Hand Sanitizers Wholesale From China

Sharline Shaw

Hand Sanitizer is a BIG BUSINESS. Wondering how? I have proof. 

According to Statista, the hand sanitizer industry has generated a REVENUE of 3 BILLION USD in 2023. In just Q1 of 2023, you have seen SUCH HUGE STATS. 

Buying hand sanitizer wholesale from CHINA is a FREAKING idea! Skyrocket your sales after the COVID-19 scenario. 

Our LEELINE SOURCING EXPERTS help find the BEST SUPPLIERS. You’ll get AFFORDABLE wholesale prices for your hand sanitizers. Sales will be HIGH with HIGHER PROFITS. 

Want to go into detail? 

Let’s find out the wholesale market in China, along with hand sanitizers. 

Hand Sanitizers Wholesale From China

What Type Of Hand Sanitizers

There are several kinds of hand sanitizers that are available in the market. Some of which are:

Wholesale Scented Hand Sanitizer From China

These hand sanitizers are created using a high amount of scented ingredients. The primary use of these scents is to make the product appealing for the buyers. These buyers mostly comprise of women and children that prefer buying scented hand sanitizers.

Wholesale Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer From China

Antibacterial hand sanitizers are produced for minimizing the transfer of bacterial infections. All soaps and hand sanitizers are made to provide a similar effect. However, such products have a high quantity of alcohol that makes them antibacterial.

Wholesale Natural Hand Sanitizer From China

Natural hand sanitizers are made with a combination of essential oils. These oils can comprise of tree oil, palm oil, etc. The natural based element is considered to be skin friendly. People with sensitive skin tend to use these products to prevent any reaction.

Wholesale Alcohol Hand Sanitizer From China

These are completely alcohol based hand sanitizers with high quality of alcohol. Regular hand sanitizers tend to have a 60% of alcohol ratio that is mixed with other ingredients. These ingredients may be aloe vera, oils, scents, etc.

However, alcohol based hand sanitizers have no additives and are completely alcohol based. The high ratio is kept to ensure maximum germ protection and removal.

Wholesale Hospital Hand Sanitizer From China

Hospital hand sanitizers are similar to alcohol hand sanitizers. Since doctors and paramedics need to minimize the spread of diseases, they need to make sure that their hands are clean. In addition, the use of alcohol based hospital hand sanitizers is to prevent disease spreading from patient to patient.

What Type Of Hand Sanitizers

Wholesale Bulk Hand Sanitizer From China

Bulk hand sanitizers come in large bottles and packages. These are mostly available for those customers that are in need of a large number of hand sanitizers. Moreover, they are mostly re-fillers that refill the existing placed dispensers.

Many companies that have a great number of employees use these hand sanitizers because it is not easy to buy smaller ones. Moreover, they can ask for any kind of sanitizer, depending on their need. They can use alcohol based ones or the scented ones as they need.

Wholesale Pocket Hand Sanitizer From China

Pocket hand sanitizers have been manufactured depending on the demand. Most people would want to carry hand sanitizers in their pockets or bags. That is why these hand sanitizers are manufactured in pocket sized bottles.

Wholesale Foaming Hand Sanitizer From China

Foaming hand sanitizers are more like soap. If soap is unavailable, the person can use this sanitizer to rub their hands like soap. This will create a soap like foam, which can be used for rubbing hands effectively.

Such hand sanitizers are readily used in different construction firms. Employees here need to ensure that their hands are cleaned effectively. That is why the use of foaming hand sanitizers helps clean their hands as well as disinfects them.

Wholesale Small Hand Sanitizer From China

Small hand sanitizers are similar to pocket hand sanitizers but smaller in size. These are manufactured due to the requirements for giving children hand sanitizers. Since hand sanitizers have alcohol based components, giving bigger bottles to children is risky.

Moreover, these bottles are manufactured so that they can be easily carried or attached to a key chain while going outdoors.

Wholesale Organic Hand Sanitizer From China

Organic hand sanitizers are made from using alcohol that is extracted naturally. This alcohol is extracted from sugar canes and is then mixed with other essential oils. The results can be produced as needed.

If there’s a need for non-scented and alcohol based products, then essential oils can be missed. Otherwise, the oils can be added as per the requirement.

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How Quickly Does Hand Sanitizer Work?

Hand sanitizer, when applied, works for two minutes. That is the time for the gel to be absorbed by the skin that kills the germs. However several experts say that the gel can potentially last for six hours.

Sanitizers are designed to minimize and mitigate the transfer of germs. It has been long debated whether washing hands is more effective or hand sanitizers. I believe both are the BEST OPTIONS. Further research will highlight this truth.

However, both are important in terms of minimizing germ spread.

Alcohol based hand sanitizers are the most recommended for usage. However, not even alcohol based ones are able to completely wipe out all the germs. That is why it is recommended to wash hands most. In case there is no source for it, then hand sanitizers are the most recommended.

two minutes


How Hand Sanitizer Is Made?

Hand sanitizers are made using isopropyl or rubbing alcohol (99 percent alcohol volume). This is added with aloe Vera gel and other essential oils such as tea tree oil or lavender oil. Every element is mixed thoroughly with each other.

This mixing of the products forms a gel like substance that is then put into bottles. The quantity is based on the batch requirements. However, the ratio stands for 3:1 (alcohol: aloe vera).

Hand Sanitizer Certification

The companies are requested to get approved from over the counter OTC drugs certifications from the FDA. This permit allows the manufactures to produce hand sanitizers based on the quality parameters and ingredients.

In addition, the FDA also requires registration for Good Manufacturing Practices GMP. This permit makes it compulsory for companies to abide by legal labeling and reporting obligations.

Apart from that, TTB involvement comes with the use of alcohol in the production. The TTB is responsible for the use, transport, and regulation of alcohol.


Hand Sanitizers Medical Grade Introduction

For hand sanitizers to be effective, they must contain a minimum of 60% alcohol in them. The higher the amount, the more effective will be the result.

Medical hand sanitizers that are used in hospitals contain a high amount of alcohol. This is to prevent germs from spreading through the area.

How To Start Your Hand Sanitizers Private Label Business?

Here are the ways that you can use to start your own private label business for hand sanitizers:

1.Research the Market

I Don’t rush. Just wait for the market. Know what is best and trending. 

For hand sanitizers, you will need to make competent research on what suppliers are selling hand sanitizers. You need to make sure that the ones you’re hiring for your products are verified and FDA approved.

Most of the suppliers in the market are running their business by showing themselves as registered companies. However, it is recommended that you must investigate every supplier so that you may find yourself a reliable one.

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China Wholesale Suppliers

2.Identify The Products That You Think Can Sell.

After you’ve located the supplier, it is necessary that you assess the products that can be sold. For the hand sanitizer markets, you can sell different products based on their compositions.

There are several types of hand sanitizers that are available in the market. From alcohol ratio to flavoring, you can assess what type of product you want to sell in the market.

3.Scour The Internet For Potential Competitors

In addition to finding a supplier, you should also locate the competitors. It’s not possible that you’re the one only working in the domain. That is why it is necessary to see what other competitors are doing.

In doing so, you will be able to assess what kind of products are they offering. Moreover, you will also assess what suppliers they are buying from. This will give you a competent insight into the proceedings.

4.Assess Your Ability To Cover Up-Front Manufacturing Costs.

If you want to have a bulk order, abiding by the minimum order quantity, then you must pay upfront. It is a 30% payment upfront in most cases.

I check whether I could pay. If I can, manufacturing is NO-BRAINER!

Before you choose any supplier, ensure that they are abiding by your requirements of payment options too.


5.Find A Reliable Private Label Manufacturer

Finding a reliable manufacturer is important, especially if you want to start a private label hand sanitizer business.

This is to make sure that the manufacturer is FDA approved. Moreover, they will not cut corners on the production as the quality is most needed for these products.

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6.Create Your Brand Elements

There are 6 most important elements for any brand. These include memorability, meaningfulness, likeability, transferability, adaptability, and protect-ability.

You need to evaluate what elements would go best your products and your brand.

7.Order Your First Batch Of Product

After choosing reliable manufacturing, I want my supplier to be on the terms. Therefore, I sign a contract to be on the safe side. 

After choosing reliable manufacturing, you need to sign a contract for the proceedings. It is essential that you ask for first batch delivery. This will give you the chance of assessing how well the manufacturing is.

Moreover, you will need to assess the quality using laboratory testing. This will help in ensuring that the sanitizers have a minimum of 60% alcohol in them.

It is necessary for killing germs. If you want your products to be sold without any regulatory problems, then inspect the batch carefully.

8. Launch Your Site And/Or Sell On Amazon

There are two ways to sell your product. You can either sell it on your e-commerce website or you can go sell on Amazon. Using your site will give you an effective brand image.

Using Amazon will allow you to attract customers from Amazon, and will reduce the cost for the website development and its SEO.

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9. Marketing Your Products

Promotion is the key here. While you’re cutting your manufacturing costs, you need to put your focus on engaging clients.

Believe me; marketing is the BEST IDEA EVER. You’ll get HIGH RESULTS. 

Using digital media is the best way to engage customers in today’s world. Social media marketing, digital marketing, email marketing, etc. are some of the ways you can start with.

10. Engage With Your Customers And Find Ways To Improve The Next Batch Of Product

Get reviews. Communicating with your clients will help get reviews regarding the product quality.

It will provide metrics that you can use to improve the next batch of your product.

What You Must Know When Wholesale Hand Sanitizers From China

There are several elements that you should consider while getting wholesale hand sanitizers from China:

The Supplier Should Be FDA Approved

If you’re getting hand sanitizers from suppliers in China, you need to ensure that they are FDA approved.

Having FDA approval means that the company is manufacturing under compliances. This will help improve the quality of the hand sanitizers produced.

FDA approval


You need to find out what is the minimum order quantity or MOQ for ordering the products. Each company has its own MOQ, which needs to be put in the contract before ordering. Make sure that you negotiate for the quantity if possible.


The next thing to care about is the inspection of the products. Even though you will be carrying out inspections from the first batch, it is necessary to get it inspected at the completion too.

Moreover, you can also inspect the products during the production phase. This will allow assessing any elements that are diminishing the quality.

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Inspection Report

How To Ship Hand Sanitizer From China?

You can contact freight companies and sourcing agents such as LeelineSourcing to help ship the products from China.

Top 10 Hand Sanitizers Suppliers In China

Several companies in China are working to supply hand sanitizers in China. Some of which are:

Dongguan Zhanhong Silicone Rubber CO.

The company was founded in 2007. It was later turned into an industry in 2011. It has been manufacturing different silica products. In addition, they have been manufacturing silica gel for the past 12 years.

It shifted towards the production of hand sanitizers later. 

I guarantee high-quality products. They BUILD LONG-TERM relationships. 

Moreover, they also provide communication to ensure product quality at every level.

Jinjiang Ruqiya Sanitary Product Co., Ltd.

Are you looking for sanitary products? I can’t miss this SUPPLIER from this list. 

The company is the biggest mosquito killer manufacturer in the world. It is located in the gold triangle district of south Fujian. The company is skilled in producing mosquito repellants and sanitary products.

The intriguing element about the firm is that it has exported its goods to several countries, especially in the Middle East and Africa. The firm welcomes business associations from all parts of the world. It provides opportunities for fostering mutual benefits via business cooperation.

The quality and pricing are never compromised and the customers are welcomed to benefit from their products.

Ningbo Langjing Daily Chemicals Co., Ltd.

The company was established in 2006 as a firm. It was later turned into complete manufacturing industry. Ningbo is reputed for its household sanitary products. It produces a wide range of these products, including

  • Cleaning products
  • Skin care products
  • Daily household chemical products

These products are manufactured at their standardized plant that covers 3.5 acres of area. Moreover, the company has its own R & D department. It is responsible to research and develop new products based on the requirements of the market.

Overall, the company serves the customers due to its “customer first” policy. The requests of the customers are put on priority, which makes the manufacturing process competent.

Ningbo Langjing Daily Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Deqing Jiarou Daily Chemical Co., Ltd.

The company works closely with Alibaba. It has been able to secure onsite operations with competence. One of the leading hand sanitizer suppliers in China, it manufactures a wide range of private label sanitizers for its clients.

The intriguing element about the company is that they have third party verifications. It verifies their legal status of being a supplier for hand sanitizer and other related products.

Moreover, the firm has been functioning in the market for years. Over time, it has provided customer oriented services to the clients without compromise.

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Taizhou Huangyan Honghan Industry And Trade Co., Ltd.

The company has been working in the domain for the past many years. Their production abides by ISO 9001:2000 compliances for the manufacturing of their products. The company specializes in manufacturing hand cleaners, toilet papers, air fresheners, etc.

The interesting element about the firm is its team of skilled and certified workers. Their team ensures competence in terms of the quality of the products. Moreover, they have FDA approved processes for the manufacturing of hand sanitizers.

In addition, the company makes constant efforts to improve its workability. They do this to make sure that the customers get quality products at low prices.

They have also started their own line of hand sanitizers by the name of “Jiege.” Overall the company is progressing competently and is making significant progress in their domain.

Hangzhou Huiji Biotechnology Ltd.

The company is one of the leading manufacturers of different cleaning products. This includes hand cleaners, shampoos, disinfectants, soaps, etc. The company manufactures these products for both domestic and industrial supplies.

That means I get a variety of products. Along with hand sanitizers, I have tried many other products. 

In addition, they’ve got extensive testing laboratories for quality assurance. The company has over 200 employees in its production.

They are to abide by ISO 9001 standards at all times during production. Moreover, the firm believes in the manufacturing of products that are customer oriented and satisfying by all means.

It is their diligence and product quality that the company is popular for its products in several countries. This includes Japan, Middle East, etc.

The firm ensures collaboration with their customers. This has led to foster long lasting relationships with their clients.

Hangzhou Huiji Biotechnology Ltd.

Guangzhou Sunyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

The company is one of the leading manufacturers for different cosmetic products. It manufactures a wide range of products that range from soaps to hand sanitizers.

The company focuses on developing new products for their clients every now and then.

Moreover, they adhere to strict quality control measures. These measures make it easy for the plant to manufacture quality products.

Moreover, a wide range of safety standards is also implemented during the production phase. These are done to help minimize threats from harmful chemicals, resulting in the safe production of goods.

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Hangzhou Karic Commodities Co., Ltd.

Another competent manufacturer for hand sanitizers in the area. The firm has been operating for the past many years. Over the years, they’ve delivered excellence to the customers based on their requirements.

The intriguing element about the company is that they take competent measures at all steps. The firm provides traceability of the products to the customers. This makes it easier for the clients to see where the products have reached in the production.

I have tested their products in the laboratory. The quality is excellent and satisfactory. 

This sort of performance makes the company a viable choice for their clients. The company manufactures a wide range of products, including alcohol based hand rubbing gels. Moreover, it also has its own R & D department that is concerned with developing new products for the market.

Health & Beyond Inc.

The firm was established in 2009. One of the most appealing elements of the company is that they have over 10 years of experience in research and development. Apart from that, it has also implemented ISO 22716 and ISO 13485 & cGMP in their services.

In addition, they have also been accredited with FDA and FCCA certifications. They also welcome OEM and ODM orders from clients. Their reputation is superb, especially when you need products exported from China to the USA.

Their customer support team is competent enough to offer quality services and communications. They ensure strict quality control while using expert technical assistance that helps give proficient results.

Health & Beyond Inc.

Ningbo Yinzhou Qixiang Household Products Co., Ltd.

The company was established in 2009. Over the years, it has provided its clients with a vast range of healthcare products.

Their hand sanitizer range is registered with the FDA in the USA. Moreover, they are also innovating in their products continuously using their R & D services.

The company is well known in its supplier market. Their annual production is over 2000MT of liquid and gel products.

Overall the firm cooperates with their clients completely in terms of their requirements. It has also set standards for quality assessments, which makes its products quality-made in the first place.

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How Leelinesourcing Help You Wholesale Hand Sanitizers From China

LeelineSourcing is a viable option when you need wholesale hand sanitizers from China. There are several competent factors the company uses for giving its customers quality services. These include:

High Integrity

LeelineSourcing works with high integrity. It offers customers fare and upfront quality assurance inspection reports.

Their professionalism is well reputed in the market. Their competitive inspection services are why they have been chosen by a number of clients.

The team comprises of experienced and certified quality assurance inspectors. They provide real-time inspection reports to the clients.

They also provide real-time assessments according to the requirements of the customers. It makes it easier for customers to get products according to their requirements.

Great Support Team

Its great support team is another reason why it is a viable option for your product inspection needs in China. As highlighted earlier, the team comprises of certified quality assurance inspectors that have years of experience in the domain.

Their support team coordinates with the clients the inspection processes. Their communication regarding the inspection process that is being conducted is seamless. They charge no hidden costs and provide upfront inspection prices as well.


Swift Reporting

Every client needs swift reporting during the inspection process. Any quality insurance company that will need to report to the client within the timeframe decided.

That is why LeelineSourcing is an efficient choice for you when. Especially when you’re looking for real-time reporting of products for which the inspection is being conducted.

They have a smart platform that enables time to provide real-time information. Moreover, their team follows standard protocols too. These are designed to cut flaws in the reporting phase.

This is also accompanied by the team’s ability to using several parameters for the assessment of the products. Each parameter is discussed with the customer before the commencement of the inspection phases. It makes it easier for them to provide a flawless and accurate report.


The flexibility of their services is another reason why LeelineSourcing is a great option for you. The company offers an extensive range of services that one can choose based on their requirements.

From pre-shipping inspection in China to post-shipping third party inspections, you can count on their team to provide extensive services without any flaws. Moreover, their team is also efficient in offering flexibility in terms of inspection parameters.

You can coordinate for the inspection date, the type of inspection you want, the number of inspectors you want, and other necessary parameters.

All this comes with the upfront costs of China’s quality control services that you can easily pay at your convenience.

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Quality Control Checklist


Is Hand Sanitizer FDA Approved?

All hand sanitizers must be approved by the FDA so that they can be launched in the market. These antiseptics, including both for consumer use and for healthcare, are monitored under FDA regulations.

Moreover, companies that are manufacturing these products during the outbreak of COVID-19 have been allowed by the FDA.

This has been under effect with the use of Temporary Policy for Preparation of Certain Alcohol Bases Hand Sanitizer Products during the Public Health Emergency.

Is Hand Sanitizer Effective Against Virus?

Although FDA recommends washing your hands whenever we come back from outside, using a hand sanitizer can do the same. However, using a hand sanitizer with a minimum of 60% of alcohol is necessary.

Alcohol has been long known to kill germs. They do this by denaturing the outer protective layer of the proteins.

Since microbes have their outer membrane built from protein, alcohol destroys this layer. Ultimately, it kills the microbes.

However, medical specialists and scientists often recommend washing your hands instead of using hand sanitizers. That is because most of the hand sanitizers come with the recommended alcohol concentration.

Moreover, people often wipe their hands before it has dried completely. People working in workshops or near some machinery will need to wash their hands to get the grease off.

In cases like this, people need to wash their hands adequately so that the dirt can be rinsed off. However, sanitizers are unable to get between the dirt.

What Hand Sanitizers Are Used In Hospitals

There are different kinds of sanitizers that are being used in hospitals.

These involve foamed antiseptic hand rubs, antiseptic hand gels, and alcohol hand sanitizers. Each is industrially manufactured to meet the cleaning needs of doctors and paramedical staff.

How Effective Is Hand Sanitizer?

Keeping this in mind that medical health sanitizers are used to rinse off germs, they are considered to be the safest of all.

However, even with all the hand sanitizers, the medical staff takes precautions in cleaning and washing their hands with soap.

Keeping this in mind, hand sanitizers are an effective way of cleaning your hands. However, paramedics recommend washing your hands often instead of using hand sanitizers.

How Effective Is Hand Sanitizer


If you’re planning on getting wholesale hand sanitizers from China, then it’s essential that you collaborate with china sourcing companies.

This will help in finding a reliable supplier. In case you’re investing in the private label business, then the company such as LeelineSourcing will help locate a manufacturer.

Moreover, the quality of the products is essential and FDA approval is also needed. To ensure this, you need to hire a supplier that is FDA approved. Assess their license and get everything contacted to proceed forward.

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