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LeelineSourcing Find The Best Eyewear Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
  • At Leeline Sourcing, We Can Help You To Find The Best Eyewear Suppliers in China

    • Leeline can find the best eyewear suppliers for you.
    • Leeline can perform the eyewear factory audit in China on your behalf.
    • Leeline can perform quality checks and pre-shipment inspection on your behalf.
    • Leeline can help most eyewear manufacturers to ship their containers from China.
    • If you want to sell your eyewear on Amazon, then Leeline can help you with Amazon Fba preparation.

Top 10 Hot Selling Eyewear From China

1.Women Sunglasses

Importing Women Sunglasses From China

Women’s sunglasses are trendy all around the world. Not only do they help the women to enhance their looks, but they are also used as protective eye gear against the UV radiation of Sun when they go outside. Now they play an important part in the overall looks of women, and there is no outfit that looks complete without them. China is one of the leading women sunglasses manufacturers in the world. You can find plenty of factories that are manufacturing women sunglasses at a minimal cost.

2.Men Sunglasses

Wholesale Men Sunglasses From China

Not only women but Men sunglasses are also trendy. They improve the confidence in men and enhance their looks. There are thousands of fashionable styles of sunglasses available for men to choose from. Sunglasses not only make you look great, but they also add value to your personality. China manufactures men’s sunglasses on a vast scale. You can easily find plenty of china factories that manufacture men’s sunglasses.

3. Eyeglasses Frames

Buy Eyeglasses Frames From China

When it comes to eyeglasses frames, there are plenty of options available. Eyeglasses frames come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can choose from round, oval, rectangular, square, etc. They are also made up of different materials, and you have a variety of options here too. You can choose from metallic, plastic, ceramic, rimless, semi-rimless, and much more. When it comes to manufacturing these frames, then China is the largest manufacture of eyeglass frames. You can easily find an eyewear factory or eyewear manufacturers in China.

4.Eyeglass Lenses

Wholesale Eyeglass Lenses in Bulk From China

Eyeglass lenses come in a wide variety. There are both prescription eyeglass lenses and non-prescription lenses. Lenses also have a lot of variety in them. You can find different kinds of lenses made up of other materials like plastic, polycarbonate, Trivex,  crown glass, and much more. China is one of the leading manufacturers of eyeglass lenses and suppliers of these lenses to different countries in the world. Almost all kinds of lenses are manufactured in China, and they are then exported all over the world. If you search the internet, then you will easily find a lot of Chinese eyewear manufacturers, and you can easily do business with them.

5. Eyeglasses Parts

Wholesale From China Eyeglasses Parts Suppliers

Eyeglasses have different parts. They include lenses, frames, nose pads, temples, hinges, etc. There are some China eyewear manufacturers who manufacture these parts separately. The businesses that are based on eyewear repair specifically need these parts to fix the eyeglasses of their clients. The majority of these parts are imported from China all over the world.

6.Reading Glasses

Wholesale From China Reading Glasses

Reading glasses are used by many people around the world whenever they need to read something from a book or from a computer screen. They help them to improve their ability to read something closeup. There are some people that have vision problems and cannot read something clearly from a closeup. They use reading glasses to fix their vision problems, as these glasses can make things a lot easier for them. There are some factories in China that manufacture reading glasses and supply them to different countries in the world.

7.Sports Eyewear

Importing Sports Eyewear From China

Sports eyewear is trendy among athletes and sportsmen. There are many different sports like Cricket, Golf, Swimming, etc., in which players wear particular kinds of eyewear to protect their eyes. Some sports like swimming essentially require a specific type of eye gear to protect the eyes of athletes. When it comes to sports eyewear, then China is one of the few sports eyewear manufacturers in the world. There are some China Factories that manufacture sports eyewear and supply them all over the world.

8.Polarized Sunglasses

Wholesale Polarized Sunglasses From China

Polarized sunglasses are special-purpose sunglasses that are used to reduce glaze from different surfaces like glass, water, snow, etc. Polarized sunglasses are handy in some sports, and they are very helpful in driving. They help you to see more clearly and avoid any potential hazards. They are very high in demand right now, and a lot of China eyewear manufacturers are producing these glasses on a large scale.

9.Contact Lenses

Buy Contact Lenses From China

If you want to get rid of your prescription eyeglasses, then contact lenses are the most suitable option for you. Contact lenses are available in both prescription and non-prescription forms. Some people wear them to correct their vision, and some use them to do fashion. These lenses are available in plenty of colors and can make you look cool in front of your friends and family. China is the world’s largest manufacture of contact lenses, and almost 70-80% of businesses import contact lenses from China.  

10. Spy Sunglasses

Wholesale Spy Sunglasses in Bulk From China

You might have seen spy sunglasses in some movies, but they exist in reality also. These are special-purpose sunglasses that have a camera and a microphone installed on the frame of glasses.  These glasses require a lot of expertise in their manufacturing and China as all the equipment and workforce that is needed to produce these glasses. Although these glasses are very costly, if you buy them from Chinese Eyewear manufacturers, then they will cost you a lot less as compared to other countries.

Leeline Help You Import Eyewear From China

Product Sourcing

Eyewear Product Sourcing

Leeline can help you to find the best and reliable eyewear manufacturers with the most competitive prices. We can fulfill all your product sourcing needs in China.

Factory Audit

Eyewear Factory Audit

If you are not present in China, but you want to source your products from China, then Leeline can perform factory audits on your behalf. We will verify your chooses eyewear manufacturer in China. It will save you a lot of money and time.

Product Inspection


Eyewear Product Inspection

Leeline can perform a detailed product inspection on your behalf. We will help you to verify if your products are of the desired quality and they meet the worldwide quality standards or not.

Amazon FBA Prep

Eyewear Amazon FBA Prep

If you are planning to do business on Amazon, then Leeline can help you with your Amazon FBA preparations. We can help you with your eyewear brand packaging, printing, labeling, and much more.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Eyewear Shipping To Amazon FBA

We will help you to ship your packages from China to Amazon. We will choose the most suitable means of product shipping for you that will cost you less and will save you time.


Eyewear DropShopping

If you are living in another country and you want to start a dropshipping business from China, then Leeline can help you to achieve what you want. We will help you to fulfill your orders from China, and we will ship your products from our warehouse to your customers directly.

Why Choose Leeline To Import Eyewear From China

  • We take complete responsibility for quality assurance. We perform a detailed inspection to reduce the defect rate in your products.
  • Our primary focus is to help our clients to get reasonable prices for all types of products.
  •  We charge a low service fee to our clients without any hidden charges.
  •  We always take the needs and demands of our clients. We aim to develop a long-term relationship with our clients.
  • We have a team of professionals in China that have years of experience in this field. Even if you don’t understand the Chinese language, we will do the work for you. We will make you know everything.
  • Our services are very versatile and can help your business to grow and reach new heights of success.

Best 20 Eyewear Manufacturers In China

1.Wenzhou Rainbow Optical Co., Ltd.

1.Wenzhou Rainbow Optical Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Rainbow Optical Co. is an eyewear manufacturer since 2006. Rainbow optical manufacture and export low, medium, and high glasses. The company’s product line includes optical frames, sunglasses, and reading glasses. However, they welcome customers from all over the world. Yet, their primary markets are South America and the Middle East. 

The team of hardworking members manufactures reliable products. The staff members perform designing, manufacturing, and quality control. They are always open to welcome their old and new customers for orders. Wenzhou Rainbow Optical follows the quality standards and smaller details. OEM and ODM orders are also acceptable.

2.Wenzhou Grand International Trade Co., Ltd.

2.Wenzhou Grand International Trade Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Grand International Trade Co. was established in 2003. Wenzhou Grand International Trade Co. is specialized in manufacturing and exporting sunglasses and optical frames. They focus on reliable designs and quality.

The company has R&D engineers to develop 50 new products per month. Their product’s quality meets the European standard of CE and the FDA. They make 3 million sunglasses. This vast capacity indicates that they can handle big orders. They believe in mutual benefit and ensure that products will benefit your business.

3.Shenzhen BHD Technology Co., Ltd

3.Shenzhen BHD Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen BHD Technology Co. is also known as BHD International Co. Ltd. Established in 2013, Shenzhen BHD Technology has been manufacturing sunglasses and eyewear. They export every product by hand testing so that you get a quality product. The company meets the needs and expectations of the customer. 

They provide after-sales services. The process is so quick that they ship products to the customer’s doorstep within 48 hours. Shenzhen BHD Technology is the right company to choose from if one wants to pack up a whole series of products. Meeting the latest fashion trends in the market, they are good to go.

4.Yingchang Group Co., Ltd.

4.Yingchang Group Co., Ltd.

Yichang Group Co is a manufacturing and trading company that emerged in 1992. The company has been the leading manufacturer and designer of sunglasses. They also manufacture polarized sunglasses on demand. Yichang is on a mission to help its customers. They are eager to build strong and reliable customer-manufacturer relationships.

The company provides its customers with the best services. The excellent reputation depends on quality products and customer satisfaction. They have got the importance of an innovator and reliable manufacturer in China. Now, they are aiming for partnership and license agreement with leading luxury brands. The R&D team of more than ten people is capable of making 100 new products per month. Yichang is one of its kind!

5.Wenzhou Bright look Optical Co., Ltd.

5.Wenzhou Bright look Optical Co., Ltd.

Established in 2005, Wenzhou Bright look Optical Co is a manufacturer of eyewear in China. Their main products are sunglasses, reading glasses, and optical frames. The best thing is that they do not manufacture one for all development. They manufacture products for ladies fashion, market trends, and department stores. Customers from all over the world trust them because of quality products.

The main markets are Europe and the USA. Bright Look Optical wants to make friendly relationships with the customers. They ensure that their services will benefit businesses. More than 100 hardworking people make Bright Look a quality manufacturer.

6.Wenzhou Mike Optical Co., Ltd.

6.Wenzhou Mike Optical Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Mike Optical Co. was established in 2011. Since 2011, they have been manufacturing resin lenses, eyeglasses, and eyewear. They have got a good reputation not only in Europe but also in the Middle East. The company meets ISO9001 standards. The company offers stylish designs, high quality, and reasonable prices.

They advance their eyewear according to the latest trend. All their products are CE and FDA certified. With all these quality traits, customers from all over the world trust them. They are 24/7 available for customer service. Being accepted to big orders is their crucial trait.

7.Shenzhen Sunsun Eyewear Co., Ltd.

7.Shenzhen Sunsun Eyewear Co., Ltd.

Established in 2015, Sunsun Eyewear has been producing high-quality sunglasses and optical frames. They manufacture quality sunglasses, optical frames, and acetate frames. Shenzhen Sunsun eyewear is a leading manufacturer and exporter of eyewear. The company’s goal is to maximize ease for the customers. Sunsun offers the best services and low prices.

They make stylish and unique designs. Customers from the globe trust them and love to create long-term relationships with Sunsun Eyewear. All their products are CE ad FDA certified. If you are looking for one purchase platform, Sunsun is good to go.

8.Hangzhou Modern Eyewear Co., Ltd.

8.Hangzhou Modern Eyewear Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Modern Eyewear Co has been a well-known trading company since 2017. Their main products are optical frames, sunglasses, reading glasses, and swimming goggles.

The company has gained a good reputation from global partners. Hangzhou offers low prices and fast deliveries. Modern Eyewear is the market leader because they introduce fashion trends. E-commerce sellers and eyewear physical shops are their main markets. The combination of unique designs and R&D workers make Modern Eyewear reliable. They have established branches in Guangzhou, Jiangxi, and Wenzhou. Their products are CE and FDA certified. ODM and OEM orders are also acceptable.

9.Yiwu Guoxuan Commodity Co., Ltd.

9.Yiwu Guoxuan Commodity Co., Ltd.

Yiwu Guoxuan Commodity Co. is a comprehensive company that trades in optical sunglasses and eyewear. The company has more than 300 skilled and hardworking employees. Phone accessories like cases and chargers also include in their product line.

The company has established an office in the world’s biggest market China. R&D workers produce quality steel, metal, and polarized sunglasses. They have stylish designs of eyewear at lower rates and good quality. Although their products are not CE and FDA certified. Customers trust them for product reliability. For daily life and industrial use, Guoxuan Commodity eyewear is a win! They offer before and after-sale services to their customers.

10.Guangzhou Excellence Optical Technology Co., Ltd

10.Guangzhou Excellence Optical Technology Co., Ltd

Established in 2019, Guangzhou Excellence Optical Technology Co. is the answer to all your problems. In this digital world, whole-sellers search for a supplier of high-quality products. Guangzhou Excellence Optical Technology Co. is a wholesale provider of high-quality eyewear and sunglasses. Their main products include eyeglasses, optical frames, kids frames, and reading glasses.

It has CE certified products and more than 100 hardworking R&D employees. The company’s goal is to manufacture reliable products. Guangzhou Excellence Optical Technology Co. has gained a high reputation in markets, and they have a special place in the customer’s list book. They are open to get more oversized orders and develop long-term relationships.

11.Dongyang Uto Fashion Package Co., Ltd.

11.Dongyang Uto Fashion Package Co., Ltd.

Dongyang Uto Fashion Package Co. was found in 2000. Since then, it has been the manufacturer and trader of a series of fashion accessories. Their product line includes glass cases, soft glass cases, and metal-glass cases. The company started package production to control the cost. Now, the company has gained the trust of thousands of customers due to its stable quality. Dongyang Uto Fashion Package is full of advanced and skilled employees.

They form an integrated business that includes standard testing and mass production. Their products are reputable because of competitive prices and good quality. They focus on mutual business benefit. The company aims to become the leading manufacturers of eyewear. The key traits include being available for the customer and keep moving forward.

12.Taizhou Rico Optical Co., Ltd.

12.Taizhou Rico Optical Co., Ltd.

Established in 1994, Taizhou Rico Optical Co. was founded as a joint venture. Now Taizhou Rico Optical Co. has become the leading designer, manufacturer, and exporter of optical products. Rico Optical is a reputable supplier. They have earned SEDEX certification. 

The company always provides competitive prices, quality products, and fast delivery. All their products are CE certified. The products meet ISO 9002 standards. Taizhou Rico Optical is still open to accepting OEM and ODM orders. They provide 24/7 help to customers, whether it is before the sale of aftersales.

13.Linhai Lumia Industrial Glasses Manufacture Factory

13.Linhai Lumia Industrial Glasses Manufacture Factory

Linhai Lumia Industrial Glasses Manufacture Factory has been manufacturing and trading glasses. This company has become a leading designer of eyewear. The main products include sunglasses, optical frames, and acetate frames. Contact lenses are not in the product range. Linhai Lumia has cooperated with Disney, Walmart, and Lipton. They are reliable; they also claim to show relative factory audits for reference.

The company has seven years of experience. It has established its headquarter in China. It has built competitive standards for sales and design. They have a responsible quality assurance team that aims at providing high-quality products. Linhai Lumia focuses on faster deliveries, quality control, and customer service. They know that customers are the boss. That’s why they make friendly relationships.

14.Ningbo Trust International Trade Co., Ltd.

14.Ningbo Trust International Trade Co., Ltd.

Established in 2014, Ningbo Trust International Trade Co. is one of the most significant companies in China. They have a passionate team of workers who make a 33% sale increase per year. Primarily, they are the product consultants for the customers. They also provide new designs and manufacture products.

Their main product is houseware, including eyewear and sunglasses. They help their customers and aim at enhancing partnerships. With knowledgeable staff, Ningbo offers promotional business products. The company keeps on working on introducing more extensive selection.

15.Yiwu Skysweet Jewellery Factory

15. Yiwu Skysweet Jewellery Factory

Yiwu Skysweet Jewellery Factory was established in 2015. Located in Yiwu city, it is a leading manufacturer of innovative designs. It has a team of 6 designers, five managers, and 25 senior artifacts. The company aims at selling high-quality products. Their primary markets are the EU, Japan, America, North America, and Austria. Skysweet mainly produces jewelry and eyewear.

Tireless efforts or employees have borne fruit over the year for the company. They love establishing stable business relationships with wholesalers. All their products are GE and GS9 certified, which is enough to gain the trust of customers.

16.Yiwu Hongchen Glasses Firm

16.Yiwu Hongchen Glasses Firm

Established in 2013, Yiwu Hongchen Glasses is a joint venture. It is a manufacturer and trader of eyewear. The wide range of products includes CR-39 lenses, optical frames, and sunglasses. The company has more than 300 passionate workers working in an area of 3000 square meters.

High-level management, skilled workers, and advanced testing make them reputable. The company doesn’t stop improving. They are still working on expanding their market range and product quality. The products are CE and FDA certified. In sustainable quality and reasonable prices, Yiwu Hongchen Glasses Firm has no match!

17.Yiwu Tingyuan Glasses Co., Ltd.

17.Yiwu Tingyuan Glasses Co., Ltd.

Yiwu Tingyuan Glasses Co. is an eyewear manufacturing and trading company. It got established in 2015. Since then, it has been producing sunglasses, eyewear, and optical frames. Yiwu Tingyuan has a complete scientific management system. The integrity and quality have earned a good reputation over the years.

Having almost 10 to 50 employees, they are making good progress. Their products are trusted among suppliers because of CE certification. Yiwu Tingyuan is trustworthy. It has its production plant and agents to establish long-term relationships.

18.Pujiang Juntao Trading Co., Ltd.

18.Pujiang Juntao Trading Co., Ltd.

Established in 2020, Pujiang Juntao Trading Co., Ltd. is new in the market. However, they are specializing in reaching, manufacturing, and trading standard products. They have more than 100 employees, 8000 square meters area, and US$1 million sales per year.

Their products comply with international market standards. Their main product includes eyewear, glasses, frames, and fashion accessories. They welcome new clients from all over the world.

19.June (Shaoxing) Network Technology Co., Ltd.

19.June (Shaoxing) Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Established in 2020, Juneng (Shaoxing) Network Technology Co. is a large-scale trader of eyewear and households. They have strict product selection and a stable supply. For larger businesses around the globe, it is the one spot purchasing platform. 

Covering 150 countries around the world, it has served more than 10000 customers. It provides competitive quality eyewear, sunglasses, and frames. Customers trust their services. Their products meet the ISO9001 standard.

20.Yiwu Cora Trade Co., Ltd

20.Yiwu Cora Trade Co., Ltd

Yiwu Cora was established in 2002. It is one of the best trading companies in China. It manufactures eyewear and fashion accessories. Cora trade makes high-quality products. They include quality control and inspection in production.

Their team is enriched with experience. Their reliable services ensure product quality. The company looks forward to having long-term relationships with customers. Yiwu Cora has CE certifies products. They are open to accepting OEM and ODM orders.

Need Leeline to Handle Your Shipping Eyewear From China

Eyewear Sea Freight Shipping from China

Eyewear Sea Freight From Shipping

If you have a massive order of eyewear and you got plenty of time to receive your order, then it is recommended to ship your order from the sea as it will cost you less. Leeline will help you to handle your product shipping from the sea.

Eyewear Air Freight Shipping from China

Eyewear Air Freight From Shipping

If you want to receive your eyewear products urgently, then you can use air freight. It will cost you much higher, but you will receive your products quickly as it is the fastest way to receive your products from China.

Eyewear Rail Freight Shipping from China

Eyewear Rail Freight From Shipping

If you want to ship a vast volume of eyewear products to greater distances from China, then rail freight is also a suitable option for you.

Eyewear Door to Door Shipping from China

Eyewear Door to Door From Shipping

If you are not aware of any kind of shipping options, then product door to door shipping is the most suitable option that you got. It will not only save you from inconveniences but will also save you time.

Import Eyewear from China Ultimate Guide



If you want to import eyewear from China and you don’t know how to do it, then there is no need to worry. This article will serve as an ultimate guide for you.

In the present time, there are a lot of people that use eyewear regularly. Some people use it to correct their vision, and some use it to improve their looks. China imported eyewear has no match. There are plenty of manufacturers in China that produce different types of eyewear products at a very affordable cost. One thing that you should keep in mind is that you must have a complete understanding of importing eyewear from China. You might need help from someone. That’s why we are here.

How To Grow Your Eyewear Business By Importing Eyewear From China?

What is Eyewear Business?

At the present time, eyewear is a basic need for almost everyone. People need them either to correct their vision or to improve their looks. Considering the demand for eyewear, you can start a business and start selling different eyewear products. You can buy eyewear products from a wholesale supplier either in your country or from another country and then sell those products with some profit margin. People usually import eyewear products from China because China has a big market, and there are plenty of eyewear manufacturers and suppliers. You can import eyewear from China at considerably cheap rates and sell them in your country with good profit margins.

What are the benefits of Importing Eyewear From China?

There are many benefits of importing eyewear from China. Some of the benefits are mentioned below:

Eyewear 1

  • Chinese Eyewear has a low cost. You can buy eyewear at a low price from Chinese wholesale suppliers and sell it in your country with good profit margins.
  • Although Chinese eyewear has a low cost, the quality of their products is excellent. Their products compete in the international market.
  • When it comes to custom made products, then no one can beat Chinese manufacturers.
  • If you are the first one to import eyewear from China in your region, then you can become the industry leader. Now think for once that how amazing is that.

Who Uses Eyewear?

There are a lot of people who use eyewear. From kids to adults, there is a need for everyone. Different type of eyewear is used by other people. Most people use them for their vision correction, and the eyewear used for that purpose is known as prescription eyewear. There are many people that use non-prescription eyewear like sunglasses. They use it either for fashion and looks or to protect their eyes from dust and UV rays. At the present time, you will hardly find someone from the young generation who does not own a pair of sunglasses. So the demand for eyewear is very high right now.

How To Choose The Best Eyewear Manufacturer?

There are many online directories like Alibaba.com or globalsources.com on which all manufacturers list their services. But the question here is how to decide which manufacturer is the best. There are some things that you should look for in each manufacturer like:

  •  Product Scope
  •  On-site Verification
  •  ROHS certified
  •  ISO 9001 certified
  •  BSCI and Sedex certified
  •  MFi license

By identifying these factors in each manufacturer, you can easily reach out to the best eyewear manufacturers in China.

How To Negotiate With China Eyewear Manufacturers?

To negotiate with China eyewear manufacturers, just go to websites like Alibaba and search for your product. You will find a lot of suppliers for that product. Just open their profile and click on the contact supplier button that you will find on their profile. It will open a chat with that supplier. Negotiate clearly about the product description, its price, packaging, discounts, and other customizations.

Many sellers usually prefer to have large orders. This is the reason they offer discounts on huge quantities. One way to convince them to give you reasonable rates is to tell them about your future projects. If your communication is good enough, you will get excellent rates for your products, even if you are purchasing in small quantities.

Eyewear 2

Make competitive bids so that they can know you are an ideal client. Always pay on time, and never delay their payments.

How To Ship Eyewear From China?

Once your deal is done and your products are manufactured. The shipping phase starts. If you have different orders in an adequate quantity, then you can merge them into one. It will save you a lot of costs. If your products are sensitive or fragile, then you can ask your supplier to pack them properly with extra safety and protection. Eyewear is usually very sensitive, so you need your shipments to be handled with care. Use HS codes to find loads, as they are an effective way used worldwide.

How To Sell Eyewear Online To Earn Money?

One of the easier ways to sell eyewear online and to earn money is by opening your online eyewear store. You can create a website and list all your eyewear products on the website. Then with some marketing efforts, you will start getting customers in your store.

If you don’t have a budget for marketing or creating a website, then you can use some free methods like you can create a page on Facebook with your brand’s name, and you can list your products on your page. You can promote your products in different eyewear related products on Facebook. You can also use other platforms like Pinterest and Instagram for this purpose too.

There is also an option for paid advertisements on both Facebook and Google. You can run paid ads and choose a targeted audience. It is one of the easiest, quickest, and cheapest ways to get customers in starting. This method is advantageous, and if you do things right, then you can make some good profit by selling eyewear products in your country. Selling eyewear online is a very profitable business, and now is the right time to start this business because the demand is very high.

People Also Ask For Eyewear

How Do I Import Eyewear From China?

Eyewear 3

If you want to import eyewear from China, the first thing that you should be aware of is your import rights. Different countries have their own import rules and regulations. You need to study them very well. You need to make sure if the eyewear products are legal to import in your region. After that, you need to classify your product, contact the supplier, and identify the cost for your shipments.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Import Eyewear From China?

Sea freight is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to import eyewear from China. But it is only suitable when your shipments are enormous, and you got plenty of time to receive them. If your shipments are very small or you need them on an urgent basis, then there are other methods that are a bit costly, but you will get your products quickly.

Is It Safe To Import Eyewear From China?

If importing eyewear from China is legal in your country and your government allows it, then it is completely safe to import eyewear from China. You can take help from sourcing companies like Leeline. We will do all the tough jobs on your behalf. From checking the quality of your products to shipping them to your desired address, we will accompany you in all the procedures.

Do I Need A License To Import Eyewear From China?

Well, it depends upon your country’s import rules and regulations. Different products have different import controls in different countries. It is possible that you might need a license to import eyewear products from China to the USA, but people living in the UK don’t need any license to import eyewear from China.

What Is The Custom Fee For Importing Eyewear From China?

The custom fee varies for different countries. In some countries, you may not need to pay any customs fee for your shipments, or you need to pay a minor custom fee. But, their many countries in which you will need to pay a good amount in terms of a customs fee to receive your shipments. If you fail to clear the customs of them, your products will be held by the customs department of your country and then will not allow you to take your products until you clear the custom fee.

Is Importing Eyewear From China Profitable?

Yes, importing eyewear from China is a very profitable business. China is the manufacturing giant in the eyewear industry. Almost all provinces of China have plenty of eyewear manufacturers. The labor in china is very cheap, that’s why the products that they produce are considerably cheaper as compared to other countries. You can buy products from Chinese manufacturers at cheap rates and then sell them in your country with huge profit margins. If you search on the internet, then you will find many people that started their business by importing products from china, and now they are Millionaires.

Final Words 

There is no doubt that importing eyewear from China is very profitable. The best thing about importing eyewear products from China is that the prices are very low in China. You can get excellent quality products at very cheap rates and then sell them in your country with good profit margins. For example, if a product costs you $10 when you import it from China, you can easily sell it for $50 in your country with a $40 profit.

There are plenty of options for starting a business. You can also start a dropshipping business where you can get your order fulfilled directly from China with the help of companies like Leeline. If you have an investment in your hands and you want to do something productive, then this is the most appropriate and most profitable business that you can do.

Import From China

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