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Wholesale Halloween Costumes

LeelineSourcing Find The Best Halloween Costumes Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
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Wholesale Halloween Costumes


Importing Chucky Costumes From China

Who doesn’t love creepy doll characters? That is to say, scary dolls make a genuinely frightening costume for Halloween, setting off the right tone for terrorizing.

You will find many certified Chucky Costumes manufacturers in China, ,and all of these suppliers are specialized.

Importing Witch Costumes From China

China is the right choice to wholesale Witch costumes.

Witch costumes are often crowned as the most common pick when it comes to spooky Halloween costumes.

Importing Spider-Man Costumes From China

Marvel Comic’s increasingly popular and well-loved superhero, Spider-Man is every child’s dream come true.

Although, Spider-Man themed costumes might come across as an old-school option when it comes to Halloween costumes ideas for kids.

If you want to buy cheaper Spider-Man costumes, China is well known for the import of costumes.

Importing Clown Costume From China

Clown costume is another leading pick with high demand. From scary clown costumes to hilarious ones, people love to play around and pull off their unique clown look.

You can import high-quality Clown costume from wholesale websites or verified manufacturers.

Importing Unicorn Costumes From China

Girls from all age brackets love a whimsical rainbow costume and thus, has a great demand. And this is why unicorn costumes for Halloween are a well-loved pick.

If you are looking for the best Unicorn costumes supplier and manufacturer, China is the right choice.

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Best 10 China Halloween Costumes Manufacturers

1.Yiwu Huangqun Clothing Co., Ltd

1. Yiwu Huangqun Clothing Co., Ltd

Yiwu Huangqun Clothing Co., Ltd is one of the best Halloween costumes manufacturers established in 2016. The company is currently operating a business from Zhejiang, China. They have BSCI certification to prove the worth of costumes, and the production process gets monitored strictly. They have 10-production lines to produce maximum pieces for market expansion.


Main Products

This factory is manufacturing main products such as swimming wear, sportswear, lingerie, and Halloween costumes. They never compromise on the integrity of a company.


Why Choose Yiwu Huangqun Clothing Co., Ltd

They are accepting OEM orders to deliver customize orders as the customer wants. The production capacity of a factory is about 100,000 units per month. They are expanding the business by targeting the markets of Eastern Europe and North America. Every product goes through a quality assurance test to ensure the look and comfort of the material. They are generating most of the revenue from Eastern Europe and taking lead in North America.

2.Guangzhou Nadanbao Clothing Co., Ltd

2. Guangzhou Nadanbao Clothing Co., Ltd

The factory came into existence in 2013 and manufacturing top-notch garments since then. They are highly committed to their vendors who are supplying apparel in the market. They are highly committed to their work and creating a win-win situation for them. The factory values the client and integrity of the business to expand in the world.


Main Products

Guangzhou Nadanbao Clothing Co., Ltd is mainly manufacturing Christmas costumes, Halloween costumes, leggings, hoodies, cosplay costumes, swimsuits, dresses, and sweatshirts. They also accept customized orders.


Why Choose Guangzhou Nadanbao Clothing Co., Ltd 

This Halloween costume factory is working on a strict quality control process and with advanced equipment. They are working with more than 50 employees to deliver maximum orders to clients without crossing the given timeline. The supply cost performance helps suppliers in making profits without risking quality. The modern equipment at the factory allows producing top-notch costumes to supply worldwide. 

3.Dongguan Nanteng Apparel Co., Limited

3. Dongguan Nanteng Apparel Co., Limited

The organization has experience of more than 30 years in the knitwear and garments sector. They are in Guangdong, China, and planning to expand a factory in different regions. From the raw material to sample manufacturing, the whole process of this place is up to the mark.

Main Product

This place has specialized in producing Halloween costumes, Christmas sweaters, men sweaters, women sweaters, and kids sweaters. They have valid product certifications to satisfy customers.


Why Choose Dongguan Nanteng Apparel Co., Limited

The automated machines of this factory are sourced by Japan and Germany to never compromise on quality. They have the potential of producing 200,000 pcs per month and have 10+ production lines. They are supplying products in the regions of North America, Western Europe, and Oceania. They offer customized services as well to help vendors globally establishing their name in the market.

4.Yiwu Partyland Costumes Co., Ltd

4. Yiwu Partyland Costumes Co., Ltd

The factory was established in 2010 and operating the business from Zhejiang, China. The technical staff and modern facilities made it possible to come out with supreme quality Halloween costumes in the market. They believe in meeting the customer’s requirement by keeping price low and production capacity high.


Main Products

They are manufacturing products such as Halloween costumes and all types of apparel. Due to strict quality management, they are leading suppliers of garments globally.

Why Choose Yiwu Partyland Costumes Co., Ltd 

To create new opportunities each day, this factory is always welcoming new customers with dedication. They have valid certifications to ensure the quality and process of manufacturing to other vendors. They are working in the markets of North America, Western Europe, and Oceania. Due to the extensive range and affordable prices, the products by this factory are getting recognized globally.

5.Guangxi Hengzhihua E-Commerce Co., Ltd

5. Guangxi Hengzhihua E-Commerce Co., Ltd

The firm was established in 2016 as a leading manufacturer of Halloween costumes, and apparel. All the products from this organization are hot selling and are of top-notch quality. They are in Guangxi, China, and boosting the sales every day to expand business globally. From bulk to small, they accept orders globally to support vendors in trading expansion.


Main Products

This place specialized in manufacturing Halloween costumes, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, kid’s wear, party dresses, and swimwear.


Why Choose Guangxi Hengzhihua E-Commerce Co., Ltd

Guangxi Hengzhihua E-Commerce Co., Ltd is one of the best Halloween costume companies. They are offering affordable prices to traders for selling at handsome cost further. They are mainly supplying costumes to North America, expanding business in South America and Western Europe. The firm aims to deliver ease and quality to clients for a long-lasting business relationship. They believe in working with sincerity and dedication to gain the trust and respect of clients.

6.Shijiazhuang Summer Dream Trading Co., Ltd

6. Shijiazhuang Summer Dream Trading Co., Ltd

The factory was established in 2015 and operating from Hebei, China. They are exporting apparel globally by maintaining quality and material. They are offering OEM and ODM services to produce costumes on-demand in the required quantity. They have valid certifications with the momlover trademark to prove their production process.


Main Products

This firm is manufacturing apparel on a massive scale such as Halloween costumes, baby clothing, women’s clothing, and children’s pajamas. The material used to manufacture apparel is comfortable and soft.


Why Choose Shijiazhuang Summer Dream Trading Co., Ltd

The production flow from selecting raw material to quality inspection/packaging meets the international standards to avoid a blunder. Their production capacity is about 200,000pcs per month and, it will expand in future. They are the best Halloween wholesale suppliers delivering goods at lower prices to help traders in earning profits. They are generating maximum revenue from the markets of North America, Western Europe, and Southern Europe.

7.Ningbo YR Arts& Crafts Co., Ltd

7. Ningbo YR Arts& Crafts Co., Ltd

Ningbo YR Arts& Crafts Co., Ltd came into existence in 2013 and located in Zhejiang, China. They are professional suppliers of costumes and lifestyle goods. The competitive prices and quick delivery is the reason for their popularity among the market. Traders trust them with their business due to the production process and strict inspection before delivery.


Main Products

The firm has specialized in producing party decoration, lifestyle goods, carnival products, birthday, Christmas, camping, and Halloween costumes with accessories.


Why Choose Ningbo YR Arts& Crafts Co., Ltd

They are Halloween wholesale suppliers offering quick services to customers globally for building long term business relationships. They are currently generating maximum business in Northern Europe, North America, and Western Europe. The annual revenue of this firm is about US500,000 to US1M. The production capacity of the factory is impressive. They are capable of accepting orders in bulk without missing quality factors.

8.Guangzhou Ouerman Garment Co., Ltd.

8. Guangzhou Ouerman Garment Co., Ltd.

This factory was established in 2008 to serve customers globally by providing supreme quality and low prices. They want to help vendors in stabilizing business by earning profits and by expanding trading in different regions. They are operating production process from Guangdong, China, and have a team of 55 employees. They have rich experience in manufacturing costumes without missing deadlines.


Main Products

Guangzhou Ouerman Garment Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of apparel such as Halloween costumes, party wear, t-shirts, sweaters, and dress coat. They have the potential of meeting client’s requirements with utmost perfection.


Why Choose Guangzhou Ouerman Garment Co., Ltd

They are working as Halloween wholesale suppliers in North America, South America, and Northern Europe. The factory is operating on an area of 1000-3000 square meters with 3-production lines. They are delivering OEM services to customize any order. They are generating an annual output of around US1M to US2.5M.

9.Sichuan Manyi International Trade Co., Ltd

9. Sichuan Manyi International Trade Co., Ltd

This enterprise was founded in 2018 and is in Sichuan, China. They are capable of accepting orders in bulk by maintaining perfect design and quality. They have the potential of meeting client’s requirements and are experienced in export. They have 2-production lines to manufacture maximum orders without missing the given timeline.

Main Products

Sichuan Manyi International Trade Co., Ltd specialized in manufacturing products such as Halloween costumes, Lolita dresses, dresses, and cycling clothing. The design and quality will never be compromised.

Why Choose Sichuan Manyi International Trade Co., Ltd

They are leading Halloween costumes manufacturers in the market who have a powerful reputation due to strict quality assurance. They are supplying costumes to different traders in North America, South America, and Africa. The annual turnaround of this firm is around US10M to US50M. By ensuring top-quality, they are capable of producing maximum goods.

10.Jiangshan Shengwei Industry And Trading Co., Ltd

10. Jiangshan Shengwei Industry And Trading Co., Ltd

The factory was established in 2014 and operating the business from Zhejiang, China. The motto of this firm is to create satisfactory goods for clients and the expansion of business. They believe in quality and creativity to build client’s trust. They have 8-production lines to manufacture apparel in bulk to meet several clients’ requirements.


Main Product

Jiangshan Shengwei Industry And Trading Co., Ltd is manufacturing top-notch costumes such as carnival costumes, Halloween costumes, animal clothing, Christmas gifts, and other apparel. This factory is capable of producing high-quality goods to satisfy each customer.

Why Choose Jiangshan Shengwei Industry And Trading Co., Ltd

They produce wholesale Halloween costumes from China and deliver them to clients globally. They also manufacture custom-made costumes to fulfill the demand of clients. Every costume by this factory goes through strict quality control by ensuring the material and packaging.

Best 5 US Halloween Costumes Suppliers


1. Rubies

It’s been 65 years that this firm is serving clients globally as one of the leading and professional Halloween costumes manufacturers in the US. They have a wide range of costumes with a hint of innovation in every look. They are also working as a distributor, and the 3rd generation is operating a business now.


Main Products

The main product manufactured by Rubies is Halloween costumes. The supreme quality of their dresses will build your reputation in the market and available at affordable prices.


Why Choose Rubies

Along with the costumes, they are also producing several accessories to complete the whole character’s look with perfection. As a vendor, anyone can order costumes in bulk, and they will meet the requirement in no time. Due to automatic machines and massive staff, they always meet international standards successfully. They stay true, honest, and loyal towards their customers to work long-term with them.

12.California Costumes

2. California Costumes

California costumes established in 1992, and since then, they are operating business globally in Los Angeles. The motto of a company is to work according to trends and delivering exceptional service to traders. They believe in getting connected to their customers and work on every detail to satisfy them. The massive staff of this factory ensures that client is satisfied from raw material and designing.


Main Products

California costumes specialize in manufacturing fancy dresses, Halloween costumes, accessories, wigs, and seasonal dresses. The quick services of this factory will make the expansion of business simpler.

Why Choose California Costumes

This Halloween costume factory is capable of meeting international standards by creating unique designs. From the manufacturing of costumes to packaging, everything is up to the mark, and they are working with customers globally. They are expanding business outside the US to serve more and more clients by updating equipment and area.

13.Wholesale Halloween Costumes

3. Wholesale Halloween Costumes

It’s a complete platform to find the costumes for your whole family at an affordable price. From the newborn to grandpa, they will provide an appropriate size for everyone. The quality standard of the store is high at affordable prices. The firm aims to serve traders with products that can build their reputation in a market without compromising on quality and profits.


Main Products

They are mainly manufacturing Halloween costumes, makeup, accessories, and women costumes. No matter what costume a vendor needs, they have everything you are looking for.


Why Choose Wholesale Halloween Costumes

They are currently shipping orders to Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. This firm gives a major advantage to a customer by providing the least prices for trading further. They produce costumes in bulk by maintaining quality and designing. They often offer a discount to traders who are buying in bulk and trying to establish a business.

14.Disguise Costumes

4. Disguise Costumes

Disguise costumes is one of the best Halloween costume companies established in 1987. They started with only 12 designs, but now they have a wide range of costumes to choose from. Due to high-quality and trending designs, they have become one of the leading manufacturers in the market. They always follow costume designs trending in the fashion industry to attract a maximum audience.


Main Products

Disguise costume is an expert manufacturer when it comes to design Halloween costumes, child costumes, and accessories. The raw material is comfortable and safe to wear.


Why Choose Disguise Costumes

Disguise Costumes has the potential of meeting client’s orders in bulk without a material difference. They are expecting business in different regions as well to help traders globally. They believe in providing quality products to customers in a low price range to build a stable relationship with everyone. They offer several character costumes to entertain families with good intentions.

15.Pure Costumes

5. Pure Costumes

Pure costumes are the solution to all the Halloween costume problems. It was established in 2005 as an online store and later made it to a higher level. They wanted to come up with something creative and productive in the market to make Halloween fun. During the last 15 years, they have obtained customers all over the world by delivering high-quality.


Main Products

Pure costumes sell all types of Halloween costumes to bring versatility and creativity to the field. From the cartoon to the movie character, they can manufacture all.


Why Choose Pure Costumes

The pure costume aims to deliver perfection by following strict timelines and quality control process. They are way ahead of the game due to knowledge of trends and skilled designers at their firm. People often struggle to find the costumes for the rest of a year, but this place can serve all with the same quality and quick shipping service.

Best 5 UK Halloween Costumes Suppliers

16.Wicked Costumes

1. Wicked Costumes

Wicked costumes are serving customers all over the world by delivering superior quality costumes for a whole year. They are official manufacturers of carryme characters and always looking forward to developing different styles. They have all the valid certificates to satisfy customers from goods, and each product is based on international quality standards. They are serving several regions with success, and they are also a distributor of fancy dresses.


Main Products

Wicked costumes specialize in producing Halloween costumes and children costumes. They have a massive range to choose from.

Why Choose Wicked Costumes

Traders often look for companies that are offering customized services at an affordable price to trade further. They are the best Halloween costumes manufacturers delivering the lowest prices to support traders in their business. They are accepting bulk orders not only for Halloween customers, but for other festivals such as St Patrick day, Christmas, Easter, and world book day.

17.The Dragons Den

2. The Dragons Den

They are the massive Halloween costumes suppliers in the UK and established this firm in 2010 with few dresses. They are currently serving more than 100,000 customers globally with the help of dedicated staff who put all their efforts into making a costume perfect. They have a wide range of designs from adults to children to make any festival fun. They are highly committed to every customer who is asking for quality and modern-day costumes.


Main Products

Dragon Den is producing costumes like Halloween costumes, t-shirts, fancy dresses, and other apparel.


Why Choose The Dragons Den

Dragon Den believes in serving customers with quality without compromising the integrity of a firm. The speedy delivery and affordable prices are the reason behind their popularity in the UK. They are successfully expanding business internationally by delivering goods on time with the help of a dedicated team. They are always ready to make customers satisfied with their services. Due to massive production capacity, the Dragon Den’s is capable of accepting orders from popular platforms.


3. Smiffy

The factory was established in 1984 to deliver something outstanding and exceptional to the audience. They have a massive range of costumes of about 5000+ along with accessories. From Halloween to Christmas, they have every type of dress a person is looking for to trade further. The loyalty of Smiffy towards the customer pushes them towards innovation and growth.


Main Products

Smiffy is manufacturing quality goods including, Halloween costumes, animal costumes, fancy dresses, and accessories. They have skilled designers at an organization to help a user in completing the look.


Why Choose Smiffy

The designing team of Smiffy works day and, a night to come up with the perfect dress. Each of the goods, manufactured by this firm is delivered to the trader after meeting international standards. The quality control process of Sniffy is quite strict and focuses on every detail explained by the customer. The firm aims to offer the highest quality at affordable prices to make trading possible for other businessmen. It will also help this firm in expanding to different regions and for generating revenue.

19.Fancy Dress Warehouse

4. Fancy Dress Warehouse

It’s been about 180 years that fancy dress warehouse is serving customers globally without compromising on quality and perfection. They are proudly serving as Halloween costumes wholesale distributors. Major brands allow them to deliver costumes to different regions for expanding business effectively. 


Main Products

They are supplying goods such as men’s costumes, women’s costumes, Halloween costumes, accessories, and much more.


Why Choose Fancy Dress Warehouse

A fancy dress warehouse is a store offering a wide range of costumes to traders who often accept orders globally. They have costumes in bulk at the warehouse and capable of fulfilling orders on time. This store believes in trading, but with a strict quality policy to gain the trust of a customer trying to build a business. As a distributor, they are offering suitable prices to every trader who wants to place an order at this store.

20.Fancy Dress Town

5. Fancy Dress Town

Fancy dress town is only not concerned about the overall look, but to make a festival perfect. They are working as one of the best Halloween costumes suppliers in the UK who believe in prompt delivery and top-notch quality. It’s a big store offering different varieties of costumes to customers by maintaining quality.


Main Product

Fancy dress town supplying costumes such as Halloween costumes, fancy dresses, and accessories to make your whole look outstanding.


Why Choose Fancy Dress Town

The motto of fancy dress town is not to serve the customers in the UK, but they are always up for opportunities from different regions. They ensure that before any festival, goods reach the destination without ruining the party mood. The prices of costumes are flexible, especially for the traders out there.

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Wholesale Halloween Costumes from China: The Complete Guide 2021

Table of Contents Brief hide

Over recent years, Halloween has managed to become one of the most celebrated times of the year.

With kids preparing for their Trick-o-Treats to couples planning for Halloween décor, everyone celebrates this spookiest season best to their liking. Thus, making Halloween a seasonal yet lucratively big business for wholesale retailers.

With extravagant costume parties hosted for both, kids and adults, imports and exports for wholesale Halloween costumes have experienced a sudden spike.

This, therefore, clearly explains why the consumer base is spending increasing sums of money on Halloween costumes each year.

In this comprehensive guide to importing best Halloween costumes, we have detailed a structured roadmap for wholesale retailers who plan to jump on the bandwagon.

Wholesale Halloween Costumes


The 10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes

Halloween being a popular holiday requires everyone to plan out their Halloween costumes ahead of time. From mysterious serial killer characters and sword-wielding superheroes to cute princesses and villainous antagonists, Halloween costumes let you be whoever and whatever you want.

Halloween is host to a variety of characters, and at times it gets scary for the little ones. And so, everyone tries to be playful with their costumes while being mindful of not going too overboard with the look.

This is why it is essential for you as a wholesale retailer to understand the purchase patterns and dynamics of consumers when it comes to Halloween costumes.

This list elaborates on the ten best Halloween costumes that enjoy a high-demand across all age brackets. Thus, helping you to narrow down the best ones from a plethora of options when finalizing your import for wholesale Halloween costumes.

1. Spider-Man

Marvel Comic’s increasingly popular and well-loved superhero, Spider-Man is every child’s dream come true. Although, Spider-Man themed costumes might come across as an old-school option when it comes to Halloween costumes ideas for kids.

But for children who aspire to save the day with their creative superpowers, the classic red-blue Spider-Man outfit leads as the favourite pick.

2. The 1980s

The iconic 1980s fashion trend is back in style. From big puffy shoulders and loud neon patterns to long hairstyles and super crazy accessories, fashion in this said decade was a big hit.

Therefore, when it comes to planning Halloween costumes for adults, costumes inspired by the 1980s make a showstopping entry to the list. Moreover, with incredible movies dating back to the 80s, featuring wild characters, make it a perfect decade to emulate for Halloween.

The 1980s costumes

3. Chucky

Who doesn’t love creepy doll characters? That is to say, scary dolls make a genuinely frightening costume for Halloween, setting off the right tone for terrorizing.

Thus, making it an ideal serial killer Halloween costume for scaring away the party guests. And so, it inarguably qualifies as one of the best Halloween costumes for adults.


Another dare to scare one on the list is the spooky IT costume for Halloween.

Adults and grownup kids are inclined towards this outfit as it resonates with the frightening elements of Halloween. Thus, allowing them to steal the limelight all at once.



Witchcraft and wizardry are two defining elements of Halloween. Thus, a significant number of individuals celebrating Halloween prefer disguising themselves as a witch or a wizard.

And so, witch costumes are often crowned as the most common pick when it comes to spooky Halloween costumes.


Dinosaur costumes will never go old when it comes to best Halloween costumes.

Both adults and toddlers, love to dress up as a dino during the spookiest time of the year.



Girls from all age brackets love a whimsical rainbow costume and thus, has a great demand. And this is why unicorn costumes for Halloween are a well-loved pick.

From toddlers to teens, every girl loves to dress pretty on Halloween in a glittery Unicorn-themed costume.


Disney-inspired Halloween costumes are popular amongst kids and especially costumes that emulate characters from Descendants. All love this popular Disney movie, and so is a common getup on Halloween.


Clown costume is another leading pick with high demand. From scary clown costumes to hilarious ones, people love to play around and pull off their unique clown look.

This is why a clown costume for Halloween is popular among every age group. And in recent times, people have started accessorizing their clown costumes creatively.

So, if you plan to import wholesale clown costumes for Halloween from China, you can always add in some oversized shoes, nose, a hat and a bow in the shipment.


The last one on our list of best Halloween costumes is Fortnite-inspired costume. This one is also a favourite among kids and adults and thus is highly demanded during the Halloween time.

So, when planning your import, be sure to assess the demand for Fortnite Halloween costumes.

Fortnite costumes


Most Popular Halloween Costumes in China and USA

While Halloween is a deep-rooted American celebration, it originally has its roots from European traditions. However, in recent years, the Asian region has also been welcoming the day with much anticipation and enthusiasm.

With amusement parks hosting grand Halloween celebrations to neighbourhoods echoing with trick-o-treats, China is the busiest and commercialized recipient of the festival.

Just like the celebrations in the US and Chinese regions differ on the spectrum, so do the available Halloween costumes. While America emulates the pop-rock culture, China is more inclined towards replicating their Ghost Festivals.

· Comrade Lei Feng

The Chinese military hero Lei Feng is popular amongst all kids because of his strong qualities of selflessness. And thus, school-going children proudly dress up as the Comrade Lei Feng.

· Monkey King

Monkey King is a supernatural character from the Chinese classic novel Journey to the West. And many Chinese families who have deep-rooted traditional believes tend to like dressing up as the Monkey King on Halloween.

· Panda

Panda is yet another Halloween-favourite around China. Overloaded with cuteness, this animal is popular amongst teenage girls when it comes to Halloween costumes in China.

Apart from these costumes, you will find every other variety in the Chinese wholesale market. The reason being, China has a significantly large market for Halloween costumes. Therefore, whatever you need will be easily sourced through thousands of vendors.



Where to Buy Wholesale Halloween Costumes

Once you have managed to filter out the type of Halloween costumes, you plan to sell, and it’s time for you to decide upon the wholesale Halloween costume supplier.

Finding the right manufacture and supplier is crucial to your business operation, not only saving you time and effort but will also guarantee good quality products. Thus, China is the best available choice.

1. LeelineSourcing

LeelineSourcing is recognized as one of the most trusted sourcing partners based in China. It facilitates wholesalers, retailers and other e-commerce businesses in sourcing viable products.

As a large platform for wholesale Halloween costumes, LeelineSourcing will provide you with high-quality costumes at competitive rates.

This will not only help you run your business successfully but will facilitate you in establishing a strong consumer base.

Above all, there is no specified minimum order quantity. So, whatever is the size of your order, LeelineSourcing will source the best quality products for you from reliable vendors.

LeelineSourcing Is known for offering its clients with Amazon FBA seller services. These include labelling to photography and shipping to owner’s warehouse.

Secondly, professionals at the company will help you find the right clothing manufacturer for Halloween costumes you are looking for, that too with decreased costs and reduced risk.

And so, you will receive high-quality products that sourced with competence via a complete process.

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2. Alibaba Online

Alibaba Online is another renowned platform that aims to connect vendors and suppliers to potential wholesale retailers.

With a wide variety of Halloween costumes across all budgets and styles for kids and adults, Alibaba is sure to make you do your business as easy as it gets.

3. Search on Google

Alternatively, you can search for wholesale Halloween costume suppliers on Google and other search engines.

Google is undoubtedly a reliable source for finding wholesale manufactures for Halloween costumes in China. These searches are sure to lead you to plenty of available options. This way, you can quickly assess each supplier individually and eliminate to consider the best ones.

Just like all other online searches, you will land with a lot of options, leaving you confused. But if you have a clear and comprehensive business strategy, you will be able to filter out the irrelevant options.

However, as easy as this may seem, you must be mindful of checking the legitimacy of the supplier before proceeding further. Of course, you wouldn’t want to get caught in a scam and lose a large sum of money way.

And if you are wondering why you should import Halloween costumes from China, then you must know that the Chinese textile market has a competitive edge globally.

That is to say, the price figures and quality offered by Chinese products have no parallel competitor. Above all, express delivery and smooth transaction features add as a bonus to the overall import experience for any wholesale retailer.

Search on Google

How to Find Trusted Halloween Costumes Suppliers?

Business operations are established on the core principle of trust. Thus, this necessitates the need to take all necessary precautions to avoid getting scammed.

·  Contact the supplier and verify their address

Before you confirm the order and take things further with the supplier, it is crucial that you verify their contact details and address first.

Refrain from finalizing any deal without meting the supplier in person, as there is a strong possibility of you getting scammed.

·  Check your supplier’s reputation and track record

The second most crucial pointer in finding a reliable Halloween costume supplier is to assess their track record, i.e. business history.

You can easily do this by contacting their customers and getting feedback. Moreover, doing business with suppliers that haven’t been in the industry for more than 10 years is discouraged.

· Purchase and inspect their products

Get products samples before placing bulk orders. This will give you an idea about their packaging, product quality and most importantly, the shipment schedule.

That is to say, test before you proceed towards a final decision. Moreover, sampling and approval of those samples will be the key representative of mass production from the vendor.

So, as a wholesaler of Halloween costumes, be mindful when drafting a defining product quality standard, as this will help you find the best-suited supplier.

·  Test their customer support

Customer service is considered the backbone of any business. And if your supplier’s customer service fails to satisfy you, then you will know right away whether to continue or not. So, be sure to ask questions often, and keep track of how well they have responded.

Suggested reading:How To Find Reliable Chinese Suppliers?

Best Suppliers


3 Tips For wholesale Halloween costumes

· Consider other Halloween-related items

Halloween is not just about costumes; it is also about assorted decorations, props and customized candies. So, when planning your order for wholesale Halloween costumes, be sure to conduct market research on Halloween-related items.

This will not only help you scale your business horizontally but will help you earn better profits.

· Wholesale Halloween Costumes in Bulk

The best tip to minimizing costs in the process is to order in bulk. Bulk orders not only treat you to earn better profit figures but also improve your revenue and sales.

· Do some research on the type of costumes that you are going to sell

When it comes to consumer preferences, the demand pattern is always changing. And so, it’s better to conduct a market analysis on the type of Halloween costumes your target audience is willing to buy.

This will save you from incurring any loss, ensuring that your orders and sold out with good profits.

market research


How LeelineSourcing Helps You Wholesale Halloween Costumes from China

LeelineSourcing is your best choice when it comes to importing and shipping products from China. And for best quality Halloween costumes, LeelineSourcing is an integrated one-stop solution, linking you to the most trusted suppliers.

In addition to this, their sales representative will bargain for you, getting you the best possible quotations to choose from.

1. Guide you to find right Costumes Manufacturer

You will be guided thoroughly to find suitable manufacture for your business. LeelineSourcing will analyze your requirements and consider all aspects of the supplier’s business dynamics for you.

This includes the shipping details, pricing and quality of products. Moreover, the smooth running of all business transactions will also be ensured on their end.

2. Costumes Customize Solutions

Services at Leeline are designed exclusively for wholesalers, assisting you as a wholesale retailer in finding the best private label factory.

The entire process prioritizes product quality while giving you a competitive edge in the market. This quality assurance measure is conducted on a one-to-one basis before the products are scheduled for shipment.

In addition to this, you can conveniently get factory quotes from any private labels without any  hidden costs.  Thus, making Leeline as the best Chinese purchasing agent for you to import good quality wholesale Halloween costumes.

3. Confirm and Follow-up your order

Once you have traversed through the initial stages of assessing and finalizing your vendor or wholesale Halloween costume supplier, next comes the confirmation phase.

Confirming an order is a crucial part of any business-customer relationship dynamic. And Leeline Sourcing will keep track of your order process from confirmation to taking follow up on the order.

So, once you have received a satisfactory quotation, confirm your order accordingly. There won’t be any hidden service charges included.

4. Best Quality Control and Inspection Services

With years of experience in the sourcing arena, Leeline Sourcing takes pride in strict yet efficient quality assurance measures. These measures are taken to inspect product quality across all scales.

And this is why you do not have to worry about the product quality before shipment. LeelineSourcing assists all its clients during the quality inspection stage so as to ensure a swift and smooth delivery.There are four inspection categories for you to choose from,

Basic Inspection

Basic inspection is free of charges, and more of a complimentary general check for your order. The shipment will be inspected from the surface, and in case of any error detection, you will receive an immediate notification from the quality assurance team.

1 to 1 Inspection

This inspection ensures a more comprehensive and specific check of your order where each unit is inspected for quality assurance. This eliminates the need for you to check the products once again as soon as they are delivered to you.

Therefore, saving you the time and effort, and allowing you to sell the products at the store directly as there will be no need for further confirmation.

Video Inspection

The quality assurance team will take you on a video call, allowing you to oversee the entire inspection process by yourself. This inspection is mostly feasible for overseas clients and wholesale retailers.

On-site Factory Inspection

LeelineSourcing also gives you an option to participate in the inspection process in person. If you wish to travel to China and join the LeelineSourcing team at the factory site for inspection, you may do so.

5. Expert in paperwork to clear customs

If you are worried about the paperwork process, LeelineSourcing will also take care of it for you. From country regulations to shipment procedures, everything will be dealt with professionally.

That is to say, and you will not experience any problems during the entire process. Moreover, the expected delivery date and time will also be shared with you to help you better plan your business operations beforehand.

Expert in paperwork to clear customs

6.  Provide the best logistics solution for your costume’s orders

From efficient planning, persuasive sales pitch, excellent warehouse management and secure transportation, you will receive an impeccable service from LeelineSourcing.

This one-stop logistic solution provider will ensure all your Halloween costumes are delivered safely, and you are satisfied by all means.


Final Thoughts about wholesale Halloween Costumes

With China exponentially dominating the wholesale arena in Asia, it is also considered to be the best wholesale market for clothing globally.

And thus, a significant portion of businesses believe that stepping into the wholesale clothing business is a profitable decision as it is the future.

If you are looking for the best place to buy wholesale Halloween costumes, it can only be achieved in China. That is to say, with millions of exporters producing Halloween-themed clothing, accessories and props, the market is reaching its full potential.

However, if you are new to the business, you might come across a few hurdles, but with low barriers to entry, this might not be a problem. Above all, LeelineSourcing is an excellent platform for you to find an integrated logistics solution for your business.

A proper planned out process with strict inspection and continuous guidance by the LeelineSourcing professionals will help you resonate in this wholesale clothing business.

But be sure to conduct thorough market research and analyses all the dynamics before you make a final decision of importing wholesale Halloween costumes from China.


FAQs About wholesale Halloween costumes

Q. Is Wholesale Halloween Costumes legit?

Wholesale Halloween Costumes is a website that sells Halloween costumes at wholesale rates. However, customers have come across bad experiences with their purchases at the e-store.

With a considerably low rating given by the customers, Wholesale Halloween Costumes receives complaints about its poor customer service.

Q. Who has cheap Halloween costumes?

There several online stores that sell cheap Halloween costumes. And perhaps you can find some retail stores that sell Halloween costumes near you as well. From Target and Walmart to Dollar Tree, you will find Halloween costumes for girls, boys and even adults at a very reasonable price bracket.

Q. Does Costco sell Halloween costumes?

Yes, Costco has a great selection of Halloween costumes for both girls and boys. Moreover, their Halloween section also includes fun accessories, and there’s something for every member of the family. Above all, you can enjoy great price deals at Costco when buying name-brand Halloween costumes.

Q. Why are Halloween costumes so cheaply made?

Halloween costumes are made using cheap polyester fabric as the costume itself is only worn once for the grand celebration.

This is the reason why most people prefer investing less on Halloween costumes, a cheap costume that ticks all their requirements is the best bargain for them. In addition to this, the degradable fabric tends to harm the environment once it disintegrates after the first wash.

Q. What is the scariest Halloween costume ever?

While there a number of scary and spooky Halloween costumes that have fascinated everyone. But some of the most gruesome and wicked ones include skeleton, witch and wizards, monsters and zombies.

And most people like to keep their spirits up by dressing with the true idea of Halloween – scary and spooky.

Q.  Do wholesale costumes made in China have good quality?

Yes, all clothes made in China have good quality because most leading brands have set up their production lines in China. Thus, after all, quality checks and inspection, clothing units are dispatched to the end consumer.

Q. How do I choose the right manufacturer/ supplier for my business?

There are a number of determining factors that you must be mindful of when choosing manufacture to source your products from.

The most important ones include pricing, quality, shipment time and experience of the manufacture in the particular industry.

Q. What are the popular Halloween colours?

Traditional Halloween colours span from the colour palette of orange, red, black and purple. In addition to this, yellow and brown are also common colours.

Q. What are the most popular Halloween costumes?

Each year popular Halloween costumes change, so there isn’t a specific list to follow. However, superheroes and pirates are common when it comes to Halloween costumes for boys.

And for girls, its mostly witches, cat and princess. People often tend to be creative with their costumes and improvise the character accordingly.

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