Best 10 Shenzhen Sourcing Agents

Sharline Shaw

Did you know that China will produce 50% of the world’s electronics by 2025?

That would be true with the value of electronic products. And one of the biggest powerhouses that can enable it is Shenzhen, China.

When sourcing an electronic item for China, Shenzhen is a natural choice.

Additionally, learning Chinese before visiting can get you the best possible deal. But, it takes a lot of time and effort to learn any new language.

So a Shenzhen Sourcing agent is the better option as a professional interpreter. 

A professional China sourcing agent can get you the most out of your trip. You get better deals, easier navigation through the local market, and expedited access to relevant contacts. 

Read on to explore our guide to the best Shenzhen Sourcing Agents in China.

Shenzhen Sourcing Agents

Best‌ 10‌ Shenzhen‌ Sourcing‌ Agents‌:

We have researched and shortlisted the best 10 shenzhen sourcing companies:

1. Leeline Sourcing

Leeline Sourcing

LeelineSourcing helps the purchasing mechanism so that clients can buy the products at the best prices.

The Chinese sourcing agent guides the customers with the help of a step-by-step process.

Service Review

Leeline Sourcing offers the following services:

Product Sourcing

Shenzhen Purchasing Agent with experience of 10 years acts upon the client’s request. Working on the request, the agent finds the company a suitable manufacturer. 

The company does not charge any service fee until the client chooses the right suppliers. Apart from this, the trading  company also offers services like

  • OEM
  • OD
  • Packaging layout
  • Logo designing
  • Product development
  • Industrial unit auditSample fusion.

The agents help the purchasing so that clients can buy products at the best prices from the market.

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Quality Control and Inspection

Leeline Sourcing aims to provide top-quality products to its customers.Also, the sourcing processes at Leeline synchronize a specialized quality control process.

This also includes Amazon product photography and video assessments.

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FBA Prep Service

Leeline Sourcing offers comprehensive Amazon FBA prep services.

These services include detailed product shooting, repackaging, labeling, and much more.

Personalized services are also offered to cater to the specific needs of the clients.

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FBA Forwarding Service

Leeline Sourcing also offers global FBA freight forwarding services.These services are available through various means such as air, sea, or train routes.

The customers are also offered well-developed logistics chains for the best logistics solutions.

Once shipped, the company tracks the consignment and its current custom clearance status. It keeps track of everything until the products reach their destination.

Leeline Sourcing also endorses the demanded order quantity to the suppliers. It depends upon the product sales on Amazon.

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Drop Shipping Service

Leeline Sourcing offers the best quality drop shipping service. It also offers a premium product range at very low prices.

Pros and Recommended Reason

1. More reasonable price better than AliExpress

Leeline Sourcing opts for the premium quality product range from reliable manufacturers only. It helps to disregard middlemen to ensure the best product prices.

2. Improved Product Quality than AliExpress

Leeline Sourcing ensures top-quality products. The products go through quality check procedures before shipping.

3. Timely Shipping

Leeline Sourcing processes the customer order immediately after the order confirms.

The team sources every step to ensure timely and hassle-free shipping.

4. One-to-one service

Leeline Sourcing employs experienced china sourcing agents to offer one-to-one services. It ensures successful order processing.

5. Well-Developed Post-Sale Service

Leeline Sourcing has a proper post-sale process. The company is also famous for after-sale solutions to its clients.

6. Highest Customer Satisfaction

Leeline Sourcing aims to please its customers at best. It offers a guaranteed full refund of the fee charged if it doesn’t meet customer desires.

Leeline Sourcing offers some amazing customer service to its clients. With a bunch of talented experts, it has become one of the best sourcing companies.

It also offers a guaranteed full refund of the service fee within 120 days. Customers can request a free quote today with this sourcing agent in China.

2. China Purchasing Agent

China purchasing agent

The leading BR Corporation Limited offers excellent Shenzhen Sourcing solutions. It assists overseas enterprises to find reliable manufacturers from China. 

The Shenzhen Sourcing agents in China deal with many domains. These include:

  • Food and Agriculture
  • Attire
  • Fabrics and Fittings
  • Automobile and Carriage
  • Baggage
  • Shoes
  • Microelectronics
  • Electrical Apparatus
  • Apparatuses and Telecoms
  • Gifts, Sporting, and Toys
  • Fitness and Beauty
  • Household
  • Lights and Construction
  • Equipment
  • Industrial Apparatus
  • Metallurgy and Packing
  • Promotion and Bureau.

Service Review

FBA Sourcing

FBA Sourcing China offers full-scale supplier hunting services. These suppliers deliver the products to the Amazon warehouse.

These services include designing, packaging, labeling, certifications, and much more. They can become the backbone of your supply chain management. 

FBA Prep and Inspect

FBA Prep and Check-up offer services for clients who wish to source products from China.

Their service includes product inspection, cataloging, packaging, bundling, and other FBA preparation required.

FBA Logistics

They also offer logistics services that allow shipping within China. It also offers shipping services for personal or Amazon warehouses in the USA and Europe.

Clients also have the option to choose from various delivery methods.

The product quantity and packaging go through an inspection process before shipment.

Warehousing and Storage

FBA offers 30-days free storage for various goods. It allows customers ample time to manage their shipments from China.

Product Labelling Service

FBA requires the clients to share their FBA product labels.

Once they share, the label company’s dedicated team manages everything for them.

FBA Bundling Service

FBA can bundle various products into a single package for its clients. This type of packaging helps in good savings.

FBA Label Printing Service

FBA also offers reliable carton and product packaging printing services for its clients.

FBA Bagging

FBA uses polybags for client products as per Amazon Rules.

FBA Packaging Service

FBA deals with packaging, shrink-packaging, repackaging, and other similar things.

Import Customs and Taxes Service

FBA shipping costs deal with final destination customs clearance, taxes, or customs duties.

It also assists clients in sending products to Amazon storerooms.

Pros And Cons

FBA sourcing offers amazing one-stop solution services in China. They are professional, cost-effective, quick, and 100% safe. 

The services offered are as follows:

  • Qualified team
  • Accessible locations
  • Quality-regulated
  • Suitable shipping
  • Safe payment methods
  • Affordability

3. Chick Sourcing

Chick Sourcing

Chick Sourcing offers Shenzhen Sourcing Agents on freelance platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork. China sourcing agents hire clients with these platforms for importing goods from China.

Service Review

Find a Factory or Manufacturing Unit

Chinese Sourcing Agent charges $25-125 to search for the leading suppliers in China.

China Purchasing Agent Service

This Shenzhen agent service offers purchasing from factories for clients. They charge a service fee of 5%

Quality Control Service

Shenzhen Sourcing Agents provides help to its clients in ensuring quality.

The service charges for this are $149. This fee also involves pre-shipping inspections.

China Shipping Service

The Sourcing Agents in China can also approach shipping arrangements. For these services, they charge a very small amount. These services involve

Pros And Cons

The clients using Shenzhen Sourcing Agent services offer direct contact with the factory.Customers get sourcing services premium packages at the most competitive prices.

Sourcing agents in China verify the background of Chinese suppliers, examine samples, and do pre-shipment inspections.These steps are important to ensure excellent outcomes.

All transactions are secure, and the clients can claim a refund in case of any issue.

4. Bizshenzhen


Bizshenzhen provides complete access to the best dealers, networks, channels, and resolutions.It does this by transmitting the strategies and positioning to the suppliers.

Bizshenzhen sourcing agent in China makes sourcing a breeze.

Service Review

Electronics Engineering

Bizshenzhen connects trustworthy factory associates and plastic injections, PCBA, and assemblies. It has enabled manufacturing for startup businesses and SMEs across many industries. 

This expertise is useful when entering a new industry or exploring pioneering technologies.


Bizshenzhen manufactures gaming and smart homes for varied consumer markets.


Bizshenzhen’s developers’ competencies in software offer enterprises full-scale custom solutions.


Bizshenzhen uses modern sensor technology and material development potentials for health devices.


Bizshenzhen uses modern hardware and software to design and produce custom industrial devices.


Bizshenzhen is the Best Packaging Supplier, all set to link with the top distributors.

Bizshenzhen allows its customers to meet bespoke ecological packaging services.

These services provide cheap manufacturing, ascendable design, and a brilliant out-of-the-box experience.

Other Services

Bizshenzhen’s other services include consulting and sourcing.

Pros And Cons

Bizshenzhen services help its clients enjoy

  • Better positioning
  • Enhanced communication
  • Organized timeline
  • Improved budget control
  • Amplified resources
  • Long-term relationships

These services include transparency, integrity, broad access, and state-of-the-art scientific methods.

5. Sourcingbro

Sourcing Bro Company

Sourcing Bro Company is a chief Shenzan Sourcing Agent of China, known as the heart of global trade.

The company offers the best sourcing services for high-volume goods.

The Sourcing Agents in China also deal in goods examinations (all variety) for import and export.​

Service Review

Chinese Supplier

Sourcing Bro Company helps clients by playing the role of their Supply Chain Manager.

It supervises many industrial units that deal with the following

  • Product designing
  • Raw material sourcing
  • Manufacture process planning.
  • Apart from this, the company also offers the following services.
  • International freight
  • Export certification
  • Documentation services.

Chinese Trade Consultant

Sourcing Bro Company also offers Trade Consultant services. It also assists clients in choosing and managing their Chinese suppliers.

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Pros and Cons

Sourcing Bro Company helps clients reduce the sourcing cost for businesses. It also helps to connect to the best suppliers and manage all quality and shipping aspects.

6. Shenzhen Amanda

Shenzhen Amanda

Shenzhen Amanda is a chief supply chain company. Its headquarters are in China and the USA.

It sources personalized supply chain solutions for a great variety of industries.

Following is the list of industries for which the company offers its services

  • Computer electronics
  • Hardware
  • Apparatuses,
  • Automotiv
  • Light equipment,
  • Construction material,
  • Machinery,
  • Fabric and clothing
  • Toys and consumer goods

Service review

Sourcing Service

Shenzhen Amanda sources premium quality products from reliable manufacturers and suppliers. Its services feature quality control, packaging regulation, and lab test verifications.

Brand Design

The company offers services like branding, graphic designing, and printing, and barcode tests.


Shenzhen Amanda also offers container reservations, loading, transportation, and product inspection.

More Services:

Shenzhen Amanda’s added services include hotel reservations and airport pickups.

Pros and Cons

Shenzhen Amanda is famous for being the top-most Shenzhen Agent. The company has 10+ years of export-related experience.

It offers its services at very nominal commission rates.

Following are some features that the company offers to its clients

  • 12+ language translators
  • 30+ subsidiaries in China
  • marketing in 200+ nations
  • huge showroom and warehouse
  • 10,000+ shipping containers every year.

7. Cnsourcelin

China Sourcelink

China Sourcelink is an international supply chain solution provider for US companies. This service is for companies who wish to outsource manufacturing to China

The company develops, manufactures, and manages all supply chain aspects for its clients.

Service review

Contract Manufacturing Services

China Sourcelink offers the best turnkey contract manufacturing solutions.

It also maintains premium quality and competitive pricing for all manufacturing products.

Contract manufacturing includes a wide range of industries.

It also ensures 100% compliance in all matters.

Sourcing and Procurement Services

China Sourcelink’s procurement and logistics division manages a great factory network. They offer custom-made supply-chain solutions for many industries.

Shipping Forwarder

China Sourcelink provides the best freight and logistics solutions at cheap rates for businesses globally.

Pros and Cons

China Sourcelink offers top quality to its clients at a very low price.

8. Lazpanda


Lazpanda is a leading service provider that assists small businesses. It enables them to source products from China to other parts of the globe.

Service Review

Lazpanda offers the best sourcing, supplier authentication, product inspection. Moreover, the company also offers freight preparation and e-commerce travel guide services.

Pros and Cons

Lazpanda offers high-quality and reliable supply chain services to its clients. The company sources premium products in the best price range.

It also provides professional support and ascertains the best packaging and timely delivery.

9. Linca

Lincai Services

Lincai Services is one of the finest one-stop solution companies located in China. It offers many services for an electronic industry that ships across the globe.


Lincai Services emphasizes providing E2E agent services in electronic products. The services include

  • Smart TV Box
  • Car Audio LED
  • Power Bank
  • Headset
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Camera
  • Smart Band
  • Keyboard
  • Mobile phone

They offer superior quality products and a variety of choices. Lincai Services offer international shipping at a very reasonable price.

Sourcing Service Review

Product Sourcing

Lincai Services will act as the company’s buying representative in China. It offers companies the opportunity to run a complete sourcing business chain.


This sourcing agent in China provides services to handle transportation issues from different suppliers. This service covers the whole purchasing procedure from packaging to shipment.

Factory Audit

Lincai Service also makes sure that factories are working according to clients’ requirements. 

The factory audit services offered by them help companies to gauge:

  • Manufacturing competence,
  • Quality control capacity,
  • Production methods.

Business Assistant

The company arranges a business trip to China. The tour includes visits to vendors allowing companies to negotiate with vendors themselves.

Pros and Cons

  • Making purchasing easy: Hiring Lincai Services provides purchasing services that cover the complete buying procedure. The company arranges everything important for the client’s business.
  • Enhance profits: 
  • Lincai Services offer companies cheap, better-quality service sourcing from factories. All this in a more well-organized way. 

Lincai Services has been a part of the industry for years and possesses the experience to give you the best services. It assists companies to have relations with top electronic suppliers.

Lincai Services have a tradition to offer its customers multi-functional value-added services.

These that not only meet their demands but also help them to excel in their business.

What do Lincai Services offer its customers?

Here are some of the services that Lincai Services provide to its customers:

  • They ensure top quality electronic products right from the factories
  • A variety of products cover many categories.
  • Ensures reliable cooperation with honest and dependable suppliers.
  • They have the resources to handle mass products from many suppliers.
  • Help to reduce overheads, corruption risk, and operational risk through proper supervision.


Companies who took purchasing services from Lincai Services improved their business revenue. It is so because they can access huge category and string process capabilities.

Lincai Services helps companies to improve supply quality and dependability.

It is so because suppliers give priority to the company’s orders.


Lincai Services provides different services such as procurement outsourcing. It allows companies to have access to the supple global network across the globe.

Why hiring Lincai Services is the best option?

  • Helps to simplify companies purchasing experience in China
  • Enhance business profits in China
  • Top Quality electronic products
  • Huge variety of products
  • Huge variety of suppliers with competitive rates

10. Maple Sourcing

Maple Source

Maple Source is one of the finest sourcing companies in China. . Its exceptional services have made it the seventh-best sourcing company in China.

It got certified in 2013 and recognized globally by Global Sources.

Sourcing Service Review

Product Sourcing

Sources rate Maple Sourcing as a sourcing agent across Shenzhen. It has set some top-quality methodologies, which include

  • Supplier certification, thorough examinations
  • Product quests
  • Quality control
  • Price negotiations
  • Mock-up training

Having customer service available 24/7 enables them to ensure excellence. It further assures quality with a guarantee of the full refund policy.

Moreover, it also helps in having exceptional customer satisfaction for a long-term association.

Order Supervision:

Maple sourcing comes with wonderful features such as

  • Control group procedure
  • Order verification
  • Merchandising supervisor
  • Regular follow-up
  • Operative transportation.

Manufacturing Control Procedure:

Maple Sourcing is among some of the most famous companies in Shenzhen. It is so because the company ensures

  • Proper control policy
  • Handles mass production management.
  • Monitors steps

All these steps make it a perfect choice for companies across the globe.

Quality Inspection:

Maple Sourcing follows some strict rules when it comes to quality control. Its deliveries go through the pre-shipment assessments, vessel loading examination, and lab examinations.

Pros and Cons

Maple is famous for providing some full-scale skillful services.

Following are some extra services that the company offers

  • Dependable product manufacturers
  • Endorsing product quality
  • Imaginative communication
  • Cost-effective pricing
  • Appropriate delivery.
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Looking for the Best Shenzhen Sourcing Agent?

Leeline Sourcing helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

Shenzhen Sourcing Agent FAQ:

shenzhen sourcing agents

 Why Do You Need a Shenzhen Sourcing Agent?

If you plan product sourcing from Shenzhen, you will need a Shenzhen sourcing agent for a smooth procedure.

Several sourcing companies will offer you all product sourcing services. These services include a professional sourcing agent, logistics services, supplier management, factory audits, customs clearance, etc.

Some of the reasons for a reputable sourcing agent are as follows:

  • Most of the shop owners in the Shenzhen market do not know the English language.
  • So, to overcome the problem of the language barrier, you will need Shenzhen sourcing agents.
  • Moreover, most of the Chinese suppliers do not accept payments in dollars. Your sourcing agent will also help you in this regard.
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What Services Do Sourcing Agents in Shenzhen Offer?

There is a wide range of services that a china based sourcing agent offers.

A china purchasing agent caters to the needs of your eCommerce business in Shenzhen . These quality services are as follows:

  • Product Sourcing at competitive prices.
  • Quality Inspection.
  • Finding suitable suppliers.
  • Supplier verification.
  • Supply Chain management.
  • Product Packaging.
  • Factory audits.

How much is the Shenzhen Sourcing Agent Commission?

Shenzhen Sourcing Agent Commission

The commission for the sourcing service of a Shenzhen sourcing agent or a China sourcing agency ranges between 5% to 10%.

But, it may vary based on the product you are sourcing or the size of the order.

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Do Shenzhen Sourcing Agency Offer Quality Inspection Services?

Yes, Chinese sourcing agents also provide quality inspection services.

After doing factory audits and several other quality assurance tests, your Quality Inspector will report to you whether a particular product meets your quality requirements or not.

Can Shenzhen Sourcing Agents Do Verification of ShenZhen Suppliers?

Yes, a sourcing agent in ShenZhen can do supplier verification for your eCommerce business.

There are two ways in which a sourcing agent can do proof which is as follows:

Basic Audit:

It only verifies the existence of the supplier’s company in Shenzhen. The charges for this service range from $80 to $100.

Deep Audit:

In this type of audit, a china sourcing agent will review the whole supplier company and supply chain. This will include the production process, quality standards, and potential of that particular company.

The fee for this service ranges from $200 to $500.

Can ShenZhen Sourcing Agent Repack Products?

Yes, a sourcing agent can repack your products for you.

If you want to dropship your products from Shenzhen to other parts of the world, then there are sourcing companies available that also provide this service.

These order fulfillment companies will pack products for you and deliver them to the mentioned address.

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Are There Risks Dealing with Shenzhen Sourcing Agents?

Although there are lots of advantages of sourcing agents, there are some risks that are associated with this.

These are listed below:

  • Oftentimes, these sourcing agents do not represent the real company and are doing fraud. So, to prevent this, always contact a legitimate Chinese sourcing company.
  • Sometimes the sourcing agent you got for your e-commerce business is not very skilled to handle your business. Such agents can be harmful to your startup or business.
  • Some of the china sourcing companies lack legal support. So, they fail to start a proper legal agreement with a supplier. Now, If you want to pursue a legal proceeding against the supplier, you will not have the right according to Chinese laws.

How Can You Find a Reliable Shenzhen Sourcing Agent?

A sourcing agent can assist your company in locating products for your business. But before you pick a sourcing agent, you need to be sure that you trust the sourcing agent in China.

To decide who to trust, you can follow some steps.

First, you need to ensure that your sourcing agent meets certain criteria before proceeding. 

For example, research the sourcing agent on platforms other than google. A simple google search will only give you surface knowledge.

Ensure that the agent can provide proper documents like Bill Lading, Certificate of Origin, and detail of the packaging. Use social media to your advantage to verify the authenticity of the sourcing agent.

Before taking a decision made that the agent has a license and how they deal with the quality of the products.

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Can Shenzhen Agents Help You Negotiate Prices in the Shenzhen Market?

One of the most important tasks of a sourcing agent in China is to help negotiate prices with the local suppliers. Thus, having a sourcing agent can help you negotiate prices in the market while also maintaining quality control. 

As a result, you do not have to worry about the prices or quality of the products. In this way, your business will not suffer any losses.

Having a sourcing agent can be crucial for your success. If the sourcing agent negotiates the prices with the local supplier properly, you will be able to maximize profits for your business.

Will Shenzhen Agent make Shipping from China simple?

Sourcing products from Shenzhen can be a difficult task. There might be difficulty in communicating, or you might not be able to verify the quality of the products. 

Moreover, there are many documents involved.In these situations, sourcing agents can help you find proper products and supplies for your small and medium businesses.

A sourcing agent in China can help you with all the necessary products you need for your startup.

With the help of a sourcing agent in China, finding the right products and delivering them to the required location becomes easier with much less hassle.

Where can I find a reliable sourcing agent in Shenzhen? 

Finding a reliable sourcing agent in Shenzhen can be a daunting task, but with complete research, you will be able to overcome this challenge easily. 

Using the list given in this article, you can find a reliable and top-quality sourcing agent. All these agents are top-notch and provide you with trustworthy sourcing experience.

They reduce the hassle of searching endlessly for proper agents and then deciding on one. 

They also organize the entire process in a proper way so that you do not need to worry about storage facilities or language barriers between sellers in Shenzhen.

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Who are the top and reliable Shenzhen agents? 

A sourcing agent is going to be an important part of your company. So it is important to find the best and most reliable sourcing agents. 

In this way, you can avoid several risks. Some of the leading Shenzhen sourcing agents are listed in this article.

They are included in their quality inspection services. You can use different methods to verify their credentials.

For example, a deep search on the internet can provide you with useful information about the sourcing agents. If you do your homework, you will find reliable sourcing agents. 

Moreover, you can look for an independent sourcing agent. But you won’t get as many services.

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SHENZHEN sourcing agent

Are you looking for your business to kick start in this globally challenging world? Then do not waste a moment to get in contact with a Shenzhen sourcing agent.

It is so they can provide you with help in establishing your foot in the electronic hub of China.

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