Import Luggage From China Luggage Suppliers

A lot of luggage manufacturers in China are trading companies; this means that their profit margins may be high for a luggage wholesaler who may not be very familiar with the local market.

The interesting thing, however, is that there is a very large repertoire of bags and luggage manufacturers in china to do business with.

At Leeline Sourcing, we help luggage exporters and business folks who are interested in doing business in the Chinese luggage industry to find the best deals in China.

Sometimes, getting the best deals can also depend on the type of bags or luggage you`re looking to make.

For instance, travel luggage is mostly cheaper if you purchase from manufacturers in Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu, and Baigou luggage industry. Guangzhou, on the other hand, is a fantastic location to source quality backpacks at very friendly prices.

How to Grow your business by importing luggage from china 

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1.What is luggage business?

Generally, the luggage business typically involves all processes that link to designing, manufacturing, shipping, and selling all kinds of luggage, ranging from shoulder bags and backpacks to duffel bags and travel totes to wheeled luggage and hardside suitcases.

Many manufacturers are on the global scene, meeting the everyday needs of travelers on the move, office workers, students, fashion brands, and so on. However, the Chinese luggage industry plays a crucial role, as the majority of luggage products on the global scene are manufacturers in China.

Owing to the essentiality of luggage in the everyday lives of individuals, the global luggage industry is a thriving enterprise and is equally worthy of a commensurate investment. According to a 2020 report released by Statista, the global luggage market was valued at 22.8 billion USD.

2.What are the benefits of importing luggage from China?

Among many benefits of importing from China, the prices are generally lower compared to other countries that produce similar products. This is why China is my go-to country when importing luggage. It has a cheaper production cost, general affordability of labor, and availability of raw materials, making China the best destination for importing luggage.

Luggage wholesalers who are looking to eke out high-profit margin buy cheaper from China and sell at a premium price. Also, you can be sure of getting the best quality from Chinese luggage manufacturers.

Contact us at Leeline today to help you source for the best luggage manufacturers in China.

3.Who uses luggage?

Luggage is an essential commodity, which means that it finds application in practically every sphere of activity; travelers, sportsmen, business folks, as accessories, such as hand and shoulder bags, students, etc.,

4.How to choose the best luggage manufacturer?

To begin with, you need to first decide what kind of luggage you want to import from China. This is because different manufacturers have different products they specialize in. And from experience, researching will help you find the perfect manufacturer best suit your preference and style.

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After searching on trade sites like,, trade shows, and other sources, you also want to review the profile and capacity of the company to be sure that they meet your requirements. In situations where you`re not willing to undergo the rigors of selecting the best luggage manufacturer yourself, you can leverage the services of a sourcing and shipping agent like Leeline Sourcing.

At Leeline, we help luggage wholesalers with the best product sourcing, quality inspection, FBA prep services, and shipping services to any location globally; all at affordable costs. Send us a request today.

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5.How to negotiate with China luggage suppliers

Having an understanding of the local luggage market is key if you must win the best deals. This is where Leeline Sourcing comes. With our experience and expertise in relating with local luggage factories and trading companies in China, we can help you find the best luggage suppliers at the best prices.

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6.How to ship luggage from China

The vast network of business relationships existing between China and many nations of the world has opened to door to seamless and cost-effective shipping processes. As easy as it can be, it can also be a tough challenge for newbies.

If you`re interested in shipping from China, you`re probably looking for the best prices and a reliable shipping agent. To save you costs and the trouble of sourcing for the best manufacturers or shipping and logistics companies in China.

By and large, there are 3 shipping options available for you to select from; air freight shipping, sea freight shipping, and door-door or door to port shipping.  I highly recommend sea freight shipping. It’s the cheapest allowing you to save money on shipping costs. However, your  packages may take several weeks or months to arrive. For faster delivery, air freight would be the better shipping method.

Let Leeline help you manage your luggage shipping from China. Send us a quote today!

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7.How to Sell luggage online to earn money

The process is pretty simple, but you have to invest some time and energy into building a truly rewarding online luggage venture. To begin with, you will need to choose from the many varieties of bags, which you want to sell. With a good feasibility or market study, you can decide whether you want to start selling handbags, carry-ons, hardside luggage, backpacks, or shoulder bags.

Next is creating a viable business plan. This may not be a sophisticated blueprint, but something elaborate enough to provide direction to your business. Then search for the best sources (luggage manufacturer) in China to import from. Ideally, you want to look for the best prices, so you can sell at a reasonable price too.

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To promote and sell your luggage online, you`ll need to create a website/online retail or wholesale profile, such as Facebook, Instagram, eBay, AliExpress, Amazon, etc, to market your luggage. Usually, the way to attract customers is by offering free shipping. Another is offering the most competitive prices on the market. You may need to take lessons and watch video tutorials to learn more. For instance, learning how to sell on Amazon will help you win clients sooner.

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More About Wholesale Luggage Importation Business in China

How much does it cost to ship luggage from China?

This is usually dependent on prevailing exchange rates, but currently, the average cost of shipping a kilogram of weight by Air Express varies between $5 and $9, $4 to $8 per kilogram by Air Freight, and it can vary from $2900 to $4000 per container if you`re shipping by sea.

Send us a request and get a free quote today.

Do I need a license/permit to import from China?

No general import permit is needed, but for wholesalers importing into the U.S., you might need to get a permit from a federal agency to import certain goods from China. Requirements may also vary across different agencies.

Also, be sure that luggage importation is not prohibited in your country before shipping.

Do I need an import license to buy from Alibaba?

Aside from sending in your orders, paying on time, and keeping a consistent business relationship, you don’t need any other requirement to buy from luggage wholesalers on Alibaba. Alibaba is basically an online directory of wholesale suppliers and manufacturers.
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Alibaba or AliExpress, which should I buy from?

Both companies are owned by the same parent company, which is Alibaba Holding Group. They sell mostly the same thing, though you`ll find better prices on Alibaba, especially when buying in bulk. As mentioned earlier, Alibaba is a directory of wholesale luggage suppliers, luggage manufacturing factories, and trading companies selling all kinds of products.

AliExpress, on the other hand, is a retail store – more like eBay – where you can buy in single units. Some factories often use AliExpress as a liquidation outlet for their products. So, AliExpress is not an ideal platform, if you`re considering a long-term wholesale luggage business.

Are you having trouble finding the right supplier? Contact us at Leeline today, and have your orders sent to your doorstep in good time.
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Final Thoughts on Wholesale Luggage Importation from China

Luggage importation from China can be as hassle-free as you can imagine if the right parameters are in place.

That includes working with Chinese manufacturers that understand your requirements and offer you good quality at reasonable prices, finding a reliable shipping/freight forwarding agent, and using the right shipping channel.

For starters, the fear of getting scammed can be a challenge. At Leeline Sourcing, we are dedicated to helping you enjoy a seamless business process, from product sourcing to quality assurance, and timely shipping. Speak with one of our representatives to get a free quote now.

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