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Yiwu Market Guide 2021 : Buy From Yiwu Wholesale Market

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 Buy From Yiwu Wholesale Market

Yiwu International Trade City is most commonly known as the Yiwu Market. It is a primary wholesale market complex in Yiwu, Zhejiang, China.

Since China is covering most of the world’s supply for small commodities ranging from electronics, wearables, technological products, and anything you can think of.

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This market is at the heart of such trades.

According to a survey, in 2013, US$ 11 billion worth of goods were sold in this market.

Buy From Yiwu Wholesale Market

What is Yiwu?

After the take over of the communist party in 1949, they banned the sales of things by private citizens for profit and there were only barter trades in the region.

Yiwu became the first Chinese city to allow private enterprise in 1982, by Xie Gaohua. It all started with a few hundred stalls and sheds but that humble beginning grew out quickly and laid the foundation of the world’s largest wholesale markets in the known history.

In current days, the market is divided into 5 districts, spanning over 4 million square meters and 75000 booths.

According to an estimate, over 400,000 kinds of products are being exhibited and sold in the Yiwu china market. There are 2,000 categories of goods being sold and whatever you name, you can get sourced from this market.

How to Get to Yiwu & Where to stay

If you are traveling to China and are unfamiliar of the modes of transport that you can choose for your traveling to Yiwu, you can have a clear idea on distances and modes of transport form major cities of China to Yiwu through this article:

How can I get to Yiwu from Shanghai?

If you land in Shanghai and want to travel to Yiwu, China. There are 4 modes of transport you can use. The fastest option would be Train as it takes mere 2h and 16 mins.

There are also buses available that are the most economical mode of transport.

Yet, they take at least 4 hours from Shanghai. You can also book a taxi or rent a car for self-drive with 2h and 55 mins of drive.

How can I get to Yiwu from Shanghai

How can I get to Yiwu from Guangzhou?

Guangzhou is a bit far from Yiwu and if you are not on a budget and want to save time, the best way would be to fly to Yiwu China. The domestic flight takes around 4h and 40 mins and costs from $100-$220.

However, if you are on a budget, there are several other methods like the train, that takes 21h and 48m. A

bus would take 13h and 30m and Driving yourself can take 11h and 53m.

How can I get to Yiwu from Shenzhen?

Well, if you are looking to travel to Yiwu from Shenzhen, you have several options that start with taking a flight that takes around 4h and 39m and costs you between $100-$185.

There are also cheaper and slower methods if you are on a budget like a Bus taking 21h, the train taking 8h and 10mm and Driving yourself that would take around 11h and 58m.

How can I get to Yiwu from Beijing?

Beijing is the capital of China and probably your first choice if you are looking to travel to China.

If you are looking for ways to travel from Beijing to Yiwu. You can book a flight that takes around 4h and 33m.

A train is also an option that will save you a considerable fortune and will take 6h and 46m.

The drive from Beijing to Yiwu takes 14h and 11m if you want to drive a car yourself or hire a taxi for your travel.

How do I get to Yiwu from Ningbo?

Ningbo is fairly close to Yiwu comparatively and the best way to travel would be through train that takes mere 1h and 42m and costs only $20-$35.

There are other options like bus, that takes 4h and costs $9.

If you want to drive to Yiwu, you can reach there from Ningbo in 1h and 57m.

 do I get to Yiwu from Ningbo

What is the best time to visit Yiwu?

If you are planning on visiting Yiwu for business purposes.

You must conduct your proper research regarding everything. We are solving the problem for you by including everything you need to know right here.

The first thing should be considering the right time for your visit to Yiwu.

Although, the market is opened all year (including weekends). The best time to visit would be during trade fairs (so you can get better prices).

Considering the weather, annual holidays in china and the weather, the best time to consider would be from March to June and from September to December.

How long should I plan for the Yiwu visit?

This question is best answered by yourself.

If you are familiar with the market and have a list of vendors and products prepared, all you need is a day.

However, if you are planning on visiting more than one market and have a long list of products being prepared. The optimal stay limits would be anywhere between 5-7 days.

What type of products can you by in Yiwu

The answer to that question is not an easy job to explain in words.

With over 400,00 types of products being sold in the Yiwu market, it would not be an exaggeration to say that you can get every type of product imaginable within the Yiwu market.

The categories range from Hardware, daily necessities, ornaments, crafts, toys, textile, shoes, electronics, stationery, auto accessories, and parts, you name it.

Why and Why not go to Yiwu

Every market has its own pros and cons, and so does Yiwu. To summarize the pros and cons shortly, you can say that.
You can get everything imaginable sourced easily in Yiwu.

The lead time is short and they have ready to ship stocks. There is no sales pressure and you have plenty of choices.

The language barrier is the biggest con as only a handful of shopkeepers speak English.

You have to negotiate the prices as there are individual sellers and prices are not regulated.
There might be quality issues and it is hard to determine there.

Yiwu Market Introduce

Yiwu wholesale market is the world’s largest wholesale trade market that spans over a huge 4 million square meters and supplies a huge chunk of small commodities needs throughout the globe.

While you look at it, it might be the perfect place for you to source the products for reselling purposes.

Yiwu Sourcing Agent In China

Yiwu Wholesale market feature

Yiwu is undoubtedly the most famous and largest wholesale trade market in the world featuring over 75,000 booths that carry a wide range of products.

The niche of products being sold in the market is not limited and span over 400,000 types of products being sold in the market.

The market consists of several districts that have categorized the products and you can plan your visit according to your convenience.

There are several sub-markets as well, that is classified with product categories being sold in the Yiwu China wholesale market. The market list would be.

All Yiwu Market List

Futian Market

Futian Market is located in district 1 and has large wholesale markets like belts, Art & Craft, Yiwu Scarf and Shawl’s market, hair accessories. It is most famous for its artificial flowers and the small home appliances being sold here.

Address: The Futian market is located at A4 Floor (Floor 4, Section A) in District 1 of the Yiwu Market.

Open Hours:8 AM-5 PM.

International production material market

As the name suggests, the International production material market is all about the production material ranging from glass, ceramics, woodwork, and equipment that can be used in production for machinery, raw materials for electronics and stuff.

Address:The market is located at Chouzhou North Rd.

Hours: 8 AM-5 PM

International production material market

Huangyuan Clothing Market

The history of the Huangyuan clothing market goes way back than the Yiwu wholesale market and it is widely known for selling garments and clothing.

Address:It is located on Jiangbin Bei Rd. and Huangyuan Rd.

Hours: 8 AM-5 PM

Digital Market:

Yiwu digital market is the largest marketplace to shop for tech equipment, cellphones, led, and other accessories at the best price.

Address:It is located at Binwang Rd, Yiwu.

Hours: 8 am-5 PM

Communication Market:

The communication market sells all communication equipment like radios, walkie talkies, networking devices, and cables and cell phones. Anything you might require can be sourced from this market for your communicational needs.

Address:The address is 215 Binwang Rd, Yiwu

Hours:8 AM-5 PM

Yiwu Specialized Streets:

Yiwu market is a large market, even larger than some of the cities in the world. The marketplace offers various types of products in every imaginable niche.

Hence, it might get confusing while planning your visit to the market and looking for the desired products as to where to visit.

To avoid such confusion and mixing up, there are specialized streets defined in the Yiwu market.

Each specialized street in the Yiwu market is specified for a certain type of product.

These streets help you plan your visit and visit a number of vendors selling the same type of products.

By this, you can easily buy the things on your list.

The choice also allows you to bargain with the best prices and compare the quality of the products.

We recommend you to visit multiple vendors in such specialized streets so you can compare the quality and prices of all products. This will allow you to only choose the best for you.

Yiwu Specialized Streets

Yiwu Material Market:

Yiwu Material Market is famous for all the raw materials required for the industries. You can source things from machine parts to accessories and raw materials easily in this market.

Address:The address is Airport Road, Yiwu.

Hours: 8 AM-5 PM

Zhejiang Timber Market:

Zhezhong timber market is known for building materials and mainly wood used for flooring and other infrastructure.

Address:Huancheng W Rd, Yiwu

Hours: 8 AM-5 PM

How to source products and deal with suppliers in Yiwu markets

To source from the Yiwu market, it is of utmost importance to find out the right suppliers that can source you the products at the best prices.

To deal with the suppliers is another important thing that you should be prepared for when it comes to sourcing the products at the right price.

There are two things that you should know of and should prepare for in advance:

How to Find Yiwu Market Suppliers?

To find the right Yiwu Market suppliers, you must be aware of two things.

There are a lot of options available. So, you should never hesitate to explore the market and check all the available options out there.

Also, the prices are not fixed. You should strike a bargain that would be beneficial for you and will be profitable if you are planning to resell the products later.

How to communicate with Yiwu market suppliers?

If you are visiting the Yiwu market in person. You will need a translator that can help you with your communication and bargaining a deal with the supplier.

However,an china sourcing agent for you is a much easier, convenient and better way to deal with the Yiwu market suppliers.

How to Deal with Yiwu market Suppliers?

It is important for you to know the process of dealing with the Yiwu market suppliers if you want to source the best quality products at the right price.

To deal with the Yiwu Market suppliers, you need to take care of certain important aspects. Some tips to consider will be:

  • Choose suppliers with specialized categories:
    There are a number of suppliers in the Yiwu market that are selling a diverse range of products. They are actually sourcing their products from other suppliers and then reselling the goods. To get the best prices, you should be choosing the suppliers that are specialized in the category of goods and products being sold by them.
  • Confirm Product Quality:
    It is imperative that you check the product quality thoroughly while placing your order. To check the product quality, you can also ask for the samples from your suppliers and they will be more than happy to share it with you.
  • Tips on Price Negotiation:
    The Yiwu market is famous for price negotiations. To get an accurate idea of prices, you must visit the market thoroughly and visit different vendors. Once you have compared the prices, and have a clear idea. You can now talk to the suppliers in Yiwu market and negotiate the best prices for yourself.

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How to Ship products to your country:

Once you have bought the right products for reselling from the Yiwu market, now you need to find the most reliable and suitable method to have these products shipped to your company.

You can either do it yourself or have a reliable agent have it taken care of for you. The latter method is convenient, easy and secure and less hassle on your plate.

If you want to choose it yourself, there are three most popular methods that you can choose from to have the products shipped to your country.

  • Express Delivery:
    Express Delivery is one of the fastest and most secure methods to have the products shipped through your country by air. If you don’t have an issue with the budget or are in rush for the products to have them shipped in time. This would be the perfect method for you. It may cost a little more than other methods, yet it is the most reliable and fastest method.
  • Freight Shipping:
    Freight shipping is the best option for you to have your products shipped to your country if you have time on your hand. This comes handy when you are looking to save on the budget and increase your profit margin. Freight shipping is the slowest method. Yet, it is the most economical one and you don’t have to worry about your goods getting damaged during the transit.
  • Yixinou Railway:
    Yixinou Railway is the best method to get your bulk quantity purchases from the Yiwu market to the port. Rather you choose Express Delivery or Freight shipping if you are looking to save on some bucks and want to choose the cheapest flight rates. You will need to use Yixinou Railway to get your goods to the port.
    It is also the most convenient and secure method to have your goods shipped to the seaport to have them shipped through Freight shipping to your country.

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Freight Forwarder

How Yiwu Agent Company support your Purchasing & Exporting?

If you are new to the Yiwu wholesale market and don’t want to get ripped off or get into the hassle of shipping and other processes.

You can conveniently hire a Yiwu Agent Company, to support your purchases and help you with the exporting your products to your company.

The right Yiwu company supports all the processes for you and you can have peace of mind with all your purchases.

The question you might have is how much it cost to hire a Yiwu Agent company to help you with the process.

  • Agent Sourcing Rate:
    is one of the top Yiwu Agent company that does not charge any sourcing fee at all. You just have to pay the percentage that will be 5%-10% of the actual value of your goods. If you look at the services provided. This amount is minimal and to break down the services provided for you, please have a look at these service details:
  • General Service Type:
    Leelinesourcing is the best Yiwu Agent company that provides you complete services and solutions for all your needs and requirements. They are providing a list of services including.

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  • Supplier Sourcing:
    Finding the right supplier that has good quality products and offers the best rate can be a big issue if you are new to the market. With the help of your Yiwu Agent, you can get a list of the most reliable suppliers that are selling your desired products at the most affordable rates. This is definitely going to increase your profit margin on the products you are looking to have sourced.
  • Sample Arrangement: To check the quality of products and goods you are going to buy. You should be asking for samples from your suppliers. Leelinesourcing can save you the troubles and help you get the samples from the right suppliers so you can test the quality of products before making any decision.
  • Shipping Arrangement:
    If you are visiting the Yiwu market the first time, it might be hard for you to arrange the right and reliable shipping method for you to have the products shipped to your country. Leelinesourcing helps you with the process and makes the right shipping arrangements for you. You can have peace of mind that you are going to get the safest shipping method with the best prices.
  • Quality Inspection:
    Leelinesourcing can help you with the quality inspection of the products. They are going to check each item thoroughly and inspect the products for any quality checks imposed by your country. You can have the satisfaction of buying the best products with the right inspection done by Leelinesourcing.
  • Free Warehousing:
    You might need the warehousing if you are planning on keeping the products for quality inspection, or if you are looking to buy more than one type of products and keep them safely to have them shipped together. Leelinesourcing provides you free warehousing services until your shipment is dispatched and you can have the surety that your goods will be safe and secure with them.


How to Find Yiwu Market Agent?

To find the right Yiwu market agent, you need to conduct your research and see which Yiwu market agent suits your needs best.

There are a number of Yiwu agents who are reliable and provide the right value of services that they are being paid for.

Leelinesourcing is one of the Yiwu market agents that are providing quality services at the right prices.

How to buy from the Yiwu Market online?

Is Yiwu market online? For some of the people out there, it will not be convenient to actually visit Yiwu in person and the want to make the purchases online.

Or if you want to buy only few products, you might consider buying the products online you should definitely visit the Yiwu market official website.

There is a huge number of suppliers selling their products on the Yiwu market website with various shipping methods.

Yiwugo.com is the official website for Yiwu market where thousands of suppliers are selling their products online.

There are also MOQs on the website and you need to see if they comply with your requirements. There are several sellers who sell one product as well.


What is the Best way to buy from Yiwu Market?

Well, the answer to this question is simple. This actually depends upon your product requirements. Now, you might want to buy a whole container or more for reselling purposes or you might want to buy just a handful of products for personal or reselling purposes.

Few products for personal use/resell: If you want to buy only a couple of products, it would be unwise to go to all the way to china and visit Yiwu market. You can easily buy such products through Yiwugo.com

Buying a container or more for reselling purposes: However, if you are planning on buying the products in bulk quantity, it would be better for you to go yourself as you will be able to inspect the quality of products yourself and bargain the best prices in person.

Some of the Yiwu Agent’s Tricks you need to know

To deal with the Yiwu suppliers, there are certain tricks that you must be aware of if you want to stay safe and have the products sourced at the best prices.

Some Yiwu Agent’s tricks that you must be aware before making your purchase in the Yiwu wholesale market are:

  • Change Suppliers:
    It is imminent that you change the suppliers once in a while to test different products and have the perk of getting the best prices. Since there are a lot of options in the Yiwu market, you can choose multiple suppliers and compare which one suits your needs best. You can also compare your profit margins to see which supplier is working out the best for you. Keeping one supplier for a long time cannot only affect you from getting the best prices as prices in the Yiwu market keep fluctuating but also can cause a fall in the quality of the goods being bought.
  • Ask Suppliers for a Kick Back: There are a number of agents in the Yiwu market who are asking the suppliers for a kick-back and sourcing your products from such suppliers. You need to beware of such agents and keep a check on the market rates and quality being offered to make sure you are not being looted by the agents you have chosen to have your products sourced.
  • Force suppliers to cut prices:
    Agents often force the suppliers to cut prices. Since there are a number of suppliers in the market, the agents get the best prices and sometimes hide the prices for you. They can also force the suppliers to cut the prices that may affect the quality of products as well, and you have to compromise on that due to the agent’s fault.

Some Tips

9 Secrets of Yiwu Market you should know:

Every wholesale market has some pros and cons of its own.

Also, there are secrets and myths about the market that you should be well aware of in advance before making any purchase decision.

The secrets about Yiwu market that you should know before making any purchase decision are:

  • Are all the booths opened by Manufacturers?
    The answer to this question is plain and simple, No. While there are some booths in the Yiwu market that are opened by the manufacturers. Not all the booths are owned and run by manufacturers. There are a number of sellers, re-sellers, manufacturers and distributors with booths in the Yiwu market that are selling out all types of products.
  • Are Yiwu Products of Poor Quality as Alleged?
    The answer to this question is, No again. There are over 75000 booths in the Yiwu market and all are selling over 400,000 types of products. With such huge diversity, there are not only different product types but also different standards of quality as well. You can source any quality of the products you are looking for depending on your budget and the market you want to resell them in.
    To put it in simple words, the Yiwu market sells all sorts of quality products.
  • Is Yiwu China Wholesale Market only suitable for small businesses?
    It is often believed that the Yiwu market is only suitable for small businesses. It is not entirely true. Yiwu market is the world’s largest marketplace for sourcing small commodities. However, every size of the business can source the products from the Yiwu market. There are sellers in the Yiwu market who can manufacture or rebrand the products with your company logo and you can sell them as your own. Hence, whatever the size of your business maybe, if you are looking to source the products for reselling purposes at the best possible prices. The Yiwu market is the right wholesale market for you.
  • Price Difference:
    With over 75000 booths in the Yiwu market, there is a wide price range of prices available in the Yiwu market. You can search the market for price ranges and get the right prices that fit your anticipated budget needs.
  • How Does Yiwu Differ from Ningbo, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou?
    Yiwu is the world’s largest wholesale market with a number of product categories, Ningbo is comparatively a smaller market. The only advantage Ningbo has over Yiwu is that Ningbo has its own port and can ship out products more conveniently.
    Shenzhen market is specified for electronics only, while Guangzhou is a popular market that sources only jewelry, clothing, and related items like shoes, hats, and other accessories.
    Yiwu is a diverse market that covers all types of products in one place.

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Shenzhen Sourcing Agents

  • Certificates: While purchasing the goods from your supplier, you need to ask the suppliers for certain certificates. To have an idea of what certificates you will be needing, you need to talk to your customs clearance agent before making the purchase. Your suppliers in the Yiwu market do give you certificates on your purchases. However, you need to know what certificates you need to ask from them. There are some suppliers that can offer you a certificate. Yet, many cannot do that and you need to choose your supplier keeping this in mind.
  • MOQ & Stock: While looking for the right supplier, you need to check if they have any MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) and stock availability according to your needs. Yiwu being the wholesale market, most of the suppliers have a MOQ to make a purchase with them. Also, not all are able to fulfill your stock needs if you are looking to place significantly large orders.
  • Catalog & Samples:
    While choosing the right supplier, you should be visiting more than just one supplier and ask them for a catalog of the product along with samples. Most of the suppliers in the Yiwu market provide catalogs & samples for their products. This will significantly help you in making the right sourcing decision for the product you are looking to buy.
  • Deposit:
    Yiwu market only accepts cash and the local currency that is Chinese Yuan most commonly known as RMB. Some of them do accept bank cards from local Chinese banks only. Also, if you are a regular customer or buying more than one container, you can simply pay a 30% deposit in advance, the balance is paid before order collection.

Yiwu Market FAQ

How Do I get to Yiwu Wholesale Market?

There are a number of transportation mediums that you can choose from to get to the Yiwu Wholesale market.

There is an airport in the city that you can directly fly to.

You can also choose to visit Yiwu through train, bus or drive yourself if you are coming into china through some other airport.

Are Prices in the Yiwu market Same as Factory Price?

The prices are not the same as factory prices.

However, there are a number of suppliers in the Yiwu market who are selling products with bulk purchases discount and you can get products at the best possible prices.

Also, there is room for negotiation that allows you to get optimal prices.

How do you make payments in the Yiwu market?

Yiwu market only accepts cash payments in the local currency, Chinese Yuan known as RMB.

However, on larger purchases like a container or more, you can pay a 30% deposit and the balance on delivery of products.

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Send Money To China

Is Yiwu Futian Market Different from Yiwu Wholesale Market?

No, they both are the same and Yiwu Futian Market is a part of the Yiwu Wholesale market that is the oldest part of the Yiwu Wholesale market and is widely known for the wide range of products.

How is Yiwu Wholesale Market different from the Canton Fair?

Canton Fair is a seasonal fair that is held in the spring and autumn season in china since 1957 in Canton.

While Yiwu wholesale market is a year-round market that is open 7 days a week and business is done every day here.

How can you find a translator in Yiwu Market?

Yiwu is the world’s largest market and people come to Yiwu for buying products from all over the world.

To find a translator in Yiwu is not a hard job.

Some ways you can find the translators in the Yiwu market would be:

  • Through your sourcing agent: This is the best and most reliable way to hire a translator for your visit to Yiwu wholesale market.
  • Through your hotel:The hotel you are staying in can help you find the right translator for your visit to the Yiwu market.
  • In the market:If you have not priorly arranged a translator, there is nothing to be worried about. Yiwu market is full of translators and you can find them easily while roaming down the streets and booths in the Yiwu market.


Well, to conclude the guide for your Yiwu wholesale market.

If you are looking for a smooth, safe and profitable journey to Yiwu and want to make the most of it, you should plan the visit ahead and do your research about the traveling, hoteling, and the list of products you want to buy from the Yiwu wholesale market.

You should also consider the prices thoroughly and strike a bargain where possible to have the products sourced at the best possible rates.

A sourcing agent is the wisest decision to ensure that you are buying the products safely and at the right price.

The sourcing agents will not only ensure the right products are being purchased for you but also help you with the export to your country, quality inspections warehousing, and other necessary information that you might need to purchase the right products.

We are offering the best agent sourcing services with no sourcing fees at all.

You can have the advantage of exclusive benefits and perks with us by sourcing the agent services including free warehouse services, help in exports, negotiating the best prices for you and also with the future purchases that you can make from your country and won’t need to come to China yourself for them.

All you need to do is fill a no-obligation free consultation request and we will be getting in touch with all the information needed.

We help you with sourcing and all other needs you might have with your purchases regarding Yiwu wholesale market purchases.

Yiwu International Market Guide

Located in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province in China, Yiwu International Market is the leading wholesale market in China. If you’re going to source at this place, it seems you have to prepare your trip for over a few days.

Today we will introduce everything related to your trip to the place including the hotels and restaurants around the market and hope it will help you to go there at ease.

China is emerging as the second largest world economy with its fast-growing economy in the country especially the eastern coastal regions.

Guangzhou and Shenzhen have surged given its huge market potential and mass productivity. All the coastal cities are rising up. There is no exception for Yiwu.

The Yiwu Market emerged as the biggest market for wholesalers when it comes to buying quality that won’t put a hole in your pocket. You will find a wide range of product categories on the market with great quality and cheap prices.

If you are not familiar with China, you’d better do some research on the Internet and figure out what you can expect from the market.

Here are a few things you should know before your trip to China. We hope they will be helpful for your journey, and source products from Yiwu Market you want successfully.

 Lots of Individual Business

Majority of the booths at the market are owned and controlled by individuals while few are managed by trading companies.

These trading factories have factories who have as much as ten (10) to a thousand (1000) workers and these trading companies also have booths.

These booths provide you with extremely cheap products with high-quality goods if you don’t plan on buying in bulk from the factory.

yiwu bag

Largest Wholesale Market

The Yiwu International Market is the world’s biggest wholesale market in the world currently.
Given its size, it deals in various products of all shapes and sizes, from hardware to jewelry. The market is measured at a length of 7 kilometers.

It’s home to over fourteen thousand (14,000) foreign businessmen from over a hundred (100) countries around the world.

The Yiwu international market is known to be more than just a market because it has over seventy thousand (70,000) booths, all showcasing different products, therefore, adding beauty and glamour to the market.

Considering its size another thing that makes the Yiwu Market exceptional, is the fact it’s opened all year round, with the exclusion of the spring break.

yiwu jewelry

Home of Christmas

At the Yiwu International Market, you would find some of the most impressive Christmas decorations, toys, and everything else that makes Christmas fun and enjoyable, from plastic mistletoe, wreaths, miniature trees and more.

Most persons have a notion that goods from China are substandard more so goods from Yiwu International Market, but this is totally false.

Again they say the products are fake because they are made in Yiwu but that’s totally untrue, as lots of trading companies from around the world bring their goods to sell at the Yiwu International Market.

Just to be very clear, one of the top three exporting countries from the Yiwu International Market is the United States of America (U.S.A).

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 Yiwu Market Products

The Yiwu International Market is a big and reliable market but you have to remember, not everything can be bought from the Yiwu International Market.

Like stated earlier, stuffs like hardware and jewelry are among the things you can get at the market.
If you are looking for clothes and foodstuffs, searching for them would not be a very smart choice at the Yiwu International Market.

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 Shipping From yiwu

Yiwu has no port of its own but ports like Ningbo port, which is two hundred kilometers (200km) away serves to ship goods in and out.

Ningbo has no market and so it is heavily reliant on the Yiwu International Market. The Yiwu International Market also supplies Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

The Yiwu International Market is setting a new standard in wholesale products. The market is growing by the day with over Forty thousand (40,000) visitors daily.

So, when next you come to China for business look towards the little town in China and be rest assured that the Yiwu Market would supply you with both cheap and quality products.

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 How to Buy from Yiwu Market?

The first thing you need to know about Yiwu international market is that it’s in China, the second is that it’s huge, about 59 million square feet and there are 75,000 booths.

That’s right, seventy-five thousand shops. It’s actually really overwhelming. 75,000 shops and one you. Hopefully, this article will help you learn how to buy from the Yiwu international market.

Step 1 – Before you even think about booking a flight and going to Yiwu, you can learn something about the city, on the customs (so that you don’t end up going during the Chinese spring festival when the booths won’t be open). Educate yourself on the spoken language, the opening times (9 am to 5 pm daily) and basically life in Yiwu.

Step 2 – Prepare funds and prepare to spend a week or more at the Yiwu market. It’ll be impossible to visit all 75,000 shops in one week but you should find what you’re looking for before the week runs out.

If you can change your currency before traveling it’ll be better although some shops accept other currencies, it’ll be safer for you if you go with the Chinese Yuan.

Step 3 – Get an Agent. If it’s your first time going to Yiwu, ask someone you trust and who’s been there before to link you up with the agent they used.

Quite a lot of agents are dubious in nature because you don’t speak the language they might try to dupe you or inflate the prices.

Agents usually collect between three to ten percent of your total purchase value. These agents come into play because of the language barrier between most buyers and sellers but once you find a good agent, the rest is history. All you have to do is pick your products.

Step 4 – Picking the right product. Yiwu deals with mainly mass-production of products, so if you’re going there with the intention to buy about one product, as in one piece, there’s a chance you won’t be able to get it customized but if you’re going there for mass production, Yiwu will offer you so many choices.

You should go to different booths, check out their products and choose the one that appeals to you the most. You can never be starved of choices in Yiwu.

Step 5 – It’s better if you organize the foreign trade yourself. Fill in all the details and make sure there are no missing gaps.

Step 6 – You can’t possibly visit Yiwu and not enjoy the scenery and sights. Take time to enjoy yourself and enjoy Chinese cuisines. Get familiar, perhaps learn a few phrases.

Step 7 – Enjoy your products and be sure to come back.

Best Restaurants in Yiwu


This restaurant has extremely high ratings and is located at 475, 477 Chou Zhou Beilu, Yiwu 322000, China. It’s open from 9 am – 1 am, daily. It boasts a menu of Mediterranean, Turkish, Middle Eastern, Vegan Options, Halal and Vegetarian-Friendly foods.

2. MAN HO 

This restaurant serves only Chinese food and it’s definitely worth the trip. It’s open from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm and 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm daily. It’s located at No.188 Futian Road | Marriot hotel, 2nd floor., Yiwu 322000, China. The restaurant is also beautiful. If you’re going to Yiwu market and you crave Chinese food or you want to try it out, go to Man Ho.


This cafe serves amazing coffee, almost any type of coffee you want. They specialize in Pizzas and Fast food. If you’re craving a sugar rush or something to soothe your guilty pleasures, check it out. It’s located at No.320 Chengbei Road, Yiwu, China.

Best Hotels in Yiwu


This hotel is located at No.797 Chouzhou North Road, Yiwu 322000, China. They have free parking, free high-speed internet (WiFi), Breakfast included (although the breakfast lacks varieties), Room Service, Dry Cleaning.

They also have Meeting Rooms and Business Center with internet access in case you’re in Yiwu for business. They have non-smoking rooms, suites and family rooms so that you can take your pick.


This hotel is located at No 99 Futian Road | Yiwu, Yiwu 322000, China. It’s an old hotel but it has really friendly staff. They have Airport Transportation. The price is in the average range.

They have several amenities such as a free parking, Shuttle Transportation Service, free internet, Breakfast, Multilingual staff to entertain guests from all over the world, Concierge, Conference facilities as well as babysitting services for parents with children.

This hotel is the best choice for a family.


Shangri-La is a massive hotel chain that has hotels all around the world. It’s a bit on the expensive side and more of a luxurious hotel. It’s located at No.6-8 Futian Road, Yiwu 322000, China.

The hotel boasts a large number of amenities. Some of them are a Pool, Room Service, Restaurant, Bar/Lounge, Spa, Non Smoking rooms, Free High Speed Internet (WiFi),Fitness Center with Gym, Free Parking, Room Service,Laundry Service, Concierge, Banquet Room, Multilingual Staff, Conference Facilities, Air Conditioned Rooms, Mini Bar, an Indoor pool, A Banquet Room, a Business Center and Several Meeting rooms.

You’ll definitely be getting the worth of your money.


This is a 4-star hotel and it’s a bit cheaper than the Shangri-La Hotel. It’s located at No.188 Futian Road, Yiwu 322000, China.

It boasts several amenities, luxurious and necessary. It has a breakfast buffet, a pool, a concierge, laundry services, a spa, a fitness center, multilingual staff, free Wifi, non-smoking rooms and so much more.

Your stay at this hotel is sure to be smooth and wonderful.

All these places are accessible by Uber so you don’t need to worry about getting lost. All you need to do is relax and enjoy Yiwu. Have a great time!

Pros and Cons of Yiwu International Market

Where there is any good, some bad will always find its way into it. Fortunately, Yiwu has more good than bad.

There are several articles online disputing this claim and saying goods from Yiwu are generally low quality and not worth it. That is not true, there are several respectable sellers at the Yiwu International Market.

If you’re a foreigner and you’ve stumbled upon this article in your search for information on the Yiwu International Market.

You’ve come to the right place. Here are some pros and cons of the Yiwu International Market.

Cons of  Yiwu Market


This is inevitable, Yiwu International Market attracts over 500,000 buyers yearly. A few unsavory things are bound to happen.

However, as long as you keep your valuables near and bring only what is necessary.

If it is possible to go cashless.


Yiwu is sort of a huge fair, except it never ends. There are different booths in Yiwu international market and quite a lot of them are individually owned. Only some booths are owned by factories.

If you’re in Yiwu to buy in bulk, some of these booths will claim to be factories and try to sell you goods for inflated prices just because you’re a foreigner.

It will be hard for you to differentiate between the individuals and factories. The key is to be perceptive and try to ask from as many booths as possible.

Don’t jump at the first offer you get.


Not every product can be found at Yiwu, if you’re looking for fashion clothes, huge machinery and foodstuffs, Yiwu is not exactly the best place to shop.

Pros of yiwu market

1. It is the largest wholesale market.

Yiwu, although it is not as popular as Shenzhen, it is the largest wholesale market in the world. Yiwu, itself, is a city.

Where else to get a wide variety of products than Yiwu?

2. Quality products 

Not all the products sold at the Yiwu International Market are made in Yiwu. Due to the large population that comes to shop at Yiwu, people from other places often come to Yiwu to sell their products.

However, the products sold at the Yiwu International Market by the actual people of Yiwu are often of good quality. Some are even handmade by individuals.


If you see a sample that you like, you can ask for it to be customized as long as you’re buying in large quantities. This takes us to our next advantage.

4. Huge quantities

It is so easy to buy goods in large quantities at Yiwu and they’re available at lower prices.

Yiwu gathers so many goods and unlike the other markets i.e. Shenzhen, Ningbo, etc.

It doesn’t specialize in one particular product, it’s a plethora of goods.

Yiwu isn’t just a market, you could go there for vacations to get a taste of the indigene life, not the tourist life. Yiwu international market will cater to your needs.

You won’t feel odd or left out because it’s made up of so many people from different countries and all walks of life.

If you are a new customer to the Yiwu market, and you can’t speak the local language, you will be overwhelmed by the meaning between your communication with the local sellers.

You may come across a number of problems and confusion in your business negotiations, identifying quality products, avoiding scams, and getting really affordable products.

Don’t worry, contact Leelinesourcing, and everything will be fine. They are experts in sourcing and importing products from YIWU, China.

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