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How to Sell Products On Amazon for Beginners:Free Guide 2021

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How to Sell Products On Amazon For Beginners:Free Guide 2021

Sometimes it is difficult to pass on an opportunity that could change your life. One such chance is to sell the products on Amazon.

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In any case, before beginning to sell products on Amazon, it is essential to understand how to buy from china and sell on Amazon thoroughly?

It was estimated by the analysts that there are around 1 billion members of Amazon prime.

As amazon keeps its members satisfied, therefore the buyers are purchasing products from Amazon and coming back for more.

What’s more, with Amazon stating that almost half of all the products sold on their website originate from market Sellers like us, it’s no wonder sellers continue to capitalize on this opportunity.

We are going to focus on how to source product to sell on amazon for beginners and how you guys can earn using this great platform that Amazon is offering you.


How to find a product to sell on Amazon?

The most important thing to think about how to sell products on Amazon is that how you can discover the products.

Amazon’s directory has millions of products to browse, and we have all the information you have to find that pointer in a haystack.

To streamline your item search, there are some key components to remember.

In case that you hold on to these general guidelines, you will have the option to decide the best private label products to sell.

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Best Dropshipping Products

What Characteristics Does a Good Product Must Have to Sell on Amazon?

Retail price between $25 to $50 USD

We found that this price range makes it simple to cover direct costs such as the cost of goods sold, Amazon’s fees, and advertising costs.

Any higher than $50, and your conversion rate, the percentage of individuals that see your item and buy drops.

Low seasonality

We’re after the products to that sell throughout the year and not merely during specific seasonal periods.

The Google Trend Report is incorporated right with the Chrome Extension to distinguish seasonal sales spikes you could avoid.

Under 200 reviews

The products that have reviews under 200 are great, but for the top sellers (fewer than 100 is superb!)

Small (fits in a shoebox) and Lightweight

It is a lot faster and easier to import through Air, so you need something that won’t be too costly to import.

Can be improved

You could implement the feedback from your competitor’s item reviews and make an improved and superior item.

Easy to Manufacture

You don’t have any desire to run into quality control or manufacturing challenges. Stay away from electronics, glass, or extremely complex products.


Finding the Products by using Tools

In different surveys that are conducted, the sellers on Amazon FBA platform says that they found it difficult to and time taking task to select the products.

Nowadays, there’re various distinctive research tools accessible to sellers who are don’t have any thought regarding how to sell products on Amazon for beginners and, here, we’ve listed the best tools to discover the products for Amazon.

Jungle Scout

The amazon sellers loves Jungle scout as this tool is available for chrome users as chrome extension while the other users could use it as a web application and this great tool they can increase their profits by minimizing the risks that are associated when you are working as a seller on Amazon.

If you are using this tool then you get access to case studies, e-books as well as free webinars to grow your business.

Jungle Scout

AMZ Scout

It is one of the best, accurate and reliable product research tools that you will come across for finding the products on Amazon.

Amz Scout is a comprehensive and competitive method for discovering products as well as monitoring sales.

There are 3 different AZM packages for different type of users and you can the one according to your requirements. The users can also enjoy 7 days free trial of this great tool.

The Amz Scout website additionally features a free FBA Fee Calculator and free Sales Estimator.


AMZ Base

The sellers can use this tool for rapidly looking and spotting the products for selling on Amazon and you can use it without paying a single penny.


By using this tool the Amazon Sellers can discover the ASIN numbers as well as the descriptions of products in no time.

The site likewise gives quick access to Alibaba, AliExpress, CamelCamelCamel, eBay and Google web search tools.



Keepa’s Product Viewer and Product Tracker could be downloaded for free as a Chrome extension or an app and is a beneficial tool for following and matching item details and criteria to distinguish the correct products to sell on Amazon.

The app is consistently updated to ensure that clients approach the latest products accessible, and Keep likewise offers access to bestseller lists to make the procedure much quicker.




The users can download this tool and they can use it as an application or even in their web browsers, the choice is yours.

There is a handy list of the products that are favorite among the buyers on the main page of the website.

You can watch out for the interesting products that as camelcamelcamel provide the feature to lookout for pricing trends.


Keyword Inspector

It is a suite of the Amazon selling tools. By using this tool you can do the following:

  • straight keyword searches
  • Reverse ASIN searches
  • Indexation Tester
  • keyword trends


How to Use Google Trends to Validate Your Product Ideas?

This is important when you don’t understand how to sell products on Amazon.

Google Trends tracks what terms individuals are looking for and translates this into trends from 2004 onwards.

By refining the search using location as well as time, the relative popularity of the search terms could be seen.

This is the place you want fascinating insights into how different inquiry terms have changed across time, or to increase a snapshot into the trends advancing inside the last few hours or days.

Here is how by using Google trends you can make sure that your products will sell on Amazon.


The popularity of Your Product

In the most straightforward terms, you could observe what number individuals have been scanning for products like yours after some time, and whether the pattern is an upwards one – or a declining one.

All the more important, you could keep the finger on the pulse and monitor how the pattern is doing in real-time.

Where Your Product Is Most Popular

Just as showing you the popularity of your item or service after some time, it can show where it is popular too.

You probably won’t have the option to relocate to Russia upon learning that interest for your item is higher there, yet in case that your business is online, this could give you some valuable and unexpected insights about markets you could be tapping into.

Previous Similar Trends

Trends go back and forth. Google Trends enables you to investigate the trend that swept the nation and see what their lifespan resembled.

It can assist you with choosing if there are legs in your item.

Times of the Year Suitable For Your Product

Adopting an all the more long-term strategy, Google Trends lets you see busy and quiet times of the year for your item.


This could equip you with insights into the best months to put some serious muscle behind your promotion and advertising, the best months to put offers, or even the most excellent months to cut your losses as well as a head-on holiday for a little while.

Sneak On Your Competitors

You can look through your competitors on Google Trends and perceive how their brands have created after some time.

This won’t work for small-sized organizations, yet it works for bigger ones and the notable brands that you might hope to resemble.

You could see how their trajectory had created and even locate spikes when enthusiasm for their item or service surged.

Did they get a great deal of media attention around that time?

Or would it say it was a piece of a more significant pattern that gave a lift to everyone in the business?


How to buy from china and sell on Amazon?

At that point, you have to understand how importing from China functions.

It’s fundamental to realize the costs included the time frame for the delivery and various things.

Importing goods necessarily implies purchasing products from a supplier outside of your nation.

China is the biggest nation that individuals in Australia/Canada/USA and Europe import from.

This is how you can import products from China and sell on Amazon.

How to sourcing items from china to sell on Amazon?

The Amazon beginners have a lot of questions in their mind such as what to sell, how they can discover new items and many more.

We have already dealt with what to sell one now let’s dig in and find out that where you get the products for selling on amazon.

Everyone knows that China is the producer powerhouse for the world, yet where do we initiate buying products from china to sell on Amazon?

You will get all the information about sourcing and importing process from China in this section.

Identify what to sell on Amazon

One of the most important things that you need to think is that what you are going to sell?

You can use Amazon and Google platforms to know about what is selling these days on Amazon but the thing that you must pay attention to is validating the product idea.

No one needs to invest in an item that won’t sell, so try to do your statistical surveying and validating your product idea.

Start scanning for the suppliers

As soon as you have finalized the product, now start looking for the suppliers.

You can look through Alibaba’s sellers or a China sourcing specialist.

However, you should be incredibly vigilant and ensure that you discover a trustworthy and reliable one.

Order a sample item

Now that you have finalized the supplier, it’s time for ordering a sample product.

By getting the sample, you can examine and test it before placing a bulk order.

If everything is acceptable, order in bulk amount

Now that you have tested and examined the product, it is time to order in bulk for your Amazon store.

Send to fulfillment to the warehouse

Using Amazon FBA the products can be directly imported to your Amazon stockroom.

This can assist you with streamlining the whole procedure and the products could your be sold and dispatched on time.

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China Inspection Services

What do I need to arrange before importing?

Do I need a license for importing?

There is no need for any licensing by the US Customs and Border Protection, yet some other agencies might ask for permit if you are importing products to US.

There are some products for which you need to get a license for fulfilling the requirements.

The products are listed below:

  • Animal, Dairy, plant
  • Food products
  • Trademarked goods such as name-brand handbags, luggage, shoes, etc.
  • Prescription medications
  • Copyrighted material such as tapes, CDs and DVDs, etc

business license

What’s customs bond? Do I need to purchase it?

A customs bond is an assurance between the three parties:

  • the insurance/surety Company giving the customs bond
  • the head
  • US customs and border protection (CBP)

It guarantees CBP that the importer of record will satisfy his responsibilities for customs duties, penalties, and different obligations.

In case you utilize a customs specialist to assist you with clearing the goods through CBP, you can use the intermediary’s bond by paying the service charge of the agent.

For importing the products, you have to get customs bonds and after getting it you have to register the importer’s data on FDA’s site, in the event that you’re importing the items that are subjected to the requirements of FDA.

In the event that you need to clear goods without anyone else, you likewise need to buy a customs bond from a licensed surety agency.


What’s the importer number required?

The importer’s number is a must for entering procedure. The IRS business registration number could be used as importer number or you can even use social security number.


 Where to find reliable suppliers in China?

Find suppliers offline through wholesale markets or trade shows  

  • Attend new product industry trade shows in the US

The Chinese suppliers are going to overseas exhibitions for displaying their goods and their number is increasing day by day.

Some of the well known shows include:

  1. The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES),
  2. ASD Market Week
  3. GSMA
  4. Toy Fair New York
  5. Global Pet Expo

Get ready for searching, talking and exchanging contact information with the suppliers on the upcoming events.


  • visit Yiwu wholesale markets or Attend Canton Fair in China

One of the biggest import & export fair in China is Canton Fair.

You can attend the fair in April or in October.

There will be suppliers from almost every industry, you can meet them, get the information about the products or even you can finalize the products for your amazon store.

Find suppliers online through Chinese wholesale sites

You can look for Chinese suppliers in the best and cost effective manner by using the below-mentioned best retail sites.

  • Alibaba.com

Alibaba is the world’s biggest directory of suppliers; there is no requirement for me to address the importance of utilizing Alibaba to help with your worldwide business.

You should be aware and cautious of scams at this website.

Besides, there are additionally different risks included; you have to realize how to buy safely on Alibaba by dodging those risks.


  • Made-in-China.com and Globalsources.com

These 2 websites are almost same.

The MOQ over of most of the suppliers on these websites is more than $5000.

As per our experience, on the off chance that you are acquiring electronics, you would do well to look for suppliers on Globalsources, while for vehicles, apparatus, and so on, Made-in-China can be better.

Global Sources

  • Dhgate.com and Aliexpress.com

Suppliers on the two sites don’t have MOQ requirements; you could purchase in little amounts as you like.

Purchasing 1 or 2 products are additionally worthy of AliExpress.

B2C E-commerce platforms and startups can use GHagte as you cn get few products from this website and test your market.

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Aliexpress VS Dhgate

How to buy from Alibaba and Sell On Amazon?

It is essential to know how to sell products on Amazon and how you can use Alibaba to source the products safely.

Search for the Product You Need

The Alibaba supplier directories could be used for searching the products and it works like other marketing platforms.

You can either browse the item classifications or search for the specific item that you need.

The products can be searched on the basis of their description.

The suppliers can be also selected by using the drop down and then you can specifically find the ones that are selling the products that you are looking for.

What to focus on to on the Product Pages

You’ve to focus on the following when searching for a supplier on Alibaba:

  • Unit Price

One of the primary things that you’ll likely need to look at is the price. It is the amount that an organization will charge for one product.

  • Minimal Order Quantity (MOQ)

Next, you will likely need to look at the minimum order amount. The minimum order amount (MOQ) is the smallest amount of the order the producer is happy to acknowledge.


How To Select and Verify Suppliers on Alibaba?

It is important to keep yourself safe from scams by verifying the supplier.

For example, when we search for “hound collars,” we got 1533 suppliers. Insane right?

We can limit this massive number of suppliers.

  1. Select “Gold Suppliers”

The first means to bring in narrowing down this tremendous number is to choose Gold Suppliers. They’re Alibaba’s registered members and for retining this stus they have to pay 29800 RMB every year.


  1. Selecting “Evaluated Supplier”

The second step includes choosing “Evaluated Supplier.” By picking “Evaluated Supplier,” you’ll gain knowledge about the organizations’ statuses like item and service, number of workers, total structure size, and site pictures amongst others.

  1. Selecting “Trade Assurance

The third step of the verification procedure includes choosing “Trade Assurance.” This will keep you safe throughout the process until you have the goods in your hands.Trade Assurance

  1. Consider the response rate

Another factor to think about is the response rate. No one ever wants to waste their time a supplier who is never going to reply to them.

In addition to Alibaba’s verifications, you can utilize independent outsider services that are in China.

Such services will visit factories for your sake to check the supplier and the nature of their products.

Contacting Suppliers 

Whenever you are importing goods from china, email is the best way to communicate with the suppliers.

To have clear and great communication, keep the e-mails straight to the point, short as well as error-free with the goal that the producer could give you accurate and better answers.

Whenever you are asking questions, try to number them so that the supplier can answer them and you have great communication experience.

  1. Requesting For Quote

It’s a necessary procedure. It is always better to plan your emails for contacting suppliers to have better communication experience.


  1. Minimal Order Quantities

Make sure to check MOQ of the listing.

In the event that the MOQ is beyond what you could pay for, you can inquire as to whether the individual in question is prepared to arrange minimums.

Tell them what you can afford. Note that MOQ is quite often debatable.

  1. Pricing For Sample Orders

Samples are important for checking the quality of the products.

Request them the cost for the samples.

There is a chance that you will bet the samples for free or you might have to pay some amount to get the samples.

  1. Production Pricing

Make sure to know per unit cost of the product. Suppliers, for the most part, give a range on Alibaba.

Ask the suppliers to give you the exact pricing of the product.

  1. Production Time

Time is very important factor, therefore always ask the suppliers to give you a timeline for product production.

  1. Payment Terms

As we know that inventory is the most important cost factor for all the E-commerce startups therefore, you must know about the payment terms.

Paying and Shipping Sample 

The supplied could be paid by using the below-listed methods:

  1. Upfront TT (Bank Transfer)

This is an unsafe method for the buyers. With this technique, the supplier will get 30% as a deposit before the production starts.

The outstanding expenses will be paid ahead of delivering the goods. You should use this method when the supplier is trusted.

  1. Letter of Credit

This strategy is comparatively secure for the purchasers as well as the sellers. It has some complex approach and it’s suggested for a bigger import order.

  1. Western Union

This is risky for the purchaser. It isn’t prescribed if the payment isn’t ensured by escrow. You should utilize this technique only in case you’re managing those that you know well overall.

Western Union

  1. PayPal

It is somewhat safe for buyers. It’s easy and simple to utilize and has proper purchaser protection.

It is less popular with suppliers because of the troubles experienced in withdrawing money, high expense rates and potential chargebacks from questionable purchasers.

  1. Secure Payment (otherwise called Escrow on Alibaba)

Secure Payment is relatively good and safe for the purchaser.

In this, an outsider will held the money of the buyer and it is released when it is confirmed by the buyer that the person has got their goods.

This method is safe for the purchaser as well as a seller.

Testing Your Samples

In case your sample was delivered via air cargo, it ought to land within 3 to 10 business days.

In the event that it was delivered through the sea, it might take around 15 to 45 days before it shows up.

Once you have the samples in your hands, you have to do the below-mentioned things:

  1. Inspect The Quality

You can check the quality of the goods by using it for some time.

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Amazon FBA Inspection Ultimate Guide

  1. Packaging

It is important to check the product packaging is good enough for delivering the product to the customer.

  1. Instructions

In the event that your goods don’t accompany instructions and that your supplier doesn’t have instructions, then you’ve to make or acquire a few instructions ad incorporate them with your products.

  1. Labeling

Is “Made in China” stamped anyplace on the product? If the goods are not stamped then make sure the products in the next orders stamped.


How to Prep FBA product in china before shipping

What is FBA Prep?

When you are eager to know that how to sell products on Amazon then you must also know about FBA prep.

There are some preparation as well as packaging requirements by FBA regarding the goods that comes to their fulfillment centers.

Their attitude is that when the good are packed and prepared appropriately, it diminishes the delays, saves capital on expenditure, upgrades buyer experience as well as it also protect the goods when they are stored.

Beforehand, Amazon expected you to get ready the goods as well as inbound shipments in specific manners; however they didn’t give a support of help you in the product preparation service.

Yet, presently Amazon has a few distribution centers that are being committed to preparing and packaging for FBA.

The products are prepared by them basically to send them to the distribution center of Amazon.

After that all the shipping is done by Amazon.

On the other hand, a portion of these requirements could be prohibitive and they won’t send the item in the event that they don’t match to their strategies.

Hence, it is necessary to check their policies instead of losing money.

You may likewise think about looking into an outsider fulfillment center to know about their requirements.

Prepare Products for Amazon FBA

It could be a difficult task to prepare the goods as you have to follow different rules for every type of good.

If you don’t follow the rules then Amazon might destroy or refuse the inventory right away when they arrive.

Let’s have a look that how you can prepare your goods:

Designate Product for Amazon FBA When Listing

Let’s have a look that how to prepare an item.

The preparation of the goods will start after you have listed the item in Amazon catalog.

Always make sure that you select the shipping mode in the offer tab.

Click the save and finish option after the listing process is completed. As soon as you hit the button you will then be moved to Manage FBA Shipments and the shipping queue.

Amazon FBA Shipping-Queue

Shipping Plan

You have landed to manage FBA shipment page. You will come across different option regarding shipping such as packing type, ship from Address and shipping plan. After you have selected the options then move to shipping plan.

Amazon FBA Shipping-Plan

Set Quantity

Now you have to select the number of shipments that you are planning to send to Amazon. After that click continue.

Amazon FBA Plan Set Quantity

Prepare Products for Shipment

Now you have to tell Amazon that who is preparing the product. IF you are preparing the goods yourself then you have to select Merchant from the list.

FBA Shipping Plan Prepare

Labeling Products

The label must have the title of the SKU along with the bar code.

You can print the labels in few minutes.

The UPC sticker could be placed on your package, if the good is packed in the retail package.

In case that your product doesn’t have any retail packaging then you can place them in a box or a bag.


Review Shipments

Now you will be moved to next page where you will review all your shipments.

You will be asked to send the goods to different fulfillment centers.

You will work be able to work on all the shipments separately as soon as click on approve shipments option.


Work on Shipment

Now you have to place the number of units to place in a box for working on the shipment.

Measure the dimension of the box as well as weigh it as soon as you are completed with the right number.

Place the numbers in the right field. Then you’ll be asked to pay money for the shipping label.

Remember to click on Mark as shipped when you are moved to next page.

Amazon FBA Ship Plan Work-on-Shipment

Drop off Package

Now you have to drop your package at the nearest UPS store.

Postage of the package is billed from your Amazon.

You just have to handover the package and rest will be handled by UPS store.

Wait For Amazon to Receive Product

Amazon will receive the goods in 1 to weeks depending on different factors such as distance from destination, when it is shipped and what is the box size.

Amazon will accept the good in their system as soon as they receive the receive it.

You’ll get a conformation email after that.

Now your products are live on Amazon store.

Shipping from china to Amazon FBA

Shipping Methods to Amazon FBA

You can ship the products from china by using the below-mentioned methods. Have a look.

  1. Express transportation
  2. Sea transportation
  3. Train transportation
  4. Air transportation

Express Transportation

Advantages and disadvantages of Express

  • Advantage: It will take around 2 to 4 business days usually. It is fast to ship the items to European countries and US. You can also check the goods status as well.
  • Disadvantages: The sales cost will increase as it is costly. You will have to deal with some restrictions on the products like powder goods, batteries and liquids etc.


How to choose the right Express?

There are a number of express companies for shipping the products from china. You will come across tariff and custom clearance issues.

There are three main express companies including DHL, UPS and FedEx. DHL is a German whereas UPS and FedEx are American.

UPS and FedEx are good options if you shipping the products to USA as they are more helpful as compared to other companies in custom clearance.

DHL is better option if the products are shipped to DHL.

How to calculate the weight?

There are two methods by which the weight is calculated and they are listed below.

  • Actual weight
  • Dimensional weight

There’re number of special goods that are huge, however their actual weight is light and you will be charged more if the express companies are using dimensional weight calculation method.

The Dimensional weight could be calculated using the below mentioned formula.

Dimensional weight = [Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm)] / 5000

Shipping fee from China to Amazon FBA by Express

The cost of delivery is contingent on a number of things including: season in which you sending the shipment, the weight of the goods as well as the manufactured goods type etc.

some of the express companies don’t deliver items such as powder, liquid and batteries etc.

But you can ship these items on express pricing which is sometimes double the actual cost.

Express delivery time from China to the US and Europe

If you want the Amazon inventory to be restocked urgently then express is the best choice that you have as the shipment will reach your Amazon inventory warehouse in the fastest way.

Sea Transportation

It is most important method of shipping the goods to your Amazon warehouse.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Advantages: The loading capacity is large and this mode is cheap in terms of freight.
  • Disadvantages: Some of the disadvantages includes: prone to weather conditions, long delivery time, wrong sailing time as well as risk of navigation is high.


Sea transportation operation process

There are two types of operations for sea transportation.

  • From the shipping agents or suppliers to the Amazon centers.
  • From shipping agents or suppliers to a personal address.

You can choose the one which is best for you. 2 freight forwarders in Europe or USA and China operate the Sea transportation procedure.

The forwarding of freight that handles the domestic shipping, shipping to destination and export declarations are done by China.

The freight forwarder at the destination is primarily liable for dealing with the customs duties and clearance as well as shipping from harbor to Amazon centers.

As soon as the freight forwarding process is completed, the forwarder will organize FedEX, DHL, UPS or from sea harbor to Amazon FBA.


How to find your own shipping agent?

  • Find your own Amazon freight forwarder:

Finding the right freight forwarder for your Amazon products is very important.

The forwarder will give you the transportation cost for shipping the items to Amazon warehouse.

By getting the shipping charges you can estimate the cost of the goods quickly.

  • Let your supplier help you transport to Amazon FBA.

Always go for the supplier who has previous experience of shipping the items from alibaba to Amazon FBA centers.

However, you must spot some important concerns with the traders including, will the supplier deal with all the customs clearance as well as duties etc and will the customs clearance is satisfied to the Amazon warehouse and so on.

Shipping time from China to Amazon Fulfillment Centers

It will take 25 to 35 days to ship the goods from china to Amazon centers.

Some factors will impact the shipping time such as customs, weather conditions etc.

Calculate the weight and size of sea transportation

You can calculate the size and weight of the shipment by 2 methods including, kilograms (kgs) and cubic basis.

  • Volume: you must have a shipping of 2 cubic meters for shipping to Amazon fulfillment centers and the customs duties and clearance etc are not included in this. The shipment will be shipped to the harbor only.
  • Weight: you must have a shipment of 100 KGs for shipping the products to USA. For Canada, it is more than 21 KGs and for Europe it 100+ KGs. In case that the actual weight is less as compared to the dimensional weight then you have to pay on the basis of dimensional weight.

About shipping to the United States

It is quiet difficult to calculate the freight if you are using sea transportation.

It includes the freight and basic surcharges along with the customs duties and clearance etc. customs, documentation, warehousing, LCL, AMS, insurance as well as trailer charges are included in surcharges.

Contact a FBA transportation agent and keep away from all these complex calculations.

There are a number of states in USA therefore; it is divided in 3 regions as listed below:

  • Eastern US: the zip codes starts with 0, 1, 2, 3.
  • Central America: it includes the states whose zip code starts with 4, 5, 6
  • Western US: the states whose zip code starts with 7, 8, 9 re included in western US

Air Transportation

You can transport your goods if the weight is more than 21 KGS. The products have to pass the customs that’s why it is not as good as express shipment method.

Customs duties and clearance is also important for air shipment process. Hiring a Chinese freight forwarder will deal with all process and you will be saved from this hectic process.

Air Freight

Weight calculation

You can calculate the air shipment weight using 2 methods including dimensional and actual weight.

You will charged for dimensional weight if it greater than the actual weight. It is same as express shipment method but in air you will divide the volume by 6000 instead of 5000.

It will be cheap as compared to express method.

Transportation time from China to Amazon by Air

It will take 10 days more as compared to express delivery method. However, the flight that your forwarder will choose also plays an important role.

  • It will take around 10 to 12 days to ship from china to US
  • It will take 12 working days to ship from china to Canada
  • It will take around 13 days to ship from china to Europe

Train Transportation

You can use train shipment if you are shipping from china to Europe.

The cost is approximately same as sea shipment. 30 days is the shipment time when you are using train transportation. It is safer method for shipping goods as compared to sea shipment.

Dimensional weight of train transportation

It is same air shipment method. You will divide the volume by 6000. If the actual weight of the shipment is more as compared to dimensional then you have to pay the charges on the basis of actual weight.

Transportation time from China to Amazon via train

It will take approximately 25 days for the consignment to arrive in Europe from china.

Rail Freight

Customs and Amazon certification

You will need 2 certifications for shipping the goods to Amazon from china.

You will need product certification for customs as well as Amazon. It is a good idea to know that what type of certifications the supplier has.

Replace the contractor if the article doesn’t have any documentation. If you want to sell the product on Amazon then certification is also very important and it can’t be overlooked.

Certification required by customs

Customs could ask you to show the product certifications as soon as the products are cleared.

Your goods could be detained, destroyed or you could be fined if you don’t have relevant certifications.

Therefore, you should know that what certification is needed for your products so that the products pass customs easily and without any trouble.


Amazon required certification

It is important to know what type of product certifications you need when you are selling on Amazon.

The listing will be closed in case you didn’t fulfill all the product regulations of Amazon.

Always make sure that you have all the certifications that are related to the goods that you are shipping.


Amazon’s requirements for product barcodes and boxes

You must know about the boxes, barcode and product requirements prior to shipping the goods from alibaba to Amazon FBA centers.

The boxes and packaging must fulfill all the rules and regulations that are listed by Amazon.

Amazon warehouse will reject the goods if they are not complying with all the requirements that are defined by Amazon.

The product packaging must have an accurate FBA label otherwise the Amazon doesn’t know that it belongs to you.

Product label

The labeling of the goods in necessary. The FNSKU label will be scanned at the Amazon stockroom when the goods are delivered and by scanning the label the products will be placed in the right stockroom.

  1. FNSKU label:

Without the FNSKU label the goods cannot be sold on Amazon and that’s why you must place the FNSKU label on your products.

The FNSKU label will be downloaded directly once you have created an item on Amazon’s backend.


  1. Suffocation Label:

In case that the package of your item is OPP bag then you must focus on the size of the bag and it shouldn’t be more than 5 inches.

There should be a suffocation label on the bag and it is important.

If Amazon find out that there is no suffocation label on the packaging OPP bag then will not be allowed to sell the goods.


Shipping label

You must have a shipping plan if you are planning to ship the items to Amazon warehouse.

Master box label could be downloaded as well. The label could be attached to the box as soon as you have downloaded and printed it.

You will be rejected if the label is not attached or placed on the box. There must be 2 shipping labels on every box.


Amazon Requirements: Box Size and Weight

You will be fined or the product will be rejected if the weight and size requirements as defined by Amazon are not followed properly.

You might also get a warning as well. Each box side cannot be more than 25 inches. 50lb is weight limit for each box.

Remember to place a TEAM LIFT label on the top of the box if the box weight is more than the defined limit i.e. 50 lbs. if it is more than 100 lbs than you must place a MECH LIFT label.



Everything that is mentioned in this article is to help you and get to know that how to sell products on Amazon.

By following everything that is mentioned here we guarantee you that you will get familiar on how to sell on Amazon and soon you will make your first sale.

As an Amazon retailer, you will have the capability to plug into an extremely thriving e-commerce eco-system as well as you will land into a huge buyer network.

Happy Selling!


7 Tips You Should Know for Import from Alibaba.com

There has never been a better time to start your business given the rising development of Alibaba and Amazon FBA program. Previously, you need to have a manufacturing unit to produce products.

But now everything changes with the passage of time and the advanced development of technology, particularly the modern business.

Alibaba, the great B2B platform, while Amazon is one of the world’s largest C2C platform. They are totally different, but they can work together for sellers with the connected Internet.

Amazon sellers can take advantage of the technology, source products on Alibaba, ship their sourced products to Amazon warehouse with the Amazon FBA program,  and sell the products across the globe.

But how can you source products from China on Alibaba? Here are the seven steps to get your products for Amazon FBA.

Source Products From China on Alibaba

1. Choose a Product to Purchase from Alibaba

The first step is to know exactly what product you want to get. As you select the product, do remember that competition exists. If you choose a product that has a seller who dominates the market, you may end up having very few sales. It is good to ask yourself the following questions before settling for a product:

Is there a demand for the product or do buyers need the product?

Do you stand to make a profit if you invest in the production of the item?

What is your competition and will you survive the competition?

When the product passes the criteria then you can proceed to your search for a supplier. Do some research on the product and have an idea of how you will get people to buy it.

2. Determine the Best Supplier

The next step is to find the best supplier for your product. It is at this point that you head over to Alibaba, the biggest marketplace of suppliers. Simply key in your product in the search box and you will come across a list of suppliers involved in the production of the item. To come up with the best suppliers, you can use the following criteria: (Related Article: How to find Reliable suppliers to grow your business?)

Main benefits of Alibaba Trade Assurance

To establish reliability, find out how many products they have successfully supplied.

Can they customize the product to your specifications?

Is their price range favorable in relation to how much the product costs on Amazon on average? There is also a request form on the website where you can place a request with the specifications of what you want your product to be like and you will receive multiple quotes from suppliers.

Has sent quality samples that are promising?

Has a favorable minimum order quantity?

Settled on the most reasonable price after negotiations.

Will produce within a favorable timeframe?

You can review your original list and compare it to the final best suppliers just to be sure you have made the right choice.

Go ahead and let them know that you will be sourcing your product from them and work on getting everything in place.

That includes the additional specifications you may need and the processing of payments. It also includes the discussions on the shipment that is whether by plane or by ship for heavier products.

3. Ask for Samples

Once you have found the best suppliers, it is time to request for samples. This can be done on the request form where you fill out the details including any illustrations or pictures you may have and then request for samples.

Samples allow you to establish how your product will look and feel. You can know right away if customers on Amazon will be willing to buy such a product.

Samples will make the best supplier automatically stand out. You will also know the changes you may need to be done on the product.

sourcing from China

4. Inquire about Minimum Order Quantity

The number of products you will need for a start hugely depends on your business size and budget. It is therefore good to establish the minimum order quantity of the supplier.

It is often a deal breaker as you may find a good supplier who, however, only does large quantities which to you as a small business will not be feasible.

You can narrow down the list at this point to remain with those whose minimum order quantity is within your reach.

You will need to remember that walking away is as important as making a deal. Avoid compromising on your budget and business plan at all costs.

5. Try to Negotiate the Pricing of Products

The next step is the negotiation on the pricing. The production cost determines the price your supplier will present.

However, take note that they are also in business and want to make some profit which results in a price that is a bit raised. That is where negotiations come in.

From step one when you were doing your research on the product, you must have established the average price on Amazon.

With this in mind, negotiate a price that will be favorable for you to remain competitive on Amazon as well as make a profit. You will need to remain flexible and understanding at this point. You can then compare the prices by different suppliers.

6. Production Time

By now, you will have a list of the best suppliers who meet all your requirements. The question of how much time it will take for the production to be complete now comes into focus.

For instance, if you are running a time-bound promotion or the launch coincides with a certain special event, you may need a supplier who will get it ready within your time frame.

The production time needs to be as short as possible but not too short to compromise on the quality.

The size of the manufacturer hugely determines how much time production will take. It will also depend on the number of clients like you sourcing from them.

1688 Dropshipping

7. Shipping to Amazon (FBA)

When you get the produced products, but you have to ship them to the Amazon fulfillment center as the guideline of Amazon FBA indicates.

And the Amazon warehouse workers will fulfill your client’s orders. It makes the Amazon business very easy and accessible for most Amazon sellers. (Related Article: A Step-By-Step Guide to Shipping to Amazon (FBA))


It’s really worthwhile for Amazon sellers to start their business by sourcing for products from China on Alibaba if he/she did a great preparation and goods selection.

A good supplier will allow you to get the best quality product for your customer at a competitive price while still making a good profit.

The 7 steps above will help you get the best out of the Amazon FBA program that has redefined possibilities in business. Hope you can put them into your business practice, and streamline the supply chain of your business with a limited budget.

If you have any more questions about sourcing products from China on Alibaba, leave your message in the comment section, we will try our best to help you.


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