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Wholesale Office Supplies In Bulk

LeelineSourcing Find The Best Office Supplies Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
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Office Supplies

10 High Demand Office Supplies In China


Importing Pens From China

China has a whopping 80% capture for supplying pens over the world market. The manufacturing industry in China produces around 40 billion pens every year. For wholesale office products, China has made significant advancements and innovations. The massive market of promotional pens in China will provide you with quality products.


Wholesale Staples From China

It is unimaginable not to find a good staple included in your office supplies. Workspaces that deal with a lot of paperwork are must to have staples. China has been catering to the global need for good quality and safe staples.

The wholesale office supplies suppliers in China have been studying the global market. And have kept these essential supplies very affordable.


Buy Printers From China

China has contributed to the vast demand for printers worldwide. The printer market in China has been growing and is expected to grow by 0.5% in the upcoming year.

You can expect to come across many reputed wholesale office suppliers in China. They have detailed guidelines on importing spare parts and warranty of the product.

4.Cardboard Boxes

Wholesale Cardboard Boxes in Bulk From China

Cardboard boxes are used to store and organize office supplies. The recent reports show China’s cardboard and packaging industry Growth. They have been booming due to the rise in e-commerce business.

The inevitable part of any manufacturing industry is the right quality products. Manufacturer of cardboard boxes in China helps you with great deals when you import bulk. 


Wholesale From China Envelopes Suppliers

China has grown to be one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of envelopes. Not just paper, bubble envelopes, or mailers are available in China. Envelopes are widely used as office supplies.

China develops envelopes with a variety of quality materials and innovative designs. You can ship this wide range of envelopes at a wholesale price.


Wholesale From China Whiteboard Manufacturers

One essential need that every meeting room or board room has is a whiteboard. It is an integral component of office supplies. China is one of the largest manufacturers of a wide variety of whiteboards. They are ranging from glass to magnetic to mini whiteboards.

There is the development of advanced and interactive whiteboards in China. They have influenced huge sales and is available at a discounted price.


Importing Scissors From China

China’s scissor industry has made massive progress. Several popular scissor brands around the world are established in China. Good quality and smooth stainless steel scissors made in China. 

Scissors are said to make life convenient and easy. Scissors are not used in just workspaces, but other household areas too.

8. Desk organizer

Wholesale Desk organizer From China

Your work desk is must be a good quality desk organizer. The province of Fujian in China is the largest manufacturer. They have a wide range of sturdy and multi-functional desk organizers.

Their desk organizer is available in a wide variety of wood, metals, and even plastic. These can be imported in bulk, and you will indeed receive them at affordable rates. 

9.First-aid supplies

Buy First-aid supplies From China

Office supplies should contain first-aid supplies to take care of any unforeseen circumstances. Popular places of manufacturing and assembling the first-aid kits are Jiangsu and Guangdong. A lot of hospitals use first-aid supplies manufactured in China.

They always come with a warranty and an online technical support facility.


Wholesale Calendar in Bulk From China

Office supplies are considered incomplete without an excellent yearly calendar. China is known for manufacturing customizable wall and desk calendars. Zhejiang is a popular location in China from where you can ship calendars worldwide.

Leeline Ensures that You Can Buy Office Supplies from China Smoothly

Product Sourcing

Office Supplies Product Sourcing

If you wish to import any goods from China, Leeline’s service provides you with the best option. You can source without being physically available. They will find you quality products and trusted manufacturers at affordable pricing.

Factory Audit

Office Supplies Factory Audit

Leeline will make an audit to the manufacturing factory to ensure the quality. They help to find out the manufacturer is delivering things as per your requirements.

Product Inspection

Office Supplies Product Inspection

It is important to inspect every product that is packed. Leeline services also provide this facility of product inspection to maintain quality.

Amazon FBA Prep

Office Supplies Amazon FBA Prep

Leeline will take care of products’ packaging according to your requirements and specifications. They maintain FBA labelling and product photography and customize the packing and bundling.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Office Supplies Shipping To Amazon FBA

Leeline will help you ship your products to Amazon FBA from China. They ignore hefty shipping charges.


Office Supplies DropShopping

Leeline will also take care of your order fulfilment. They keep both the manufacturer and buyer up to date. They ship products from the warehouse to the customer, with accurate tracking.

Why Choose Leeline To Wholesale Office Supplies From China

    • Leeline Sourcing has been the one-stop solution for Sourcing goods from China.
    • Leeline will take care of your requirements and be transparent in communication. 
    • There are step-by-step quality checks. Leeline follows all steps to provide you with the right quality products. 
    • Leeline tracking mechanism will keep you updated on where the product is going to reach you. 
    • Additionally, Leeline gives you the option to store the goods in their warehouse, up to 1 month for free. 
    • Leeline Sourcing always ship products from the manufacturer only if they meet all quality standards. 

    CTA – Let’s Leeline handle all shipping services for you.

Best 10 China Office Supplies Manufacturers

1.Shanghai Fubin Stationery Co., Ltd

1. Shanghai Fubin Stationery Co., Ltd

The brand Shanghai Fubin has been in the stationery market for over 17 years. They have a professional factory with total employees working is around 200. They specialize in a vast range of office supplies and stationery items. The head office is located in Shanghai, China. 

Main Products

Their factory produces office supplies includes binders, long fuller board clips, metal paper clips, hollow screws, teeth clips, calculators, notebooks, leather folders, etc. All products are supplied to domestic and international markets. They cover Europe, Middle East, America, and many other countries. 

Why Choose Shanghai Fubin Stationery Co., Ltd?

The motto they believe in is “Quality is superior, Service is supreme, Reputation is first.” The team at Shanghai Fubin Stationery can be reachable via telephone. The brand has been continuously developing and introducing new products into the market. Over the past 17 years, they have been appraised by clients all over the globe.

2.Dongguan Hongjin Printing Factory

2. Dongguan Hongjin Printing Factory

Dongguan Hongjin Printing Factory has been in the office supplies and printing field. They are in this industry for over 13 years. They have become a medium-sized manufacturer with market occupancy around the world. They have an ISO9001 Intertek Certificate for Gift Box and BSCI certified brand also. The region of establishment is Guangdong province in China. 

Main Products

The manufacturer produces a range of printed materials. They make food packaging, gift boxes, paper-related stationery items. They also deal in puzzles, paper bags, calendars, and many other printed products. They have been popular in the printing business due to their high-end printers. They have two sets of Komori S40 printers, 1 set of Roland printers, and two Heidelberg printers. They also use pre-printing and post-processing equipment. 

Why Choose Dongguan Hongjin Printing Factory?

This manufacturing factory produces a reasonably good quantity of products. Company deals in mostly to Eastern Europe, Oceania, and North America. They have a deep understanding and knowledge. They focus on commitment and value their customer experience by fulfilling specific needs. Their response time is less than 24 hours. 

3. Yiwu Worison Cultural Supplies Co., Ltd.

3. Yiwu Worison Cultural Supplies Co., Ltd.

Located in the Zhejiang province in China, the Yiwu Worison Cultural Supplies Co., Ltd. is a relatively newer manufacturer of stationery and office supplies. Their high-quality products have added them to this list. They come under the WORISON trademark and are a team of 100 highly trained people. 

Main Products

Yiwu Worison Cultural Supplies manufacture art materials. All art tools like artist brushes, art markers, artist canvas etc. supplied. The rigorous testing procedure and vital techniques make them a brand everyone trusts. Their self-brand Warison is known for arranging various stock goods at competitive pricing. 

Why Choose Yiwu Worison Cultural Supplies Co., Ltd?

Being a young organization, they have gained trust by providing high-quality products. They have a professional team that ships products. The company covers France, the Middle East, Spain, South America, and several other countries. They have been welcoming business associations. They love clients from everywhere around the globe for long term businesses. Their response time is between 48 and 72 hours. 

4.Guangzhou Liwan Jindewei Office Firm

4. Guangzhou Liwan Jindewei Office Firm

Jindewei Office Firm is a complete stationery manufacturing system. The firm is in the Liwan District of Guangzhou. Established just a year ago, it has already made its mark in the trading business. The company’s current employee strength is most of 50.

Main Products

The company specializes in the manufacturing and processing of office supplies. Company main product is oil markers, price paper and whiteboard. The product quality and packaging material are well recognized in this industry. The products are processed through a highly scientific quality management mechanism. 

Why Choose Guangzhou Liwan Jindewei Office Firm?

Their products have been mostly supplied to North America. They are open to all kinds of business negotiations. They welcome people to walk in and visit their manufacturing unit. They have been catering to high demand with mature solutions.

5.Hangzhou Jiefa Materials Co., Ltd.

5. Hangzhou Jiefa Materials Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Jiefa Materials Co., Ltd. has been in the stationary production and trading business for the past 12 years. They are established in Zhejiang province in China is spread across 2000 sq. meters and comprise 200 well-skilled people. Under them, there are many join manufacturers and around 50 agents. The company is certified under Social Audit by UL and Social Audit by Disney. Hangzhou Jiefa Materials Co., Ltd. has contributed to the high performance of other companies and organizations worldwide. 

Main Products

They deal with all kinds of office supplies and stationery products. They also supply events and related party items. Their most popular products are customizable notebooks. All these products are available at factory price and with no compromise on quality. It has market captures all over Europe, Oceania and specifically North America. 

Why Choose Hangzhou Jiefa Materials Co., Ltd.?

The company claims to have been loyal to all promises since its establishment. The company provided the most acceptable quality packing, exceptional quality product. Their customer service, client satisfaction are excellent. They never compromised with the organization’s growth and the addition of staff, dedication. The response time is less than 24 hours. 

6.Yiwu Labon Stationery Co., Ltd.

6. Yiwu Labon Stationery Co., Ltd.

This manufacturer of stationery goods and trading company was established in 2003. The company have the dual certification of BSCI and FSC. It is one of the leading organizations to produce high-grade leather and paper items. Being an old company, they have been exhibiting great potential in the stationery industry. They Located in the very popular Zhejiang province of China. The company has over 200 trained employees.

Main Products

The company has specialized in manufacturing notebooks. High-grade leather and paper stationery is another excellent product by them. These products are available at exclusive and competitive rates. The brand finalizes the quality and sample’s specifications first. Post which, they create bulk orders. Every year, the organization has been pushing and publishing new products.

Why Choose Yiwu Labon Stationery Co., Ltd.?

The company believes in the motto, “Quality first and Customer Utmost.” The company have its brand “Libang”. All the products are exported and sold widely in domestic and international markets. They deal in Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and most popularly, North America. The products have been designed by their in-house research and development team. The product goes through a series of steps- cutting, stamping, folding, assembling. After that, go for packing undergoing quality checks. 

7.Taizhou EEGO Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

7. Taizhou EEGO Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.  

Over the past six years, Taizhou EEGO Industry has been established. Its brand name in the stationery manufacturing industry. The factory is found in the Zhejiang province of China and has a total of 100 employees. Performs operations under SGS and also has an IEGUE trademark. This company has been devoted to manufacturing professional quality stationery products. They ensure the fast delivery of products. They have over ten years of experience in Original Equipment Manufacturing.

Main Products

The company’s main products are notebooks, personal agenda journals. If requested, they can also do custom orders. The research and development team of 5-10 people work on the quality of the products. They make sure you get the most refined quality product at the lowest possible pricing. The brand has occupied significant markets in northern Europe, the Middle East, and South America. 

Why Choose Taizhou EEGO Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.? 

The business model of Taizhou EEGO Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. works with three types of orders- OEM Orders, Outsourcing Agent services, and ODM orders. They also have a dedicated sales department that will guide you to consolidate all goods. They also take the next step of finding and arranging the best shipment deals on your orders. To date, the brand has received multiple high rated reviews from its valued customers. The response time is usually within 24 hours, with a high response rate of 95.4%. The company welcomes all kinds of collaborations. 

8.Shenzhen Jinhao Color Printing Co., Ltd.

8. Shenzhen Jinhao Color Printing Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Jinhao Color Printing Co., Ltd. is a reputed Chinese manufacturer located in Guangdong province of China. With more than 30 years of experience in printing services, the company specializes in product research and development. Expanded to over three factories, it employs around 200 trained and well-skilled professionals. The company has been certified with FSC, ISO14001, ISO9001, and BSCI. They have occupied large market shares in Western Europe, Oceania, and North America.

Main Products

As a printing service, the company manufactures hardcover, softcover, notebooks, children’s books, cooking books, hardcover photography albums, comic books, etc. The production method involves cutting raw materials. They print the desired material, folding and sewing the pages after that assembly and final packing is done.

Why Choose Shenzhen Jinhao Color Printing Co., Ltd.? 

The company claims to have a strict quality control mechanism for every batch. They have the highest grade of printers like the Japanese Komori bisect four-colour printing machines, and German Heidelberg bisects four-colour printing machines. The company have a total of 11 printers. The Swiss Martini machine’s a fully automatic function. You can visit the factory outlet in China directly. 

9.Xiamen Kiaace Paper Products Co., Ltd.

9. Xiamen Kiaace Paper Products Co., Ltd.

Established in the year 2009, Xiamen Kiaace Paper Products Co., Ltd. deals with printed paper products. The international collaboration started in the year 2013. The brand has established relationships in developed countries. They sell in the USA, Spain, Germany, Ireland, South Africa, and many more in a brief span. 

Main Products

As a printing company, they are well known for custom made products. They produced professional-quality notebooks, brochures, watercolour pads, journals, sketchbooks, yellow pages, paper bags, magazines, and many other wooden supplies. 

Why Choose Xiamen Kiaace Paper Products Co., Ltd.? 

The company believes in customer satisfaction. Thus have imported 7set of German Heidelberg to meet consumer needs. The Swiss Martini adhesive binding, saddle-stitch binding, and hardcover binding complexes make printing and binding super quick and convenient. Over 120 employees work in the packaging team and possess rich experience. 

10.Dongguan Jonesun Trading Co., Ltd.

10. Dongguan Jonesun Trading Co., Ltd.

This newly established organization started in 2019 in the Guangdong province of China. It has grown to be professional exporters of home and office supplies. In this short span, the brand has established its value around the top corporations and has tied up with multiple factories. They export products overseas to North America, Central America, and East Asia. They have also achieved the MSDS certification. 

Main Products

The company specializes in producing file, folder, ring binders, expanding files, home projectors, and medical supplies like sterilization bags. They also manufacture electronic erasable drawing tablets for children and pocket planners. 

Why Dongguan Jonesun Trading Co., Ltd.?

The company promises to give excellent post-sales service. It takes minimum time for the production of your order, and all this is very affordable pricing. Their response time is below 24 hours, with a 97.1% response rate. 

Best 5 Office Supplies Suppliers In USA

11. Staples, Inc.

1. Staples, Inc.

The biggest retailer of office supplies in the United States is Staples. They have been in this blooming industry since 1986. The company covers from office supplies to school essentials. In almost ten years, they had reached the landmark of being a Fortune 500 company. Now they started acquiring other companies like Quill Corporation. They focus on retail and B-2-B sales of stationery supplies and all other related products.

Main Products

Staples deal will all kinds of stationery products of office supplies. They have school supplies, papers, computers and accessories, cleaning tools, electronics, etc. Under office supplies, you can get pens, markers, highlighters, pencils, desk and wall calendars, academic planners, calculators, desk organizers, notepads, staplers, envelopes, binders, notebooks, and much more. There is no minimum order and free delivery on any purchase. 

Why Choose Staples, Inc.?

Either an individual buyer or a retail business, Staples entertain all. For a small business, there is exclusive pricing available. There are no restrictions on account management and purchase orders. The orders can be made online or from the nearest warehouse. The brand provides proactive price protection. You can get business benefits from the lowest priced products.

12. Office Depot, Inc.

2. Office Depot, Inc.

It is an American company that deals with retailing office supplies. The company was established in 1986. The brand has opened almost 1378 stores across Europe and North America. In the year 2013, it acquired another office supplies company named OfficeMax. In 2017, Office Depot Europe was sold to an investment company. 

Main Products

The products available online and at the stores. Their product list includes school supplies, furniture and office supplies. They also have a breakroom, electronics, paper, ink and tone, planners and calendars, and home essentials. The products included in office supplies are pencils, pens, markers, staplers, binder clips, scissors, envelopes, packing tape, packing materials, folders, storage boxes and desk organizers, file organizers, presentation boards, and many more. 

Why Choose Office Depot, Inc.?

The transparent policies of Office Depot make them a famous brand. They are known for their fast delivery services. Mostly delivered within an hour or two is the product is available in stores. They also have multiple payment options available- PayPal, Office Depot Credit card, and any other type of credit card. Their products are always available at heavy discounted rates. The minimum purchase is $60.00 or more on the Office Depot website. There is no minimum order with free delivery from nearby stores.

13.3. Quill Corp

3. Quill Corp

Another well-known name in the American office supply retailer industry is Quill Corp. The company was founded in 1956 and had its headquarters in Illinois. Although most of its sales happen on the website, they do accept mail orders or direct sales. They are catering to over a million mid-sized and small businesses. Over the last 55 years, they have grown to be America’s one of the largest B-2-B markets in office supplies. Their current mother organization is Staples, Inc. 

Main Products

The website hosts thousands of offices, schools, breakrooms, cleaning supplies, papers, printers, inks, scanners, electronics, healthcare supplies, safety gear, etc. The list goes on. Office supplies include all essentials ranging from a pen, pencil to desk organizers. After Covid-19, the website also offers warning signs posters for workplaces. 

Why Choose Office Quill Corp?

The brand has been in business for a few decades and has kept its Quill.com promise with clients and customers. All quill.com guaranteed items are shipped free and get delivered in 2 days with no minimum order. They also have an easy and free 30-day return policy. The brand promises 100% guaranteed satisfaction at a very personalized deal. The company has been recently voted for America’s Best Customer Service 2021. 

14. Target

4. Target

Perhaps the most famous name in the American retail industry is Target Corporation. It is ranked the eighth-largest retailer in America and is also a part of the S&P 500 Index. In the 1980s, the company expanded sub-unit of the Dayton-Hudson Corporation. It is ranked 37 in the Fortune 500 Company listing in 2020. It currently has over 1900 stores across the United States. 

Main Products

Target is the one-stop-shop for all items ranging from office products to school. They have Notebooks, folders, calendars, planners, journals, paper, art and craft essentials, markers, pens and pencils, toners and inks, etc. 

Why Choose Target?

Target is the familiar household name for most Americans due to its convenience. The products are available at unbelievable prices for both individuals and retailers. The one entity that caters to every need can also be ordered online and from the stores. They have easy, convenient, same-day delivery and no minimum order value. These things make Target one of the most desired wholesalers in the United States. 



Also known as Costco Wholesale Corporation was founded 44 years ago. After Walmart, Costco was the largest retail business in the world since 2015. Costco has over 785 warehouses across the globe. With a global ranking of 14, Costco was on the Fortune 500 Companies list in 2019. As of 2019, Costco has over 98.5 million employees. 

Main Products

Costco has a wide range of office product items like paper, office electronics, writing supplies, filing and storage accessories, and a variety of other useful products. If interested in set-up a home office, Costco has the requirements for that too. 

Why Choose Costco?

People in America are generally obsessed with Costco. Costco gives low prices and great quality products. In addition to that, Kirkland Signature- the in house brand caters to even lower prices. Another great perk about Costco is the flexible and relaxed return policy. Costco guarantees 100% satisfaction on all its products. 

CTA – Get the Best Wholesale Office Products Prices from them.

Best 5 UK Office Supplies Manufacturers

16.1. Office Stationery

1. Office Stationery

The company’s main motto is “every office’s best friend.” It is one of the successfully growing stationery and wholesale office supplies retailers in the UK. With a cumulative experience of 40 years, they are sure to help you set up your enterprise or business. Their office stationery promises to provide your latest product at reasonable prices.

Main Products 

As the name mentions, the website offers all kinds of office supply essentials. The website hosts all sorts of essentials like pens, pencils, envelopes, papers, ink, folders, staplers and staples, highlighter pens, shredder, and many more. 

Why Choose Office Stationery?

Office stationery has a Trust Pilot rating of 4.7 on five and offers free delivery with orders above 40 euros. The prices are revised continuously to provide the lowest to the customers. You can opt for express delivery with an additional cost of 3 euros. They also help customers with excellent customer service. 

17.2. The Green Stationery Company

2. The Green Stationery Company

They are the UK’s original supplier of green wholesale office products and recycled paper. Established in the year 1989, it has evolved to be a green business model. The website hosts more than 20,000 green stationery and standard office essentials. The green catalogue will help you navigate through the hundreds of products. 

Main Products

All the available products on the website are made out of recyclable products. The green ballpoint pens have eco gel and are refillable. They also have pens made out of sustainable Beechwood and even coffee. Their papers are also made from recycled paper, mostly in an earth tone, and waterproof. 

Why Choose The Green Stationery Company?

Suppose you are conscious about the environment and wish to have a sustainable office space. Then you must visit the Green Stationery Company. The products are almost at a similar price range as ordinary products, but all are environmentally friendly.

18.3. The Green Office

3. The Green Office

The Green Office supplies green stationery and recycling office provided since 1978. They aim to reduce the vast quantity of waste generated by throw-away office products, with an excellent rating of 4.5 stars on five on Trust Pilot. This website will gain popularity across the UK. 

Main Products

They have provided customers with a range of environment-friendly products. Their office supplies, starting with recycled paper, eco pens. They also have FSC envelopes, sustainable ink, files, books, bins, tapes, notebooks, etc. The brand only sells environmentally benign products or made of recycled paper or has transparent environmental benefits. 


Why Choose The Green Office?

Green Office supplies are aligned to maintaining a sustainable environment. You can start making a positive difference to your business or workplace by ordering the products online. You can reach out to them with your inquiries about wholesale office products.

19.4. Office Xpress

4. Office Xpress

Another large scale supplier of office supplies across Europe is Office Xpress. The supplies to multinationals and blue-chip organizations to public sector companies and SMEs. Consumers across Europe have been trusting this brand. They offer wholesale office supplies in bulk. As big as 20,000 parcels do get packed and delivered every day throughout Europe.

Main Products

The company expertise in providing office refurbishment products. They offer printer supplies, stationery, and office supplies that include school, hospital, office, airport essentials, computers, printers, office furniture, and furnishing products. 

Why Choose Office Xpress?

This brand is growing to be one of the favoured online stores for ordering office supplies. They offer easy online ordering by speaking to an account manager. The store has almost 25,000 products with regular and exclusive offers to help you save big. They are also committed to offering you the best price for your business. In addition to that, you can again ask for a free callback on their website for your queries. 



It is one of the largest British retailers. TESCO is a famous name in the office supplies supplier list that deals with all office products. They are worldwide office supplies manufacturers. The headquarters of TESCO is in Welwyn Garden City, UK. TESCO has a whopping 4,50,000 employees working across 6809 retail stores across the globe. 

Main Products

People refer to TESCO as their A-Z convenience store. They have papers, inks, pens, blackboards and whiteboards, binders, files, folders, staplers, etc. It does not specialize in any particular product but sells all that you need in your office space. 

Why Choose TESCO? 

TESCO offers products that are valued for money. They may not be the cheapest product available, but they are definitely of high quality. TESCO is customer-oriented and provides all products under one roof. 

Wholesale Office Supplies and Shipping From China

Office Supplies Sea Freight Shipping from China

Office Supplies Sea Freight From Shipping

  • Sea Freight Shipping of office supplies from China
  • The cheapest and most convenient shipping option available is via sea freight. It maximizes your profit margin by providing low costs for transportation.

Office Supplies Air Freight Shipping from China

Office Supplies Air Freight From Shipping

  • Air Freight Shipping of office supplies products from China
  • If you wish you get your products delivered fast, irrespective of the cost of transportation incurred, you can choose air freight. Leeline collaborates with UPS, FedEx, DHL, and other air courier companies to deliver products fast.

Office Supplies Rail Freight Shipping from China

Office Supplies Rail Freight From Shipping

  • Rail Freight Shipping of office supplies from China
  • Another option to ship consumer goods from China is via rail. It takes 15-20 days to deliver products in Europe. It also allows you to transport items in bulk.

Office Supplies Door to Door Shipping from China

Office Supplies Door to Door From Shipping

  • Door-to-Door Shipping of office supplies from China
  • Leeline does also deliver products via courier service or door-to-door service. The products are delivered to the customer with the least logistic expense.

Wholesale Office Supplies From China: Ultimate Guide




When people are wishing to start their enterprise but are short on budget, they often choose to import China’s necessities. But people usually expect to get the wrong products. Sometimes falling prey to dishonest manufacturers who make false claims and low-quality products.

In China, manufacturers tend to use the latest technology in products. They make them available to the client and consumers at very affordable rates.

There are plenty of low-rate manufacturers available in China. The question most people have is how to find the right one for your business. This brief introduction about importing consumer products from China might help.

How to grow your business by importing Office Supplies from China

What is the office supplies business?

Office supplies are mostly consumables that are used mainly in businesses. If you wonder how good importing office supplies from China can be to your business, we must tell you that the demand for office supplies is much higher than the other supply.

Office Supplies 3

Looking at the current global scenarios, most people are working from home. They all set up small work from home desks, which has become a trend. So the demand is higher, and the industry is growing. You can make huge profits by importing these wholesale office supplies.

What are the benefits of importing office supplies from China?

China is growing to become the next superpower with the manufacture of consumer products. Importing these consumer supplies from China has proven to be beneficial. All small business houses can scale up their businesses.

The rates of these supplies are lower in China than in any other global market. So, you can have a higher profit margin if you imported office supplies from China. You can sell it online or in the domestic market.

The shipping cost from China is not that high. You can grow your business online with the least investment.

How do you choose the best office supplies manufacturer?

But as we say this, it’s essential to know where to start. You need to find a manufacturer that produces the supplies that you need. Finding the right manufacturer can be a challenge.

You may find the potential manufacturer from below sources:

While narrowing down the best option, you must always look for honesty. You must look for past shipping history, business records and ratings.

How to negotiate with china office supplies suppliers?

It can be a good idea for every manufacturer to get a sample batch first before delivering the final product. It is also called the trial order.

office supplies business 1

A few points that might help you negotiate with your manufacturer or supplier in China are-

  • Get quotes from multiple manufacturers and test the product quality from each.
  • You must bring your independent translator to negotiate.
  • It would help if you were realistic about your requirements. You can tell them how much upcoming order the manufacturer can expect from this deal.
  • It’s essential to bring the manufacturer onboard with your business and growth plans.
  • It may be a bad idea to negotiate hard. It may result in lower cost as well as more inferior quality products.

How do shipping office supplies from China?

Importing office supplies or any consumer products from China can be challenging if you are a newbie. Here are a few points that will help you manage your shipment better.

  • Firstly, you must understand the importing rights that are imposed in your country. Each county has its procedure and regulations.
  • You must have a clear understanding of the products that are allowed to be imported into the country. If the goods violate restrictions and do not meet the requirements, they get detained or destroyed. You can lose a lot of money.
  • Decide upon whether the cargo transport company or you are going to take care of the shipment. Ideally, there are four Shipping methods from China- Sea Freight, Air Freight, Rail Freight, and courier service.
  • You must always track your order and consider that there can be delays. So, you must plan the deadlines.

How to sell office supplies online to earn money?

The lower rates of consumer goods available in China make a very reselling business in many parts of the world. You can buy these products at a wholesale rate and sell them on online platforms like eBay and Amazon. It is also important to identify real products from fake. You must stay away from counterfeit products, although they may look very inviting.


Where can I buy wholesale office products online from China?

There are several popular and genuine websites from where you can source your wholesale products. Here are some of the names mentioned.

  • AliExpress
  • Chinabrands
  • DHgate
  • DX
  • Gearbest

Where can I buy cheap office supplies in China?

Hong-Kong markets host the most extensive stationery products at a wholesale price. In various finishes, the manufacturers in Hong Kong offer multiple office supplies. They have papers, markers, pens, writing ink, school supplies, chalkboards, adhesives, etc. You will be able to find plastic, metal, and even pure leather finishing products in the large Hong Kong market.

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Is it legal to resell products from Alibaba?

Yes, you can resell products that you import from Alibaba, and it is legal. Alibaba hosts manufacturers from where you can source the products with the labels. You can also directly import products from the manufacturer and sell them in the domestic markets.

What are the shipping charges incurred when office supplies are imported from China? 

There are multiple modes of transportation involved when you import products from China. Here is the list of some of the charges you may have to pay while shipping goods from China.

  • Factory to cargo site transportation charge
  • Export clearance charges of China
  • Freight Cost
  • Insurance
  • Delivery charges (FedEx or DHL)
  • Post charges
  • Customs
  • Domestic transport from cargo site to warehouse

Final Thoughts on Wholesale Office Supplies from China

China is one of the largest manufacturers of the world’s consumable products. They give things at extremely affordable pricing. That provides both small and large scale businesses and offices to import wholesale office supplies without compromising the quality.

Many office product manufacturers and websites on the internet explorer and choose the right one for your office space. You will have to be cautious and aware while choosing to do business overseas to avoid losses and frauds. You have to choose trusted wholesale suppliers. Leeline enhances customer experience as they do every process.

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