Top AliExpress Alternatives for Dropshipping

Sharline Shaw

Aliexpress is a top eCommerce platform for dropshipping businesses. Sometimes, you need to explore sites like Aliexpress to have more sources for quality inventory on your list.

Based on our ten years of experience, we have deep knowledge of dropshipping suppliers and how to deal with them. Aliexpress alternative sites provide features similar to Aliexpress regarding shipment, payment options, and dropshipping.

Let’s elaborate on the top 12 Aliexpress alternatives for your online store.

aliexpress alternatives

Best 12 Aliexpress Alternatives

AliExpress, owned by Alibaba Group, is the largest directory of the suppliers used by the dropshipping e-stores today. On 11th November 2019, AliExpress slammed the record sale of $25.3 billion in one day. Like others, AliExpress has its disadvantages.

The tracking of shipment is not as good as it should be. You rely on a third party for the tracking services.  And this is the major downside of the services.

Here a description of the best eCommerce store alternatives of AliExpress has been provided. The dropshippers can use these stores to get unique dropshipping products from China.

1. Chinabrands 

chinabrands 1

Chinabrands is a very active online business, and it is present in China. The company has many warehouses other than in China, so it is the best option for AliExpress dropshipping alternatives.

The company also offers lower shipping rates if you have a warehouse nearby.

Shipping Method and Times

Chinabrands offers International shipping through DHL, ePacket, and Express Mail services. Usually, shipping times are more than 15 days for this eCommerce site. 

Payment Methods

The popular payment methods on this eCommerce store are:

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Wire Transfer
  • Bank Transfer


You can start a dropshipping business from this site as per dropshipping model. It offers cheap rates, therefore, better for dropshipping.

One more thing I appreciate is their shipping services. Order fulfillment is FAST and effective.

Customers Review

Here are customers’ reviews about this dropshipping store.


The customer has left positive feedback about this dropshipping store, appreciating the product quality. However, the late shipment was an issue to be resolved.

A negative review about this eCommerce store indicates the late shipment. Even the client is concerned about whether it is a legitimate platform or not.

2. Alibaba      


No doubt, Alibaba is an excellent wholesale supplier of Chinese goods. It is the right choice for those looking for the best AliExpress alternatives. In actuality, Alibaba group is the parent company owning Aliexpress and Alibaba.

Alibaba is a bulk wholesale supplier product directory from where you can get various Chinese dropshipping products.

Shipping Method and Times

Alibaba allows various shipping methods. You get fast shipping with express shipping. Otherwise, you can go for standard shipping. However, the shipping times are around 15-45 days. Depending on your package size, you can select the methods:

  • Express (Fast shipping)
  • By Air
  • By ocean freight 

Payment Methods

The payment method to buy drop shipping products include:

What I choose! 

I chose the VERIFIED and GOLD suppliers on Alibaba. Dropshipping fulfillment becomes seamless.

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Alibaba is one of the top Aliexpress alternatives for dropshipping. You can grab wholesale suppliers and wholesale prices. It supports the dropshipping channels. You can find many hot-selling products on Alibaba.

Customers Reviews


The customer has ordered inventory from Alibaba and is quite impressed with the high-quality products. There are no issues at all.

Alibaba has a trade assurance mechanism for buyer protection, and buyers claim it to be on the seller’s side. So, this may not be right for drop shippers.

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3. DHgate      


If Alibaba is not my choice, DHgate is another site I choose. It is due to the reliable suppliers and easy shopping.

DHgate is not a new member here; it has worked for the last fifteen years as Aliexpress alternatives for Dropshipping. The company can provide you with all kinds of products.

And if you visit their site, you will find no difference between them and Alibaba. 

Shipping Method and Times

Dhgate uses different shipping methods to buy and ship Chinese products from Chinese manufacturers. The popular shipping methods include DHL, FedEx, China Post, EMS Epackat, etc. Usually, it takes 5-20 days for items to reach your doorstep.

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Payment Method

Best Aliexpress alternatives like Dhgate accept PayPal as an integral payment option for the customers. Here are the payment methods by Dhgate.

  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit Cards


Dhgate is one of the best Aliexpress alternatives for dropshipping. You can explore the rather strict supplier system, buy inventory at low prices, and sell them on your online store.

Customers Review 


The customer has ordered a watch. Fast shipping and excellent customer service from Dhgate support are impressive for the customer.

The customer got a late response about nine months later, which was painful for him. Sometimes, such issues arise with online marketplace purchases.

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4. Banggood

Aliexpress vs Banggood

Banggood is one of the competitors of AliExpress and one of the top Aliexpress alternatives for dropshipping. Here, you can buy the products at the wholesale, and the best things to dropship from are electronic goods and vehicle accessories.

There are various benefits of buying from Banggood, and they always offer sales. 

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Shipping Method and Times

Banggood offers multiple shipping methods to the buyers to make their next purchase. The popular shipping methods include:

  • Standard Shipping
  • Air Parcel Register
  • Railway Direct Mail
  • Expedited Shipping Service
  • EMS Express Mail Service

Usually, it takes 2 to 8 days for the items to arrive. Sometimes, it may take 2 to 8 weeks as well. However, the shipping price relies on the shipping method.

Payment Method

 Bangood facilitates the buyers with the following payment methods.

  • Credit Card.
  • PayPal.
  • Wire Transfer.
  • WebMoney.


The suppliers sell products at low prices and make it easier to dropshipping inventory from this platform. You can choose it as the best alternative for dropshipping sites like Aliexpress.

Customer’s Review 


Dropshipping platforms like Banggood offer good customer support and wholesale pricing. As the review indicates, banggood can be Aliexpress’s dropshipping competitor with competitive prices.

People choose multiple other platforms when they don’t get what they expect. This is why a customer has issues with the Banggood eCommerce stores.

Looking for the Best Banggood Products?

Leelinesourcing helps you find the Best Products from Banggood with high quality at an attractive cost.

5. Amazon


Amazon is one of the best alternatives to Aliexpress to sell online. Founded in 1994, this eCommerce has over two million products and multiple international warehouses to help customers get lower prices and shipping costs.

It has access to more than 100 countries with multiple warehouses.

Shipping Method and Times

There are two shipping methods provided to the buyers and sellers for shipping the inventory. 

  • Standard Shipping
  • Expedited Shipping

The charges vary as per product categories, destination location, and weight of the inventory. Even some products also get accessible shipping facilities on this international market.

Payment Method 

There are many payment methods available to the customers for paying competitive prices.

  • Credit Card
  • UnionPay
  • Amazon StoreCard


For drop shipping, Amazon might not be a good choice because it focuses on B2C trades leading to retail prices for most items. You can dropship from better channels.

Why did I choose Amazon?

  • Quality of products.
  • Safety because of strict policies implemented by Amazon 

Customer’s Reviews 


Amazon is a truly fantastic site for small and medium businesses. That’s what the customer finds in the review.

The customer has issues with the Amazon driver who left a defective item. Such cases are possible sometimes when products are sensitive.

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6. Wish

wish vs aliexpress

Wish is an American e-commerce store or marketplace that offers inventory in various categories such as mobile phones, mobile phone accessories, computer accessories, cheap clothing, sell electronics, etc. It was founded in 2010 and has been working till now. It focuses on B2C trades and facilitates other sellers to sell products.

Shipping Method and Times

Popular shipping methods on this online store include:

  • Standard Shipping
  • Wish Express
  • 2 Day Delivery
  • Ship to Store

It usually takes seven days to process the products. Depending on your shipping method, you will be charged relevant pricing and timing.

I often use standard shipping. It is cheap, and the speed is QUITE DECENT.

Payment Method

Wish allows multiple payment methods to get the same products. These areas:

  • PayPal 
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Credit Card

Depending on your ease, you can go with any of the above-mentioned methods.


You can sell dropshipping products on Wish by purchasing them from sites where you find all the wholesalers.

Customers’ Review 


The customer is recommending the Wish as a source of online shopping. The shopping is quite flexible on this platform, with access to fast shipping.

The customer has faced size issues and given negative feedback about the site. Size issues are common with products on such sites.

7. DX  

361 3617578 dx logo dx dealextreme hd png download

DealExtreme is another AliExpress alternative, which can provide many products from thousands of categories. You can get products of high quality at cheaper prices from the DX.

DealExtreme is a Hong Kong-based retailer that can provide you with various products. 

Shipping Method and Times

The shipping methods include the:

  • Supersaver shipping
  • Standard Shipping
  • Express shipping

Express shipping is relatively faster than other methods; however, expensive choice. Some products allow free shipping to other countries.

Payment Method 

There are some popular payment methods, however, secure ones. These include:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Installments


As one of the best alternatives for Aliexpress, you can purchase inventory from this Chinese website at low prices and sell it effectively on your eCommerce platforms.

Customers’ Review 


The customer has appreciated the efforts and quality of products received from the DX. The low prices of products are astonishing and the best for eCommerce store owners.

The customer has received the wrong goods. Usually, when checking out the inventory, you need to ensure whether the product is what you need.

8. Taobao      


TaoBao offers a wide array of clothing, the right quality products from most wholesale suppliers, and a massive variety of items, and you can use them free of cost.

When it comes to choosing a site like ALIBABA, I recommend Taobao. It is a sister company of Alibaba and offers quality.

You can’t find a single difference between AliExpress and Taobao. 

Shipping Method and Times

On this site, you can find Chinese suppliers and ship your inventory by the following methods.

Usually, it takes 15-30 days to ship your inventory and arrive at your location. However, you can check the tracking number to track your order.

Payment Method 

As far as we know about the payment methods on such eCommerce platforms, they allow:

  • AliPay
  • Online Bank Payments
  • Credit Card
  • China Internet Banking

You can choose the payment method as per your expectations for payment and security.


Taobao suppliers are alternatives to Aliexpress suppliers for dropshipping success. You can explore items at lower prices and purchase them to sell them in your Shopify stores.

Customer’s Review


The customer has an excellent buying experience from Taobao and appreciates the multiple payment methods and refund process by Taobao.

Sometimes, the product does not arrive at the customers’ address. These reviews show no reception of inventory—better talk customer service in this case.

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9. Worldwide Brands  

worldwide brands

When you search for sites like AliExpress, you will get various options, and Worldwide Brands will be on the top. It is an accessible and trustworthy website for dropshipping.

The worldwide brands are located in America.

Shipping Method and Times

The worldwide brands enable the customers to access the quality shipping methods. UPS, USPS, DHL, and other logistics are standard shipping methods used for shipping inventory from this site. Moreover, the shipping time is around one week, which is also feasible 

Payment Method 

The payment methods are like other websites. These might include Credit card payments, American Express, PayPal, etc. You can use it whatever way you choose.


As far as we discuss dropshipping, it is the top platform designed for dropshipping. You can use it and get the best for your business.

Customers’ Review


The customer has been in touch with the customer service of Worldwide brands and is happy with their excellent service, quick responses, and no extra cost.

In this review, the customer has to say about the low number of suppliers. That’s why the review is negative in that case.

Looking to find a reliable Chinese supplier?

As the best China sourcing agent, we help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

10. Wholesale2b 


It is a US-based wholesale dropshipping supplier directory and offers around 2 million products in its catalog. Wholesale2B is a certified supplier and supplies verified products.

Wholesale2b is my first dropshipping company. Their margins are pretty high, up to 100% per product.

And experts recommend it as the best site as an AliExpress alternative. 

Shipping Method and Times

Wholesale2B uses renowned shipping methods to facilitate the buyers to get the inventory from the best sites. The shipping methods are:

  • FedEx
  • DHL
  • UPS

Usually, it takes two days to deliver the inventory for domestic purchases. For International purchases, more time might consume.

Payment Method 

The payment methods on the Wholesale2B include:

  • PayPal 
  • Credit Cards
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay


It is one of the best sites for dropshipping. Like CJ dropshipping, you can import inventory to your stores.

Customers’ Review


The positive feedback indicates the efforts of the customer service. Quick replies to the emails have made the customer happy.

Product prices are usually at this eCommerce platform according to the customer. So, there are no orders received in the meantime.

11. Light In The Box


Light in the box is an excellent website like AliExpress. It can provide you with a wide range of products you sell in your store. And if you are in dropshipping or starting your online stores, it is an efficient AliExpress alternative.

The Light in the Box allows global shipping for customers worldwide. 

Shipping Method and Times

The shipping method is more straightforward and famous such as:

  • FedEx
  • DHL
  • UPS

Usually, it takes 3-7 days for the products to arrive at your location. Moreover, you can track your orders to ensure delivery.

Payment method 

At this leading Chinese marketplace, you have access to payment options like:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • Visa Cards
  • MasterCard


You can use it as a channel for your dropshipping businesses because the product prices are pretty affordable.

Customers’ Review 


The customer has left 5-star feedback about the wrong size reception of the product. Moreover, he got the full refund in this case.

The customer has complaints about the product quality. According to the customer, low-quality items are still to be solved.

12. Salehoo


Salehoo is one of the online shopping sites. The company can offer you excellent customer support and provide complimentary training videos.

Furthermore, you can get an abundant supply of trusted suppliers here. 

Shipping Method and Times

Salehoo has the popular shipping methods available to your dropshipping business, just like Cj dropshipping. They have the express delivery and use the DHL, UPS, and many more shipping companies to facilitate you.

The time depends on the shipping method you choose. It is usually seven days for shipping.

Payment Method

The payment methods include PayPal, Google Wallet, and Credit Cards.


For dropshipping businesses, this platform can be your priority. So, you get access to 2.5 million products and 8000+ suppliers.

Customers’ Review 


In this positive feedback about the Salehoo guide, you can observe the guide about the dropshipping. Moreover, customer service is excellent.

The customer says Salehoo claims to know the suppliers, but that is not true. Even the refund policy is not good when he hasn’t received the refund for products.

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How To Choose An Aliexpress Alternative For Dropshipping

You can find many websites like AliExpress; they can provide you the better products at affordable prices.

Besides it, they give a memorable shopping experience with exceptional customer service. But be careful while shopping, as many fake sites claim excellent dropshipping services.

So, keep the following points in mind while searching for AliExpress alternatives.

1. The Kind Of Products That They Sell

While you are searching for AliExpress alternatives, you need to focus on many factors, and they the kind of product you are going to sell is very important.

While searching for other options, you will notice that most companies offer specific products, and they can supply related to their niche only. So, when you need to know about your domain and then select the company. For instance, Pet stores in the USA provide products related to pets.

If you ask them to supply toys or garments, they will not be able to do so. That’s why you should focus your products while searching for stores like AliExpress.

2. Get To Know The Suppliers

The dropshipping supplier can assure you of the success of your business. When you search for other websites like AliExpress, ensure they provide you with trustworthy suppliers.

Well, scams are prevalent these days, so select your supplier quite actively.

While in AliExpress online shopping, provide trusted suppliers. The supplier can assure you of the high quality of products with the best shipping services.

And both of these are very crucial factors for the satisfaction of customers and only this way you can get massive traffic in your store.

If the customers are satisfied with your service, they will give positive feedback, which can assure the success of our business.

3. Check Credibility

It is essential to check the reputation and credibility of the company before dropshipping. You need to check the third-party reviews, customer reviews, and product quality.

Well, you can also check the Better Business Bureau to learn about the company’s reputation in the market.

While searching for AliExpress alternatives, assure credibility before starting a business with them.

4. Talk To Representatives

Communication is an excellent way to know about the company and its policies. So, it is essential to talk with the company’s representatives while searching for an AliExpress alternative.

There are various ways to contact the company, like phone calls, e-mails, or fax. You can ask them if they are worth investing in or not.

And will help you to build a trust level and help you start a dropshipping business with them.

5. Shipping Solutions

Shipping plays a vital role in the success of the dropshipping business. While searching for AliExpress alternatives, ask the company about their shipping services.

Your customers cannot wait or d=late or no delivery of goods; therefore, if the company uses poor shipping services, you will pay a hefty amount.

Furthermore, shipping cost is also an essential factor. Most companies offer free-of-cost shipping when you buy in bulk or at wholesale. You can also ask them for free shipping to get more profit margins.

6. Payment Options

AliExpress offers a secure way of payment while shopping. When you search for AliExpress alternatives, ensure they also provide you with a fast money transfer method.

And it can save you from losing all of your investments. There are various trustworthy ways of money transfer, like PayPal, Payoneer, and All of these are pretty safe to use and play a vital role while determining the company’s credibility.

7. Integrations

Last but not least, integration is also an essential factor that you cannot ignore while shopping online.

Integrity helps develop long-term relationships with the company and builds a level of trust. So, you can rely on them for product quality.

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How To Spot A Scam Supplier Website?

It is a challenging task to spot a fake or fraudulent website. Fraudsters are experts in creating convincing websites. Take the under-given steps to locate a scam supplier.

1. Read Reviews

How To Spot A Scam Supplier Website?

You can check customers’ reviews, which will help you get information regarding the product quality.

You can check the reviews on many sources like Trustpilot, Feefo, or Sitejabber. All of these sites aggregate customer reviews.

You can also check the company’s social media pages to monitor the recent activity. It will also help you check what other people post regarding the product.

2. Take The Time To Contact Them

You need to check the website so that if you can get any contact information. Legitimate and famous companies always provide all the possible ways to contact. If the site does not have any contact us page, it can be a scam.

And if you get the contact information, take time and gather the information regarding them. If you fail to get the replies or enough knowledge, treat the website as highly suspect.

3. Check The Site Security

Check the homepage or website of the company carefully. If you find poor English, spelling, or grammar mistakes, they can be a fraud.

If you want to use Grammarly premium, you can check out our previous article, where we have shared the Grammarly premium account for free.

Furthermore, most companies provide customer security services. You can also search for them. Besides it, Google has also developed a tool to check if the website you are visiting is a scam.

Or, in some cases, the legitimate sites are hacked by the scammer. You can use this tool to find the authenticity of the website.

We can Made Drop Shipping from Aliexpress Easy

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FAQs about Aliexpress alternatives

Is AliExpress better than DHGate?

AliExpress has cheaper products than DHgate. It offers you the same products at higher rates. Secondly, it is pretty easy to order from AliExpress rather than DHgate.

Additionally, you can also use the Alidropship plugin, which facilitates the customers in many ways.

Is Alibaba cheaper than AliExpress?

AliExpress may provide you with goods at slightly higher rates. Alibaba supplies all the products in bulk or wholesale, decreasing the per piece price. While AliExpress offers goods at retail price, which can be slightly higher.

What is the American version of AliExpress?

Well, worldwide brands are America-based, so it can be considered the American version of AliExpress.

Why does AliExpress take so long to ship?

If you are receiving your orders late, there can be several reasons. Well, on various festivals or occasions, the company may get hundreds of orders at one time.

So, you may wait for more than 30 days to get your product. In another situation, your local postal services can be responsible rather than the country of origin.

Which shipping method is best on AliExpress?

The ePacket is one of the best and most popular shipping methods for dropshipping on AliExpress. They can provide you with all of your orders within 10 to 15 days.

What’s Next

Above all discussion, what did you get about dropshipping alternatives for Aliexpress? Remember, dropshipping business relies on pricing, quality of products, and fastness of shipment. If you get, all customers will be attracted to your products. So, do you want to source the products?

If yes, Leeline Sourcing is there to assist you. Our experts have ten years of experience in sourcing inventory. We know how to find the suppliers and get the best. Hit us a message to discuss right away!

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