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Wholesale lingerie In Bulk

LeelineSourcing Find The Best lingerie Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
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  • Leeline will help you with your shipment of goods. Get your goods shipped from China to Amazon FBA Warehouse.
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10 High Demand lingerie In China

1.Lingerie Sets

Importing Lingerie Sets From China

Lingerie is a category of women’s clothes that includes women’s undergarments. These also include brassieres, sleepwear, and lightweight robes. Contact lingerie manufacturers in China to get wholesale Lingerie.

For your online store, it can be beneficial. Lingerie suppliers in the UK, USA and China can get you the products at great deals.

2.Lingerie Costumes

Wholesale Lingerie Costumes From China

Lingerie costumes are what women wear. For running a business of these costumes, exporting them can be beneficial. You can ship from lingerie manufacturers UK, Lingerie manufacturers USA, or China.

Contact Lingerie suppliers to get wholesale Lingerie. The websites like made-in-China.com can be a useful source for you. Wholesale Lingerie from China can be suitable for resale.


Buy Chemise From China

Women wear a chemise as a part of their lingerie ensembles. They wore it as Lingerie under formal clothes. You can contact many lingerie manufacturers in the USA and other countries. They can provide you with the chemise at reasonable prices.

Leeline, Alibaba.com, or made-in-China.com can be helpful. They can act as your ultimate sourcing platform for sourcing products.


Wholesale Bikini in Bulk From China

A bikini is a women’s wear. To run an online store, you can get this product from Chinese manufacturers. Contact the best wholesale Lingerie suppliers in China.

You will get these at a reasonable price. Contact suitable experienced exporters for this product. Many companies manufacture and export them.

5.Body Suit

Wholesale From China Body Suit Suppliers

The bodysuit is a women wear to wear under dresses. Many companies in China can help you in getting bodysuits. You can get Wholesale Lingerie from China quickly. You only need to contact manufacturers or exporters in China.

You can have the help of websites for sourcing. Websites like Alibaba.com or made-in-China.com can act as sourcing agents for bodysuits.


Wholesale From China Bras Manufacturers

The bra is a necessity for women. They wear it under their dress. Buying this product for resale can be profitable for you. You can contact manufacturers in China for this purpose. The wholesale suppliers can get you these wholesales. These suppliers will also help you in getting the product at lesser prices.


Importing Teddies From China

Teddies is also a women’s undergarment. Women wear these as an appropriate garment under their dress. Many Lingerie manufacturers in China do manufacture teddies.

Lingerie manufacturers UK, USA and China can provide you with these wholesale. Contact lingerie manufacturers and exporters to get these. You can quickly get these at great deals. 


Wholesale Corsets From China

Corsets are an undergarment that has their origin in Italy. This type of corset was a tight and elongated bodice. People wear it underneath the clothing.

You can get the Corsets at lower prices wholesale. Websites like Leeline and Alibaba.com can help in getting the products. Contact wholesale lingerie exporters to get the product.


Buy Hosiery From China

Hosiery has become in fashion now in women. Women in the west have their most use. Different provinces in China have Lingerie suppliers wholesale.

Websites like Leeline and others can be your ultimate source. These websites can help you in getting hosiery easily. You can quickly get this product wholesale at lower prices.


Wholesale Bralette in Bulk From China

Bralette is a Women’s wear. Women can wear them in place of bras. Traders and lingerie manufacturers in China can help you in sourcing them.

Contact the manufacturer to get this product for your online store. You can get them at reasonable rates wholesale. You should contact websites for more sourcing help.

Leeline Ensures that You Can Buy lingerie from China Smoothly

Product Sourcing

lingerie Product Sourcing

Leeline provides this service to its customers. It offers the best and tested product to the customers. 

In product sourcing service, Leeline searches through different manufacturers. It provides the product to the customer at competitive prices. Leeline does the negotiation process with the seller on behalf of the customer.

Factory Audit

lingerie Factory Audit

Leeline will help you in the process of choosing the best manufacturer. Factory audits can be a tricky task to do. Leeline provides factory audit services.

In this service, it finds the most suitable manufacturer. It finds the best manufacturer to get the best product. 

Product Inspection

lingerie Product Inspection

Product inspection is necessary for the quality check of the product. Leeline provides product inspection service to the customers. In product inspection it makes sure that the product is of high quality.

Amazon FBA Prep

lingerie Amazon FBA Prep

Leeline, customize your product. It does brand packaging, printing, and stick FNSKU labeling. In this service, it does the packaging of the same or different products into one package.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

lingerie Shipping To Amazon FBA

Leeline selects the best shipping method. It helps you ship your package at a lower price. Leeline will ensure that your box is safe. It tracks your order while shipping from China to Amazon FBA. 


lingerie DropShopping

Leeline also acts as your dropshipping agent. In this service, it fulfills all of its customer needs. It ships the product directly from the warehouse to the customer.

Why Choose Leeline To Wholesale lingerie From China

  • Leeline gives many reasons for selecting it. The main reasons are as follows:

    • Leeline services solve all your problems for your product sourcing.  
    • It makes verification of all the products. Leeline ensures that you get the products in the right condition. It takes care of your requirements listed in the advertisement.
    • Leeline provides quality control of all products.
    • Leeline will provide you with quality inspection services. It helps you in getting products fulfilling all standards.
    • Leeline does have open communication with the clients. Throughout the whole process, it provides you with all the details.

Best 10 China lingerie Manufacturers

1.YiwuSunspice Lingerie Co., Ltd.

1. YiwuSunspice Lingerie Co., Ltd.


The founding year of YiwuSunspice Co., Ltd is 1999. Sunspice Lingerie Manufacturing is a professional wholesale lingerie manufacturer. This company is mainly in Zhejiang, China.

Main Products 

They manufacture wholesale Lingerie of different types. The products are Teddies, masque apparel, Clubwear, and bondage gear. Some others are leather Lingerie, adult lingerie and Corset.

The fabric types are wet-looking fabric, nylon/elastic, and satin Lycra. Others are micro-fabric, mesh, patent leather and PVC.

They also manufacture costumes, such as bedroom costumes, boudoir costumes. Others are cap/police, nurses, and schoolgirl costume.

Why Choose 

They have advanced production equipment and good workmanship. Production of the best quality products using these is a goal. They have strict quality control. The company seeks permanent development. For this, they are exploring some new designs.

They do welcome OEM and ODM orders. The company has many patents with a trademark of sunspice. They export to domestic, western and eastern Europe, and mid-east. They also export their items to many other markets.

2.Dongguan Wechery Clothing Co., Ltd.

2. Dongguan Wechery Clothing Co., Ltd.


Dongguan Shuang Qi Yi has focused on clothing. It is a trading company which is in Guangdong, China. 2015 is the founding year of this company.

Main Products 

The main focus of this company is on clothing. They mostly manufacture underwear garments. The products include corsets, shapewear, bra, and waist trainers. 

Why Choose

Dongguan Wechery Clothing Co., Ltd. provides a wide variety of products. They deliver the right quality products at reasonable and competitive prices. You will get stylish designs of the products.

Their products have extensive use in shaping the body. The products meet continuously changing economic and social needs. They deliver products to many countries.

The company has extensive exports in the domestic market and others too. Their mains are North America, Eastern Europe and Western Europe.

3.Guangzhou Wansha Garment Co., Ltd.

3. Guangzhou Wansha Garment Co., Ltd.


The establishment year of Guangzhou Wansha Garment Co., Ltd Company is 2014. They have many years of experience. This company is a professional manufacturer and designer.

The company has business types of trading, distributing, and wholesaling. They are in Guangdong, China. 

Main Products 

Their main products are relevant to Lingerie. The products include Bras, Underwears, Swimsuits, Children’s underwears, and Pajamas.

Why Choose 

They understand the wearing needs and provide high-quality clothing. Their clothing offers the right support and good experience by manufacturing comfortable bras.

They offer Bras in a wide range of styles and sizes. The company doesn’t compromise on quality and comfort. Their Lingerie features beautiful materials and a comfortable fit.

They will provide you with relevant designs. The company exports products to many domestic markets and others. Their primary markets include Northern Europe, South America and North America. 

4.Quanzhou Hexin Fashion Co., Ltd.

4. Quanzhou Hexin Fashion Co., Ltd.


Quanzhou Hexin Fashion Company is a leading international manufacturer. They also supply products of fashion. This company is in Fujian, China.

Main Products 

The main products they manufacture are related to clothing. They produce Lingerie, Corsets, Baby Dolls, and Costumes. Others are underwear and plus-size-Lingerie.

Why Choose 

They use advanced sewing machines and professional processes. With this, they produce all the quality products. They wholesale to more than 65 countries.

The company has Costumes and Lingeries wholesale website. From where you can get your desired products. The website also allows you to place direct orders and send details. They allow OEM and ODM Services. You can get a Private Label and Customer Design.

They supply every type of product relevant to Lingerie and clothing. This company manufactures mostly undergarments. Their primary markets are North America, Central America and Mid-East.

5.Ohyeah Lingerie Trade (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.

5. Ohyeah Lingerie Trade (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.


The establishment year of Ohyeah Lingerie Trade (Xiamen) company is 2009. They have specialization in designing, developing and trading.

The company mostly trades for fashion women’s clothes. They have a registered brand. The name of the brand is “Ohyeah” and “comedear.”

Main Products 

There are over 3000 different styles and sufficient stock. You can get wholesale Long dresses, Panty, Legwear, Leggings, and Teddy from them. They provide types like Lingerie, Bady doll, Panty, Bodystocking, and corset

Why Choose 

They are a professional lingerie supplier with eight years of export experience. The company has specialization in the wholesale business.

They can offer you products with your logo and label on the package. The company provides excellent after-sale service. You can replace new ones if you receive defective products.

The company exports products to domestic and overseas markets. Their primary markets include Europe, the United States, the Middle East, and Oceania. Some others are Southeast Asia, South Africa and South America.

6.YiwuQiyue Co., Ltd.

6. YiwuQiyue Co., Ltd.


YiwuQiyue Co., Ltd. has specialization in the production and sales of clothes. This company is in Yiwu, China. This City is the most famous small commodity city in the world.

Main Products 

They have specialization in cloth, fashion dresses, Lingerie, and ladies’ panties. Some other products are bikini sets, fashion lingerie and accessories. They also provide clothing, underwear, headwear, hair accessory, and scarf

Why Choose 

The company exports products to domestic and overseas markets. Their primary markets include United States, South America, Europe, India, and Africa. Exporting of products is almost everywhere in the world.

This company manufactures their items in their factory. They also have a partnership with other manufacturers to provide a massive variety of things. The company has professional staff to provide the best services.

They add new lingerie styles every working day. You will get products at the best prices. They provide customization of product design and packaging. The company also accepts OEM orders. They can make a new product according to your designs and logo.

7.ZhongshanSeemale Underwear Co., Ltd.

7. ZhongshanSeemale Underwear Co., Ltd.


The establishment year of ZhongshanSeemale Underwear Factory is 2010. This company is in Xiaolan Town Zhongshan City, China. The City has fame as “China Underwear Famous Hub.” They are professional manufacturers of men’s underwear. 

Main Products 

The company provides products relevant to underwear. Their main products include men’s briefs, men’s boxers, men’s G-strings and thongs. Others are swimwear, sportswear, thermal Lingerie and so on.

Why Choose 

The company has certification of SGS. They have a license for import and export. The company has a reputation and is highly appreciated by the customers.

They not only export to the domestic market but also abroad. The company has garment industry professionals and a strong production technical force.

They have a strict quality management system and the perfect after-sales service. This company has monthly sales of more than one million pieces. They export to more than 80 regions. 

8.Yiwu City Hexin Lingerie Co., Ltd.

8. Yiwu City Hexin Lingerie Co., Ltd.


Yiwu City Hexin Lingerie Company is a leading international manufacturer. They are in Zhejiang, China, with the trademark of HEXIN. They do manufacturing and also supply the products.

Main Products

Their main products are Lingerie, corsets, baby dolls, and costumes. Others are underwear, plus-size Lingerie and so on. The products also include waist trainers, body shapers, sportswear, women’s dress, and two pieces set

Why Choose 

They use advanced sewing machines. The company has professional processes to produce products. Also, the company wholesale Lingerie in more than 65 countries.

The company has over 4,500 reliable retailers. They take direct orders on their website. You can place an order there, and you can add requirements. They provide OEM and ODM services. The company provides private-label and customers’ designs.

They also have a patent. The company exports products to domestic and overseas markets. Their primary markets include North America, Eastern Europe and Northern Europe.


9.Shantou Unigrace Manufacturing Ltd.

9. Shantou Unigrace Manufacturing Ltd.


Shantou Ladymate Apparel is a manufacturing company which is in No.95 Guhua Road, Chaoyang Section. The area is in Shantou, Guangdong, China.

This company covers 15,000 square-meters of the factory building. With 400 units of comprehensive production lines, they work continuously. They have a 5,000 square-meters living supplementary facility area. 

Main Products 

They have specialization in producing different clothes. The company mainly makes knitting clothes, bras, and underwear. 

Why Choose 

They take OEM orders from overseas customers. Their products have a domestic appreciation market and deliver products to other markets too. Their primary markets are Southeast Asia, Europe, the USA, and other countries.

This company has quality and credit as the foundation. They have an effective and comprehensive quality management system.

The company has an ISO9001 Quality Management Certificate. Get products to form the company at the most reasonable market price. The company has accurate delivery lead-time control.


10. FoshanNanhai 


The establishment year of Foshan Nanhai Company is 2013. This company is in Guangdong, China. They are a manufacturing company. This company is professional in manufacturing Lingerie products.

Main Products 

This factory manufactures mainly Lingerie products. The products they manufacture include Bra, Waist Clip, and Slim Bodysuit. They provide a wide variety of Lingerie products.

Why Choose

They are a comprehensive enterprise and has spread all over the country. The company has specialization in development, design, and production. They have distinct features that customers love.

They have sales performance rankings at the forefront. With certified product equipment, The Company provides high-quality products. This company trades in domestic markets and others too. Their primary markets are Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong etc.

Best 5 lingerie Suppliers In USA

11.Reflex Garments Company LLC

11. Reflex Garments Company LLCC


The establishment year of the In-trend global Corp is 2018. They are a professional manufacturer and also provides services as a distributor and wholesaler. The company covers a production area below 1,000 square meters in California, US. This company makes annual sales of US$5 Million – US$10 Million.

Main Products 

They have a specialization in Lingerie products. The main products they produce include APPAREL and HANDBAGS.

Why Choose 

The company has above three production lines with trading in domestic markets and others. There are many markets to which they trade. The markets like South America, North America, and Western Europe are part of it. Others are Eastern Asia, Africa, Mid-east and Southern Europe. 

Their annual production capacity is 200000 women’s fashion products. They provide OEM services to customers.

12.Bamboo Textile

12. Bamboo Textile


The establishment year for Bamboo Textile is 2004. Back then, this was a small company. Over the years of experience now, they are turning green. They are in California, United States. 

Main Products 

They offer 20 fabrics which they deliver to many top companies. The company provides materials like Jersey, Fleeces, Velour’s, and Thermals. They also have other fabrics like French Terry’s, Piques and even bamboo fiber Denim. 

The main products they produce are related to textiles. These products include Bamboo Fiber T-shirts, Towels, apparel and Socks.

Why Choose

The company has over 1000 products. This company has a team that is the best in its field. They provide excellent customer service to clients and fashion designers.

The staff will help you with the very basic labeling. The company does labeling like paper, satin, and woven label. The labeling like a crazy five-color silkscreen branded label is also part of this.

They have admiration and respect for domestic clients. The company exports mainly to the North American market.

13.Indie Source

13. Indie Source


Indie Source is a custom manufacturer. They manufacture private label clothing. The company also provides samples. They are manufacturers of different products. The company is in LOS Angeles, CA, USA.

Main Products 

The products they manufacture relate to clothing. Their main products are knits, woven, and shirts. Others are pants, jackets, and undergarments. They provide value-added services. This service includes product development and consulting.

Why Choose 

You can place the order directly on their website now. Contact them to get your products in your region. They distribute to their domestic market. The company also delivers to other areas of the world.

They have specialization in producing products relevant to garments. The products include hundreds of choices. All the products vary in different aspects.

14.Delcraft, Inc.

14. Delcraft, Inc.


The foundation of this company was in 1967. Now, they have 10 to 49 employees for work. The annual sales of the company are about $1 – 4.9 Mil. They are in SAINT-HUBERT, QC USA.

They are mainly custom manufacturers and manufacture wooden cabinets and furniture. They provide products to residential and commercial sectors.

Main Products 

They are a custom manufacturer of Lingerie and undergarments and provides different types of undergarments. These include countertops, islands, doors, and drawers. Others are vanities, counters, lighting bridges, Lingerie, and towel cupboards. 

Why Choose 

The company provides services in different markets with having years of experience in work. You can visit their website and place direct orders.

15.Private Island Party

15. Private Island Party


Private Island Party is a manufacturing company. They mainly manufacture party supplies. The industry also trades with others. They are in Wurtsboro, NY, United States

Main Products 

This company produces mostly textile-relevant products. The main products are eyewear, headwear, masks, costume jewelry, and flags. Others are party favors, inflatables, seasonal clothing, and costumes.

Why Choose 

The company produces products of superior quality. They ensure high-quality textiles. The company also adheres to the unique needs of customers. They have teams of experts and professionals.

They trade in domestic areas and also in other markets. The market includes all the locations. You can buy products directly from the website. Contact them and get your products on time.

Best 5 UK lingerie Manufacturers

16.A & K Hosiery

16. A & K Hosiery


A & K is a famous wholesale lingerie clothing distributor in the UK. This company produces different types of products. These products get updated regularly.

With changes in market trends, the designs vary. They are in Leeds, UK. They also offer their services on their official website.

Main Products 

They provide products relevant to Lingerie. The main products are bras, see-through Lingerie, one-piece and two-piece Lingerie. Others are Corsets and Bustier. Body-stockings, chemises and nightwear are also available.

Why Choose 

The company usually has a niche of customers. These customers always show interest in purchasing the newest fashion. Buying branded Lingerie is reasonably priced. If you make bulk orders, the price can be less.

Bulk orders provide a fantastic shopping experience. You can buy products directly from the website. Contact them to get your products.

17.alterego (1)

17. Alterego


Alterego is an established wholesaler of Lingerie and hosiery. The company has an extensive collection and provides exclusive designs that cater to every occasion. The company has 40,000 SKUs that are in stock. They have ten years of experience trading.

Main Products 

This company mainly manufactures undergarments. They offer a variety of Lingerie and hosiery. 

Why Choose

Place as many orders as you want. There is no minimum order quantity on the website. You’ll get new stock regularly, which will be of excellent quality. The company also provides drop-shipping services.

It makes everything easy for you. The company has admiration and respect for domestic clients. This company exports to other markets too. You can pay via GBP, Euro or USD.

18.Blue moon Lingerie's

18. Blue moon Lingerie’s


2013 is the establishment year of Blue moon Lingerie’s Company. The company is a professional trader and manufacturer. They have been working for many years. The company has over a decade of working experience.

They are famous for the products they offer. The company provides style and quality products. They offer a high commercial opportunity. 

Main Products 

They have specialization in manufacturing undergarments. They professionally manufacture women’s wear. The company sells various fashion and style products. The products they offer include undergarments and Lingerie. They have many options relevant to clothing.

Why Choose 

This company provides excellent customer service to have a reputation for themselves. With a loyal customer base, they provide services to many brands. Some of the brands are Coquette, Anais, G World, and Fantasy. Go and place the order directly on the website.

19.Cintamani Lingerie

19. Cintamani Lingerie


Cintamani Lingerie has over 30 years of experience in professionally manufacturing undergarments. This company makes design, production, online stores and export trade. Meeting the customers’ expectations is their goal.

Main Products

The products they manufacture relate to undergarments. They provide products like bras, underwear, hosiery, and nightwear. Some other products are shapewear, winter wear, and other such products.

Why Choose

It has more than 20000 square feet of warehouse and storage area. The company provides different varieties of products that vary in designs and styles.

This company trades in the domestic market as well as around the world. The website allows you to place orders directly.

20.FC wholesale

20. FC wholesale


FC wholesale has years of experience. They are a professional manufacturer of garments. The company also trades products. They are located in Lakey Lane, Hall Green, and Birmingham, UK. 

Main Products

They have specialization in garment trading. The products they manufacture include mostly garments. These products include Lingerie, dresses, nightwear and sportswear.

Other products include trousers, shirts, handbags, accessories, and shoes. The products they provide differ in style and design.

Why Choose

They have a reputation for providing high-quality clothing. The company offers products at affordable prices. There is no minimum order requirement on it and includes delivery on time everywhere. 

They deliver products worldwide with a primary focus and target of the budget market. Get products in any size and style by contacting them. The company uses trading methods like online and phone.

Wholesale lingerie and Shipping From China

lingerie Sea Freight Shipping from China

lingerie Sea Freight From Shipping

Go for this option if the order is not urgent. For huge orders, Leeline recommends shipping via Sea freight.

lingerie Air Freight Shipping from China

lingerie Air Freight From Shipping

If the order is a little urgent, go for this one. If you want it in less time, this is good. Leeline recommends shipping by air freight because it’s the fastest.

lingerie Rail Freight Shipping from China

lingerie Rail Freight Shipping from China

If the order is in large volume, go for this one. It is an option if it’s over a greater distance from China. Leeline recommends shipping via Rail freight in this situation.

lingerie Door to Door Shipping from China

lingerie Door to Door From Shipping

If you don’t know about others, this is an option. Door-to-Door shipping is right for you.

Wholesale lingerie From China: Ultimate Guide

Introduction to Importing Lingerie from China

High fashion Lingerie wholesale China can be a benefit for an e-commerce store. A reliable wholesale Lingerie China manufacturer is the need. Contact the

best wholesale Lingerie suppliers to import the product to your country.

Getting the product at wholesale is the primary and essential point for the e-commerce site owner. There are many types of fashion lingerie. Contact the right manufacturer and exporter for this purpose.

China Lingerie suppliers can get you these products. They make importing to your country easy. Get in touch with the sourcing agents for an easy importing process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are some frequently asked questions about wholesale Lingerie:

1- Where in China is Lingerie made?

Many manufacturers in China manufacture lingerie. Some large factories and companies manufacture them. With manufacturing, they also trade these products.

There are some areas famous for the production of Lingerie. The areas include Guangdong, Zhejiang, and many others.

2- How do I import Lingerie from China?

There are many ways of importing Lingerie from China. You need to follow some steps to import it. Let’s have a look at the steps. These steps can help you import Lingerie from China:

lingerie 1

  • Importing rights vary for every country. It varies based on the manufacturer or product you are choosing. You should check the importing rights. Check whether your country has import rights for the product or not.
  • To import wholesale Lingerie, contact the manufacturers and traders of the product.
  • Check the permission limit in your country on Lingerie. If there is no importing permission for your country, you can’t import it.
  • Calculate the land cost after classifying the Lingerie.
  • Find suppliers in China for Lingerie manufacturing and importing. Place an order and get the order imported to your country.
  • Arrange shipping methods to transport Lingerie.
  • You need to track the product packaging shipping.

3- What is the cheapest way to import from China?

There are many ways of importing from China. The cheapest and best way can be Sea Freight. It can be, but only if the order is huge. For huge orders, this method will cost you less.

Don’t go for this one if the order is not huge. In this case, it can be very costly for you. Go for other methods for small package delivery. You can go for a technique like a sea shipping or air or door one.

Some additional fees will be there with all of them. You can have information about all the ways. Knowing will help you in choosing the best one for you.

4- What Lingerie is made in China?

There are many Lingerie manufacturing companies and factories in China. Some of these companies only manufacture Lingerie. Others also trade them with manufacturing. Contact them to get Lingerie imported to your country.

Lingerie manufacturing companies include all things relevant to it. It involves bodysuits, bras, underwear and other such products.

How to Grow Your Business by Importing Lingerie from China?

1- What is the Lingerie business?

Lingerie business means selling products relevant to Lingerie. The products include bras, bodysuits, underwear, and other products.

There can be different types of Lingerie like mentioned above. Business through an e-commerce website gets benefits through wholesale. They sell various products at their stores.

2- What are the benefits of importing Lingerie from China?

There are many benefits of importing Lingerie wholesale from China. You can sell it in your country. Let’s read some of the benefits of importing Lingerie from China:

lingerie 2

3- Who uses Lingerie?

Women wear Lingerie under their dresses in daily routines like bras. Women wear other types specifically for some days. Women wear different types specifically for some days.

There is some type of Lingerie which they wear in daily life. A lingerie can be a necessity to wear like a bra. There are many types of Lingerie like bodysuits, underwear, hosiery, bras and others.

4- How to choose the best lingerie manufacturer?

It can be challenging for you to choose from so many options available. In China, there are hundreds of manufacturers. The companies make Lingerie relevant products.

It makes it challenging to select the best one. The given steps can help you. With these steps, you can select the best Lingerie manufacturer for wholesale Lingerie:

  • Make sure to interview a good number of manufacturers. It will make your choice better.
  • Interviewing more manufacturers provides you with more ideas. Manufacturers will give you an idea about the different products. In this way, you will be able to choose the right one.
  • You should see about every possible thing. Your order is not small, so make sure to ask about everything relevant. You should not take any risk about product quality.
  • Ask the manufacturer about some designs of the products. You should check the quality of the products. It will make sure they will provide quality work.
  • Check the quality accreditation of the manufacturer before placing an order. Otherwise, it can create issues afterward.
  • You should check the manufacturer’s on-time-in-full performance.
  • Now choose the right one from the manufacturers you interviewed. You should go for one that fits best in all situations.

5- How to negotiate with China Lingerie suppliers?

Communication skills are the critical factor of negotiation. Communicating well can make it easier to negotiate. If you don’t deal well, it can result in quality issues. The given steps can help you negotiate a better way:

lingerie 3

  • You should set a realistic target price for the product. Do it before starting a negotiation.
  • Make a target by keeping in mind that the supplier will have some profit in the product. The profit part should be in your realistic target of price.
  • You should be fair enough. The price target shouldn’t be much lower.
  • Make sure to be clear about all the requirements of the product. You should be clear and concise with the manufacturer. Do everything before starting a negotiation.
  • Settle at one price after starting a negotiation. Don’t make any further commitments before negotiating.
  • Keep a backup idea in mind to move back at any lousy time. The seller might try to raise the price after commitments. At this time, you should be able to walk away.

6- How to ship Lingerie from China?

There are mainly four shipping or importing methods to import Lingerie from China. Read about all four of them:

  • The first method is Lingerie shipping through Sea Freight Shipping from China. It is for those whose orders are not urgent or massive.
  • The second one is the shipping of Lingerie by Air Freight from China. It is for those who need the order fast and in urgency.
  • The third one is Rail Freight Shipping of Lingerie from China. It is for the ones that are importing large orders.
  • The fourth one is Door to Door Shipping of Lingerie from China. It is for the ones that are in the area.

7- How to sell Lingerie online to earn money?

It can be a profitable source to earn money by selling Lingerie online. Read out the ways with which you can sell Lingerie online for earning purposes:

  • Firstly, create an online website or store. The e-commerce store is a necessity and the first step. For such a store, you need to choose and customize free e-commerce website templates. You can hire a graphic designer for this purpose.
  • On your website, you need to provide the same return policy and warranty details. You need to deliver everything exactly and precisely. There should not be any confusion for the buyer.
  • Upload excellent and professional photos of the relevant products. Uploading will help you sell on the site.
  • With the in-store app, you can sell your Lingerie online.
  • Keeping long listing times on your website can help you in getting maximum traffic.

Final Thoughts on Wholesale Lingerie from China

Lingerie Manufacturers in China can help you in buying wholesale Lingerie for resale. You can always contact different companies in the China Lingerie market to get Lingerie wholesaleWholesale Lingerie from China allows you to earn profit by selling in your country.

If you want, you can get a wide variety of wholesale Lingerie from China. You can do it through the traders. Many websites can help you in importing goods from China.

Go for Made-in-China.com, Alibaba.com or Leeline. They can be your online source. From these websites, you can take help with the importing process. The importing process of products from other countries can be a bit difficult. Contact sourcing agents as it can make it easier for you.

You can quickly get Lingerie at competitive prices with a bit of negotiation. You can contact several manufacturers in China, the US and UK.

You saw some of the best lingerie manufacturers of China mentioned above in the article. In this way, you can maximize your profits. Thank you and goodbye!

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