How To Sell On Amazon Canada: The Definitive Guide

Sharline Shaw

Amazon is one of the most powerful ecommerce platforms.

It is an international marketplace where sellers can have incredible business exposure and can earn a tremendous amount of money as profit.

When it comes to selling on Amazon Canada, you may find Canada a tiny marketplace.

But, this platform can boost up the growth of your business tremendously.

Furthermore, in this small market, the competitors are only a few, which lets you get more customers and earn massive revenue.

Wondering if sell on Amazon Canada will be worth trying or not?

You are at the right place. You can get through this complete guide and can learn more about the Amazon.Ca.

It will let you know how this platform can make your business a success story.

Sell On Amazon Canada

Is Selling On Amazon In Canada Worth It?

There are several platforms available in Canada to sell the products, then why should you choose the Amazon?

Amazon is a great platform that lets you earn a considerable amount of money. Although it is a small market, it can give tremendous success in no time.

When you are deciding whether you should sell on Amazon or not, it depends on the audience to whom you are will sell the products.

You should sell at the amazon marketplace, Canada, as it has the following benefits.

You’ll Face Less Competition

The Amazon market of the United States is a vast platform. But, at the same time, they offer you a tough competition.

Therefore, it becomes so difficult to earn the required amount of money. To stand out in the crowd is not an easy job; you have to work harder to achieve your goals.

In the case of Canada, you may not have a massive number of people to target. Still, it becomes so easy to make an enormous amount of money. Everything shifts to a smaller scale, and you can get a well reputable position in the market, as there is not tough competition.

Potentially Higher Profit Margins

It is a fact that the Amazon market in Canada is relatively smaller in size. It has only a few numbers of sellers.

Therefore, you will not find only a few competitors in the market. It let you keep the prices of your products a little bit higher and earn a massive amount of money.

But remember that there is a massive difference between the Canadian and American dollars. Therefore, while selling the products in Canada, you should keep the price a little bit higher.

So, when you get the required amount of profit when Canadian dollars are converted into American dollars.

How To Start Selling On Amazon Canada?

The Canadian economy has shown tremendous growth over the last few years. Beside it, studies trend of online shopping has also increased within the last few years.

During 2019, more than 1.85 billion Canadian dollars were earned from the ecommerce, and more than 28.1 million Canadian shopped from online stores.

More surprisingly, Amazon is the online shopping destination of most Canadians.

The following are the step you need to take if you want to sell on Amazon Canada.

1. Choose The Best Products To Sell On Amazon Canada

Before you start selling at Amazon.Ca, you need to select the products which you will offer to your audience.

You can use the Amazon seller product research tool to find the best suitable products for your store.

It is better to start with a few products. You need to know that a product which you are selling on other platforms such as U.S. Amazon will let you earn a massive profit at Amazon.Ca.

Being a seller, you do not have any idea which products are going to generate high revenue. Thus, it is highly recommended to start with only a few products and then increase your product list with time.

Choose The Best Products To Sell On Amazon Canada

2. Weigh The Amazon Canada Costs For Those Products

Sell stuff on Amazon is an excellent option to get massive profit. But before you start selling the products, you should check the price of all the products in Canadian currency.

There is a massive difference between Canadian and American currency.

When you are selling the products on Amazon.Ca, the amount you will receive in U.S. dollars will be relatively less; due to the difference in currency.

Furthermore, the sellers of the United States always keep the prices high so that they can get higher profit margins and can pay the shipping charges and custom duties.

  • Additional Work Required To Sell On Amazon

When you are selling on Amazon.Ca, you will have to do some additional work. As you know, there is a difference in the currency of Canada and America. Therefore, when you convert the selling cost from Canadian dollars to USD, your profit margin will decrease tremendously.

So, it would be great option if you took a while and set the prices of your products in such a way that you can get the required profit margin.

  • Shipping Costs

When you are deciding the price of your products, do not forget to add the cost of the shipment. American sellers always sell products at higher prices. So, they can pay for freight and other customs duties.

Therefore, do not forget to include the price of shipment and custom duties in the selling price of your products.

  • Taxes

Besides the shipment, you will also have to pay the taxes and customs duties. So, do not forget to include all of these charges into the selling price of your products.

Therefore, it is better to sell all of your products at higher prices so that you can get a higher profit after paying the shipment cost and other taxes.

  • The Difference In The Exchange Rate

There is a considerable difference between the currency rate of America and Canada. So, when you convert the Canadian dollars to the American dollars, you may lose a specific portion of your profit. Therefore, while you are finalizing the price, always keep it a little higher. It will let you earn a considerable amount of money.

3. Choose The Right Shipping Options

While selling at Amazon, you have two ways to get the products, i.e., FBA and MFN. Before you choose your fulfillment method, you can check the benefits of both of these methods given below.

  • FBA

The FBA or fulfillment by Amazon has various advantages over the MFN. For instance, if MFN, you may have to pass through so many hoops, and it can be problematic for you. It is not easy to export products from another country. Therefore, in this situation, FBA seems to be a good option.

Amazon takes only two days to deliver all of your products. Therefore, FBA is an undeniable way of getting the inventory.

In FBA, you will not have to deal with customer services. If you face any issue, Amazon will handle them all. For instance, if the customers are not satisfied with the quality of goods or they got a damaged piece, Amazon will be responsible.

The fulfillment by Amazon can reduce the cost of the products, takes just a few days to deliver the works, and handle all the customers’ issues. All of these features make you a competitive seller at Amazon.Ca.

Fulfillment by Amazon can save your time and gives you real peace of mind. Therefore, you can focus more on your business and can get incredible success and a huge profit margin.

Choose The Right Shipping Options
  • MFN

The merchant fulfilled shipping Is an excellent option to get the required inventory but keep in mind that:

  1. The products which are buying from the merchant are not prohibited in Canada. You can check the list Amazon and find the prohibited products there.
  2. Before importing the products, you should check all the rules and regulations, which you have to follow while importing products.
  3. Always choose the international shipping carrier with the DDP.
  4. If you want to collect the tax from your sales in Canada, register yourself for the Goods and Services Tax.
  5. You should use the Global SKU on your products.

4. Set Up The Correct SKUs In Amazon Canada’s Seller Central

The difference between Global SKUs and Marketplace-Specific SKUs is given below.

  • Global SKUs

The Global SKUs are for all the persons who are using the Merchant Fulfillment accounts. Being Amazon sellers, you cannot use the Global SKUs with FBA.

With the help of Global SKUs, you can let the sellers about the total number of products available at all the marketplaces of Amazon.

  • Marketplace-Specific SKUs

You can use the Market-Specific with FBA. It can separate the units and prices of different products available across all the marketplaces.

5. Customize Your Advertising Strategy For Amazon.Ca

You should choose marketing strategies according to your needs and requirements.

There is a vast difference between Amazon USA and Amazon Canada. Therefore it is better to choose a marketing strategy according to your requirements.

You can select a marketing approach based on the keywords. The keyword searching let the customers find the products quickly.

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Advertising Strategy For Amazon.Ca

What Can You Sell On Amazon Canada?

Amazon is a great marketplace based in the United States. Thousands of sellers and buyers are available at the Amazon. All of them are well trained and provide the best quality goods all over the world.

There is a huge list of products that you can sell on Amazon. The following are the best products that you can sell on Amazon Canada, and they will let you earn a massive amount of money.

Home And Garden

Everyone wants to decor their homes and make it more luxurious. Mostly people used to search for the best quality and unique products. Therefore, Amazon offers you the most impressive products which can decor your garden and homes.

You can sell decoration pieces and other decor items. You will find a broad audience for their niche in the market.

Clothing And Accessories

Well, these are the products which you can sell in any season and earn a massive amount of profit. It is better to sell the clothes of women and kids, as they can give a chance to more money.

Besides the clothes, you can also sell the accessories along with them. Mostly girls search for the accessories after selecting their dresses, and if they can get both at the same shop, it can save their time.

Clothing And Accessories

DVDs And Blu-Rays

Well, these are getting popularity day by day. Therefore, it can give you a massive amount of money. You can sell DVDs of games, movies, and others according to the demand of your customers.

Consumer Electronics

The electronics are the most demanding products, and you can earn a considerable amount of money be selling them. These products are not seasonal; therefore, there will be no issue if you could not sell them on time.

The popularity of these products is increasing day by day. Therefore they assure the success of your online store.


Beauty products like cosmetics are precious for women. Beside it, just like the electronics, they are also highly in demand and are very trending. You can select the most demanding and high0quality products and then sell them on Amazon to get your profit.


The software is the demand of the day, and you can offer them to your customers at reasonable prices. You can offer them different software according to their needs and requirements.

Toys And Games

The children highly demand toys and kids. You can offer them the best quality of toys. Beside it, you can enhance your variety and show them the toys from different categories and for other age groups. It will let you get more amount of profit.

Toys And Games

Automotive Parts & Accessories

These are also highly demanded by the customers.

Amazon is well famous for providing automotive parts and accessories. You can sell these products all over the year.

Baby Products

Parents search for the best quality products for their newborns. Therefore you can attract the attention of parents by offering them unique and memorable stuff. You can offer them different types of baby products such as clothes, toys, shoes, and many more.

Grocery & Gourmet

Amazon also lets the sellers offer the grocery and gourmets. This category of products can give you a massive profit margin, as they are always in demand, and everyone needs them.


Books are the first products which Amazon offered to their customers when they started the online business.

There are people who love to read books and search for all the required books on the same platform. Therefore, you can sell books and make money.

Sports & Outdoors

You can sell sports and other outdoor items in your store. Parents search for the best quality and durable products for their kids.

You can offer different sports items at an economical price and earn a considerable amount of money.

Sports & Outdoors


The music is always in demand, and you can offer them music albums and other related products. You will get a considerable amount of customers from all over the world. You can get an incredible amount of profit.

Health & Personal Care

Everyone wants to live a better, healthy, and fit life. Therefore search for different personal care products.

The customers always try to get the best quality goods at an economical price. So you can provide them with high-quality goods at the lowest prices.

How To Find Products To Sell On Amazon Canada From China?

The Chinese markets are well famous around the globe for providing the best quality goods at low prices.

Therefore are several platforms or marketplace in China from where you can source the products. These products are more than enough to fulfill all of your demands.

The labor is very cheap in china, and the raw material is available at very affordable prices. Therefore, lower manufacturing cost let you get the best quality goods at more affordable prices.

Furthermore, you can sell these cheap prices products at higher prices. You can earn a large profit very quickly.

The following are the platform, which let you source the products from China.

Leeline sourcing

It is one of the best Chinese sourcing companies. This company let the buyers get the best quality Chinese products direct from the market at the low prices.

The company provides you a list of legitimate and reliable suppliers, which can assure you of the supply of high-quality goods. The company can handle all of your issues so that you can focus more on your business.

The company can easily handle all of your shipping and other related issues professionally. They can suggest you the best freight and help you during the customs clearance.

The company also provides you assistance in the FBA, where the Leeline sourcing can look at all of your responsibilities.



Alibaba is the wholesale website, which has played a crucial role in the success of the Chinese economy.

It is a great marketplace where you can get the products at affordable prices. It will not be wrong to say that it is the largest ecommerce marketplace, not only in China but in the whole world.

You can contact the seller and can ask if he can provide you with a single product. So, you can negotiate with the supplier, and the minimum order quantity would not be a problem here.

At this platform, you can contact directly with the manufacturer and get to know about the features of the products.

You can get all the goods at the lowest possible prices and all then resell them at higher prices to get the profit margin.

Beside it, you can also get customized products. It can be a wonderful tool to get the attention of your customers.

The Chinese markets provide you with unique and durable products, which are quite enough to attract the attention of the customers.

Guangzhou Wholesale Market

It is the popular wholesale market in China, which offers you the best quality Chinese products direct from the factory at low prices.

The Chinese economy has emerged as one of the largest economies of this world. China is not producing the product to fulfill their requirements but also supplying them all over the world.

Therefore, most of the Chinese products which you find all around you come directly from the Chinese markets.

Guangzhou is the oldest market, as it was established back in 1980. You can get several products from various categories such as textiles, Electronics, Jewelry, kitchen products, home decor and furniture, and many others.

There are several benefits of buying the product directly from this marketplace. For instance, above all, the products which you get here come from the factory. Therefore, the quality of the products is always up to the mark.

The prices of the products are very flexible. You can let the sellers know about your budget, and they can adjust the prices according to your range.

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Canton Import And Export Fair

The canton import and export fair is also known as the canton fair, held twice a year, once in spring and once if autumn.

Here, you can get a massive display of a countless number of products. The sellers from different parts of China display their work here and attract the buyer from all over the globe. It is an excellent went where you can get all the required products at one roof.

There are several advantages to the canton fair. For instance, you can get all the required products at the least possible price under one roof.

Beside it, as the sellers showcase their products at the canton fair to attract the target audience, you can check all the products and can get to know about their quality.

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How Leelinesourcing Help You Import Best Selling Product To Sell On Amazon Canada From China

Leeline sourcing is the best sourcing companies currently working in China. The company is playing a crucial role by supplying the best quality Chines products at low prices. You can contact the Leeline sourcing, and they will handle all of your issues.

Identify Reliable Suppliers

The company will surely provides you with a list of legitimate, reliable suppliers from China. You can contact them and can ask about the products.

In this way, you do need to search for legitimate suppliers as the company is already providing you with the list of the best suppliers direct from China.

You have to contact them and let them about all the products which you need and want to source from China. They will provide you with the required goods at possible cheap prices.

Negotiateget And Get The Best Product Price

Well, it is a fact the Chinese goods are very cheap and therefore offers you a huge profit margin. You can finalize a meeting with the supplier and negotiate the price.

Keep in mind that the lower prices of the products can give you a higher profit margin. Therefore, it is necessary to get all the products at the least possible prices so that you can get the required profit margin.

Products Quality Control And Inspection Services

The quality of the products is one of the crucial factors which no one wants to ignore. You can contact the Leeline sourcing, and they can inspect the products before you import them.

The company examines the quality of goods at every step; for instance, they examine the quality of the raw materials and then check the quality of the products during the whole manufacturing procedure.

Furthermore, the company can also arrange a factory audit for you. So, you can make sure that you are going to get the high-quality of the products.

Offer Gift Wrapping For Your Amazon Products

The company is available to assist you at every step. The Leeline sourcing helps you in the packing and shipment of the products.

The company has several professionals who can do the packaging of the products and can make sure their safest delivery.

Offer Gift Wrapping For Your Amazon Products

Tariffs On Chinese Imports Solution

The company is well experienced in all the issues related to customs issues.

The company can provide you with all the required documents which have to show during the delivery of the goods. The can do the documentation for you, which can help you a lot in the long run.

Arrange For Cargo Transport

The company also arranges the transportation or shipment of your products. They choose the cheap and best suitable way of shipment.

For instance, air freight can save your time; but it is a little bit expensive. The sea or ocean freight is the best way to deliver the products on time.

And besides, it is not much expensive. So, the Leeline sourcing can select the best way or the delivery of goods.

Track Your Cargo And Prepare For Its Arrival

You can get the tracking I.D. or number from the seller. So you can track your parcel. The tracking I.D. enables to track the delivery of their properties.

So, you can find the exact location of their products at any time. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the safest delivery of products.

Few customers are very excited about getting their products. They cannot wait for their products and may ask you about their work again and again.

Therefore, in that scenario, you can give them the trading I.D. So they can keep on checking their products during their whole agency.

Track Your Cargo And Prepare For Its Arrival

Final Thoughts On Sell On Amazon Canada

Amazon is a great marketplace, where thousands of sellers are available, providing a countless number of products to their audience, all around the globe.

The statics show that Amazon lets the sellers flourish their business in no time and let them explore new opportunities in ecommerce.

Sell on amazon Canada is an excellent opportunity for beginners. In this marketplace, you will not get a large number of competitors, which lets you earn a considerable profit margin. So, you can go ahead and can start your online store here.

FAQ About Sell On Amazon Canada

The following are the questions which most of the sellers ask while they sell on Amazon Canada.

Are There Any Products I Can’t Sell On Amazon?

The following are the products which you cannot sell on Amazon:

  1. Alcohol
  2. Animals and animal products
  3. Art or fine arts
  4. Automotive and Powersports
  5. Composite wood products
  6. Cosmetics, skin or hair care products
  7. Currency, gift cards, cash equivalence or coins
  8. Dietary supplements
  9. Drugs and drugs paraphernalia
  10. Electronics
  11. Weapons, explosives, export controls, and related items
  12. Food and beverages
  13. Gambling and lottery
  14. Hazardous and dangerous items
  15. Human parts and burial artifacts
  16. Jewelry and precious gems
  17. Laser products
  18. Lightening
  19. Lock picking and theft devices
  20. Medical devices and accessories
  21. Organic products
  22. Pesticides
  23. Offensive and controversial materials

How Do I Price My Products?

To price your products, you need to keep in mind a few factors. The currency conversion may reduce your profit margin.

Beside it, you have to pay for the shipment and other customs duties. Therefore, you need to keep the prices a little bit higher.

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Amazon Repricing Tools

What Is The Amazon Buy Box?

It is a box that appears at the top right side of the Amazon product details page. The customers use this box while they are purchasing the products on Amazon.

They add all of their products in their cart, while the sellers are not eligible to win the buy box.

How To Get Paid By International Buyers?

Amazon is working at the international level and providing its products to more than 102 countries.

You can provide your products to international buyers. The buyers can transfer the payment directly to the accounts of the sellers.

How Much Will Amazon Canada Charge Me To Sell?

If you want to start selling on Amazon, you will have to pay $1.00 Canadian per item which you are selling at this platform. But it may vary depending on the type of product which you will trade on the Amazon.

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