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Underwear Suppliers

LeelineSourcing Find The Best Underwear Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.

1. Leeline is the biggest underwear wholesale agent in China and has links to various main markets worldwide. 

2. Leeline has access to the necessary information about different underwear categories.

3. Leeline is your ultimate sourcing agent ready to help you buy and import underwear from across China markets

4. If you sell your underwear on Amazon, Leeline offers FBA prep servicesto facilitate the same.

5. Once you place your lingerie, you can take advantage of the low-cost shipping services offered by Leeline to deliver your goods to your designated location. 


10 High Demand Underwear In China

1.Men underwear

Importing Men underwear From China

China is the leading player in the textile industry. To accommodate each and everyone, China has set out the most competitive prices you can ever expect elsewhere in the textile industry.  

2.Women underwear

Wholesale Women underwear From China

There are times when lingerie can be so expensive; however, the price often reduces once you choose to buy in large quantities. Thus, underwear for women must not only fit well, but they should be comfortable for the wearer as well. With LeelineSourcing at your side, you are sure of getting the best quality stuff for your customers. 

3.Cotton underwear

Buy Cotton underwear From China

If you want to ruin your summer, then try chafing while putting on your dress or skirt. You need to protect your inner thighs by wearing anti-chafing underwear from China. The four inseams are sufficient to provide full coverage without exposing the hemlines. 

4.Shorts underwear

Wholesale Shorts underwear in Bulk From China

Our custom shorts underwear can display your company’s logo or any other design depending on your choice. The good thing here is that our team will always be there to ensure that they offer you whatever support you need for your business’ success. 

5.Boxer shorts

Wholesale From China  Boxer shorts Suppliers

They are obtainable a range of colours, and if you are one of those that love specific colours, you are covered here. Our collection of boxer shorts is unbeatable. And depending on your customers’ preference, you can order our black, grey, white, dark blue, or any other colour, size not exceptional. 

6.Underwear for girls

Wholesale From China Underwear for girls Manufacturers

For this matter, Bikinis are available with trimmed sides, high-cut leg lines, and rear coverage. They offer the wearer the much-needed cover while maintaining their attractive silhouette. 

7.Brief underwear

Importing Brief underwear From China

Commonly referred to as granny panties, this type of underwear for girls offers complete coverage of the area. While they may not provide the sexiest connotation, they serve the purpose just as intended. A good and comfortable pair of underwear is an essential requirement for every woman and at all times. 

8.Hipster underwear

Wholesale Hipster underwear From China

These body harnesses are critically crucial for safeguarding against falls. If you are looking for quality protective gear for your business, there are endless options out there in China. You can always pick what suits your business’ needs. The most important thing is finding the right sourcing company to handle your orders.  

Leeline Ensures that You Can Buy Underwear from China Smoothly

Product Sourcing

Underwear Product Sourcing

Once you receive your quote, our buying agent, who has been in the industry for over ten years, will find the most appropriate manufacturer among the suppliers’ chain for you. Having done that, they will also, within two days, present to you the best price quotes

Factory Audit

Underwear Factory Audit

At the onset of your partnership, the Chinese manufacturer will make various promises to you; however, you must pass a factory audit to avoid falling into scams.  

Product Inspection

Underwear Product Inspection

You will find LeelineSourcing very handy when it comes to product inspection. Thus, as your buying agent, the company will ensure you obtain high-quality products. 

Amazon FBA Prep

Underwear Amazon FBA Prep

Leeline offers international FBA shipping services across the globe. These are by air, sea, or rail and will integrate their different logistics chains to provide you with the most suitable logistics solution. At LeelineSourcing, you will enjoy comprehensive Amazon FBA preparation services. These include product repackaging, photography, labelling, and many more. 

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Underwear Shipping To Amazon FBA

When it comes to transporting your orders from China, you have no cause for alarm. Leeline will ensure that your products reach your convenient Amazon FBA store safely.


Underwear DropShopping

Instead of engaging go-betweens, our team of professionals is in a better position to select top-quality products directly from the china underwear factory and negotiate lower prices. 

Why Choose Leeline To Wholesale Underwear From China

    • Leeline allows you to obtain your ideal supplier’s long list; hence, saving your resources in return.  

      LeelineSourcing is better-placed to understand all the challenges involved in procurement; thus, they will take you through the whole process without any issues. 

      You don’t have to deal with the complex comparison issues alone; LeelineSourcing agents have the expertise required to handle this on your behalf.

      In everything, note that time is of great essence, and thus, to make the most out of it, choose Leeline as your ultimate solution. 

      LeelineSourcing gathers info about different suppliers from more than thirty sources and puts them together in one platform using the latest technologies. You can take advantage of the same to improve your business. 

      By relating to more than suppliers/search, our agents can establish each probable supplier without skipping any. 

Best 10 China Underwear Manufacturers

1.Yiwu Wenni Garments Co., Ltd.

1. Yiwu Wenni Garments Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2015 and with a record capital amounting to one-million, Yuan specialises in manufacturing pantyhose and other different types of textile products. Although Yiwu Wenni Garments Co., Ltd. focuses mostly on small and medium-sized businesses, its main centre of interest revolves around customer development and service provision. 


Main Products


The company believes that through persistent efforts and zeal, our company will enjoy the mutual advantage and achieve successful results with both small and medium-sized businesses. The company welcomes you to take advantage of its wide range of lingerie, including sexy panties, sexy socks, sexy body stocking, and sexy swimwear, to list a few. 


Why Choose Yiwu Wenni Garments Co., Ltd.


Our prices are considered the lowest in the market. That notwithstanding, you will find our team being one of the friendliest and understanding. Also, suppose the quality is what matters to you and your customers. In that case, there is no doubt that LeelineSourcing is your ultimate underwear sourcing agent around China. 

2.Haining G.S. Textile Co., Ltd.

2. Haining G.S. Textile Co., Ltd.

Doubling as a producer and trader of various types of legwear styles, Haining G.S. Textile Co., Ltd has more to offer to its clients. Here, you will find the best quality products and at reasonable prices. 


Main Products


While socks may appear to a minor commodity, they are part of our fashion. You don’t want to hoard one type of lingerie for the whole market; styles must be unique, and Haining G.S. Textile Co., Ltd offers you that rare opportunity. Grab it and get things running better for your business. 


Why Choose Haining G.S. Textile Co., Ltd.


They offer different styles at highly competitive prices. This could just be the reason why you should opt to do business with us. Although our products come with limited profits, quick-turn-around and better sales surpass everything. You can’t compare our prices to others!

3.Shenzhen Spark Industry Co., Ltd

3. Shenzhen Spark Industry Co., Ltd

Mostly, Shenzhen Spark Industry Co., Ltd is a customer-oriented company. It emphasises three values, namely: better quality, good credit, and good service. Clients are welcome to visit our company and seek to form a mutually beneficial partnership. 


Main Products


Shenzhen Spark Industry Co., Ltd is committed to supplying you with products tailored to your customer needs. These include lower MOQ, stylish designs, affordable prices with the best quality, and better services. Quality remains our culture, while our mission is entrenched in our services. Visit us today and order your preferred Custom T-shirts, Customised panties for women, Customised boxer-briefs for men, Custom bra brief sets, and Disposable panties. 


Why Choose Shenzhen Spark Industry Co., Ltd


Looking at the lingerie array here, you will find it a bit hard to turn elsewhere for the same. Admirably, Shenzhen Spark Industry Co., Ltd has been in the industry for quite a long time to understand what their clients are looking for in lingerie. 

4.Xiamen Yeweixin Trade Co., Ltd.

4. Xiamen Yeweixin Trade Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Yeweixin Trade Co., Ltd. is one of the most renowned underwear suppliers China companies. The company manufactures and supplies underwear to America and Europe, and over thirty other countries worldwide. Going by the level of expertise our technical staff exhibits, you can rest assured of finding the best quality products and satisfactory service. 


Main Products


Our principal aim is to ensure that customers get what they are looking for. These may include including top-quality bikini, sexy underwear, Cheeky, Boy shorts, Brief, Hipster, women panties, and Mid-rise, among many more. Our team is committed to delivering the best quality of all these and affordable prices. 


Why Choose Xiamen Yeweixin Trade Co., Ltd.


As aforementioned, our company does not compromise quality for the low price. Quality maintenance is what distinguishes us from our competitors. Our customers’ success is what keeps us going. The company offers you 24/7 customer support to ensure that you don’t miss the point whenever you need help.



Founded around 2005, IOTA SPORTS began as fitness wear, streetwear, accessory, and safety wear manufacturing company, located in Sialkot, Pakistan. Under the management of a strong and committed workforce, the company has a connection with various businesses. 


Main Products


All said and done, you can always trust us to provide you with stunning designs of fitness wear, streetwear, safety wear, gloves, and gym accessories, to mention a few. You can place your small order today to get started. 




For the past 13 years, IOTA SPORTS has worked hard to remain relevant in the textile industry. As such, it would add more value to us if you joined us in business. You only need to find out more about us, and you will, no doubt, understand why we are your ultimate business partner. IOTA SPORTS understands the financial disparity that exists among most people around the world. As such, they accept small orders to accommodate everyone.

6.Wenzhou Beileisi Garments Co., Ltd.

6. Wenzhou Beileisi Garments Co., Ltd.

Situated in China’s Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, Wenzhou Beileisi Garments Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. It is looked upon among the most successful underwear manufacturers in China. Most of our products are exported to the Netherlands, America, Switzerland, Spain, and other parts of the world.


Main Products


When it comes to our products, including Men’s T-shirts, Men’s underwear, Warm suit, Men’s tank top, and Men’s boxers, you have no point in going elsewhere. It is one of the most trustworthy underwear manufacturers in town. Our skilled team of workers will deliver to you the latest design to meet your customers’ demands.  


Why Choose Wenzhou Beileisi Garments Co., Ltd



If you want a company that considers the needs of its customers, then. At Yiwu Wenni Garments Co., Ltd., you should expect nothing short of quality. By opting for our supplies, you are assured of getting the best and latest designs for your customers. Our experts can create new styles and handle delivery on your behalf. You only need to contact us to start benefiting from our exclusive products and services. 



EMPRISE SPORTS joined the textile industry in 1992 as a local enterprise. Although it started on a low note, the company is currently listed among the most established lingerie suppliers across the world. By 2002, the company had established itself in the industry and decided to venture into the global market’s deep waters. 


Main Products


As we speak, China prides itself as the host country of one of the world’s most renowned lingerie suppliers. Our main products include accessories, including boxing equipment, martial arts, sportswear, glove range, and fitness gear.




As a company that understands what it takes to be in the industry, EMPRISE SPORTS does not compromise its products and services. Perhaps, this explains why many international companies have turned their way. 

8.I.M. International

8. I.M. International

I.M. International Group of Industries has just found a place on the world map as a company that manufactures different products. The company deals in various products, including paintball, Sportswear, Leather garments, and Leisurewear, among others. 


Main Products 


To ensure that our company maintains its top spot, we take no chances to choose our raw materials. We manufacture products using high-quality raw materials to ensure that our customers receive the best value for their money. Some of our products include Bra Brief Set, tracksuits, Leather Gloves, Gym Wear, Workwear, and more. 


Why Choose I.M. International


I.M. International has the most experienced personnel in the industry. You can judge this by merely visiting our customer review page on our website. Our well-furnished and organised systems give us an upper hand against our competitors. 



Synonymous with the latest, timeless aesthetic, our company continues to produce iconic products based on enduring style, distinctive design, and uncompromising quality. By applying only the best materials, our label includes top-quality pieces for men. And if you fall into this category, then you will like what we hoard and supply.

Main Products 

At Rajco Power, you will find high-quality products such as workwear, leatherwear, sportswear, uniform, gym wear, etc. Our team is determined and committed to delivering fast turn-around services to our customers within China and yonder.  


There are so many reasons why Rajco Power remains your number one choice for lingerie. There is nothing good like dealing with a company you can trust. Our team of sourcing experts is the most approachable you have ever met. Before they embark on their duty, they will take time to listen to you and offer professional suggestions for your business’s betterment.  

10.Xiantao Topmed Nonwoven Protective Products Co., Ltd.

10. Xiantao Topmed Nonwoven Protective Products Co., Ltd.

Founded around 1997, Xiantao Topmed Nonwoven Protective Products Co., Ltd. has featured in various major markets. Their primary products include nonwoven disposable brands. Most of these products have been in higher demand globally, including North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America, among other regions. To date, Topmed remains a force within the textile industry, manufacturing and supplying various types of apparel for the health staff.  


Main Products


As the name goes, Topmed is renowned for its uncompromised quality when it comes to delivering its products and services. The disposable isolation gowns, face masks, caps, and bed sheet rolls make a small percentage of what to expect from us. We are invincible in this field, and China is proud of us. 


Why Choose Xiantao Topmed Nonwoven Protective Products Co., Ltd.


The company supplies high-quality products tailored to suit the health industry. If you want a company that will deliver your orders within the right time, then this is it. Our agents are always alert and ready to jump to your rescue. You do not have to worry about the price as everything is set with your business in mind. Call us today to pick your best quote. 

Best 5 Underwear Suppliers In USA

11.Burlington Safety Laboratory, Inc.

1. Burlington Safety Laboratory, Inc.

Burlington Safety Laboratory, Inc. is listed among the significant underwear suppliers in the USA. Most of the fabrics you will find here are availed in 9.6 Oz (weight) and 15 cal arc (rating). The company ensures that the F.R. fabrics are drip-free and do not melt or ignite. Their main features include F.R. breathable fleece, lightweight, grid channels, wicking action, flame resistance, and fast-drying.  


Main Products


Burlington Safety Laboratory, Inc. is famed for its exceptional electrical-protective gear. Once you place your order, our agents will ensure that you get what is rightfully yours and without any alterations. Our electric gadgets have been tested and adhere to the laid down standards. 


Why Choose Burlington Safety Laboratory, Inc.


When you choose to work with us, our agents will be most willing to walk you through the entire ordering to the shipping journey. They will ensure to carry out product inspection, so you know you are getting the best quality products from the U.S-based company. Besides, working with a friendly staff akin to ours is what every business requires to move to the next level. Burlington Safety Laboratory, Inc. is here to help and accompany you to the very end of your success journey. 

12.Rockleigh Industries, Inc.

2. Rockleigh Industries, Inc.

Rockleigh Industries, Inc. is ISO 9002-certified wholesale underwear USA Company that manufactures and supplies textile products. Based on your preference, you may also request other products, such as yarn and non-fabric materials, readily available at affordable prices. 


Main Products


Our team of professionals specialises in prototyping, design engineering, packaging, turnkey manufacturing, and printing. You can also conduct us to place your textile machines’ order and garment display supplies directly from the company.  


Why Choose Rockleigh Industries, Inc.


Since shipping is concerned, you do not have to worry. Our agents will handle this more professionally and ensure your order remains intact throughout shipment. 


13.Allied Specialty Co., Inc.

3. Allied Specialty Co., Inc.

For any type of advertising, promotional, or speciality products, visit us at Allied Specialty Co., Inc. The company prides itself on the most qualified staff recruited following thorough employee background scrutiny. Apart from meeting and working with a company that understands how to deliver the best quality to the end-user, you will also have the opportunity of finding the best products at low prices. 


Main product


For more than 50 years, Allied Specialty Co., Inc. has been supplying customers worldwide with the best quality products. Some of the products include automotive and computer accessories, apparel and textiles, buttons and budges, houseware, drinkware, jewellery, magnets and stickers, and instruments. 


Why Choose Allied Specialty Co., Inc.


You don’t wish to deal with a company you have no clue about its operations. Allied Specialty Co., Inc. has a good track record, and you have access to every detail about its dealings. You only need to contact us to learn more about our operations, and you are set to go.

14.Broner Glove & Safety Company

4. Broner Glove & Safety Company

Broner Glove & Safety Company is revered for its exceptionally high-quality mode delivering protective equipment, safety, and plant identification/safety products. This is your best one-stop shopping destination for these and other related products. 


Main Products


Our leading brands include tapes, cones, signs, wheel shocks, and other types of protective gadgets. The company enjoys qualified personnel in various fields, including stock level-turn measurements, inventory management, and transaction analysis, noise level/fit testing, and reporting. 


Why Choose Broner Glove & Safety Company


Ultimately, you want to work with a trustworthy company, a company with reliable staff. Our constant adherence to the ISO 9001:2008 standards from 1999 allows us to serve our customers diligently and satisfactorily.  

15.Alpacas of Montana, Inc.

5. Alpacas of Montana, Inc.

Alpacas of Montana, Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of handmade textile merchandise in the U.S. The company has set up an operational system that allows workers to work in turns, so you don’t miss any service. It doesn’t matter what time you want to discuss your business – you only need to contact our offices, and the company will assign someone to handle your case.  


Main Products


Here, you have several options to choose what you need. You may choose to buy blankets, clothing, gloves, capes, fertilisers, handbags, mittens, hats, purses, pillows, shawls, scarves, sweaters, slippers, and underwear socks, boots, and yarn. 


Why Choose Alpacas of Montana, Inc.


Ultimately, our company adheres to the ISO 9001:2008 standards from 1999. Thus, we handle our esteemed customers’ issues seriously and exclusively to exceed their satisfaction and service expectations. 

Best 5 UK Underwear Manufacturers

16.A & K Hosiery

1. A & K Hosiery

There is no doubt that A & K Hosiery is among the top wholesalers and lingerie suppliers in the U.K. The company boasts of the best variety of textile collections you can ever find elsewhere. In this case, if you are a market trader, shop owner, eBay store operator, or Discounter looking for wholesale underwear from China, A&K could be the right choice for you. You only need to visit our website to create your order. 


Main Products 


Some of the top products to order from the A & K Hosiery include wholesale bras, stockings, and knickers. The company also deals in Wholesale Socks, Character Socks, Wholesale Lingerie, While Sale Nightwear, Whole Sale Gloves, Thermal Underwear, Neon Socks, and Wholesale Hats, among other merchandises. This is the place where prices are extremely low on all products in the U.K.


Why Choose A & K Hosiery


While the company hoards a wide range of brands, the staff here is exemplary in executing its mandate. Talking about service; here, everything, ranging from products to services, is excellent! Contact us now to place your quote.

17.Dinshaw Wholesale

2. Dinshaw Wholesale 

For over three decades, the company has featured in the wholesale textile industry, braving all the challenges involved. The company remains one of the leading and trustworthy wholesale shops in the U.K. Dinshaw Wholesale is renowned for its high-quality Ex-chains store underwear for ladies.  


Main Products 


The moment you step into the Dinshaw Whole premises, you will find nearly all sorts of apparel to choose what suits your convenience. The store hoards and supplies a wide range of clothing, including men’s, children’s, and maternity wear. You only need to visit our store to see what there is for your customers back at home.  


Why Choose Dinshaw Wholesale


Going by our extensive range of clothing, you cannot miss your favourite pick. Hence, by choosing us, you will be saving yourself the hassle of moving from one store to another if you don’t find what you want in one place. Our doors are open from Monday to Friday every week, and therefore, you have ample time to send in your orders. Just quote wholesale underwear U.K. in your email, and our team of professionals will be at your service within a short time. 

18.Gemini Trading (Nottingham) Ltd.

3. Gemini Trading (Nottingham) Ltd.

If you are a trade buyer, then Worldofhosiery.co.uk is just your ultimate online shopping destination. A big or small business – here, you are sure to find what you are looking for from the range of brands in our online stores. You may also contact us via phone and chat with us about any professional support or advice.  


Main Products


Our wide range of collections includes socks, tights, hiking socks, stockings, welly socks, underwear, ballet and dance tights, nightwear, leggings, accessories, etc. Besides, our prices are the most competitive you can ever imagine. Thus, you need not look elsewhere for your wholesale underwear and hosiery needs. Contact our Nottingham warehouse to see for yourself what is in there for you. 


Why Choose Gemini Trading (Nottingham) Ltd.


How would you feel dealing with a company that emphasises honesty, affordability, and quality? That is precisely what Gemini Trading (Nottingham) Ltd is revered for. The company understands the importance of providing the best to its customers, explaining why most traders are willing to work with us. Visit us today to join the perk. 

19.Order Wholesale

4. Order Wholesale

There is an endless underwear and hosiery selection here. With our extensive experience in the wholesale textile business, you can bet that, indeed, order wholesale qualifies as one of the critical suppliers of underwear and related products around the U.S.


Main Products


The company hoards and sells a variety of underwear and hosiery for children, men, and women. Supposing you are looking for ski socks, trainer socks, walking and trekking socks, compression socks, and many more, the company has many options to choose from. In that case, they are readily available at Order Wholesale at low prices. 


Why Choose Order Wholesale 


You do not have to move from one store to another to find everything you are looking for is reason enough to choose us. The comprehensive product collections in our store offer you endless options at prices within your range. Contact us today to place your order with us. 


20.S. P. NAYAR & CO. (U.K.) LTD.

5. S. P. NAYAR & CO. (U.K.) LTD.

Having been established way back in the 1950s by Mr. Sat Pal Nayar, the company has remained relevant in the textile industry for over 40 years. It stands out among the top wholesale hosiery and underwear dealers. The company has its head offices located around Carnarvon Street in Manchester. 


Main Products


  1. P. NAYAR & CO. (U.K.) LTD is among the top suppliers of nightwear, socks, tights & underwear, gloves, scarves, and hats. Its customer base includes discount stores, chain stores, retailers, shops, online businesses, and market traders. 


Why Choose S. P. NAYAR & CO. (U.K.) LTD.


More than 40 years in business isn’t a joke. The company has not only the experience but understands what is suitable for their customers, as well. Looking at the confidence exhibited by our workforce, it is evident that you will get all the services and products you want. Give us the opportunity to enhance your business by contacting us today. 

Wholesale Underwear and Shipping From China

Underwear Sea Freight Shipping from China

Underwear Sea Freight From Shipping

  • For products weighing not less than 400kg, or 2 CBM, our sea freight is obviously the best choice for you. 

Underwear Air Freight Shipping from China

Underwear Air Freight From Shipping

  • For clients looking for quick, affordable, and appropriate delivery time-frames, our flexible and incomparable air transport services offer the best option. 

Underwear Rail Freight Shipping from China

Underwear Rail Freight From Shipping

  • Our rail freight mode of shipping is the ideal option when it comes to shipping highly-valuable business products, including promotional, electronic accessories, and seasonal goods that require speedy delivery. 

Underwear Door to Door Shipping from China

Underwear Door to Door From Shipping

  • Leeline door-to-door shipping allows us to deliver your orders to your designated location much faster, easily, and more effectively. 

Wholesale Underwear From China: Ultimate Guide



Finding Underwear Manufacturers in China

There are so many distributors and producers of underwear in China looking for businesses and consumer stores to sell their products. The only thing you need is to conduct some research on how to link up with them.

Working with reliable supplier partners and forming strong bonding with them is key to success. They are very instrumental when it comes to success in your business endeavours. They also enable you to continue learning how to go about your underwear business online.

How to Grow Your Business by Importing Underwear from China? 

What is the underwear wholesale business?

When it comes to exporting lingerie and underwear across the world, China tops the list. Forty-one percent of all the bras exported to the world’s three major markets are from China. Most export-inclined distributors of underwear and lingerie are located around major textile manufacturing centres, including Fujian, Zhejiang, and Guangdong provinces.

So, what does the underwear business entail?

In simple terms, starting a lingerie business does not require one to have a lot of money. Producers tend to focus most on lower value-addition industries, calling for the buyer to deal with the Q.A. (quality assurance) process strictly.

Underwear 2

First, you need to develop an all-inclusive product specification in the Q.A. process. However, there are specific essential cues to help you qualify as a lingerie supplier, including:

Production Lines Audit Reports/Quality Management System – (ISO 9001:2008).

Audit Reports/ Social Compliance Certification – (Sedex and BSCI).

Environmental Audit Reports – (ISO 14000 Series).

Business Scope

Substance Test Reports – (REACH & Oeko Tex Standard 100).

Registered Capital

III. How can I find reliable and trustworthy manufacturers online?

There are two main online hubs where you can easily access Chinese manufacturers, namely: AliExpress and Alibaba.com. At these platforms, you will unveil loads of different manufacturers. It is on this 3rd-party platform where suppliers and buyers discuss how to carry out their daily businesses.

You will also find many trading organisations and sourcing agents on these platforms. Thus, you might come across an agent or trading company in place of getting the actual producer.

Therefore, it is reasonable to check their website if you want to deal with the manufacturer directly. But it may not be that easy, particularly if you have no clue about the location of their website or their validity.

What are the things to consider when importing underwear from China?

Once you have found the correct underwear wholesale manufacturers, you will need to consider the following as your next step:

Design drawing

The item layout may be based on either Store Keeping Unit (SKU), Original Design Manufacturer (ODM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specification. While the submission for reference samples may be conducted, they only help to harmonise the sketch’s design.  


It is recommended that you request full or fabric samples from the distributor. At this point, the consumer can have the freedom to choose their best from the supplier’s catalogue.

Reference sample

The buyer (during the purchase of an OEM product) or the distributor (during the buying of ODM items) offers a reference sample.

Size table 

This refers to the appendix of a design drawing bearing the list of sizes for each particular size. You can also customise ODM items by merely adjusting the Size Table. You must also include dimensional tolerance in the Size Table.


Lingerie and underwear require labelling for ordinary textiles. This type of labelling requirement differs from one market to another. It is, therefore, unwise to bear in thought that the distributor understands your market demands. You must be prepared to furnish the supplier with comprehensive graphic files in.ai format. Thus, Sourcing for private label underwear manufacturers can be a wise idea. The private label underwear manufacturers China plays a critical role in ensuring that you get the right product and at the correct price.

Requesting for item samples 

Underwear or lingerie business owners need to ask for samples from not less than four distributors. The increased failure; thus, the probability of producers failing to create standard product samples is usually at approximately 50%. Hence, a relatively good number of manufacturers are needed to create illustrations concerning a given technical package.

Underwear 1

Amongst what is likely to go wrong during production or importation are:

Bad seams

Wrong material

Incorrect or missing labels and prints

Bad fit

Quality assurance

What are the common quality problems?

In most cases, issues regarding quality within the textile industry emanate from incomplete or inconsistent item specs. Some of the typical quality problems when ordering lingerie include:

Inaccurate dimensions or sizes

Damages and dirty

Inaccurate or low-quality fabrics

Unfinished seam lines

Double fabric (incorrect component positioning)

What does quality control involve?

The practice is essential because it helps to identify quality-related issues before packaging and eventual shipping. When you purchase underwear or lingerie from China, you must draft a process for quality inspection:

Fabric material – weight & washing.


Visual Inspection

Rules and Compliance testing

Lingerie and underwear in major markets, particularly the European Union and the U.S., must adhere to specific substance regulations. Based on your need, you must ensure at least one of the following:

California Proposition 65

The California Proposition 65 Act provides restrictions on consumer goods to over 800 substances. Thus, the products should either adhere to or be appropriately labelled. In case your business is located in California, or you intend to peddle to consumers around the state, you must be ready to comply with the act.

The Federal Hazardous Substances Act (FHSA)

FHSA does not allow the classification of various drugs, including powerful sanitisers or irritants. The formaldehyde used by some textile manufacturers is one of them. The CPSC government offers a full list of obligatory limitations and bans.

Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and restriction of Chemicals (REACH)

REACH outlaws the inclusion of partial SVHC in textiles and other consumer goods peddled within the E.U. market. Among the drugs listed are calcium, lead, and formaldehyde.

Underwear 3

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How can one find China underwear manufacturers?

First, let’s list some of the best methods you can use to find a reliable underwear supplier.

Attending the trade show in Hong Kong or Guangzhou

Via a wholesale website

Checking out in the manufacturer & wholesale directory

Via a wholesale solution firm The four ways mentioned above differ in one way or another. So, which one do you prefer? The most important thing is opting for the simplest model, and LeelineSourcing could just be the best option.

It is an established website linking buyers with producers. It cuts off all middlemen. With just a few clicks and set up, you can start to dropship or wholesale automatically.

If you handle 1000 orders/day, you should be thankful to work with this website. It will help you to save more energy and time.

Why should I opt for cheap underwear wholesale from Chinese companies?

If you want a huge profit, you will need to, first of all, cut down on your cost. Most underwear suppliers China offer low prices, with some even providing free shipping services.

Understandably, most underwear and lingerie are manufactured in China and Taiwan. Since they have a massive manufacturing network, they can ensure competitive prices. You should be cautious about the quality, though.

It is indisputable that untrustworthy manufacturers or distributors do exist. In this case, you must extensively research the suppliers, including checking out on their social media platforms like LinkedIn, review news, or their official website.

In short, the road to finding a trustworthy distributor to order wholesale underwear has many challenges. Still, there are many companies and suppliers out there, which adhere to international trading business standards. Be wise! 

Can underwear suppliers U.K. export the best quality products outside Chinese markets?

It varies based on the business type. Some wholesale directory companies only offer information about suppliers and brands. In case you wish for additional services, you must contact them through online chatting or email.

Is it possible for me to obtain 30% of profits through wholesale underwear China?

What makes you gain profit in the first place? Sale channels, an effective process, or low cost.

Of the three, the most important are the two points – improved sales and low operating costs. Streamlining your business is critically essential for shortening the process of fulfillment and taking charge of the best prices. This will help you to become more competent.


The most appropriate method of finding Chinese lingerie and underwear manufacturers is through a sourcing company. The companies you choose should have a professional website, online presence, a valid internet domain, email I.D., mobile number, and qualified employees.

It is also critically essential to find a business that has a stable network linkage to multiple producers and distributors in China. They must also utilise tools like WhatsApp, Skype, and Google Drive, and video sharing. This will ensure that you are updated with your business throughout. Ensure to get in touch for more information concerning our services.

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