How to Wholesale T-shirts from China: The Definitive Guide

Table of Contents Brief hide

Many manufacturers help in importing T-shirts from China to other countries. That is why it can be easy and affordable to buy Wholesale T-shirts from China.

It will help you grow your T-shirt business. This article would be helpful for you to know about how to import T-shirts from China.

T-shirts are a style of fabric that makes the T shape of its body and sleeves. In this era, T-shirts have massive demand because of the comfort it provides.

Most of the T-shirts are stretchy, light, and inexpensive fabric. They come in different designs, themes, prints, and colors. One can wholesale T-shirts from China and can sell them to make a profit.

Compared with other countries, Wholesaling T-shirts from China are of more benefit. The cost of importing Wholesale T-shirts from China will be less if you get it in bulk. All the points that one should know about buying Chinese T-shirts will be present in this article.

Wholesale T-Shirts

Common Types of T-shirts to Buy Wholesale

You can get different types of T-shirts from Wholesale T-shirts websites in China. You can go to the best T-shirts websites in China to get good quality and low prices T-shirts.

It’s up to you in how much quantity you want to buy the shirts. T-shirts are simple and versatile, which you can wear on any occasion. Given are some of the types of T-shirts to buy from China through wholesale websites.

Men’s T-shirt

Men’s T-shirts come in different printed designs and do include different patterns. You can get Men’s T-shirts in different colors and styles. The styles include heritage, polo, logo style, and Ralph Lauren.

Women’s T-shirts

Women’s T-shirts come in different styles, colors, and prints. It includes styles such as printed, Embroidered, Sportwear, O-Neck, and character ones.

Children’s T-shirts

You can import high-quality Children’s T-shirts from wholesale websites or verified manufacturers. Children’s T-shirts would be of different styles, colors, and designs.

Straight cut T-shirt

A straight-cut T-shirt is a T-shirt that comes with wide shoulders and a square body. You can get it from wholesale websites in China. Such T-shirts come with loose cut sleeves and are quite large.

Straight cut T-shirt

Slim-fit T-shirt

A slim fit shirt, which is another type you can wholesale from China. It fits close to the body because of the cut through the midsection and waist.

UK size T-shirts

UK size T-shirts have the same clothing sizes for both formal and casual wear. These shirts come in fixed sizes for different parts such as neck size, jacket size, waist size, and sleeve length. You can wholesale UK size T-shirt from China to your place.

US size T-shirt

A US size T-shirt has lengths size according to US criteria. You can get a US size T-shirt from the wholesale website of China or verified manufacturers.

US size T-shirt

Theme T-shirt

Theme T-shirts, as the name defines, comes with different types of themes. You can get different theme T-shirts from China through verified manufacturers.

Promotion T-shirt

If you want the advertisement for your company or your group, you can get T-shirts with logos. You can wholesale a Promotion T-shirt from China to your country.

Advertising T-shirt

Advertising T-shirts are like promotional, which helps in advertising your company, or group. You can get such T-shirts from China through wholesale.

Tourist T-shirt

Tourist T-shirts are also available for wholesale from China. The tourist wears these T-shirts either to show their country or the one they are visiting.

Tourist T-shirt

Where to find the best T-shirt manufacturers in China?

T-shirt demand has increased globally. The industries and manufacturers are taking advantage of these opportunities.

Many T-shirt manufacturers in China supply them. They can differ in many things, such as T-shirts, quality, price, pros, cons, and designs. Here are some of the best T-shirt manufacturers in China:

Sourcing companies in China

Many sourcing companies in China provide to small businesses in importing products. They import products from China to other countries with good price and quality.

With the help of sourcing companies, manufacturers can import Wholesale T-shirts.


LeelineSourcing ensures the quality of the product by professional quality control process services. Their services include video product descriptions, detailed photography, and inspection.

This company negotiates with the factory on your behalf. Additionally, they would ship your Wholesale T-shirts from China. It is a great source to find T-shirt manufacturers in China. It also offers a money-back guarantee and provides free sourcing services.


Fashion Exhibition in China

In China, there are many fashion exhibitions throughout the year. These help you to find the best Wholesale fashion T-shirts and their manufacturers in China. Some of the fashion exhibitions that happen in China are as follows:


Centerstage is one of the most important international exhibitions. It exhibits fashion accessories, clothes, and much more.

Exhibitors from around the world come to this exhibition. It can be the best place to find wholes T-shirts manufacturers in China.

Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles

Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles is Asia’s leading home textile event. This event is an opportunity where industry professionals can get design inspiration.

There come many exhibitors from different countries and regions too. It can be a great way for you to find the best wholesale T-shirt manufacturers in China.

Suggested reading:China Trade Shows: Ultimate Guide

China Trade Shows

Online B2B Marketplace in China

B2B is an online marketplace for businesses. It helps one business to make a commercial transaction with others.

A webshop is a platform for placing orders in B2B, and the payment method is bank transfer. If you want to find the best T-shirt manufacturers in China, then it can be a great source for you in China.


Alibaba is a leading e-commerce trading market. They have customers from every part of the world. The customer response rate of Alibaba is very fast.

They have an enormous range of things to supply so that you can get the best Wholesale T-shirts from there.

You can get T-shirts in different styles, colors, quality, type, and cost. They allow you to buy in bulk and sell Cheap T-shirts from China.

This platform is the best way of getting Wholesale T-shirts in China. It is best because it’s efficient and trustworthy.

Suggested reading:How to Find the Best Suppliers on Alibaba?

alibaba introduction

Global Sources

Global Sources is also a leading online B2B marketplace. This marketplace connects buyers with suppliers from China to all around the world.

International buyers and top retailers consider this the number one Chinese wholesale marketplace. They provide top-quality services and protection.

Global Sources offers online as well as offline marketing solutions to suppliers. These include in-depth analysis and understanding of the sourcing habits of the buyers.

Global Sources helps suppliers and manufacturers in many ways. It helps them reach target buyers and generate sales leads. The Global source can be a great way of finding the best T-shirt manufacturers.

Big Wholesale T-shirt Factories in China

There are many Wholesale T-shirt factories in China which provide Wholesale T-shirts. Some of these factories manufacture T-shirts in large quantities. There are many big T-shirt factories in China. A few of those are given below:

Jiangsu Sunshine Co Ltd

Jiangsu Sunshine Co Ltd is one of the biggest Wholesale T-shirt factories in China. This factory has a production capacity of 3.5 million sets, including men’s suits and women’s wear.

It also produces 35 million meters of superfine worsted wool fabrics. This factory earns the title of ‘World Brand’ and ‘Garment Export Inspection Exemption.’

This factory establishes the scientific development concept to produce the best product. It implements science and technology innovation to make the business more powerful.

During brand accumulation, it makes use of intangible assets. This aspect makes them have diversified development.

Shandong Jining Ruyi Woolen Textile Co Ltd

Shandong Jining Ruyi Woolen Textile Co Ltd manufactures is one of the big factories in China. It sells woolen clothes and garments.

“Ruyi” brand worsted woolen clothes are the main product they produce. They conduct their business in China.

It also distributes raw materials, gas, water, and electricity. It distributes its products everywhere in the overseas market and the domestic market.

T-shirt Factories

How to start your private label T-shirt business?

When you think of starting a private business, the first thing that comes to mind is what kind of business.

If you have the answer to it, then you start thinking about how to start the business. You should start a private label T-shirt business if you want to be successful.

The given are points you should follow to start your business in the right way:

1. Design

At first, you should design the T-shirts that you want to sell in your business. While designing, you should keep in mind the people’s choice.

There should be different colors, designs, and templates. You may have to test different ideas to know public opinion. The one main point is that you do not copy someone else’s design.

You should try to make a creative and high-quality resolution design. Sometimes the design can look good on the computer but not on the T-shirt, so you should consider this factor. You can hire a designer to create a high-quality image for you.

2. Confirm the Type and Size of the T-shirt

After making your design, it’s time to move on to the second step. The second step is that you should confirm the type of T-shirt.

There are many types of T-shirts, so you should choose by keeping public demand in mind. You may choose men’s wear, women’s wear, tourist type, or some other type.

After selecting the type, you should move on to selecting the sizes you are going to provide.

While choosing, you should assure every point so that you won’t regret it afterward. The size of the T-shirt shouldn’t be ill-fitted as buyers don’t like it.

3. Choose Fabric for the T-shirt

Move towards selecting the fabric of the T-shirt of which T-shirts are going to be. You can choose a fabric like Cotton, Ringspun Cotton, Organic Cotton, or some other.

There are different pros and cons of different fabrics. You should keep the pros and cons of the fabric in mind while choosing it.

4. Printing or Embroidery

You should select whether you want printing or embroidery on shirts. It depends on what type of public you want to attract towards your business. Printing and embroidery can both have a different impact on your business.

5. Quotation

You can make shirts with ready-made quotes, texts, and fonts of different styles. It would attract people who like these types of shirts.

Cute quotes can make your shirts look good and attractive. That is why you always choose the quotation that people do love.

6. Sampling: Check the Details and Quality

You should do sampling after doing all the other steps. The sampling includes checking the details and quality of the products. You should sample products according to their details and quality.

7. Mass production

Now, it’s time to produce the T-shirt designs you’ve made. You can start with small mass production, then you can go for more. It would be workable to start by producing 100 pieces per color and design.

8. Pack and Delivery

The final step for starting a private T-shirt business is packing and delivery. You can hire people to do this work.

This step requires some people to pack and deliver their T-shirts to the customers. Always keep in mind that attractive packaging attracts people. In this way, people will come towards your product and increase your sales.

Tips for Wholesale Customized T-shirts

There are some points of consideration while selling wholesale, customized T-shirts. You should consider these factors to sell a good quality customized T-shirt.

These factors would help you to attract buyers. The given are some points to consider while selling customized T-shirts:

Customized T-shirts Should be Affordable

If you’re selling a customized T-shirt, then you should make it affordable for the customer. It shouldn’t be costly that no one would buy. If the T-shirt is affordable, more customers will get it.

The Printing Quality is Very Important

One of the main points of making a customized T-shirt to sell is that its printing quality should be good. The design you are getting printed on your shirt should be of good quality. Many points affect the printing quality, such as:

  • Printing Process
  • The ink used in the process
  • Machine quality

You should choose a printing process that wouldn’t go down in the quality of printing. It should be able to provide the best quality of printing.

Don’t Ignore the New and Trendy Style of T-shirts.

While choosing what kind of T-shirts you want to sell in your business, you can think of trendy styles.

The trendy and new styles of T-shirts can help you to design the best product for your business. You shouldn’t ignore this point while making the design of your T-shirt.

How LeelineSourcing Help You Wholesale T-shirts from China Efficiently?

Leelinesourcing can help you start your T-shirt business. If you don’t know how to import your T-shirts from China, it will help you.

They provide you a way with which you can communicate with factories in China. Being a sourcing company in China, LeelineSourcing would help you in your business in China.

It helps in negotiating with factories, shipping your products, and other factors. The given are some of the benefits LeelineSourcing provides to your business:

Verify a Real T-shirts Factory

LeelineSourcing connects you with a verified T-shirt factory. It helps the T-shirt became popular. The T-shirts of the business gets a good garment which the buyer would like to wear.

Private Label Solutions

LeelineSourcing provides your business with private label solutions. It helps you in every way so that you can grow your business.

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Private Label

Confirm and Follow-up Your Order

This is another great benefit of being engaged with LeelineSourcing. They have professionals who confirm your order professionally. They will also follow-up on your order for you. You wouldn’t have to do anything as it would do it for you.

Check the Quality of the T-shirts

The quality of the product is always one of the most important factors in any business. LeelineSourcing ensures the quality of the T-shirts. That is why you wouldn’t get something of bad quality.

Expert in Paperwork to Clear Customs

Clearing the paperwork and customs is not an easy task. With LeelineSourcing, you don’t have to worry about it. They would help you in clearing customs. This company is an expert in paperwork. It would make your paperwork easier to do.

Best Logistics Solution for Your Orders

LeelineSourcing will provide you with the best logistic solution for your orders. It will help you with the logistics of your orders.


Final Thoughts on Wholesale T-shirts from China

China is an amazing business market for those looking at wholesale T-shirts from China and selling them.

After reading this article, you would get to know everything about importing T-shirts from China.

It would help you know about all the details and help you start your own business. Many things in this business would help you to learn and grow your business.

We hope that the information provided will be helpful to everyone. It would also help you to know how you can find the best wholesale T-shirt manufacturers in China.

Many companies in China are making high-quality products. We also hope that this article will point out the factors you want to know.

FAQs for Wholesale T-shirts from China

Is selling T-shirts online profitable?

You can earn profit by selling it online as you get money for every T-shirt you sell. If you are selling T-shirts of different designs, it will help you get more customers. More customers are always profitable for your business. Many platforms can help you sell T-shirts online or create your own.

What is the most popular T-shirt brand?

There are many T-shirt brands available in China that provide the best Wholesale T-shirts. Each brand comes with some pros and cons associated with them.

You can choose the right brand to buy Wholesale T-shirts according to your needs. Some of the popular T-shirt brands are Alibaba, Jiangsu Sunshine, and Shandong Ruyi.

LeelineSourcing can be helpful for you to buy the best T-shirts in China. It is a popular brand as it solves many business problems.

This company would help you solve logistics, shipment, and customs clearance problems.

How much is tariff when importing T-shirts from China?

A tariff is a tax that applies to imports only. It depends on which country the product is getting imported.

There is a 20% tariff on imports from China to the US. This will make the T-shirt of 5$ to 6$ in the US market. So, it makes the products more expensive in the market.

Where can I get High-Quality plain T-shirts in bulk for a lower price?

There are many online sites where you can get High-Quality plain T-shirts in bulk. They provide you with high-quality plain T-shirts within an affordable range.

You can get Cheap T-shirts from China in bulk from different sites and manufacturers at lower prices.

What are the best quality T-shirts for printing?

The T-shirts that are the best printing should be 100% cotton. It can be of other fabric, but the fabric should provide high-quality printing.

The material should not be shrinking so that it could be good for printing purposes. Some of the best quality T-shirts for printing are Apparel, Stanley Stella, Anvil, etc.

How much does it cost to have T-shirts made?

The cost can vary according to the design you want to have. The custom T-shirt cost more than normal T-shirts.

Customized T-shirts are made with a special request, so they cost more than others. If you get custom T-shirts in bulk, the cost per T-shirt may get lower. The average price can be up to 20$.

So, what are you waiting for? You have got all the knowledge now.

This is the time to execute. Take steps to wholesale T-shirts from China. Start your own T-shirt business and earn handsome profits. Goodbye!

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