Best Wholesale Suppliers For Small Business: Elevate Brand

You don’t need to read every guide out there to find the best wholesale supplier.

Just one is enough…

We’ve curated a list of the world’s best USA wholesale suppliers for small businesses. 

At Leeline Sourcing, we’ve been working with thousands of wholesale suppliers. For the past decade. We’ll help you pick the RIGHT supplier for your small business. 

Suppliers you can TRUST to deliver even in uncertain times. So, your business rakes in steady six-figure profits EVERY YEAR.

This guide includes every wholesale marketplace we’ve used in the past. So, you know that they are LEGIT – no need to spend hours reading click-bait articles.

In this guide, you’ll find:

  • Where to find wholesale suppliers
  • Which wholesale supplier is best for your type of business
  • Pros and cons of each wholesale supplier
  • Reviews from other small business owners
  • Tips on finding the best wholesale suppliers

Excited? Let’s go…

USA Wholesale Suppliers For Small Business

What Are Small Business Wholesale Suppliers?

How To Find The Ideal USA Wholesale Suppliers For Your Small Business

You’ve probably heard of wholesale suppliers, vendors, and dropshippers. (and a bunch of other ambiguous eCommerce jargon). 

But have you ever sat down and analyzed what that really means? Thought so!

Here’s a quick run-down to get us on the same page:

  • Wholesale vendors. These are just middlemen in the supply chain process. Though, they don’t handle the manufacturing of wholesale products.
  • Wholesale suppliers. Have a B2B model operation. They bridge the gap between manufacturers and small businesses. Some are ACTIVELY involved in the manufacturing process.
  • Retailers. Unlike wholesale suppliers, retailers have a B2C model operation. They stock products from suppliers and sell them to the end customer/consumer.
  • Dropshippers. These guys do their thing in a ‘fancy’ way. No warehouse. No inventory. Just an online shop (and loads of marketing videos). A customer gets pumped and places an order in their shop. They forward it to a supplier who fulfills it. Pretty cool, aye?

Expert Tip: Select a supplier that can handle your business growth. For instance, dropshipping suppliers won’t be able to meet bulk orders. Same for retailers (much more on this in the next).

Lauren Liu, Sourcing Wholesale Suppliers

I’ll cover TOP wholesale suppliers providing HIGH-QUALITY products to small businesses.

But first…

Looking to find a reliable Chinese supplier?

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How To Find The Ideal USA Wholesale Suppliers For Your Small Business

How To Find The Ideal USA Wholesale Suppliers For Your Small Business

Research, networking, and just being out there. These are all you need to find wholesale suppliers. 

I know they are not really attractive in today’s world. Where you want to punch in a few keys and find a list of 100+ RELIABLE suppliers. That’s not the case in eCommerce!

So, let’s dive deeper:

#1 – Partnering with a Sourcing Company

You can NEVER go working with a sourcing company.

They’ve worked with countless suppliers. They know the ins and outs of picking a TRUSTWORTHY supplier.

Here, at Leeline Sourcing we help you find suppliers with HOT-SELLING products. We vet them – through rigorous quality inspection processes. Negotiate deals. Settle ALL legal requirements on your behalf. Finding reputable suppliers has never been easier!

Don’t have a warehouse? No problem! We offer EFFICIENT fulfillment services. You can store your product at our multiple warehouses around China. We guarantee safety and FAST fulfillment processes. So you can enjoy smooth business processes and enormous sales.

#2 – Use Google and Microsoft Edge to find potential wholesale suppliers

If you are just starting out (super-tight budget), here’s a timeless option.

Say you live in the United States. And you want suppliers for beauty products. Just head over to Google and type these keywords on your search engine:

  • US beauty products wholesale suppliers
  • Wholesale beauty suppliers in the US
  • Bulk beauty suppliers near me
Use Google and Microsoft Edge to find potential wholesale suppliers

Hundreds of results in seconds.

But Sharline, isn’t this too tiresome?

Well, in that case, check online directories.

Some of the best wholesale directories include Worldwide Brands and Wholesale Central.

You get thousands of suppliers. Save the time of visiting individual supplier websites.

Expert Tip: ALWAYS check for references and reviews by previous customers. That way, you get a hint on the wholesale supplier’s overall operations. Ensuring that you are not signing a contract with a con looking for some quick cash.

Ann Chen, Wholesale Suppliers

#3 – Attend Trade Shows

Attend Trade Shows

Starting out, I just wanted to do EVERYTHING from behind my computer.

That’s until I read Gary Huang’s (product sourcing expert and founder of 80/20 sourcing) article. On the importance of attending trade shows. How to show up like a pro.

  • Meet one-on-one with suppliers and build TRUST
  • Pick LEGIT suppliers…chafing out the ‘bad’ ones
  • Identify trends to gain a competitive edge and destroy ferocious competition.
  • Test samples and save time – no need to wait days to receive samples

Expert Tip: Trade shows enable you to experience suppliers’ products firsthand. Seek clarification. Negotiate affordable prices. 

zhang jun, Production Suppliers

#4 – Find local and international suppliers on Social Media

I’ve lost track of the number of blogs and newsletters I’ve subscribed too. Also, I guess I’m in at least 10 – 15 seller groups on Facebook and WhatsApp. 

And this: The VALUE I’ve gotten from these groups is priceless. In fact, I’ve built meaningful connections from the trade shows I’ve attended.

Plus, I’ve networked with more than a thousand suppliers. 

To start, you can join my free Facebook group, where I give eCommerce insights. That coupled with active sellers in the group. Will set you up for MASSIVE success. IMPACTFUL conversation with RELIABLE wholesale suppliers for small businesses.  

Top 15 USA Wholesale Suppliers For Small Business

Here are the TOP 15 wholesale suppliers for small businesses:

AliExpressVaries  ✅15 – 45 daysMoney-back
DHgate90% of
  ✅7 – 15 daysYes24/7 Live
SalehooVaries  ✅7 – 30 daysNo24/7
Varies  ✅Depends on
the supplier
AlibabaYes  ✅3 – 60 daysTrade
Live Chat
BanggoodNo  ✅10 – 15 daysYesLive Chat,
Varies  ✅Depends on
the supplier
FAIREVaries  ✅3 – 30 daysFaire
EtsyVaries  ✅10 – 30 daysEtsy Purchase
Varies  ✅4 – 21 daysA-to-Z
Yes  ✅Up to 10
working days
tradeKoreaYes  ✅Depends on
the supplier
TradeKeyYes  ✅20 – 30 daysYesEmail,
Dollar DaysNo  ✅1 – 2 days,
or longer
Wholesale UK
Yes  ❌        –NoEmail,

10 Best USA Wholesale Suppliers For Small Business

Okay, Let’s get busy now. Here’s a list of the BEST wholesale suppliers for your small business:

1. Alibaba — Best B2B Wholesale Marketplace Overall


Best For: Both large and small businesses looking to buy wholesale goods at the LOWEST prices.

Alibaba Quick Overview

This gigantic Chinese marketplace needs NO introduction.

It boasts over 200 million wholesale product listings. Little over 200,000 wholesale suppliers – each with crazy wholesale prices.

So, what’s on Alibaba?


From pet supplies, beauty products, consumer electronics, home supplies, YOU NAME IT!

Here are a few key features that make Alibaba one of the best online marketplaces:

1. Pricing 

Alibaba suppliers offer the MOST affordable pricing for their wholesale items. Mostly because you buy DIRECTLY from manufacturers. Locking out middlemen who want to make huge profits.

2. Shipping 

I like that there are lots of shipping options on Alibaba. From AirFreight (DHL, FedEx) and Sea Freight. With deliveries taking anywhere between 3 – 45 days. Or you can hire a shipping agent to ensure a SEAMLESS shipping process.

Expert Tip: Shipping agents have more expertise in handling custom regulations. Documentations and other transport logistics. Hence, your goods arrive on TIME without unnecessary delays. Plus, you get professional advice on the best shipping method. According to your budget and location.

Chris Tung, Chief Marketing Officer at Alibaba Group


As part of Alibaba’s Trade Assurance policy. You get your money back in case of missing, incorrect, or damaged goods. This takes between 30 – 60 days from the delivery date.


  • Easy to find legit suppliers using verified badges. (e.g., Verified, Verified Pro, and Gold Suppliers).
  • A more convenient option since you can customize your products EASILY. 
  • Lower prices since you work with manufacturers (not every time, though!


  • Quite high minimum order quantities. Hence, making it unreliable for small business owners on a TIGHT budget.
  • Most suppliers offer sea freight shipping, which can take months

Alibaba Review

Quick response times from pre-screened trusted vendors. I know to look for the Alibaba seal of approval before I contact/buy from a vendor. Many forms of payments are accepted.”

T. Alicea on Trustpilot.

If you hard to negotiate with suppliers and pay on safely?

LeelineSourcing is ready to help you buy from alibaba low cost and efficiently.

2. AliExpress — The Best Online Marketplace With The Lowest Prices


Best For: Buyers that are serious about dropshipping. And want to make the most out of their money.

AliExpress Quick Overview

AliExpress is a sister company to Alibaba. But they are MAINLY a B2C eCommerce platform – selling DIRECTLY to small businesses.

The platform offers GREAT wholesale deals. Plus, you get up to 60% OFF on other products thanks to coupons. 

It doesn’t end there…

Here’s a deep-dive into AliExpress operations:

1. Wide range of products

AliExpress has over 100 million individual product listings. 

But the most interesting part is how easy it is to spot trending products for your online store.

Just head over to the ‘best selling products’ sections. Select your category. And find your next best seller. 

2. Shipping


AliExpress has tons of shipping methods to choose from.

These include the AliExpress Standard shipping – often free! AliExpress Premium Shipping (handled by DHL and UPS). AliExpress Saver Shipping. China Post Air Parcel, just to mention a few.

Oh, and shipping can take up to 52 days (max), depending on the option you pick.

The best part?

You get DETAILED tracking information on your orders’ movements. Phew! The last thing you want is your $2,500 worth of products to vanish in thin air.

3. Buyer Protection

Cunning wholesale distributors is a thing of the past.

AliExpress Refund process is very EFFICIENT. Get your cash in case of any seller dispute. Damaged goods. Late deliveries. Or poor quality.

Don’t like the product? Fine, file for a dispute and get your money back in 15 days.

Expert Tip: Analyze suppliers’ delivery timelines and ratings to avoid the hassle of returns. That way, you maintain a steady supply chain. And enjoy consistent profit margins for your store.

Gary T., European Commercial Director in AliExpress


  • Millions of EXTREMELY low-priced wholesale products. That way, you save more and reinvest back into your business.
  • Perfect for dropshippers. That’s because there are zero minimum order quantities on some products.
  • AliExpress ships to ANY part of the world


  • Language barriers
  • Long delivery dates 

AliExpress Review 

Great savings, good deals. Aliexpress gives you bargain prices, but you take a bigger risk as many of the items for sale are overly exaggerated or have photos that don’t represent the functionality of the product. Do your research and be patient for delivery, and you’ll find some good deals.

Margaret T. on Sitejabber.

3. DHgate — Best For Small Businesses Looking For Wholesale Products at Competitive Prices


Best For: DHgate is for dropshippers. And wholesale buyers looking for a cheaper alternative than AliExpress. If you want cheap wholesale prices, this is it.

DHgate Quick Overview

This is yet another PREMIUM website for sourcing China wholesale products.

In this eCom industry, I’m EXTREMELY cautious about the platforms I buy from. But DHgate has exceeded my expectations, 7/10 times.

Word on the street says the site is prominent for selling fashion designer replicas. With over 100,000 replicas stocked EVERY YEAR.

But there’s more they have to offer in their 40 million product listing. That includes electronics, shoes, sports apparel, and so much more.

What makes DHgate stand out?

1. Low MOQs

DHgate’s suppliers offer relatively low minimum order quantities.

See below:

Low MOQs

2. Affordable Wholesale Dropshipping

You can bulk dropship products on DHgate at affordable rates. Plus, coupons and bulk discounts further lower product costs.

This is a full guide that will help you understand DHgate dropshipping.

Expert Tip: Don’t focus too much on finding the CHEAPEST supplier. Prioritize quality to ensure your customers are happy with your products. So, you explode the sales of your online business.

Faigel Hans, Search Engine Optimization Specialist at

3. DHgate After-Sale Protection 

You are assured of your money back in case the protection doesn’t meet the qualifications.


  • Product quality is relatively GOOD. So you gain a competitive edge against competitors. And build customer loyalty, which fuels PROFITABLE sales.
  • Verified supplier section, which makes it easy to pick a RELIABLE wholesale vendor
  • Low MOQs – perfect for small businesses


  • Shipment delays

DHgate Review

I ordered about 2 weeks ago and received it. The quality was amazing. The payment was smooth, and shipment was rapid, so however the bad reviews are sometimes right just double check reviews on seller or product.

Amann Sagoo on Trustpilot.

4. Salehoo — Great For Dropship Wholesalers


Best For: Novice dropship wholesale buyers looking to get their feet wet in this industry.

Salehoo Quick Overview

If you find wholesale prices on DHgate expensive(ish). Then you should consider buying from Salehoo.

Although they are TOO small (only 2 million products). You get access to over 8,000 TRUSTED suppliers. And Salehoo’s powerful market research tool that helps you find winning products.

I like Salehoo for two reasons:

1. Sophisticated Product Research Tool 

Unlike the other eCommerce platforms. Salehoo doesn’t let you trust your gut feeling when finding winning products. The tools help you to check a product’s competition rates, sale rates, and selling prices.

2. Detailed Supplier Contact Templates

Get email templates that help you spark meaningful conversations with your wholesale supplier. That way, you are as detailed as possible. And save time from asking vague questions.

Expert Tip: Clear and concise communication gets you the best deals. Go straight to the point and be respectful at all times. Also, ensure your potential supplier is prompt in the communication. To enhance a smooth collaboration throughout your contract.

Faigel Hans, Search Engine Optimization Specialist at


  • Thousands of vetted suppliers guarantee HIGH product quality. Customers love your products. And this creates ground for even more future purchases.
  • Tons of guides and resources to help newbies make the RIGHT business choices.
  • Efficient customer service team. Issues are resolved quickly.


  • Salehoo’s subscription fee is totally worth it (it gives you access to verified suppliers). But a bit expensive for small businesses on a tight budget.
  • Lots of retailers and middlemen, which increases product costs

Salehoo Review

“Salehoo has been a game-changer for my eCommerce business, offering an extensive directory of reliable suppliers that has significantly streamlined my sourcing process. Their customer service is exceptional, always ready to help with any queries or concerns.”

Finely Gray on TrustPilot.

5. Worldwide Brands — A High Quality BUT High Cost Alternative

Worldwide Brands

Best For: Small businesses with a high budget and want the HIGHEST quality possible.

Worldwide Brands Quick Overview

WorldWide Brands is a veteran wholesale directory. With close to two decades in the industry.

Here, you get an expansive wholesale suppliers list that sells PREMIUM products. To Amazon, eBay, and other online sellers.

Did you know? Worldwide brands is an eBay Certified Solution Provider?

Why I recommend WorldWide Brands to small businesses

1. Vetted Supplier Directory

WorldWide Brands is not just like any other supplier directory out there.

Their suppliers MUST pass through rigorous vetting processes. So that they list their products on the website.

But there’s a catch…

You have to part with $299 for a lifetime membership.

Vetted Supplier Directory

I know, it’s not cheap. And it shouldn’t be.

It’s quite expensive because you get TRUSTED suppliers. They have to adhere to strict WorldWide Brands rules to remain in their database. And the database is REGULARLY updated to kick out rogue suppliers.

2. Professional Customer Support

With WorldWide Brands, you get a response almost immediately. They are very polite and friendly.

I’ve been in this industry long enough. And I’ve sourced from eCommerce platforms with trash customer service systems. No phone number. No email. Nothing.

Sorry, it seems like I’m overselling them, but that’s just how it is.


  • Thousands of TRUSTED & CERTIFIED wholesale suppliers. WorldWide Brands even goes a step further to find suppliers in product warehouses. And trade shows. You get quality products that will have customers literally throwing money at you.
  • Seamless refund processes. No need for countless follow-up emails to get your refunds.
  • Customer support is SUPER helpful. Your questions are answered on time.


  • Costly membership 
  • The membership alone doesn’t guarantee you get the BEST-SELLING products. You need to partner with sourcing agents to get you high-ticket products.

Worldwide Brands Review

I have a great experience with Worldwide Brand. I found the suppliers that I was looking for, and the suppliers are easy to work with. In addition, I take advantage of all the resources their website offers; it truly helps my business. I recently had an issue with my account, which was accidently orchestrated by me; Worldwide Brand helped me quickly solve it. Great customer service!

Prisca Harrison on TrustPilot

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Leeline Sourcing helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

6. Banggood — Endless Product Varieties At Dirt-Cheap Prices


Best For: small businesses looking for the best wholesale suppliers with cheap rates

Banggood Quick Overview

Banggood is one of my favorite eCommerce platforms for small businesses out there.

Their prices are relatively low. And product quality is pretty solid, too!

There are a lot of mixed reviews from customers out there. And I won’t be able to cover all the nitty gritties in this guide.

Check out my full Banggood Guide here.

A few Banggood key features include:

1. Cheap Products

I don’t like using that word.

But Banggood products are EXTREMELY low-priced. That stems down to their connection with the Chinese manufacturing hub cities. These include Shenzhen, Yiwu, Hangzhou, and Guangzhou.

Also, there are little to no middlemen. Hence, you buy from manufacturers.

2. 14-Day No Examination Shipping

14-Day No Examination Shipping

You get a partial refund if you are dissatisfied with your product.


  • Short delivery timelines. Plus, there are affordable shipping costs. You get goods on time and ship them to customers. Hence, improving customer satisfaction and skyrocketing your sales.
  • Well-structured dropshipping program. Perfect for sellers that don’t want to hold inventory.
  • A wide array of payment methods, including pay-on-delivery in select countries


  • Quality of products is NOT guaranteed
  • Misshipments and poor packaging from some suppliers

Banggood Review

“24 orders from banggood, each with Priority Direct Mail delivery to Finland, never problems with delivery or extra costs/customs. I totally trust Banggood.”

Runboy93 on Reddit.

7. Etsy — Great For Unique and Creative Goods


Best For: Online store owners looking for wholesale handmade items or craft supplies.

Etsy Quick Overview

Etsy is a wholesale marketplace that connects millions of buyers around the world. To RELIABLE suppliers that curate handmade and craft supply items.

Etsy product catalog MAINLY includes jewelry, handmade clothes, and wedding products.

Other products include homemade beauty products, vintage goods, and zero-waste products.

Why Etsy?

1. Unique products

You get the best handmade products to sell that no one else is selling out there.

That coupled with the potential to up scale (with a good supplier). Helps you stand out and outsell other established stores.

Expert Tip: Choose a supplier that is able to handle your business growth. That way, you are not stranded when bundled with hundreds of orders to be fulfilled.

Anees Hasan, Etsy Consultant

2. No middlemen

No middlemen

You are dealing with the maker of the product.

That way, you can negotiate better rates. Customize your products. And enjoy consistent profit margins. Awesome, right? 


  • Items are unique. That way, you establish yourself as a CREDIBLE brand and enjoy 10X profits.
  • Easy customization of items – build a strong brand identity


  • Limited items
  • Products are expensive compared to other eCommerce platforms

Etsy Review

Etsy is a major online retailer and you are safe to shop there. It is an online marketplace, though, so every shop is operated completely independently of the others. There are definitely bad shops out there. But you are 100% protected should anything go wrong with your purchase. It’s like shopping at a flea market where the flea market itself will step in and offer you a resolution should you buy from a bad individual seller.

Lostterrace on Reddit.

8. Amazon Business — Best For Affordable Amazon-League Products

Amazon Business

Best For: Businesses looking for a wide selection of products at pocket-friendly rates.

Amazon Business Quick Overview

Amazon Business is another big name in the wholesale supplier industry.

The guys at Amazon thought of a cool way to provide better procurement services. For their customers. And that’s how Amazon Business was born.

It’s quickly grown past the $35 Billion Annual Sales revenue. With over 6 million customers worldwide.

But what really makes Amazon Business Stand Out?

1. Competitive Pricing

Unlike Amazon’s original website, where you individually find suppliers within your budget.

Amazon Business lets you place an order. Then supplier’s bid on your order. You pick the one with the most favorable terms.

Here’s what Heimes(Amazon Business Director) says about their competitive pricing model:

“If you want to buy 500 black chairs, we will take that quote, send it out to sellers we know sell chairs, and give them the opportunity to bid on that order. It’s called a request for a ‘quote,’ and it’s our offering to address our customer’s forecasted and large purchase needs.”

2. Guided Buying and Amazon Business Analytics

Amazon business buyers can use research tools to gain insight into products. Streamline their supply chain processes.

So, you don’t have to manually check the product’s potential to scale or compete.

This frees up loads of time so you focus on what really matters…growing your business.

Oh, and Amazon Prime members get access to one-day shipping. Two-day shipping. And consolidated shipping.


  • Millions of RELIABLE suppliers are at your disposal. That way, you are guaranteed PREMIUM products.
  • Analytics tools help you purchase best-selling wholesale products.
  • Quantity Discounts. You spend less when buying more.


  • Membership fees are hella expensive

Amazon Business Review

We like it. It allowed us to set up an account as a business instead of in the name of a single person and they have better prices than the consumer side sometimes.

Customer on Reddit.

9. Dollar Days — All-in-one Hub With Awesome Wholesale Deals

Dollar Days

Best For:  First-time buyers looking for great deals on their wholesale purchases.

Dollar Days Quick Overview

Dollar Days is another PERFECT wholesale supplier for small businesses.

The Arizona-based wholesale supplier directory also focuses on selling to schools. Charitable and Non-profit organization.

So, you are DEFINITELY getting a good deal.

Dollar Days is perfect for you because:

1. Zero MOQs.

Don’t have a budget for 10 units? No problem! 

Just buy what you are comfortable with. One, two, three units, no biggie!

2. Efficient Customer Support Systems

 Efficient Customer Support Systems

Dollar Days’ customer support team is ALWAYS available to answer your questions.

Just hit them up or send an email and get a response in no time.


  • Low-cost products, which makes it perfect for small business owners
  • There are many products to choose from. These include school & office supplies, footwear, apparel, electronics, etc


  • International shipping costs are VERY expensive
  • There are quality concern issues since they DON’T vet all their suppliers

Dollar Days Review

“I ordered a few things, not knowing what to expect, but I am happy with everything that I received. It’s not low end quality like I first had thought. I will be doing business with Dollar Days again. Shipping is quick, too! When you are running a business, quick delivery, price, and quality are important, and they met them all!”

Jarrod B. on SiteJabber.

We can Made Drop Shipping from China Easy

Leeline Sourcing is to help Shopify & small businesses sourcing products from China and build your branded business.

10. Trade Korea – Great For Connecting International Buyers With Korean Suppliers

Trade Korea

Best For: Buyers that want to source wholesale products from Korea. At affordable prices.

Trade Korea Quick Overview

Just like the name suggests. This is a Korea-based wholesale marketplace. Owned by the Korean International Trade Association.

This is the IDEAL platform to source Korean beauty products. Electronics, Home & Kitchen suppliers, sports apparel, and a lot more.

What you get from Trade Korea:

Free Matching Service

This makes finding suppliers SUPER SIMPLE.

Just submit your product requirements. Trade Korea connects you with suppliers that meet your requirements in two days!!

You can also post your buying offers for suitable suppliers to bid. Just like Amazon Business.


  • Competitive pricing helps you pick the MOST affordable supplier. So, you save money to finance other sectors of your business.
  • Quality assurance. It is managed by the KITA (Korea International Trade Association). Get the best quality wholesale products that enhance your business reputation.


  • Language Barrier that leads to misunderstandings
  • Shipping fees are relatively expensive

Expert Tip: Check the supplier’s certification before jumping into a long-term contract. That way, you are assured they adhere to industry requirements. Hence, deliver HIGH-GRADE products.

Yaqing Shangguan, Wholesale and Sourcing Manger

Tips When Choosing A Wholesale Supplier As A Small Business

Wholesale Suppliers

I have worked with hundreds of suppliers for the past decade. I’ve also read every guide, course, or book I could find on picking the RIGHT suppliers.

Here are hard-won lessons I’ve collected for selecting the BEST wholesale supplier:

1. Check Supplier Prices

This is very important when selecting a wholesale supplier.

WARNING! The lowest price isn’t ALWAYS the best option.

So, don’t just focus on finding the supplier with the lowest prices.

Instead, talk to multiple suppliers. Understand what they are offering.

Do they have free shipping? Great! Think of how you can strategically place your orders to get free shipping.

What’s the supplier’s relationship with the manufacturer? A TRUSTED supplier lists manufacturers on their product pages. The more the manufacturers. The lower the prices compared to a supplier dealing with just one manufacturer.

Lastly, join seller groups. Network with other established sellers who’ll connect you to affordable. And reliable suppliers.

2. Be Keen on the Supplier Location

Get this – the further the supplier is located, the more expensive the shipping fees.

Shipping fees might vary based on shipping zones.

Shipping zones are simply the distance between the delivery destination. And point of origin (the supplier’s warehouse).

The further the supplier’s factory is from your warehouse. The higher the shipping zone and shipping costs.

3. Understanding The Supplier’s Shipping Methods

Understanding The Supplier’s Shipping Methods

The last thing you want is a supplier with LONG lead and shipping times.

That’s suicidal to your business.

You need a supplier that offers different shipping methods. That way, you can get one that suits your business needs.

For example, a supplier that offers Air Freight for long-distance deliveries. Consolidated shipping on bulk orders. Or Railway freight if you are looking for fast and affordable shipping.

Alternatively, you can partner with a freight forwarder like Leeline Sourcing.

We offer a wide array of shipping services. From Air Freight, which guarantees the arrival of products in 2 – 5 days. Sea Freight takes 15 – 40 business days. Railway Freight, which takes 15 – 40 business days. 

You also get an option for Express Shipping, which takes only 1 – 3 business days.

4. Know The Supplier’s Refund and Return Policy

This is yet another crucial move.

The wholesale supplier should:

  • Refund in case of damaged goods
  • Refund in case of Mis-shipments
  • Refund in case of undelivered goods

Other suppliers refund customers if the goods delivered are not sellable.

5. Negotiate For The Best Deal

Negotiate For The Best Deal

“In business as in life, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.” – Chester L. Karrass, businessman.

That said, don’t shy away from bargaining favorable terms. You might end up saving A LOT.

Negotiate MOQs, prices, shipping terms, EVERYTHING!

Just don’t be too greedy and ask for a 50% price bargain😲

 A Fast , Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

Do not hesitate to contact Leeline Sourcing at any time regarding your shipments from China.

People Also Ask About Best Wholesale Suppliers For Small Business

1. How do I find the best wholesale suppliers in the USA?

There are MANY wholesale vendors in the USA. To find wholesale suppliers, you must: 
· Join trade organizations
· Use online wholesale platforms
· Find on the SOCIAL media. 

2. What is the difference between wholesale suppliers and retailers?

Wholesale SUPPLIERS sell products in bulk. And mainly at the wholesale PRICING. That is less than the retail prices. Retailers sell products locally or online through their STORES. The prices are higher than the wholesale. 

3. What are some excellent wholesale suppliers in China for small businesses?

There are many suppliers for SMALL BUSINESS in CHINA. Here is the complete list of the BEST wholesale suppliers. 
· Alibaba
· BangGood
· Made-In-China
· DHgate
· Global Sources
· Yiwu market

4. Is it cheaper to buy from wholesalers than straight from manufacturers?

There is NO EXACT ANSWER. You need to compare the prices. If the wholesaler offers low cost, then choose it. Sometimes, manufacturers offer BULK DISCOUNTS. Therefore, comparing costs is a GOOD IDEA. 

5. What are the most essential marketing tools for a small business?

There are MANY marketing tools small business sellers should have. 
· MailChimp for email marketing. 
· Google Analytics for business insights. 
· Hubspot for inbound marketing
· Canva for graphics
· Slack for team management

6. How to buy bulk items for resale?

Here are easy steps on how to buy bulk items to resell:
· Find a RELIABLE wholesale supplier
· Contact the supplier/ manufacturer and negotiate 
· Place your order
· Upload items to your Shopify or other online stores
· Market your products and make money SIMPLE!

What’s Next

That’s it for the BEST wholesale suppliers for small businesses.

Overall, Alibaba is hands-down the best wholesale marketplace. No other eCommerce platform comes close. 

Yes, it has its flaws. But they’ve put STRICT measures to ensure you get a seamless procurement experience. Plus, they have millions of products. And supplier verification processes are to die for.

I’m not by any means discrediting other eCommerce platforms on this list. In fact, they are GREAT too. That’s if you want to weigh more options to decide on one clear winner.

Still not sure about the best wholesale supplier for your small business? Read my guide where I cover more Chinese Wholesale Websites.

Also, reach out to us on our services pages. Our team is ready to assist you. We’ll help you find WINNING products for your business. Conduct quality inspections. And organize FAST shipping. That way, you stay on top of your game. Beat competitors. And build a six-figure business.


1. — Get more out of your trade shows

2. — Supplier selection process

3. — Why eCommerce return policies matter

4.. — Everything you need to know about Amazon Business

5. — Alibaba Review

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Article by:

Sharline Shaw

Hey I'm Sharline, the founder of Leeline Sourcing. With 10 years of experience in the field of sourcing in China, we help 2000+ clients import from China,Alibaba,1688 to Amazon FBA or shopify. If you have any questions about sourcing , pls feel free to contact us.

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