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Wholesale Lamp In Bulk

LeelineSourcing Find The Best Lamp Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
  • Leeline sourcing can help you choose the best quality lamps even if you are not there for quality inspection. 
  • Leeline agents can handle all of your dealing business on your behalf and finalize a perfect deal. 
  • You can get customized rates and deals with Leeline as we don’t give a one-size-fits-all solution to everyone. 
  • All you need to do is choosing the preferable lamp suppliers, and Leeline will manage the rest. 

Leeline agents make sure you get the right product in the right way, so no worries about the shipment, too.


10 High Demand Lamp In China

1.Wall Lamps

Importing Wall Lamps From China

Wall lamps are a great way if you are looking for something to add fascination to your rooms or house. They are usually attached to walls and can never go outdated. If you are thinking of buying wall lamps for business, it’ll indeed give a head start to it. 

In China, many cities, including Shenzhen, Guangdong are manufacturing unique wall lamps. So, if you want to buy a bulk of wall lamps at wholesale rates, Leeline can definitely help you find the best china lamp manufacturers.

2.Buffet Lamps

Wholesale Buffet Lamps  From China

You might have listened about the ‘candlestick lamps.’ They’re actually the Buffet lamps. These lamps are tall and are not only used for light but for beautification, too. People all around the world like buffet lamps because of their unique heightened style and economical prices. 

Zhongshan in China is a well-known place for manufacturing buffet lamps. You might find a good deal somewhere out there in which, Leeline can certainly help you get through.

3.Arc Lamps

Buy Arc Lamps From China

Must have seen the street lamps and road lights? That’s precisely what Arc lamps are, producing light by an electric arc. There is a great use and need for arc lamps all the way around in the world in case you are wondering their importance. 

Arc lamps can never go out of use. That’s why they make a great option to start your business with. Many cities and states in China are well-known lamp manufacturers, but Guangdong is the one with the most lamp manufacturing factories.

4.Tripod Lamps

Wholesale Tripod Lamps  in Bulk From China

Using tripods for cameras? Well, that’s an older thing now because the newest trend going around nowadays is using lamps on a tripod. Tripod lamp is a current hot-selling item because of its sleek and fascinating design. 

They would surely make a good profitable business item. Leeline can help you import them from China in the easiest way possible if you really want them. Lamp manufacturers in China are present all over the place, but for Tripod lamps in specific, Zhejiang might be your perfect place.

5.Swing Arm Lamps

Wholesale From China Swing Arm Lamps  Suppliers

Swing-arm lamps are handy when it comes to using them for daily use. Their adjustable arms feature allows the people to set it according to the need, making it helpful in certain situations. So, getting these lamps in bulk won’t be a waste for sure if you keep their usefulness in view. 

Other than their adjustable feature, many Swing Arm lamps being manufactured are now coming in super cool styles and designs which you may find in Guangdong, China. It’s certainly the most mesmerizing state in the country for manufacturing the best lamps right now.

6.Floor Lamps

Wholesale From China Floor Lamps Manufacturers

Many other types, as mentioned earlier, can be categorized as floor lamps, too, as this is a vast kind of lamp. Out of all other categories, floor lamps are the ones primarily used worldwide. The percentage of its marketing sales is a lot higher than all other products of this line. 

Maybe you can help people beautify their homes using classic lamps. If you want to do that, Guangdong got the best deals. But in this type of lamp, Zhejiang, China, is a place worth mentioning, too.

7.Piano Lamps

Importing Piano Lamps  From China

Most people find it expensive to invest in piano lamps, but they forget, the more they invest, the more they can make out of it. Piano lamps are specifically designed for playing pianos without having to face light issues. But it also gives multiple other benefits, too.

Some people also use them as wall lamps to make the house look classier. So, investing in these lamps will not go in ruins for sure. To import these lamps from China, Leeline can help you get the best offers and deals from the best manufacturers.

8.Tree Lamps

Wholesale Tree Lamps  From China

Tree lamps have been the talk of the town since they came to the market. Because of their unique style and captivating outlook, many lamp manufacturers and wholesale buyers are already trying to get them in bulk quantities to make a good profit out of them. 

Not just on special occasions, but tree lamps are highly fascinating for daily use, too. If you are trying to find some good manufacturers to finalize dealings regarding the tree lamps, Guangdong is definitely your place.

9.Table Lamps

Buy Table Lamps  From China

These lamps are the most wanted decorative things to have in a home. People use them for light purposes, too, but mostly they are used for decorative purposes only. But if to be seen as a whole, table lamps are the most bought lamps as they are the most common and easy to handle. 

As table lamps are always in demand, buying them for business won’t be a bad idea. In fact, Shenzhen can be a great place for you to find the best Chinese lamp suppliers. They can help you get the most stylish table lamps for business purposes, and of course, Leeline can help you get them.

10.Desk Lamp

Wholesale Desk Lamp in Bulk From China

Talking about the desk lamps, they’re quite the opposite of the table lamps. These lamps are specifically designed for a person waning to focus on his work. You might wonder desk lamps are almost the same as any other lamps, but no. 

People don’t buy desk lamps for decorative purposes, but of course, that does not mean that they can’t be stylish. If you can provide people with stylish as well as valuable lamps at the same time, what else would be better than that? You might want to look in Zhejiang, China, to find such amazing lamps.

Leeline Ensures that You Can Buy Lamp from China Smoothly

Product Sourcing

Lamp Product Sourcing

Product sourcing is the most challenging part when it comes to doing business. Leeline can help you get through this step without facing any difficulties.

Factory Audit

Lamp Factory Audit

Leeline agents perform factory audits on behalf of their clients so that you don’t finalize deals with unqualified or unreliable china lamp manufacturers.

Product Inspection

Lamp Product Inspection

Experienced agents from Leeline do the product inspection themselves for our clients so that you always get the best quality lamps in time.

Amazon FBA Prep

Lamp Amazon FBA Prep

From assisting you in your products’ Amazon FBA labeling to customized bundling and packaging the lamps with great care, Leeline got your back everywhere.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Lamp Shipping To Amazon FBA

Leeline ships your packed lamps from China to Amazon FBA using the most cost-effective ways so that you get your packages delivered in time.


Lamp DropShopping

Leeline can also directly ship your fascinating lamps from lamp suppliers to your customers’ door within time.

Why Choose Leeline To Wholesale Lamp From China

  • Leeline agents perform quality inspections so that you get the best standard products. 
  • Leeline also does a pre-shipment inspection to ensure the quality and quantity.
  • Leeline can help you find the best china lamp factory. 
  • If you use Amazon for selling lamps, Leeline helps you in packaging and dropshipping, too. 
  • Leeline agents follow the track of your orders until they are received successfully.

Best 10 China Lamp Manufacturers

1.Haining Xin Guang Yuan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

1. Haining Xin Guang Yuan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

The first company we have on our list is a leading manufacturers of China lighting sources. The headquarters of Xin Guang Yuan Lighting Company is in Haining, making it so close to the Shanghai and Ningbo ports that making deliveries in time is never a problem. 

Main Products

Xin Guang Yang Lighting offers a wide range of products that include fascinating lamps and matching fixtures, and T5 fluorescent lamps. Their fluorescent lamps have now gained a lot of fame because of their goal of promoting green products that produce a lot lesser pollution than the others. 

Why Choose Xin Guang Yang Lighting?

Over the past few years, this lighting company has become successful in making a good reliable reputation. Their endless efforts have proven to be fruitful in many countries of the world. Their follow-up services and long-term reliable relations with the customers make them worth choosing.

2.Shenzhen Chengyi Lighting Co., Ltd.

2. Shenzhen Chengyi Lighting Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Chengyi manufacturers are one of the most economical among the china lamp suppliers. This company established in 2016 and is collecting positive reviews because of its improvements since. Their main factory is in Beihuan Avenue, Futian District, Shenzhen. 

Main Products

Shenzhen Chengyi Lighting Co. has been delivering fascinating led lights and lamps throughout the world. Their other main supplies also include flame lamps and bulbs, spotlights, mosquito killer lamps, solar lamps, etc. 

Why choose Shenzhen Chengyi Lighting?

This company has a good ratio of satisfied customers over the past years. They also got many product certifications, including CE, FCC, RoHS, because of their dedicated work. Moreover, choosing Shenzhen Chengyi can be a good option as they deliver in almost all the world’s big markets. 

3.Foshan Siyi Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

3. Foshan Siyi Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

Headquartered in the manufacturing capital, Foshan, in Nanhai district, this china lamp factory is definitely worth giving a shot. They combine traditional methods with modern technology to provide you with perfect and the most captivating lamps ever. 

Main Products

Foshan Siyi Photoelectric Company’s major selling products include Rattan table and floor lamps, Pendant and spotlights, and other customized orders, too. With the most modern styles and lighting art, this company is doing wonders in the field. 

Why Choose Foshan Siyi Photoelectric?

The proficient management staff of this company includes talented engineers and designers. Their quality management makes them worthy enough to rely upon them with significant investments. Moreover, as they also customize orders, so what else can a businessman want if he can turn his own ideas into a reality without actually doing anything?

4.Zhongshan Ocean Lighting Co., Ltd.

4. Zhongshan Ocean Lighting Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan City, Guangdong, is where this Ocean Lighting company is established. Providing convenient and easy transport and deliveries, this factory is one of its kind. Whatever they deliver is of great quality. That is why they have been able to develop a noble reputation over various parts of the world. 

Main Products

They specialize in manufacturing crystal chandeliers, lightings, wall and floor lamps, etc. You can also order pendant and table lamps from the Zhongshan Ocean Lighting Company. Their products with fascinating styles and customized designs have earned an excellent reputation. 

Why Choose Zhongshan Ocean Lighting Company?

It has been around 10 years since Ocean Lighting was established. With their extensive work experience and proficient staff members, they know how to satisfy their customers to the fullest. Their popularity in the Middle East, North America, Southeast Asia, and Europe is only because of their consistency and dedication to their work quality. 

5.Shenzhen Grand Dragon Technology Co., Limited

5. Shenzhen Grand Dragon Technology Co., Limited

Formed in 2004, the Grand Dragon Industrial Group offers captivating product designs and ideas. With their experienced production team, they offer prototype tooling, injection, SMT, mold tooling, and much more. 

Main Products

They offer outdoor sculptures, lights, electricity products, and industrial designs as their specialty. They can turn your plans into reality. So, all you have to do is share your ideas with them and let them do the rest. 

Why Choose Shenzhen Grand Dragon Technology?

The Grand Dragon has been offering the best services to all of its customers for many years now. There is a powerful research team working on each product so that you always get the best quality product. You should definitely choose this company if you want customized prototype and mold orders. 

6.Guangdong Lonyung Led Lighting Co., Ltd.

6. Guangdong Lonyung Led Lighting Co., Ltd.

Looking for professional LED products? Well, Lonyung got your back here. This company has been working on designing and developing new and better LED lighting products. It was established in 2008 and has been recognized by various respected organizations. 

Main Products

It specializes in providing its customers the best LED Tri-proof and High Bay Lights. One of its main products also includes LED Integrated Tubes, which help make the surroundings look brighter and better.

Why Choose Lonyung LED Lighting?

This company is definitely worth a shot as its 150 expert staff members, and reliable machinery makes them able to produce completely satisfied products. As their monthly production exceeds 50,000 pieces, there will never be a problem in high-budget wholesale lamp orders. 

7.Shenzhen Relight Technology Co., Ltd.

7. Shenzhen Relight Technology Co., Ltd.

Relight Technology is a manufacturing and trading company that focuses on providing its buyers the trendiest and standard designs. It also provides technical support along with using its high-performance testing equipment. 

Main Products

As described earlier, this company specializes in providing the best technical designs. Its main products include LED Modules and Strips, UV Sterilizing lamps, Wireless Charging and LED Desk Lamps, etc. 

Why Choose Shenzhen Relight Technology?

 You might have heard about the world’s leading inspection company, the SGS Group. Well, this company has been verified by it, which makes it highly reliable. Moreover, it has received multiple product certifications, including RoHS, UL, CE, etc. What else would a buyer want from his supplier company other than its experience and proficiency?

8.Guangzhou Dawson Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

8. Guangzhou Dawson Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

This Dawson electronic technology company is known for its business trade of LED light products. Its professional production and development team of experienced engineers and designers work together to manufacture the most intriguing LED products. 

Main Products

The high-tech product development of this company includes manufacturing various products. One of its main products includes the trading of LED Flush Mount Ceiling lights and front mirror lamps, LED Ceiling Panel Lights, and Dimmable lights. 

Why Choose Dawson Electric Technology?

A considerable thing is the main principle of this company of always keeping their customers first. Moreover, their professionalism in product manufacturing and development is what makes it worth working with. 

9.Shenzhen Sunland Optoelectronic Co., Ltd.

9. Shenzhen Sunland Optoelectronic Co., Ltd.

Located in the Shenzhen city of China, the Sunland Optoelectronic has been in action since 2006. It has been providing international quality products to all of its customers with guaranteed satisfaction. 

Main Products

The specialty of this company lies in manufacturing LED indoor and outdoor lighting products. More specifically, LED Floodlights, Solar LED Floodlights, LED Street and High Bay Lights, Solar LED street lights, and much more. 

Why choose Sunland Optoelectronic?

You would not have to face delivery and transport delays from this company if you chose it. From being in the main city, they have easy access to all fast ways of transporting goods. Moreover, this company has received SAA, CE, and RoHS certifications, making it more trustworthy. 

10.Hangzhou Shinedo Technology Co., Ltd.

10. Hangzhou Shinedo Technology Co., Ltd.

Shinedo is one of the famous Chinese lamp suppliers. It is because of their agenda upon working on producing recyclable and energy-saving products. They are trying to keep and make the environment green while not compromising on the quality. 

Main Products

As they have been working on energy-efficient products, all their products are based upon solar mechanics. Their leading trade is of Solar Motion Sensor and Garden Lights, Solar Repeller and Mosquito Killer lamps, and other similar productions.  

Why Choose Shinedo Technology?

Taking the initiative to make the environment better is a much-needed thing. Helping companies upon doing so is the best thing you can do right now. Choosing Shinedo Technology as your manufacturers will also make you able to convey a message of making the world a better place. 

Best 5 Lamp Suppliers In USA

11.Lamps USA

1. Lamps USA

A company established in 1994 and later created an appearance online in 1998, Lamps USA is one of the oldest and leading Lamp suppliers USA. Started by a simple passing idea of Steve, the founder of the company, that home lighting solutions are not a big hustle and can be done by anyone at home. He started this company with a vision to create unique lamp’s and chandler’s designs for you. 


Main Products

Over the course of 27 years in the lighting solution industry, the Lamps, USA has pushed a lot of lamps into the market. They produce table lamps, floor lamps, tiffany lamps, desk lamps, and full-spectrum lamps for reading purposes. The company also designs lamp shades separately. 


Why Choose Lamps USA

Though there is a large body of suppliers and manufacturers that provide lighting solutions, they all come without any diverse description. Lamps USA is a company that is one of its kind. They have experienced experts that help you with your lamps as to what would suit your environment best. They deal in wholesale lamps.

12.Lamps Plus

2. Lamps Plus

Lamp Plus laid its foundation in 1976. They started off the company as one of the greatest lighting solution retailers of the time. They source their lamp collections from the leading brands in the state. The company brings in some of the most sophisticated lamp designs for your home décor and everyday use. 


Main Products

Lamps Plus is a one-stop store that has nearly every possible lighting solution that you might need. They source various lamps that include table lamps, floor lamps, swing arm lamps, art shade lamps, and arc lamps. They also source chandlers and ceiling lights. 


Why Choose Lamps Plus

They are among the companies that have the most reviewed lamp pieces. They have above 50,000 designs of lamps to choose from. They have the most satisfactory delivery services across the USA. Their lamps’ quality, prices, and customer satisfaction remain unsurpassed. 

13.Wholesale Mart

3. Wholesale Mart

Wholesale mart ranks number 1 in the supply of wholesale lamps and other products. They have comparatively lowest-priced lamps. They are bulk lamp suppliers and wholesalers in the region. 


Main Products

The main products of the company include candle lamps, hanging lamps, colored table lamps, pebble lamps, and themed lamps like luxurious cats and lighthouse silhouettes. They also supply promotional lamps and lamps for giveaway purposes at super affordable rates. 


Why Choose Wholesale Mart?

Their services for all these years are self-explanatory about their work and why they are the most reviewed. The company focuses on quality more than the batches they have to source from brands. That makes them the best companies in the USA to sign a trade when it comes to wholesale deals. 

14.AHS Lighting and Home Décor

4. AHS Lighting and Home Décor

The AHS has been manufacturing gift items for a good time of 41 years. They claim to provide lamps and lighting solutions of quality that is beyond the expectations of their customers. The company glories their designs that still surpass all other brands. 


Main Products

AHS has a series of table lamps, floor lamps, accent lamps, lampshades or bulbs, and wholesale lighting assortment. They offer vast options to meet your needs of any type of lighting solution. They also manufacture animal and ceramic lamps that add to the grace of your residing areas. 


Why Choose AHS Lighting and Home Décor

The company offers quite a diverse range of lamps. They are one of the few companies that let you customize your own designs and get them printed on lamps. Their services make them the best company in the USA to sign a trade.

15.Relaxus Wholesale

5. Relaxus Wholesale

The Relaxus is the wholesale company catering to the needs of therapeutic lamps for health improvement. The company has been associated with a few renowned brands globally and has connected with many companies across the world to source some of the best Himalayan salt lamps for resale. 


Main Products

The company sources bulk range lamps. They have a range of 20 various designs of Himalayan salt lamps that are believed to be super beneficial for human beings. 


Why Choose Relaxus?

Relaxus is the best to choose when sourcing lamps for resale business. They offer you super reasonable prices that make it easy for you to have your hands on the stock and further sell it to have a fair share of profit. 

Best 5 UK Lamp Manufacturers

16.The Lamp Company

1. The Lamp Company

The Lamp company is led by a British family. Established in 1990, the company holds a great history in the trading of versatile lamps, otherwise also known as LED lighting solutions. They deliver nationwide and across the state. The company also leads another brand by the name of Casell that is responsible for the manufacturing and production of their own designs of LED lights and lamps. 


Main Products

The company’s specialty lies in the trading of LED lamps. They trade two massive lamp lines, The LED globe lamps and LED corn lamps. The Lamp company also trades neon lamps and decorative candle lamps, and a series of luxurious lamp collections.


Why Choose The Lamp Company

Besides being ISO9001 certified, the company is well known for its outmatched customer service. The company deals with quite a flexibility and dynamically. You can also benefit from their technical experts in any guidance you may need for selecting a product to outsource from them. They are the most dependable lamp suppliers UK.

17.Lamp Factory London

2. Lamp Factory London

Lamp Factory London’s foundation goes 12 years back. They started off their journey as a lamp manufacturer. The company performs great when it comes to pushing bespoke lamp designs into the market. The success of the business and unsurpassed designs are their most essential goals. 


Main Products

The company produces various styles of almost all kinds of lamps. Their designs are unique and exquisite. They also produce antique lighting restorations. All their products are made through high-quality raw material and represent quite an applaud-able craftsmanship.

Why Choose Lamp Factory London

The Lamp Factory London has 12 years of experience in the manufacturing field. They have a working force of experienced personnel.  They have the widest variety of bespoken lamps. They always serve their customers with professionalism. They help you expand and level up your business.

18.Hill Interiors

3. Hill Interiors

Hill Interiors are one of the leading importers and exporters of furniture, lighting, home décor, gifts garden furniture. The company was founded by Graham Hill and Joan Hill back in 1975. They source their lamp collection from over 100 companies worldwide. You can have access to some of the finest quality lighting solutions through them. 


Main Products 

The company manufactures chandeliers, pendant lamps, ceramic lamps, bulbs, and accessories. You might also find table lamps, floor lamps, lanterns, lampshades, and decorative lighting there. The company is also involved in sourcing wholesale gift items and other decorative home accessories. 


Why Choose Hill Interiors

The products that Hill Interiors source are the epitome of class. Their relation with companies across the globe enables them to have hands upon super sophisticated lamp and other lighting solutions. Each product that they source is unique in existence. They make it to the best available choices when selecting a company for trade. 

19.D.H Gate

4. D.H Gate

If you want a wholesale company that can provide you the best price range of lamps, the DH Gate should be your utmost choice. They are among the giant suppliers of lamps and many other product lines. The company claims to have products from all across the world. 


Main Products

This wholesale company has a wide range of lamps available. They can provide candle lamps, hanging lamps, colored table lamps, pebble lamps, and themed lamps. All their products have been sourced, bearing their lower rates in mind.


Why Choose DH Gate?

Being among the older and reliable traders and suppliers, the company claims to have unbeatable product rates and quality in that range. That makes them stand out among competitors within the market of traders and suppliers of lamps in the UK

20.Interior Design

5. Interior Design

Interior Designs, UK, host the largest array of suppliers and manufacturers. Their board of companies has made it possible for lamp business owners to select their desired products from the list of their sourced products and have them delivered to them for resale. 


Main Products 

The company sources all kinds of home décor lamps that are available in the market to provide a one-stop solution to their client business. Their series of products consist of chandeliers, ceramic lamps, metal lamps, table lamps, and bespoke lampshades. 


Why Choose Interior Design UK?

Their efficient and proactive team ensures you get to the products that you need super prompt. Their unique range lamps enable the customer to have multiple options to add to their business shelf. Their products are highly recommended and widely recognized within the state and overseas. 

Wholesale Lamp and Shipping From China

Lamp Sea Freight Shipping from China

Lamp Sea Freight From Shipping

  • Choosing Sea Freight Shipping is a good option when your order is in bulk amount, and there is no hurry to receive it.

Lamp Air Freight Shipping from China

Lamp Air Freight From Shipping

  • If you have a good budget, using air freight shipment for your lamps is the best, most secure, and fastest option.

Lamp Rail Freight Shipping from China

Lamp Rail Freight From Shipping

  • Rail freight shipping is preferred for shipping lamp orders of huge amounts. If you are looking for an option to deliver over large distances, Rail Freight Shipping is definitely worth it.

Lamp Door to Door Shipping from China

Lamp Door to Door From Shipping

  • Leeline can help you ship your orders to your or your customers’ house. Door-to-door shipment is the most convenient way of shipping your orders from China.

Wholesale Lamp From China: Ultimate Guide


  • Introduction about Importing Lamps from China 

Importing lamps from China has become a lot easier in the past few years. No matter if you are going to order in bulk quantities or just for a startup business, China is a great option for both. 2.

China has become the world’s leading manufacturers in recent years. This means you can get a great variety of products, lamps, and lighting fixtures for your business.

Lamp Manufacturers in China produce exquisite and modern products at a very economical price. Therefore, it is very convenient and suitable for most buyers to buy from China.

  • How can you enhance your business by importing Lamps from China?

    Lamp 1

  • What is Lamp Business?

Businesses are of various kinds, but talking about the lamps business can be either about manufacturing or sourcing lamps. To start a lamp manufacturing business, you need to be an expert and own a proper running factory and such stuff.

Therefore, most people opt for the sourcing business. In this, they find the best lamp manufacturers and buy bulk amounts from them at whole rates. After which, they further sell these lamps to customers using eCommerce marketing or other sources.

  • What are the advantages of importing lamps from China?

As described earlier, China is an emerging manufacturing market. It produces not only the most economical products but also manufacturers the best quality lamps.

There is no point in buying wholesale lamps at expensive rates and sourcing them further because it will not be profitable to you or your business. But if you choose Chinese lamp suppliers, you will be able to get the best quality and uniquely designed lamps at low rates.

So, if you do not have a big budget to invest in, importing lamps from china is worth the shot!

  • Who uses Lamps?

If we don’t talk about the wholesalers and marketers, there are still plenty of people always wanting to buy lamps and lighting fixtures. Usually, the people trying to give aesthetic looks to their houses always keep looking for better, modern, and stylish lamps.

There is a great number of architects and interior designers who use lamps to give their designs a fascinating look. Apart from them, desk lamps are used by plenty of people out there who try to focus on their work the entire time.

Piano lamps are used by a great of musicians, especially beginners, to keep their minds focused on the piano keys. Similarly, there are a lot more people who use lamps and always keep looking to buy new and better ones.

  • How to choose the best lamp manufacturer? 

First of all, choose a few lamp manufacturers you think are the best for you. After that, make a comparison among them so that you may choose the best one.

Check out the reviews given by the previous customers. It’s probably the best practice to find out the most suitable lamp suppliers. Other things you can do is to check the certifications, experience, rates, etc., of the companies.

Also, if you are looking to buy a certain type of lamp, make sure that the company you are going to choose manufacturers them as their main product. This will help you get a good variety and fascinating designs.

  • How can you negotiate with china lamp suppliers? 

When it comes to ordering in bulk, negotiating is a standard business practice. If you do not know how and when to negotiate, you might end up at a loss. There are a few things that you must know so that you may deal with the lamp suppliers appropriately.

You must know the standard rates going around in the market. This will make you able to close the deal at average and appropriate rates. Moreover, whenever you are going to make an offer to the supplier, think it over thoroughly. Plan it according to your needs and demands and then put it in front of the supplier.

Lamp 3

Also, remember negotiation is only good up to a mark. If you make the supplier go beyond his limits, it might not work for you or him either.

  • How to ship lamps from China?

Shipping lamps from china is not a problem anymore, especially when you have Leeline by your side the whole time. There are many ways that you can opt to get your shipment done.

The main ways include,

  • Air shipment (in-time and safe delivery)
  • Shipment through the sea (a good option for bulk orders)
  • Shipment through trains (a safe option for long-distance lamps orders)
  • You might also choose a company to do door-to-door shipping for you.

You can choose any shipping method depending upon your budget and time availability.

  • How to sell lamps online to earn money?

Ecommerce marketing has been the talk of the town since it has entered the world. It has been a great way to sell and purchase items online and make lots of money.

You can do the same with your lamps, too. To sell them online at reasonable rates, you must conduct a product photoshoot for your lamps and then post images online. You can either post these images on social media apps or create your own website to run a successful business.

With consistency, you can make a good profit out of online selling.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Lamp 2

  • How to know if the lamps are worth money?

You can either hire a specialist or can do a quality check yourself. Apart from checking the overall condition, also go through the materials used in its manufacturing.

  • How can you know if the lamp is vintage or not?

You can search antique websites and can go through the manufacturers’ history and reviews. Other things to do are examining the cord, brass collar, shade designs, craftsmanship, etc. All of these things will altogether prove if the lamp is vintage or not.

  • Are pendant lights still in fashion?

That is a big YES! People might think that no one likes or buys pendant lights anymore, but to your surprise, they are a lot in fashion. And in fact, they are becoming the town’s talk because of their enhanced designs and styles.

  • Which is the best place to buy inexpensive lamps?

There are certain places, including CB2, France & Sons, Home Depot, IKEA, Illuminate Vintage, etc., where you can find the best inexpensive lamps. But, out of them all, the best place all over the world is none other than Amazon. It not only helps you find the most economical lamp but also provides the best quality, too.

  • Which is the cheapest way to ship lamps from China?

An international courier service, express freight is the most appropriate and dependable shipping service to use in china nowadays. They offer the cheapest shipping as compared to many other shipping services.

Final Thoughts on Importing Wholesale Lamps from China

Summing up the whole talk, importing lamps from China is definitely your best shot at the business. Not only because of lower rates and good quality but also because of reliability and long-term relations you can make there.

If you are thinking of getting started with importing lamps from china already, don’t hesitate to contact Leeline sourcing as your first step. We will not only help you import your lamps but will get you through every single step and difficulty with much ease.

Import From China

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