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Stationery Suppliers

LeelineSourcing Find The Best Stationery Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
  • Leeline can help you discover a variety of stationery supplies.
  • Shipping can be a tedious process. Leeline offers the most convenient way to ensure smooth shipping of the stationery.
  • Leeline is here for more time now. Thus, it knows the issues that importers often face.
  • Besides, Leeline allows gaining a diverse market through its years of experience.
  • Leeline does not discriminate on the size of your company. Instead, we follow similar policies for all.

Leeline delivery is on time that ensures most customer satisfaction.


Top 10 Hot Selling Stationery From China

1. Office Stationery

Importing Office Stationery From China

There is an increase in China’s stationery industry scale. With varieties of stationery products, it offers unique products for diverse customers. 

Competition between the stationery companies is increasing. Thus, the pricing strategy of the stationers is vital. Are you hunting for a reliable stationery supplier? Then, China can be the right place choice for you.

2. Stationery Accessories

Wholesale Stationery Accessories From China

Stationery suppliers of China are famous. That’s because there seems a high demand for stationery accessories. Around 6.4 billion Yuan generates from the industry each year.

Stationary changes with advanced technologies. It helps stationery companies gain the upper hand. A wide range of products gives customers a variety to choose from amidst the competition.

3. Personalized Stationery

Buy Personalized Stationery From China

Are you looking to buy personalized stationery in bulk? Then, wholesale stationery supplies are apt for you. Moreover, companies are producing products to offer variety to the consumers. It helps them maintain their brand image.

Many people from all across the country and globe prefer China’s stationery over other countries. Other economies consider China as their biggest competitor.

4. Stapler

Wholesale Stapler in Bulk From China

Being the world’s leading stapler supplier, China offers a diverse market for consumers. Both customized and latest stationery products are available. 

For the convenience of the customers, wholesale stationery suppliers also offer stapling pins. You can avail of almost all sizes of staplers and pins to meet customer needs.

5. Highlighter

Wholesale From China Highlighter Suppliers

Highlighters are typical for both students and business purposes. You can find different colored highlighters among the stationery makers in China. 

All are competing with each other. Thus, the price is quite competitive. Thus, you have a hope to convene the demands of the emergent market size. And that too without degrading the quality.

6. Clipboard

Wholesale From China Clipboard Manufacturers

Clipboards now are not limited to wood. That’s because school stationery suppliers offer different materials. All are safe to use for kids and adults. 

The total costing of each clipboard is low due to the use of the newest, innovative technologies. You can find adorable clipboards at a competitive price.

7. Tape Dispenser

Importing Tape Dispenser From China

Another category that China takes the lead in is the manufacture of tape dispensary. The steady growth in the retail business gave a boost to office stationery suppliers. 

Stationery suppliers don’t compromise on the standard and quality. Chinese companies are versatile and well-equipped. It helps them meet the changing demands of the market.

8. Pencil Sharpener

Wholesale Pencil Sharpener From China

This category is quite common among the student-folk all around the world. Thus, school stationery suppliers provide varieties of pencil sharpeners. You will find sharpeners in all shapes, sizes, colors, and prices. All the suppliers ensure guaranteed quality and safe products.

9. Rubber Stamp

Buy Rubber Stamp From China

Essential stationery in every office around the world is a rubber stamp. Chinese companies are making rubber stamps of all types. 

Ranging from traditional to self-inking rubber stamps, you can choose any of them as per the needs. Office stationery suppliers recognize the demands of the targeted market. Hence, they tend to stay ahead of all other stationery companies.

10. Paper Clip

Wholesale Paper Clip in Bulk From China

Chinese stationery makers ensure to meet the rising demand for paper clips. Stationery suppliers offer them for domestic use and the global market.

The cost-effective strategies are the result of innovative high-tech machinery. As a result, the total production cost is competitive as compared to others. 


Moreover, the suppliers focus on creating unique products. It helps them fulfill the demands of the ever-changing marketplace.

But, they are not compromising on the quality of the products. It is beneficial to ensure customer retention. With effective cost and added features, they are maintaining the customer base. As a result, China has the leading companies of all stationery products.

Leeline Help You Import Stationery From China

Product Sourcing

Stationery Product Sourcing

Well, Leeline services ensure that the top-quality stationery products arrive at your destination. The company has a compelling product sourcing ability. We will source your stationery goods from reliable wholesale suppliers. It helps lower the cost in almost every aspect.

Factory Audit

Stationery Factory Audit

Well, Leeline conducts factory audits regularly. Thus, it ensures in-depth evidence of the stationery’s quality. What’s more, there is the alignment of policies for both company and source.

Product Inspection

Stationery Product Inspection

Leeline makes sure the stationery supplier’s design meets the requirements. It helps meet the standards of the company’s image. Regular inspection of the stationary products saves more costs later.

Amazon FBA Prep

Stationery Amazon FBA Prep

Leeline undertakes the preparation module of customized packaging of all stationery products. Ranging from labeling to combo-packing, it does it all and ensures safe shipping.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Stationery Shipping To Amazon FBA

As we know, shipping incurs a substantial cost. Thus, Leeline ensures to select the best and the most cost-efficient method. As a result, the final cost of shipping stationery products reduces to a great extent.


Stationery DropShopping

To save both time and money, Leeline transfers the said shipment from the warehouse. There are no extra charges for storage as it goes to the customer’s address.

Why Choose Leeline To Import Stationery From China

  • Leeline has a high potential for sourcing quality stationery suppliers. They do it as per your requirements. 
  • Moreover, Leeline focuses on large, medium, and small-sized importers. It helps meet the changing market needs.
  • Leeline possesses trustworthy sourcing policies and ensures efficient services throughout the process. 
  • Besides, Leeline adopts all the possible methods to connect you to reputed suppliers. You can make it without being present in person. 
  • Leeline ensures total efficiency by following up with the production process. The follow-up continues until the delivery of the shipment. Meanwhile, we also perform quality control check-ups to confirm the best quality of stationery products.
  • Leeline provides all the guidance if you are a novice importer. It helps you manage to ship in different locations.

Best 10 Stationery Manufacturers In China

1. Yiwu Mengzhaiwu Import And Export Co., Ltd.

1. Yiwu Mengzhaiwu Import And Export Co., Ltd.

Started in the year 2017, this unique company is active in the stationery business for the past four years. They deal with regular stationery supplies.

Besides, they also provide materials required for school projects and crafts. This firm has around 15 efficient employees. Thus, they also deal with customers from the global market. 

Main products

They provide standard quality products required for daily usage. Thus, they cater to both students and office-goers. Most of their stationeries are of the latest designs. Further, they also deal with toys and other accessories. 

Why choose Yiwu Mengzhaiwu Import And Export Co., Ltd?

Since they are not very new in the market, they know the young generation’s needs and choices. Furthermore, most population seek professional careers. Thus, the use of stationery is a must in this sector. 

This company could capture the domestic as well as foreign market. It happened by identifying the demands and niche of the markets.

2. Shenzhen Chenxingying Trading Co., Ltd.

2. Shenzhen Chenxingying Trading Co., Ltd.

With their seven years of experience, they know about the trending demands of the market. Being one of the leading distributors, it ensures all the products are of high-quality.

Apart from distributing, they are also a trading firm. Their efficient team of around 100 people makes it a solid entity to deal with the market changes.

Main products

They manufacture all kinds of office stationery at a reasonable price. They also produce electronics, home essentials, and sports accessories.

Why choose Shenzhen Chenxingying Trading Co., Ltd.?

Their high revenue generation of around US$2,5 million indicates their position. Making different stationary products help you to avail yourself products right from the factory.

Moreover, these products undergo strict inspection before shipping. Their services are neither complicated nor slow. Hence customers receive cost-effective products along with fast shipping procedures. 

3. Anhui Jusboy Stationery Industry Co., Ltd.

3. Anhui Jusboy Stationery Industry Co., Ltd.

With a decade of experience in stationery making and trading, it is a professional in the field. Around 380 employees work in the production of quality goods. Moreover, they also ensure assessing the market.

The company performs continuous research and development in the product’s features. Thus, it enables them to meet the growing demands. Their upgraded machinery ensures smooth processing. In the end, it helps them generate around 10 million USD.

Main products

They manufacture school stationery items. It includes a geometry box set, compasses, and other accessories required in numerical projects.

Why choose Anhui Jusboy Stationery Industry Co., Ltd.?

The annual revenue generation ranges from US$ 5 Million to US$ 10 Million. Being an OEM, you can rely on their quality and support during the buying process. Moreover, their stationeries have a more extensive lifespan.

What’s more, they can produce math sets of around 20 million every year. Hence, if you want to import a large quantity, they will help you grow.

4. Shenzhen Huacai Stationery Gift Co., Ltd.

4. Shenzhen Huacai Stationery Gift Co., Ltd. 

This stationery supplier is located in Shenzhen. It excels in PVC products. Along with production, they also deal with trading. They have around 50 to 100 people and more than 10 product lines. 

Main Products

Among their main products, plastic bags and files are competent enough. They also manufacture cardholders and lever arch files. Their catalog also has transparent first aid kit bags. 

Why choose Shenzhen Huacai Stationery Gift Co., Ltd?

Their years of experience give them a competitive gain. Since they sew the materials on their own, the products are rugged, reliable, and long-lasting. If required, you can customize the logo as per desire.

They have their printing unit. Most of the products are for the world market. Hence, it will help in delivering the stationery right to the doorstep. 

5. Ningbo Kangxuanda Crafts Co., Ltd.

5. Ningbo Kangxuanda Crafts Co., Ltd.

Situated in Zhejiang, China, it is one of the reputed stationery suppliers. Although established in 2015, they are in the printing business for about fifteen years.

They have around 50 skilled people who are efficient enough. They indulge in developing new designs to keep customers from all over the world. 

Main products

They give you quality photo albums to store your memories. Further, they deal with the notebook, card sets, and envelopes. Are you looking for school stationery suppliers? They are ideal for making paper crafts and accessories.

Why choose Ningbo Kangxuanda Crafts Co., Ltd.?

Since they have their storage facilities, packing and shipping are more favorable. Their well-equipped factory indicates quality stationery. Regular audit of quality control monitors their processing unit.

For customizing the products as per choice, they use different finishing lines. It includes foils and glitters. The well-lit and organized showroom gives their clients a view of all the products. Hence, before placing the order, you can have a look at their products. 

6. Guangzhou Art gift Trading Ltd.

6. Guangzhou Art gift Trading Ltd.

Their existence in the stationery industry for more than 14 years makes them a professional in this field. Established in the year 2007, they generate a revenue of around US$5 million every year. Located in Guangdong, China, they currently have 50 skilled people. 

Main Products

They deal with printing products like books but also manufacture other stationery. It includes notebooks, craft items, paper air freshening materials, and bags.

Want to print customized brochures and other advertising materials? They can be ideal partners. If you want, you can customize the print on the notebooks as per choice. Further, packaging products are also available for diverse customers. 

Why choose Guangzhou Art Gift Trading Ltd.?

Most of their products are for the market in North America, covering around 40% of their sales. All stationery products have valid approval. Their dedicated research and development team looks forward to integrating specialized products. 

7. Hefei Colorfly Stationery Co., Ltd.

7. Hefei Colorfly Stationery Co., Ltd.

Dealing with stationery-making services, it is a well-renowned stationery brand. Active since 2013, their factory size spreads across around 1 acre.

Their production process is well-equipped with efficient technologies. Their team of skilled employees looks out for challenging roles. As a result, it develops their output. 

Main Products

Making various sizes of notebooks is their forte. These notebooks can either be for school supplies or regular use. They deal with both checks and ruled notebooks and exercise books.

If required, you can ask them to print the cover as per your choice of design. The notebooks will contain pages as per the ordered numbers.

Why choose Hefei Colorfly Stationery Co., Ltd.?

Their long-time presence in the stationary-making field makes them reliable. Their automatic printing machinery supports custom needs.

Regular inspection of quality and process avoids damages and improves production. Valid approval and confirmation of the products help in maintaining their quality throughout. 

8. Dongguan Brothersbox Industrial Co., Ltd.

8. Dongguan Brothersbox Industrial Co., Ltd.

Maintaining its top-seller position for more than a decade, it deals with stationery items. Located in Guangdong, China, they are ISO certified and trade products globally.

Main Products

Their magnetic boxes are ideal for packing gifts and gives the latest look. You can customize the size and thickness as per the demand.

They can create goods in any shape, like cylindrical, elongated, and rectangular. If you are looking for paper bags of various prints and sizes, they are an ideal choice.

Why choose Dongguan Brothersbox Industrial Co., Ltd.?

Their specialty in printing gives them an advantage in the competitive market. The workforce of 300 employees gives them the strength to deliver items on time. They have an internal stationery development team that ensures the tailoring of the products.

They are ready to undertake any challenge and are creative. Both production and printing equipment undergoes regular inspection. Hence quality is under control, and it trades globally. 

9. Yiwu Jiumu Stationery Co., Ltd.

9. Yiwu Jiumu Stationery Co., Ltd.

Located in the Zhejiang part, it is one of the manufacturing stationery leaders. This company started operating only a few years ago. Even so, it has strengthened its position in the stationery market. Currently, it employs around 100 people to meet customer requirements. 

Main Products

Most of their trading includes paper materials. They can customize the notebooks and journals as per choice. You can also check their latest diaries and planners. If required, they also deal with sketchbooks of various sizes. 

Why choose Yiwu Jiumu Stationery Co., Ltd.?

They have a keen and hardworking team. It helps in generating a revenue of around 5 million U.S. Dollars. Even more, they trade their stationery products worldwide.


They are quick in responding to queries from any corner of the world. There are next to zero cases of delayed delivery. Their hi-tech machinery produces many notebooks in a limited time.

Moreover, all trading and making occur within their factory. They have separate units for all departments. 

10. Cagie Science And Technology(Hangzhou) Co., Ltd

10. Cagie Science And Technology(Hangzhou) Co., Ltd

Being in the stationery-making business, this firm deals with various products. Located in Zhejiang, China, the firm employs around 150 people on average. America and South-east Asia are the primary targeted market.

Main Products

They manufacture notebooks and diaries of different forms. Diaries with locks on them are a specialty that separates them from others. Further, they also deal with loose-leaf books and other office stationery. 

Why Choose Cagie Science And Technology(Hangzhou) Co., Ltd?

Its presence in the limelight since 2019 gives it a boost in sales. Spread over around 3000 sq. m., the factory manufactures all stationery and notebooks within the campus.

The hardworking employees concentrate on the quality of each product. Its specialized R&D team is always looking forward to innovating and design new products. Hence, it ensures that all the products are of the latest design and accepted worldwide. 

Best 5 Stationery Manufacturers In US

11. American Stationery

1. American Stationery

American Stationery is still a promising supplier of personalized stationery. Comprising more than 200 skilled employees, their factory is in Peru. They continue to serve the varied desires of customers even today. 

Main Products

They deal with customizing stationery items with a monogram and hand bordering. Their techniques include digital, letterpress, to name a few. Further, you can also find various notepads, including stick-on and business pads.

In the labeling category, they include envelope seals, different-shaped stampers, and luggage tags. Moreover, it is a one-stop solution for all your party needs. 

Why choose American Stationery?

Their features include on-time delivery of goods and ultimate customer satisfaction. It helps the firm to reach its goals. Besides, their way of creating custom products separates them from others.

Hence, it gives customers a unique feel for their products. You can make all payments with ease through credit and debit cards. Their stationery gifting sections have separate sections for men, women, and children.

12. Rifle Paper Co.

2. Rifle Paper Co.

More than a decade in the stationery industry, Rifle Paper aims to grow higher than its present status. This company deals with many stationery products and has customers from all over the world.

Main Products

Among the main product category, they supply different products. It includes desk planners, student stationery, and other accessories. The products range from postcards, personalized photo books to greetings cards.

Above all, they can also supply calendars, notepads, pens, to name a few. Their services include shipping to any destined address.


Why choose Rifle Paper Co.?

Their products are of industry standards, and tailoring is an added feature. The best thing about them is the use of new technology in the stationery production process. 

They also are cautious about frauds and thus protects all confidential information. They have a secured line of the transaction and is thus reliable. Their products range in different prices and thus are suitable for all income groups. 

13. Sugar Paper LA

3. Sugar Paper LA

Based in Los Angeles, this company grabs the attention of worldwide customers. It includes both the domestic and worldwide markets. 

Their way of tailoring stationery makes them stand out from the crowd. Their studio is well-equipped and has enough stock of all the products.

Main Products

Journals, list pads, candles, and notebooks are some of the all-time bestsellers. But, they also supply planners and calendars. With extra effort, they also customize the print on the paper. 

Why choose Sugar Paper LA?

Their detailing on each customized product proves that they have an efficient team. The unique quality of the papers within an affordable range is a benefit. The company has many outlets and stores all over the USA.

Moreover, they also ship at domestic and global levels. They work with local artisans and ensures a sustainable working environment. Each of the product’s quality meets the industry standard. They also provide certain offers while ordering the first product. 

14. A.T. Cross Company

4. A.T. Cross Company

A well-known American brand A.T. Cross Company is here since 1846. Their brand name and presence all over the world state its vast market share.

Well, this company is a global marketer of stationery. Thus, they have a vast network of suppliers and distributors. Its headquarters are in Rhode Island. 

Main products

Their main products include writing pens in varied combinations, colors, and prints. Since pens’ usage tends to exhaust after a certain period, A.T. Cross identifies this crucial need.

Hence, they also supply refills for both ballpoint and gel-ink pens. Further, there are more accessories like journals, card cases, and pen cases. They also customize their products for business gifts and conferences. It helps them meet the corporate world’s demands.

Why choose A.T. Cross Company?

They have years of rich experience in the stationery industry. Moreover, their ability to meet the changing demands of the market gives an added benefit. Continuous updating of their designs and technologies ensures to stay ahead of others.

They can also meet the requisites and tailoring of the stationery supplies. They look forward to replying to all queries. Their well-equipped and skilled team is the reason for the success that A.T. Cross is still enjoying. 

15. Vital Stationery

5. Vital Stationery

A USA-based company, Vital Stationery, includes all necessary school stationery supplies. The broad features in each of their products give them the advantage. Also, this company started back in the year 2012. Even so, they have rich experience in the paper industry. 

Main Products

 They deal with stationery equipment for school students. They offer various types of notepads, including spiral, perfect bound, exercise books.

Why choose Vital Stationery?

The most significant advantage of using Vital Stationery products is the use of their brand name. Their global vision supports them in expanding products to a different corner of the world. They ensure to address each of their customers and customize items as per them. 

They have their warehouse and thus convenient to store and ship. The skilled employees are the backbone of this firm. Moreover, the company also owns state-of-the-art equipment. High-quality notebooks and strong support of logistics make the shipping process quite convenient. 

Best 5 Stationery Manufacturers In UK

16.Abbey Stationery Products Ltd.

1. Abbey Stationery Products Ltd.

For more than 25 years in the stationery industry, this company manufactures a wide variety of supplies. Their storage facility itself spreads across 25,000 sq. ft. in Staines on Thames, England.

Main products

Most of the items are for office stationery supplies. They also produce ring binders in different forms and sizes. Furthermore, their product list contains folders, pouches, and report covers.

Besides, one can also shop for badge holders. Nowadays, they are also producing quality face masks and shields.

Why choose Abbey Stationery?

They have their designing studio. Moreover, they use the latest software to provide the best and current results. They get in touch with all customers and asks for specific requisitions. Moreover, the company uses 80% recycled raw materials. It helps them lower production costs and be sustainable.

Each of the production processes undergoes scrutiny before packing and shipping. They guarantee customer satisfaction and also have an easy return policy. They also allow couture to meet the needs of the customers.

17.U.K. Business Supplies

2. U.K. Business Supplies

This supplier is famous among many corporate offices. Moreover, this is a favorite brand for almost all households since 2003. One can locate this company alongside Hyton Business Park in Liverpool. What’s more, this stationery provider firm owns a team of skilled employees. 

Main Products

Their catalog meets the demands of the stationery market. That’s because they manufacture files, binders, desktop accessories, pens, and pencils. But, they also deal with other stuff. It includes a first-aid kit, high-quality paper, cartridges for printers, and calculators. 

Why choose U.K. Business Supplies?

They have a dedicated helpline number to answer the queries of potential customers. Their low price is a competitive benefit in the flourishing market. A placed order is ready for despatch the next day.

They value time and ensure that they ship the products on time and prevent any delay in delivery. They accept payments through secure mode along with digital transactions.

They keep customers with their services, quality, and promptness. They are also open to package returns if the materials are not as per demand. 

18.Office Stationery

3. Office Stationery

It is one of the most favored stationery wholesalers. They are a proud supplier of NHS and include some best-selling brands. They have around 56,000 production lines active at the moment. 

Main Products

You can avail of varied products ranging from office stationery to school supplies. They also deal with computing accessories and academic supplies.

High-quality diaries, labels, notebooks, pens, pencils are some bestselling items. 

Why choose Office Stationery?

They offer a fair price when you buy stationery in bulk. What’s more, the payment occurs through a secure procedure. They include innovative and attractive products to meet the need of the market.

Well, they deal with both domestic and global customers. Thus, there will be no compromise with quality. 

19.Wholesale Office Supplies Ltd.

4. Wholesale Office Supplies Ltd.

Due to its very prime location in the country, this company attracts customers worldwide. Established in the year 1989, they are in the market ever since. 

Main Products

They include all necessary office stationery in their catalog. It includes books, desks, filings, and writing materials. Further, they are also selling PPE kits these days. Altogether there are around 30,000 stationery wholesale online products. 

Why choose Wholesale Office Supplies Ltd.?

They charge a nominal price for those looking for reselling through SMEs. They also offer credit facilities to registered businesses in the domestic market. Likewise, they have a specialized team who look into the requirements of customers. 


5. Woodblock

A combination of creativity and printing technology resulted from 16 years of experience. Woodblock, along with its hardworking team, creates and innovates luxury stationery.

Main Products

Their main products are business cards, envelopes, and stickers. Moreover, it has a massive collection of diaries, notebooks, and pens. The firm specializes in various printing technologies. Their pricing is an added advantage as compared to its quality. 

Why choose Woodlock?

Their product categories are a strategy that makes them stand out from others. They do not compromise on the stationery quality.

They have budget products for all. But, they have a standard rule of order. The executives have a friendly service and deal well with everyone. They ensure to continue with the innovation of the products. 

Need Leeline to Handle Your Shipping Stationery From China

Stationery Sea Freight Shipping from China

Stationery Sea Freight From Shipping

This one is perfect for shipping large quantities of products in an affordable range.

Stationery Air Freight Shipping from China

Stationery Air Freight From Shipping

Being the fastest mode of shipping, it assures product delivery on time.

Stationery Rail Freight Shipping from China

Stationery Supplies Rail Freight From Shipping

If cost and sureness are the factors, this is ideal for transporting any volume of products.

Stationery Door to Door Shipping from China

Stationery Door to Door From Shipping

Apart from being simple, it saves time and does not incur the cost of shipment.

Import Stationery From China: Ultimate Guide

1. Introduction About Importing Stationery From China?

China is one of the most prominent places for stationery companies. It has a wide variety of them.

Its unparalleled innovation and creativity make it a huge market overseas further. That’s because China uses hi-tech machinery, which makes the production process faster.

The demand for Chinese stationery is thus relatively high. The massive production of stationery requires a broader market to sell.

As a result, their price is much realistic. China is ideal for small and medium enterprises looking for office stationery suppliers. The demand for school stationery is somewhat high all over the world. China is the right place to invest owing to its small production cost.

2. How to Grow Your Business With Importing Stationery From China?

Stationery 1

I. What Is Stationery Business?

Supplies and accessories required for schools and office use are stationary. It includes exporting a vast quantity of stationery to the foreign market.

Besides, selling it in the domestic marketplace is also one part of the stationery business. We can see a steady growth of stationery worldwide. Thus, the demand for office and school supplies are increasing.

There is a wide variety of stationery to sell. The potential market changes its demands quite often. Hence, Chinese companies continue to upgrade their creativity.

II. What Are the Advantages of Importing Stationery From China?

The benefits of importing stationery from China are:

  • The prices are super low-price and affordable.
  • There are quite a few wholesalers with different ranges of stationery.
  • China is adopting new hi-tech modes to reduce total costs.
  • There are in-depth quality control and inspection.

III. Who Uses Stationery?

Stationery is quite common among all people. What’s more, it is an integral part. It is helpful for school children, experts, and corporate offices. People from any field of life need the use of stationery in every sector.

Students need school stationery supplies for assignments, crafts, study, academics, and projects. Besides, office stationery is a form of life-easing materials required during events. Wholesale stationery is a mode of business expansion for SMEs for growth.

IV. How to Choose the Best Stationery Manufacture?

The following factors might be helpful while choosing the stationery provider.

  • Well, price is an essential factor. Thus, choose the supplier whose rates are within your budget.
  • It is beneficial if you research well about the type of stationery you are looking to buy.
  • Check the feedback of suppliers and their reviews on online platforms.
  • Physical inspection of the production process will help in analyzing it better.
  • Seek the quality standard certificates and also check their validity.
  • Keep a look at the production process.
  • Check the efficiency of the final product.

V. How to Negotiate With China Stationery Suppliers?

You can negotiate the stationery costs by using the methods given below.

Stationery 2

  • First of all, build a rapport with the chosen supplier. After that, ask for the price of a bulk number of products.
  • Ensure to talk about quality maintenance.
  • Ask them about the delivery date and time.
  • Tell them about the cost from other suppliers.
  • Give them the list of products you need to get along with their number of pieces.
  • Get all details of the payment terms and the damage insurance, if any.
  • Start negotiating from the lowest price you are willing to pay.
  • But do not go above the budget and lock on a mutual term.

VI. How to Ship Stationery From China?

Below are different methods to ship stationery from China:

  • Sea freight
  • Shipping with airfreight
  • Rail freight
  • An easy door-to-door shipment

VII. How to Sell Stationery Online to Earn Money?

Below mentioned tips will help you through the process of selling online:

  • Get to know about the needs of the market.
  • Pitch your products through digital marketing
  • Use social media strategies to create awareness.
  • Choose an assured shipping service.
  • Link your official website with a digital payment mode.

3. Frequently Asked Questions!

I. How Do I Buy Wholesale Stationery Products From China?

The essential task is researching everything about the suppliers. Contacting suppliers straight away will also give leads about wholesalers. Some companies trade their products right away.

II. How to Import Wholesale Stationery Products From China?

  • Once you decide about the kind of stationery product you want to buy, look out for wholesalers.
  • Get to know about the procedures of importing from China.
  • All countries have their own set of customs.
  • Ensure to choose unique products with efficiency and endurance.
  • Do the entire calculation of the import process before shipping.
  • Go ahead with the procedure if the costing is within budget.

III. How Can I Avail Wholesale Stationery Products From China With Free Shipping?

There are quite a few stationery companies that provide free shipping. First, you must choose the right firm as per your product choice. Contact the seller through email, phone, or personal visit.

Stationery 3

Negotiation can help in reaching terms where the seller agrees on free-shipping. But, it is necessary to ask which model of shipping they are pursuing.

Let them know about the time frame you are expecting the shipment. If all goes as per convenient terms, ordering bulk orders may earn you free shipping.

IV. What to Check Before Selecting a Stationery Supplier?

Make sure you consider the below elements before choosing a stationery supplier.

Product quality

Make sure the stationery supplier has quality products in the catalog. If required, look out for other suppliers offering similar products. It is wise to choose stationery quality over the price.

Well, are you a stationery reseller? Then, compromising on stationery quality will create an off-putting image of your company. Maintaining the high quality of the product will ensure that it is long-lasting.

Safety standard

Ensure the supplier has valid approval of producing stationery.


Choose a school stationery supplier giving different advantages. It may include free shipping, guarantee, benefits, etc.

Pricing terms

Check if they offer the lowest price before finalizing payment terms. Try not to exceed the pre-decided budget.

Payment mode

Let’s say you are not willing to pay the entire amount before the shipment arrives. Then, let the supplier know. Further, look out for credit facilities and cash-on-delivery options.

V. How to know the chosen supplier is the best?

The office stationery supplier should satisfy all your requirements. The stationery cost should be minimum. Also, the quality of stationery products should be high.

Final Thoughts on Wholesale Stationery From China

China is gaining the benefits of being a production hub. Thus, there are a lot of advancements in the technology world. It helps companies use the latest automation for the procedures.

There is a slight drop in the cost of stationery production, which generates high profits. As a result, there is a notable demand for stationery wholesalers in the market. It belongs to both domestic and foreign countries.

One such helpful commodity is stationary. Moreover, China has the leading stationery supplier companies in the world.

There is a vast market seeking Chinese products from all over the world. That’s because China has a lot of different brands. They produce wholesale stationery of various types.

Consumers have a lot of options to take. But, ensure to choose the one which is reliable and cost-effective. Do not forget to verify the quality of the stationery products.

We hope you will implement this unique guide to import stationery. It will help when you plan to find office stationery suppliers in China. Ensure to check their facilities. It can include years of experience and the feedback they receive from customers.

Import From China

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