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Top AliExpress Alternatives for Dropshipping

  • Leeline will be your best Chinese purchasing agent to help you import products from AliExpress.
  • Leeline can help you find the best factory, increase your product profit, and ensure product quality.
  • Negotiate with the factory on your behalf.Follow the Production and Ensure product Quality.
  • Shipping goods From China and Get Best Shipping Rate.Cut Down Your Shipping Cost UP to 50% OFF.
  • Leeline can help you transport products from China at the lowest logistics rate.

Leeline is Your Purchasing Agent for Importing Goods from AliExpress


Product Sourcing

product sourcing from china

Leeline matches a fully-qualified factory according to your requirements, discusses the appropriate product price, confirms the product duration, and delivers in time.

Factory Audit

the best Product inspection

At the beginning of the cooperation, the Chinese factory will give you a lot of promises. Passing the factory audit can ensure that you will not be deceived by them. At the same time, transaction fraud can be avoided in the future.

Product Inspection

Inspection Services for Retail

In order to avoid quality problems with products sent directly from the factory to your warehouse, it is very necessary to do a quality check before shipment.

Amazon FBA Prep

amazon fba prep

We can provide you with your favorite product packaging,and print and stick FNSKU labeling ,Bundle same or different products into one package as your request.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Amazon freight forwarder

We are the best Amazon freight forwarder, which can help you transport goods to Amazon warehouse by sea, by air, by door to door shipping, etc.



If you are still in trouble with Dropshipping order processing, leeline can help you handle all customer order packaging, shipping business, lowest cost, best quality service.

Need Leeline to Ship Products From AliExpress?

Products Sea Freight shipping from AliExpress

Sea Freight Shipping from China

Shipping products by sea is recommended when the number of purchases is large and the time requirement is not high.

Products Air Freight Shipping from AliExpress

air freight delivery plan

Air transportation is a very efficient logistics method for transporting commodities. The transportation cost will be higher than that of sea transportation, but it can greatly improve the efficiency of commodity inventory turnover.

Products Rail Freight Shipping from AliExpress

rail transportation

Leeline helps more than 2,000 customers to import goods from China by rail transportation, providing you with the most competitive rail transportation prices.

Products Door to Door Shipping from AliExpress

Leeline has 10 years of door-to-door logistics service experience

Leeline has 10 years of door-to-door logistics service experience, we will provide you with the best logistics transportation solutions, tell us your needs, let leeline arrange some for you.

AliExpress Alternatives: Top AliExpress Alternatives for Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a great e-commerce business model for all the beginners, as you do not have to stock the inventory. And when it comes to shipping, the best option you can find will be AliExpress.

It is a fact; AliExpress has gained popularity as a popular destination for online shopping. But With the pros, the company also has various cons too. So, a need to search for AliExpress alternatives arises here.

AliExpress is the largest and most effective dropshipping supplier. Still, there are many other similar sites, too, to which you can contact.

So, here many other companies with their specifications have been listed as AliExpress alternatives. You can go through them to get the best possible option.

AliExpress Dropshipping

What Is Aliexpress?

AliExpress is the most popular online shopping store, which provides the products at an economical price as compared to other web stores.

AliExpress was established in 2010 by Alibaba as the world’s largest internet company and a giant multinational company.

The primary focus of AliExpress is to help in the growth of e-commerce and computing.

AliExpress offers a wide range of goods to its customers, including electronics, fashion accessories, clothes, appliances, furniture, toys, crockery, and automobiles.

The majority of the product that you can get from AliExpress is produced in China.

The Chinese products are cheap in cost and high in quality, and AliExpress plays a critical factor in the transport of these products all over the globe.

Therefore, AliExpress plays a crucial role and ships the Chinese products all over the world.  So, you can feel free to contact us as there is no issue related to language.

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Pros And Cons For Aliexpress

AliExpress an excellent shopping site and have various advantages over a similar place. But as you know, everything has its pros and as well cons, therefore here all the possible pros and cons of AliExpress are provided.

·  Pros

The following are the pros of AliExpress.

  1. Lower low prices of goods
  2. Free shipping around the globe.
  3. High quality of products.
  4. Offers a secure way of payment
  5. Order tracking facilities.
  6. Rating systems.
  7. Take care of the demands or requirements of customers.
  8. AliExpress used to offer various deals and discounts.
  9. Provide the orders within the timeline.
  10. No extra fee or hidden charges

·  Cons

With the right side, everything has a not good team too. That’s why AliExpress has some disadvantages also, and all of them present here.

  1. AliExpress faces several shipping issues like late or no receiving.
  2. False advertisements.
  3. On AliExpress, you cannot sell the private labeled products, and it is a significant issue for most of the drop shippers.
  4. The dropshipping using AliExpress is a complex process, as you have to communicate with different suppliers, and language can be an issue.
  5. Lastly, return policies are not well defined. You may face various problems in case of returns or exchange.

Pros And Cons For Aliexpress

How Does Dropshipping Work On Aliexpress?

AliExpress dropshipping has gained massive popularity in recent years. And AliExpress dropshipping is considered as the reason for many businesses.

It is a magical website that allows you to dropship the products from China to any part of the world.

Dropshipping simply means that you are going to supply the products to your customers directly from the factory.

In this way, you do not need to hold the inventory, and this business involves no worries about shipping.

For dropshipping from AliExpress, you will need an online store and will have to place all the goods you want to sell.

When you get a purchase order from the customer, you place the order with the supplier on the AliExpress.

After preparing your order, the seller will ship the products to your customer. The difference in prices will be your profit.

Once you have shipped the item to the consumer, they believe you are the manufacturer. In this way, consumers can never come to know that you are either a producer or drop shipper.

And customers don’t need to see that they are getting the products through dropshipping.

With the passage as your business grows and you scale up your e-store, you can place the orders in bulk. It will help you a lot to purchase the products at better rates and terms.

That’s why it is very crucial to select a trustworthy supplier from the start. It will help you to build good relations, later on, required for the success of your business.

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How To Choose An Aliexpress Alternative For Dropshipping

You can find many websites like AliExpress; they can provide you the better products at affordable prices.

Beside it, they give a memorable shopping experience with exceptional customer services. But be careful while shopping online, as many fake sites are claiming for excellent dropshipping services.

So, keep the following points in mind while searching for AliExpress alternatives.

·  The Kind Of Products That They Sell

While you are searching for AliExpress alternatives, you need to focus on many factors, and they the kind of product you are going to sell is very important.

While searching for other options, you will notice that most of the companies offer specific products, and they can supply related to their niche only.

So, when you need to know about your domain and then select the company. For instance, Pet stores the USA provides products related to pets.

If you ask them to supply toys or garments, they will not be able to do so. That’s why you should focus your products while searching for stores like AliExpress.

·  Get To Know The Suppliers

The supplier can assure you the success of your business. When you search for other websites like AliExpress, make sure they provide you, trustworthy suppliers.

Well, scams are prevalent these days, so select your supplier quite actively.

While in AliExpress online shopping, they provide trusted suppliers. It is the supplier who can assure you of the high quality of products with the best shipping services.

And both of these are very crucial factors for the satisfaction of customers and only this way you can get massive traffic in your store.

If the customers are satisfied with your service, they will give positive feedback, which can assure the success of our business.

·  Check Credibility

It is essential to check the reputation and credibility of the company before dropshipping. You need to check the third party reviews, customer reviews, and product quality.

Well, you can also check the Better Business Bureau to learn about the reputation of the company in the market.

While searching for AliExpress alternatives, assure the credibility before you start a business with them.

·  Talk To Representatives

Communication is an excellent way to know about the company and its policies. So, it is essential to talk with the company’s representatives, while you are searching for AliExpress alternative.

There are various ways to contact the company, like phone calls, e-mails, or fax. You can ask them if they are worth investing in or not.

And will help you to build a trust level as well as help you to start a dropshipping business with them.

·  Shipping Solutions

Shipping plays a vital role in the success of the dropshipping business. While you are searching for AliExpress alternatives, also ask the company about their shipping services.

Your customers cannot wait or d=late or no delivery of goods, therefore if the company uses poor shipping services, you will pay a hefty amount for it.

Furthermore, shipping cost is also important to factor. Most of the companies offer free of cost shipping when you buy in bulk or at wholesale. You can also ask them for free shipping to get more profit margins.

·  Payment Options

AliExpress offers a secure way of payment while shopping online. When you search for AliExpress alternatives, make sure they also provide you a secure method of money transfer.

And it can save you from losing all of your investments. There are various trustworthy ways of money transfer, like PayPal, Payoneer, and Authorize.net.

All of these are quite safe to use and play a vital role while determining the credibility of the company.

·  Integrations

Last but not least, integration is also an essential factor that you cannot ignore while shopping online.

Integrity helps to develop long term relationships with the company and builds a level of trust. So, you can rely on them for product quality.

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How To Spot A Scam Supplier Website?

It is a challenging task to spot a fake or fraud website. Fraudsters are experts in creating convincing websites. Take the under given steps to locate a scam supplier.

·  Read Reviews

You can check the reviews of customers, which will help you to get information regarding the product quality.

You can check the reviews on many sources like Trustpilot, Feefo, or Sitejabber. All of these sites aggregate customer reviews.

You can also check the social media pages of the company to monitor the recent activity. It will also help you to check what other people are posting regarding the product.

·  Take The Time To Contact Them

You need to check the website so that if you can get any contact information. Legitimate and famous companies always provide all the possible ways to contact. If the site does not have any contact us page, they can be a scam.

And if you get the contact information, take time and gather the information regarding them. If you fail to get the replies or enough knowledge, treat the website as highly suspect.

·  Check The Site Security

Check the homepage or website of the company carefully. If you found poor English, spelling, or grammar mistakes, they can be a fraud.

If you want to use grammarly premium then you can check out our previous article, where we have shared the grammarly premium account for free.

Furthermore, most companies provide customer security services. You can also search for them.Besides it, Google has also developed a tool to check if the website you are visiting is a scam.

Or, in some cases, the legitimate sites are hacked by the scammer. You can use this tool to find the authenticity of the website.

Best 16 Aliexpress Alternatives

AliExpress is the largest directory of the suppliers used by the dropshipping e-stores today. On 11th November 2019, AliExpress slammed the record sale of $25.3 billion in one day. Like others, AliExpress has its disadvantages.

The tracking of shipment is not as good as it should be. You rely on the third party for the tracking services.  And this is the major downside for the services.

Here a description of the best e-store alternatives of AliExpress has been provided. The dropshippers can use these stores to get amazing products from China.

·  Leeline Sourcing

Leeline is another sourcing agent and an excellent alternative to AliExpress. The company situated in Shenzhen city of China.

The company is quite famous for selling high-quality products at the lowest prices. Leeline sourcing connects suppliers with the dropshippers.

Being based in China, the company supplies Chinese products all over the world. The company is providing its services to more than 2000 dropshippers.


·  Chinabrands 

Chinabrands is a very active online business, and it is present in China. The company has many warehouses other than China, so it is the best option as AliExpress alternatives.

The company also offers lower shipping rates if you have a warehouse near your location. Chinabrands is an international dropshipping and distribution platform.

The company can offer you cross border supply of Chinese goods. It has a network of e-commerce suppliers, which consist of e-commerce sellers, high-quality product sources, warehouses, and IT support.

Chinnabar is an expert in providing the goods all over the world with efficient cross-border selling experience.

The company can offer you more than 3000 products. The logistic channels cover more than 200 districts and countries with warehouses in 12 countries.

Mobile phones, toys for kids, clothing, hobby items, bags, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and other smart appliances, are the best products available at AliExpress.

·  Alibaba      

No doubt, Alibaba is an excellent wholesale supplier of Chinese goods. It is the right choice for those looking for AliExpress alternatives.

Alibaba is a bulk wholesale supplier product directory, from where you can get a vas variety of Chinese products.

The minimum order quantity here is 100 pcs, and that can be a problem for some drop shippers. Well, on the other by buying in bulk you can cheap products with free shopping.

Alibaba offers you various benefits over AliExpress as you can effortlessly search all the required goods, a wide range of products, faster shipping. And above all, when you are setting your own business.

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·  DHgate      

DHgate is not a new member here; it has been working for the last fifteen years. The company can provide you all kinds of products.

And if you visit their site, you will find no difference between them and Alibaba. DHgate assures the buyer protection too.

The company can offer you Chinese products in wholesale, at quite a low price. There is no minimum order quantity limit, but if you are buying a single piece, you will need to pay more. If you are buying from DHgate through the app, you will pay less.

They can ship products all over the world. The company has a chain of thousands of suppliers and manufacturers not only from China but from different regions of the world.

So, all these features make the DHgate a better choice as an AliExpress alternative.


·  Banggood

Banggood is one of the competitors of the AliExpress. Here, you can buy the products at the wholesale, and the best things to dropship from are electronic goods and vehicle accessories.

There are various benefits of buying from DHgate, and they always offer sales. So, you can get the products at the lowest prices.

Beside it, they also offer many promotions to facilitate the buyers. You can dropship drones, helicopters, cars, kitchen items, and garden suppliers.

The company offers customer protection services. The company has an excellent infrastructure for the drop shippers.

If you want excellent service for your dropshipping business, then Banggood is a fantastic AliExpress alternative.

The company has many warehouses outside China. Therefore, the company also provides dropshipping services from European and American warehouses.

·  DX  

DealExtreme is another AliExpress alternative, which can provide a large number of products from thousands of categories. You can get products of high quality at economical prices from the DX.

DealExtreme is a Hong Kong-based retailer that can provide you a wide range of products. It can be the right choice if you are going to start an online store or if you want to dropship numerous products.

The company provides you an expert guide regarding dropshipping and offers you a downloadable catalog for bulk orders so that you can rules quickly without wasting your time.

You can get more than 300,000 products from DX, and all these come with cheap price tags. You can cell phone accessories, consumer electronics, toys, home, and office accessories, beauty products, sports equipment, and LED lights.

·  Taobao      

TaoBao offers a wide array of clothing, right quality products from most suppliers, a massive variety of items, and you can use it is free of cost.

You can’t find a single difference between AliExpress and Taobao. While you are looking for AliExpress alternatives, TaoBao is the right choice.

The company is best at supplying clothes of high quality. The only issue you will face while dealing with the company is language. The site takes a long time to translate into English. So, it can be a time-consuming process.

·  Wholesale Survival Kits      

Wholesale survival kits provide emergency prep, survival goods, or disaster relief, and it is the best AliExpress alternative for you.

Well, the quality of the products is stellar. No one supplies the products for survival niche rather than wholesale survival kits.

Wholesale survival kits are a US-based company, there the company can assure you a fast shipment in areas around the United States.

· Oberlo

Oberlo is no longer a tool to import dropshipping products from AliExpress. Now, Oberlo offers you a long list of their suppliers, who have a direct link with the company. Therefore, it assures you a supply of high-quality goods.

The company has top suppliers, so you do not need to connect to any other supplier. The high-class suppliers can provide you high-quality services.

Oberlo is quite efficient in shipping and supplies more than 95% of its orders on time. They offer automated one-click order shipping of goods. To ensure the quality of the product, Oberlo visits the warehouses by its self.

Indeed, Oberlo is an excellent alternative to AliExpress. The company has picked the most trusted and top supplier to facilitate the dropshippers.

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Oberlo dropshipping

·  Worldwide Brands  

When you search for sites like AliExpress, you will get various options, and Worldwide Brands will be on the top. It is accessible and trustworthy websites in dropshipping.

The worldwide brands are located in America, therefore, offer fast services even though they have massive online buyers.

It is a wholesale directory designed to provide services for the online business. And, with worldwide brands, it does not matter either you are selling on Shopify, eBay, or Amazon; it’s your own business. You can get more than 10 million products here.

You can get toys, jewelry, watches, books, tools, art, musical instruments, home and garden décor items, clothes, sporting goods, and other accessories.

Worldwide Brands

·  Wholesale2b 

It is a US-based wholesale supplier directory and offers round about 2 million products in its catalog. Wholesale2B is a certified supplier and supply verified products.

And experts recommend it as the best site as AliExpress alternative. You should shop from this company if you have a business based on the North American continent.

You can get thousands of suppliers with 2 million products. It is the leading supplier of product data, descriptions, dropshipping tools, and e-commerce support services.

Wholesale is a one-stop-shop for online sellers to set up their e-store. You can find products, source suppliers, and manage your orders here.

The wholesale2B offers goods from more than 120+ categories. Products are available in different types like clothes, pet items, computers, health and fitness, mobile phones, costumes, gifts, and electronics.

·  Yakkyofy  

You can find many online stores like AliExpress on the internet, and Yakkyofy is one of them. It has simplified the dropshipping, and now dropshipping is quite straightforward than ever before. You can import various types of goods from Yakkyofy with just one click.

Yakkyofy offers you many benefits like easy integration with warehouse, fast and quick shipment services, easy tracking of shipments, and allows you the private labeling of goods. So, no doubt, it can be the best AliExpress alternatives.

You can find various best products from Yakkyofy, including bags, accessories, electronics, furniture, home décor, toys, and gardening supplies.

The company facilitates you to build your brand. You import products from Yakkyofy and then resell them. It will also assist you in making faster shipments.

·  Light In The Box

Light in the box is an excellent website like AliExpress. It can provide you a wide range of products that you sell in your store. And if you are in dropshipping or going to start your online stores, it is an efficient AliExpress alternative.

Here you can get from cheap to high-quality products. The site has more than 500K products, which you can dropship very easily without any trouble.

Here a countless number of categories are available with thousands of products in each category.

You can get various items related to mobile, fashion, sports, beauty, and fitness. The company can provide you shoes, bags, electronics, jewelry, and small gadgets.


·  Salehoo

Salehoo is one of the online shopping sites. The company can offer you excellent customer support and provide complimentary training videos.

Furthermore, you can get an abundant supply of trusted suppliers here. The company is well renowned for supporting the dropshipping.

You cannot get trustworthy suppliers on AliExpress, and therefore, Salehoo is one of the best AliExpress alternatives. And you can get a great shopping experience here.

It has more has 1.6 million products and has almost 8,000 legitimate suppliers. They can offer products at a meager price, and here you can customize your suppliers according to your needs. And this feature makes the Salehoo a great AliExpress alternative.

The company can provide you men and women’s clothing, mobile phone and accessories, cameras, shoes, baby products, toys, and jewelry.


·  Sammy Dress

Sammy is a globally recognized wholesaler, which can provide you apparel and clothes of good quality.

It is the best AliExpress alternative. The company has many remarkable features like high-end products, exceptional customer service. You can get benefit from these services only if you shop from here.

The site is useful in providing the latest and trendy fashion wears. It can also provide you with house global standard packaging. Most amazingly, they offer you a 30 days warranty and return policy.

The company is good at providing women’s dresses, jewelry, bags, shoes, watches, jackets, beauty products, items for the home, and garden decor.  The company has three distribution hubs, i.e., in America, Europe, and Asia.

·  Pet Stores Usa     

For all those who love pets, for the pet stores, the USA is an excellent AliExpress alternative. The company deals with high-quality pet products.

You can find anything related to pets here. The company supplies everything like from pet habitat to pet food.

The company supports the dropshipping and has a diversity of high-quality pet products. They can provide you best customer services and can assure you of the fast shipment of the goods.

Well, the company used to focus on a single niche. And it is a paid directory.The best products you can get here include are toys, beds, food, pet habitats, grooming items for pets, pet litter boxes, and pet collars.

Pet stores the USA is best for dropshipping because it caters to a single niche only, which makes the store only dropshipper of pet products.


Frequently Asked Questions

While when you search for AliExpress alternatives, many questions will pop up in your mind. A few of those questions with the best possible answers are present here.

Hopefully, it will help you to select the best store for dropshipping.


·  Is AliExpress better than DHGate?

AliExpress has cheaper products than DHgate. It offers you the same products at higher rates. Secondly, it is quite easy to order from AliExpress rather than DHgate.

Additionally, you can also use the Alidropship plugin, which facilitates the customers in many ways.

·  Is Alibaba cheaper than AliExpress?

AliExpress may provide you goods at slightly higher rates. Alibaba supplies all the products in bulk or wholesale, which ultimately decreases the per piece price. While AliExpress offers goods at retail price, which can be a little bit higher.

·  What is the American version of AliExpress?

Well, worldwide brands is an America based, so it can be considered the American version of AliExpress.

·  Why does AliExpress take so long to ship?

If you are receiving your orders late, there can be several reasons. Well, on various festivals or occasions, the company may get hundreds of orders at one time.

So, you may wait for more than 30 days to get your product. In another situation, your local postal services can be responsible rather than the country of origin.

·  Which shipping method is best on AliExpress?

The ePacket is one of the best and most popular shipping methods for the dropshipping on AliExpress. They can provide you all of your orders within 10 to 15 days.


How Leeline Sourcing Help You Import From Aliexpress

The professionals sourcing agents can assist you and provide relief from the complex purchasing process.

In the first step, you need to book and order. You can visit the company’s website and select the product that you want to source for dropshipping.

Once you have selected the product, it will be the responsibility of Leeline sourcing to supply the goods on time.

They will get all the items from AliExpress and will ship to your customer. The company can also inspect the goods during manufacturing just to ensure the excellent quality of products.

Final thoughts on AliExpress Alternatives

It is a matter of fact; AliExpress is a fantastic website for the dropshipping of Chinese products to various regions of the world. But it has some shortcomings too.

The company used to ask for the revenues. Therefore, you feel you need to search for AliExpress alternatives.

You can get a large number of other options, who can provide you premium quality products at the best possible prices. Therefore, you need to do an active search to get the best possible alternative.

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