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Party Supplies Suppliers

LeelineSourcing Find The Best Party Supplies Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
  • Leeline can help you import the best party supplies suppliers from China.
  • Leeline does not charge any hidden charges for wholesale party supplies for resale business.
  • Leeline can conduct company audits on your behalf in the markets of China.
  • Leeline can best negotiate for your desired party supplies with the best possible companies standing.
  • Leeline can store your party supplies for about two years, absolutely free of storage charges. 

Importing with Leeline can help you cut down shipment costs up to 50%.

Party Supplies

Top 10 Hot Selling Party Supplies From China


Importing Balloons From China

Balloons are flexible bags, generally made out of rubber or latex, designed in any theme, shape, and color. They can be filed either by mouth, helium gas, or balloon pumping machines. 

Balloons are one the most widely utilized party supplies. Hebei, China, leads in the production of balloons. They produce balloons in numerous designs, sizes, and quality. 

2. Ribbon

Wholesale Ribbon From China

A ribbon is a thin and lengthy piece of fabric, either soft as paper or silk, that can be made in any color. It can be folded into layers and used in walls, tables, chair decorations, and much more.

Ribbons are the most comfortable yet most eye-catching form of decoration used by almost everyone worldwide. Fujian, China, is well-known for making the best ribbons.

3. Table Decoration

Buy Table Decoration From China

Either it is a birthday party, wedding ceremony, or only some family gathering, table decorations are always considered the main element. Table decoration is referred to as the act of putting effort into adorning the table with some ornaments or other materials.

Table decoration, being the centerpiece, enriches and beautifies the whole event. A significant number of table decoration suppliers are known to be from Guangdong, China.

4. Candles

Wholesale Candles in Bulk From China

Candles are comburent objects whose wick is submerged in wax and used to give light and provide fragrance. Although old, candles have never been out of fashion. People use them for light, yes, but many use it as for vintage atmosphere also. On birthdays find candles to tell the age of the birthday person too.

Candles are a sort of charm for parties. Hebei, China, has the largest manufacturers of candles, with all kinds of shapes, sizes, and fragrances.

5. Craft supplies

Wholesale From China Craft supplies Suppliers

Craft supplies are raw materials, which are used for creating items for some special event. There are several craft supplies such as flower crafts supplies, papercraft supplies, glass craft supplies, needlework, and many more. 

All parties require craft supplies to make the atmosphere pleasant and astounding. Shandong of China contains a large and diverse volume of wholesale party supplies. They trade adequate craft supplies across the globe.

6. Napkins

Wholesale From China Napkins Manufacturers

Napkins are cloth pieces, generally square in shape, used to wipe fingers and lips at a meal. They are used by people of all ages, in different colors and sizes.

Jiangsu consists of a significant number of wholesale party supplies. They manufacture a great number of napkins of all colors and sizes.

7. Drinkware

Importing Drinkware From China

Drinkware is the glassware and other objects required for making and drinking drinks at events, like parties. Because what is a party without drinks? Drinkware can be in various shapes and sizes.

Zhejiang province has the most versatile drinkware. They provide the best quality of drinkware all over the map.

8. Tent

Wholesale Tent From China

The tent is a lightweight, movable cover of cloth held to the ground by poles and cords. It has numerous types, regarding shapes, sizes, and colors, concerning the environment in it is being used. It is a common yet essential tool for outdoor parties.

Zhejiang is famous for supplying adequate wholesale party supplies from China. They produce all kinds of tents and supply all around the world.

9. First Aid kit

Buy First Aid kit From China

First aid kits are boxes of supplies used to treat small injuries or help wounded people until further assistance is reached. The kits should contain items like cleansing wipes, bandages, safety pins, thermometer, antiseptic cream, etc.

All events, including parties, keep a first aid kit in case of emergency, as necessary. Jiangsu of China has the largest suppliers of first aid kits in the world.

10. Banners

Wholesale Banners in Bulk From China

Banners are a large piece of cloth with some heading with designs, for the advertisement of something or some event is called a banner. Events like parties always consist of banners to highlight the event’s cause or just litter some fun things in large bearings.

Jiangsu of China is known for being the largest producer of wholesale party supplies. They manufacture banners of all designs in intriguing themes of various sizes, shapes, and colors.

Leeline Help You Import Party Supplies From China

Product Sourcing

Party Supplies Product Sourcing

Leeline holds the reputation of being among the reliable outsourcing companies to choose to source products for you from China.

Factory Audit

Party Supplies Factory Audit

Negotiating with the suppliers can be hectic if you are not sourcing from the same region. Leeline helps you get you maximum negotiated prices and can perform factory audit on your benefit from anywhere in China. 

Product Inspection

Party Supplies Product Inspection

Leeline services also include inspecting your desired party supplies against quality standards. Leeline makes sure your sourced products are of the best quality and inspects them before the purchase.

Amazon FBA Prep

Party Supplies Amazon FBA Prep

Leeline also gets Amazon to prepare the shipment that includes Amazon packing all your purchased wholesale party supplies and making sure they are prepared for dispatch.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Party Supplies Shipping To Amazon FBA

Leeline also takes full responsibility for shipping to Amazon FBA. Leeline makes it evident that the packages are shipped safely.


Party Supplies DropShopping

Leeline acts as a drop shipping agent between the supplier and the client and ensures the products are shipped to the customer timely and accurately to the destination.

Why Choose Leeline To Import Party Supplies From China

    • Leeline can source the best quality wholesale party supplies within your stated budget.
    • Leeline agents can help you contact numerous manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale party supplies in China.
    • Leeline performs a detailed inspection of each one of your products and tackles a factory audit for you.
    • China party supplies suppliers are well known for their product quality and rates. Leeline can help you connect to them and negotiate for advantageous deals. 
    • With Leeline as your sourcing company, you do not have to worry about your product storage. Leeline can hold your products and can provide free storage for up to 2 years.

Best 10 Party Supplies Manufacturers In China

1. Hangzhou Jiefa Materials Co., Ltd.

1. Hangzhou Jiefa Materials Co., Ltd. 

Established back in 2007 in a small room to expanding 2000 meters of well-equipped inventories, the statistics speak for their services. With a workforce of over 50 experienced men, the company has been standing tall within the party supplies traders. With 14 years as a party supplies supplier, China holds an excellent reputation because of its outstanding products at wholesale rates.

Main Products

Hangzhou Jiefa Materials Co., Ltd deals in party supplies. Their main products include school and office stationaries, printing and packaging, customized promotional products, and much more. The company can also provide good quality birthday-themed supplies, bridal shower, baby shower supplies, and tons of super affordable deals for other general-purpose party supplies. 

Why Choose Hangzhou Jiefa Materials Co., Ltd?

With their experience agents and joint forces of manufacturers in China, the company can provide you a fair amount of excellent quality and competitive products. Being one of the oldest trading companies in China, their reputation makes them well trusted among the clients. They have successfully traded with many businesses all across the world. 

2.Fuy Yiwu Jingui Trading Co., Ltd.

2. Fuy Yiwu Jingui Trading Co., Ltd.

Fuyang Bestop has been in existence for about five years and, in the meantime, has been raised among some of the leading companies of China. This particular body has an annual avenue of around one million US dollars. Since 2017, the company has captured the markets of North America, Western Europe, and Mid East and has traded with over 42 companies in the previously mentioned states. 

Main Products

The company provides all kinds of party supplies, regardless of the themes. Signing deals with Fuy Yiwu Jingui Trading means getting hands on some of the supreme collection of Party Supplies, party set, paper plate, Party Favor, balloon in Zhejiang, China.  

Why Choose the Jingui Trading Co., Ltd

The company’s entire working force under mention is solely dedicated to the production of the best quality party supplies. They are a well-equipped trading company with a working force of five to ten people. With a response rate of 87%, the company can cater to all your required party supplies. 

3.Xiamen La Ribbons & Crafts Co., Ltd.

3. Xiamen La Ribbons & Crafts Co., Ltd.

La Ribbons & Crafts is an old established company that grounded its business in 2009. They have their main office situated in Fujian, China. This manufacturing and trading company holds an ISO9001 certification. They also hold a trademark that goes by a ribbon. Their services cover the areas of North America, Eastern Asia, and western Europe. 

Main Products

The company deals in an extensive range of ribbons. They are the largest producers and hit the 65,000,000yds of ribbon production for party supplies monthly. They produce satin ribbon, both one face and two-faced, grosgrain ribbon, and organza ribbon. You can also get yourself a fantastic range of velvet ribbons, a wide variety of gingham ribbons, and jacquard ribbons. They also produce all the custom-printed ribbons.

Why Choose Xiamen La Ribbons & Crafts Co., Ltd.

The La Ribbons is quite the ancient manufacturer. They have annual revenue of 50 million US dollars with about 182 transactions. They have more than ten production lines currently running, with their expert men at each line. With a working force of 100+ individuals, the company leads in producing ribbons for wholesale party supplies in bulk. They are a good option for bulk ribbon orders.

4.Hebei Huaming Laye Limited Company

4. Hebei Huaming Laye Limited Company

Huaming Laye was founded in 2000. Standing for about 21 years, they are a professional manufacturing and trading company. The headquarter of the company is in Hebei, China. This company is a source of income of about 300 workers and home to 500 machines. They export to North America extensively. They also serve their services in Eastern Asia and Western Europe. The company also holds product certification from SONCAP.

Main Products

Mainly, the mentioned company deals in wholesale party supplies for resale. These include birthday candles, glass jar scented candles, LED lights, and a more diverse variety of candles and lights. They are also involved deeply in the molding of candles. Apart from the candles, the company also has a large production of tableware. 

Why Choose Hebei Huaming Laye Limited Company

The company holds an excellent reputation among the other party supplies manufacturers and traders in China’s markets. They have the latest equipment for manufacture-installed at their workspaces. They are verified by TÜV Rheinland. All the products that they produce can be altered to the requirements of their clients. Their customer reviews are positive, and services in party supplies manufacturers in China are commendable.

5.Yiwu Youteng Paper Crafts Co., Ltd.

5. Yiwu Youteng Paper Crafts Co., Ltd.

Mainly concerned with the design, production, and manufacturing of party supplies, the company is operation since 2007. Youteng Paper Crafts have their office in Zhejiang, China. The company extends its services to North America, Western Europe, and Sothern Europe. They have a working force of 200 people in a 5000 square meter production factory. 

Main Products

All the products of Youteng Paper Crafts imply international standards for quality. They produce wholesale party supplies for resale. Their product line includes disposable paper plates, cups, napkins, table covers, banners, paper hats, paper boxes, cake stands, cake cups, straws, and many more regular party supplies. 

Why Choose Youteng Paper Crafts

With 14 years of experience in the manufacturing, they deliver premium quality products and tons of designs and qualities to choose from according to the budget. The services they provide are praise worthy. Their annual revenue of 2.5 million US dollar customer reviews speaks volumes. 

6.Yiwu Damai Craft Co., Ltd.

6. Yiwu Damai Craft Co., Ltd.

Damai Craft has been onsite verified by one of the world’s renowned inspection companies, the TÜV Rheinland. The Damai Craft is in existence since a decade. The company has party supplies production as the only focus. Their office is located in Zhejiang, China. They provide services to the markets of North America, Central America, and South America. 

Main Products

All the party supplies produced by the company are eco-friendly and up to the standards of quality certifications. They are one of the largest bodies that produce party supplies that are of a diverse range. Their main products include themed stuffed like children dinosaur park themed part supplies, rainbow-themed party supplies, Halloween themes, and many exciting themes. 

Why Choose Damai Craft 

Yiwu Damai offers service to all the customers in the areas of their operation. They offer an incredible range of right quality products. Since all their products are made from good quality white sheets, they can provide customization on request. The company’s business representatives are some of the most professional and good behaviors that clear their customers’ doubts and quires. 

7.Dongguan Nuosheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

7. Dongguan Nuosheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Nursing Electronic Technology is a recently established company that specializes in the production of party supplies. They are esteemed manufacturers and traders of a wide variety of customized products for parties. They have their office located in Guangdong, China. They have extended their services to Southeast Asia, Europe, and a large market of North America.

Main Products

With Party supplies as their most excellent production, the company is well known for producing customized articles for Halloween parties, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, occasional party supplies, and other related products. The composite material of their party supplies is environment-friendly.

Why Choose Nuosheng Electronic Technology

In the shortest possible time, the company has completed over 98 transactions successfully. They have about 50 people working for their company and can cater to the requirements, excellently and promptly. The company prides itself on its customer services and satisfaction. 

8.Xi'an Me Light Crafts Co., Ltd.

8. Xi’an Me Light Crafts Co., Ltd.

Serving the markets as traders of party supplies for over a decade, the company adds up to the annual export of party supplies production in China. With an in-house quality assurance department, the company claims to have the leading quality products. Located in the heart of Shaanxi, China, this company has its annual revenue of about 50 million US dollars. 

Main Products

With a wide variety of party supplies, the company mainly deals in sky lanterns, paper lanterns, Chinese lanterns, water lanterns, candle bags, confetti, and many other related wholesale party supplies bulk trades. They have completed about 155 transactions successfully of the mentioned articles. 

Why Choose Xi’an Me Light Crafts

Within the shortest of time, the company has already signed off some credible transactions and covers America, Europe, and Asia. You can also place promotional orders. Besides, they also offer rates that are reasonable and super flexible to affordable. They can help leveling up our business.

9.Yiwu Microstar Commodities Co., Ltd.

9. Yiwu Microstar Commodities Co., Ltd.

The Microstar Commodities is based in Zhejiang, China. Established in 2006, It is a comparably old established company in the manufacturing and trading world. It has been rising to ultimate success due to its credible performance in production and quality. The company deals internationally with North America, Eastern, and Western Europe. 

Main Products

The company is one of the leading wholesalers plus a manufacturer of party supplies including theme as birthdays, weddings, baby showers, bachelorette and the never-ending themes the world celebrates.  

Why Choose Microstar Commodities

With annual revenue of 50 billion and provider of services like OEM and ODM, it stands out from its competitors. The company also has over ten production lines and serves the markets with their demand for party supplies. They provide excellent products, and their delivery is prompt. 

10.Yiwu Sibaishuo Import and Export Co., Ltd.

10. Yiwu Sibaishuo Import and Export Co., Ltd.

With 384 transactions and an 89% response rate of 27th Feb 2021, this company is in 3rd year. Being professional traders and suppliers of party supplies in China, the company has captured North America, the West of Europe, and the South of Asia. 

Main Products

All the products of this company are up to the international standards for quality. Their product line includes themed party supplies like unicorn birthday, wedding and bridal shower decoration, and much more. 

Why Choose Sibaishuo Import and Export

The company is conscious of quality and inspects each article that the house manufactures. Other than that, the company is reliable and well-reputed for its creativity in customized promotional orders for packaging and gifts. They also have super affordable and market competitive rates for their products. They can provide you with the best-themed products and reasonable rates. 

Best 5 Party Supplies Manufacturers In US

11. Party Supply USA

1. Party Supply USA

Founded 15 years back, Party Supply USA stands high on the principles that it was formed on. It is a premier wholesale supplier. They claim that they have products that they have picked up from rock bottoms, but that will fly high on the shelves where they are put at. 

Main Products

The Party Supply USA has all the essential parts supplies that any company needs for their resale. Their categories include balloons, wall hangings, candles, tableware, themed decors, and much more. They have them at the widest variety and the most competitive prices than the other party supplies manufacturers USA. 

Why Choose Party Supply USA

They reserve a reputable space within the wholesaler and providers list. Their business relationship with brands that they provide products to is admirable. They are one of the best companies to have a deal with.



Faire grounded its existence in 2017 as one of the leading retailers in the state. With their long-term relationship with many brands, they are connected with 150,000 local and international brands in the USA’s wholesale party. 

Main Products

The company deals in the wholesale of all the party items, including Wholesale Party Decorations, Party Tableware, Balloons, Garlands, and Baby Shower Décor, all produced in the USA’s local markets. They are extending their provision of services everywhere around the world. 

Why Choose FAIRE

The company occupies the first page in searching for companies in the USA to sign a business with. They have genuine and quick services and an excellent responding speed. They keep adding new brands to provide better alternatives to the market when they search for wholesalers of party supplies. 

13.Devra Party

3. Devra Party

Devra party is a wholesale business owned by a Philadelphian family. The company manufactures its series of party supplies in the USA. Their products are all eco-friendly since the company manufactures their products from 85% recycled raw material. They are one of the few companies in the USA that heavily rely on the fact that there can be a total production even if the raw material is sourced from recycling bins. 

Main Products

They have a wide variety of party supplies and also push new items now and then. A few of their party supplies’ constant articles include honeycomb tissue paper balls, bells, party fans, fruits, garlands, and snowflakes.

Why Choose Devra Party

Devra makes sure that all their products are prior against the quality to make sure they are manufacturing and exporting does not claim against the quality. The company has quite the applauding delivery service across the globe.

14.Wholesale Party Supplies

4. Wholesale Party Supplies

With a motto of the party more and pay less, the company is one of a kind in the USA’s wholesalers of party supplies suppliers. The company specializes in gathering branded supplies. Many specialty and care goes into the products that they add to the catalogs at their sites. 

Main Product

The company deals in quite a range of products. Ranging from the basic needs item to all the extras that add to the grace. The party supplies section includes solid-colored balloons, themed balloons, balloon kits, balloon accessories, themed piñatas, piñatas fill, piñatas kit, and piñatas accessories. 

Why Choose Wholesale Party Supplies?

The Corporation has quite an eye for extraordinary and the trendiest article of party supplies. They hire experienced personal, and the company takes care of all deals of yours with outstanding professionalism.  

15.US Party Company

5. US Party Company

This wholesale party distributor is one of the USA’s leading companies that sources an endless list of party supplies. They take care of the most delicate details of the party to some of the essential items. 

Main Products

They have an endless bucket of party supplies that include balloon stuffing, birthday balloons, black Friday, bubble balloons, candy supplies, flags, and much more. They possess a wide variety of party supplies and all composed of various materials 

Why Choose US Party Company

The company has over decades of experience in the field. They are global certified suppliers. All the products provided by them are of top quality. They are undoubtedly one of the best companies to sign any sort of deal with. 

Best 5 Party Supplies Manufacturers In UK

16.Creative Party

1. Creative Party

The company was founded in 1953, in Bournemouth Dorset, UK. Creative party offers wide range of party supplies used on the occasions of Birthday, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Theme Parties and more.  Their focus is to add the ingredients of design, innovation, and quality to make the special products. They are shipping their products to 40+ countries worldwide.

Main Products:

They are offering the wide varieties of Paper tableware, foil balloons, banners, and décor for the theme parties. They have specialty in Solid Color Tableware ranges, Plastic Serve ware, Foil Balloons, Latex Balloons and Accessories. They also offer the fantastic ranges of cake decorations and disposable tabletops.

Why Choose Creative Party

Creative Party has been for a long time. They have great experience in the manufacturing business. The company has verified production certificates. They are having their family business. The company is delivering to 40+ countries all over the world. Creative Party is excellent for buying cake decorations and disposable tabletops.

17.Wow Party Wholesaler

2. Wow Party Wholesaler

Wow Party is the family run business established in the year 2013 in Essex. They are one of the leading wholesale companies in UK. They have wide variety of innovative products that are created by experienced people. They got success by trading party supplies. They have free delivery across UK over the orders worth more than 100 pounds.

Main Products

They are offering the wide varieties of party accessories and party supplies at wholesale rates. The wide range of party supplies includes: foil balloons, latex balloons, fancy dress costumes, and party decorations that includes crepe steamers and garlands, table confetti, banners, hanging decorations and party glows.

Why choose Wow party

They are offering the best and competitive prices and can beat anyone for their best price and quality. They have wide variety of products and are adding new line every day. The most important thing is that they are never out of stock even at the time of occasions they have their maximum stock. In UK, they deliver products the very next day of order.

18.Go International

3. Go International

Go International is UK based company established in the year 1985, from one-bedroom flat. George Oustayiannis is the founder and director of the company. Go international was among the very first companies in UK who offers professional balloons training and marketing. The company is 65th leading manufacturers of the world.

Main Products

They are offering the latest ranges of balloons, themed tableware, decorations, party bags, plush toys, gas balloons and wide variety of accessories. They also offer fancy dresses, celebrity masks, bubble balloons and Qualatex balloons. They have especially wide variety of different types of balloons.

Why choose Go International

They are the award winning sellers. They have free delivery for the orders of worth 125 pounds and above. They also have the service of express delivery. The best thing is that they deliver very next day of the order placed. They have over 1 million items in stock.

19.Unique Industries

4. Unique Industries

They have established over half of the century ago. They are well experienced and provide high quality products. The thing which make them unique among the most leading manufacturers are the ingredients of high quality and cost-effective prices. They have started their company from the very small basement outside the Philadelphia.

Main Products

The party supplies they are offering includes hottest licensed party themes. They also offer the wide varieties of trendy and classical balloons, tableware, piñatas, and favors. They have special themes for summer, winter, fall and spring. They also have over 35 eye-catching colors and coordinating prints.

Why choose Unique International

They are the best among the leading manufacturers. They deliver to more than 50 countries worldwide. They have 1000 party themes so you will have many choices that will fit for your party. They have more than 30 licensed ensembles featuring Disney, marvel, nickelodeon, universal etc.

20.Amscan International

5. Amscan International

Amscan was established in 1947. They are designers, manufacturers and distributors. And due to these three ingredients they always met with new trends. They are Business to Business party suppliers and are most trustworthy to have long term partnership with them. They offers customer satisfaction and environmental sustainability.

Main Products

As far as products are concerned, they have wide varieties of balloons, themed costumes, tableware, cake toppers and much more. They have specialty in balloons of many colors, they have balloons variety that matches your theme party. They are specialist of theme party decors.

Why choose Amscan International?

The Amscan International are worldwide present. They have their outlets in Japan, UK, USA and Mexico. The main ingredient of their success is their best customer service. The best thing about Amscan International is that they always have a sale on their website. You can grab your favorite items in best quality and cheap prices.

Need Leeline to Handle Your Shipping Party Supplies From China

Party Supplies Sea Freight Shipping from China

Party Supplies Sea Freight From Shipping

Sea freight is well appropriate for the cargo of products that are in more significant proportions. The products that are of immense volume are shipped through ocean lines.

Party Supplies Air Freight Shipping from China

Party Supplies Air Freight From Shipping

Since air corridors are everywhere globally, air cargo is the most effective and quickest way of shipping products. Air routes are available all over the world. This explicit shipping methodology is secure and time-saving.

Party Supplies Rail Freight Shipping from China

Party Supplies Rail Freight From Shipping

Rail shipping is the most suitable choice for merchandise traders. It provides easy and economic convenience and can reach any town that has railway tracks.

Party Supplies Door to Door Shipping from China

Party Supplies Door to Door From Shipping

Door-to-door shipping is a comfortable and quick method for shipping products if items are not in more generous proportions.

Import Party Supplies From China: Ultimate Guide

Introduction About Importing Party Supplies from China

Are you planning to invest in a wholesale party supplies business anytime soon? Do you wish to start importation party supplies from China but are too confused about where to start? Let Leeline has explain.

Any kind of Party Supplies are super functional and a part of every event. They are widely used by event planners everywhere across the globe. The popularity of the trendiest and yet affordable party supplies rise by the day. If you are looking to start a business for party supplies, importing from China can be way too favorable.

The Chinese market has grown so much in these past years. Moreover, China has the most versatile manufacturers of party supplies and other items with the most reasonable rates.

How to grow your business by importing party supplies from china? 

Party Supplies 1

What is party supplies business?

Party Supplies Business is basically importing party supplies of several types in more generous proportions and at reasonable rates and then reselling them slightly higher to keep a profit margin.

Importing from China has several perks. The Chinese market has much best work of party supplies at such acceptable rates that provide you with a fair profit margin.

The import and export business contains a range of opportunities. Chinese markets have types of party supplies are available in the inventory.

What are the benefits of importing party supplies from china?

China has proven its place in the wholesale market and has dealt with a more significant proportion of products for quite some years. The most significant benefit is that they provide good quality at wholesale rates. Other benefits include;

You can buy goods at a significantly lower price from China as compared to other countries. You can import party supplies in bulk for your business without having to worry about the profit. The rates offer in China are relatively cheaper and can be profitable for your business.

Another fantastic benefit is instant delivery. Leeline sourcing services can assure you of the promised timely delivery just when you ask them to.

Who uses party supplies?

There is no limitation of gender or age group when it comes to using party supplies. Any gender and any age use a different type of party supplies for various purposes.

Various party supplies are available, including balloons, ribbons, cake toppers, candles, wall frames, etc. Wide varieties of party supplies are used at various places and ocassions. Balloons, banners, cake pops, party hats, and candles are used on various events like birthdays, bridal showers, etc.

Decent Balloons, Paper Lanterns, Graduation trophies, and banners are widely used for graduation parties these days.

Every kind of event has its customized party supply needs.

Party Supplies 2

How to choose the best party supplies, manufacturer?

  • Firstly, you surf the internet to have an idea about China’s markets and what they are offering.
  • Once you pick party supplies of your choice and reasonable rates, you can leave the inspection and negotiation on Leeline.
  • Leeline makes sure the quality is up to mark and signs a deal on your behalf.

How to negotiate with china party supply suppliers?

Negotiation is one of the most challenging at the same time, immensely essential for your business. While negotiating;

  • Ensure that you understand the shipment delivery time.
  • Ensure that the products are good and up to standards of quality.
  • Do not offer a price that you know won’t suffice the supplier’s profit margin.

How to Ship Party Supplies from China?

There are several ways of shipping bags from China. Shipments can be via:

  • Rail freight
  • Airfreight
  • Sea freight
  • Door to door shipping

Any of these methods can opt for shipments of party supplies and other products.

How to sell party supplies online to earn money?

Nowadays, everything has become digital. You can quickly sell your products from your home. You have to take some aesthetic shots of your products and give their details in captions. You can post these pictures and descriptions on any social media platform for marketing and generating income.

Party Supplies 3

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy wholesale party supplies?

China, the USA, UK, and South Africa are the biggest suppliers of party supplies. You can search Alibaba express for the wholesale market of party supplies. Similarly, Esources, Cool Glow, and Party Xpress can be searched to import party supplies from the UK, the USA, and South Africa.

Where can I buy wholesale party supplies in China?

Chinabrands, Alibaba, Dhgate, and Ali Express are primary sources for buying wholesale party supplies in China. You can search for your desired product on their website, compare the rates for yourself and let Leeline inspect the product before placing an order.

What steps are to be followed while importing party supplies from China?

If you are importing party supplies from China, you should;

  • Inquire if your home state allows you to import items from China.
  • Do not fall for the low prices; always go for the quality.
  • Calculate the party supplies‘ total cost and how much it would charge you for your goods to reach their destination, including the cost of shipping, applicable duties, and taxes.
  • Pick your supplier and place the order for your selected stock.
  • Choose your mean of transportation. You can use China’s regular post, air freight, or ship freight.

Is a License Required to Import party supplies from China?

Generally, you do not need a trading silence. However, there are specific rules and regulations that each state/country has on what its citizens can import. It is always essential to have your embassy’s permission letter with you if some agencies interrogate you for a license.

What is the cheapest way to import from China?

There are various ways of importing China’s shipments, like Air Freight, Sea Freight, Rail Freight, and others. Each way has some advantages and disadvantages.

However, Sea freight is the cheapest for importing wholesale party supplies from China, even if they charge additional charges. If your shipment is big enough, it will be cost-effective for you.

Final Thoughts on Wholesale Bags from China

The markets in China have well-tried themselves within the international markets. They are the leading makers of every type of product, together with the right kind of party supplies.

China will offer multiple choices for makers and suppliers of party supplies who will offer the most straightforward competitive rates and wholesale party supplies of prime quality inside your fascinating timeline.

Selecting a reliable manufacturer is often a troublesome task; however not possible. Never select very cheap costs. And never talk terms below the gross margin of the provider.

Another appropriate choice is to hand over the charge to Leeline and raise them to sign the deal on your behalf. And you may have to be compelled to get hold of their service charges and have your shipments inspected and delivered to your step.

Import From China

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