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Headphone Manufacturers

LeelineSourcing Find The Best Headphone Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
  • Leeline can help you save a significant amount of money on your shipment processes. 
  • There is no need for you to invest your money in heavy machinery, training, or equipment while shipping headphones. 
  • Owning an extra working department will help you gain additional insights into the Asian market to expand and diversify your business. 
  • Leeline gives you high-quality and cheap products for a mere fraction of your expectations. 
  • Leeline aims to please their clients, so expect prompt delivery of the products. 
  • Leeline has a diverse amount of products based on their client’s specifications.
Headphone Intro

10 Most Profitable Headphone In China

1. USB Headphones

Buy USB Headphones From China

China’s USB headsets industry is one of the most leading trades in the world. With high-technology innovations and uniqueness, the Chinese market has products that you will not find anywhere else. 

China has set an objective to become a world leader in Headphone suppliers. They have the versatility and a competitive price range.

2.Wired Headphones

Wholesale Wired Headphones From China

Wired headphones are the most common outsourced product from China. More than 70% of these headphones are made and shipped by Chinese companies. 

China headphone manufacturers give premium and good quality products. The headphones are on par with some well-established brands in the market and other well-developed economies.

3.Bluetooth Headphones

Importing Bluetooth Headphones From China

China is the world-leading Headphone suppliers in the world. Being the largest producer of headphones, finding your desired products is very easy. 

You can find Bluetooth headphones of different features and parameters at a competitive price. Many Chinese manufacturers export these headphones in the wholesale market as well.

4.On-Ear Headphones

Wholesale On-Ear Headphones in Bulk From China

On-ear headphones are the category with the most potential when it comes to the headphone industry. The arcade lets you enjoy the benefits of your expanding market for manufacturing and distribution. 

Wholesale headphone manufacturers are offering discounted deals to the buyers. The country is taking drastic steps to augment the usage of high-tech products in the world.

5.Gaming Headphones

Wholesale From China Gaming Headphones Suppliers

The Chinese market has a very high reputation in the gaming headphones market. The factories are constantly improving their craft and innovation ability. 

You can now get yourself an outstanding wholesale deal and grow your business even more. For many centuries and cultures are importing headphones from china to boost their industries.

6.Surround Sound Headphones

Wholesale Surround Sound Headphones in Bulk From China

Surround sound system is also a huge market in China. Many suitable headphone exporters from china are providing affordable deals to potential buyers. 

From cheap to mid-range and expensive models, you can nearly find any product of your choice. Competitive price range and quality are the biggest pluses here.

7.Closed-Back Headphones

Wholesale From China Closed-Back Headphones Manufacturers

You will find some of the most reputable Headphone suppliers in china. The market for closed-back headphones is very unique and traditional. The quality of the product reflects the innovation of the manufactures. 

The wholesale supply of headphones is undoubtedly the most evolving trade in china.

8.Open Back Headphones

Importing Open Back Headphones From China

The wholesale headphone market in china is growing at a fast pace. The dramatic expansion of manufacturing abilities is transforming the Chinese economy and society. 

China is among the main producers of open-back headphones. The rising consumer consumption is facilitating good deals, promotions, and discounts on quality products.

9.Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Buy Noise-Cancelling Headphones From China

Investors are paying more attention to the noise-canceling headphone industry. It is a traditional period for china to boost outsourcing of wholesale headphones in bulk

Are you also looking for wholesale headphones from china? Contact reliable manufacturers and get your product shipped with a very low and competitive price range.


Wholesale From China Earbuds Manufacturers

The rising implementation of smartphones and laptops is supporting the use of earbuds from china. The demand for high-quality headphones for an effective sound system is boosting in the market. 

To fulfill the demands, the market players are focusing on providing high-quality earbuds to the buyers. With low price and product versatility, they attract a large clientele base to stay ahead of everyone.

Leeline is Your Best Choice to Import Headphone From China

Product Sourcing

Headphone Product Sourcing

Leeline provides product sourcing to reduce your financial burden significantly. You get to relish lowered costs in every aspect, increased production output, and favorable long-term results.

Factory Audit

Headphone Factory Audit

We help you make sure that the suppliers are genuine and reliable. You have a complete picture of the supplier’s operational policies to make sure they can align well with your company or brand’s image.

Product Inspection

Headphone Product Inspection

Product inspection is Leeline’s quality assurance measure. It allows you to evaluate your desired products’ quality and reduce losses if there are any.

Amazon FBA Prep

Headphone Amazon FBA Prep

Through FBA prep, Leeline can get your inventories ready to ship to Amazon. This area mainly focuses on labeling and packaging of goods alongside inspection of the inventories.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Headphone Shipping To Amazon FBA

With Leeline services, you can save your time, money, and efforts. We have the best ways to ship your wholesale headphones in bulk to FBA warehouses in real-time.


Headphone DropShopping

Our dropshipping service helps increase your clients, wholesale buyers and improve your products’ leverage and flexibility. It makes your business profitable, thriving and booming with very little effort.

Why Choose Leeline To Import Headphone From China

  • Leeline can get your job done at a lower cost and better quality. You get cost savings up to 60% by sourcing products through the services. 
  • They have years of experience in this business. They lead you to more productivity and efficiency in the wholesale buying process. 
  • No need for infrastructure investment. 
  • The resources employed by Leeline are proficient and well-educated. They can handle your business needs with great expertise. 
  • Leeline gives high-quality deliverables, so your product reaches the market faster. 
  • With Leeline, you have more workforce for your temporary and permanent working requirements.

Best 20 Headphone Factory In China

1.Shenzhen Mgitec Co., Ltd.

1. Shenzhen Mgitec Co., Ltd.

The Shenzhen Mgitec Co., Ltd is one of the fastest going technology company in china. This company specializes in advanced consumer electronic items for potential buyers. Thanks to its dedicated R&D department, the company continuously strives to bring new technologies and designs to the clients. Established in 2012, Shenzhen Mgitec has more than 100 people working for them on a constant basis. 

Main products 

With main products, including audio systems and headphones, the company has millions of customers in more than 80 countries of the world. 

Why choose  The Shenzhen Mgitec Co., Ltd

Being cost competitive is its main trait. They have a massive list of solution providers and material benefactors, delivering pioneering goods at your doorstep with low price and high quality. This company helps you grow and establish your brand to achieve greater success in the future.

2.Shenzhen BHD Technology Co., Ltd.

2. Shenzhen BHD Technology Co., Ltd.

With over 10 years of working experience in the wholesale headphone industry, Shenzhen BHD Technology Co., Ltd is ideal for many potential clients. The main office of this company is present in Futian Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

Main products 

They give you the best quality equipment, including Bluetooth and wired headphones as they are among the most well-known manufacturers of china. While working with this company, you can even get customized logos, products, and packaging with high-quality materials at reasonable prices. Door-to-door service can save you up to 70% of the total cost, so the customer enjoys a win-win situation for the brand. 

Why choose Shenzhen BHD Technology Co., Ltd

The entire team of Shenzhen BHD Technology Co., Ltd gives importance to three values, i.e., honesty, quality, and competitive price tag. They are constantly improving their raw materials based on the client’s feedback to meet their requirements step by step.

3.Shenzhen Xinhuamei Electronics Co., Ltd.

3. Shenzhen Xinhuamei Electronics Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Xinhuamei Electronics Co., Ltd was established in 2000. It is currently one of the most prestigious technology companies in the world. It has two factories with a total of 400 staff members and up to 10 product lines. 

Main products 

They are professional manufacturers and have specialization in making Bluetooth true wireless headphones, Bluetooth speakers, portable Bluetooth speakers, waterproof portable headphones and other electronic gadgets. 

Why choose Shenzhen Xinhuamei Electronics Co., Ltd

Thanks to an experienced, proficient, and professional team, the company exports all of its products to multiple regions/countries all over the world. The company has well-equipped facilities with outstanding quality control assurance throughout different stages of production and shipping. They guarantee their client’s complete customer satisfaction. The best thing about Shenzhen Xinhuamei Electronics Co., Ltd is their BSCI certification and Sira certification. 

They are always welcoming new and long-term clients from every country for mutual remunerations and profitable business relationships. Their main objective is to do global business and help you become successful and affluent within the industry.

4.Shenzhen Epoch Technology Co., Ltd.

4. Shenzhen Epoch Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Epoch Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2003. The factory outlet covers 2000 square meter area. There are more than 100 employees working through their shifts to help you flourish your business. Backed by powerful R&D resources, it is proving to be a leading provider of the industry. 

Main products 

This company is a known, professional headphone manufacturer of china.  Its other main products are TWS headsets, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headphones and computer accessories. 

Why choose Shenzhen Epoch Technology Co., Ltd

With the help of intelligent devices and innovation, the company is producing the highest quality headphones since 2012. It is an ISO certified factory which is the most common power source of all the excellent wholesale goods from china. 

At present, they are supplying a wide range of stylish and modern headphones to potential clients. Some other areas of expertise include portable speakers, Bluetooth speakers, TWS headphones, and computer accessories. All these products are exported worldwide with an excellent management system and after-sale services. 

5.Shenzhen Yoke Electronics Co., Ltd.

5. Shenzhen Yoke Electronics Co., Ltd.

Established as an electronic accessories manufacturer in China, Shenzhen Yoke Electronics is all about digital novelties. The factory is 5,500 square meters long, with above 500 well-trained workers and staff members. The company is best known for its 16 SMT machines and automatic production tools. 

Main products 

Their wide range of products include different types of headphones, smart doorbells, smart fidget toys and smart mirrors. 

Why choose Shenzhen Yoke Electronics Co., Ltd

They have gained massive public praise with their reliable services and competitive price range. It is mostly affianced in the making, development, and advertisement of wholesale headphones in bulk. The factory rolls out around 50,000 units a month to establish strong, long-term relationships with worldwide business partners. 

This china headphone manufacturer supplies innovative and high-tech headphones and gives a major contribution to your business’s success. The workers closely follow the latest trends to provide you with the latest gadgets at the most reasonable price range. With its strict quality control measures, the company ensures its quality fulfills your desired standards.

6.Guangzhou Liqisheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

6. Guangzhou Liqisheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

After its establishment in 2017, this company has made a big name for itself in the list of top headphone manufacturers of the world. They are engaged in high-end headphones through their research/development, production, and sales as the region’s largest electronic enterprise. With 8 years of experience and three factories, it is sure to deliver high-quality items with better cost-effectiveness than the competitors. 

Main products 

It is involved in the production and sales of OEM headphones, wired headphones, Bluetooth headphones and wireless headphones. 

Why choose Guangzhou Liqisheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Judging by the headphones’ quality and individuality, there is no doubt in the rich experience of the manufacturers in this industry. While working with them, be ready to get the best professional services and products delivered at your doorstep. 

The best thing about Guangzhou Liqisheng Electronic Technology is the modern production equipment and supporting facilities. Another thing that many potential clients appreciate is their complete testing equipment. 

The products are sold to almost every region of China. It ensures you get adaptable goods with excellent quality. 

7.Shenzhen Star King Industrial Co., Ltd.

7. Shenzhen Star King Industrial Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2006, the Shenzhen Star King Industrial is a professional headphone supplier of china. The factory outlet occupies a 3500 square meter area. There are five lines for assembling where the production capacity can reach up to 5000 pieces a day. More than 200 workers and 10 engineers work day and night to fulfill your brand requirements.

Main products 

They specialize in Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headphones, and power bank chargers. They also design and manufacture other audio electronic items and TWS earbuds for wholesale import/export in the market. 

Why choose Shenzhen Star King Industrial Co., Ltd

The services and product range of Shenzhen Star King Industrial cover 30 countries and regions to serve overseas customers. Introducing up to 200 new items a year, this company is rapidly becoming a good supply chain solution. Thanks to their good insight towards consumer electronics, they are your one-stop-shop for the best headphone factory in the world. 

8.Dongguan CQX Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

8. Dongguan CQX Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

The Dongguan CQX Electronic Technology is located in Dongguan city. They own a complete and scientific quality management system. Almost all their products come with CE or ROHS certifications. There are 60 workers and 4 product lines, making it one of the most leading companies in the industry. They update their products monthly to bring you the most high-tech items of all time. 

Main products 

This company is best known for its professionally manufactured Bluetooth headsets, headphones, waterproof headphones, car chargers, and other electronic items.

Why choose Dongguan CQX Electronic Technology Co., Ltd 

It has more than 12 years of professional experience in the field. They can customize and design audio electronic gadgets while adhering to quality, steady working, and open cooperation. You can now enjoy the amazing sound with reasonable prices and constant innovation in the traits. 

9.Shenzhen Baorunhe Technology Co., Ltd.

9. Shenzhen Baorunhe Technology Co., Ltd.

This company came into existence during 2014, and ever since, it is ruling the wholesale supply of headphones in China. It specializes in electronic product manufacturing and wholesale in different regions of the world. The company has a primary servicing business and network entities. There are different shops and derivatives to deliver quality wholesale headphones to the buyer. 

Main products 

The main products are headphones, headsets, drone keyboards and smart watches. 

Why choose Shenzhen Baorunhe Technology Co., Ltd

They have close cooperation relations with many large and small businesses across china and its borders. Thanks to the wide range of good quantity products, affordable price rate, and stylish design, the gadgets are widely used in the wholesale business. They are dedicated to giving you reliable and competitive items to boost your corporate. 

Some other notable reasons to choose Shenzhen Baorunhe Technology for your next venture include testing before packaging/shipping, fast response, and amazing after-sales services.

10.Shenzhen ET Innovation Electronics Co., Ltd.

10. Shenzhen ET Innovation Electronics Co., Ltd.

Established in 2006, Ovleng or Shenzhen ET Innovation Electronics is quickly becoming a prominent name in the world of headphone manufacturers. The company has rooted its origins in the industry for more than 14 years, especially when it comes to wireless headphones and speakers. 

More than 500 personnel work in 8000 square meters of production lines. Its amazing production management team, supply chain, and production tools make it better than the rest. The average monthly production of headphones is around 200,000 pieces.

Main products 

According to the market trend, they have rich and varied kinds of headphones so you can choose any product as per your demand.  Some other main products by the company are PC gaming headsets, and TWS Bluetooth speakers. 

Why choose Shenzhen ET Innovation Electronics Co., Ltd

With constant innovation and technological improvements, it is an industry brand known for its decent manufacturing processes and excellency. The biggest plus with Shenzhen ET Innovation Electronics is its European BSCI certificates and ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification. 

11.Shenzhen Qingfeng Technology Co., Ltd.

11. Shenzhen Qingfeng Technology Co., Ltd.

The Shenzhen Qingfeng Technology Co., Ltd was structured in 2012. This company mostly deals with researching, development, manufacturing, and marketing of communication terminal goods. They are experts in research and development of wireless network production and also famous among buyers for innovation and good management/services. 

Main products 

The wide range of products covers wholesale headphones, wireless chargers, TWS wireless earphones, and other phone accessories. 

Why choose Shenzhen Qingfeng Technology Co., Ltd

Their products have a high demand in the market.  To cater to this demand, company engineers are constantly bringing innovative ideas to the market that are more appropriate to your demands.  

The manufacturers positively improve and innovate the product line and function. Each of their items sells well in different parts of the world. Not only their product quality but also the customer service and satisfaction is guaranteed. The client’s satisfaction is their first priority as they wish to establish long-term relationships with their business partners. 

12.Guangzhou Weituoge Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

12. Guangzhou Weituoge Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Structured in 2015, Guangzhou Weituoge Electronic Technology is one of the most prominent industries in china.  So far, this company has two factories.  There are 10 corporation factories with 12 strong supply chains.  When it comes to headphones,  they can provide the best price,  best service, and best quality to you. 

Main products 

This company deals with a wide range of Bluetooth headphones, wireless headset devices, and other cell phone-related accessories.   They serve their clients with local wholesale,  worldwide wholesale,  worldwide chain stores, and online websites. 

Why choose Guangzhou Weituoge Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

The company’s team is full of inventive vision and energy.  Every staff member has his individual abilities to help your business flourish.   Honesty, responsibility, and services are a priority here.   The company is well investigated over supplier management concept,  quality, and manufacturing processes.

They own well-equipped facilities. With high-level quality control, they guarantee customer satisfaction through every stage of production and delivery. 

13.Shenzhen Bochan Electronic Trade Co., Ltd.

13. Shenzhen Bochan Electronic Trade Co., Ltd.

The Shenzhen Bochan Electronic Trade was established in 2015.   This company is one of the most leading manufacturers and wholesale providers of Chinese headphones.  It is well known for providing core value to the customers in terms of convenience,  quality,  price, and experience. 

Main products 

This company specializes in the research,  development, production, and marketing of different consumer electronics.  Its main product lines include wholesale headphones,  mobile phone accessories,  earphones, and power banks.  Their price advantage is what makes them different from their competitors. 

Why choose Shenzhen Bochan Electronic Trade Co., Ltd

Their quality insurance and excellent service system make them a prominent name in the field.  Moreover, they provide ODM and OEM services to many well-known domestic and international brands.   They have gained massive Fame from many international markets due to their high-quality product. 

The factory occupies 10000 square meters area with more than a thousand staff members working in it.  It has many production lines with advanced working technologies.

14.Shenzhen Risest Technology Co., Ltd.

14. Shenzhen Risest Technology Co., Ltd.

The best exporter of entertainment electronics and consumer electronics in China is Shenzhen Risest Technology Co., Ltd.

This professional China headphone manufacturer has different certifications of CE, RoHS, and FCC.  It was established in 2010.  Since its endowment,  the company is exporting its products to different regions of the world, including the USA, the Middle East,  Europe, and Canada.

Main products 

The company deals with high-quality wired/wireless headphones, outdoor home security cameras and sports cameras. 

Why choose Shenzhen Risest Technology Co., Ltd

Their motto is customer first and services foremost.  They always persist in this slogan and provide excellent customer service.  The manufacturers always welcome buyers to visit their factory offices at any time of the day and then decide to build a professional relationship.  They have established long-term and close business partnerships with many reputable brands.   

They are always trying to exceed their client’s expectations by giving them excellent service,  good quality products,  timely delivery,  unique designs, and price affordable price.   Being with this company,  you can be confident that you have a leading brand for your business. 

15.Wanzhao Acoustics Technology(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

15. Wanzhao Acoustics Technology(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

The Wanzhao Acoustics Technology(Shenzhen)  came into existence in 2020.  This company has made a huge name for itself in a very short amount of time.  This headphone factory is one of the top suppliers of consumer electronics in China.  The factory outlet is located in Shenzhen,  Guangdong, so it can access all the resources required for wholesale of headphones. 

Main products 

It is a quality-driven organization.  They offer a wide range of  DJ headphones,  gaming headphones,  Bluetooth headphones, and TWS headsets.  

Why choose Wanzhao Acoustics Technology(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

They have an aim to reflect the power of music.   With its advanced working technologies,   this company is always focusing on giving people the best sound experience worldwide.  Their products can bring people an amazing audio feast while boosting your business and company. 

Their popularity is because of their well-organized management,   customer-oriented approaches, and highly trained working staff members.

16.Shenzhen Isong Technology Co., Ltd.

16. Shenzhen Isong Technology Co., Ltd.

The year of establishment for Shenzhen Isong Technology Co., Ltd. is  2017.  With an outstanding specialization in consumer electronics design and development,  this company is helping different brands flourish their business. 

Main products

 It is one of the most prominent, professional manufacturer and wholesale exporter of headphones and headsets.    It also specializes in aviation headphones,  PC  headsets,  and hi-fi earphones.

Why choose Shenzhen Isong Technology Co., Ltd 

This professional manufacturer of noise-canceling headphones is what you need for your next big venture.  Every team member is focused on delivering high-quality products ever since the company came into being.  At present,  they have two active production lines to keep delivering high-quality headphones worldwide.  The best thing about Shenzhen Isong Technology is its professional experience in the hi-tech field.   The company is always welcoming people worldwide to join their family and expand its business roots.

17.Shenzhen DY Times Technology Co., Ltd.

17. Shenzhen DY Times Technology Co., Ltd.

The Shenzhen DY Times Technology is one of the oldest companies in China.  They are a gold member of verified manufacturers in the country.  They have just started exporting wholesale headphones in bulk.   The factory covers 1500 square meters area.  There are 5 automatic production lines with 50 staff numbers.  The production capacity is around 150,000  units a month.

Main products 

The area of specialization includes manufacturing of TF card,  Bluetooth headphones, and car speakers, etc. Apart from Bluetooth headphones,  this company specializes in Bluetooth hands-free kits and MP4 players.  They sell their products under their brand name called DYTIMV. 

Why choose Shenzhen DY Times Technology Co., Ltd

It can manufacture customized products as per your requirement.  The gift great importance to quality.  All the products are manufactured under tough confirmation to and official standards.  They have an experienced and professional team.  The company has a good reputation among clients and is always welcoming more potential customers and business associates.

18.Shenzhen Xing Xing Sport Technology Co., Ltd.

18. Shenzhen Xing Xing Sport Technology Co., Ltd.

This corporation was established in February 2013.  It is a leading exporter of different types of Chinese headphones and headsets in different world regions.  There are more than 100 well-trained and highly educated employees.  The workforce works over 1600  square meter factory area along with an experienced R&D and management team.

Main products 

They specialize in the professional designing and manufacturing of Bluetooth headphones of the modern era.  As compared to their competitors,  they have the most excellent quality products.  There are Bluetooth headphones that are of high quality.   The materials and packaging supplies are also of the supreme attribute. 

Why choose Shenzhen Xing Xing Sport Technology Co., Ltd

The biggest advantage is that the products are able to meet your ODM and OEM  requirements.  The aim of Shenzhen Xing Xing Sports Technology Co., Ltd. Is to make their products affordable for their valuable customers. 

It produces 80 to 100 thousand pieces a month.   They can also provide customized designs or packaging as per the client’s demands.

19.Dongguan Manha Power Technology Co., Ltd.

19. Dongguan Manha Power Technology Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Manha Power Technology is one of the leading Chinese exporters with experience in the wholesale headphone business.  Founded in 2016,  this corporation is among the most professional Bluetooth headset creator and manufacturer in the world.   With their latest working Technologies and skilled staff members,  they can give a  monthly output of up to 300,000  pieces. 

Main products 

The company can produce different types of headphones.  It sells them at the best competitive price possible.  The area of expertise includes Bluetooth headband headphones,  ANC headphones,  in-ear wireless headsets,  and TWS wireless headphones. 

Why choose Dongguan Manha Power Technology Co., Ltd

The culture of this company represents honesty and responsibility towards the customer.  They are constantly working on getting potential clients to work with them by this culture. It works as a china headphone manufacturer,  distributor, and wholesaler of the region.   They have more than 50 varieties of products at the moment related to market trends.

20.Shenzhen Ouni Technology Co., Ltd.

20. Shenzhen Ouni Technology Co., Ltd.

The Shenzhen Ouni Technology Co., Ltd. was set up in 2006.  They have 10 designer teams with an industrial designing background.  There are 15 structural engineers and 5 electronic engineers.  The annual sales are about 30 million dollars, with more than 300 people waking in the factory.  The annual output of the company is about 10 million sets.   

Main products 

It has 10 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting gaming headphones,  Bluetooth headphones, mic, and keyboards.   They also deal with some other types of consumer electronic products.  

Why choose Shenzhen Ouni Technology Co., Ltd

Apart from their offline and online business in the local and international market, their individual brands are also very popular in the wholesale business. 

This company is combined with research and development,  production, and sales.  With its rich production experience in the research and development department, it is ruling the Chinese industry.  All of its products comply with international quality standards.

Leeline is Your Best China Freight Forwarder

Headphone Sea Freight Shipping from China

Headphone Sea Freight From Shipping

An economical option for the transportation of goods overseas of all shapes, sizes, and weights.

Headphone Air Freight Shipping from China

Headphone Air Freight From Shipping

It is for quick freight transportation to many large cities in the world.

Headphone Rail Freight Shipping from China

Headphone Rail Freight From Shipping

The fastest, safe, and convenient option for farther destinations and bulk volume orders from china.

Headphone Door to Door Shipping from China

Headphone Door to Door From Shipping

It saves you time and effort. An excellent way for people who are new to shipment procedures.

How To Import Headphone From China: Super Guide

Are you looking for an easy mean to import headphones from china?

China is undoubtedly the largest exporter of headphones in the world. It has an unrivaled capacity to produce a large number of items cheaply and promptly. It means that the demand for Chinese products will only rise for freight forwarding companies importing wholesale headphones from china.

Headphones are a good choice to invest money in the Chinese electronic category. There are hundreds and thousands of wholesale suppliers and manufacturers. They can provide you with different types of headphones and earbuds while expanding your business to different parts of the world.

How To Grow Your Business With Importing Headphone From China?

What Is Headphone Business?

Headphone business means domestic and international export of headphones in bulk amount. The headphone market is growing very steadily in the past few years. According to studies, it is projected to keep its growth into the future as well.

Headphones are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. There are so many options for your targeted audience. So if you are thinking about getting into this business, there is plenty of market space to occupy.

What Are The Benefits Of Importing Headphone From China?

There are many benefits of importing wholesale headphones in bulk from China, such as:

1.Headphone FAQ

  • The prices of wholesale headphones are very low.
  • Many products have their own innovations to be sold in different parts of the world with high demand.
  • The headphones are durable and not fragile. They have the best quality and price.
  • Every item undergoes strict quality testing and analysis before they are ready to be shipped.
  • The profit margin is quite high in the headphone business.
  • Your business expands and grows faster.

Who Uses Headphones?

Our culture and society are becoming more connected via technology. People from all walks of life use headphones to enjoy music and have chats despite their location. The comfort and ease of use that comes with headphones can never be stated in words.

They are the miniature version of loudspeakers and can be carried around all day long. Over the years, they have proven to be more useful than just one way. Innovations in this field are constantly occurring. Future days have more scope for the business, thanks to the revolutions and progressions in the industry.

How To Choose The Best Headphone Manufacturer?

Check out the following tips and suggestions to make sure your buying process is easy and smooth.

  • Do your homework before making any commitment.
  • Track down previous customers and inquire about their experiences. Confirm the quality of the products and transparency of the shipment procedure.
  • Try to visit the facility at least once. Always ask for verifications and documented information.
  • Ask for manufacturer’s records and certificates of ISO compliance.
  • Keep a check on the manufacturing cycle from raw materials to the final quality analysis of the headphones.

How To Negotiate With China Headphones Suppliers

Some negotiating tips are:

2.Headphone FAQ

  • Discuss the total lead time, as well as the shipment date. Whatever they tell you, add more time according to your internal planning.
  • Keep reminding them that the quality needs to be maintained as per approved standards.
  • Use your knowledge about the product as leverage and source of negotiation.
  • Do not just focus on the headphone’s price but payment terms, bundling services, and warranty/guarantee.

How To Ship Headphones From China?

You can use one of these methods to ship headphones from china.

  • Sea Freight Shipping of headphones from China
  • Air Freight Shipping of headphones from China
  • Rail Freight Shipping of headphones from China
  • Door to Door Shipping of headphones from China

How To Sell Headphones Online To Earn Money

Follow this guide to sell headphones and earn money.

  • Use the internet as your finest bet. Opt for online platforms to connect with potential buyers.
  • Be mindful of your targeted audience. Use different marketing strategies to connect to a broad audience.
  • Use long-term SEO strategies as an effective marketing method for a wide range of headphones.
  • Choose a quality drop shipping service and set your business up for ultimate success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Import Wholesale Headphones From China?

Use the following steps to import headphones from china in bulk.

3.Headphone FAQ

  • Know your import rights before bringing Chinese goods into your country.
  • Choose the most suitable products for the business to avoid losing time and money. Go with the product uniqueness and the one you can ship in bulk quantity.
  • Make sure that the headphones you wish to import and legally permitted in your region.
  • Classify the items and then calculate your landed cost. Then find a suitable supplier in china and place your order of wholesale headphones in bulk.
  • Now arrange your cargo transport and wait for your order arrival.

Is It Legal To Wholesale Headphones From China And Resell?

It is very much legal to import headphones from the headphone factory from china. These products are genuine and not counterfeit. However, one must be careful of frauds and scams while importing products from china. Get written assurance from the manufacturer to ensure authenticity. Also, check with the trademark owners to verify the quality of the items.

Is Importing Headphones From China A Profitable Business?

Chinese headphones are very cheap and less expensive; due to their affordability, importing and selling them is a profitable business. You can read multiple success stories online. Learn about people who started from scratch and are now making a living by selling these headphones in their country.

Do I Need A Permit To Import Headphones From China?


There is no need for you to get an import permit to bring and sell wholesale headphones. But, you might need to get a permit to import goods from federal agencies as their requirements may vary.

What Documents Do I Need To Import Headphones From China?

Some of the most common documents that you need are:

  • Bill of entry
  • Airway bill or bill of lading
  • Import license
  • Insurance certificate
  • Purchase order or letter of credit
  • Technical write up
  • Industrial license
  • Registration cum membership certificate
  • Documents for duty benefits

Final Thoughts On Wholesale Headphones form China

China is quickly becoming a superpower in production and manufacturing. They are now responsible for making a hefty amount of the world’s consumer goods, including headphones. In this department, China uses its successful tactics to become a global source of headphones for different brands. It means you also have an excellent opportunity to boost your business as a buyer and reseller.

But, it is not as easy as it seems. The imprinting process is very completed and needs a comprehensive understanding. Use this information as a guide to choose a dependable supplier and start a successful and flourishing e-commerce business with wholesale headphones in bulk.

Import From China

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