Top 9 Amazon SEO Tools For ImprovingYour Product Ranking

Amazon is the largest marketplace for online shopping, and millions of people use this platform to get the required products.

Therefore, Amazon offers a great platform to the sellers to showcase their products at the international level.

Higher product rankings are the best way to increase sales on Amazon.

Amazon SEO tools play a vital role in product rankings, so the customers can get the required quickly.

If you are a seller at the amazon and want to know how Amazon SEO tools can help you to optimize your sales on the Amazon, you are at the right place.

You can continue the reading to understand the crucial role of Amazon SEO tools in product rankings.

Amazon SEO Tools

What is Amazon SEO?

Amazon SEO helps the sellers in product optimization, so their products can appear at the top of the Amazon search results.

So, it can be said that the Amazon SEO helps in improving the product listings, which helps to get more sales.

The buyers usually search the required product by using the keywords. And click the first few links only; they do not bother to open all the links.

If you are going to sell the product through Amazon, the product ranking will be an essential factor for you.

If your products are available the page 3 or even below, it means that you will not be able to sell any product.

The buyers do not search for those products which are present at the bottom. Most of the time, shoppers search for new products. Therefore you may not get a chance to offer your services.

Amazon SEO aims to provide the products to the consumers and want to make the products visible to all the buyers. So, potential buyers can find their products easily as compare to their competitors.

The ranking of the product can be determined with an algorithm called A9, and this tool can decide your luck at this platform. The tool is very beneficial for understanding the amazon.

The Amazon sales rank help to rank the bestselling products at the top and worst selling products at the bottom.

Potential buyers can quickly get the best selling products, among others, and it can happen if you improve the product’s visibility. Further, it also helps to increase sales.

At the platform of Amazon, it is very crucial to appear at the top page for the success of the business.

The products which are not present on the first page will not be seen at the top page. Therefore, Amazon sellers make the best use of Amazon SEO, so their products can appear on the first page.

How Does The Amazon Ranking Algorithm (“A9”) Work?

Amazon algorithm displays the products according to the queries, keywords or key terms entered in the search box.

The results are fueled by past purchases, shopping preferences of the customers and by many other factors.

The Amazon algorithm decides which products should be displays in front of the potential buyers and how higher those products can be ranked.

The following are the criteria which Amazon algorithm uses to decide whether should be displayed in front of the buyer or not:

  • The relevant search queries or keywords
  • The behaviour and preferences of the previous customers
  • The number of earlier purchases for a specific product

Amazon offers millions of products to its customers. The buyers do hundreds to thousands of search queries to get the required products every month.

For every question, amazon takes only a few seconds to decide which products should be shown in front of the customers. And the products should match with the search queries of the customers precisely.

Amazon ranks the products according to their previous purchases and the feedback of the customers.

The platform of Amazon is used by three parties, buyer, seller and Amazon. The buyer wants to get the required products, and the seller wants to sell the products and wants to make money.

At the same time, Amazon wants to generate revenue. Amazon gets the money only when a sale takes place. Amazon receives only 15% commission from a seller or a vendor.

All the parties (buyers, sellers and Amazon) want a transaction to take place. Therefore, Amazon algorithm aims to increase the number of sales or transactions.

And for that purpose, Amazon put the products at the top which most of the sellers like the most.

Amazon Product Image Optimization

7 Tips To Increase Your Rankings On Amazon

The following are the tips which one must follow while selling the products at Amazon to get the higher ranks.

1.  Consider Using Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA)

One of the easiest ways to improve your ranking and sales at the amazon is to use Fulfillment by Amazon.

FBA reduces the responsibility of the company when it comes to fulfilling, exchanging and returning the orders.

The FBA can also scale with your business, which is very necessary when you are willing to increase sales. The products fulfilled by the Amazon are ranked higher than the items fulfilled by the merchants.

FBA may charge you some extra money, but it worth the price. FBA has gained the trust of the customers, and they know the product comes with Amazon’s fast shipping and easy returns.

Furthermore, they can return the products; if they did not get the required product. Therefore, they can buy the product quickly.

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Amazon FBA

2.  Use Brand Names In Your Amazon Product Listings

The brand of the product always show up on the product page and links to the other product from the same brand.

The shoppers usually the products with their brand name, while shopping through Amazon. Therefore, it is very crucial to mention the name of the brands with your product.

If your product has more than one brand name, then you must take help from the keyword tool. It can help you to select the most researched brand name for your product.

Further, if the brand name contains the keywords; it would be more helpful. I rank it in the SEARCH engine better. Sales occur rapidly. 

Amazon does not show the product in the top results without a brand name. So, you always need a brand in your title, as it enables the shoppers to search and filter the results.

And it can facilitate the customers a lot if they are searching for a specific brand.

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3.  Include Seller Name

The seller name can increase the organic rank if it contains the keywords. The impact of the seller’s name on the ranking factor cannot be denied.

The sellers can get specific products to rank higher in the Amazon just by including the keywords for the product with the name of the seller.

4.  Fill Out Other Fields In The Edit Product Page

The sellers should fill all the relevant fields in the edit product page. A few of them have a significant influence on the rank of positioning and filtering in search.

Your website is not the only place where you can sell your products.  I also use social media to connect with my buyers. Product page is another way to communicate.

You should fill all the required information and other details at your product page, as it can be a platform to introduce your products with the audience,

5.  Quality Photos Help Rankings And Conversions

The product which comes with high-quality images has higher conversion rates, and the same can be applied for your product page.

Amazon recommends the sellers to upload bigger and clear images.

High-quality images help the customers to get an idea about the quality of the products. The customers can see the products from different angles so that they can get a better idea about the appearance of the product.

The high-quality product images play a crucial role in developing the confidence and trust among the customers related to the product quality and other features.

Amazon asks the customers to upload the product images, which should be more significant than 1000×1000 pixels. It allows the customers to zoom the images. And the ability to zoom in can increase the sales of your products.

The image size and quality are significant, as they can affect the rankings. If you visit the pages of the bestselling products, you will find that all of them comes with the images of high-quality.

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product Photography Service In China

6.  Be Proactive Answering Questions

Answered question is not to play any role in the product ranking. All the queries are located at the top of the product page.

And which help new customers to know about the features of products. Further, the queries of other people also help new customers to get the answers to their questions.

No matter what are you selling, the people will check the questions of other people to make the decision.

Therefore, the product listing features the question and answers about the product, which comes just after the product description.

The buyers want to know the answers from the sellers. So, being a seller at the Amazon; you should monitor these questions and try giving the answers daily. It is also helpful in developing a reliable and robust relationship with the customers.

If you do not answer the questions of other people, they will not be able to know either your products will fulfil their needs or not. And it is might possible they search the same product at any other store.

The sellers have to be active in the product questions and answers. So, if you want to increase your sale; you just have to be proactive in the question-answer section.

7. Encourage Customer Reviews

The customers trust the reviews and comments given by other customers.

The customers provide personal recommendations and experiences through their comments and reviews; which help the other customers in buying the products.

Amazon knows the psychology of customers, and therefore Amazon tries to provide the reviews and comments of others. It helps the other buyers to buy the products.

The reviews and comments on the Amazon are very important for the trade at this platform. The top-selling products have more positive and good reviews.

The products which have a broader keyword get more feedback reviews and comments. So, it can be said that more reviews have an impact on click-through rates and can lead to more sales.

And which improves the overall ranking of the product at the site. Further, Amazon has cracked down fake reviews.

The customers will not leave a review or comment, and you will have to ask or one. And you can use different ways and tools to get reviews of your customers, just after they have made a purchase.

Amazon has introduced much software to help the sellers so that they can get feedback from customers.

For instance, I use product reviews on Amazon and Amazon feedback software. Both are the best options to get reviews from customers.

You can also use the FeedbackExpress to generate automated emails to your customers. In this way, you can inform our customers about your offers and discounts.

So, it can also help you to develop a strong relationship with your customers.

If customers forget to leave the reviews, you can send them to follow up emails and remind them to give their precious feedbacks.

Be Proactive Answering Questions

Why Do I Need An Amazon SEO Tool?

Amazon SEO tools are essential, as they can help to find the best keywords for your product listings.

You fill many tools, for instance, Helium 10; which can tell you what people are searching and what they want to buy.

Amazon SEO tools play a vital role when you have brand new listings, and you do not have any product data. You can also take help from the competitors’ rankings.

The Amazon SEO tool helps in the following aspects:

·   Improve Product Visibility

The tools let he sellers rank their products at the top of the list, and therefore customers can easily find your products.

That is why I use it. My SEO is better. My ranking is better. What else do I need?

The customers will check the reviews and comments of previous buyers and will buy your products. So, you must use the Amazon SEO tools to make your products more visible.

Improve Product Visibility

·   Increase Product Awareness

The Amazon SEO tools can also help you in creating awareness among the customers.

As your products will be ranked higher at the top of the list, and therefore customers will get to know about your brand, products quality and many other things. In this way, you can get access to most of the customers

·   Increase Product List Visits

The product list is a detail page which accurately presents all the products which you can sell with their detailed information.

The product listings help the customers to decide between buying the products.

It is essential to make your product listings effective if you want to be a successful seller on the Amazon.

And for this purpose, you can use the keywords, and Amazon SEO tools help you to find the keywords.

If your product listings are accurate and perfect, it will let the customers get access to your products. They will visit your products listings, which will let Amazon know that people are searching for your products.

And as a result, they will rank your goods higher, and your products will appear at the top of the list.

If you want to increase the product list visits, you should choose the best keywords for your products.

And to find the keywords for your Amazon listings, you can use the Amazon SEO tool, which can tell you what people are searching on the Amazon.

Top 9 Amazon SEO Tools

The Amazon SEO tools help the sellers to understand the requirements, demands and needs of the buyers.

The sellers can use the information gathered from the market to improve the ranking and visibility of their products.

1.  Ahrefs Site Explorer

Ahrefs site explorer shows the keywords and brings the customers to the Amazon page. The dashboard has many metrics which help the sellers to analyze the data of competitors.

This Amazon SEO tool is a combination of three powerful SEO tools:

  1. Organic traffic research: it helps the sellers to know about the keywords which their competitors are using, and which pages are bringing the more sales
  2. Backlink checker: it is useful to know which website is linked to the site of your competitors.
  3. Paid traffic research: this tool let the sellers know whether your sellers are getting benefit from the paid search advertisements.
Ahrefs Site Explorer

2.  Feedback Genius

Feedback genius is my favorite. It makes the feedback process seamless. 

It is a software tool, which all the sellers can use at the Amazon. The toll helps the sellers to automate their buyer-seller communications with the help of automated emails. The emails help the sellers to get the maximum number of reviews.

3.  Keyword Inspector

It is Amazon keyword tool, which gives many options to the sellers such as trending keyword search. The store owners can check the trending keywords wither a weekly or daily basis by using this Amazon keyword tool.

There are two features, i.e. Indexation Tester and Reverse ASIN, which help the sellers to optimize their products.

So, the maximum number of sellers can approach your products. It is not a free tool; the members must either buy the credits or purchase the monthly scrimptions.

4.  Scientific Seller

Scientific seller is one of the best Amazon SEO tools, which is very easy to use. The free keyword research tool helps the sellers to know about the keywords which they mostly use to get the required product.

The platform can take a little bit more time to show the results but provides the quality keyword data for the Amazon sellers.

It may take hours to get the results as compared to others which can show the results within seconds.

Scientific Seller

5.  Google Keyword Planner

It is one of the most popular Amazon keyword tools, which is very useful if you want to monitor and compare the keyword trends.

It is a free keyword research tool, which gets the data from the Google search engine.  So, it may not be an effective way to know about the keywords for the Amazon.

My choice! 

It is better to use the GOOGLE KEYWORD planner for multi-channel sales. For Amazon, you should find a relevant one. 

6.  Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool offers its self as the best alternative to the Google keyword planner. It is a free keyword research tool, which can give you more than 750 suggestions for each search term.

The users can easily switch between Google and Amazon so that they can get the best keywords for their products.

Being a seller, you would like people to visit your website and buy products or services. The best way to get massive traffic for your store is by using the most trending keywords. Keyword Tool helps you to get a long list of keywords.

7.  Sales Backer

The tool offers the best way to get the reviews and seller’s feedback, with the help of pre-built email campaigns.

The tool is beneficial, as it is capable of sending automatic emails to the buyers and then manages their reviews and feedback. And also send the email alerts if someone gives the negative reviews.

Sales Backer

8.  Helium 10 – Magnet

Helium 10 is most commonly used for the Amazon SEO. The tool has a vast and broad range of tools and data to be utilized.

In the beginning, it was very CONFUSING for me. With time, I got a grip over it. 

This Amazon keyword tool tries to provide the best keywords to the sellers for their products, which can help them to improve their performance.

It has many keyword research tools, which helps to fit the keywords into the titles.

Helium 10-Magnet is powerful software, which can be used by anyone without any barrier. If you want to get benefit from Helium 10, you will have pay for it; as you can enjoy the free version for a limited period.

The subscription charges vary from $97 to $297. Well, for a small or medium Amazon business, the $97 subscription can be enough.

9.  Keywords Everywhere

The research tool displays the keyword data on the top of ten websites.

Therefore, you do not need to copy or paste the keywords into the Google Keyword Planner, as the dada is shown up in your Chrome browser. To use this tool, you will have to pay the subscription charges.

How To Choose The Most Suitable Amazon SEO Tools?

The Amazon SEO tools are essential for making your business a success story. The following are the factors you must consider while choosing the most suitable Amazon SEO tools.

·  What Features You Need?

I know my requirements. And my quest is to find all the required features. That is all.

You should keep considering all the features which you need and then can select the tool according to your requirements.

You will get a variety of tools, and all come with different features, which let the sellers choose the one which they need the most.

·  What Budget You Have?

There are many tools which may cost you a subscription charge, so while choosing the Amazon SEO tools, you should keep your budget in mind.

You can also try the free Amazon SEO tools if you cannot pay the subscription charges.

What Budget You Have

How Leelinesourcing Recommend Your SEO Tools And Increase Your Amazon Product Rankings

The keywords play a vital role in the success of a business on Amazon. Therefore, Leeline sourcing helps the sellers in finding the best tools, which can help them in finding the best keywords for their products.

And which ultimately helps to rank the products higher. And which attract the buyers.

The keywords can be a part of the products’ title, where they play a crucial role to attract customers.

You should choose the best keywords for your product, as they can let the buyers get access to your product.

The Leeline sourcing has helped the sellers in finding the best tools, which they use to get the keywords for their products.

You can also take help from these tools to analyze the needs and hobbit of customers, which can facilitate you to sell the products accordingly.

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Final Thoughts About Amazon SEO Tools

Amazon is the most popular ecommerce marketplace; therefore, sellers want to sell their product through this platform.

If you have an aim to become a successful seller on Amazon; your products must rank high in the Amazon products listing.

Amazon SEO tools can help the sellers to rank their products high, so they can get the potential buyers and make their business a success story.

FAQs About Amazon SEO Tools

The following are the most relevant queries for Amazon SEO tools.

·  How Often Does The Amazon Search Algorithm Get Updated?

Amazon does not tell about any update to their search algorithm. Therefore, it is not possible to tell precisely when Amazon algorithm changes.

·  Is Amazon.Com Considered A Search Engine?

Amazon is a search engine. Most people forget that Amazon is the largest search engine for the ecommerce. Now, more than 54% of the products’ searches take place at the Amazon.

Therefore, it is the time to take the Amazon seriously, as it has become the largest search engine for the ecommerce.

·  What is the Amazon SERP?

SERP stands for search engine results page, and Amazon SERP is the results which customers get after the complete search on Amazon.

SERP is a unique search query and is different for every keyword and search query when a consumer is searching for the products.

There is always a considerable difference between two SERP, even if the query involves the same question.

·  How Do I Find Best Keywords On Amazon?

Amazon keyword is one of the most import steps for the Amazon seller. The keyword plays a crucial role to attract potential customers and to boost the ranking on Amazon.

The keywords can be included in the tiles or description of the products, which help the customers to get the best-related products to their search queries.

There are many Amazon SEO tools, which one can use to get the best keywords for the products.

The tools try to provide the best suitable and trending keywords for your products. The tools are mostly free of cost, or you will have to pay a few dollars to get access to these tools.

The tools help the sellers to generate the relevant long-tail keywords. When you type in the Amazon search box, you will start getting the search engines.

Amazon predicts that which products will be best suitable for the relevant keywords.

The Amazon keyword tool generates hundreds of long-tail keywords, and you can use these keywords to get the best search results.

The tools pull all the keyword suggestions and present to you. All the processes take place behind the scenes and may take only a few seconds to take place.

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How Do I Find Best Keywords On Amazon

·  How Do You Rank Higher On Amazon?

The following are the factors which can help the sellers to rank the products their products higher on the Amazon.

  1. The sales rank is among the most crucial ranking factors. The more sales generate the higher ranks and which helps to get further more sales.
  2. The number of and quality of reviews you get about the products are very crucial.
  3. The sellers must follow the Amazon guideline regarding the product images. So the customers can get a clear idea about the product and can decide to buy the product.
  4. The queries of customers with their answers are placed at the top of the page. The customers get through those queries and learn about the features of the product. Therefore, these questions answers help to get higher ranks and more sales.
  5. The prices of the products should be compatible, as they can influence the sales and which ultimately affects the ranks on the Amazon.
  6. You can use the Amazon parent-child product functionality, which directs the customers to a single page. And this let the buyers get more sales and reviews; so they can get higher ranks on Amazon.
  7. If a customer spends extra time on your list, the more interested he is in your products. So, it will let Amazon get an idea of how much customers are interested in your products.
  8. If your product listing s are complete, it will facilitate you to get the customers. And hence your rank can be improved on Amazon. So, you must try to improve the products listings.
  9. A good title can increase the conversion rate effectively. So, to make the title more useful, you can add the keywords in your title. It will help you a lot to sell the product.
  10. You should display the features of your products in a better way. And for this purpose, you can include the bullet points and keywords. It is the best way to increase conversions.

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