Top 11 EU Dropshipping Suppliers in Europe

Sharline Shaw

Finding a reliable EU dropshipping supplier is like walking in a DARK FOREST. However, as an expert in this field. I want to be the LIGHT guiding your dropshipping journey.

HUNDREDS of drop shippers FALL into the deep pitfalls of this industry. As a dropshipping expert, I decided to handpick the TOP EU dropshipping suppliers for you Gone are the days of selecting untrusty suppliers. Experience the success and PROFITABILITY of your dropshipping venture.

Wanna know who tops this list? It’s none other than Esources. Source the VERY BEST products in Europe. From wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers, their online directories guide you towards the treasure throve of SUCCESS.

Keep scrolling to find the most suited EU suppliers that await you!

dropshipping in Europe

Why Dropship From Europe?

Choosing Europe as dropshipping can be beneficial because of its working model. The dropshipping model consists of a seller, a customer, and a supplier.

In most cases, the supplier acts as a dropshipper. The supplier dropships the products according to the orders placed. Once the customer places the orders, the supplier will process and send it to the customer.

The model makes it easier for connecting with customers as well as provide competitive progress. Though the model is almost the same everywhere. However, you need to find a reliable supplier to get you through the process.

Why Dropship From Europe

Where can I find EU dropshipping suppliers?

Finding a reliable EU dropshipping supplier is important. The competitiveness of the supplier is important for your business.

That is why you need to find aa reliable EU dropshipping supplier for your business. Here’s how you can find one:

Online Business Directory

One of the ways is to find a supplier to dropship from Europe is by looking at online business directories.

These directories are like phonebooks. Suppliers from around Europe register their businesses on these directories. Once listed, the directory then displays their profile as researched by the users.

Each directory sorts the suppliers according to their specific domain. This makes it easier for you to find the relevant suppliers.

From apparel to manufacturing, you can locate your desired supplier easily using online directories.

Trade Shows

Another way of finding reliable EU suppliers is by visiting different trade shows. These trade shows are conducted every season.

Trade exhibitions allow different companies to present their profile to the market. From existing to new ones, you can find a variety of suppliers in a trade show.

Some of the famous trade shows that occur in Europe include Batmassan, Antikmassan, International Tube and Pipe Trade Fair, etc.

All suppliers participate depending on the type of trade show. You can easily connect with different suppliers here. Most of our trusted suppliers, with whom we’re currently working, were discovered by my team at trade shows.

Moreover, you will also get a first-hand look at the products and samples that the suppliers are offering.

This would help you to know how well the company’s performance is. Each supplier will try to attract more clients. Therefore, you’ll get great experience from every supplier.

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Global Sources Tradeshow

B2B Trade Websites

B2B trade websites are an easy option to locate suppliers. Websites such as Alibaba, etc. feature a wide range of suppliers from various niches.

Each supplier works in a specific domain and offers services accordingly.

Visiting these websites will allow you to find reliable suppliers for your dropshipping Europe business needs.

Moreover, these suppliers have public profiles, which are required by the site administration. It helps customers to know better about the suppliers. It also helps with communication.

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What other sites are like Alibaba

What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Europe Dropshipping Suppliers?

Now you know where to find EU dropshipping suppliers, you should know how to evaluate them. There are certain characteristics that make a good EU dropshipping supplier. Here’s what you need to check for:

Take Responsibility For Error

Quality is the most important parameter for your dropshipping business. Faulty or poor quality products reaching the market are more likely to damage your repute.

Not only will the customers return the products, but they will be reluctant to order from you again. That is why you must choose a dropshipping supplier that ensures quality.

In addition, the supplier should also take fault for any errors in the order. Since the order preparation and delivery are entirely the suppliers ‘ doing, they should be responsible for any errors too.

From faulty products to wrong order delivery, the dropshipper should take the responsibility and offer reimbursement for it too.

Good Profit Margin

One of the many reasons why many people don’t like to invest in dropshipping is because of tight profit margins.

Since all the work is done by the supplier, most of the cost goes to its end. However, a reliable supplier should be able to offer a good profit margin.

This can be done by supplying good quality products. Customers getting good quality products will opt for the store again.

When this happens, your business will get an increase in returning customers. Apart from that, customers are more likely to recommend your store to others.

The supplier should illuminate the costs of manufacturing the products. In addition, any hidden costs should also be illuminated, which would make the entire process streamlined.

Payments should be made on time and deliveries should reach the destination on time as well. Only then you can create a great partnership with your supplier, leading to a good profit margin.

Regulatory Compliance

Compliances are a major part of any business. These are the standards that control the quality of the products.

When choosing a supplier, you should know about the compliances that they abide by. These compliances allow the manufacturers to create products that adhere to the quality accepted in the international market.

That is why you should ask for compliances to make sure that the supplier is working efficiently.

Good Logistics

Good logistics management is also important so that orders can be delivered on time. A reliable dropshipping supplier should offer competitive means for delivering the orders.

Your customers are conscious in terms of quality as well as delivery. That is why it is of utmost importance that you choose a supplier that offers superb logistics delivery.

This can include order shipping, order storage, safe delivery, etc. There are times when the product gets damaged or gets misplaced during the delivery.

That is why an efficient logistics system should be provided by the supplier so that any of such issues can be avoided.

Good Logistics

How To Choose Best EU Dropshipping Suppliers?

We discussed the factors to consider before hiring an EU dropshipping supplier. Here’s how to choose the best one amongst the suppliers that you deem worthy:

Do Proper Research

This is important for most businesses. You need to do competitive research before you dive into the selection phase. Proper research will allow you to know what suppliers are working in the market.

In addition, it will also help you come across numerous suppliers from different domains. This will allow you to look for the ones that are most related to your niche.

Compare their services and costs offered to compile a list of the suppliers that you want to contact.

You can also do this by looking for suppliers on online directories. Online directories have several suppliers registered on the domain. This is done so that the suppliers can promote themselves.

Apart from that, you can look for suppliers online, visit trade shows, and visit B2B platforms to compile a list of suppliers.

market research

Request Samples From The Supplier

While contacting the suppliers, you need to request samples of their work. This is to check the quality of the goods offered by the supplier.

As highlighted earlier, the quality of the goods cannot be compromised. Your market profile depends highly on the quality of the goods.

A reliable supplier should have compliance regulated production. This would guarantee quality products that will help improve the overall production.

The supplier should illustrate the quality inspection processes as well as provide samples of their production.

In case you deem the supplier worthy, you can ask them to adjust the quality of the products. Different buyers have different requirements.

You can tell these to the supplier and have them regulated in their production. If the supplier agrees to the terms and conditions, then it’s optimal that you negotiate the costs and hire them right away.

Contact The Suppliers

The next step after researching for the suppliers is to contact them. Contacting the suppliers is important because this is how you will know how the suppliers will work. From experience, reliable suppliers are easy to communicate with. Whether you need a product sample or a quotation, they quickly provide you with what you need.

Some suppliers don’t communicate freely nor do they share samples of the work. One should surely avoid these kinds of suppliers.

Another reason why contacting the suppliers is important is for negotiation. Negotiating the price of goods is important.

As dropshipping from Europe doesn’t offer competitive profit margins, you need to know what margin the supplier is offering.

Apart from that, you need to know about the production and logistics of the supplier. As highlighted earlier, a good supplier should adhere to the compliances for production.

In addition, the supplier should also offer quality logistics processes. This will allow you to get things done smoothly. The quality of the goods should be high so that your products can satisfy the maximum clients.

That is why contacting a reliable supplier is important so that you can be sure that the supplier is offering high graded goods.

How to contact private label manufacturers

Read Their Reviews

This is probably the easiest and most efficient way of choosing reliable suppliers. With the advent of digitalization, most businesses have established their online profiles.

Customers that have experienced services first hand from the suppliers leave their reviews. These reviews illustrate how well the supplier has handled their requests.

It also illustrates the workability of the suppliers in terms of order handling and delivery.

That is why, when you’re shortlisting any supplier, you should go through their reviews. People that have worked with the supplier should have put recommendations or comments.

Reading these will help you get an idea of how well the supplier is working. It will also tell you about the specific processes that you’d need to be careful while working with the supplier.

Read Their Reviews

List of 10 best Europe Dropshipping Suppliers

Here’s a list of the 10 best Europe dropshipping suppliers that you can work with:


When you’re looking for online directories that you can work with, then Esources will be the right choice for you.

It is a superb online directory that features different suppliers for different products. From wholesalers, packaging manufacturers to entrepreneurs and distributors, you can get connected with different suppliers here. Working with them is like handing us a menu of the most prominent suppliers worldwide.

In addition, it provides assistance for your needs. You can find buyers that are looking for wholesale products.

Apart from that, you can look for vendors that will list your products on the directory as well as get suppliers that can handle your needs.

The platform works in two different methods, supporting both suppliers and buyers. In the buyer mode, you get to enjoy the site to contact wholesale suppliers for free.

You can upgrade the account to premium and get complete access to verified suppliers and wholesalers.

For supplier purposes, you can get a provider ad account. This handles all your information about your business. It also helps you connect with buyers and get your company reviewed.



Headquartered in the UK, it is Europe’s leading direct shipping company. It offers a wide range of services that you can enjoy for your dropshipping needs.

The site offers packaging and order booking according to your business’s requirements easily. In addition, it also features a competitive range of products that you can choose to add to your lists.

From appliances to electronics, home products, and gadgets, there are several products to choose from.

What’s more appealing about it is that it offers the best pricing for the processes. This lowers your overall costs and benefits in the long term.

It is also recognized by many of the leading manufacturers and multinational companies for its work.

The success is due to its workability, highly qualified staff, and competent logistics performance. If you want to connect with customers in Europe, then this is the right option.


If you’re considering direct mail to Europe, then Tuscany is the right choice for you. Tuscany has been offering leather products exclusively to the customers around the globe.

It’s Italian based and offers the best shipping services around the world.

Their management is also effective in handling orders. All you need to do is to provide them the order details, and the company takes care of the rest.

From preparation to logistics, you get the ultimate service and support around. It also offers competitive commercial offers that you can benefit from. Tuscany delivers around 190 countries and you can easily opt for it for different products.


If you need a marketplace that connected the EU and US dropshippers, then Spocket is the right option.

It is also one of the 10 Shopify dropshipping apps that you can own for your business. It’s user-friendly and provides powerful features that have been helpful for my business and my clients. From product catalogs, you can add the products that you want to sell on your platform.

In addition, you get to integrate your business model with that of the Spocket. Though it does have some issues.

From markup potential to return policies and shipping, there are some problems that you’ll have to deal with. However, Spocket offers competitive support to give the best results.



Printful comes in a dropshipping and vendor services category. All you need to do is to add your customized design on the store, and the vendor will prepare the product so that you can start selling right away.

However, the site doesn’t offer manual control but integrates your business entirely. The workability is automatic and there are hundreds of products that you can choose to integrate. It also offers on-the-go shipping methods.

From t-shirts to bathing suits, you can choose Printful for getting control over various options. From reduced patterns and free sample designs to easy shipments, you can benefit very much from this platform.


Looking for the best direct shipping platforms, especially for electronics? E-nuc is the platform to choose from.

It offers a great performance for shipping products directly to customers in Europe. Moreover, it also supports your brand by delivering your name and company image too.

It only costs €0.95+VAT per order. You can easily opt for its direct mail service and benefit from its optimized delivery workability.


Offering a wide range of boutique and clothing accessories, B2B Griffati is a viable option. If you’re looking for dropshipping suppliers Europe, then opt for this for connecting with worldwide retailers.

It offers the best designer brands as well as offers a wide range of clothing options.

One of the appealing features of this site is that it addresses the latest fashion trends in the market. You don’t have to search for different profiles when you work with this supplier.

Moreover, you get to save up to 75% wholesale prices on the selected items that will lower your costs. It offers a superb collection of designer-made clothing that you can add to your store.


Coco Fashion

Another fashion store that you can opt for your dropshipping needs. The store offers a wide range of fashion clothing that you can opt for.

In addition, sorts the products according to different catalogs giving the best insight on the latest trends.

You can get a worldwide delivery as well as high quality fashion products. Moreover, it works perfectly when you need the latest trends for entering the European market.


It is one of the online wholesale platforms for fashion accessories and B2B apparel. It was launched in 2009.

With years of experience in the domain, you get to enjoy the splendid latest products easily. Another reason to opt for this platform is that it offers innovative logistics that you can take complete advantage of.

The logistics solutions offered by the Brandsdistribution allows you to get online sales proactively.

It also helps in the digital transformation of your business. Moreover, it has a free subscription so you don’t have to worry about getting premium accounts to access the area.

Moreover, you get to save up to 75% wholesale prices on the selected items that will lower your costs. Most suppliers rarely offer discounts like this, but fortunately, we stumbled upon Griffati. This supplier significantly helped us increase our sales. The best part? They offer a superb collection of designer-made clothing that you can add to your store.

Dropship Clothes

It is one of the leading UK based dropshippers for women apparel. The reason behind its success is the experienced team and unique processes that lead to the finest products.

If you’re looking for dropshipping women’s clothing, then this is the right place to start from. Another appealing element about it is the large supply network.

The platform suppliers to over 130 countries around the globe. Making them our top recommendation for business owners who want to expand internationally. Moreover, it also features over 9000 leading suppliers and retailers that you can connect with.

From small and medium-sized retailers, you can get connected with different suppliers easily. Moreover, you also get different products that you can explore.

From plus sizes to Halloween wear, Christmas lingerie to costumes, you can get almost everything.

Dropship Clothes
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How Do I Start Dropshipping From Europe?

Now that you know what suppliers to work with, it’s time to know how to start your dropshipping from Europe:

Research The Europe Marketplace

The first thing to do is research the marketplace of Europe. This is important. You need to know what dropshippers are already working in the market.

Apart from that, you need to know what kind of suppliers are available for your business. Doing competitive research will benefit you in longer terms and you will be able to get everything done in no time.

Research about the available suppliers. Use online directories, search online, and navigate on B2B sites to look for suppliers. Consider working with a 3PL provider like Leeline Sourcing for even better results. Our company specializes in connecting you with the best suppliers in the market.

Once located, you can then contact the suppliers to know how they work. Request samples of their work as well as negotiate regarding the costs for the processes.

Make sure to get a good margin. When all this is done, you can easily set up for the next processes.

Where Will You Set Up Your Store? Amazon, eBay, or Shopify?

This important because you want to know what site is best for your store. If you’re looking to establish your brand’s profile, then opting for Shopify is the right choice.

It offers a wide range of customization services and perks that you can benefit from. In addition, it also allows you to customize how your store will look. In short, Shopify allows you to create your brand rather than focusing on others.

Choosing Amazon will get things started right away. Amazon allows you to get things going without needing to customize or create anything.

Moreover, the Amazon FDA helps in creating a great profile. People visiting Amazon are attracted to your brand, which makes it easier for you to get started right away.

However, establishing your brand’s profile via Amazon can take some time because you get most of the clients due to Amazon’s profile.

eBay works in a similar manner and you get to create your profile for attracting customers to your brand.

The choice for the platform depends on you. The way you want to engage the market will allow you to choose the platform that you want to connect with.

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Amazon vs Ebay

Dropship with reliable EU suppliers

The last step is opting for reliable EU suppliers. This is important since your dropshipping business’s success depends on the performance of your suppliers.

The better the supplier’s workability, the better the performance of your brand. Therefore, it is important that you choose reliable EU suppliers.

For this, you should make competitive research regarding the suppliers. In addition, make sure that the supplier you’re choosing has a solid reputation and abides by compliances.

This would help in getting the best services and your brand can take off in the market right away. Choosing a reliable EU dropshippers is necessary.

From quality to on-time delivery, you need to ensure that every process is handled efficiently. That is why ensure that the one you’re hiring is offering competitive supplier solutions for your business’s needs.

FAQ For EU Dropshipping

Here are some of the FAQs that can help you with EU dropshipping:

How Much Do EU Dropshippers Make?

The income cannot be told with solid figures as every dropshipper has its performance. However, a general order shipment allows them to benefit from a 10-40% profit margin.

This can range to $10,000-$50,000 a month. Again the figure isn’t accurate since the profit margin can vary and the pricing can vary as well.

What Should I Not Dropship?

This is one of the most important elements to know about dropshipping. One should surely research about the products that should be dropshipped.

In doing so, you should avoid the goods that can cause a hassle in the shipment. For example, furniture is one of the choices that you should surely avoid since it’s hard to handle.

You’ll need effective logistics performance to get these delivered. In addition, you should also avoid dropshipping branded products or the ones with ePacket shipping.

What Are The Best Items To EU Dropship?

There are different products that you can use for EU dropshipping. For starters, you can opt for mugs, handsfree, wireless chargers, clothes, bags, shoes, cell phones, etc.

These products are widely used for dropshipping and your business can gain successiveness with these too.

How Many Products Should I Start With EU Dropshipping?

It is necessary that you know what you’re dealing with. That is why you should opt for the number of goods that your business can handle.

If you’re starting into the domain, you can opt for 6-12 items to kick start your business.

Once you get good at handling the inventory and proceedings with these items, you can proceed with adding more item

Which Country Is Best For Dropshipping?

If you’re looking to start a business for dropshipping, then opting to start from the US is the right choice.

The USA leads the market of dropshipping due to its extensive options and services that are available in the domain.

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Where Do I Find American Products To Dropship

How LeelineSourcing Help You find Best EU Dropshipping Suppliers

Choosing reliable EU suppliers for your dropshipping business is important. Your dropshipping can be successful when the suppliers offer competitive services.

However, researching reliable dropshipping suppliers can be a hassle.

LeelineSourcing is an online sourcing firm that allows you to find reliable suppliers for your needs. The company has been in business for the past many years.

It has been working in the domain with outclass performance. From sourcing the right supplier to negotiating the terms, the firm offers a wide array of services that you can rely on.

In addition, the firm offers assistance for freight forwarding and logistics that you can benefit from. The performance of the company is uncompromised, which is why it serves over 2000 clients around the globe.

Apart from that, the company offers dynamic expertise in handling your needs for EU dropshipping.

Another appealing element about the firm is that it provides you with competitive knowledge regarding dropshipping platforms. This allows you to know what platforms can be used for drop ship direct to the customers.

Furthermore, LeelineSourcing provides the best customer support services to its clients. From catering to the requests to handling supplier processes, the team is ready for every issue.

The online support platform makes it easier for the clients to track shipments. Moreover, the team offers seamless communication to ensure that the clients are negotiated regarding every process efficiently.

If you’re in need of a reliable support firm that will help find the best EU dropshipping suppliers, LeelineSourcing is the right choice for you.

Final Thoughts on EU Dropshipping

There are several factors that you should consider while opting for EU dropshipping. From choosing a reliable supplier to opting for the right platform to work, you should select make the most optimal choices.

In addition, choosing a third party sourcing company such as LeelineSourcing can also benefit in this manner.

Apart from that, ensure that you opt for the right platform as well as choose the best EU supplier for your needs.

Focus on working with fewer products at the start and expand gradually. While doing this, ensure that your product quality and delivery aren’t compromised.

This would help establish your profile with the customers and in the market.

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