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Belt Manufacturers

LeelineSourcing Find The Best Belt Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
  • Leeline is known to be one of the leading importers of china belt suppliers.
  • Leeline helps you to find belts at competitive prices from genuine belt suppliers.
  • Leeline also includes factory audits of belt manufacturers and also do multiple quality checks to provide you with top-notch quality 
  • Leeline also takes the packaging of belts very seriously so that products do not get damaged during transit.
  • Leeline also allows you to store your belt supplies shipped from China to keep in its warehouse for up to 1 month for free. 
  • With Leeline, you can access all kinds of shipping facilities. 

Leeline also guarantees a 120 days money back if you are not satisfied with the service related to wholesale belt


10 Most Profitable Belt In China

1.Men Belts

Importing Men Belts From China

China is known to be the behemoth when you consider leather products and goods. In the year 2009, a study mentioned that 67% of the total world’s shoes were manufactured in China. And 36% of the finished leather goods were exported around the world. The ever-expanding leather market of China produces high-quality men’s belts. China is a leading supplier of belts to all fashion capitals around the world.

2.Women Belts

Wholesale Women Belts From China

From New York to Paris, from London to Tokyo, the leading high street fashion stores have their leather goods imported from China. One of such top leather products is women’s belts. The leading manufacturers of women belts in China give the right style, design, quality material at affordable prices. They deal with women’s belts like statement belts, fashionable belts, formal belts, etc.

3.Buckle Belts

Buy Buckle Belts From China

A buckle belt is a belt that has a clasp for fastening the two ends of the belt together. Along with high-quality leather belts, China has been manufacturing buckle belts. They are available in the latest styles and trends. Chinese manufacturers closely follow the world fashion market. 

4.Military Belts

Wholesale Military Belts in Bulk From China

The webbed belt or skater belt is usually a belt buckle design, often made of webbing. There are usually no holes in the entire length of the cord. This belt demand is increasing because of adding more military people. The prices are highly competitive while you import the belts from China. You will have to reach out to genuine manufacturers in China to supply high-quality belts.

5.Leather Belts

Wholesale From China Leather Belts Suppliers

China has been the leading manufacturer of leather products, especially belts. And they have their natural and unique characteristics. They have outstanding durability and strength. Also, leather is expensive, and leather products are often marked to state the composition. China is supplying belts to the world market at an affordable price. That does not mean a compromise on quality. 

6.Statement Belts

Wholesale From China Statement Belts Manufacturers

According to cosmopolitan magazine, statement belts are the accessory of the moment. A statement belt can change entirely how your outfit looks. Uniquely designed straps and buckles that are more ornaments, statement belts can make bold statements. Although these are customizable, Chinese manufacturers of suppliers can fulfil the need. You can also get them at a low price. 

7.Braided Belts

Importing Braided Belts From China

Another fashionable statement-making item is the braided belt. As the name suggests, these belts are braided and textured. These are fixed with a perfect-sized buckle. They are mostly considered as a part of casual clothing. There is a massive variety of braided leather belts available in sizes, shapes, and vibrant colours. The Zhejiang province of China has a lot of manufacturers for you to reach out to. 

8.Lace-Up Belts

Wholesale Lace-Up Belts From China

Lace-up belts or corset belts are often worn by women since the Victorian era to shape their waist. They have a crisscross tie-up. These waist belts come in various varieties- with Velcro, without Velcro, elastic, or just leather. 

A lot of Chinese manufacturers have been exporting high-quality corset belts or lace-up belts around the world. In countries like Europe, Africa, and South America, where women are concerned about maintaining a perfect waistline, the demand goes higher. 

9.Bow Belts

Buy Bow Belts From China

Another fashionable piece of clothing, mostly worn by women, gives a different structure to their waistline. These are often worn over long flowing dresses to define the shape of the body. Although they can be made of leather, they are also available in cloth and elastic materials. They can be custom made, and Chinese manufactures can help you do that. These manufacturers follow all global fashion trends. So, it is easy to get your products imported according to your specifications. 

10.Western Belts

Wholesale Western Belts in Bulk From China

The speciality of this belt is the buckle. The loud and stylish design of buckles makes western belts stand out from most others. The straps are often worn by men and paired with cowboy costumes. The belt exudes power and confidence. You can import such great variety and good quality buckles along with the leather belts from China. Importing them in bulk will save a lot of the shipping cost and help you profit. 

Wholesale Belt From China and Save You Cost Up To 50%

Product Sourcing

Belt Product Sourcing

Leeline is the end-to-end importing solution for sourcing products. It helps you choose the right wholesale belt manufacturer in China, even from a distant location. It will help you find your products at very affordable rates too. 

Factory Audit

Belt Factory Audit

As you cannot be physically present, Leeline will visit the belt manufacturing factory to audit the products. This ensures that you get the products according to your requirements. 

Product Inspection

Belt Product Inspection

After manufacturing, Leeline will keep a close watch on the packaging of wholesale belt to maintain quality. It is a crucial step considering you are not available at sight. Leeline inspects product manufacturing and packaging. 

Amazon FBA Prep

Belt Amazon FBA Prep

While shipping the products, Leeline makes sure that all belts are well packaged, as per your requirements. Leeline maintains Amazon FBA labelling with photographs and also arrange private label belt manufacturers as per customer demand.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Belt Shipping To Amazon FBA

Leeline also assists in shipping your belt supplies from China to Amazon FBA. The shipping charges are not very high. 


Belt DropShopping

With Leeline, you get an order fulfilment guarantee. They connect the belt manufacturers and consumer, providing them with all accurate details. They take care of directly shipping the products from the warehouse to the consumer. 

Why Choose Leeline To Wholesale Belt From China

  • Leeline has gained popularity for being the ultimate solution to importing wholesale belts from China.
  • With an excellent tracking mechanism, Leeline keeps you updated at every transit point about your products. 
  • Leeline agents are very transparent at communication between you and the belt manufacturers in china.
  • There are quality checks at every step. Leeline is known to provide you with the best quality wholesale belt
  • Leeline understands your requirement accurately. 
  • Only when the quality standards and requirements are met, Leeline ship your products from china belt suppliers.
  • For lack of storage, Leeline provides you with warehouse storage for free for up to 1 month. 

Best 10 China Belt Manufacturers

1. Guangzhou Tengmei Leather Co., Ltd.

1.  Guangzhou Tengmei Leather Co., Ltd. 

The Guangzhou Tengmei Leather Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing and exporting high-quality leather goods since 2005. The factory is set up in Shiling, Huadu District, Guangzhou. After years of professional experience, the brand is now established as one of China’s best belt manufacturers. The factory employs around 200 trained professionals. 


Main Products


The manufacturer specializes in making other leather products like backpacks, handbags, messenger bags, etc. The most popular products are crystal belts, rhinestone belts, genuine leather belts, western belts, and different leather belts. The factory exports its handbags to almost 60 countries around the world. It captures significant market share in France, Brazil, Canada, the USA, and most European and American countries. 


Why Choose Guangzhou Tengmei Leather Co., Ltd.?


The brand’s service tenet is “Quality first, Customer first.” They promise to provide the best quality of leather products to all their clients. The production company follows the ISO9001 quality standard and management system. They have an in-house designer and QC engineer to control and monitor the quality of products. You can find them in the Hongkong leather fair and Canton fair, displaying their latest products. Their response time is less than 4 hours. 

2. Yiwu Autumnwell Leatherware Co., Ltd.

2. Yiwu Autumnwell Leatherware Co., Ltd.

Yiwu Autumnwell Leatherware Co., Ltd. is located in the Yiwu province of China, famous worldwide for leather goods. It was established in the year 2013, and it has grown to be one of the leading manufacturers of small leather items. The brand passes SEDEX, BSCI, SGS audits as the products are these products are made from high-quality ecological USA CA65 and EU REACH testing standards. The factory employs around 100 well-trained professionals. 


Main Products

The main products manufactured are men’s and women’s purses, wallets, bags, pet collars, leashes, etc. It also manufactures verities of belts like fashion waist belts and function belts. These products are delivered to countries of Western Europe, North America, and Africa. 


Why Choose Yiwu Autumnwell Leatherware Co., Ltd.


They believe in the principle of “quality the foundation of its survival, reputation the power of its development.” The manufacturer develops up-to-date and newest designed products. They continually strive to upgrade the service system, improve quality. Yiwu provides customers with products according to their requirements at the best price. They have been receiving good feedback from clients around the world. Their response time is less than 7 hours. 

3. Shanghai You Hao Industrial Co., Ltd.

3. Shanghai You Hao Industrial Co., Ltd. 

Having more than 13 years of experience in rope and webbing products, Shanghai You Hao Industrial Co., Ltd. has become a well-known brand for manufacturing high-quality leather products. They have divided their products into four categories- automobiles, yoga, pet, and superior protection. They also have a competent R&D team along with a highly equipped library. Their primary clients are Ford, TOYOTA, Volkswagen, the British Metro, and WAL-MART. 


Main Products


The brand manufactures belts, shoulder moving straps, yoga products, pet supplies, etc., as the main products. They also accept OEM products. The brand has received three certifications- Canada ULC certification, American UL certification, and Swiss SGS certification for their quality products. The products are mostly exported to North America, Europe, and Indonesia. 


Why Choose Shanghai You Hao Industrial Co., Ltd. 


The brand allows custom designs from customers to accommodate the customer’s divergent thinking. This is possible as they accept OEM. Most of their products are listed on Amazon too. This also explains that the manufacturer is “Absorbed, profession, specific.” They take customer satisfaction very seriously. With over 500 employees working, their response time is less than 24 hours. 

4. Wenzhou Weilin Leather Co., Ltd.

4. Wenzhou Weilin Leather Co., Ltd.

With over 20 years of experience, Wenzhou Weilin Leather Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing high-quality leather products. The manufacturing unit has 15000 square meters with all the advanced machinery and production equipment. Every year they have been producing a massive value of output. The manufacturing company is located in the Zhejiang province of China, with around 100 skilled employees. 


Main Products

The company has been manufacturing products like key-chain, genuine leather belts, canvas belts, braided belts, and belt buckles. They also specialize in manufacturing all kinds of belts. These products get exported to almost 50 countries around the world. The prominent regions of export are North America, Western Europe, and Southeast Asia. It is an OEM or ODM factory with a research and development team for high-quality product manufacture. 


Why Choose Wenzhou Weilin Leather Co., Ltd.?


The brand is known for its premium quality products and market presence worldwide for over 20 years. They have also achieved the certification of BSCI. The brand has been selling all the latest design products with the cooperation of famous brands worldwide. They have been consistently maintaining premium quality and competitive prices on products. 

5. Yiwu Kingholding Leather Product Co., Ltd.

5. Yiwu Kingholding Leather Product Co., Ltd.

Yiwu Kingholding Leather Product Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. Since then, manufacturing leather products have been supported by a well-equipped testing facility and a strong technical force. It holds a GTT product certification. The products are known around the globe for their stylish designs and excellent quality. The factory is located in the Zhejiang province of China, with 50 efficient employees. 


Main Products

The brand manufactures a wide variety of fashion belts for women, like metal waist body belts, Rhinestone body jewellery. Metal belts, Leather belts, men’s belts, Ratchet Belt, and other leather products. They have a whopping market share of 50% in North America, followed by Western Europe and South Asia. 


Why Choose Yiwu Kingholding Leather Product Co., Ltd.?

Yiwu Kingholding provides a broad collection of stylish, high-quality belts. This belt supplier company is professional and also has a trademark. They love to introduce their new customers to their exceptional quality belts and maintain a good relationship with past customers. 

6. Wenzhou Qiya Leather Co., Ltd.

6. Wenzhou Qiya Leather Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Qiya Leather Co., Ltd. is a belt manufacturer, trading company. They are experts in making the same type of belts to the customer’s choice. They are one of the best belt suppliers in china. The company is in Zhejiang of China. More than 90 people are working in this wholesale belt company. Many companies in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States have a long-term relationship with Wenzhou Qiya Leather Co., Ltd. because of its high-quality leather and contemporary crafts. 


Main Products

You will find a Genuine leather belt, Elastic belt, Cotton belt, PU belt, and Fabric belt in this belt manufacturer company. They have both collections of shiny, gorgeous belts and also formal belts. Their artistic craftsmen also offer the facility to show samples of the desired belt to create the same for their customers. 


Why Choose Wenzhou Qiya Leather Co., Ltd.?

One of the most significant advantages of buying belts from this belt supplier company is that it is much cheaper than most belt manufacturers’ companies. They provide the option of customization, mini MOQ, fast delivery, and useful.

7. Yiwu Jeccon Leather Co., Ltd.

7. Yiwu Jeccon Leather Co., Ltd. 

Established in 2006, the Yiwu Jeccon Leather Co., Ltd. has grown from a small factory to a medium-scaled industry. The brand has worked hard in achieving this position as a leading exporter and manufacturer of handbags, fashion belts, and wallets. They established a new factory in 2013, and the manufacturing unit expanded. Set in the Zhejiang region of China, this factory employs around 300 employees. 


Main Products

The most popular products of this manufacturer are leather belts, handbags, wallets, bags. These products are widely exported all over North and South America and Western Europe. 


Why Choose Yiwu Jeccon Leather Co., Ltd.

The manufacturer has developed a “win-win” situation for the customers with over ten years of market experience. The specialized R&D engineers specialize in developing 100 items in a month and can produce new samples within two days. Their response time is less than 6 hours. 

8. Guangzhou Be-Lase Leather Product Co., Ltd.

8. Guangzhou Be-Lase Leather Product Co., Ltd. 

Being a specialized company in design, production, sales, R&D, import and Export trade Guangzhou Be-Lase Leather Product Co., Ltd holds certifications like BSCI and ISO9001. This belt manufacturer company was established in 2010 and had trademarked. It is in the Guangdong province of China. A team of great leather artists produces premium quality belts to uphold the name of the company. They are experts in creating first-class designs and supplying them to both home and abroad. They are continually upgrading their quality and methods according to the modern-day trend. 


Main Products

Guangzhou Be-Lase Leather Product Co., Ltd. provides high-standard belts which attract people of all groups and ages. Both men and women can find their perfect belts in this company. 


Why Choose Guangzhou Be-Lase Leather Product Co., Ltd.?

This private label belt manufacturing company masters the concepts of Win-Win Cooperation(M), Team(T), and Creation(C). Guangzhou Be-Lase has evolved as a remarkable industry supplier through manufacturing and supplying high standards and high-quality belts for so many years. They also provide fast delivery and good customer care. 

9. Guangzhou Carosung International Import And Export Co., Ltd

9. Guangzhou Carosung International Import And Export Co., Ltd 

Guangzhou Carosung International Import And Export Co., Ltd is a specialized company in belts and belt buckles. Their straps are now trendy in the retro trend features. It is in Guangdong, in the coastal province of China. More than 100 leather artists work in this belt manufacturer company intending to provide stylish vintage-styled belts. They have a belt factory and a hardware factory. They are always up to trend and have the items their customers are looking for! They also entirely welcome OEM and ODM. 


Main Products

Providing a vast Leather option, Belt Buckle, Genuine Leather, Split Leather, and PU belts attract their new customers. Also, their past customers love to get back to them because of their stylish and latest belt designs.


Why Choose Guangzhou Carosung International Import And Export Co., Ltd?

This wholesale belt company ensures to provide Genuine leather belts, Splits leather belts, PU belts, Pin buckles, Automatic buckles, Plate buckles, Customized straps, and buckles. Their belts have reasonable pricing with high quality. They promise timely production and good customer support.

10. Shijiazhuang Aofeite Medical Device Co., Ltd.

10. Shijiazhuang Aofeite Medical Device Co., Ltd. 

Shijiazhuang Aofeite Medical Device Co., Ltd. locates in Shijiazhuang city in Hebei city of China. It is one of the best belt supplying companies in China. They are professional in manufacturing design products, Trade, and commerce. More than 200 leather artists work in this company who create the most delicate leather arts. It has also got CE and SGS product certifications. They export their products to Europe, Africa, America, the Middle East, Korea, South Asia, Japan, and many other countries. 


Main Products

Shijiazhuang Aofeite Medical Device Co., Ltd. provides you with the option to choose from a comprehensive collection of belts. They manufacture medical sports health products. Their main products are the Lumbar Support belt and knee brace. 


Why choose Shijiazhuang Aofeite Medical Device Co., Ltd.?

One of the excellent services they provide is customization. With them, you can order products with your logo and colour boxes on the belts. This belt manufacturer company is mainly for the health service sector. After winning their native and international customers’ trust, they further create more admirable straps. 

Best 5 Belt Manufacturers In US

11. Burrow Leather Portland

1. Burrow Leather Portland

Burrow Leather Portland is a family-run belt manufacturer business in the USA. Their belts are handcrafted and promise high-quality material. It is made with 100% full-grain leather and also traditionally saddle stitched for durability.


Main product

Their handcrafted classic belt is durable and assures longevity. Made from 80z European Single Bends, these traditional belts beautify any pair of jeans or pants. It has belts for both men and women. 


Why Choose Burrow Leather Portland?

They give their customer a variety of options to choose from and also provides the scope for personalization. It is in the USA. It is a perfect gift to give on all occasions. 

12. Amish Leather Works

2. Amish Leather Works

In the heart of southern Indiana, Amish Leather Works rule. They are expert in creating handcrafted belts which are trendy and classy. Special pricing is available for ordering in bulk amount. This belt manufacturer company of USA provides thick and durable belts at a reasonable price. They are Hand cut from full hides of full-grain leather and handcrafted for the highest standard. 


Main product

Amish Leather Works produces belts and buckle belts that are of good quality. Buckles are exchangeable. Buckle options are silver, bright brass, antique brass. The silver and brass buckle styles are round roller buckle and square. They provide Buffalo Leather belts, Grain leather belts, leather doubled stitched belts, Leather suspenders- Distressed Brown belts, Hand tooled leather belt, and many more. 


Why choose Amish Leather Works?

Amish Leather Works gives the best quality handcrafted premium belts at a reasonable price, which will last longer. Customers who order in a bulk amount get a discount too. It provides a wide variation belt to choose from for its customers. You can find both male and female belts in this belt supplier company.

13. Pitka Leather

3. Pitka Leather

Pitka Leather is a family-owned leather business that follows a tradition of creating one of the finest belt crafts. Pitika Leather is one of the best belt manufacturers in usa. They started their business in Europe many years ago, and now they are informing their talent to the USA’s people. Most products are sell in online. They produce high-quality leather in their local workshop, and these leathers are handmade. With years of experience, their talented craftsmen create unique and durable belts. 


Main product

They create unique and thick belts which are durable and classy. Their main products are dog or cat collars, leashes. For any information, you can contact them. 


Why Choose Pitka Leather?

Pitka leather gives you the option for customization. With the knowledge of several years in crafting, the craftsmen produce high-standard belts. They also believe in customer satisfaction more than anything. Overall, they provide good crafts with the best quality and outstanding support. 

14. Carhartt

4. Carhartt

Carhartt is a manufacturer company in the USA. They provide both men and women with belts of different colours. Whether you are looking for a wedding party belt or a formal meeting, you can find it on Carhartt. Their belts are of full grain leather with high-quality finishes and saddle stitching.


Main product

Their belts have rain defender technology and adjustable padded shoulder straps. Also, they have belts available in different sizes and colours for both men and women. Their silver or nickel-finished buckles are antique with engraved logos. 


Why Choose Carhartt?

Their belts have high-visibility suspenders with heavy-duty elastic suspenders and heavy-duty metal clips to give you a classy look. With their hard work for more than 125 years, they are ruling people’s hearts for providing the best quality leather belts. 

15. Daltech Force

5. Daltech Force

Daltech Force creates handmade exclusive bison leather belts in their custom shop. The belts cc full-grain leather and a piece of the steel core. It is a unique gun belt made up of two pieces of leather stitched together with an internal steel stiffener. It is also a beautiful causal belt for jeans and a t-shirt. 


Main Product

It has different types of belt for both men and women. Some of their belts are water, oil, chemical, and sweat resistant. It also ensures no stretch, fog, or folds over. The belts are durable, waterproof, easy to clean, and more substantial than natural leather. 


Why Choose Daltech Force?

You can wear their belts all day long. It is comfortable and classy. It can be used at any temperature and also is perfect for CCW. Daltech Force gun belts are trademarked, designed, manufactured, and sold in the USA. 

Best 5 Belt Manufacturers In UK

16.1. Ashford Ridge

1. Ashford Ridge

A very well-known brand across the UK, Ashford Ridge has been in the leather products manufacturing business for 45 years. The master in manufacturing high-quality belts. Located in Dorset in the UK and is a small family-based company. They have specialized in high-quality mens’ leather belts for both casual and formal wear. 


Main Products

The brand specializes in manufacturing mens’ real leather belts, other leather goods along with plus-sized leather belts. They also have various belts like Jeans/Chino Belts, Elastic Belts, Full Grain Leather Belts, and Suit belts. Their website demonstrates genuine quality products at discounted rates. 


Why choose Ashford Ridge?

The firm believes in product knowledge, great quality products, and excellent customer service can make a sustainable and healthy business. The brand sells products that are only available physically in store. Over the years, they have moved into online retail and have gathered more customers. They are always available for you to reach out as it is a small family-owned firm. 

17.The British Belt Company

2. The British Belt Company

Since 1946, The British Belt Company are making premium quality belts and one of best belt manufacturers in uk. They have more than 50 skilful craftsmen to extend the dignity of the British. Their factory is in Rutland of England. Also, they master the best quality leather belts and grow British pride by following the tradition. They are one of the best suppliers of premium belts in the UK. 


Main Products

The British Belt Company gives you a comprehensive collection of belts. From here, you can find French leather belts, Buckle jeans belts, casual jeans belts, formal calf leather belts, skinny jeans belts, and many more. Recently they are launching a new collection of the AW20 belts. They have both men’s and women’s premium quality belts. If you are looking for traditional branded belts, then The British Belt Company is the place.


Why choose The British Belt Company?

The British Belt Company is a traditional belt manufacturer company in the UK whose local leather artists master creating premium leather belts. They design their belts and refrain from buying them from other companies. Buying a belt from them means choosing the skill, hard work, and expertise with three generations of leatherwork. One of the extraordinary exceptions in their belts is that they are full grain skins from Leather Working Group. They took a great initiative to limit leather waste and reduce the impact of the crafts on nature. They also ensure the high quality and longevity of their belts. They mostly deliver their belts all over the world. 

18.Adnan International Lederwaren

3. Adnan International Lederwaren

Adnan International Lederwaren is a wholesale manufacturer company of leather goods. This company if from India while the sales office is in the Netherlands. They ensure in manufacturing and supplying the bulk amount of quality and sustainable belts within less time. They can create high-quality belts and accessories, whether it is your design (OEM) or from their team. 


Main Products

Classy and stylish belts for both men and women are their crucial source in turning strangers into their lovable customers. 


Why Choose Adnan International Lederwaren?

They attract new customers to promise sustainable belts and maintain a good relationship with past customers. Their leather goods manufacturer factory in India has a BSCI certificate for socially responsible and sustainable production. This belt supplier company’s tannery is a Gold member of “Leather Working Group.” 

19.Trade worldwide limited

4. Trade worldwide limited

Trade worldwide limited is a belt supplier company in the UK. It is in Basingstoke town in England of the United Kingdom. They are the manufacturer and supplier of leather belts. It also provides a customization option for its clients. 


Main Products

High-quality leather-made belts for both men and women are the main products of Trade worldwide limited. You can also find other items in this manufacturer company. 


Why Choose Trade worldwide limited?

They are the British Registered Company based in UK, manufacturing and supplying high standard, durable belts within less period are their passion for work. They are 100% professional and works by their words.

20.Devanet UK

5. Devanet UK

Devanet UK is a belt supplier UK-based company. In the year 2014, it started its company of belts and buckles. After expanding more, people began to want a manufacturing facility. It promises to provide a whole package of design, prototyping, manufacturing of belts. They are always updating their skills for making modern trendy belts.


Main Products

They have the potential for creating and delivering custom-made belts, buckles, leather, and web products in a short period. 


Why Choose Devanet UK?

With this private label belt manufacturer company, you can get the fastest delivery as they ensure to design and create a rapid prototype within 48 hours. For this, you need to provide the right information for your custom-made belts. 

Leelines is the Best Choice to Ship Belt from China

Belt Sea Freight Shipping from China

Belt Sea Freight From Shipping

Leeline provides you with the best wholesale belt shipping option with the cheapest freight via Sea. It will help you to maximize your earnings.

Belt Air Freight Shipping from China

Belt Air Freight From Shipping

In some cases, if you need faster delivery of your belt supplies, then you can opt for air freight. You have to choose an option; Leeline will handle all things themselves.

Belt Rail Freight Shipping from China

Belt Supplies Rail Freight From Shipping

If you need to import bulk quantity belt manufacturers in china, then the Rail shipping option is best. Leeline makes sure to deliver the belt supply in 15-20 days to Europe.

Belt Door to Door Shipping from China

Belt Door to Door From Shipping

Leeline also provides you with door-to-door service. They send belt sample trough courier, and it will deliver to your doorstep with the least logistic expense.

How To Buy Belt From China: Super Guide

What is belts business?

Belts are usually flexible straps or bands, usually made up of leather or heavy clothing materials. It is worn against your waist to secure your clothing like trousers. Belts can be both luxuries as well as necessity items. Therefore, they are available in a wide variety of styles, colours, patterns, and materials.

Belts usually have a wide range of pricing. Depending on the material used, the prices vary. If you are looking at importing belts to boost your business, you must explore Chinese manufacturers. The wholesalers or manufacturers in China often export excellent quality belts at a good bargain.

What are the benefits of importing belts from China?

There are many benefits of importing belts from China. As you know China has been exporting fashion and textile around the world. And the best part is, you can find these products available in most stores. The manufacturing cost of products and goods is relatively lower in China than in any other country.

Belt 3

Also, there is always an opportunity to negotiate on the price with the Chinese manufacturers. If you get your hands on these products at an affordable rate, you can quickly sell them in the global market. The profit margins are higher during the sale of products.

Who uses belts?

Belts can be both casual wear as well as a formal piece of clothing. Belts are mostly designed for men, women, and also unisex genders. There are a few belts that find their use to strap pet animals. Belts are designed with a metal buckle to make them secure. These buckles also come in a variety of shapes and colours.

Around the world, it is a common practice to wear belts with trousers. In Military, the specially designed military belts are worn to convey an impression of discipline and fitness.

How to choose the best belt manufacturer?

To find the best belt manufacturers in China, you have to remember some factors that will give you some profit and provide you with great belts for your customers. Most belt manufacturers are known for their quality of straps and the price of belts. As we know that China belt manufacturers will give you excellent quality that leads to a tremendous amount of profit in your business

You have to look for the excellent quality of material like leather used in the belts’ manufacturing. If the belt manufacturers provide you with great variety in belt designs and look, it is one of the world’s best manufacturers.

How to negotiate with china belts suppliers? 

China belt suppliers are great at detecting whether their purchasers are inexperienced or not. You have to discuss your business conditions and regulation in the first discussion. It will give you a strong point as we know that the clan’s cost is competitively lower than in other countries. So, there are great chances to negotiate with belt suppliers.

Belt 2

You also have to ask them about the deadline by which they can complete your order. This makes sure that you don’t give them any excuse for the products’ low quality because of the deadline’s pressure. You also have to tell them that you want the right quality products. If they fail to deliver the same, you will not hear any excuses. It would help if you also considered negotiating the price before confirming the order with the belt supplier.

How to Ship belts from China? 

Shipping the belts from china is one of the jobs for trading companies or shipping companies. You will find many trustworthy shipping companies which are located all over the world. There will help you with every good you want to trade from any countries. Belt suppliers UK or belt purchaser has to deal with the shipping company and ship belts from China. If you are a regular customer of the shipping, they will also give you some discounts on your deals.

You will find many different trading companies that will provide you with perfect customer service and deliver the goods from other countries on the deadline. They will also make sure that your trading goods are in excellent condition.

How to sell belts online to earn money?

Nowadays, online shopping is becoming one of the popular trends among every generation. Everyone is preferring online shopping comparatively offline or go to market shopping. You will find different online websites for fashion and goods, giving you a decent amount of profit. Many private label belt manufacturers present on another website that is known for their various and unique designs.

Belt 1

You can also make your brand website online and sell your belts at affordable prices with the offers to attract people. In this way, you will earn money, and you can also do publicity for your brand. For online shopping websites, you have to deliver a great quality product and gain your customer’s trust. First, you will get some difficulties, but when you provide the order on time with excellent quality, you will get great customer reviews by which another customer will order your product.


How do I get wholesale items from China?

You will find various wholesalers in China that have a website of their business online. For the first, you have to consider the following factors before you order wholesale items from China

  • Mainly you have to look for excellent quality wholesale belts at an affordable price range. If you buy wholesale products, you will get some discounts to confirm it with your seller before the order.

These are the simple steps that you have to follow for getting wholesale items from China.

How can I import directly from China? 

There are some easy steps which you have to follow for importing directly from China. You have to find your importing right at first. If your package is small, you will get it in less time and less money, but if the order is for your commercial or business use, it will go into some process. You have to find your supplier and place an order after some time. If the ordered item is permitted in your country, they will send your parcel to the shipping company.

After some time, you will get your ordered parcel, and all the above are the steps you have to follow for importing goods directly from China.

What should I ask a Chinese manufacturer?

Chinese manufacturers are way too ahead in the business stream than the belt manufacturers UK and belt manufacturers in the USA. Therefore, you have to take extra care while talking to the Chinese manufacturer about the company. You have to ask them about the quality of their products. Then ask the price at which they are selling products in the market. You can also negotiate with them about the products’ cost because the products’ rate is comparatively lower than in other countries in China.

How do I buy directly from a manufacturer?

If you buy directly from the manufacturer, then you will get the product at a low price. For purchasing the products directly from the manufacturer, you have to search online about the manufacturers in China, which will provide you with the excellent quality of products at an affordable price range. You can also check their customer reviews on the official website of their business. The price margin is comparatively less when you buy directly from the manufacturer.

How do I sell directly from a manufacturer?

Nowadays you don’t have to buy the wholesalers’ products, which are the middlemen between the customers and the manufacturers. Many manufacturers are adopting this new technique to sell directly to their customers with the internet’s help. This technique will give benefit to both parties. You can also buy the products from manufacturers and sell them to your customers at a higher price to profit. It will save you some cash which you have been using for the middlemen.

Final Thoughts on Belts from China

All the above information will give you enough information about how to source belts from china belt manufacturers. There are many essential things which you have to remember before placing an order. Manufacturers from China will provide you with significant variations in designs. If you want to order belts from China, then go for it. You never will be disappointed with their service and product quality. You need a medium to import belts from china. Thus, Leeline will help you to provide the best sourcing service from china.

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