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Importing lamps from China has become a lot easier in the past few years. No matter if you are going to order in bulk quantities or just for a startup business, China is a great option for both. 2.

China has become the world’s leading manufacturers in recent years. This means you can get a great variety of products, lamps, and lighting fixtures for your business.

Lamp Manufacturers in China produce exquisite and modern products at a very economical price. Therefore, it is very convenient and suitable for most buyers to buy from China.

How can you enhance your business by importing Lamps from China?

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Businesses are of various kinds, but talking about the lamps business can be either about manufacturing or sourcing lamps. To start a lamp manufacturing business, you need to be an expert and own a proper running factory and such stuff.

Therefore, most people opt for the sourcing business. In this, they find the best lamp manufacturers and buy bulk amounts from them at whole rates. After which, they further sell these lamps to customers using eCommerce marketing or other sources.

What are the advantages of importing lamps from China?

As described earlier, China is an emerging manufacturing market. It produces not only the most economical products but also manufacturers the best quality lamps.

There is no point in buying wholesale lamps at expensive rates and sourcing them further because it will not be profitable to you or your business. But if you choose Chinese lamp suppliers, you will be able to get the best quality and uniquely designed lamps at low rates.

So, if you do not have a big budget to invest in, importing lamps from china is worth the shot!

  • Who uses Lamps?

If we don’t talk about the wholesalers and marketers, there are still plenty of people always wanting to buy lamps and lighting fixtures. Usually, the people trying to give aesthetic looks to their houses always keep looking for better, modern, and stylish lamps.

There is a great number of architects and interior designers who use lamps to give their designs a fascinating look. Apart from them, desk lamps are used by plenty of people out there who try to focus on their work the entire time.

Piano lamps are used by a great of musicians, especially beginners, to keep their minds focused on the piano keys. Similarly, there are a lot more people who use lamps and always keep looking to buy new and better ones.

  • How to choose the best lamp manufacturer? 

First of all, choose a few lamp manufacturers you think are the best for you. After that, make a comparison among them so that you may choose the best one.

Check out the reviews given by the previous customers. It’s probably the best practice to find out the most suitable lamp suppliers. Other things you can do is to check the certifications, experience, rates, etc., of the companies.

Also, if you are looking to buy a certain type of lamp, make sure that the company you are going to choose manufacturers them as their main product. This will help you get a good variety and fascinating designs.

  • How can you negotiate with china lamp suppliers? 

When it comes to ordering in bulk, negotiating is a standard business practice. If you do not know how and when to negotiate, you might end up at a loss. There are a few things that you must know so that you may deal with the lamp suppliers appropriately.

You must know the standard rates going around in the market. This will make you able to close the deal at average and appropriate rates. Moreover, whenever you are going to make an offer to the supplier, think it over thoroughly. Plan it according to your needs and demands and then put it in front of the supplier.

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Also, remember negotiation is only good up to a mark. If you make the supplier go beyond his limits, it might not work for you or him either.

  • How to ship lamps from China?

Shipping lamps from china is not a problem anymore, especially when you have Leeline by your side the whole time. There are many ways that you can opt to get your shipment done.

The main ways include,

  • Air shipment (in-time and safe delivery)
  • Shipment through the sea (a good option for bulk orders)
  • Shipment through trains (a safe option for long-distance lamps orders)
  • You might also choose a company to do door-to-door shipping for you.

You can choose any shipping method depending upon your budget and time availability.

  • How to sell lamps online to earn money?

Ecommerce marketing has been the talk of the town since it has entered the world. It has been a great way to sell and purchase items online and make lots of money.

You can do the same with your lamps, too. To sell them online at reasonable rates, you must conduct a product photoshoot for your lamps and then post images online. You can either post these images on social media apps or create your own website to run a successful business.

With consistency, you can make a good profit out of online selling.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Lamp 2

  • How to know if the lamps are worth money?

You can either hire a specialist or can do a quality check yourself. Apart from checking the overall condition, also go through the materials used in its manufacturing.

  • How can you know if the lamp is vintage or not?

You can search antique websites and can go through the manufacturers’ history and reviews. Other things to do are examining the cord, brass collar, shade designs, craftsmanship, etc. All of these things will altogether prove if the lamp is vintage or not.

  • Are pendant lights still in fashion?

That is a big YES! People might think that no one likes or buys pendant lights anymore, but to your surprise, they are a lot in fashion. And in fact, they are becoming the town’s talk because of their enhanced designs and styles.

  • Which is the best place to buy inexpensive lamps?

There are certain places, including CB2, France & Sons, Home Depot, IKEA, Illuminate Vintage, etc., where you can find the best inexpensive lamps. But, out of them all, the best place all over the world is none other than Amazon. It not only helps you find the most economical lamp but also provides the best quality, too.

  • Which is the cheapest way to ship lamps from China?

An international courier service, express freight is the most appropriate and dependable shipping service to use in china nowadays. They offer the cheapest shipping as compared to many other shipping services.

Final Thoughts on Importing Wholesale Lamps from China

Summing up the whole talk, importing lamps from China is definitely your best shot at the business. Not only because of lower rates and good quality but also because of reliability and long-term relations you can make there.

If you are thinking of getting started with importing lamps from china already, don’t hesitate to contact Leeline sourcing as your first step. We will not only help you import your lamps but will get you through every single step and difficulty with much ease.

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