Shipping To Amazon FBA UK : Ultimate Guide

Sharline Shaw

Given that the world has gone global, it totally turned into a global village where you need not lift your feet to get things done.

Everything is joining the World Wide Web trend, most things are online, and the internet is connecting people from very far places together.

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is one of the reliable links or platforms that enables you to connect to the world with little effort.

Just a working network provider is what you need. Amazon FBA UK has contributed greatly to the life of UK citizens and residents.

You are required to just go on the site, scroll through, and add whatever you wish to buy to your cart, make payment and expect your wares. The online market just got better with Amazon FBA UK.

Make all your online purchases on this platform, very user-friendly, use your choice transport to send to down to your desired destination, and it will be delivered. Security and transparency are assured on Amazon FBA.

Shipping To Amazon FBA UK


How to send inventory to Amazon FBA UK

It doesn’t end with making your orders or being an amazon vendor.

What happens when you need to send your goods to its various destinations?

You have to go through very simple processes on amazon and ensure that it’s all done accurately to be able to successfully send your inventories from china to Amazon UK.

Create your shipping plan

I think you should first know about SHIPPING. Then move to the shipping plans. A shipping plan is proposed for splitting your inventory between fulfillment centers.

It’s generated automatically by using the send button on the manage inventory screen of seller central. There’s a choice of accepting or rejecting the shipping plan. A shipping plan bulk can be created using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets

A shipping plan is specific about

  • The products you desire to send to Amazon
  • The quantity of each of the product
  • The choice shipping and carrier information
  • Whether you want to label your inventory, yourself or amazon does the labeling.

After creating your shipping plan, shipping Queue helps you track your shipment as it travels.

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Select products

Here the choice of product is made, and it involves.

  • On the manage inventory page, select the products you want to ship. Next step, you select “Send/replenish inventory” from the “action on the selected” drop-down menu.
  • On the “send/replenish inventory” page, select one of the following:
  • Create a new shipping plan or
  • Add to existing shipping plan: to add to the existing shipping plan, select an open plan from the “add to shipping plan” drop-down list.
  • Confirm the shipping form address. This is the destination of the shipment. The place of pick-up.  This address can be changed; you need to click on “ship from another address.” It could be your home, business area, warehouse, anywhere you chose that is convenient for you.
  • I confirm the type of packing for the products to be shipped through Amazon. It makes THINGS WORK effortlessly. Individual products are single products of different quantities and conditions. Case-packed products are many products packed by the producer—each containing the same quantity in the same condition.
  • Click “continue to shipping plan.”

After the selection of the product to be sent, the next step is to set the quantity for each product.

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Shipping methods to Amazon FBA UK

Express Transportation

Being one of the biggest agents of DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS (china post). Shipments are delivered with reliability, convenience, and speediness. Offering the most competitive courier rates with excellent service.

I often choose Express shipping because it is THE FASTEST option. It takes 2-4 days for an order. 

Its disadvantage is that it’s quite expensive, thus leading to an increase in the price of goods after shipment.

Also, its levy is based on dimensional weight. It has restrictions attached to the goods; not all cargo is transported on this platform. Liquids, batteries, and powder products, amongst others.

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Express Transportation

Sea Transportation

This is a method of sending your inventory through the sea. It’s loaded in a cargo ship and journeys through the sea to get to its destination. This method takes a longer time. It’s cheaper and makes provision for larger goods to be loaded.

Though it takes a longer time to arrive destination and requires much more risk due to navigation, the inaccurate date of sailing and weather changes.

Sea transport helps reduce costs and also transport larger products. Goods sent through the sea is calculated in two ways, cubic and kilogram.


Air Transportation

Your online logistics are handled strictly by air transport. The goods are loaded in a cargo plane and delivered to the country where they will be dispatched individually.

If you want the SHIPPING faster, air transportation is the shipping I use. It offers security to my products. 

This is one of the fastest delivery methods. Its major limitation is that it doesn’t transport goods that weigh more than 21 kg. It’s not as convenient as other transport means because the goods must go through customs.

Air Freight

Train Transportation

Our orders are sent through train transportation to the nearest train station and city. It’s dispatched to individual places from there. The time and prize of train shipment are the same as that of the sea.

Train transport is safer than that of the ship because challenges as weather and navigation do not pose a challenge to it. Shipping to amazon FBA UK through train is by far much more reliable and suitable by the customers.

Summary of shipment process:

Track shipment: this provides tracking information about your shipped cargo. For small parcels, a tracking ID can be used to track or by box number and carrier status.

For less than and full truckloads (LTL and FLT), your shipped cargo can be tracked by freight number and bill of lading (BOL). Amazon BOL is available to the seller 24 hours before scheduled pickup.

Your shipment contents are also required; it’s a list of all the items on your shipment and number of items received with the arrival of the shipment.

Reconcile helps identify discrepancies between what was on the shipment list and what arrived at the destination for dispatch.

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Import duties and taxes from china to Amazon FBA UK

Import duties are charges levied by the state government on goods and services sent into the country from another country.

This is also a means the government of a country used to check the level of importation in its country and also to ensure substandard goods aren’t imported.

After making purchases from china, sending your shipment from china to amazon FBA UK can be challenging considering the tax and import duties. But shipment to the UK requires tariffs no matter how small the value of the good is.

For goods valued at 15 pounds and above, you will pay customs duties for the goods. First, you need to choose a transport system as it varies according to products, size and also the choice of transport made.

  • Check/calculate the weight of the goods to be shipped
  • Check the shipping fee
  • Check the time duration of the shipment, how long it will take to arrive.

These are the determiners of the import duties and taxes on inventories from china to Amazon FBA UK.

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Amazon FBA UK Requirements for Product

For products to pass through amazon FBA, it has some requirements and prerequisites it needs to meet up to. Moving products require two certifications, which are product certification by customers, and the other is certification by Amazon.

Ensure that the purchased product has certification from suppliers. In the absence of certification, it only means that the product is unqualified. Also, for products to be sold on amazon, product certification is also necessary.

Certification by customs: When goods are cleared, customs reserve the right to demand that the goods provide relevant product certification.

Failure to produce such will lead to customs fining, detaining, or in worst cases, destroying the goods.

Don’t make mistakes. I have already faced the music of my ERRORS. 

Certifications as CE, which is for all products, Rosh, which is for electronic products and equipment. E-MARK, which is for cars and their safety parts, noise, amongst others.

BQB is for all Bluetooth products. Amongst many other certifications required for different products.

Management Certification

FBA Product Label

The labeling of the product by Amazon is required. The Amazon warehouse scans your FNSKU label when products are delivered to enable its placement in the correct warehouse. An FNSKU label is required for identification, and they are 11 sizes available for download.

FBA Shipping Label

After creating a shipping plan, you download the master box label, which you will print out, and then attach the label to your box.

If this label isn’t found on the box, amazon will reject, because it’s required in amazon that a box must have two shipping labels at least.

FBA Box Size and Weight

Amazon warehouse has the size and weight requirement for the box. If this requirement isn’t followed judiciously, your request will be rejected or fined better still; a warning will be sent.

  • The master box size shouldn’t exceed 25 inches on either side
  • A single box weight shouldn’t exceed 50 lb. If this weight is exceeded, a “team lift” label should be attached to the top of the box. If 100 lb is exceeded on the single box, then a “Mech lift” label will be attached.

Most times, Amazon warns first-time offenders; if it’s the second time, Amazon warehouse rejects the product; in more severe cases, it leads to destruction.

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FBA Label Service

Shipping Costs from China to Amazon FBA UK

The cost of shipping is highly dependent on the transportation choice, which might be sea, air, and train. The weight and size of the product also contribute hugely to the cost of shipping.

If the goods weigh less than 21 kg, express companies will charge per 0.5 kg. If the goods weigh more than 21kg, the shipping fee will be calculated per 1 kg.

Door to door shipping to Amazon FBA UK

Usually, it takes 13 working days, including customs clearance to ship from China to Amazon warehouse in the UK by air transport. 30-35 days by sea transport.

Twenty-five business days for transport through the train. For it to get to your specific address, it shouldn’t be more than three working days once your details and address are accurate.

Door to Door

How to Reduce Cost for Shipping to Amazon FBA UK

To reduce the cost of shipping from china to amazon FBA UK, the first step is to re-inspect the order already packed, ensure it’s the right and necessary needs that have been bought. The next most important step is to decipher the shipping method to use.

Mostly, the cheaper shipping method is through the sea; the only challenge is that it takes longer time and higher risk, but then it will be delivered.

Another cheaper shipping method is the use of train. The cost is far cheaper and less risky, but then it takes more time too.

If the weight of the goods is more than 21 kg, the charge will be higher, and if less than 21 kg, the price will be charged at 0.5 per kg. Thus, to reduce cost, products of 21 kg should be bought instead.

Unlike shipping from China to the USA, the shipping costs in the UK are more complex, so you need to pay more attention to some untransparent charges.

I reduce by: 

  • Decrease the weight
  • Choose flat-rate shipping 
  • Consider the best SHIPPING SERVICE with the lowest charges. 

How leelinesourcing help you ship goods to Amazon FBA UK

Being an Amazon merchant requires some amount of skill, starting from negotiation to sales to supply chain management and so forth.

Another important part of your ecommerce business is product sourcing; it is something you must get right always.

LeelineSourcing is here to help you do that, we will help you source and ship your products for Amazon FBA UK, and you can keep on giving your customers optimum satisfaction.

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Shipping To Amazon FBA UK Ultimate Guide


Having that development is taking a serious dimension. Individuals rarely go to market places and malls these days to make purchases.

Amazon FBA UK has contributed greatly to the E-market. Serving as a middle man between buyers and sellers.

Utilizing the ground, the internet, and network as provided to ensure individuals get adequate satisfaction by shopping there.

This chance of having a better life shouldn’t be ignored. Go on Amazon FBA UK and make all your purchases, follow the needed requirements, which includes creating your shipping plan, selecting your products.

Choosing the best most trusted transport method, express, air, sea, or train. Verifying the needed taxes and amongst others, most importantly, amazon requirements for shipping in their warehouse.

Then expect your orders.

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