How to Find and Work with Reliable Dropshipping Wholesalers

Sharline Shaw

Finding credible Dropshipping wholesalers is a really hectic job. 

Dropshipping is a business model in which you sell a product on your website. Without handling its shipping and fulfillment.

Most of the time, you come across shady suppliers that don’t fulfill their promises. Our Dropshipping experts have worked with hundreds of wholesalers. So they compiled this list so you get better quality and lower pricing. You earn more profit with a happy customer audience. 

They have Wholesale2B at the top of the list. You get millions of trending Dropshipping products under one platform. Their integration with eCommerce platforms like Shopify heps you in automation. 

Keep reading to learn how to search for suppliers. 

Reliable Dropshipping Wholesalers

Why Dropship?

Well, it is an important question that, why Dropship? Have you ever thought about starting your e-commerce store?

But take your step back due to the huge amount of money required to start a business. And the stock that is also required to run a business.

So, dropshipping is the solution to your problem. You can start your business. Which not required a huge amount of money.

And there is no need to risk your money by buying a stock that won’t sell. The dropshipping will enable you to sell the stock without buying it.

This will reduce the risk of loss. Some famous e-commerce stores built up their business model around dropshipping.

The following are some main points of dropshipping.

  • It will remove the tension of organizing the stock of numbers of products.
  • There is no need to store extra stock which reduces the invested investment.
  • You will be free from the hassle of packing and shipping.
  • You can add more suppliers and then have a huge variety of products.
How Dropshipping Works


How Do Dropshipping Wholesalers Work?

Dropshipping means that instead of buying a product. You display products on your website. Which actually in a dropshipping wholesalers warehouse.

When buyer orders that product, you buy that product from a wholesaler. Who packs and ships the order to your customer? You can have your profit, by the mark-up you put up on the price of the product.

The main advantage of dropshipping is that you don’t have to hold any kind of stock. This reduces the risk of having about starting a business.

But as you know that there are some pros and cons to this specific e-commerce business. So, let’s see them further.

Pros and Cons of Working with Dropshipping Wholesalers.


Following are some pros of working with Dropshipping Wholesalers


It requires a large sum of money to have a warehouse. You can start your business by dropshipping, without any risk of money.

Instead of purchasing products in the hope that it may sell. You can start dropshipping with no stock and start earning money.


It is another big advantage of dropshipping that there no cost of inventory. If you own an inventory or warehouse it will be the highest cost, you should have.

Dropshipping allows you to have no tension about this matter. And focus on your customers & brand building.


This department requires you to do a great hassle. About having a warehouse, label, organize, pack, pick, and ship your product.

Dropshipping lets you free from all these. The third party takes care of all these things. All you have to do is take care of that they get your buyers’ orders.


Dropshipping allows you to change your products. As you don’t have any physical warehouse. So, you can have a huge variety of products to sell with no risk of loss.

IF you see a huge demand for any product. You can show it on your website and sell it. It allows you to test new things to sell without any tension.

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Does Dropshipping Business profitable


The following are the cons that you should know.


As you don’t have any warehouse. So, you do not have any control over order fulfillment and the time they take to complete your order.

If they fail to deliver on time. Then the customer didn’t get satisfied. The customer complains to you and then buys from anywhere else.

If you want to start a dropshipping business, make sure to work with a responsible partner.


In the dropshipping business, you don’t have such a warehouse. You rely on other people’s inventory.

You can’t control their stock. If they ran out of stock, then you are also. This leads you to lose customers.


There is a limited amount you can earn as a profit. You may not have to pay for any warehouse.

You will like that customers pay you more on one item instead of paying less on the huge stock.

If you want to earn more, you have to sell more. For this purpose, you should have a warehouse.


It is also one of the huge disadvantages of working with dropshipping wholesalers. If the supplier delivers your order late, deliver the damaged product or the wrong item.

The customer thinks that it’s you. You are not able to do anything about this matter. You can’t solve this problem immediately.

If the third-party didn’t work in our directions. So, the problem remains the same and customers do not wait for a long time. The buyer goes to your competitor to buy a product.

How to Find Dropshipping Wholesalers?

Selecting drop shipping wholesalers is very important. Every dropshipping business needs to take this step. But many factors should not be neglect.

When looking for dropshipping wholesalers. If you already complete your research on the product you want to sell.

And you are sure that it will be profitable for your business. You have to make sure that, you find a dropshipping wholesaler. That gives the best services to your business.

Generally, dropshipping wholesalers are not known for good marketing to market themselves. So, finding a suitable dropshipping wholesaler can be difficult.

You should be aware that finding a dropshipping wholesaler for business take time. Nonetheless, you can find the right dropshipping wholesalers. Here are the few steps you have to follow to find the right one:

Use Dropshipping Tool.

It is one of the easiest ways to find a dropshipping wholesaler. There are many dropshipping tools you can use for different purposes. For example if you use Product research tool then it shows potential suppliers who have these products. I check them all and do my own research to find best potential supplier. 

Like monitoring price, stock, etc. But these are also useful to find a wholesaler for you. There are many different kinds of dropshipping tools which are as follows.

Auto DS Finder. It is a useful product finding tool. It scans a lot of sellers for you and finds the selling products for you. It is also affordable as work on a credit system, opposite the monthly fee.

ASIFY.It is also one of the most famous tools. It has a lot of excellent features. It will help you with your dropshipping business.

It will give you the numbers of free modules. Also helps to find millions of registered products. Also, the most important feature is that it finds the seller for you.

It will give you information about thousands of new and reliable sellers every day.

Oberlo. Oberlo is a very famous and useful tool for dropshippers. It will track your product inventory. If the prices change or the product is out of stock etc.

Whatever the issue is. You didn’t need to track it. It will also give updates about the wholesalers. It will find reliable wholesalers for you and it is one of the easiest ways to find them

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Contact the Manufacturer.

This is also an easy way to find a trustworthy dropshipping wholesaler. If you complete your product you want to dropship.

You can call the manufacturer and ask them for a list of its wholesalers. You can then call them to ask them about the dropshipping. Some Manufacturers have their own distribution line, and they offer fulfillment too. But it is mostly for Private label brands. 

As most of the wholesalers carry products from different manufacturers. You have to search, by calling a manufacturer. About the most suitable wholesaler of the market.

Search using Google.

You can also use Google to find a suitable supplier. But there are some rules to follow while finding the wholesaler on Google.


They are not so good at marketing. So, it is clear that they are not on the top of the search results on Google.

It means that you have to dig long to find them out from the search results. If you are new in this field. You also have to research the products.

Once you have final the product you want to sell. Research which dropshipping wholesalers are there. And which one suits your requirements best.

You may like to choose the local or overseas supplier depending upon the number of suppliers on the list.

When you are looking for a wholesaler. You will need to go deep in research about Raw material, delivery timing, and service standard.

Don’t Judge by Their Website.

As dropshippers are famous for poor marketing. They are also famous for having an old website design.

So, you have to check them and not judge them by their website. Because the thing which matters is their services.

You have to test their services and select based on the best services provider.

Use Lots of Keywords/Use keywords modifier.

As the wholesalers are not much popular. So, you may have some difficulty in finding them. So, you have to use a lot of keywords to find a suitable wholesaler.

You have to try different searches. And also, the keywords’ modifier. Like supplier, Bulk wholesaler, etc. I mostly use keywords like outsource and type product names. It shows me some guides and the best wholesalers too. It all depends on your googling Skills. 

keyword research

How to spot fake Dropshipping Wholesalers?

Dropshipping is the best business model. For a new entrepreneur, to establish its e-commerce setup. It is very easy to start and not much investment requires.

Also has zero costs for inventory and flexibility for work from your home. For a dropshipping business to be successful.

You need to have a reliable dropshipping wholesaler. The wholesaler is the lifeline of your business. Because they hold the stock and deliver it to the buyer.

That is why you should have a reliable supplier. Most of the dropshipping business faces closure due to dealing with fake suppliers.

Here are some points you must note to avoid the fake dropshipping wholesalers.

Lack of Contact Details.  As we knew that dropshipping websites are not of modern design. Yet, every dropshipping website provides many contact details.

Such as address, Email, many contact numbers, and other details. A wholesaler whose website does not have all this information is fake. Some of them have old un-updated website which shows their lack of interests in doing business. 

You should not waste your time and energy with them.

Sell to The Public. There is a difference between a dropshipping wholesaler and regular business. The dropshipping wholesaler provides the stock to the e-commerce store.

Those who didn’t want to have their warehouse. Then they complete orders on their behalf. So, any wholesaler who sells to the public.

And run their own business is fake. As they are not following the rules of being the dropshipping wholesaler.

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Watch For Scammers

Claim to Give You High Margins. The dropshipping is all about low-profit margins. This due to the truth that the wholesaler holds the stock and fulfills orders on your behalf.

The whole process consumes lots of resources.

Any wholesaler who offers you, that he has a big profit margin for you. These suppliers are fraud and you should be aware of them.

Such wholesalers may provide some low-quality products or cheap packing. This will lead you to higher profits from the customer. DO not enter into any agreement with such suppliers.

Refuse to Provide Samples. While dealing, you must have to ask the supplier to give you some samples. If they don’t, then may be they have either low-quality products or fake products. The most famous tactic is that they ask for high shipping fees which you obviously gonna refuse. 

This is an important technique to check the quality of the product. And also, to find out how genuine the wholesaler is.

Fake dropshipping wholesalers will hesitate to give you a sample or ask you for some time.

Ask for Monthly Membership Fees. This is the most common fraud technique. Genuine dropshipping wholesalers do not ask for any fees for holding stock. As payments are on per orders basis.

Any wholesaler who ask you for money. Like as monthly membership or service fees. So, these suppliers are fake.

Refuse to Sign Any Contracts.  Before starting a dropshipping business. It is important to make a contract with a supplier.

The contract will state the terms and conditions. And also, the legal action that will take in any unclear situation.

If any wholesaler refuses to sign a contract. Then you must consider another one. This one is fake and that’s why didn’t want to sign any legal agreement. Some also ask for direct bank payment, but it is a big NO. Pay through any business or third-party payment app that gives a refund option. 

List of Top Dropshipping Companies.

There are lots of companies which are in this business line. But the following are the top dropshipping companies.

1.   Wholesale2B.

It is one of the top dropshipping companies. Wholesale2B has a wide dropshipping product range. They have over a million products.

They will provide you direct access to the supplier. Also, provide you the opportunity to drop ship at different famous online stores.

2.   Spocket.

Spocket is also among the best dropshipping companies. You can start dropshipping with them with no upfront cost.

They have a variety of products from all over the world. I found many trendy and winning products while browsing their catalog. Many fellow dropshippers do the same. Also, provide the opportunity to work with different famous e-commerce stores. Also offers you a suitable profit.

3.   Wholesale Central.

Wholesale Central is a dropshipping company. It has a million of products to offer. Also, a huge market for retailers to find a supplier.

Also, the opportunity for the supplier to get new buyers. It is one of the best dropshipping companies.

Wholesale Central

4.   Dropified.

It is a well-established dropshipping website. By using their search tools, you can search for different products and can add them to your store. They have good automation features that saves your time. Manual work is time consuming and especially when you have to deal with hundreds of products. 

It has an auto price change update. And also give you different types of updates that are beneficial for you.

5.   SaleHoo.

SaleHoo provides you to find a reliable supplier. It is the best company that provides you easy access to the supplier to get the products at a suitable price.

Also allows you to sell on well-known e-commerce stores.

6.   AliExpress.

AliExpress is the most famous dropshipping company. Offers you millions of products to sell. Has the potential to earn a handsome profit. Aliexpress offers free shipping but it is mostly slow, try to go with Paid options but not too expensive.

Many people uesd to ask: Is Aliexpress safely? It offers you worldwide shipment. So, you can buy and sell anywhere you want.

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7.   Sunrise Wholesale.

Sunrise wholesale is an excellent dropshipping company. It offers 15,000 plus products to sell and make a profit.

Also, they handle the refunds and returns without any trouble. Provide the opportunity to famous stores like Amazon or anywhere you want.

Also has great research tools. They will give a lot of comfort to anyone who works with them.

Sunrise Wholesale

8.   DHgate.

DH Gate is a very famous dropshipping company. Provides lots of useful services. Like a reliable supplier. DHgate is more of Private label supplier than Dropshipping supplier. If you are selling any Dropshipping product and it’s booming. Then you could convert into a private label brand with DHgate supplier.

Also, DHgate makes fast deliveries, which customers like the most. They have products from the number of warehouses.

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9.   Modalyst.

They are also among the best dropshipping companies. Modalyst has millions of products. Also has a huge number of buyers from around the world.

Also connects you with outstanding stores to work at. It is very easy & profitable to start dropshipping at Modalyst.

10.  Worldwide Brands.

Worldwide Brands is last but not the least. It is very easy to access. This company has Millions of certified wholesale products. It is very much safe and secure for a new entrepreneur to start a business.

Worldwide Brands

List of Trusted Dropshipping Wholesalers Based on Niches.

Toys, Hobby, and DIY Wholesalers.

VR Distribution.

It is the fastest-growing distributor of games, accessories, toys, and more. They have all the reliable products with a logo on it. You could ask for Logo removal of some packaging customization. 

JD’s Marketing.

They are the best wholesale suppliers of products like gifts, toys, and other items. Also, provide service of personalized gifts.

JD’s Marketing is the best site for new dropship and wholesale customers

Hibba Toys.

Hibba Toys is a company that offers toys of different kinds. Like traditional wooden toys, Cars, Dollhouses, and child furniture also. You sell them as kits and packs to play. Most parents like them because it offers differnet experience than modern toys. 

It is one of the most famous toy wholesalers. The Prime minister’s cabinet (UK)are also their customers.

Hibba Toys.

Electronics and Media Wholesalers.

China Vasion.

It is a famous online wholesale store. Giving you all the reliable and good electronics products. All the products are of famous brands and at a good price.

Cost Tag. has many consumer electronics and technological products. It ranges from home appliances to modern-day workstations.

You can check for their dropshipping services and price information. This can be a lucrative opportunity to sell in this niche.

Currently, due to COVID-19, they are offline. You can consider this as well for better profits when they are back in business.

MA Labs.

This wholesaler offers you all the best electronic products. All the products are of famous brands like L.G, SAMSUNG, etc. They are the most reliable wholesaler out there.

MA Labs.

Fashion Wholesalers.

Clothes 2 Order.

This wholesaler is best for personalized clothing. Have good fabrics and reasonable prices. They have a very wide business and also provide the best services like free delivery. FREE delivery saves me my shipping costs and increase profit margins. 

S&S Active Wear.

This wholesale company provides their best products for many years. They have well-designed clothes with over 600 distribution centers worldwide.

Also gives you the best product at a good price.


This wholesaler is the famous world side for its best jean’s quality. They have all the variety of jeans at a reasonable price. They deliver only in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.


Furniture and Appliances Wholesalers

Artisan Furniture.

It is the top furniture supplier. They have a lot of experience in this field. They have modern furniture. You could also ask for little customization but it depeds on your number of orders and value. 

And also has the best designers who show their art on the piece of wood. And convert it into Masterpiece.

MoD Loft.

MoD loft is a hub of modern furniture. This wholesaler has a wide variety of products and also offers a good price.

The furniture is reliable and most beautiful. Also, provide free shipping and return service.

Wholesale Interiors.

It is also the best furniture supplier. Has all kinds of furniture like home, offices and for offices as well? Also offers you to drop ship their product and make a profit.

Wholesale Interiors.

Personal Care Wholesalers.

Pure Source.

Pure Source is a top distributor and manufacturer of natural products. The supply over 125 brands. They maintain the quality of their product. And it will be fruitful to work with them. I Market my products as natural premium products and earn more profit. 

Emerson Ecologics

If you are a health and wellness profession from the USA, Emerson Ecologics is an opportunity.

They are health supplement providers. It is a selling point for many medical companies. You need to visit their resale policies before starting your dropshipping business with them.


It is a huge supplier of perfumes, cosmetics, Makeup, and different skincare products. They display all the original brand’s products.

All the products are safe to use. They are the most reliable wholesalers in related Niche.


How to build a long-time relationship with your Dropshipping Wholesalers?

There are many ways to build a good relationship with your wholesaler. If you want to build a good relationship, then you have to follow these steps.

1.    Pay them as soon as possible.

The bills should be clear on time without saying. Like you, your wholesaler has to earn money. To keep their business running.

You should be a responsible business partner. And take care of your supplier. You have to pay bills on time and avoid delaying at all costs.

2.    Check-in with them

Once a week you must meet your wholesaler. Spend some time with them in a casual environment. If you have online wholesaler then greet them on their festivals. If you could send them a gift them it would be alot better. 

Talk about your sales. How well your business is going. And how much you are happy to work with them. It will have a positive impact on your business.

3.    Be friendly with their representatives.

some people are friendly in actual life, but always sound rude and hostile via text? Make sure you are not that one.

These are the little points that affect a lot. Instead of saying straight, you can ask like “Hello! I hope you’re doing good!”.

If you want that one gives you an extra favor. You have to be more friendly to them.

4.    Give them ample time to deliver goods.

No one likes to rush, your wholesaler included.

When it comes to last-minute order? Avoid them straight away.

This make stress on you and your supplier. If you push your supplier to fulfill the order. You will break the relationship. Same as with your customers, try to apologies for late delivery and compensate with gift card or Discount coupon. 

Or, what if your wholesaler tries their best, but still not able to fulfill the order?

They may try their best and cut corners to avoid displeasing you. This will lead to more difficulties.

5.    Share your insights with them.

You must share updates with your wholesaler. Tell them about the changes you made. About the new products, which you want to sell.

And other major things. The point is that must share what is going on and share your new ideas with them. And they might have any idea to share it with you.

6.    Address issues as soon as they arise

Don’t leave your wholesaler in a difficult situation. When something is not going well. Instead of tackling the problem on your own.

You have to talk about the problem with your supplier. You must bridge the gap. Find out what’s going wrong. If their is quality issue then address it properly and find best possible solutions together. 

And how you can stop this in the future. It’s good to talk about it. But don’t ignore circumstances, because your wholesaler can not handle an obstacle. About which they know nothing.

relationship with your free dropshipping suppliers

FAQ For Dropshipping Wholesalers

Can Dropshipping Be Profitable?

Yes, Dropshipping is profitable and it is a full-time job. You have to invest a lot of time to gain success.

Dropshippers are marketers. And many suppliers are reliant on them. Either in the form of Affiliates or dropshipping.

Which website is best for dropshipping?

If you are not interested in inventory. AliExpress dropshipping or any affiliate program is best for you. If you want to keep a remote inventory Alibaba is a good option for you.

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AliExpress Dropshipping

What are some examples of free dropshippers?

The following are the free dropshipping marketplaces.


Worldwide brands

Wholesale Central

Dropship Direct


Deal Extreme

Tiny Deal

Why do most dropshippers fail?

There are many reasons that most dropshippers fail.

  1. It is a misconception that dropshipping is a part-time job. Many dropshippers give less time to dropshipping that results in failure.
  2. Marketing strategy is very important in the dropshipping business. Dropshippers are in reality marketers. And this is for what they are paid. Dropshippers that don’t know their target audience usually fail.
  3.  You can’t reach the heights in a day. It is a gradual process like every other business. People with high expectations usually fail.
  4. You should know your competitors. If you don’t know them, you don’t know the selling price or profit on your items. When you don’t know the competition, you won’t have conversions. That is another reason for the failure of the dropshippers.

How LeelineSourcing Help you find best Dropshipping Wholesalers

LeeLine Sourcing is one of the best sourcing agents in China. We have a decade of expertise in sourcing and logistics.

During this tenure, we have made relationships with many wholesalers. We provide the following services to help you find the perfect dropshipping Wholesalers.

  • Factory Quality Inspections
  • Factory Audits
  • Packaging and Labeling
  • Sourcing and Logistics
  • Verifying the authenticity of sellers
  • defect test before sending it to your inventory
  • Price negotiation
  • Custom clearance
  • Financial Assistance
  • Doorstep deliveries
  • Bulk deliveries handling

LeeLine Sourcing never takes their customers as clients, we embrace them as a family. Our experts are ready to help you out of the box.

We consider clients as our family and give them top services and advice to help them grow.

How Leeline Sourcing Help You Find Best Ecommerce Wholesalers And Manufacturers

Final Thoughts on Dropshipping Wholesalers.

Finding a reliable dropshipping wholesaler can help you to expand your dropshipping business. It helps in product sourcing and improves the process.

Furthermore, there is no need for extra sources to manage multiple orders. It also assists in the fruitful advertising of your brand.

Helps you to send products to customers from different areas.

Make sure to follow steps to find the reliable dropshipping wholesaler for you. Because your success depends on, how good the dropshipping is going.

That is why you have to choose that one who is an expert in managing your dropshipping business.

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