Top 25 Print On Demand Dropshipping Products

Sharline Shaw

Print on demand dropshipping is becoming the apple of the eye for dropshippers.

It allows creating their profile that focuses on customized products, creating a unique brand in the market.

With the advent of dropshipping, print on demand dropshipping has been under focus by many.

Keeping this in mind, many businesses are now focusing on improvising by integrating POD dropshipping.

This guide will illuminate regarding print on demand dropshipping as well as provide insights on products that can be used for POD dropshipping.

What is Print on Demand?

The print on demand allows suppliers to create something that has been demanded by the customers.

Clients from around the world coordinate with the suppliers for their requirements. These requirements are designs that the customers want for the products.

Once the designs are coordinated, the suppliers then prepare the products accordingly. Later the products are shipped to the buyers or even shipped to customers directly.

Print On Demand Dropshipping

Print On Demand Dropshipping: Pros & Cons

There are certain pros and cons of print on demand dropshipping that you should be aware of:

Pros of Print on Demand Dropshipping

One of the primary perks of POD dropshipping is that it doesn’t need investments. This makes POD a great choice for those that want to start with minimal investment.

Before POD, you’d need to make arrangements for designers and suppliers. This was done so that product research can be done that can make them attractive for the market.

With POD, your clients will provide information regarding the products to customize. This saves the cost of designing the products and getting customized orders.

All you need to do is to implement the design given by the clients.

Another important benefit of using POD dropshipping is that it eliminates the need for a physical store.

Before, a physical store was required where people would request orders. However, with platforms such as Shopify, eBay, etc. you can get things done easily.

These platforms allow you to establish your brand without any hassle. It also helps create your online profile, which makes it easier for you to engage the customers.

One of the biggest perks of POD dropshipping is that it doesn’t need inventory or warehousing. This cuts a lot on your costs, and you don’t have to worry about additional payments too.

In addition, it further reduces the risk of having bulk inventory. This helps in reducing the amount of money that would get tied because the inventor would need to stay in the warehouse.

Not only you’d had to pay for the inventory but will also have to pay for the warehouse. Using POD reduces these costs, and gives a competitive advantage to the business.

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Cons of Print on Demand Dropshipping

Even with such amazing perks of POD dropshipping, there are still some disadvantages that you need to be aware of.

The first con is the cost of the production. Even though it doesn’t need investment for creating your inventory, getting customized products from the suppliers can be costly.

The suppliers would require additional materials to prepare your products. Moreover, they would need to alter their production for some processes too.

This adds to the final cost of your products. Ultimately, you would need to sell these products at higher costs.

In addition to this, you would also need strong design skills to get things done. Even if the customers provide their designs, you would still need something to implement.

This is important especially when you need t-shirt printing. This entire requirement can alter production speed. It can lessen the number of products that were usually produced.

Furthermore, you would surely be needing healthy designs that would attract others. It’s not like the customers know the market.

You’ll have to create something on your own that can attract the customers. That is why it requires additional R&D for production.

With the advent of POD, more people are entering the domain. The barriers on the entrance are low and any business can switch to POD dropshipping.

This makes it tough to sustain in the market. This also calls for extraordinary products to be produced that can help in brand loyalty.

Print on Demand vs AliExpress Dropshipping vs Amazon FBA

Here’s what you need to know about POD dropshipping and other dropshipping modes to help choose the best for your needs:

Print on Demand Dropshipping

The print on demand or POD dropshipping is where you sell your or customer provided designs. This doesn’t need initial investment.

However, getting customized orders from the sellers can add to additional costs. You can design t-shirts, book covers, phone covers, etc. for selling on POD dropshipping.

AliExpress Dropshipping

AliExpress dropshipping is similar to print on demand dropshipping. It doesn’t need inventory or warehousing.

Order booking is similar. The customer clicks and places the order, and the details are sent to the supplier for production.

With little skill and competitive design skills, you can create an effective sale generation easily. However, like POD dropshipping, it can also feature high production costs.

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Some Tips To Buy Safely On AliExpress

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Working with Amazon comes with its perks and cons. You don’t have to worry about production because everything is handled by Amazon.

The working costs are low, and warehousing is done by Amazon. However, it doesn’t allow you to create your brand profile since most of the customers come via Amazon.

It is an established brand, which is why starting into dropshipping using Amazon FBA can be beneficial.

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Common Misconceptions about Print on Demand Dropshipping Business

Here are some common misconceptions about print on demand dropshipping that you should be aware of:

1: Print On Demand Requires a lot of Upfront Cost

Almost every business requires upfront costs for establishment. However, using platforms such as Shopify or Amazon FBA, you can easily create your profile as a POD dropshipper.

All it would cost would be the price of monthly subscriptions or premium memberships.

2: Print on Demand Products Don’t Sell Well

Nothing sells well if you don’t put enough effort into it. Using POD dropshipping Shopify, you get to create your brand’s profile.

Afterward, you get customized themes and design support. This will allow you to set things straight for launching your brand.

However, aligning with market trends is necessary. If you do, your brand can launch customer-oriented products without any issue.

3: Chances of Failing in a POD business are high

POD dropshipping’s success depends on how well you create products. From customized shirts to mugs, your products should stand out from the rest in terms of quality and attractiveness.

Only then your products will be able to catch customer loyalty. Keeping the costs low as much as possible and using volatile products for dropshipping, you can secure your business’s progress easily.

4: You need to be a graphic designer to start

You don’t need to be a graphic designer for starting into POD dropshipping. You can either take on different designs available online.

Apart from that, you can also opt for hiring designers that can work to create eye-catching designs for your products.

Market Potential of a Print on Demand Dropshipping Business

There’s a lot of market potential for the POD dropshipping business. For starters, it’s easy to create your custom products that can be launched on your profile.

This would allow you to create your brand’s profile in the market, leading to growth and profits.

Apart from that, you can also create your custom packaging for your products. Most POD dropshippers use custom packaging as it helps them stand out from the rest.

From a logo to a receipt, you get to create your brand’s presence easily.

Profit can be earned by creating something that would stand out from the rest. It’s not that you would need rocket science to know what to do.

Working with Shopify would allow you to customize your products easily. It has various themes and designs that you can opt for creating your products.

It also helps create your brand’s presence that would help to grasp the market.

25+ Print On Demand Products To DropShip 2021

Here are the top 25 print on demand products to dropship in 2021:


Who does not like beautiful mugs for their coffee or tea? They not only add up to the quality of your leisure time, but they also make good gifts!

The price of this product ranges approximately between $2 to $6 at AliExpress. You can buy it in bulk from there and then sell it around $8 and earn $4 profit by dropshipping.

Mugs are an excellent product to sell that customers would not only like to buy for themselves but would also love to gift them to their friends and family!

Drawstring Bags

Drawstrings bags can never go out of the list of best-selling products because different companies and organizations can never stop buying them.

Be it a corporate event, golf outing, tradeshow, or a charity dinner, you will see companies gifting them to attendants.

You can buy them in bulk from AliExpress at the price ranging between $1 to $4. Then you can add up your profit and dropship them!

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are very popular among fine arts lovers on a budget!

So, if you bulk up some cool designs from AliExpress ranging between $2 to $86, you can earn a great amount of profit by dropshipping it!

No art lover can ignore a good piece of art, so let the canvas print sell their selves!

Baseball T-Shirt

If you have not added a baseball t-shirt in your dropshipping business, then you are missing out on so much revenue than you can imagine!

Baseball t-shirts are a hot seller in the clothing business. So, buy baseball t-shirts in bulk from AliExpress at the price of $6 to $11 and sell it at almost $10 to $15 and earn a profit of at least $4.

Isn’t it an amazingly profitable product to sell which is popular in every age group?

Beach Towels

No normie can deny the use of a beach towel! Beach towels are not an essential acquaintance while going to the beach, but they are also used when hitting up the gym or going swimming.

So, the wide use of beach towels makes them a highly purchased product. So, make the best out of the situation!

Get your stock of beach towels from AliExpress at $0.99 to $3 and drop ship it to your customers by adding your share of the profit!

Beach Towels

Phone Covers

We all have experienced those mini heart attacks when we dropped our phones from our hands. It is almost impossible to avoid such situations because of human-error but the results can be very adverse.

Therefore, phone covers are a popular item to use among phone users all over the world. The price of phone covers ranges between $0.99 to $2.

Get your stock of attractive phone covers from AliExpress and dropship them by adding your profit part.

Flip Flops

Flip flops are a whole mood. Since the earliest of the times, flip flops have been the favorite comfy shoes of people all around the world.

No shoe collection of any person of any gender and any age group cannot be completed without flip flops. So, it makes them an amazing item to sell and earn profit in leaps and bounds!

Get some pretty and comfy flip flops in bulk from AliExpress at the price ranging between $2 to $6.

Add up your profit and drop ship it to your customers. Rest assured that the stock will be emptied in no time!


One can never get enough of socks! A little space for a few more pairs of warm, pretty, and comfy socks always remains.

Bulk up a collection of cute socks in your inventory and make it available for your customers. Get them at a reasonable price ranging between $1 to a maximum of $5 from AliExpress and earn considerable profit by selling them. Socks in your stock will never harm you!

Tank Tops

Tank tops are those basic women wear that can never go out of trend! This hot-selling product can boost up your revenue amazingly!

AliExpress offers beautiful tank tops in the price range of $2 to $8. You can buy it in bulk from there and then sell it by adding up $2 to $6 profit margin!

Who would not like just another piece of a pretty colored tank top in their wardrobe?

Sun Visors

Carrying huge umbrellas to save one’s self from the sun can be a tiresome task. That is why sun visors are becoming word-of-mouth.

It makes them an amazing product to sell and earn a profit! If you buy sun visors from AliExpress in bulk, they will cost you $2 to $4. Then you can sell them by dropshipping them after adding $2 profit!

Sun Visors

Car Seat Covers

The car seat covers can become prey to wear and tear and sometimes accidental damage.

If you buy some great car seat covers in bulk from AliExpress at the price ranging between $7 to $14, you can benefit a lot!

You can be a knight in shining armor for people searching for good car seat covers. Just add up a little share of profit and dropship them!


Neckties are not only an amazing accessory you can treat yourself with, but they also make great gifts!

Either it is a birthday, anniversary, or a graduation gift; neckties can grace up the gift to a great extent.

Therefore, if you can bulk up your inventory with classy neckties, you can earn a lot of profit by dropshipping them!

You can buy them from AliExpress at the price range of $0.99 to $3 and then you can sell it by adding $2 profit. Isn’t it an amazing idea??!!

Luggage Tags

One of the items which most people buy only online is luggage tags.

AliExpress offers cool luggage tags that you can buy at the price of $0.75 t0 $2. Then you can dropship it by adding your fair share of profit.

Yoga Mats

Yoga mats are a special attraction for people who have even the slightest interest in going to the gym.

Bulk up your inventory by buying yoga mats from AliExpress at the US $1.89 – 4.99 that you can then sell by adding at least $2 profit.


Buttons are not a high-priced item to sale, but they are sold in bulk, which makes them very valuable for a dropshipping business.

Purchase them from AliExpress at approx. $0.65 to $2 and then drop ship them by adding a little profit margin.


iPad Cases And Skins

The stock of iPad cases and skins will make your dropshipping business a place of attraction for apple users.

At the price of $4 to $8, you can get them from AliExpress and earn a lot of profit by selling them to customers!

Wall Art & Decor Prints

If you have a good range of wall art & décor prints to dropship, you are going to attract a lot of home improvement enthusiasts.

Fill-up your inventory with some good wall art & décor prints from AliExpress ranging between the prices of $0.89 to $13, and dropship them by adding your profit share of at least $3.

Photographic Prints

Adding photographic prints in your dropshipping business will help you become a hot name among the photographic prints lovers who are willing to spend a lot on good prints.

AliExpress can be a good source to buy a photographic print at the price of approx. &4 to $7. Add up your profit and sell them!


Posters are always a popular item to sell among youngsters.

They are not that expensive either so they will be easily purchased. AliExpress offers some cool posters in the price range of $0.80 to $2.

Buy them from there to dropship them. We assure you of the fast sale!


Everyone has a soft corner for stationary.

You can buy pretty and good-quality stationery from AliExpress at almost $0.35 to $0.90.

No one can resist a pretty stationary item so add up your fair share of profit and dropship!


Greeting Cards

No matter how much digitalization happens, greeting cards can never stop being fascinating!

If you buy greeting cards in bulk from AliExpress at $0.70 to $3, you can make a space for your profit and dropship them to the customers!


Beautiful invitation cards can never be replaced by anything! Your customers would be attracted greatly to them.

So, get them from AliExpress at almost $0.20 to $2 and sell them by adding up your profit!

Pet Bandanas

Pet owners can never resist a cute pet bandana. So, stock up some attractive pet bandanas from AliExpress at $0.99 to $2, and dropship them by making room for your profit!

Pet Placemats

Which pet owner does not want another cute piece of pet placemat? Spend $1 to $5 at AliExpress and get some cool pet placemats in your stock.

You can earn a lot of profit by dropshipping them to pet owners.


A workplace can never get enough of labels! You can be their constant drop shipper for these labels.

Buy good-quality labels from AliExpress at $0.90 to $3 and sell them with profit! Be ready for a lot of stock refills!

File folders

A good-quality file folder is a must-have for every person who needs recordkeeping. Buy them in bulk from AliExpress $0.70 to $3, add up your profit and dropship them!

You can make many employers as your loyal customers!

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Best Print On Demand Companies

Here are some of the print on demand companies that you can choose to work with:


LeelineSourcing is an excellent choice for POD services. The company has been working in the domain for the past decade.

It has professionals that are experts in handling POD dropshipping services. From creating your profile to helping create customized designs, you get to enjoy several service perks with the firm.



Printful offers a wide variety of custom products that yon ca dropship. These products are available in multiple varieties and you can opt for them by implementing your design.

The costs of the products are pre-determined. However, the variety of products can be used to create your profile easily.


It is an online store that provides a variety of products according to seasonal needs. From summer collection to customized products, it’s easy to get quality made customized products for your needs.

Moreover, it also connects with different customers to help them recognize their designs in the market.

This helps boost the overall inventory for Zazzle that is filled with a variety of different customized products.



From weirdly meaningful art to customized stickers, you can get a lot of options with Zazzle. It offers a wide range of customized products that you can easily choose for your store.

From kids’ apparel to notebooks, you can customize different products with the design you want. It also offers a variety of designs to choose from as well as featured products that you can pick.


It offers an amazing opportunity for local stores to feature their products. From sellers selling their products to designers selling their design, you can get a huge variety of designs easily.

It helps create a great profile for your brand because it lets you feature your designs. Apart from that, you can easily acquire several designs from different products that you can add to your inventory.


Customcat is one of the reliable options especially for POD dropshipping. From no MOQ to a variety of services for creating products, you can easily create merchandise for your POD business.

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China Export Agent

How to choose the Best Countries to Market POD?

You’d need an effective customer segment so that your products can be engaged in the market. Here’s what you need to consider for choosing the best countries to market POD:

Buying Power

As highlighted earlier, the production costs for POD dropshipping are high than traditional dropshipping.

As a result, your overall product cost will go up too. That is why it’s important that your customers should have the buying power to buy your products.

If your product’s cost is high and you’re targeting a segment that doesn’t have the power to buy them, your business is most likely to fail.

Ad Budget

Like other means of dropshipping, POD dropshipping also requires an additional ad budget. This has to be taken care of since you’re new to the market and would need to create brand awareness.

It doesn’t matter much when you’re working with Amazon FBA since Amazon allows you to attract customers with their profile.

However, when you’re creating your brand’s profile via Shopify, you’ll need to invest in marketing to get things done.

Shipping Charges

Choosing a country that provides ease of shipping is important.

Your POD product’s costs are already high and adding shipping charges can make it difficult to attract the customers on the final cost.

That is why ensure that the country you’re shipping to doesn’t involve additional shipping charges.

Shipping Charges

FAQ For Print On Demand Dropshipping

Here are some FAQs that will help you know more about print on demand dropshipping:

Is the t-shirt business profitable?

Yes, it can be profitable, especially if you’re working with POD. It will help create a variety of customized shirts.

If your targeted segment is right, the shirts will be able to attract good profit margins easily.

Can you make money with Print On Demand Dropshipping?

Yes, you can make money on print on demand dropshipping.

Excluding the costs for the production, you can easily gain a competitive profit margin on every product.

However, you’d need to work on marketing to enhance brand awareness.

How much does Print On Demand Dropshipping cost?

The cost depends upon the type of platform that you’re using for working.

For example, if you’re using Shopify, you can set your store in no time while paying the monthly payment fee and transaction fee.

Similarly, you can opt for different platforms that will charge in the same way.

What is the best print on demand site?

There are different print on demand sites that you can opt for. Bonfire, Redbubble, Teespring, Society 6, etc. are some of the reputed sites that are great for POD dropshipping.

Where can I get print on demand designs?

You can either create your designs or opt for different design sites. Sites such as Zazzle, Skreened, Snorg, etc. are famous for print on demand designs.

Which is better Printify or Printful?

Printful is an in-house working firm that allows integrating more e-commerce platforms.

On the other hand, Printify allows you to outsource work to a third party that enhances selection. However, it also adds to your costs with longer lead times.

Which is better Printify or Printful

How LeelineSourcing Help you find the best Print on Demand Dropshipping Products and manufacturers

leelineSourcing is a reputed firm that offers competitive services for print on demand China dropshipping services.

The professionals at the firm communicate the best options that are available for your needs. From finding the best products to negotiating with manufacturers, the firm offers reliable services for your POD dropshipping needs.

If you’re looking for print on demand companies, then LeelineSourcing will help source them for you.

Their team is highly competitive and offers top of the line service to establish your brand profile. Apart from that, they also help source the best design platforms that you can use for building your brand.

The company has been in the domain for years and is trusted by more than 2000 clients worldwide.

From dropshipping to freight forwarding and logistics, you get the best assistance for your dropshipping needs.

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The Best Dropshipping Companies & Free Suppliers List for Ecommerce

Final Thoughts about Print On Demand Dropshipping

Establishing your print on demand dropshipping business can help create your brand profile in the market.

However, you’d need to make a competitive search on the design platforms to integrate. Apart from that, you also need to get alluring designs as well as make research on the products to dropship.

Taking assistance from third-party firms such as LeelineSourcing will help you get things on the track.

This will also help in establishing your brand the right way as well as create a competitive profile in the market.

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