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Leelinesourcing negotiates with factories on your behalf and ensures you get premium quality T-shirts at the best prices. You’ll get top-notch product sourcing services to businesses across the globe. Our services also cover Amazon FBA warehousing and logistics support.

Wholesale T-Shirts From China

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Wholesale Best T-shirts

Women's T-shirt

Wholesale Women’s T-shirt

Custom T-shirt

Wholesale Custom T-shirt

Kid's T-shirt

Wholesale Kid’s T-shirt

Black T-shirt

Wholesale Black T-shirt

Luxury T-shirt

Wholesale Luxury T-shirt

Oversized T-shirt

Wholesale Oversized T-shirt

Our T-shirts Manufacturing Services Include:

Sourcing product suppliers

Sourcing T-shirts Suppliers

Our excellent communication with factories’ managers helps us give our clients the best products. Leelinesourcing specializes in sourcing top-quality and standard T-shirts at the lowest possible rate. Using our sourcing services, you’ll get the perfect clothing item you’re looking for quickly, and you can order any quantity.

T-shirts Quality Control

All the factory T-shirts will be examined, inspected, and rechecked to ensure no defects before shipping. Each factory inspector will provide you with real-time reports on the inspection process. Our inspection process covers full Amazon FBA inspection and Alibaba inspection.

Product Quality Control
Private Label & White Label

Private Label & White Label T-shirts

Make your T-shirts stand out using private and white label products. Our graphic design team will work for hand in hand with you to ensure your brand label and logo prints are in perfect shape. We offer you the best white label dropshipping.

Dropshipping and Fulfillment

We cut the go-betweens by getting quality products from the manufacturers. You’ll get the best freight forwarding rate from us. We use various shipping options to meet our client’s due date, notwithstanding the size of your order.

Dropshipping & Fulfillment

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– Nicole, Ontario

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How to Wholesale T-shirts from China: The Definitive Guide

Many manufacturers help in importing T-shirts from China to other countries. That is why it can be easy and affordable to buy Wholesale T-shirts from China.

It will help you grow your T-shirt business. This article would be helpful for you to know about how to import T-shirts from China.

T-shirts are a style of fabric that makes the T shape of its body and sleeves. In this era, T-shirts have massive demand because of the comfort it provides.

Most of the T-shirts are stretchy, light, and inexpensive fabric. They come in different designs, themes, prints, and colors. One can wholesale T-shirts from China and can sell them to make a profit.

Compared with others, Wholesaling T-shirts from China are of more benefit. The cost of importing Wholesale T-shirts from China will be less if you get it in bulk. All the points that one should know about buying Chinese T-shirts will be present in this article.

Wholesale T-Shirts

Common Types of T-shirts to Buy Wholesale

You can get different types of T-shirts from Wholesale T-shirts websites in China. You can go to the best T-shirts websites in China to get good quality and low prices T-shirts.

It’s up to you in how much quantity you want to buy the shirts. T-shirts are simple and versatile, which you can wear on any occasion. Given are some of the types of T-shirts to buy from China through wholesale websites.

Men’s T-shirt

Men’s T-shirts come in different printed designs and do include different patterns. You can get Men’s T-shirts in different colors and styles. The styles include heritage, polo, logo style, and Ralph Lauren.

Women’s T-shirts

Women’s T-shirts come in different styles, colors, and prints. It includes styles such as printed, Embroidered, Sportwear, O-Neck, and character ones.

Children’s T-shirts

You can import high-quality Children’s T-shirts from wholesale websites or reliable manufacturers. They would be of different styles, colors, and designs.

Straight cut T-shirt

It is a T-shirt that comes with wide shoulders and a square body. You can get it from wholesale websites in China. Such T-shirts come with loose cut sleeves and are quite large.

Straight cut T-shirt

Slim-fit T-shirt

A slim fit shirt, which is another type you can wholesale from China. It fits close to the body because of the cut through the midsection and waist.

UK size T-shirts

UK size T-shirts have the same clothing sizes for both formal and casual wear. These shirts come in fixed sizes for different parts such as neck size, jacket size, waist size, and sleeve length. You can wholesale UK size T-shirt from China to your place.

US size T-shirt

A US size T-shirt has lengths size according to US criteria. You can get a US size T-shirt from the wholesale website of China or reliable manufacturers.

US size T-shirt

Theme T-shirt

Theme T-shirts, as the name defines, comes with different types of themes. You can get different those shirts from China through verified manufacturers.

Promotion T-shirt

If you want the advertisement for your company or your group, you can get T-shirts with logos. You can wholesale a Promotion T-shirt from China to your country.

Advertising T-shirt

Advertising T-shirts are like promotional, which helps in advertising your company, or group. You can get such T-shirts from China through wholesale.

Tourist T-shirt

Tourist T-shirts are also available for wholesale from China. The tourist wears these T-shirts either to show their country or the one they are visiting.

Tourist T-shirt
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Where to find the best T-shirt manufacturers in China?

T-shirt demand has increased globally. The industries and T-shirt manufacturers are taking advantage of these opportunities. You can get a T-shirt supplier to produce these shirts basedon your design and style.

Many T-shirt manufacturers in China supply them. They can differ in many things, such as T-shirts, quality, price, pros, cons, and designs. Here are some of the best T-shirt manufacturers in China:

Sourcing companies in China

Many sourcing companies in China provide to small businesses in importing products. They import products from China to the whole world with good price and quality.

With the help of sourcing companies, manufacturers can import high quality T-shirt with great prices.


LeelineSourcing ensures the quality of the product by professional quality control process services. Their services include video product descriptions, detailed photography, and inspection.

This company negotiates with the factory on your behalf. Additionally, they would ship your Wholesale T-shirts from China in your special request. It is a great source to find T-shirt manufacturers in China. It also offers a money-back guarantee and provides free sourcing services.

The Leeline Sourcing team is AMAZING. They helped me GRAB the top China suppliers. And get the wholesale prices. My profits skyrocketed.


Fashion Exhibition in China

In China, there are many fashion exhibitions throughout the year. These help you to find the best Wholesale fashion pure cotton T-shirts and their manufacturers in China. Some of the fashion exhibitions that happen in China are as follows:


Centerstage is one of the most important international exhibitions. It exhibits fashion accessories, clothes, and much more.

Exhibitors from around the world come to this exhibition. It can be the best place to find wholes clothing industry manufacturers in China.

I have visited this EXHIBITION. The variety of CHOICES get you the BEST ITEMS. You can make higher profits. Try it out!

Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles

Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles is Asia’s leading home textile event. This event is an opportunity where industry professionals can get design inspiration.

There come many exhibitors from different countries and regions too. It can be a great way for you to find the best wholesale T-shirt manufacturers in China.

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China Trade Shows

Online B2B Marketplace in China

B2B is an online marketplace for businesses. It helps one business to make a commercial transaction with others.

A webshop is a platform for placing orders in B2B, and the payment method is bank transfer. If you want to find the best T-shirt manufacturers in China, then it can be a great source for you in China.


Alibaba is a leading e-commerce trading market. They have customers from every part of the world. The customer response rate of Alibaba is very fast.

They have an enormous range of things to supply so that you can get the best Wholesale T-shirts from there.

You can get T-shirts with great prices in different styles, colors, quality, type, and cost. They allow you to buy in bulk and sell Cheap T-shirts from China.

This platform is the best way of getting Wholesale T-shirts in China. It is best because it’s efficient and trustworthy.

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alibaba introduction

Global Sources

Global Sources is also a leading online B2B marketplace. This marketplace connects buyers with T-shirt suppliers from China to all around the world.

GLOBAL SOURCES is my second favorite platform after ALIBABA. It has quality products. Prices are very LOW. Great for businesses.

International buyers and top retailers consider this the number one Chinese wholesale marketplace. They provide top-quality services and protection. You can buy items in bulk online at competitive prices.

Global Sources offers online as well as offline marketing solutions to T-shirt suppliers. These include in-depth analysis and understanding of the sourcing habits of the buyers.

Global Sources helps T-shirt suppliers and manufacturers in many ways. It helps them reach target buyers and generate sales leads. The Global source can be a great way of finding the best T-shirt manufacturers with great prices.

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Big Wholesale T-shirt Factories in China

There are many Wholesale T-shirt factories in China which provide Wholesale T-shirts. Some of these factories manufacture T-shirts in large quantities. There are many big T-shirt factories in China. A few of those are given below:

Jiangsu Sunshine Co Ltd

Jiangsu Sunshine Co Ltd is one of the biggest Wholesale T-shirt factories in China. This factory has a production capacity of 3.5 million sets, including men’s suits and women’s wear.

It also produces 35 million meters of superfine worsted wool fabrics. This factory earns the title of ‘World Brand’ and ‘Garment Export Inspection Exemption.’

This factory establishes the scientific development concept to produce the best product. It implements science and technology innovation to make the business more powerful.

During brand accumulation, it makes use of intangible assets. This aspect makes them have diversified development.

Shandong Jining Ruyi Woolen Textile Co Ltd

Shandong Jining Ruyi Woolen Textile Co Ltd manufactures is one of the big factories in China. It sells woolen clothes and garments.

“Ruyi” brand worsted woolen clothes are the main product they produce. They conduct their business in China.

It also distributes raw materials, gas, water, and electricity. It distributes its products everywhere in the overseas market and the domestic market.

T-shirt Factories

How to start your private label T-shirt business?

When you think of starting a private business, the first thing that comes to mind is what kind of business.

If you have the answer to it, then you start thinking about how to start the business. You should start a private label T-shirt business if you want to be successful.

The given are points you should follow to start your business in the right way:

1. Design

At first, you should design the T-shirts that you want to sell in your business. While designing, you should keep in mind the people’s choice.

There should be different colors, designs, and templates. You may have to test different ideas to know public opinion. The one main point is that you do not copy someone else’s design.

You should try to make a creative and high-quality resolution design. Sometimes the design can look good on the computer but not on the T-shirt, so you should consider this factor. You can hire a designer to create a high-quality image for you.

2. Confirm the Type and Size of the T-shirt

After making your design, it’s time to move on to the second step. The second step is that you should confirm the type of T-shirt.

There are many types of T-shirts, so you should choose by keeping public demand in mind. You may choose men’s wear, women’s wear, tourist type, or some other type.

After selecting the type, you should move on to selecting the sizes you are going to provide.

While choosing, you should assure every point so that you won’t regret it afterward. The size of the T-shirt shouldn’t be ill-fitted as buyers don’t like it.

3. Choose Fabric for the T-shirt

Move towards selecting the fabric of the T-shirt of which T-shirts are going to be. You can choose a fabric like Cotton, Ringspun Cotton, Organic Cotton, or some other.

There are different pros and cons of different fabrics. You should keep the pros and cons of the fabric in mind while choosing it.

4. Printing or Embroidery

You should select whether you want printing or embroidery on shirts. It depends on what type of public you want to attract towards your business. Printing and embroidery can both have a different impact on your business.

5. Quotation

You can make shirts with ready-made quotes, texts, and fonts of different styles. It would attract people who like these types of shirts.

Cute quotes can make your shirts look good and attractive. That is why you always choose the quotation that people do love.

6. Sampling: Check the Details and Quality

You should do sampling after doing all the other steps. The sampling includes checking the details and quality of the products. You should sample products according to their details and quality.

7. Mass production

Now, it’s time to produce the T-shirt designs you’ve made. You can start with small mass production, then you can go for more. It would be workable to start by producing 100 pieces per color and design.

8. Pack and Delivery

The final step for starting a private T-shirt business is packing and delivery. You can hire people to do this work.

This step requires some people to pack and deliver their T-shirts to the customers. Always keep in mind that attractive packaging attracts people. In this way, people will come towards your product and increase your sales.

Tips for Wholesale Customized T-shirts

There are some points of consideration while selling wholesale, customized T-shirts. You should consider these factors to sell a good quality customized T-shirt.

These factors would help you to attract buyers. The given are some points to consider while selling customized T-shirts:

Customized T-shirts Should be Affordable

If you’re selling a customized T-shirt, then you should make it affordable for the customer. It shouldn’t be costly that no one would buy. If the T-shirt is affordable, more customers will get it.

The Printing Quality is Very Important

One of the main points of making a customized T-shirt to sell is that its printing quality should be good. The design you are getting printed on your shirt should be of good quality. Many points affect the printing quality, such as:

  • Printing Process
  • The ink used in the process
  • Machine quality

You should choose a printing process that wouldn’t go down in the quality of printing. It should be able to provide the best quality of printing.

Don’t Ignore the New and Trendy Style of T-shirts.

While choosing what kind of T-shirts you want to sell in your business, you can think of trendy styles.

The trendy and new styles of T-shirts can help you to design the best product for your business. You shouldn’t ignore this point while making the design of your T-shirt.

How LeelineSourcing Help You Wholesale T-shirts from China Efficiently?

Leelinesourcing can help you start your T-shirt business. If you don’t know how to import your T-shirts from China, it will help you.

They provide you a way with which you can communicate with factories in China. Being a sourcing company in China, LeelineSourcing would help you in your business in China.

It helps in negotiating with factories, shipping your products, and other factors. The given are some of the benefits LeelineSourcing provides to your business:

Verify a Real T-shirts Factory

LeelineSourcing connects you with a verified T-shirt factory. It helps the T-shirt became popular. The T-shirts of the business gets a good garment which the buyer would like to wear.

Private Label Solutions

LeelineSourcing provides your business with private label solutions. It helps you in every way so that you can grow your business.

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Private Label

Confirm and Follow-up Your Order

This is another great benefit of being engaged with LeelineSourcing. They have professionals who confirm your order professionally. They will also follow-up on your order for you. You wouldn’t have to do anything as it would do it for you.

Check the Quality of the T-shirts

The quality of the product is always one of the most important factors in any business. LeelineSourcing ensures the quality of the T-shirts. That is why you wouldn’t get something of bad quality.

Expert in Paperwork to Clear Customs

Clearing the paperwork and customs is not an easy task. With LeelineSourcing, you don’t have to worry about it. They would help you in clearing customs. This company is an expert in paperwork. It would make your paperwork easier to do.

Best Logistics Solution for Your Orders

LeelineSourcing will provide you with the best logistic solution for your orders. It will help you with the logistics of your orders.


Final Thoughts on Wholesale T-shirts from China

China is an amazing business market for those looking at wholesale T-shirts from China and selling them.

After reading this article, you would get to know everything about importing T-shirts from China.

It would help you know about all the details and help you start your own business. Many things in this business would help you to learn and grow your business.

We hope that the information provided will be helpful to everyone. It would also help you to know how you can find the best wholesale T-shirt manufacturers in China.

Many companies in China are making high-quality products. We also hope that this article will point out the factors you want to know.

FAQs for Wholesale T-shirts from China

Is selling T-shirts online profitable?

You can earn profit by selling it online as you get money for every T-shirt you sell. If you are selling T-shirts of different designs, it will help you get more customers. More customers are always profitable for your business. Many platforms can help you sell T-shirts online or create your own.

What is the most popular T-shirt brand?

There are many T-shirt brands available in China that provide the best Wholesale T-shirts. Each brand comes with some pros and cons associated with them.

You can choose the right brand to buy Wholesale T-shirts according to your needs. Some of the popular T-shirt brands are Alibaba, Jiangsu Sunshine, and Shandong Ruyi.

LeelineSourcing can be helpful for you to buy the best T-shirts in China. It is a popular brand as it solves many business problems.

This company would help you solve logistics, shipment, and customs clearance problems.

How much is tariff when importing T-shirts from China?

A tariff is a tax that applies to imports only. It depends on which country the product is getting imported.

There is a 20% tariff on imports from China to the US. This will make the T-shirt of 5$ to 6$ in the US market. So, it makes the products more expensive in the market.

Where can I get High-Quality plain T-shirts in bulk for a lower price?

There are many online sites where you can get High-Quality plain T-shirts in bulk. They provide you with high-quality plain T-shirts within an affordable range.

You can get Cheap T-shirts from China in bulk from different sites and manufacturers at lower prices.

What are the best quality T-shirts for printing?

The T-shirts that are the best printing should be 100% cotton. It can be of other fabric, but the fabric should provide high-quality printing.

The material should not be shrinking so that it could be good for printing purposes. Some of the best quality T-shirts for printing are Apparel, Stanley Stella, Anvil, etc.

How much does it cost to have T-shirts made?

The cost can vary according to the design you want to have. The custom T-shirt cost more than normal T-shirts.

Customized T-shirts are made with a special request, so they cost more than others. If you get custom T-shirts in bulk, the cost per T-shirt may get lower. The average price can be up to 20$.

So, what are you waiting for? You have got all the knowledge now.

This is the time to execute. Take steps to wholesale T-shirts from China. Start your own T-shirt business and earn handsome profits. Goodbye!

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