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Wholesale Wigs In Bulk

LeelineSourcing Find The Best Wigs Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
  •       Most wig manufacturers use Leeline to transport their products to other parts of the world.
  •       Leeline assists you when it comes to buying wigs in bulk from China. By giving you access to the best supplier of wholesale wigs from China.
  •       Moreover, Leeline can locate the best wigs manufacturers in China. We can keep you updated with the international wigs market.
  •       Leeline gives you varieties of shipping options. This option can change during each order.
  •   Leeline gives you access to wig products of high quality. The products are at affordable rates, with a complete audit of the manufacturing facilities.

10 High Demand Wigs In China

1.Human Hair Wigs

Importing Human Hair Wigs From China

 China is among the top wig manufacturers made from human hair. Human hair wigs are among the highest class of wigs in most countries. As a result, The human hair wig market has been increasing in price due to its popular demand.

 The Chinese market has varieties of wigs made from human hair, and these are of the highest of qualities. If you want to start a wholesale business on human hair wigs, China is a great place to start.

2. Capless Wigs

Wholesale Capless Wigs From China

Capless wigs are particular types of products made from wigs or wefts of human or synthetic hair. It is sewn in hair strand rows which determines how voluminous the hair fibers will appear.

In short, it is one of the simplest wigs in the market. It is being produced in tremendous quantities in countries like China. Thus, you can buy wigs in bulk at lower rates.

3. Lace Front Wigs

Buy Lace Front Wigs From China

One of the significant functions of lace front wigs is giving the wearer the appearance of a natural hairline. The demand for lace front wigs has increased recently.

China has a high production speed. It can keep up with the high demand from wholesale importers of wigs from China to other countries.

4. Monofilament Wigs

Wholesale Monofilament Wigs in Bulk From China

It is a wig cap with a fine layer of transparent micro-mesh inserts at the top, crown, or parting region. It occurs during construction. The tying of each strand follows to look like it grows normal.

Monofilament Wigs are being made in many countries. But, they are distributed in high quality and quantity by Chinese manufacturers.

5. Full Lace Wigs

Wholesale From China Full Lace Wigs Suppliers

One of the most common outsourced wig products in China is full lace wigs. It has a lifespan span of about a year for the unprocessed type.

Moreover, this is beneficial for persons buying wholesale wigs in bulk and resell to customers. You can always find the right full lace wigs products in China.

6. Hand-Tied Wigs

Wholesale From China Hand-Tied Wigs Manufacturers

You can wear Hand-Tied wigs if you want each strand to move with ease in every direction. It originates from both synthetic and human hair. Wigs manufacturers in China can ship the product in bulk to any country of your choice.

The Chinese hand-tied wigs sector is becoming more innovative for market expectations.

7. Basic Cap Wigs

Importing Basic Cap Wigs From China

It has the unique feature of allowing air to flow directly to your scalp. That is because of the spaces kept during construction. The cap wigs market is for individuals that want comfort.

This category of wigs is from many manufacturers in china. So, it enables wholesalers to buy or order at competitive prices.

8. Non-Slip Wigs

Wholesale Non-Slip Wigs From China

The Non-Slip Wigs use the heat from your body to adhere to your scalp instead of the conventional glue. This industry achieves this by the use of specialized artificial skin material.

The non-slip wigs are also gaining ground in the international market. More Chinese manufacturers are increasing their production.

9. Hair Toppers

Buy Hair Toppers From China

Hair toppers can come in varieties of lengths and sizes. What’s more, they are worn on the top of the head.

Hair toppers manufacturers in China work well to increase their lifespan. Thus, it can be a wig of choice for more customers.

10. Hairpieces

Wholesale Hairpieces in Bulk From China

As the name implies, these are pieces of hair worn by individuals to cover some part of their head. This part is without hair or to make their normal hair longer. Bald individuals sometimes wear it.

Hairpieces can last for about 6 to 10 months, depending on usage. Most hairpiece manufacturers are present in China. They are always making products using the best available materials.

Leeline Ensures that You Can Buy Wigs from China Smoothly

Product Sourcing

Wigs Product Sourcing

Leeline does extensive product sourcing. The aim is to give you access to wholesale wigs suppliers and manufacturers. And best quality products at a much-reduced cost.

Factory Audit

Wigs Factory Audit

Suppose you have chosen a specific wigs manufacturer or supplier. Leeline does all the required audits and facility checks. It helps ensure the company is trustworthy enough to deliver the product.

Product Inspection

Wigs Product Inspection

Leeline does all the necessary pre-shipment inspections for wholesale wigs from China. It makes sure the exact product and product quality reach you, saving you time and Money.

Amazon FBA Prep

Wigs Amazon FBA Prep

Leeline FBA Prep saves you the stress of repackaging and branding your wigs product. They do this by helping your print your chosen logo onto the product and package them in your specified order.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Wigs Shipping To Amazon FBA

Leeline makes use of the most convenient shipping method available. They ship your wholesale wigs in bulk from China to FBA facilities and warehouses. They do this at a reduced cost and an incredible delivery speed.


Wigs DropShopping

For your convenience, Leeline ships your wig products straight to your customers. This service makes importing wholesale wigs from China more convenient.

Why Choose Leeline To Wholesale Wigs From China

  •       Leeline does all the necessary market and product investigations. It gives you a plethora of quality wigs suppliers to choose from them.
  •       Leeline can locate the best and most dependable drop shippers.
  •       They can import wholesale wigs from China. 
  •       Since Leeline has professional and dependable workers, it reduces the workforce incorporated in wholesale shipping wigs in bulk from China.
  •       Leeline does all necessary product examinations and company certification checks. It happens before they send your wholesale wigs to your specified destination.
  •       With Leeline, you are sure of getting the best types of wig products. It comes with a considerable reduction in shipping and packaging costs.
  •  Leeline is well known and has been active in this business for many years. This knowledge can give your customers the genuine assurance they expect.

Best 10 China Wigs Manufacturers

1. Guangzhou Xibolai Hair Products Co., Ltd

1. Guangzhou Xibolai Hair Products Co., Ltd

This company is among the best wig manufacturers in China. They are very dependable because their products are always under scrutiny by recognized inspection companies like SGS and Bureau Veritas.

Guangzhou Xibolai Hair Products has three top markets. They are North America, Western Europe, and Africa. Moreover, it has about 101- 200 employees that produce different types and styles of wigs. Since the company’s establishment in 2016, they have supplied both the local and the international market.


Main Products

Guangzhou Xibolai Hair Products manufactures wig products like human air, hair extension, human hair products, wigs, hair weft, and many other kinds of wigs.


Why Choose Guangzhou Xibolai Hair Products Co., Ltd?

This company makes wig products using 100% human hair. Having more than 3 product certifications, they are happy to supply you with the best quality hair products. They can deliver hair products to any country of your choice.

2. Qingdao Premier Wigs Co., Ltd

2. Qingdao Premier Wigs Co., Ltd

Qingdao Premier Wigs Co., Ltd is a wig manufacturing and trading company based in China. This unique firm specializes in the production of high-quality wigs. It is one of the top specialized manufacturers of hair products in China, established in 2008.

They have a top-standard research and development team that makes innovations. What’s more, their staff creates diverse styles of hair products that have a longer lifespan.

Main Products

They specialize in making products such as full lace wigs and lace front wigs. Moreover, the product catalog also includes silk base wigs and 2-PU wigs. They can also create pre-plucked wigs, widow peak wigs, and fashion wigs.

Why Choose Qingdao Premier Wigs Co., Ltd?

This company has a total of about 300 employees that includes about 20 professional designers. The team works in harmony to come up with the latest hair features.

They make wigs that are 100% human hair and tangle-free. Moreover, they are the initial company to be endorsed by Alibaba.com as a supplier. Besides, they can send their products to many countries across several continents.

3. Xuchang Fuxin Hair Products Co., Ltd

3. Xuchang Fuxin Hair Products Co., Ltd

With over twelve years of working experience, Xuchang Fuxin Hair Products Co., Ltd is among the best wig manufacturers and wig suppliers in China. Their operation base is in Xuchang City, which is known to be the most extensive human hair base on the planet.


They have their product brands like Queena, Soullady, and Elisheva. Moreover, they supply to places such as North America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, Middle East, Asia, and others. About 300 employees work for the company, with over ten years of relevant experience.


Main Products


The main products are hair weaving, hair bulk, wig, hair extension, closure, frontal, etc. These products are available to wholesalers, retailers, and directly to customers. All products of Xuchang Fuxin Hair Products are made from the best hair materials available.


Why Choose Xuchang Fuxin Hair Products Co., Ltd?


At Xuchang, customer satisfaction is of utmost priority. That’s because if one customer is pleased with the services, there is a high tendency to refer to another. They also do OEM brands for large companies around the world.

4. Qingdao Songhuiyuan Trading Co., Ltd

4. Qingdao Songhuiyuan Trading Co., Ltd

Qingdao Songhuiyuan Trading Co., Ltd is a Chinese manufacturing and trading company specializing in the supply of hair products made using human hair.


They deal in all kinds, colors, and fashion styles of wigs and outsource to various countries. With over 15 years of operational experience, they supply the domestic and international markets with high standard wigs, durable wigs.


Main Products


The main products supplied by Qingdao Songhuiyuan Co., Ltd are lace closure, lace frontal, tape hair, hair weft, mink eyelash, and other kinds of eyelashes. They have a known brand called shy hair that is marketed online.


Why Choose Qingdao Songhuiyuan Co., Ltd?


They have concrete certifications like CE, ROHS and about 200 devoted employees that manufacture products that meet all your expectations.


The research and development team works in hand with the quality assurance and control team. It helps the company develop products that are distinguished globally.

5. Qingdao Love Hair Products Co., Ltd

5. Qingdao Love Hair Products Co., Ltd

It is an award-winning wig manufacturer and supplier located in Qingdao, China. They specialize in making quality hair products and export neighboring and distant countries.


Having about 15 years of factory experience, Qingdao Love Hair Products Co., Ltd uses 100% human hair materials to manufacture its products.


Main Products


They use Brazilian virgin hair, Indian human hair, Chinese human hair, and many others. This way, the company makes full lace wigs, human hair wefts, lace closures, hair bulk, wigs, etc.


Why Choose Qingdao Love Hair Products Co., Ltd?


They have ample competitive experience, qualified and experienced employees that offer quality services. Above all, they are OEM/ODM acceptable and have standard quality control units.


They protect customers’ integrity and have prompt delivery service. There are many varieties of textures and styles and at affordable prices.

6. Qingdao Haohao Hair Products Co., Ltd

6. Qingdao Haohao Hair Products Co., Ltd

Qingdao Haohao Hair Products Co., Ltd is a China-based wigs manufacturing company producing and supplying wigs products since 2002. They distribute hair products to the United States of America and other European Countries.


They make designs, manufacture, and also export to distant locations. The total employees border about 200 talented professionals with advanced knowledge of hair treatment technologies.


Main Products


Qingdao Haohao Hair Products Co., Ltd specializes in hair weft, hair wigs, lace closure, clips in hair extension, tape extensions, and many other unique brands. They produce hair products from state-of-the-art materials and equipment.


Why Choose Qingdao Haohao Hair Products Co., Ltd?


The materials used support non-tangling and shedding. Wholesalers who buy in bulk are given considerable discounts for their purchases and good shipping options. The products are inspected before shipping at no extra cost.

7. Qingdao Haiyi Hair Products Co., Ltd

7. Qingdao Haiyi Hair Products Co., Ltd

It is a renowned wigs manufacturer and supplier that has been outsourcing quality hair products from China to other places. Since establishment in 2003, their products have circulated the international markets.


All products made by Qingdao Haiyi Hair Products Co., Ltd are thoroughly inspected, and the facilities are checked frequently by known quality control firms.


Main Products


They specialize in manufacturing varieties of products ranging from machine wefts, pre-bonded hairs, clip-in extensions, bulk hairs to ladies’ wigs and hairpieces. They also make different types of hair extension and extension tools and kits. It gives them a place among the top manufacturers and exporters of wigs in China.


Why Choose Qingdao Haiyi Hair Products Co., Ltd?


They have a high level of flexibility. Moreover, this firm is reliable and has a high innovative capacity. Their primary focus is to provide quality service to customers and clients while building relevant relationships.

8. Henan Allrun Enterprise Co., Ltd

8. Henan Allrun Enterprise Co., Ltd

Henan Allrun Enterprise Co., Ltd is a multimillion-dollar hair product manufacturer and exporter. They have the largest markets in North America, South American, and Africa.


Since its start in the year 1996, this firm has become the largest comprehensive manufacturer in China. They have one of the top Chinese wigs production bases with three major production lines and have about 700 employees.


Main Products


The main products of this fantastic company include female wigs, hair extensions, amongst others. They export up to 5 million hair products each year. With a facility size of about 53600 square meters, this firm has about 18 workshops.


Why Choose Henan Allrun Co., Ltd?


Henan Allrun Co., Ltd is an award-winning manufacturing company, but this does not stop them from channeling energy and resources to making better products to increase customer satisfaction.

9. Xuchang Beautyhair Fashion Co., Ltd

9. Xuchang Beautyhair Fashion Co., Ltd

Xuchang Beautyhair Fashion Co., Ltd is among the top wig manufacturers in China. They specialize in making and exporting hair products to parts like North America and Western Europe.


Established in 1999, they have supplied varieties of human hair products made from 100% human hair. They use the top quality of materials to make their products, and this has won them the No. 1 hair manufacturer on various platforms like Alibaba.com.


Main Products


They produce and supply different hair products like natural hair, human hair extension, virgin hair weaving, hairpiece, toupee, human hair wigs, double drawn hair, and braids of various styles and colors.


Moreover, they also make lace front wigs, full lace base wigs, hair extension kits, eyelash kits, nail printer machines.


Why Choose Xuchang Beautyhair Fashion Co., Ltd?


They have up to a hundred employees that work in synchronization to deliver the best output. Quality control firms have approved all facilities, and they are ISO certified.

10. Qingdao Parkson Hair Products Co., Ltd

10. Qingdao Parkson Hair Products Co., Ltd

It is a renowned Chinese manufacturer and wig supplier. They manufacture and trade wigs to various parts of the globe. They are involved in international markets in places like Europe, United States, Eastern Asia.


Using three major production lines, they provide their clients with high-quality wigs products that can last longer and are resistant to shedding, using standard production materials.


Main Products


They are involved in wigs, human hair extensions, human hair weft, eyelashes, and lots of other hair products. All products are subjected to standard inspection and quality assurance measures to deliver top-notch products to esteemed customers.


Why Choose Qingdao Parkson Hair Products Co., Ltd?


They consistently follow the global market and are always updated on new technological innovations to improve their quality.

Best 5 Wigs Suppliers In USA

11. Wig USA Company

1. Wig USA Company

It is a wholesale wig company located in California, United States, specializing in making diverse styles and kinds of wigs available. They are the producers of the Pro and Bali wigs collection.


They use innovative techniques to source the best wigs product worldwide and send to customers anywhere in the world at a reduced cost, especially if bought in large quantities.


Main Products


They deal with many hair materials such as medical wigs, grey hair, petite wigs, human hair, synthetic hair, men’s system, human hair pieces, synthetic hairpieces, wigs, and hair extensions.


Why Choose Wig USA?


They have a firm customer policy in which they do all they can to meet the requests of all categories of customers ranging from direct customers and users to small-scale retailers.


The relevant quality assurance authorities have properly inspected all products of Wig USA.

12.2. Super Hair Factory

2. Super Hair Factory

As the name implies, Super Hair Factory is a United States-based hair distribution factory specializing in distributing high-quality hair products to retailers and end-users.


Since its inception in 2002, it has supplied various cities with the highest quality products. The company does it with a rapid delivery method and at a much cheaper rate.


Main Products


Super Hair Factory’s significant products are human hair extensions, unique custom wigs, and other accessories of top quality.


Why Choose Super Hair Factory?


This remarkable company’s pioneers combined their substantial knowledge of hair products and implemented them to source the best quality hair products internationally available.


If you are hunting for a one-stop hair products company, Super Hair Factory is among the best choices.

13. Envy Wigs and Hair Add-ons

3. Envy Wigs and Hair Add-ons

It is a famous hair distributor company that operates out of Indianapolis, United States. They make and distribute stylish and comfortable wigs and hair materials using most standard hair materials available.


They are concerned with making all customers and users look astonishing while elevating their inner beauty. Their products are made from human hair and are barely distinguishable from natural hair.


Main Products


They deal mostly with hairs, capless wigs, hand-tied wigs, human hair, lace front, lace front mono part, lace front mono top, mono top, open-top, and other accessories.


Why Choose Envy Wigs and Hair Add-Ons?


They make use of environmentally friendly marketing and packaging materials. Their manufacturers are carefully selected, and all necessary facility and equipment checks are done correctly.

14. The Wig Company

4. The Wig Company

The Wig Company is a globally recognized wig dealer that is located in the United States. They sell wholesale wigs in bulk at a very affordable rate. This company has been operating in the wig industry for over five decades. Moreover, they have meticulously satisfied all clients and customers.


They deal with known hair brands like Raquel Welch, Gabor, Hairdo, Toni Brattin, and Estetica. Before your order is delivered, it undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure it is in the best condition.


Main Products


This Wig Company can produce different styles and kinds of products like wigs, toppers, and hairpieces. They also manufacture hair extensions and care products.


Why Choose the Wig Company?


The wig company has your satisfaction at heart, and they always deliver the exact product and product quality you ordered. They have employees that are wig professionals that know your exact wants and how to fulfill them.

15. WigWarehouse

5. WigWarehouse.com

Wigwarehouse is an online store that specializes in distributing wholesale wigs to clients and users. Since its establishment in 2002, it offers quality hair products for citizens of America and its environs.


They offer you top-quality services at the most reasonable price available. It goes through all necessary processes from selection to inspection, leaving you with a perfect conditioned product.


Main Products


They deal in hair products such as curly styles, human hair wigs, lace front wigs, men’s wigs, synthetic wigs, wigs for kids, bulk extensions, and clip-in extensions.


One can also buy human hair extensions, Remi hair extensions, hair fillers, toppers, pony wraps, clips, men’s top pieces, and other wig accessories.


Why Choose WigWarehouse.com?


They have professionals that do extensive investigations to come up with your exact request and deliver it to you in the best conditions.

Best 5 UK Wigs Manufacturers

16.Mandeville London

1. Mandeville London

Mandeville London is a UK-based wig manufacturer and supplier with over 50 years of operating experience in the industry. They are among the leading handmade wigs specialists in Europe. They specialize in bringing back lost confidence as a result of circumstances like hair loss.


Moreover, they have a smart team of professional and talented employees who work in harmony to bring about the European region’s best quality product.


Main Products


Mandeville London deals on products such as wigs, natural hair, hair extension, and hair accessories. Most of these are handmade by qualified professionals to fit flawlessly and rarely can be differentiated from natural hair.


Why Choose Mandeville London?


They go the extra mile to make high-quality products available to you. They incorporate the latest innovations and techniques that distinguish them from other manufacturers.

17.Trendco London

2. Trendco London

Trendco London is a United Kingdom hair producer and wig supplier that is located in London. They are one of the preeminent suppliers of hair products in the United Kingdom. They are known for the excellent customer skills they possess and their extensive range of clientele.


At Trendco London, the goal is to make the best quality product available to you at a reduced cost, and they have been doing this since its inception in 1965.


Main Products


They specialize in wig products like wigs, hairpieces, and hair turbans of natural and synthetic origin.


Why Choose Trendco London?


Trendco London has several retail outlets around the country from which they supply wig products to customers. They make ready-to-wear wigs of top quality and transport them to you in the best conditions.

18.Wig Store UK

3. Wig Store UK

It is a United Kingdom-based professional supplier of fashion wigs. They operate out of Shipley in the UK and deliver hair products to many cities. They are known for delivering the exact product to your doorstep anywhere in the country.


All products from this company are critically inspected for flaws before shipping out.


Main Products


They produce wigs collections such as ladies’ wigs, long wigs, short wigs, bob wigs, and other wig materials. They have fitting ready-to-wear products for all categories of individuals, and these products come in various forms and styles.


Why Choose Wig Store in the UK?


They are among the best wig suppliers because they are always updating the latest technologies and techniques. They provide products that last longer than usual, and some of the wigs are heat resistant, which is an added advantage.

19.The Wonderful Wig Company

4. The Wonderful Wig Company

The Wonderful Wig Company is a multi-award-winning wigs supplier that is located in the United Kingdom. They specialize in wigs and hair products that are due to medical and non-medical hair loss.


Main Products


They have expertise in products like ladies’ wigs, human hair wigs, chemo headwear, headwear for loss, scarves, turbans, hairpieces, hair enhancers, wig care, and accessories, wig spray, styling products, shampoos and conditioners, wig care sets, wig caps, wig clips, brushes, wig repair, wig stands, wig tape, and others.


Why Choose the Wonderful Wig Company?


They deal with famous brands and products that are of the highest quality. The products are made from standard materials gotten from all over the globe, making them available at a reduced cost.

20.Treloggan Wigs Ltd

5. Treloggan Wigs Ltd

Treloggan Wigs Ltd is a UK-based NHS-approved wig supplier and styling company. They have been operating in the wig industry for over 25 years. They specialize in different kinds of wigs.


Main Products


They deal with wig and hair products like wigs, wig care, scarves, sleep caps, hair thinners, styling tools, and other products made from high-quality material.


Why Choose Treloggan Wigs Ltd?


They offer one-to-one consultation, and their employees receive constant training from wigs professionals. They provide other services like cutting wigs and customizing wigs. Moreover, they use materials that look natural and rarely distinguishable.

Wholesale Wigs and Shipping From China

Wigs Sea Freight Shipping from China

Wigs Sea Freight From Shipping

  • This shipping method is most useful for the transportation of non-urgent wholesale wigs from China to any part of the globe.

Wigs Air Freight Shipping from China

Wigs Air Freight From Shipping

  • The air freight method is the best for wholesale wigs’ fast delivery in bulk to international cities.

Wigs Rail Freight Shipping from China

Wigs Rail Freight From Shipping

  • The rail freight method is the most convenient method to ship wholesale wigs from China to distant cities around the world that do not have easy access to airports and seaports.

Wigs Door to Door Shipping from China

Wigs Door to Door From Shipping

  • Useful for delivery of wig products from wigs manufacturers in China, directly to customers and retailers.

Wholesale Wigs From China: Ultimate Guide

1. Introduction About Importing Wig From China

Do you find the importation of wholesale wigs in bulk from manufacturing companies very stressful and rigorous? Worry no more because help has arrived.

As one of the world’s best manufacturing countries, China is one of the highest exporters of wig products to the various continents.

Due to having advanced technologies, resources, and a large labor force at its disposal, China has the capacity and motivation to manufacture large quantities of wig products in a little amount of time.

It makes them one of the countries of choice for starting up a wholesale wigs importation business because they have high standard products at a very affordable cost.

2. How to Grow Your Business by Importing Wigs From China?

Wigs 1

1. What Is a Wig Business?

Wig business is the totality of events that occur while buying wigs products in large amounts from manufacturing companies and large-scale suppliers in countries like China. The purchased wigs products are then imported to be sold in smaller quantities at a higher price to make profits.

Recently, wigs have become significant external feminine apparel, with fewer men indulging in its usage. Due to the constant increase in demand for wigs, the wig market has grown exponentially and is expected to grow more in the nearest future.

2. What Are the Benefits of Importing Wigs From China?

The benefits of importing wigs from manufacturers and suppliers in China are numerous. Some of such benefits include;

  •       The relative price of importing wholesale wigs in bulk from china is lower when compared to countries with lesser manufacturing capabilities.
  •       China is known for the production of high-quality and long-lasting wig products.
  •       Importation of wigs from china includes proper quality checks and inspections.
  •       Having a direct link to a Chinese wig manufacturer can significantly expand your enterprise and increase your profit margin.
  •       Since wholesale wigs from China are not fragile materials, they can be shipped with any shipping method most convenient to you.

3. Who Uses Wigs?

Due to the increase in individuals’ fashion sense from various ethnicities, races, and genders, almost anyone can use wigs. The functions of wigs are diverse but are connected to the types.

Individuals, most of the feminine gender, use wigs to appear colorful and different from their original selves and enhance their beauty. Bald men can also use wigs to appear the way they want.

People with some medical conditions that lead to hair loss like cancer also use wigs during the treatment period to reduce stigmatization.

4. How to Choose the Best Wigs Manufacturer?

Before you can get a quality and dependable wigs manufacturer, specific processes have to be incorporated. Here are some exciting guidelines on how to pick the manufacturer of the preeminent wig.

  •       Make sure you get several supplier choices to enable you to make substantial comparisons before making the final decision.
  •       The wigs manufacturer must have your exact product and product quality as one of their production specialties.
  •       The manufacturer should be famous in the international wigs market to clear the doubt of selling quality products posed by your customers.
  •       You must analyze all processes involved, from ordering to shipping method, to match your desired specifications.
  •       You should ensure facility check and see ISO compliance certificate before you choose a particular wigs manufacturer.

5. How to Negotiate With China Wigs Suppliers?

While negotiating with wigs suppliers from China, some of these tips might prove useful.

Wigs 2

  •       Having an in-depth knowledge of wigs and the latest information and innovations of the wigs market may come in handy during negotiations.
  •       Always make sure that the supplier understands the significance of shipping a quality product at all times.
  •       The suppliers should be consistent with delivery dates and all other arrangements concerning importing wigs.
  •       Always let them feel you have a better option. Thus, the supplier can do the best to satisfy your requests.

6. How to Ship Wigs From China?

You can use any of the shipping methods based on your convenience to ship wigs from China. Some of the most comfortable shipping methods include;

  •       Door-to-door shipping of wigs from china is recommended if you want to send the wigs product directly to your customers.
  •       The sea freight shipping for wigs products is at a significantly reduced shipping rate.
  •       The Rail Freight Shipping of wigs from China to distant cities and countries of the globe is also beneficial.
  •       Air Freight shipping is the fastest means of shipping wigs products from manufacturing facilities in China to remote locations.

7. How to Sell Wigs Online to Make Money?

The business of importing wholesale wigs in bulk from china will be ineffective if you do not have a proper online sales strategy to expand advertisements to your target audience. These unique guidelines will help you overcome that problem.

  •       Make your wigs products known on popular online sales platforms like Amazon, eBay, and others.
  •       Have good internet access and frequently check to examine potential buyers.
  •       Make use of effective long-term search engine optimization to enable customers to locate you quickly.
  •       Each specific target audience should have a particular sales strategy to increase adherence.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Import Wholesale Wigs From China

1. Do All Wigs Come From China?

It is known that most of the hair used in the making of wigs and wigs extension is likely to come from countries like China and India. Millions of people get a haircut daily, and these hair remnants are gathered and then used as the essential materials in the making of wigs.

Some other countries are also involved in wigs, but China is among the leading countries in wigs and other hair materials.

2. Where Can I Find Hair Vendors in China?

As popularly known as a manufacturing country, China has many credible hair and wigs vendors. It consists of both manufacturers and suppliers and can be found on platforms such as Aliexpress, DHgate, and other notable platforms.

The objective is to search for a platform with access and partnerships with credible manufacturers of wigs. So, you can buy wigs at a cheaper rate.

3. How Much Money Can Someone Make Selling Wholesale Wigs?

There are lots of factors that decide the profit that is made from the sales of wigs. The profit can depend on the price you buy wigs.

Wigs 3

It can also depend on the demand level for that particular kind of wig and purchase volume. A higher profit margin is seen for every business if the products are sold as fast as possible.

4. What Is the Best Wig Company on Aliexpress?

There are many good wig manufacturers on the AliExpress platform. Some of these companies are ISEE Hair, Ali Queen Hair Products, SARLA, Xuchang Longqi Beauty Hair Products, HJ Hair Products, Rosa Hair Products, Top Pretty, Luvin Hair Products.

5. Which Countries Sell the Best Human Hair?

China is the country with the best human hair sales. They are among enormous wigs manufacturing countries in the world. What’s more, they export up to 400 million dollars’ worth of wig products. That is because of their high human population.

Other countries also have unique hair products that have put them at the forefront of the international hair market.

Final Thoughts on Wholesale Wigs From China!

If you have interest in starting an importation business on wholesale wigs from China, some of the following statements are worthy of note.

Even though the international wigs market is expanding, just like any other business, there will be many difficulties along the way. Do you want to overcome these difficulties? Then, you can take some strict measures need and maintain some principles. You can use any of the Leeline services in this regard.

The Chinese markets are filled with opportunistic low-level manufacturers, and as such, proper investigations need to be carried out before choosing a manufacturer or a supplier. The Chinese market will be favorable because there is a lot of competition among suppliers; use this to your advantage.

All necessary documents and registration procedures should be strictly adhered to, as this will save you time, capital, and energy during future investigations by quality assurance and control firms. Feel free to seek help from experts like Leeline.

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